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The Legacy of Toa

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Posted Aug 21 2013 - 09:09 PM

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]After demises of the Toa Olda, At Karzahni the being who bares it's name say to he's “brother”, Artakha “My dear “brother” why the First Toa Team had failed at those raged Monsters with their deaths minus one was should been speared.” “Well Karzahni I see this that Lesovikk did survival the Zyglak Attacks,but A Toa had to survival death itself.” said Artakha who left the island to a Toa Suva in Karda Nui to speak with Allfather of All Great Beings, Alphta Nui whom said to him, “Artakha I know what you are here for and what is it?” “My Allfather I am Here for a new idea that may supised you.” said Artakha “So what the supise is it some do with a Toa Team?” Said Alphta Nui “Yes I want to made a Toa Team with a Toa of Fire as it's leader.” said Artakha “A Toa of Fire as Leader,you think since That Toa of Air failed to leaded he's Toa Team doesn't mean you had to made Your very owned Toa.” said Alptha Nui “But Alptha Nui The Matoran needs a Toa Team with a Toa Of Fire as it's Leader,a Toa Of Ice as it's Deputy,a Toa Of Air whom more friendly,a Toa Of Water whom is wisest,a Toa Of Earth whom is strongest, & a Toa of Stone whom is more honest than life. Their Kahoni Masks should be had the powers of Shielding,Strength,Speed,Levitation,X-Ray Vision, & Water Breathing also their Weapons will bein A Fire Sword,Twin Hooks,Twin Claws,Feet Additions,Air Axe, & Ice Sword with Ice Shield.” said Artakha “Find you will builted these Toa if only you should being named after The Great Spirte himself, They should be called The Toa Mata,and What for their Names?” Said Alphta Nui “Their Names will be Tahu,Gali,Pohatu,Onua,Lewa,& Kopaka.” Said Artakha after he left from the Toa Suva of Karda Nui he go to he's island also named after him to tell The Av-Matoran to creating the Toa Mata with the Elements of Fire,Water,Earth,Stone,Ice,& Air are put into the shapes of six Toa than the Mask Makers crated out their Maskes and Toa Tools make out of Protosteel than after Created of The Toa Mata,Tahu stating first say, “Who I Am ,and Who are You?” “I am Artakha,your creator and your name is Tahu,Toa of Fire and Leader of The Toa Mata.” Said Artakha. The End.    [/font]

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