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RPG Forum Contest 30 Submissions

RPG Contest RPGC30

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#1 Offline Black Six

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Posted Dec 31 2013 - 07:32 PM

RPG Forum Text-Based RPG Contest 30 Submissions
All RPG Contest 30 Entries should be posted here. They will be added to the list as we get to it; don't fret if your entry isn't on the list immediately after you post it.

You have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, January 22nd to submit entries.

NOTICE: If there is a note by your entry saying that it does not meet the requirements, reread the Contest Rules and then send Black Six a PM if you are still not sure of what is wrong with your entry. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, January 22nd to edit your post and fix your entry.

Also, please be sure to check out the RPG Contest Topic for important updates and announcements.

You can review others' entries in the Review Topic.Total number of valid entries: 12

NOTICE: if you have an entry that is in violation of the rules and edit it to fit, please PM Black Six to notify the staff. Similarly, if you add a title to an untitled RPG, do the same. We may miss the changes if you do not directly notify us.

Edited by Black Six, Jan 22 2014 - 10:21 PM.

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#2 Offline Lontra Canadensis

Lontra Canadensis
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Posted Jan 02 2014 - 01:40 PM

Spirits of the Ice


It has long been a fact of life, to us, that what can go wrong will go wrong. And what went wrong for us, it went horribly wrong. Where before we were just a happy little farm island, now...now we're just trapped in some icy wasteland, snow as far as the eye can see...
How far is that?
About ten feet.
About four, maybe five hundred years ago was when it all fell apart. The island had been just farmland, then, exporting crops to those who'd come along to us, taking from them in exchange whatever we needed. Temperate, warm, a place where everybody could get along; the Ko-Matoran stuck to their mountaintops, Ta-Matoran and Fe-Matoran worked the forges, Ga-Matoran the docks, Po-Matoran and Le-Matoran and all the others worked the fields, Onu-Matoran constantly making new contraptions for them to use out there. Winter had been right around the bend, back then.
Well, winter came upon us faster than we'd been expecting it to. Froze almost everything, and the Ta- and Fe-Matoran could hardly keep their forges open due to a lack of fuel, and none of the Toa were able to help, because they were off trying to gather everybody back together, bring them back to the port city. It was obvious that the winter was going to be a hard one, and that it wasnt going to leave quite easily. A lot of us figured it was time to leave. As soon as we saw the boats frozen in place, with the ice steadily creeping further out to sea, we knew we were stuck.
We all camped out around the forges. Po- and Fe-Toa all helped build some more permanent structures, and a heating system, to get everything warm enough for life to keep going. Toa of Fire and Plantlife helped out to keep the forges and fireplaces all running, able to keep heating the settlement. Eventually, the Ko-Matoran and their ilk cleared a path on down to us, from their settlements. Told us that this winter wasn't going to let up anytime soon.
Back then I wasnt sure, but now I am: When they said that, it was almost as if they all had a smug expression, and some happy tone of voice. Like they wanted things to be like this. From that point on they led the searches for food and resources, helped to lead the two cities, both Forge Town - Ta-Karda they called it then, Heart of Fire, and their own up in the mountains, Ko-Metru. They were like spirits of the ice, able to do whatever was needed to keep us alive and running.
And I think they loved it. I think they were the ones who first suggested we rename the island Ko-Nui. Great Ice.
But I think we're almost due for a change of weather.


-Toa Maira, Year 523 of Winter, Journal Entry


Player Info

On the island that is now called Ko-Nui, about 500 years in the past a catastrophe occurred: the island was plunged into a mini ice age, with temperatures falling far below freezing on average. Due to this, Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Ice came to hold most of the power over the island and its inhabitants, being the only ones with the natural ability to survive in these conditions; Ta-Matoran and their group fell to the bottom of the status quo, meanwhile, being nothing more than sapient heaters now. The other groups do what they can to survive, the few Skakdi on the island having taken up the mantle of hunters and trappers, catching whatever food they can to supplement what is grown in indoor-farms; Vortixx are extremely scarce, generally working with Onu- and Fe-Matoran to try and improve conditions. Most everybody else either works the indoor farms, works the forges - now to keep the heat going, with metal work being a side pursuit - or studies the weather, searching for patterns that could reveal any return to older, more temperate conditions...As it stands, though, food is starting to run a bit low. And a lack of food means an increase in fighting, something that seems about ready to kick up. As well, in some places, the weather seems to be warming up, though extremely slowly. In others, packs of Kavinika or groups of Frostelus are coming together, and they're giving the hunters some trouble - and the hunters say that they're coming closer to Ta-Karda each day.

Where You Come In


It's simple, really. It's up to the players to either maintain the status quo of the island, or to search for - and hopefully fix (or destroy) - that which has caused this localized ice age. The plot will be there, with a basic skeleton - but it'll be up to all of you guys to determine where it goes and how it all works out. Of course, it'll also be up to you to protect the towns, either from wild Rahi or groups within them trying to steal and hoard food, stuff like that.


Ko-Nui: The island itself, Ko-Nui is of roughly circular shape, though the south-eastern part of the island has a long, thin gulf running into it, almost to the center of the island; Ta-Karda resides right at the tip of it. From that gulf, a few islets spring out, reaching out almost to the edge of the island's ice-sheet. On the western side of the island is a large mountain range, and Ko-Metru is found built up in-between a space where three peaks converge, with the wealthiest living inside the hollowed out mountains.
Ko-Metru: The city of ice, and now the capital city of the island - if such a term could be used to describe it. Situated in between three mountains, the visible part of Ko-Metru is home to some of the less wealthy Ko-Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, and most of those of other elements who live there. Inside the mountains, meanwhile, is the largest portion of the city, where most everybody living in there lives in comfort. The only way into the visible city is through a treacherous pass between the north and east facing peaks, while the only way into the hidden portion of the city is through a cave entrance in the south-western oriented peak.
Ta-Karda: Originally the island's main trading hub and foundry town, Ta-Karda is now home to the majority of the island's inhabitants. Administrated by a Ko-Matoran governor, most who live there don't live in an excess of comfort. Conditions are spartan and heating costly, as most warmth is directed towards the indoor farms. Rather close set and with quite tall buildings - after all, heat rises - it is starting to sprawl outwards, and some of the buildings aren't kept in great repair. Its only a matter of time before one of them falls.



There are really only two factions to this island and game. The group that wishes to maintain the status quo, and the group that wants to return things to where they were before. Of course, there are also those oddballs who want to flip the status quo upside down but not return things to the old days, and such; really, it all depends on what your character is like, what they want, and who they end up friends with.



Allowable Species

Matoran, Toa, and Turaga: The original inhabitants of the island and by far the largest group, Matoran - and their Toa and Turaga subspecies - are the ones who do most of the work on the island, and control most of it. The basic six elements - Fire, Air, Water, Stone, Earth, and Ice - have the largest representation, though the other types are rather common as well. Typically they live in the cities, though some few go out as hunters, trappers, and gatherers.
Skakdi: An originally savage-seeming race, easily angered and warlike, their tempers seem to have cooled with the island's weather. They don't fight with each other quite so much anymore, as more of their attention is devoted to survival; most of them live out in the wilderness, hunting and trapping whatever game is available, and coming back to Ta-Karda when they need to.
Vortixx: A tall, enigmatic race of inventors, Vortixx are extremely uncommon on the island. The few that can be found are some of the wealthiest living in Ta-Karda, though a small amount do live with the wealthiest in Ko-Metru. They generally work with the Fe- and Onu-Matoran to develop better technologies to make life easier on the island, though they generally resent the Ko-Matoran dominance, and some of them are propagating the theory that the island's ice age wasn't natural, but was rather caused by some technological creation.


Steltian (Sidorak's Species): Similar in height to Vortixx, the Steltians are a powerfully built species that were rather used to being the ones in control on their island. Similar to Skakdi, they could often be a warlike race, though now they've all banded together to try and survive, and if they can, throw off the Ko-Matoran dominance - and set themselves up as the rulers.


Steltian (Krekka's Species): While they aren't quite the matches of their brothers in height, the lower-class Steltians are definitely their match in strength. Often viewed as unintelligent brutes, perhaps due to their general employment as nothing but brute-strength providers, this isn't so - they have the same chances for intelligence or unintelligence as any other species. While their higher-class brothers resent the dominance of the Ko-Matoran, these Steltians manage to simply ignore it - and the cold - going about daily life as they can, either as hunters in the wilderness or workers in the cities, taking advantage of every opportunity possible to enhance their position. They generally separate themselves from the other Steltians.
Note - Custom species can be created, though they need to be rather well described, and you need to provide a reason as to why they might help flesh-out the game beyond "they're cool and provide another species."

Basic Profile Template

Name: You know the drill. Make it seem Bionicle-esque, no Joes or Yolo Swagginses and such.
Species and Gender: From the allowed species list, or make your own; you can't have anything else unless you can explain just why I should let you have it.
Appearance: At least thirty words. I want a good description of what they look like. Alternatively, you can supply a picture.
Kanohi: No legendaries, no Komau, no Suletu, no Olmak. Use common sense for anything else that might seem overpowered and it's alright; but if I see somebody abusing it, it's gone for everybody.
Weapons: You always need weapons, yep. Not really. But they're fun.
Gear: This is only if you really want to describe the stuff. Not required.
Abilities, Powers, and Skills: Like the appearance. At least thirty words.
Personality: Same as skills and appearance. I mean, c'mon now. You can't just describe somebody's personality with generalizations, can you?
Weaknesses: You can't have a character who isn't weak to something, and it has to be something specific, not just 'he'll die if he falls from too far of a height.'
Biography: Guess what? At least thirty words, yep.


Example/NPC Profiles





First off, it is highly recommended you read Friar Tuck's Guide to Common Sense, found in the Official BZPRPG Rules and Index. It's a good guide to what you can and can't get away with. After all, it's only common sense.
1. No Metagaming, God-Modding, or other such blatant misuses of your own power as a player. Depending on the severity of the event, punishment can range from a simple warning to immediate suspension from play.
2. Respect the staff. Currently, that only applies to me; regardless, if other people get hired on, respect them as well. We're/I'm trying to run a game to make you happy, and we aren't/I'm not always going to be able to do everything; just be patient, and don't argue overmuch with our/my decisions. If you think they're stupid, PM one of us/me and we'll/I'll try to explain things. Mmk?
3. Ya gots ta post ya profile a'fore ya play, y'know. And please, just follow what was already established with the basic template. You can use different profile templates if you want - I don't much care - but really, everything allowable is already shown. Don't make things hard on me by making me have to tell you no. Just make it easy so I can always tell you "yes."

