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BZPRPG - Kentoku Archipelago

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#3801 Offline Toa Fanixe

Toa Fanixe
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Posted Jun 02 2016 - 11:01 PM



The fishing boat neared the coast and Robalta waved a small bag, it's contents clinking noisily across the water. The owner of the boat beckoned for the two Vilda to climb aboard, then asked the Dastue what they needed. Robalta told the fisherwoman the bag of coins was hers if she could bring the both of them to Oki. The fisherwoman agreed.


Robalta breathed a sigh of relief, her eye just tearing up.


"We're going home, Raiyo. We're finally going home."




A few short hours later and the loss of some currency, Robalta and the faithful Vilda handmaiden stood on Vilda soil on the island of Oki. Everything was just as I left it, Robalta thought to herself. The trees were just as high as before, the plants sprawled across the landscape and twittering of birds could be heard not too far away. The Empire may be tearing itself apart in the rest of the archipelago, but here Nature ruled oblivious .


Robalta couldn't wait to return to the castle, to tend her gardens, to gossip with the rest of the Dastue. Politics and battle were for other clans - for the Vilda, the simple pleasures of life were all that were needed.  Now she was home, Robalta could finally relax.


"Dastue Robalta!" exclaimed an older Menti that caught sight of the returning Vilda. "You're just in time. The Committee meeting is starting soon. You'd better come along."


Robalta looked shocked.


"I - I didn't realize its been so long..." She looked at Raiyo. "You've been through a lot the past few days. Technically you shouldn't even know about the Committee, but I think you've earned the right to observe. Yes, I think I'd like it for you to come with me." She tried nodding to convince herself everything was fine. "What do you say? Are you  up for one more adventure  today?"

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#3802 Online Keeper of Kraata

Keeper of Kraata
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Posted Jun 03 2016 - 11:19 AM

IC: Returning to the Vilda compound brought a wave of relief to Raiyo. It felt as if she was returning home for the first time in years, not days. She wanted nothing more than to flop down in bed, hibernate for a week, then return to her duties like nothing had ever happened. Just forget her entire time in Sado. This new... thing from Robalta caught her completely by surprise.


"I... I would be honored, Datsue. I can assist making everyone comfortable, it will be good to ease back into my duties."

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OTHERS: Denrika Fyura Raiyo Aokora Maeloc Askha Somei Sydelia

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"So do you!"

#3803 Offline Constructman

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Posted Jun 06 2016 - 07:31 PM

OOC: Update on Kyoushi

IC: Seiryuu (Castle Kyoushi, Oki)
Minami's condition was improving.

That was good.

In spite of their apparent alliance to the new Dastana government, Kyoushi had elected to completely shut itself off from the rest of the archipelago. The cause? A sudden downturn in Minami's condition.

But now she was getting better. Not healthy, but healthier. For now. She was even able to walk a few steps with a cane; she collapsed immediately after, of course, but that was promising.

In spite of this good news -- or perhaps because of it -- Seiryuu couldn't focus on his normal menial duties. So he was doing something he hadn't done in a long time.

"First, crossing sound. Second step, surpassing distance. Three steps, arrival. Awaken, Sandanzuki!"

"... What manner of nonsense is this? It would be advisable for myself to return to the basics. Let the Battlemasters attend to their own lofts in the sky. To seek to join them would be foolhardy."

Withdrawing the sword from the target, Seiryuu sheathed the blade, and knelt down before suddenly rising again, drawing the sword and attacking at the same moment.

"... Sloppy. The tatami is only halfway cut."

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#3804 Offline Geardirector

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Posted Nov 19 2016 - 04:01 PM

[Odaiba, Inside Ageru Lands (Hatchi)]

The two of them, the Menti and the merchant, road side by side drinking their tea.

“How much further do you think?”  Hatchi asked her companion.  Even with the tea (which she had had far too much of in the past few days) the weariness of the road was starting to soak into her bones.  The evening chill didn’t help.


IC: Ageru Tamachan (Odaiba, Ageru Holds)


"I think I can see a good place from here" Tama replied, and pointed further down the road. The Land of the Ageru was reaching its end, Tama recognized the lay of the land.


"Not too far from here I think there's an unused grass plain we can stop at"

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