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Titan of Wisdom (1001th post special)

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Hey, BZPeople. I used up my 1000th post to give you my latest comic (link to the topic in my sig), so I guess I'm giving you all a 1001th post special. That's a milestone, right?


Anyway, here we go. You may remember my revamp of Toa Kaita Akamai a while back. Well, today I bring you his brother, Wairuha.


First, we take these three...

And build this.

Then, we sprinkle some MAGIC REVAMP DUST on it, switch out a few parts here, add a thingamabob here, and...


Looks much better!

A better look at the chest.

His back.

His new weapons.

A warm welcome from Akamai.

Brothers forever.

They've got some unfinished business to attend to.

Wairuha thanks you for coming!


And so do I! As with Akamai, I tried my best to only use parts available in sets prior to 2003, but in some places, there was little else I could do. Oh, and the reason I made Wairuha taller is because Akamai is formed from Pohatu and Onua, as well as Tahu, keeping in mind that both Pohatu and Onua were shorter than the other Toa Mata.

Anyway, I hope you like him, and I'll see you around!

Comment away!



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Great Kaita revamps, where did you get the ideas for making Kaita? As for Wairuha, I like how you kept close, but far enough at the same time from the "intended" Wairuha. Like the hooks, the weapons, the lower legs, for example. The piece you used for the shield looked really cool, and I like how you made the sword/axe thing like a double-edged weapon. The only hing I have to say against this is the simplicity of the legs, maybe if you had addeda but more feature to it. Otherwise, it looks great.

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I like the overall design, but the colors are rather jarring. I'm aware the color combination was on purpose, but It seems it could have been streamlined a bit. This isn't to say this is a bad moc, far from it. I like the creative way you've updated it and it has a nice build. Though red/brown/black is less jarring to me...

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I really like both. But I feel that maybe both could have looked a bit neater. I also think that the toa Kaita would have looked better if they were built out of pieces from 3 combining MOC's, built with similar structures but different designs. And if that doesn't appeal to you, the upper legs on Wairuha are a bit too thin and under-armored, and his shoulder looks a bit cluttered.

But overall, nice work.


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