4. The Miscellaneous Rule - remember the IC and OOC, remember to follow BZP's and the RPG Forum's rules, respect each other, all that good stuff. Stuff you all already know.

Punishments for violations will range from warnings to complete bans, determined on a case-by-case basis. But you're all good folks, right? A'course ya ares, ya gots ta be. <3

Edited by The Otter, Jan 05 2014 - 04:15 PM.

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Trout? Where?

The Otter has finally returned...
Now in North American River Otter format.



#3 Offline Toatapio Nuva

Toatapio Nuva
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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 05:09 AM

1500 years after the Reforming, they came.


During his thousands of years or traveling in the cosmos, Mata Nui encountered many worlds, many societies. Never did he realize that one of those worlds had enough scientific capabilities to observe him from the day he left their planet...


1500 years after three became one, they came.


In the end, Mata Nui was victorious with his quest. He achieved his grand destiny and healed the great world of Spherus Magna, a gem of beauty and prosperity amidst the dark void of space.


1500 years after that fateful event, they came.


Although at first tensions between the dominant sapient species of Spherus Magna, Matoran and Agori, had been tense, their mutual trust had slowly grown. Though not yet one people, their respect for each other would be one of their most valuable lifelines in the years to come.


1500 years after the reforming of the world and the conclusion of a legend, they came.





The lights were first spotted in the mountain-city of Kowa, at one exceptionally beautiful evening. Ko-Matoran observatories immediately focused on a spectacular phenomenon, of what seemed like millions of tiny sparks of light descending towards the planet. Their source and purpose could only be speculated.


Five hours after the lights were first discovered, the cloudy sky was filled with spots of light, each one as bright as a star. The sight was incredible: Almost as if the blanket of stars above was lowering itself slowly to give a message of hope to the Matoran and the Agori of a better future.


But they were not stars. And they did not speak of hope.


The people of Spherus Magna had so little time after the shining objects landed. Before any expedition teams could be sent to examine the things wherever they had landed, their cities were spherical flying pods in hues of silver and grey. They flew fast and true, entering the cities and then opened fire, defeating all opposition.


The attack spread to all cities and villages around the planet. It was an open alien invasion no one could resist.


Since these events, Spherus Magna has been slowly collapsing around the horrified Spherus Magnans. The aliens have set in, building large dome-like structures and smaller cone-shaped buildings. No one is surely exactly what is going on inside these alien constructions. Each city is guarded by an army of battle-pods of silver coloring.


Most of Spherus Magna is under control of the aliens. There are various resistance groups all over the planet by its native inhabitants, but the biggest one, the Mangai Nuva, resides in the Black Spike mountains – formerly seen as a threatening place, now a haven for the Matoran and Agori.


Is there any hope left? Recently the sky has begun a transformation from blue to purple, heralding something awful to come for the planet. Endemic species like the Rahi and original Spherus Magna creatures have been forced to mass migrate as lifeforms never seen before have begun to spread.


We may well be living the final moments of Spherus Magna as we know it.



Welcome to Sanctuary. This RPG attempts to connect Bionicle with typical but exciting alien science fiction in order to create a sort of apocalyptic environment for gameplay. The setting is one we all are familiar with, Spherus Magna, yet a very different one. An alien invasion has occurred and the planet is changing rapidly. The only hope for Agori and Matoran is you, the player. Can you discover the secrets of the aliens and drive them away before Spherus Magna is lost forever?


Groups and characters

Toruc - The alien species

The aliens have been dubbed “the Toruc”, which is an ancient Agori word meaning “visitors from afar”. The Toruc are greatly feared all over the planet due to their advanced technology and unique powers. They have conquered most of Spherus Magna and are operating in ways the Matoran and Agori don't understand.


It's unsure as to what the Torucs really are. One has never been seen out of a battle-pod. Interestingly, all their constructions are built around Aqua Magna and other watery areas.


The Toruc battle-pods are always silver in color. Each one is equipped with a retractable laser weapon at the bottom of the craft, which can shoot green and blue lasers. Blue ones disintegrate organic matter, while green ones basically blow up stuff.


Spherus Magna inhabitants

Before the aliens came, Spherus Magna was inhabited by several sapient species, most notably the Matoran and Agori. Toa and Glatorian serve as protectors of the various cities. Vortixx are the primary manufacturers while Skakdi are mostly nomads and mercenaries, despised by most law-abiding people. However, recent times have forced Skakdi to ally with those they consider inferior to themselves.


One notable change is that all Glatorian can have elemental powers. The Temple of Mata Nui hosts the Mask of Life, which originally gave power to Ackar, Kiina and Gresh. Now, commanded by the Great Spirit inside of it, the mask bestows any worthy Glatorian with elemental power.


The Dark Hunters and other hostile organizations have allied themselves with the Matoran and Agori in a common interest to repel the alien invaders. Though there are tensions between Spherus Magna inhabitants, they share a common goal: existence.


Mangai Nuva: The New Freedom movement

The Mangai Nuva is the largest resistance camp on Spherus Magna, led by a council of wise beings, correlated by an experienced Agori named Rhetuk. He is in charge of managing the resistance and its everyday activities. Other members of the leading council are Turaga Whenua, Toa Jaller, a jungle Agori named Metsah and the astrologer Nixie.


The camp has members of all sapient Spherus Magna species working together. However, there are those who wish to aid the aliens and destroy Matoran-Agori civilization. The wandering Zyglak in particular seek out this goal.



Spherus Magna was once a paradise, but it’s quickly turning into something unsuitable for life as we know it. The aliens have settled on the planet and are terraforming it to suit their needs. Most old cities and villages have been abandoned completely. Yellow plantlife is rapidly spreading and smothering local plants. The main setting of the RPG is the Black Spike Mountains and the surrounding areas, specifically including the Skrall River. All other locations are also open for visiting, but you may never know what is waiting for you there.




Toruc-Domes and Cones

Strategically the most important locations of this RPG. The Toruc have built several large dome-like constructions all around Spherus Magna, all close to water, be it rivers or the Aqua Magna sea. The buildings are large and imposing with panels on the top that seem to reflect sunlight and can thus be seen from afar. Most of these domes have smaller, cone-shaped buildings nearby. No one is sure what can be found inside, but the future of the planet may depend on finding out.


Black Spike Mountains: Mangai Nuva Camp

This is where the biggest resistance group of Spherus Magna beings resides. The aliens have shown little interest in colonizing the mountains, making it a perfect hiding place. The resistance members have built a camp the size of a city and refer to it as the Freedom Camp. Facilities of all kinds are located here, including hospitals and weapon hangars. All types of Spherus Magna species work together at this camp, though some insane or sinister beings have sabotaged it at times.


The most notable locations within the Freedom Camp are:

Laboratory: A hidden underground laboratory where the scientists and scholars of the resistance work to find out more about the nature of the Toruc.

Training Complex: Many big rooms carved inside the mountains that host practice targets and other training equipment.

Moto Hub: A place where items are constructed. Mimics the original Metru Nui-one.

Farm: Well-hidden underneath three large mountain out-croppings, the farm is the most important place of the resistance camp. Here food is grown for the Spherus Magna inhabitants to eat. It also contains a water well which is enough to keep everyone hydrated… for now. Many domestic animals are raised in this area as well.

Executive Complex: Another series of rooms carved into the mountain that consists of offices.


White Quartz Mountains

A sight of plenty of alien activity, and near the Black Spike Mountains. It’s one of the most frequently attacked area by Toa, since the environment provides good hiding places.


Northern Region

Great power has drawn the Torucs to this area, which includes River Dormus, the Forest of Blades and the Valley of the Maze. Even the advanced alien species has not been able to penetrate the safeguards placed here by the Great Beings, but are continuously trying to access their secrets and great power. A very dangerous place for Spherus Magna inhabitants, but also possibly rewarding.


Matoran Universe robot

The gigantic form of the Great Spirit, later Makuta, still lies on the Bara Magna desert area, though some portions of it have been taken apart in the course of 1500 years, starting from the head and Metru Nui. Naturally the robot is an item of great interest to the Toruc and they can be found flying around the thing with their pods often. Inside the robot you can only find darkness and death.



Despite all that has happened, Atero still exists as a city – however, it is completely deserted. The Temple of Mata Nui, which contains the Mask of Life and the spirit of Mata Nui, is still there as well, though well-camouflaged by debris in case the Toruc grow interested in the region.


Red Star

The Red Star remains in the sky as a symbol of hope for Spherus Magna. It is suspected that there is something special going on in the star, but no one has been able to prove it, and it is not possible to travel there to find out… or is it?



Your character can be aligned with the Mangai Nuva, fighting for the fate of the planet, or be an independent character. All Mangai Nuva characters should start RPing at the camp in the Black Spike mountains. Independent characters can start anywhere they want, but they won't benefit from the advancements of the camp. If your character is part of the Mangai Nuva, you can give him or her a special role in the movement, such as scholar, fighter, spy, etc.


When submitting a character, fill in this form:





Alignment: (Mangai Nuva or independent)




Weapons and tools:









Banned Species

You can play as any sapient MU or Spherus Magna species, with these exceptions:


Axonn's species

Brutaka's species

Botar's species

Great Beings

Element Lords


Feel free to make custom species as well. These will be approved by the GM individually.


Banned Kanohi:

All legendary masks, for obvious reasons.






Mask of Conjuring

Mask of Mutation

Mask of Charisma


All other Kanohi are up to play, but be sure to remain reasonable with them. For a full list of Kanohi, see the BS01 Kanohi page.



Spherus Manga beings, now including Glatorian, are also allowed to wield elemental powers. The only banned elements are legendary ones and plantlife. Custom elements are allowed as long as they are approved by the GM.


Custom powers

Since there are many species you can play as, you can create your own unique powers for your characters, according to what species they are. The GM will individually approve each power, including Skakdi vision powers and other species-based abilities.


Equipment rules

You are allowed to design your own equipment, and it may be futuristic in nature, but it must always be approved by the GM first. You are also allowed to loot alien technology, but it will be difficult to use properly.




