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Marvel, Rebirth:

marvel rpg game topic

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#5041 Offline Hatty Hattington

Hatty Hattington
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Posted Oct 21 2014 - 09:30 PM


"What the ###### was I thinking?" She said after a moment of intense silence.


Go and make him hurt.

###### you.




Find Howlett, make him burn.

Nothing more than a monster in a girl's skin.


Wow, cold.

Reap what you sow.

That's what you get you gay freak!

Hah, not only are you a vampire's ######, but now you're an actual ###### too!

She quickly got out of the car, and casting a glance back at dal, she started to head in the opposite direction. After a moment, she started running, emotions swirling and head spinning.

I hope he never talks to you again.

You'll never get revenge like this freak, pull yourself together.

How long do you think you can hold us back, ######?

Finally, showing your true colors.


Haven't you figured it out yet girl? He doesn't share your feelings.

"God ######. ###### me, ###### him, just-"

Guilt. If she knew emotions, she definitely knew pain and anger by now. She would never admit it, but she knew guilt too. Everything that happened was her fault. Again and again and again-

You should just die.

Yeah! End it and let us out!

Idiot we'll go with her.

Is that a bad thing?

... No.

Aw look, the freak does have feelings!

Going to cry, freak? Good. Cry home to your mother-


-oh wait! That's right sorry. You killed her.

You're all alone now Hailey. End of the line. What are you going to do?

"Shut up!" She screamed, "Just shut the ###### up so I can think straight for once in my god-###### life!"

She couldn't see where she was. The road was far behind her, and she was starting to fumble in the dusk light. It didn't help that her vision was slowly beginning to blur as her eyes filled with water.

As if you could ever think straight you lesbian weirdo.

C'mon baby, cry!!!

He doesn't notice it, he never will. He already has Tali.

You're nothing more than a pawn for that vampire.

Ugly ######.

How about you go join you're actual parents in ######?

Look! She's actually crying.

Wish I had a camera.

We'll never stop being here now. We'll be with you until you die you disgusting hoe!

Kristen fell to her knees. Why did she say that? Why didn't she just, let it go? Why did she still have to hate John.

Oh god. He's right. He's always right, that's why he's Dallas. He's always right.

The voices circled about in her mind, like a hundred sharks, all of them waiting to strike at her. He had cared. He'd cared, and she just threw it all away like it didn't even matter to her.

Maybe I do deserve to die for everything... He said I was insecure... I am aren't I?Is that just the voices talking?

She just let the tears roll down her face, lacking the will to even cry aloud. She had been running from the road for at least a good ten minutes, far enough away for anyone to find her again.

She paused to see if there was anything sharp about.

Then she just faltered reaching out for a wicked-looking rock, emotions overcoming her as she felt herself fall onto the ground. The tears just rolled off her face as Kristen tried and failed to put logic into her actions.

"Why? Why did I even- why was I such a ###### to him?"

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#5042 Offline delilah

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Posted Oct 22 2014 - 06:59 PM

IC: Shiloh


"It shall be done my lord." Shiloh stood at attention and saluted, before walking off with a coy smile back toward the heart of the camp. 


She spotted her brother, still on his phone, and approached him. Sure, she could have just talked with him telepathically, but sometimes it was nicer just to do it in person. 


"Yo bro."




Rene took a bite of pizza.


"'Ello," he managed through a mouthful of cheese and dough.

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#5043 Offline Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo

Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo
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Posted Oct 23 2014 - 10:48 AM

IC: Reptilian


Reptilian gave his rifle a last once-over to make sure it was in working order as he stepped out of the jeep. With a satisfied nod, he loaded a magazine and took in a breath of fresh Pyongyang air. A convoy would be arriving with some sort of delivery in a few hours, and he'd been tasked with guarding it as the contents were checked and unpacked. He didn't know what was being delivered, nor did he particularly care. He was just glad to finally see some action.


OOC: that'd be the delivery you mentioned, Akihabara. 

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#5044 Offline Flex Likes Groot

Flex Likes Groot
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Posted Oct 23 2014 - 08:40 PM



Kane was now pacing around the grounds while playing Pokemon. "No Charmander! Don't do this to me!" he shouted, not really looking where he was going before he accidently bumped into the back of Shiloh.


Kane dropped his Gameboy SP and quickly cursed before bending down to pick it up. He now stood up straight before glancing at Shiloh and Rene. "Hey Shiloh, Rene, what's up? You guys remember me?"




Maverick sat up in his hotel with an open briefcase before him. It was filled to the brim with stacks of twenties. Maverick let out a low whistle as he thummed through the money he'd gotten from his randsom. He then glanced up at the television as continued coverage of the Hydra assualt on the Hellicarrier was broadcasted.


