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BZPRPG - Ga-Wahi

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#7041 Offline TX Wade

TX Wade
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  • 21-October 11
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Posted Jul 28 2015 - 05:27 PM

IC: Melna (Ga-Koro)


At least she didn't startle when Day used his Kualsi


After an awkwardly long pause, she spoke up and managed to speak clearly.


"I just meant to say I'm gonna take another jump"


IC: Day


"Ah." Day said, glancing at the rock. "I think I'll do the same."

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#7042 Offline Cadias

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  • 12-April 08
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Posted Jul 28 2015 - 09:54 PM

IC: Kadon


I ground my teeth as I marched down the shoreline, muttering to myself. Of course, Drome had taken off without me. The great lump had tried to slip away, but there was no way I was going to let him slink off after what he did to me! The months in the hospital, the endless weeks of pain... the staggering debt I now have to pay off! It was all Drome's fault, and until he (quite literally) paid for it, he was going to be stuck with me.


For a moment, I paused. Did I really want to catch up to him? It occurred to me that I could just walk away and never see the brute again. Was revenge really worth it, in the end?

Of course it was! Besides, there was no way I could pay off the hospital bill by myself. And, as luck would have it, Drome was not far ahead of me. I could tell by the unnaturally loud roar that had just rolled down the coastline- almost certainly the result of Drome's sonic powers. I walked more quickly, determined to catch him, and before long I had spotted him. He was lounging under a tree, no doubt gloating to himself about how cleverly he'd lost me. Hah! I'd show him!

"Drome!" I yelled, heading directly for him. I couldn't help but grin- once again, Drome had failed to outwit me.

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#7043 Offline Mythologist Eschatologist

Mythologist Eschatologist
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  • 06-January 07
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Posted Jul 29 2015 - 10:07 AM

OOC: ... Now I want to do first person Drome again. This is your fault, Cadias. XD


On another note, I think this is the calmest I have ever wrote Drome.



IC: Drome


Peace. So fragile and precious a thing. One never really realizes how much they treasure it until it has vanished from their grasp. Unfortunately for me, I knew it was over the moment I heard my name shouted. If there was one person who could ruin even the happiest of times with their presence, it was Kadon. He was to joy what a dart was to an eyeball. Wait... no, that wasn't right. You could get rid of Kadon. A dart to the eye was kinda permanent.


Having him around HURT like a dart to the eye. There, that's better.


There was, however, one positive side to his presence here. I could try to get him to pay me back for the stupidly high medical I got because he charged into battle and I had to charge in after to rescue him. I smirked slightly as he came closer, ignoring him for the moment. First I would make him pay off this stupid bill, and then I would punch his face! And if he didn't pay for it, there was always the option of punching him in the face twice.


All of this thinking about punching him in the face reaaally made me want to punch him in the face.


"What do you want, Kadon? Here to apologize and pay off your debts?"

Yeah, I could tell what his answer would be right away, which is why I had carefully moved my hand over to the handle of my mace. I probably shouldn't be fighting so soon after getting out of a hospital, but you know what they say...


'It's worth pain to punch an idiot.'


Or something like that.

Edited by Mythologist Eschatologist, Jul 29 2015 - 10:08 AM.

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Everything has an ending


Let's see how a world dies


BZPRPG profiles

#7044 Offline Bad Machine

Bad Machine
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Posted Jul 29 2015 - 11:45 AM



"Do they have the 'Jacks on Stacks on Stacks special on Sado?"








"I understood Sado in that sentence, and that was about it."


IC (Akimoto)


"Excuse me," she said, walking over to the natives. "Can you tell me the way to the docks?"




The Marine smiled pleasantly at the newcomer, hands clasped behind his back.


"Of course, miss," Tyrus said, nodding. "But perhaps I could lead you there personally? I take it that you're not from around here, and a guided tour of the village by one of its Marines is not to be missed."



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#7045 Offline Luke Schwarz

Luke Schwarz
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  • 28-July 08
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Posted Jul 29 2015 - 12:58 PM



"Ever seen a stack of pancakes as big as a girl's calf, Dai? If you get strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries on top with powdered sugar before seven in the morning, you can get each stack for a widget. I usually go two or three with some strawberries and a milkshake before shift if I'm working mornings. Nom nom nom."



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the hero we...deserve? most interesting man of our...huh? i think you got the wrong guy here...

#7046 Online Best Gungnir

Best Gungnir
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  • 11-January 10
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Posted Jul 29 2015 - 02:16 PM

IC: "Just thinking about it, and I can feel my arteries getting tight..." I murmured, tone more neutral to the idea than the words themselves would imply.

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#7047 Offline Perpendicular

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Posted Jul 29 2015 - 02:42 PM

IC: Gabe

Gabe did a little jig for no reason other than he felt like it.

Also he tipped his fedora because why the ###### not.

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