Gender: Male

Species: Agori

Alignment: Mangai Nuva

Element: Aligned with ice

Kanohi: None

Powers: None

Weapons and tools: Double-edged sword

Appearance: Rehtuk is a very fit ice Agori, though his age can be seen from the way he walks and his somewhat worn armor and his solemn eaxpression.

Personality: Quiet and calculative, but also very decisive when it comes to it. His patience is one of his most respected attributes.

Strengths: Knowledge of battle tactiques and experience on the battlefield.

Weaknesses: Old age and somewhar weak stature.

Biography: Rehtuk is known for leading the Ice tribe after the Reformation. He was one of the only leaders to successfully lead a strike team against the aliens and seriously cripple their machines. Ever since Rehtuk has been deemed the most well-suited to lead the Mangai Nuva camp. He is in charge of the camp as a whole and coordinates the activities of the various divisions.



Gender: Male

Species: Turaga

Alignment: Mangai Nuva

Element: Earth

Kanohi: Ruru

Powers: Minute earth-powers

Weapons and tools: Drill of Onua

Appearance: The old, frail form of a Turaga. Whenua is also shorter than most other Turaga.

Personality: Patient and wise, Whenua relies heavily on the past to make future decisions.

Strengths: Wisdom and knowledge of both history and Rahi of all kinds.

Weaknesses: Old age.

Biography: Whenua is a rare case: he escaped a Toruc invasion, if just barely. He found his way to the Mangai Nuva, where he was appointed the head of the information gathering division.



Gender: Male

Species: Toa (Mahri)

Alignment: Mangai Nuva

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Arthron

Powers: Fire

Weapons and tools: Power Sword and Cordak Blaster

Appearance: Jaller is a very standard Toa of Fire, except for the fact that his form represents that of diving gear, somewhat.

Personality: Determined and swift. Jaller takes his duty very seriously and feels like the responsibility of saving Spherus Magna rests on his shoulders. In a way it does, too.

Strengths: Strategic thinking and experience at leading a military group, as well as experience at being a leader of a Toa team.

Weaknesses: Cold environments and overly dutiful way of thinking.

Biography: Jaller and his Toa team were rescued from the gold-skinned being long ago, but the alien invasion posed a new challenge to them. Everyone except Jaller and Hahli escaped the attack intact, thanks to Hahli's quick actions. They have since been separated, with Hahli fighting for a different resistance group. Jaller is responsible for the battle strategies of the Mangai Nuva, as head of the military and battle division.



Gender: Female

Species: Agori (jungle)

Alignment: Mangai Nuva

Element: Aligned with jungle

Kanohi: None

Powers: None

Weapons and tools: Climbing hook

Appearance: A jungle Agori with bright green armor, which looks like it has been forged from the essence of the living forest itself.

Personality: One of the more eager ones, Metsah is quite loud and quick-thinking. She knows when to listen, though.

Strengths: Speed and ability to make improvised decisions fast.

Weaknesses: A bit clumsy and easy to trick.

Biography: Metsah was one of the first to join the Mangai Nuva. She is a biologist, which has made her the head of the alien biology research division. Her task is an important one: manage all research concentrating on the various alien lifeforms, namely plants, spreading on the Spherus Magna ground. Metsah is also the one to contact when something about the aliens themselves is learned.



Gender: Female

Species: Ga-Matoran

Alignment: Mangai Nuva

Element: Water

Kanohi: Pakari

Powers: None

Weapons and tools: Dagger for self-defense

Appearance: A standard Ga-Matoran who has a slightly hunched back due to hours spent in a lab.

Personality: Observative and curious. Her interest is easy to gain.

Strengths: Agreeable, but also very able to defend herself against enemies. Fast, like many Ga-Matoran, and a good swimmer.

Weaknesses: Lack of proper military training.

Biography: Nixie has always been an astrologer, and continues to be so at the Mangai Nuva. She leads the astrology division, the goal of which is to find out where the aliens came from and what it means for Spherus Magna. Nixie is also the one you should come to in cases regarding alien technology.




  • All BZP rules apply.
  • God-modding, meta-gaming and auto-hitting are not allowed and will be met with immediate in-game sanctions from the GM.
  • In-game and off-game messages must be separated with IC and OOC, respectively.
  • GM has all-inclusive power in-game, but must remain fair and proportionate.
  • GM approves all character profiles individually before playing.
  • Battles and conflicts are solved through open writing, so no specific battle system excists.
  • Though the GM is primarily responsible for the progression of the story, players are free to make their own choices and actions. These will all affect the outcome.

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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 05:56 PM

The Bubble

Aku-Nui. A land shrouded in mystery. No one knows what lies within its impenetrable bubble, created by a Toa thousands of years ago. Some of those on the outside say it is a paradise, much like Arkahta. Others say it is a place more unforgiving than Karzahni. Still others say this is all false, that the island is nothing special.

I live in this Mata-Nui forsaken place. And it is truly a horrible place.

The land was once beautiful, fertile, and green. It truly was almost a paradise.

Then a strange Toa from another land decided to ‘save’ us.

It was a noble cause, yes. Our island was being assaulted by visorak, and our Toa thought it was best to seal the island in its own dimensional bubble, so no more Visorak would come.  No one knows how he did it, nor what he used to do it, but the end result was the same: He perished, and our island was cut off from the rest of the universe.

And now, the sun sits blood-red on the north horizon, constantly on the verge of setting, casting the island in an almost constant red hue. It could be described as a beautiful scene.

But one look on the island dispels any idea of this place being beautiful. The grass either lies dead or dying on the ground, and the pools of water are stagnant from no wind. Matoran fight over the smallest morsels of food, shedding blood over someone having a larger patch of ruined earth than them. It truly is a terrible thing to see, and it’s only getting worse.

Portals are opening all over the place now, allowing beings from other universes in to our tiny world, but not out. Things assault the outside of the Bubble almost continuously, battering it with their horribly misshapen forms. But no matter what, everyone shares some things in common: We are trapped here, and we all want out.

Welcome to the deepest pits of Karzahni, my friends. I hope you enjoy your stay.



It was a start, at least. Okajo read over the small passage, making sure everything was correct. He scanned it many times, before deeming it ‘passable’. He slid the stone table out of the way, and began to work on far more pressing matters. There was other work to be done, not just welcoming the newcomers to their new land.


Welcome to The Bubble, an RPG set on the island of Aku-Nui. What’s so special about the island, you may ask?

It is currently trapped within a large bubble, separating it from the rest of the universe. The sun doesn’t set, and resources are scarce. Recently, portals have appeared and dropped off beings from other dimensions into the small island. This is where you, the player, come in. Metals, kanohi, kanoka discs, and all sorts of technology are incredibly rare and sought out for. Small bands of raiders exist out in the plains, ready to take anything and everything you own. Maybe you yourself are a raider. Even then, you and everyone else has one goal: Find a way out of here at any cost.

Current events:(Note: Will be put in discussion topic)

Recently, a small group in the Kalar Mountains has begun to become apparent. Those who enter their domain disappear. We fear the worst, as occasionally body parts are found scattered among the mountains. Only one person has come back from their encounter with this group, who call themselves “The Dark Ones”. Investigations into this group will begin shortly, please report to Aku-Metru’s central plaza for details.


Can’t have an RPG without a setting.

Aku-Nui: In the actual universe, Aku-Nui would have been found among the southernmost islands in the Matoran Universe, essentially isolated. For the longest time, only Matoran lived here. At one time, it was a fertile landscape, crops grew bountifully, and the weather always remained mild. However, once the Bubble formed, the island changed for the worse. The sun became fixed on the horizon, always seen slightly above the horizon. The light cast is a consistent crimson-red hue, but it doesn't reach very far. The southernmost areas of the island would be frigid if not for Mount Vanar's heat warming the southern portion of the island. The once thriving cropland has become dead, as there is not enough energy in the remaining sunlight to allow plant growth. No wind blows, and the ocean is eternally calm. Wild, vicious Rahi roam the plains, picking off unprepared, stray travellers on a whim.

Aku-Metru: The central city of Aku-Nui, located north of the Kalar Mountains. It is dominated by tall metal buildings and dirty streets. Many buildings have fallen into disrepair, dirt and grime covering their once shiny surfaces, and these buildings are now home to the poor and hungry. The rich reside in the highest floors of some buildings, but they are not much better off than the ones living at the bottom. Whatever power station once was here has long since broken down, forcing the residents of the entire island to rely on crops, most of which are grown by Toa of Plantlife. Aku-Metru is controlled by the Counsel.

Na-Aku: The only other major city on the island, Na-Aku was once a bustling port town, a place where the natives could mingle with those from other islands. After the Bubble formed, though, it quickly became abandoned. Nature took over, and now it is reduced to just a ruin of its former glory. After the portals began appearing, however, the matoran found a use for this desolate city. Now, this somewhat-ruined land is the place where most of the non-natives live. It has been restored to a shade of what it used to be, but it is far more ruined than Aku-Metru. Unlike Aku-Metru, however, Toa police the streets, keeping the more rambunctious denizens of Na-Aku under control. It is under control by the Alliance.

Kalar Mountains: The Kalar Mountains run through the island, essentially cutting it in half. Many small settlements exist here, consisting of at the most 10 individuals. The tops of the mountains are often covered in snow, keeping all but those resistant to cold from reaching the highest points of the mountains. Passages through the mountains to the Dark Place are blocked off by mysterious and immensely powerful Rahi known as ‘Reva’.

Mount Vanar: At the center of the Kalar Mountains, Mount Vanar boils and bubbles constantly. It gives heat to most of the island. The volcano is hot to the point where not even Ta-Toa can handle the heat. It is unknown if any Rahi apart from the Reva exist on Vanar’s inhospitable slopes, or if any colonies have formed. It is the only mountain not cut off by the Bubble, but the constant heat emanating from it bars any being from going above it. The heat haze also prevents anyone from looking into the Dark Place, though occasionally one might get a small glance.

The Dark Place: A mysterious area south of the Kalar Mountains, not much is known about this place as it was never explored due to the presence of Reva. As far as the matoran are concerned, it doesn’t exist, and it never has. Some non-natives, however, believe there are amazing riches and spoils here, or lost technology that can free them. Others think it is simply a land which none are supposed to go, full of monstrous rahi. Whatever lays here, no one knows. It is completely inaccessible, due to the Kalar Mountains stretching above the boundary of the Bubble, and the Reva guarding possible passages inwards. However, small areas do exist where one can see The Dark Place, and yet it is far too dark to see anything, even with Mount Vanar supposedly lighting up the area.