"Sucks to be them." he said before he closed the briefcase with a click. He then got up; lifting the case with him. "I think its time to check out before they send anyone back to kill me." he mused as he nibbled on his ever present tooth-pick before opening the door and slipping out into the hallway of the hotel.




It had taken Terrance about half an hour to get to the small airport he'd set his sights on. It had taken him about ten minutes of careful observation before he'd jumped the fence and sprinted across the airport towards the nearest small plane. It had taken about five minutes to acculmate himself with the plane before he'd taken off and stolen the plane as he'd ran down the runway before arcing up into the air, his back pressed to the back of his seat as he piloted the plane upwards. He had every intention of returning the plane, and if it got damaged paying for it, Terrance was good for it. He just needed some transport to get him to the Hellicarrier so he could help them fight off Hydra.

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#5045 Online Parks and Rekt

Parks and Rekt
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Posted Oct 24 2014 - 09:30 PM



Alaric yawned behind the wheel, checking his phone lazily before balancing it on his right knee. The hyperkinetic looked at ease, car cutting through New York side streets and eyes scanning for pizza parlors. He'd owned the Ferrari for two years, his longest tenure with a vehicle besides Warren's old Corvette; he'd grown intimately familiar with the subtle handling quirks and limits of the braking system. Zack Summers sat quietly in the seat, thoughts unreadable behind mirrored sunglasses.


He was pretty sure Zack didn't like him.


Oh well, oh well.


"If you want a burger, too, just let me know. I needed some air."




Was there anything more pathetic and tourist-y than sitting despondently in Times Square, New York? As it turns out, yes. Yes, there was. It was sitting despondently in Times Square, New York, pining over another dimension at least eight blocks away from here in the city grid of the time-space continuum, and growing to accept that you were going to be trapped here in this shithole forever. And as if it couldn't get any more pathetic...he had been crying when the waitress arrived. 


"No, I'm not okay," he'd grumbled when she had asked if he was okay. "Two years ago, I was a happy-go-lucky X-Man and a war hero. Alright? I had friends. And now all my friends are dead...except the gay wolfman who wanted to indocrinate me, and his bloodsucking girlfriend, and my psychotic lesbian salamander best friend, and my girlfriend who, just my goddamn luck, I think I started to fall in love with. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm stuck here in a dimension that isn't even my own, waiting to get some room temperature soda from TGI Friday's..."


"This is Buffalo Wild Wings," the waitress said skeptically, shooting a look at her manager. 


"Buffalo Wild Wings?" Dallas reared his head back and groaned melodramatically. "###### me senseless...who are you again?"


"Katie," the waitress said, a little more uncertainly, casting another glance at her manager. "Your experience captain."


Dallas smiled crookedly.


"Well, ######," he said. "I got some experiences, alright."



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i'm back boy

for real

i'm that boy

for real

i got hits baby

you just a bat boy

 for real


#5046 Offline Grimdark Pony

Grimdark Pony
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Posted Oct 24 2014 - 11:00 PM



"Hey." Lunar seemed to appear at the edge of the pool, wearing a dark blue one piece with black swim shorts. She eyed Nicole's iPod critically. "What are you into music wise?"




"It wasn't her." those words seemed to stick in Sierra's head, a guilty wave crashing over her. "Yeah." she managed. "Whatever happened to her?"

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#5047 Offline Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo

Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo
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Posted Oct 25 2014 - 01:09 AM

IC: Zack

Zack contemplated for a moment.

"Yeah, I suppose I could go for a burger."

Every word spoken between him and Ric seemed to hang in the air until someone broke the silence, like...well, like words spoken between an undead teacher and a student that held within him a small portion of the same entity that had previously wiped out the entire superhuman population of the planet.

Tense--yes, one could rightfully say things felt tense.

Edited by Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo, Oct 25 2014 - 01:11 AM.

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#5048 Offline Flex Likes Groot

Flex Likes Groot
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Posted Oct 25 2014 - 11:10 AM



Christine's fist closed. It still made her angry to think about, even after so long. The thought of Warren snapping Ash's neck like it was nothing. How could he live with himself after doing something like that?


"Warren, our current headmaster of the school killed her. He killed her because her mother, Jean Grey nearly wiped out every Superhero and villain in the entire world 17 years ago or so. Ah guess he didn't want that to happen again, but still Ah feel like there could have been another way. She didn't have to die."




Nicole shrugged, "I don't like really care, I like all kinds of music." she admitted. "Watch this." she smiled as she activated her diamond form. Almost instantly her body transformed into glittering diamond, the sunlight bow bouncing off of her form and creating many tiny prisms of light and small rainbows as she grabbed the beach ball laughing playfully as she smacked it into the air.

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