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The City Under the Storm

story turtleman bionicle

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#1 Offline turtleman

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Posted Nov 04 2013 - 09:09 PM



I can not share my name with you, but know that I have seen and done much. Maybe that will be my downfall, all my evil doings masked by philanthropy and false glory. This is the story of my home, my planet, Proto Magna.


My planet sits in the void of space surrounded by the mysterious and powerful black holes. These black holes vary in size yet all have the same densities and gravitational pulls. In the middle of these celestial doom-bringers is Proto Magna. The Great Beings, as the legend says, created us and our planet. We were merely prototypes. Our elements, our armor, our names, faces, masks. All prototypes. Thankfully we were forgotten in space and not destroyed like the other prototypes. We survived and thrived until the portal opened and they rushed through our world spilling blood with each second. 


The Abominations.


At least that's what we call them. Some of them call themselves "Makuta" or "Rahkshi" and they have many other names too. All harsh and cruel sounding. But all they are are alien creatures who care about nothing but chaos. This portal is a rift in space and time. It is unnatural, ungodly and should NOT exist. Yet it does. Why? I can not tell you now yet rest assured that when you have heard my tale you will understand.


As I said before, my planet is under the force of multiple black holes. This has caused our planet's surface to be pulled and stretched and twisted. As a result of these forces beneath the crust is a huge planet wide cavern. Yet above the crust is a storm of epic proportions. We call it the Zephyr Sphere. Centuries ago, during our planets industrial revolution we harnessed the energy of this storm with turbines. With it our subterranean society thrived and we built and used magnificent machines. 


The cavern in which we live and battle in is known to us as the Cavern Sphere. The walls, ceiling and ground has patches of a powerful light producing algae that is powerful enough to provide a state of perpetual "daytime". The light is enough for plants to grow and for us to see. Thank the Great Beings for it without we would be lost. 


My race the Matoran who may become Toa who later become the Turaga, live in a magnificent metropolis we did not name. Our city is just called the city. [color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;] The Matoran and Toa live around a large university. The university houses the government who is elected based on IQ. At any time almost 15% of the Matoran are working or learning at the university. They value intelligence and many of them aim to be scientists or entrepreneurs. [/color]


Even farther down is a core of an unknown and impenetrable metal. We would have thought it was solid had it not been for the Great Shift. A few decades ago the core opened through a small fissure. All around the planet a great earthquake could be felt. It was not an earthquake that destroyed objects, it was a mental earthquake. Every creature in the planet felt an intense pain simultaneously. Many Matoran were driven insane some died. We tracked the energy released from the quake to the fissure. According to those who survived the battle, the fissure glowed purple and a glowing purple sphere, a portal, could be seen inside. Then the war started.


At once thousands of horrific beings rushed out through  the portal. Luckily the Matoran who were sent to analyze were not alone. Their Toa escorts fought against the first wave. It was a massacre. Thankfully reinforcements arrived quickly and joined the battle. One survivor is quoted as saying "...and the organs and blood rained from the sky and erupted through the ground. A snake headed biped with a large bloodstained axe ran at me. At that moment a tsunami of toa stormed forwards. Driving back the threat..." Still the Abominations continued to attack, this war would rage for years. 


I tell you now of the events that would happen. Maybe we can prevent a similar thing from ever happening again. But before I start I must say, I am truly sorry. Really to all those who I wronged, who I led to death. Please forgive me and learn from my mistakes. Do not forsake me. My soul aches already from my misdeeds.




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