The Bubble: This impassible wall surrounds the island, reaching about 1 kio off the coast mostly, though there are points where it cuts off portions of the island.. The bubble feels almost solid, but is slightly elastic. Strange creatures attack it occasionally, but they never make it through.

The portals: Gateways from other dimensions, these appear not only on the very edge of the Bubble, but occasionally appear in random locations on the island itself. They open up, deposit whatever being was unfortunate enough to stumble through them, and close. Research is impossible to do on the portals, as there is no rhyme or reason as to when or where they appear. In fact, no one has any idea why the portals are forming in the first place. All who come through say that they just appeared on the island, without any mention of a portal opening on them.

The Plains: Aku-Nui is mainly flat, dead grasslands with a few lakes here and there. A few small settlements exist outside of Na-Aku and Aku-Metru, but they are few and far between. These settlements tend to be bandit camps, and it is best to avoid them at all cost.


This is how you play the game.

The Bubble is a story-driven sandbox RPG on the island of Aku-Nui.


Raiding is a major point in this RPG. Most, if not all kanoka and kanohi, are stolen from small non-native groups in the Plains. Raiding is accomplished when a party, or even a single being, finds a camp outside of Aku-Metru or Na-Aku. This happens on chance from time to time, and these settlements always contain food and some other wanted item, such as kanoka discs. These settlements range from very easy to conquer (populated entirely by Matoran, and only two or three at that) to very difficult to raid. The more difficult to raid a settlement is, however, the better the rewards.


Factions on Aku-Nui are simply just names of groups lead by a small party of individuals. They can control an entire town or settlement, or simply be a group of raiders united under a single commander. Factions must have at least two players involved, and must submit a Faction form via PM to Ehks.


The Counsel: The Counsel is the faction which most native Matoran belong to, as they were the ones to create it, and lead it. This group controls Aku-Metru, and is considered to ‘lead’ the entire island. Don’t let this fool you, however, as most settlements are completely independent of the Counsel’s control. Lead by Okajo.

The Alliance of Non-Natives: The Alliance of Non-Natives, or simply ‘The Alliance’ is the faction which controls all of Na-Aku. While considered to ‘lead’ Na-Aku, they are extremely disorganized, with every member only sporting the name because they live in Na-Aku. There is no clear-cut leader, though the person who governs Na-Aku is Xaron.  

Other Factions: You can create your own faction, provided you have two or more players involved. Simply PM The X this form and your faction will be added to the list.

Faction Name: What is the name of your faction?

Faction Goals: What do they want to accomplish?

Faction Leader(s): Who leads them?

Faction Base: Where is it found? Or is it a raiding party, constantly on the move?


This isn’t an anarchy RPG. There needs to be some rules.

RULE 1: Follow the BZP/RPG forum rules. Simple!

RULE 2: Respect the staff of the RPG. If you decide to disrespect people of higher authority too much, you will receive punishment.

RULE 3: Talk using IC (In character) and OOC (Out of character). Keep OOC-only posts in the discussion topic, please. Need an example?

OOC: I’m talking Out of Character right now. Below me is me talking In Character. And that certainly is not the truth.

IC: That guy ran down the street, panting and waving his arms saying, “THE RATIONS ARE MATORAN!” Everyone looked at him like he was completely and absolutely bonkers.

RULE 4: Don’t godmod. Godmodding is when you perform some impossible feat, like summoning a laser space cannon to kill the guy directly in front of you, and taking absolutely no damage from said laser. Unless given EXPLICIT permission to do so, you will be punished for godmodding.

RULE 5: Don’t kill anyone who doesn’t belong to you. If you are in a fight with another player-owned character, don’t kill them without permission. And this somewhat applies to NPCs. If you have trouble killing a Toa PC, good luck trying to kill a Toa NPC. NPCs are just as formidable as players.

RULE 6: Do not bunny/autohit/control others. This relates to godmodding, as this also is extremely unfair to others. If you’re in a fight, don’t make all of your hits make contact and all of their hits miss. If you throw a punch at their face, and they’re faster than you it’s fine if they dodge. But it is never fine to say that you automatically hit them, unless they give you permission to do so. Same with controlling characters, only do so when they say it’s ok.

RULE 7: Post characters for approval in the discussion topic. Once approved, post them in the profiles topic. You can have a maximum of 3 living characters at a time.

RULE 8: Have fun. If you don’t have fun, you’ll be automatically banned! I’m kidding.


The punishment system works in levels. Depending on the severity, however, you may skip entire levels.

Level 1: In-topic warning.

Level 2: One character is injured. (i.e. loss of a finger, broken arm, etc.)

Level 3: One character dies. Painfully and humiliatingly.

Level 4: Banned for a week. Another character bites the dust.

Level 5: You’re out. Forever. Whatever you did, it clearly violated every single rule and then some.

Character information

This is stuff about characters, and how to make them.

Playable Races:

Aku-Nuian Matoran: These matoran are not your average matoran. Due to strange forces on the island, and possibly due to the isolation on the island, all matoran have powers akin to Av-Matoran in Karda-Nui. They are slightly taller and stronger than the average matoran, and have very limited control over their elements. Matoran are the only species native to Aku-Nui.

Toa: These are the ones that sling around fire, ice, or whatever you want to kill baddies. Or good people. Most abide by the Toa code; however some do not due to their own universes not having it, or they simply prefer to kill. Toa are one of the more powerful beings on the island. Toa of Plantlife are seen as incredibly useful, as they do produce food for the island. None are native to Aku-Nui, having come from different universes.

Vortixx:Tall, lean, black-armored beings hailing from the island of Xia. They have no elemental powers, but are strong, fast, and good with technology. If you give a Vortixx a single-fire bolt action rifle, they probably could make it into a semi-automatic. Given enough time and resources, that is. None are native to Aku-Nui, having come from separate universes.

Skadki: Consideredgrinning psychopaths’ by most races, Skadki are a genetically altered species, altered by a Makuta in various universes. They possess a vision power, such as heat vision and impact vision, and can use elemental powers much like Toa can. However, these elemental powers can ONLY be used in conjugation with another Skadki, and since many do not like each other, this rarely happens. Some Skadki have various other powers, but these range from extreme adaptability, to no extraneous powers at all. None are native to Aku-Nui, having come from separate universes. (A small note on their 'third power': Please keep it from being overpowered. I don't want characters able to come back from any fight unharmed because of adaptability or something like that)

Other Races: Want to play as an unlisted canon race, or would you like to create your own race? Fill out the form below, and PM it to The X. Custom made races go under extreme scrutiny, in order to maintain fairness.

Race name: What is the name of your race?

Race description: What does your race typically look like, and what are their powers, if any?

Race original location: Where does your race hail from?

Character sheet

This is what you use to make a character. Please post in discussion topic for approval.

Character name: What is the name of your character? I don’t want any Jimbobs, or thatguy12345, make legitimate Bionicle-sounding names, please.

Gender: I don’t need to say anything more.

Species: Again, enough said.

Element: What element do they control/affiliated with?

Detailed description or image: What does your character look like? You can also provide a picture here.

Abilities/Talents: Is your character good at throwing stuff? Can they shoot fire out of their eyes? (This is where Skadki vision and 'third powers' would go)

Personality: How does your character act? Please don’t put one or two words here, characters like that are extremely dull.

History: Where did your character come from? Were they always like the way they are? How did they get to Aku-Nui?

If you wish, you could add more to your character sheet, such as relations to other characters and maybe even age. What is on the sheet, however, is necessary.

Banned elements






*these elements can be used, however they are ONLY given out as rewards.

Banned Masks

All legendary/unique masks, such as the Vahi, Ignika, Olmak, Avohkii, Kraahkan, and the Mask of Creation.

Any Nuva form of a mask

Kanohi Garai

The Great mask of Elemental Energy

Mask of Mutation

Kanohi Mohtrek


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(Warning in advance - if you don’t feel like reading the intro, there’s a TL;DR version below it)

I can hear them coming. Their breathing weighs heavily upon this air. Isolation in total silence for a millennium has sharpened my hearing to the brink of ultrasound, and their breaths are just loud enough for me to hear.


Their steps are muffled, in order to avoid alerting me to their presence. Whispers touch the air gently and mix in a dark, tempting sensation. It’s as if death was trying to seduce me.


Well, I sure as Karzahni will not submit to this temptation. I have spent far too long locked in the darkest cell in the universe. It is time that I change something. It is time for me to rectify this broken universe, to return to a point where the mistakes of the past can still be fixed.


They realize when I hit the killswitch faster than anything actually happens, as their breathing and steps hasten a grand total of four to five times before the doors actually seal and the corridors go dark. I now proceed, caution thrown out the window, taking rapid steps forward down a corridor as black as the darkness that I have caused to rise.


There are universes that have the potential to go much better. I will find such a universe… and I will live.


I reach the end of the line – the Hall of the Master. It is said that many millennia before, there was a Matoran maskmaker of great skill and talent, who built this hall to house all his mighty creations. Now, however, there remains only one mask. It was the Shadow, the true Master, Teridax the Shadowking, who left it here. As a failsafe. I know not why he never used it. It seems he was under a delusion that his collapse was still fixable.


Another legend spoke even more differently: that it was to this room that the Toa Mahri gathered after the destruction of Karda Nui. That they sacrificed their power, in a hopeless attempt to awaken the Great Spirit in a foolish delusion that it was their destiny or the right place for such a feat. That ever after they wandered the lands as Turaga, unknown to Matoran. Clearly this theory was entirely incorrect, otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now. I’d have blended in for long enough to get off this filthy city.


It’s that last mask, the Olmak, that is standing alone, neglected, on a shelf at the far end of this room. I can hear their filthy paws hammering at the door. No matter. By the time they break in, I’ll be gone.


I must live. I have never in my entire lifetime felt it as strongly: I must live.




My name is… well, it’s irrelevant, really! What you need to know is what I call myself, not what my actual name is. I call myself Vengeance, defier of kings, protector of women and children, father of the people in these troubled times.


