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Echo Bulkhead Saves Micropolis

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The Wutang Industrial Complex is under attack by two kaiju, the Category 2 'Slipstream,' and the Category 3 'Crawley.' Only the local Jaeger, Echo Bulkhead, can fend them off! Armed with a self-cauterizing Plasma Cannon, Vibro-knives, Thermal impact rockets, and seismic leg plating, Echo Bulkhead is more than prepared to take on any threat! But his pilots have to be careful! Crawley is spilling Kaiju Blue everywhere, and it shows no signs of slowing down! Can Echo Bulkhead fend off the kaiju, and save what's left of the Complex?


Overview of the entry diorama, plus an empty Wutang Industrial Complex located here.


Detail shots of the Overviews are here.


Individual shots of Crawley and Slipstream are here.


Echo Bulkhead is here.


(apologies for no images in the post itself, they're kinda largish)

All are not the same

But three shall be as one

Freedom in the flame

The end has just begun

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Looks rather nice. I like how you combined 2.0 and Breakout aesthetics for Bulk. The silver kaiju needs some legs. Also, considering this is a mix between bricks and bones, why is this solely in the system section? I'm fairly sure this can go into the BBC section as well.


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