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#1 Offline Bitl

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Posted Nov 02 2013 - 04:57 AM



Please note that this game is W.I.P, and some things may change when the game is finished. The finished game is aimed to release around late 2014.


Hello. I am bitl. Last week I decided to work on a game mainly based on Bionicle. Originally it was going to be a fast-paced multiplayer shooter, but then I decided to try something different. a game that I have not really seen anyone make based on Bionicle: a horde mode game with waves upon waves of enemies. After a week in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait. And I hope to improve this game in the future with improvements to make the game better.










Download (latest):




Old versions:




Game Controls:
Left Click: Fire weapon.
Right Click: Deploy shield.
F6: Change Player Name.
F7: Change Toa (Type in name of toa).
W: Jump/Uncrouch.
A: Move Left.
D: Move Right.
CTRL: Crouch.
F8: Open Mapper.
F9: Open INI Editor.
Mapper Controls:

Left Click: Add object.
Right Click: Remove object.
F5: Back to Game. 
F8: Exit Test Mode (if you are in Test Mode).
CTRL+S: Deselect current selected object.
CTRL+D: Delete all objects.
F7: Changes the grid size to 32x32F6: Changes the grid size to 16x16
INI Editor Controls:
Up and Down Arrow Keys: Navigate/Scroll values.
Enter: Modify Values.
F5: Back to Game.
Name: Biorena Ultimate Difficulty:
Creator: Bitl
-More enemies.
-Infinite waves.
-Boss battles every 5 waves.

If you have Biorena Demo 8 or higher installed, drag the modification INI file over to your Biorena Demo 8 directory. Then in game
go over to the INI Editor (F9) and go down to the "LOAD INI" option, press Enter, then type in the modification's name. All
modification names that are located in the Biorena Demo 8 will be located in the "INI FILE NAMES" category. Then
the modification will be loaded into the game. Press F8 to go into the game and enjoy the modification!
Bitl (me) for creating the game and some sprites.
InnerRayg for the sprites used/modified in Biorena.
SquareWheel on the GMC forums (http://gmc.yoyogames...howtopic=335932) for the map editor template.

YoYo Games for Game Maker 8.0.
Other stuff:
I originally used GoudyTrajan for the font used for the player's HUD. If you don't know, it is a font similar to the one used in the Bionicle logo.
Coming soon:
-A new enemy type (Rahkshi)
-An auto updater
-Weapon Creator (for mods)
-Unlockable Weapons
-And more!

Old Topic:




I hope you guys enjoy the game as it is now, and I hope to release updates in the future.  :)


Edited by Bitl, Jul 14 2014 - 03:04 AM.

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Pre-Alpha 1.0.0: Coming soon...


I was a LEGO Universe Closed Beta Tester!

#2 Offline Hukster

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Posted Nov 07 2013 - 01:41 AM

I like the idea of the game! Always loved defense games, when I get around to trying this game, I'll be sure to tell you what I think about it. Looks like a fun game though!

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#3 Offline Bitl

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Posted Dec 01 2013 - 01:00 PM

Biorena Demo 9 is now released!



- Added simple motion blur effect.

- Makuta Teridax now regenerates health.

- Weapons now have different damage amounts

.- Added the Shotgun.

- You can no longer spam the fire button to fire weapons.

- Weapon ammo is now increased to 120 instead of 60.

- Weapon ammo for Infected Toa is now increased to 80 instead of 40.

- You can now revive your partner.

To revive your partner, shoot at the blinking orange icon your partner made when he/she died.

Tip: The SMG Is perfect for this since you can revive your partner the fastest.

You can also use the Shotgun at long range for a fast revival as well.

- Added new features to the INI Editor:You can edit the respawn time for the Bot and Player (in nanoseconds).

You can pause the timer while reviving your partner.You can change the max progress level for reviving.

-Added new loading screen.

-Added new game icon.

-Added new features to Mapper:

Pressing F7 will make the grid a 32x32 grid instead of a 16x16 grid.

Pressing F6 will make the grid a 16x16 grid again.


Link: https://dl.dropboxus...rena_demo_9.zip


If you want to disable Motion Blur, then go to the directory where you installed Biorena, then open up the file named "biorena_settings.ini". If you do not see this, open up the game, wait untill it loads, then close the game. After you have opened up the file named "biorena_settings.ini", go to where it says "motionblur=1" and change it so it looks like this: "motionblur=0". Then save and close the file.


There will be an easier way to do this when the first Alpha version of the game releases.

Edited by Bitl, Jul 14 2014 - 02:33 AM.

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Pre-Alpha 1.0.0: Coming soon...


I was a LEGO Universe Closed Beta Tester!

#4 Offline Bitl

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Posted Jul 14 2014 - 02:46 AM

Hello everyone. Sorry for the double post but it has been a few months from the last release (Demo 9) so I decided to release a little update about the game's development.


For one, the game is not dead. I recently have written up a list of features and fixes I plan on including into the game. 


This next version will be the game's first "upgrade" from a Demo version into an Alpha version. I did work on the game's Alpha 1.0.0 version, but those files were lost in a Windows reinstall (yes, I forgot to back them up), so this time I am starting off fresh with this update.


I just started planning this update and I will work on it soon enough. I cannot wait to release Alpha 1.0.0 as it is going to be a version with a lot of new features being added.


Oh, one more thing.


When the game's finished I plan on releasing the engine's source code along with the game's source code so you guys can make your own games off of this.


Anyway that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this update and I hope to bring out a new update soon.

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Pre-Alpha 1.0.0: Coming soon...


I was a LEGO Universe Closed Beta Tester!

#5 Offline -Windrider-

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Posted Jul 14 2014 - 07:55 PM

Please don't post in topics that have not received a post in sixty days or more, even if it's your own. See the rule here.


That said, for your next update, feel free to create a new topic for the project.

Revived topic closed.

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