Welcome to Metru Nui, the city of a thousand fires. And a few hundred other ways of destroying buildings and property. We’re working on more cost-efficient methods as we speak.


Over there, my friends, you can see the Coliseum, seat of government for a part of Metru Nui that includes little more than the actual Coliseum. With the unforeseen, unpredictable and unexpected deaths of many a Turaga, Vakama, the lone surviving Turaga, has convened a council of warriors, strategists, half-decent economists and lawyers. This council, a council of thirteen of Metru Nui’s most influential citizens, has become known as the Circle.


How did the situation escalate to a point where all other Turaga were slain and the city lies in chaos, you ask? Well. To tell that story, one must begin in the early days of this last millennium, at a great battle in the swamps of Karda Nui. The Toa Nuva, heroes of the olden days, engaged the toughest agents of the Brotherhood of Makuta in the Heart of the Universe, and they prevailed; most of the Makuta were slain, and it seemed as if the Toa would finally fulfill their destinies and awaken the Great Spirit.


But it was not to be so.


There was a Makuta by the name of Mutran. An intelligent man by any possible meaning of the term, Mutran, while his comrades were off fighting the Toa, set off the biggest demolition charges that I have ever seen since the dawn of time. Arguably speaking, of course, I never actually saw them, because if I had, I wouldn’t be here. Karda Nui did not survive that explosion, and neither did anyone in it. The deepest dome of the universe collapsed entirely, its roof caving in, never to let any Matoran, Toa, or Makuta in again.


Now, with this situation, we didn’t exactly have much an issue, to be honest with you. Of course, the death of the Toa Nuva was a tragedy, and that Helryx woman seemed to be pretty ticked when the Order of Mata Nui finally took its armies in a storm on Destral, the fortress-island of the Makuta, but to the average Matoran… so what if this Great Spirit fellow would not wake up? As long as he wasn’t dying, and the Makuta were losing and eventually lost the war, everything was fine. We won the war, exterminated or imprisoned all Makuta, and peace settled down over the land. Everything was going smoothly.


Famous last words.


To this beautiful city of ours, hundreds of immigrants from the southern lands started to arrive. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against immigrants. There were people who had, however.


A bunch of bloody gangsters, Turaga Dume decried them to be. No, not the immigrants. He was referring to a gang of locals who would hang around the new arrivals, misusing the poverty of those newfound settlers, luring them into often even criminal activity. This gang was just as likely to beat the immigrants up as it was to provide them a job, even if one shady as all Karzahni.


From this gang sprung the poisoned tree known as the Blades.


At first they were just your average everyday gang, running around Le-Metru and Po-Metru, coughing up coppers from local merchants for the sake of “protecting them from any possible… accidents”. Things escalated, however. Things have a way of escalating.


The Blades grew. And on one fortunate outing to one of the Le-Metru immigrant slums, they picked up a new recruit: a local Toa by the name of Elan. Soon, of course, like every good gangster, Elan dismissed his old name in favor of an alias that everyone in Metru Nui would soon learn: Swordshifter.


He grew quickly through the ranks. There, he befriended another young Toa. This particular young Toa happens to be yours truly. Together with Swordshifter, I, Vengeance, rapidly grew in the ranks of our ever-expanding gang. We tricked and murdered and lied our way forward, and considering the gang wasn’t even that big at the time, it wasn’t that much an achievement that we managed to soon become the duumvirate that ruled and ordered around this little gang of ours.


With my dear friend, we had lots in common. Both of us had great, lofty goals: to grow out of being just members of a criminal syndicate. He, a lowly immigrant from the Northern Continent, and I, an equally common former soldier, both wanted the same thing: to be important. To be more than gangsters. We wanted to be kings.


Of course, it’s difficult to be a king when you’re not seated on a throne, and it’s even harder to be a king when there’s a Turaga seated there instead. So we took to announcing our presence to the world in a way that would not soon be forgotten.


It was a single bomb blast in Turaga Dume’s quarters. A single bomb blast was all that was needed. Old fool probably really didn’t expect that we’d do something quite as… well, wrong.


I didn’t, either. I realized what I had done only after it had already happened. And the worst part is, it didn’t stop there. The Blades spread. They - we - took my home of Ta-Metru, and seized all effective control of Onu-Metru so thoroughly that it became impossible for Toa or any other soldiers loyal to the Turaga to pass through there. More Turaga died, one by one, all in circumstances that very clearly pointed to Blade complicity - because we were complicit. It was all our doing. And the more wrong we did… the more I felt ill about it. I suddenly realized that Elan and I had entirely different notions of kingship. For me, after all, on some basic level, other people always mattered. Even to those I had displaced in my climb among the ranks of the Blades I had shown courtesy and my own, admittedly arbitrary, sort of justice. Ultimately, when Elan gave the order to force the Sea Gates to the south closed, I knew things had gone utterly wrong.


I, however, could not end these mistakes of mine so simply as to stand up and walk away. We suddenly discovered ourselves in an entirely different situation than we had anticipated: the law suddenly stopped pretending we weren’t there. With Vakama left as the sole Turaga standing, he found himself at leisure to reform government entirely: he founded what we know as the Circle. A council of generals, economists, and other species of moron. These, however, were efficient morons: they declared total war on us, literally attacking suspected members of gangs and carting them off to a newly furnished prison under the Coliseum. Whether they were actually members of gangs did not matter much. I suddenly realized that now was the time to claim my kingship not by right of conquest, but by right of justice - if not me, then nobody else will protect the commonfolk from both the Circle and the Blades. It was my time to save this city.


I quit my job. But not alone.


With me came an entire army. The Blades in the districts of Ta-Metru and Onu-Metru largely pledged their allegiances to me rather than Swordshifter - who, naturally, stopped viewing me as a friend. Pity. But I suppose it cannot be helped. With these detractors, I founded a new gang. A gang that I named in honor of what I expected of them: the Fury.


Meanwhile, as me and Elan engaged each other in a struggle for power while simultaneously avoiding the crackdowns of the Circle, in the north, in Po-Metru, among the carvers and the local immigrants, a local Skakdi named Nuadh, an immigrant from Zakaz, started up his own gang. This gang functioned quite differently from the already established Blades and my Fury. Largely a spontaneous decision, it made the fact that it was established by an immigrant much like a lot of Po-Metru’s modernday population its selling point. Earning a respectable reputation as the protectors of the immigrant against the onslaught of a generally unfriendly government and the constant bullying - if you can call it that, I prefer the term “assistance” - by the Blades and Fury, this gang grew larger and larger. Ultimately, when the Circle’s crackdown began, it became one of the first gangs to stand up, go out into the open, take up arms and, in a literal example of a militant uprising, they seized much of Po-Metru, ransacking most businesses and houses that would not side with them, constructing a large, fortified camp on the northern coastline. They took the name “Northwinds”, reportedly because they wanted to create an image of a chilly northern wind that will overtake this city.


These are the three gangs of this city. The Blades, the Fury, and the Northwinds. And although the Circle might maintain otherwise, they’re as much a gang as anyone. This, my friends, is the story - the legend - the epic of the Gangs of Metru Nui.




This game, a reboot of the original Gangs of Metru Nui, is set in a dystopian Metru Nui which has disintegrated into outright civil war as three gangs - the Fury, the Blades, and the Northwinds - have taken to wresting control of the city from the Circle, an interim government formed by Turaga Vakama in this time of crisis. The word “gangs” is used liberally - a more accurate term might be “personal armies”, beholden to their leaders, Swordshifter, Vengeance and Nuadh. Each gang is as much an enemy to each other as they are to the Circle, and will eagerly kill, trick, lie and chute-race their rivals into submission. The Sea Gates are sealed shut and buried under rubble, so the Circle cannot expect support from abroad (most notably from the Toa Mahri, who were away from the city at the time and thus are also locked out), and the locals have nowhere to flee. Chaos is rampant, poverty is spreading, and immigrants suffer discrimination.


A couple of things must be noted to the players of the original: I am sorry to admit that I remember very little of the original game - embarrassing, because it’s -my- game. I remembered only the faction names and Swordshifter’s name, and the basic plotline. Ergo, I have given the leaders of the Northwinds and the Fury entirely new names, so if anyone actually REMEMBERS what the original names were, feel free to kick me.




The Circle - the theoretical government of Metru Nui, the Circle remains in control of the Coliseum, Ga-Metru, and a militia formed from Toa, Matoran and other peoples who remained loyal to their rule. It is a military council headed by Turaga Vakama and is composed of him and twelve other members. Decisions in the Circle are made by vote among the members of the council - a majority of the council’s members must approve a decision for it to be considered valid. This council, however, invites no criticism or even opinion from the lower strata of society, and only rarely consults other members of the higher strata. This rift between the government and the people only deepens the people’s disdain for the Circle, provoking more people to back groups opposed to them, be they criminal or no. Their insistence upon various violations of privacy and civil rights, put in place in order to “combat gang warfare”, has not helped.


The Blades - the oldest and largest of the three gangs, the Blades are headed by Swordshifter, a mysterious Toa whose actual identity and even appearance remain anonymous to most of Metru Nui. His location, too, is uncertain - unlike Vengeance and Nuadh, Swordshifter prefers not to spend time with his men, only rarely appearing in the Blades’ main base in Le-Metru. His orders are usually delivered via radio channels to the Blades, who now control both Le-Metru and Ko-Metru and are waging a constant war with the Fury and the Circle in their border streets. The Blades have, on average, very little in the way of morality or honor - they are, of the three gangs, the most similar to an actual gang, with a tightly organized hierarchy and a strong tendency towards various types of banditry.


The Fury - formed by defectors from the Blades and led by the Blades’ once-deputy leader, Vengeance, the Fury is a fighting force of borderline professionals trained to the brink of perfection due to Vengeance’s insistence on having almost military-grade training programs. His tactics have proven extremely successful, as the Fury has managed to seize both Ta-Metru and Onu-Metru from the Blades and the Circle, cutting off important supply centers for military and generally many other sorts of tech. Unlike the Blades, the Fury focus not simply on gaining wealth and power, but also on rectifying perceived injustices, which was the initial reason for the Fury/Blades split. This has led to relatively safe living conditions in districts that they control, as long as you pay every time you’re given a shakedown.


