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Matoro Lives

Afterlife- Requiem of a Toa: a bionicle fanfic

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I am an aspiring writer hoping to try my hand at bionicle fanfiction. That being said although this story is not canon I am going to try and keep it as close to the main story as possible. This takes place at the beginning of the 2008 storyline. If this preview gets good reviews I will post new chapters on my profile blog. Enjoy and please let me know what think. I will let you guys know if I decide to continue the story or not.





That was what seemed to surround the white armored being. He had woken up in a seemingly endless room of pure white. Looking around, the being tried to remember how he had got here. "Wherever here is", he muttered to himself. Suddenly he saw himself falling, then there was a great flash of light. Shaking off the vision, the being noticed a sword and a strange blaster-type weapon lying on the floor. "Hmm, are these mine?" he said. He picked up the sword and felt a shock travel through his whole body. A name suddenly appeared in his thoughts.




Memories flooded back into his mind. He remembered that he had died after using the Mask of Life to save the Great Spirit Mata Nui. He also noticed he was an Inika again. "So if I died", Matoro thought, "What am I doing here?" Suddenly an image of the Mask of Life appeared in front of Matoro and began to speak. "I see your memories have returned" the mask said. "Can you explain why I'm here? And where here even is?" asked Matoro.


"You are inside of me'' said the Mask. ''When you used the mask your body was destroyed, but I managed to save your mind and spirit before you died. I contained them in here and began to bring you back to life, but to bring your mind back I had to give you some kind of physical form you could attach yourself to. I chose your Inika form simply because it is more familiar to me, and it is what The Great Beings intended you to be''. ''So would it be possible for me to have a true body again?'' Matoro asked. ''I could create a new body for you'' the mask said, ''but I do not wish to release you at this time. You see, I saved you because you intrigued me, Toa. I have never had a mask bearer use my power with such selfless confidence, and heroism. In short, I want to know why you were so different''.


''Great'' groaned Matoro ''I'm nothing more than a curiosity. My life actually has no meaning to you. How ironic, The Mask of Life finds other life meaningless. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I SACRIFICED MYSELF? Matoro yelled, I DID IT BECAUSE THERE ARE THINGS OUT THERE WORTH LIVING FOR! If I didn't try to save Mata Nui all of my friends would be dead with me. Everyone would have died, and even if we somehow survived I could never live with my failure. I never wanted to be a hero, and yet I never realized: It's those who never want to be a hero, that somehow end up saving us all". Matoro looked directly at the mask and said: "If you don't want to give me a body, at least do this for me. ''Become a hero''.


The image of the mask vanished, and Matoro sat down and sighed. He had hoped the mask did have at least some emotion in it. Suddenly he felt energy surging through the room, and a window appeared in front of him. Looking through it, Matoro realized he could see the world from the mask's point of view. The mask had created a body for itself and was just finishing creating a hoverboard to escape what appeared to be the bottom of a swamp. As they flew off Matoro heard the mask's voice echo through the white chamber:


I will be a hero, in honor of the hero that went before me.


Matoro smiled as he watched them fly away from the swamp. It was a new beginning.


To be continued. Maybe






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Great story so far! On BZP we have a couple forums where people can post the stories they write about Bionicle. The Short Stories forum is for one-post stories, and Epics is for stories with chapters. For now, I'm gonna move your story to Short Stories. But if you want to add more chapters, just send me a private message and I'll move it to Epics. :) Happy writing!

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