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BZPRPG - Ga-Wahi

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#2481 Offline Parks and Rekt

Parks and Rekt
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Posted Sep 20 2014 - 07:38 AM



"A-ha. A smile. I'm pouting and you're smiling. Balance has been brought to the world."



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i'm back boy

for real

i'm that boy

for real

i got hits baby

you just a bat boy

 for real


#2482 Offline TheMegazordman1

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Posted Sep 20 2014 - 11:42 AM



Ry is walking through Ga-karo . He seems to be looking for something and in doing so it takes his focus off of where he is going   and he bumps in to Talli .


‚Äč"Oh um I`m sorry I didn't see you there ."


He says honestly.

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#2483 Offline Geardirector

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Posted Sep 20 2014 - 01:29 PM

IC: Vilda Mako (Chisai Ryuu)


:Got it: I replied quickly to the Commodore's order, let go of Soraph's hands, while still holding her mind up with my own. I reached out towards Hanako's handmaidens (in a decidedly different fashion from the kind of "reach" I'd otherwise have attempted, ehem.), and established contact.


:The Squid's tougher than any one of us, hold together:

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#2484 Online Emissary

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Posted Sep 20 2014 - 01:36 PM

IC: Nameless 
A small smile appeared on the Toa's mask as he nodded and followed behind the Lesterin. The dust and sand from his torn and tattered clothing had blown away from the gukko flights. 
"I don't really know how to fight... But there is training available right...?" The host said quietly as his thoughts drifted back to the duel. 

IC: Tyrus / Ga-Koro Streets
"Of course," Tyrus said as he walked the streets of Ga-Koro. Even in the bustle of afternoon traffic, the Lesterin had little trouble making his way through the crowds. For though his badge was still sitting in the ruins of that Ko-Matoran's ship (he made a mental note to recover it and his second talwar once he had a free moment), the confidence and authority of his stride was enough to convince passing villagers to clear a path for him and his companion "That being said, I assume that you, having survived your journey to this village, have a basic level of fitness?"


IC: Wherya (Ga-Koro)
"I guess I can't argue with that," I replied, shrugging noncommittally (five syllables, not bad) as I offered my hand, making sure to extend the Lesterin my right hand.
"Name's Wherya"

IC: The Angler / Ga-Koro Streets
I was careful to use the hand with all of its fingers attached to it when shaking this Wherya's hand (really, her name was Wherya? Like "were ya"? Like, "Were ya always named that?". Poor girl; middle school must have been a nightmare for her). I smiled at her, measuring its formation to prevent her from being able to infer anything from it; the last thing I needed was for someone to think I was up to no good in Ga-Koro. Mata Nui knows, the moment someone did that would be the moment a Marine turned into our street.
"Pleased to meet you, Wherya," I said. "They call me the, er ... well, the Angler. And before you ask, yes, there is a story behind that name, and yes, it is very interesting."

IC (Tazera)
The Lieutenant stood ready, boarding axe in one hand, Soulwhip in the other.
"Anyone who's unarmed, get below-decks immediately!" she bellowed. "Menti, cover their retreat!"

IC: Daijuno / The Chisaii Ryuu


I couldn't agree with that order any more than if it had been to make Saihoko the ruling class of the Archipelago. I mean, I wasn't a Menti, I couldn't fight a cephalopod like that if my life depended on it ... which it would, if I were one of the combatants. All I had was a knife and lesson in how to cut bread (even if the Menti who had given it was now disassembling the kraken as I was thinking this). With that in mind, I joined the rush for the hatchway, jostling against countless other terrified Dashi.


Yes, I'll admit it; I was terrified.


Even moreso when I saw one of our number get snatched up by a tentacle.


Two other Dashi had attempted to yank the sailor back down, but all they'd succeeded in doing was getting yanked up themselves, encouraging the most of us to get below-decks double-time.


Except for me. It had just ###### me off.


Instead of heading down, I veered to the right, drawing the dagger out of my belt and gripping it until I was sure that my knuckles were white with effort (I honestly didn't have the nerve to look down and check). I grabbed one side of the hatchway, leaning my weight against it, trying to hold it open for the rush of Dashi, while I strained to watch the ensuing battle and observe any other tentacles which were feeling a hankering for Suihei.


I pressed one thumb against the guard of my dagger. The Menti were busy right now. It looked like we'd have to watch out for our own retreat.



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#2485 Offline Ninth Krayzikk

Ninth Krayzikk
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Posted Sep 20 2014 - 01:46 PM



"A-ha. A smile. I'm pouting and you're smiling. Balance has been brought to the world."







"Sounds like the norm." The Toa commented, rolling her eyes slightly as she kept walking. "I mean really, the balance always had to be there somehow."

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