The Northwinds - the Northwinds aren’t necessarily so much a gang as they are a reaction to a century of mistreatment of immigrants and racial minorities. With the appearance of the Blades and, later, the Fury, the government of Metru Nui has proven often irrationally unfriendly to immigrants from the south, among whom many new recruits for the gangs were gathered quite easily - even if they were by no means the majority of the members of these gangs. This proved especially troublesome in Po-Metru, where the local immigrants were constantly bullied by both the Circle and recruiters from the two other gangs, in some worse cases being forced into separate settlements apart from the “natives” so the government could “monitor” their activity. In reaction, a Skakdi named Nuadh formed the Northwinds, originally marketed as a defence force for the local immigrants, who eventually became so powerful that they managed evicting the Circle from most of Po-Metru entirely. The Northwinds now are based in a fortified settlement on Po-Metru’s northern coast that they call the Dún, after an ancient Xian word for “fortress”. From there they raid the rest of Po-Metru and even make forays into Ga-Metru, gathering their strength and waging a ceaseless defensive war against the Circle.




Ta-Metru - The Metru of Fire and industrial center of Metru Nui, Ta-Metru’s loss was catastrophic for the Metru Nui officials; the upstarts in the Fury quickly seized the entire district and cut off the Kanohi trade, many of the high-quality weapons, and even the disks required for Akilini. Despite the blockade the district has not been ill treated by the Fury, and apart from the inconsequential thing about the gang occupation it’s almost a nice place to live and make a living. The Fury’s main base is located here, in what was once a foundry and is now an invincible fortification unlikely to be taken by any man anytime soon. The Fury call the place the Homestead in a manner that is almost affectionate.


Ga-Metru - The Metru of Water, Ga-Metru is the last Metru fully held by the Circle. In recent times the Metru’s life has largely been centered around the large shadow of Fort Gali; a constant garrison mans the fort’s walls, and it has never been breached. Inside Fort Gali are several hospitals, each named for one of the Turaga - their forebearers outside the fort’s walls, given the honorific “Old” [Turaga here] Hospital, still lie largely abandoned and represent the constant progress the Circle still seeks to foster and enforce throughout Metru Nui. Outside Fort Gali many education centers are still open and cater to any Matoran refugee seeking to learn. The Great Temple is also centered in Ga-Metru.


Ko-Metru - Once a foil to Ga-Metru and a center of knowledge for all Metru Nui, Ko-Metru is one of the two finalists - with Le-Metru - as the most changed district in the city after the gang takeover. The Blades turned the entire place into one large series of watchtowers, using the once proud, handsomely austere Knowledge Towers to scout for Circle forces or other gangs while scholars were ruffed up and shaken down. The streets are silent now, as silent as the towers used to be; it is a ghost town in the midst of an ice age, and Matoran are rarely seen leaving their homes or workplaces to go somewhere. Things have ground to a halt; amongst the other Metru joking comparisons are made between occupied Ko-Metru and a snow globe. The jokers have no idea how right they are.


Onu-Metru - The home of the Archives, and admittedly not much else, Onu-Metru’s takeover by the Fury was quick and bloodless, even moreso than Ta-Metru. The underground district is rarely contested, and many of the Onu-Matoran have settled in the best they can during occupation. The lone exception is a group of a dozen Archivists who set loose several exhibits in one of the shadier corners of the Archives, and a repeat of that little mishap would not bear repeating, but other than that...


Po-Metru - Po-Metru is a district embattled; it is the only Metru that is in a constant state of war between the Northwinds, who control everything north of the Po-Onu border, and the Circle, who controls the third of the district bordering the Coliseum. After the loss of Ta-Metru, Po-Metru became critical to the Metru Nui government and they mounted their largest offensive to date to bring the District of Stone back to heel. On the district’s northern coast, the Dún, a fortified settlement ringed by a double palisade (and a stone wall being under construction), populated by the entirety of the Northwinds, stands.


Le-Metru - If Ta-Metru’s loss was a blow, and the continued war over Po-Metru was a festering wound, the loss of Le-Metru to the Blades was a death knell to Metru Nui’s industry. The loss of the Moto-Hub and the vehicle testers meant that what few machines leaked out to the Circle were untested, and their mechanics and operators had to learn how to activate, use, and repair them on the fly. The Blades, meanwhile, have geared the entire Metru into one large profiteering racket, using several of the old hubs as nuclei for illegal chute racing. Many such racers can be seen zooming overhead at any given time; the occupation is exceedingly dangerous and generally fatal, but racks up a serious profit for the brave and the stupid. Various bases for the Blades are located in the district, the main base being located in the former Moto-Hub, now called the Grand Hub.


Coliseum - The nerve center of Metru Nui, the Coliseum became the main fallback point for the Circle outside Ga-Metru. From here, the main generals and political leaders of the city maintain the runnings of the parts of the city still under their control, plan and mount offensives on gang-controlled turf, and store “deviants and dissidents” (read: political prisoners) in “rehabilitation centers” (read: dark, solitary cellars) under the structure proper.




1. No godmodding. For those who do not know, godmodding is performing an action that your character should not be able to perform. Common forms include;

  -Insta-dodging, when attacks can't hit you, even when they should.

  -Meta-gaming, when your character knows things they shouldn't, just because you, the player, know them.

  -Though it lacks an actual term, one of the most common forms is simply performing attacks, or withstanding them, that your character simply should not be able to do. Play within your limits.

2.Your character must be approved before you can post.

3.Listen to, and respect, the staff. They are the staff for a reason. If you feel that you are being dealt with unfairly, go to the Head GM and he will discuss it with you.

4. You may have up to 6 characters.

5. Follow the BZPower rules, and the Forum rules.

6. The game takes place in Metru Nui. This must be noted separately because in the original game, there was a ridiculous amount of attempts to leave the city. Let me make this clear: sure, you can dig yourself out of the dome and into the barren wasteland of Mata Nui, or wherever you like, but you can’t actually roleplay any of your adventures outside of Metru Nui.




Name: Obvious section is obvious. Keep it Bionicle-esque.

Gender: Again, don't think there's too much that I need to say here.

Species: All standard species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Skakdi, Vortixx, etc.) are allowed, other species and customs on a case by case basis.

Kanohi: if applicable, your character’s Kanohi goes here.

Element: If applicable, your character’s element goes here. All standard elements (Fire, Water, etc.) are allowed. Custom elements - on a case by case basis.

Faction: One of the four or unaffiliated?

Appearance: What does your character look like? Detail, please, a vague list of colors and references to set parts do not a character make.

Powers: Pretty obvious. What can your character do? Keep this within reason, please.

Equipment: any items that your character carries.

Skills: Outside of innate powers, what is your character good at?

Weaknesses: Everyone has one, what is it for your character?

Bio: Who is your character? Where are they from, what have they done, what's their life been like? Reasonable length, please. No minimum word count, but please, devote some time here.


Banned powers and species;

-No legendary masks, obviously. These are your Ignikas, your Avohkiis, your Vahis, your Olmaks, et cetera.

-Makuta are no-nos. Same for Botar’s species due to their almost unlimited powers of teleportation. Krahka, as well.

-Light and shadow; case by case.

- No Life or Time.


Staff NPCs


Name: Swordshifter (originally Elan)

Gender: Male (reportedly)

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Hau

Element: The Green

Faction: Blades (Leader)

Appearance: Rumor has it (because few men have ever actually seen him) that this Toa of the Green has a tall, lanky build, and a noticeable scar across his mask’s left-hand side. Another rumor speaks of an amulet in the shape of an ash bear’s head, apparently given to the Toa by a long-lost comrade. His armor is a mixture of the colors green and blue, the Kanohi, hands and feet being blue and the rest being green.

Powers: Nothing aside from his natural Toa powers of controlling plantlife and his Kanohi power of shielding.

Equipment: Two katanas fashioned from Xian protosteel.

Skills: Swordshifter is an excellent swordfighter, as evidenced by his choice of nickname, and rather experienced in matters of hacking and various other forms of computing.

Weaknesses: He is simply tragic with a bow.

Bio: Swordshifter’s real name, although known only to a select few people, is Elan. Originally a Bo-Matoran from the Southern Continent, Elan came to Metru Nui about two years after the end of the Order of Mata Nui-Brotherhood of Makuta war, and became a Toa under unclear circumstances. Around this time Elan was recruited into a mercenary company known as the Silver Bloods. It is also around this time that any record of him disappears entirely for the next ten years. Ten years later, he is abruptly once again mentioned in governmental documents as a suspect for the murder of his best friend, a Vortixx by the name of Ria. Around this time, Elan is once again living in poverty, having failed to successfully establish himself with the Silver Bloods and, soon enough, he is recruited by a local gang known as the Blades that would soon become something much, much more dangerous. By a series of assassinations of Turaga, Swordshifter, as he now called himself, established himself as the uncrowned king of the Metru Nuian crime world, threatened only by reforms in government and his former comrade, Vengeance.


Name: Vengeance (real name unknown)

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Mask of Charisma

Element: Fire

Faction: Fury (Leader)

Appearance: This tall, handsome Toa of Fire’s armor is a swirling, almost chaotic mixture of the colors black and red, mixing in such a way that no actual pattern seems to be there. His mask, however, is entirely red, golden lights glimmering in his eyeholes.

Powers: His elemental powers to control fire and his mask power, which allows him to subtly change a target’s perception of events and ideas.

Equipment: Vengeance wields a spear as his melee weapon and a Lightstone Rifle as his ranged weapon, using these two interchangeably.

Skills: Vengeance is extremely skilled in various sorts of combat, as well as the arts of circumlocution and other sorts of verbal trickery. He is a persuasive, charming sort of personality, and not only due to his mask power - he commands the true and honest loyalty of most of the Fury.

Weaknesses: Vengeance, due to some unclear reasons, is downright dreadful with any sort of relatively advanced tech. Don’t let him near a computer if you don’t want it to explode.

Bio: Vengeance’s origins are unclear to the Circle, and to most other people as well - the majority of the members of the Fury and the Blades who knew him before he joined the latter are now long dead due to a particular habit of living dangerously. Vengeance is a charismatic, well-liked leader, who commands much respect and admiration from his men for bravely fighting alongside them, often in the front lines of battle, and often taking his time to talk to even the lowest runts in the Fury’s ranks.


