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Conversations of Those Inside

Arsenal discussion

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#1 Offline Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling
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  • 23-June 12
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Posted Nov 22 2013 - 12:34 AM

So... Welcome back.


I'm alloting about 5 days to deciding how this is going to recover from the data loss and my schedule.


Right now, what I'm thinking is to throw you guys into my worst case scenario, but I'm open to your thoughts.


Profiles go here for approval, old approvals are still valid. That topic should be up soon.

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BZPRPG Profiles

#2 Offline Dâmaracx

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  • 08-November 11
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Posted Dec 08 2013 - 06:30 PM

Name:  Damaracx


Gender:  Male


Species:  Ce-Matoran


Faction:  The Western District Laboratory of Science and Gadgets  (It’s not really a faction, rather it’s the name of my lab, however any one is free to join.  We’re dedicated to solving this conundrum using science)  


Element:  Psionic


Kanohi:  A custom Mask Of Psychometry shaped like this


Equipment:  A large katana and a simple plasma pistol.


Personality:  Damaracx is one of those individuals that you can’t be sure what he’ll do next.  Simply said; he’s unpredictable.  Damaracx is slightly eccentric in his own way, which causes him to think outside of what most people would consider orthodox.  He is interested in most branches in science so he spent a lot of spare-time research and studying.  He also has a habit of being underestimated due to his goofy nature, of course he does this on purpose to deceive others around him when he is really more calm cool, and collective than he’s lead you on to conceive, however at heart he really is just goofy.  He’s often jokes around and is quite easy-going most-likely because he had already planned how this event would occur and has already thought up appropriate measures to acquaint them.  He is a brilliant strategist and tactical planner so much that he does spend a lot of time thinking, in fact; he often thinks excessively.  Most of the time when he is deep in thought he will start pacing around constantly walking in circles.  He often refers to himself as a mad scientist.


Skills/Strengths:  Damaracx is a brilliant scientist and strategist.  The branches of science he is best at anything that includes robotics and psychology.  He’s practically a genius.  Damaracx is also more athletic them he lets most people know this is because he prefers to solve conundrums through intellect rather than metal ability,  though he doesn’t have stunning physical ability it is slightly above average.  Damaracx has also trained himself to dodge rapid projectiles by concentrating on the trajectory and timing of the weapon.  Damaracx is extremely confident of something he will probably use that idea, of course this occurs at a solemn rate so he usually never is this decisive.  He has also trained himself to fight.


Weaknesses:  Damaracx often thinks too much which causes him to think about situation more than actually physically completing it.  When there is certain work he simply can’t stand he’ll probably procrastinate the work extensively.  Damaracx can also be indecisive which causes him to think through the right answer extensively, especially when lives are at risk.  He is also lacks confidence and faith is ability.  Due to his intellect he often thinks that most questions that he solves should’ve been obvious from the even if they are extremely enigmatic.


Biography:  Damaracx was once lived peacefully researching sciences in Warehouse Storage Facility 42. When the large cavern collapsed he knew his priorities were to find a way out no matter what stood in his way.  When the blackout came he almost began to hate it when people would state that now they can’t even live in peace as Damaracx felt that as long as they were trapped here they couldn’t live in peace.  After the second blackout he began to get even more serious and had two major problems, getting out and avoiding being killed by escapees or his former companions of WSF 42 who had gone insane.  The worst struck when one of his lead scientist and his best friend lost all sanity and attempted to murder him in cold blood.  Since then, he has been almost always locked up in his laboratory desperately trying to solve this conundrum as it slowly picks off what is left of his sanity and hope simulteously…


The Darkness

Edited by Damaracx Ultimate, Dec 08 2013 - 06:32 PM.

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