Name: Vakama

Gender: Male

Species: Turaga

Kanohi: Noble Huna, Mask of Concealment

Element: Fire

Faction: Circle (Leader)


Powers: A barely-there grasp of his former Elemental Fire energies and the fleeting ability to use his Noble Huna to cloak himself from view.

Equipment: Vakama wields his old Badge of Office, his Firestaff, as his equipment.

Skills: Vakama is a skilled negotiator and orator, and has cultivated quite a bit of goodwill with the Matoran thanks to his years and years of service. He is also quite a bit stronger than he looks, though age has sapped much of the power he once held and his transition from Toa to Turaga did the rest. (See Weaknesses.)

Weaknesses: As a Turaga of particularly advanced age, Vakama does not have the endurance or power to withstand continued assault. If left without an escape option, he is a sitting duck.

Bio: A practical legend in his own right from his past as a Toa Metru and Turaga of Mata Nui, Vakama watched one by one as all the Turaga - all his brothers and sisters, his oldest friends - died around him. When Matau went, already driven half out of his mind in darkness and paranoia, Vakama revitalized the Circle and formed it in his own image - a coalition of the brightest military mights, economic scholars, and charismatic public representatives. While the gangs slowly eat up more and more of Metru Nui, Vakama has taken more of an active role in the governance on his councils, especially when it comes to undoing the conquests of Po-Metru and his home of Ta-Metru.


Name: Nuadh

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Kanohi: N/A

Element: Skakdi of Magnetism

Faction: Northwinds (Leader)

Appearance: Nuadh, as with most Skakdi, stands taller than a Toa. Unlike most Skakdi, Nuadh stands taller than his own race, too. While mentally far from the stereotypical Skakdi, Nuadh very much looks the part. Taller than the average member of his own race by a head, every inch of his form is muscle, built for athleticism and conflict. His armor is steel gray with the slightest tint of blue, rarely noticed underneath the scratches and dings that have accumulated over the years. The trademark grin of his species is somewhat downplayed, ranging from a frown to a vaguely satisfied grin under most circumstances, set beneath two vibrant orange eyes.

Powers: In conjunction with another member of his species, Nuadh has access to his element. Without it, he possess Impact Vision, and a remarkable durability similar to that of one of his fellows, Reidak, though by all appearances, he lacks the ability to adapt after each fight.

Equipment: Nuadh's equipment varies, but one constant remains; a battered and scratched protosteel longsword, a relic from a thousand fights. His armament is often supplmented by devices such as knuckledusters and daggers. When taking to the battlefield for anything for than a skirmish, he often makes use of a Hagah Plasma Cannon.

Skills: Nuadh isn't all that book smart, but he is very, very clever. He tends to be very good at rallying his own troops, and his skill in combat is incredible, honed by years of battle both before and during his time on Metru Nui.

Weaknesses: Nuadh's most notable weakness lies in his relative lack of powers. When you reside on a battlefield where many combatants can spew fire or lightning at a whim, relying on another ally to be able to do the same is a very large flaw. As such, his skill at using his element is limited to broad applications.

Bio: Nuadh grew up on Zakaz, and as such, has been fighting for most of his life. Opportunity eventually came in the form of a trade vessel that stopped at the island, one that was hiring guards. Nuadh signed on with no regrets, and at the voyage's end, found himself in Metru Nui just before the formation of the Blades. With the level of animosity he found, and the Circle's subseqent crackdown, it should be no real surprise that he ended up in conflict with both the law and the lawless. What did come as a surprise, at least to he Circle, was his ability to draw others to his cause. Within a few weeks he had a small crew, within a month a gang, and within three months he had formed the Northwinds. Though originally a banner for the downtrodden foreigners, it has become something of a group for the downtrodden in general, be it by the other gangs or by the Circle.


A word from the staff


Aye, it’s been a while since we here at BZPower last played this game. Today, it comes back with a renewed staff - .saorsa (Dovydas), the original maker of the game, and two players of the original game, Tyler Durden (Tyler) and Simon the Digger (Krayzikk), and each member of the staff would like to first say a few words.

Myself, I’ll be short: I’ll take this opportunity to thank all those who have made this game into what it is and myself into what I am. I thank all the players of the original game, all the roleplayers I’ve roleplayed with over the years, all my friends and all my family, and I hope that we can create another epic as fantastic as the original tale of the Gangs of Metru Nui. Let’s make this a good one. -Dovydas (.saorsa)


Well, I suppose I'm up, then. I'd like to thank, first and foremost, the crew of the first Techna var pid = parseInt(620399); if ( pid > ipb.topic.topPid ){ ipb.topic.topPid = pid; } // Show multiquote for JS browsers if ( $('multiq_620399') ) { $('multiq_620399').show(); } if( $('toggle_post_620399') ) { $('toggle_post_620399').show(); } // Add perm data ipb.topic.deletePerms[620399] = { 'canDelete' : 0, 'canSoftDelete' : 0 };

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Report of Commander Malik

To General Kopaka of The Atero Nuian Republic

From Metru Nuva


First and foremost, I apologize for not being able to send in my report on Metru Nuva sooner, like you asked me to. An unnatural storm enveloped the island shortly after I arrived here a week ago, and only let up for a short time so I could send this message.


Upon arrival, the city appeared to be deserted. I ordered my men to set up base in the Ba-Metru sector of the city, and sent them out to investigate. Quickly, they discovered what had happened in the city, and reported back to me. We readied for a fight, as what they reported was grim.


My men had discovered that nearly all of the cities inhabitants had been mutated horribly, being crossed with what appeared to be Rahkshi. In this horrendous form, each of the mutants has access to one Kraata power, of a medium level of strength.


There appears to be but one survivor. My men were patrolling Bo-Metru, when the noticed a large figure. Upon further inspection, they realized that it was a being in a modified Exo-Toa. They approached, and began conversation. However, a large number of mutants attacked, and the being stayed behind to hold them off.


However, a strange radio broadcast has begun to sound out from Ki-Metru. This was before the Survivor was encountered, and he stated he was not the source. I have ordered my men to locate the source of the broadcast, but they have not been successful.


The signal is not strong, and all that can be determined is incoherent mumbling. We do not know what is being said.


Plot Summary:

A battalion of soldiers arrived to an island city to investigate a distress signal sent out. When the arrived, they found out the island was crawling with aggressive, Rahkshi-like beings. They are filled with a desire to spread their virus, and do so via biting.


Past Events:

AMN stands for after Mata Nui. It is currently 10 AMN.

-[0 AMN] Pohatu and Kopaka were taken off the Red Star by a reincarnated Botar, along with a few other dead members of the Order of Mata Nui, who wanted to make sure that their organization was fine, and wanted to support it. Hydraxon is best friends with himself.

-[0 AMN] Velika blew up the fortress. Everyone inside died.

-[0 AMN] However, the Great Being instantly came back to life, as his power gave him unintended immortality, due to the fact he was always in contact with himself. By touching the others in the fortress, he revived them as well.

-[0 AMN] After freeing the Great Being from his curse, the inhabitants of the fortress decided to hunt down their killer. After finding Velika and interrogating him, Miserix killed the Great Being in disguise.

-[0 AMN] Orde, Zaria, Gelu and Chiara allowed themselves to be captured, and then broke free. They found the machine inhibiting their powers, and destroyed it. They then fled from Bota Magna, heading to where they had received their mission.

-[1 AMN] Marendar successfully killed three Toa. A group of Skakdi, however, saw the killings, and decided to take revenge on the murderer. Marendar was only programmed to defeat Toa, and as such did not register the Skakdi as threats. This helped to change the public view of Skakdi, from murderers to somewhat respectable beings.

-[2 AMN] In a further attempt to help their public view, the Skakdi allowed for the five Toa Mahri to be freed. However, the Mahri saw how the Skakdi people were not evil, and opted to stay with them, and help form the nation of Zakaz Nuva.

-[4 AMN] The Toa Nuva formed a new nation, which they called The Atero Nuian Republic. It is the most powerful nation on Spherus Magna, and has the capital of Atero Nui, a new city built meant to honor the past of both the Glatorians and the MU inhabitants.

-[5 AMN] The team that fought the Bota Magna Vorox levied support against the intelligent Vorox in The Atero Nuian Republic. War was waged against them, from which the Republic emerged victorious. The war ended in 8 AMN.




Metru Nuva: The island of Metru Nuva is artificial, and was made as a homage to the city of Metru Nui, in the Aqua Magnan sea. It has the same layout, but the actual elements of the different Metrus are different. In clockwise order, starting with what was Ga-Metru on Metru Nui, the Metrus are Ce-Metru, Ki-Metru, Ba-Metru, Vi-Metru, Bo-Metru and finally Fe-Metru. Each of the Metrus had a dedicated purpose. The Atero Nuian troops arrived to Ba-Metru, in the south.


Ce-Metru: The northernmost Metru on Metru Nuva, Ce-Metru consists of buildings with a large floor space, but only one or two floors on average. It is filled with laboratories and schools. Most of the laboratories are in good condition, but one has been completely ransacked. For unknown reasons, it has a very large mutant concentration.

Ki-Metru: The Crystal district consists of large, grassy parks, and tall skyscrapers made of different shades of lightly colored crystals. Ki-Metru is very beautiful, and as such it was chosen to be the primary residential district. Due to the fact that there were many, many citizens living in this Metru, it has a large amount of Rahkshi in it.

Ba-Metru: The Metru of Gravity was where the soldiers landed when the reached. Before the outbreak of the virus, it was used for the construction of gravity manipulating vehicles, and it’s buildings were large hangars that were spread out. The soldiers have cleared it of a large majority of mutants, and are guarding the borders. They have also converted several hangars in the center of the Metru into barracks for themselves.

Vi-Metru: The Metru of Lightning was used for it’s expected purpose - that of power generation. Vi-Metru consists largely of power generation, and as such is mostly small buildings clustered around larger ones. Several different forms of power generation are used, such as solar, hydroelectric and several others. Vi-Metru scares the mutants, and as such they avoid it.

Bo-Metru: Large, spaced out domes are the landscape in Bo-Metru. Inside these domes are lush forests and farms, which are used for the dual purposes of growing plants and raising animals. Bo-Metru was used for food production in Metru Nuva, as Matoran and other races began the habit of eating with their mouths, as that was how Glatorian ate. The mutants enjoy it here, and it has a high population of them.

Fe-Metru: Large spans of desert, lined with canyons are the landscape in Fe-Metru. Lining the canyon walls are many caves, in which small workshops have been set up. Typically, a single production plant occupies one canyon, but smaller businesses do group together in a shared canyon. Mutants populate the surface of this Metru, but do not enter the canyons.




The Atero Nuian Army: The official army of the Atero Nuian Republic, the army is five hundred strong and has arrived to Metru Nuva to investigate what has happened there. Weapon selection varies widely among soldiers, with each soldier being able to decide upon which they will use.


Malik is the Commander of the battalion, and leads it from their base in Bo-Metru. He does not go out into the fight often, but when he does, he the strongest fighter in the battalion, due to the fact he is a Toa, with extreme elemental powers and combat training.


Each member of the Army typically wears a dark black uniform marked with the symbol for the Three Virtues on either shoulder. Out of fear of the virus being air born, the soldiers were gas masks. The general design is a glass panel in front of the face, with a breathing apparatus at mouth level.


Currently, the soldiers only have the few resources they could scavenge in Bo-Metru and what they brought with them. They are scavenging for more in the other Metrus, particularly Ba-Metru, although they are met with great resistance by the mutants.



-Scavenge more food from other Metrus.

-Find the Survivor and bring him back to base.

-Locate the Leader and determine why it is different.

-Find the radio broadcast in Ki-Metru.

-Determine what caused the outbreak and where the virus came from.

-Work on a cure for the virus.


The Mutants: The mutants used to be a wide, diverse selection of races, but now they are all one. They currently resemble Rahkshi, but have some differences. The first is that they walk around on all four legs, and lack a spine. While mutated, they lose all intelligence and access to powers they might have had while unaffected. Instead, they gain one Rahkshi power of Level 4. They have a sole-minded devotion to spreading the virus, which is spread through bites. They are not playable.  Their primary advantage is numbers.




Important NPCs:

Name: Commander Malik

Species: Male Ko-Toa

Equipment: Malik typically carries four small weapons - two ice picks, and two hatchets. He alternates between his use of the weapons as a pair, or one of each. He prefers to use the hatchets in combat. They confer no special abilities, other than the ability to channel his powers through them.

Personality: Malik is like many other members of his element, being cold and impersonal. He is a rigid authority to the battalion, and rarely shows emotion in front of his troops. When not on a mission, however, he is rather friendly and open, unlike the normal vision of a Ko-Toa.

Powers and Skills: Malik is a master of his element, that of ice. He can create ice and snow, manipulate the temperature, and can control existing ice and snow. He has had several thousand years to master his powers. In addition, as a Toa, he has a Kanohi mask. Malik wears the Pakari.


His Kanohi grants Malik the ability to greatly increase his strength to high levels, allowing him to lift objects he normally would not and make attacks with greater impact. In addition, he has a scope affixed to his mask that allows for telescopic and heat vision.

Appearance: Malik stands tall for even a Toa, and has a slender figure. His armor is colored light grey, with bright blue highlights. His eyes and heartlight are a light green coloration. The Pakari he wears resembles a Sanok, and has a small scope over his right eye.

Background: Malik is one of the oldest beings from the Matoran universe, being one of the first Toa made. He patrolled what was the left leg of Mata Nui for nearly all of his life, leaving for events such as the Toa-Dark Hunter war in Metru Nui, and other large gatherings of Toa.


Malik was responsible for helping inhabitants of the Matoran Universe evacuate it after Makuta had been defeated, and did not participate in any battles. He defused tensions between the Bara Magnans and the former inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


When the Atero Nuian Republic founded, Malik wanted to be on the front lines of any battle, and to be a leader in the army. After Kopaka was appointed General, he gave Malik the position of Commander. Malik led forces against the Bota Magna Vorox, and led his soldiers to victory.

Weakness: Malik unparalleled in combat.


Name: The Survivor

Species: Male, Unknown

Equipment: The Survivor uses a modified Exo-Toa in combat and for his protection. On the left arm of the Exo-Toa there is a laser-firing minigun. The right arm is unmodified. On the back there is an energy katana. On top of the right shoulder there is a small rocket barrage.

Personality: Desperate, and willing to do anything to survive. The Survivor has not left his Exo-Toa suit for slightly over a week, out of fear of infection by the virus. He is the last uninfected citizen of Metru Nuva. He was very warm and friendly to the squad that encountered him.

Powers and Skills: It is unknown what specific powers the Survivor has, as his Exo-Toa suit inhibits any use of them, if he had any. However, he is very proficient with his Exo-Toa suit, and can use it to decimate swarms of the Rahkshi mutants. In the suit, he can take down many of the mutants.

Appearance: The actual appearance of the Survivor is unknown, as his Exo-Toa suit encloses him completely. The suit looks like a normal suit, but it has been modified slightly by the Survivor, namely the laser minigun instead of the cannon, and the rocket barrage on the soldier.

Background: The Survivor was encountered in Bo-Metru on a regular patrol. The squad that saw him approached him, and found him to be friendly. They began to talk about the status of the island, and about what had happened. The Survivor revealed he was the sender of the distress signal.


However, this meeting was not to last. Within minutes of meeting the Survivor, a massive mob of mutants attacked, at the rear of which was a strange mutant that didn't resemble anything the squad had seen. The Survivor ordered the squad to run, as he could hold off the mass of mutants.

Weakness: The Survivor cannot use any powers in the Exo-Toa suit.


Name: The Leader

Species: Ye-Mutant (Poison), Unknown Gender

Equipment: The Leader carries a Rahkshi Staff of Poison. How it acquired this Staff is unknown, but it wields it as a weapon and to enhance its Rahkshi Powers, which it can use without wielding the staff. The bottom end of the staff has been broken off, making it resemble a spear.

Personality: The Leader is incredibly hostile to all members of the Army, but is not the stupid beast like the rest of the mutants. It is smarter, and appears to be a strategic genius. It is unknown how it is more intelligent, but it appears to be in charge of the mutants.

Powers and Skills: A further distance from the rest of the mutants is the Kraata power that the Leader controls. Its control of Poison is at level 6, being able to make any being severely and dangerously ill with physical contact. In addition, it seems to be incredibly intelligent.

Appearance: The Leader appears different from the rest of its weaker minions by being taller, and walking on two legs instead of on four. Its armor is a black with green highlights, and its eyes are red. It is easy to spot as being different from the rest of the mutants, and is unique in appearance.

Background: The Leader first appeared directing the horde that attacked the Survivor. The few soldiers who had encountered the Leader saw it in the back of the horde, seemingly issuing commands to the rest of the mutants. In the Leader's presence, the mutants focused on the Survivor, not the soldiers.

Weakness: Nobody has actually fought the Leader in close quarters combat.


Rules, Punishments and Rewards

  1. All BZPRPG and BZP rules are in effect here.
  2. Do not godmod, autohit, bunny or metagame. This and the rule above it are pretty standard.
  3. Respect any and all GMs. I, Canis, am currently the only GM.
  4. Use IC for in character posts, and OOC for out of character posts. Also, please keep OOC to a minimum in the gameplay topic. No OOC only posts in the gameplay topic at all.
  5. Keep romance and comedy down to a minimum. This is war, not a bad sitcom or comedy.
  6. Toa, Makuta, and Botar’s species are banned. To put it simply, they are all absurdly powerful. In addition, they are all very rare at this point in the in game story.
  7. Please use proper spelling and grammar in your posts. It's not that hard.
  8. The mutants are not weak. Do not thrash them about like they are nothing.
  9. All profiles must be approved by staff. This is to ensure that you don't have overpowered characters.
  10. Have fun!



Punishments will only happen with the more serious rules. Breaking Rule Ten or the less serious rules will not be a Strike.

1st Strike: You get a public warning.

2nd Strike: One of your characters is seriously injured.

3rd Strike: All of your characters are seriously injured. One is killed.

4th Strike: All your characters save one are killed. The last is seriously injured.

5th Strike: Your last character is killed. You are banned from the game.




You may have up to three profiles, but you may not have recurring NPCs in the army on the island. You may frequently mention someone who is not in the army on the island.


In addition, Crystal is open for use by all PCs that can use an element. One will not need special approval for their element if they decide to use this element. The prefix for Crystal is Ki. Typical armor colors are pastels and whites.




Name: Make it Bionicle-sounding.

Species: Put element and gender with species. Makuta, Toa, and Botar’s species are banned.

Equipment: Your character is in the army, so they will have some combat gear and weapons.

Personality: How does your character act? What do they do?

Powers and Skills: What sort of abilities does your character have?

Appearance: What does your character look like?

Background: This game takes place 10 years afer Makuta and Mata Nui fought. What did your character do before then? After?

Weakness: Every character must have at least one, exploitable weakness. A potato allergy would not be approved.

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I used to have a banner here.


But that RPG is dead.


What now?

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Posted Jan 07 2014 - 06:51 PM


I entered this last time and it didn't do so great. Let's see how it is with a few tweaks.


Welcome to Spherus Magna, once a paradise for the former residents of Bara Magna and the Matoran Universe. However, about one thousand years ago the planet was invaded by a ruthless alien empire called the Midnight Collective. The war waged on for decades, and soon the planet was reduced to a wasteland, with only a small patch of jungle left and most of the great ocean dried up. The Collective was in possession of a powerful machine called SKY/FALL that had the ability to hurl space debris infused with powerful energy at the planet with terrifying force. The war waged endlessly, until finally, after nearly a century, the Collective was defeated by an army of warriors led by six powerful Toa, and the few remaining members went into hiding until they had nearly died off. Now, two former leaders of the Collective have re-emerged and now seek powerful artifacts located in their ships, which now plummet from orbit and collide with the planet at devastating speed.


Their only hope is to collect as many Artifacts as they can to power their SKY/FALL, which fell to the planet’s surface at the end of the war and was rendered dormant, and rain the derelict ships down on the planet all at once to tear it apart. But they are not unopposed. The Dawn Guard, a team of warriors tasked with protecting Spherus Magna, have discovered the plan, and now they rally the people of Spherus Magna to collect the Artifacts and stop the Midnight Collective once and for all.



The Game:


Players will take control of their characters to aid either the Dawn Guard, the Midnight Collective or any faction you want and decide the fate of Spherus Magna. More and more debris is falling, and they will have to act fast to find the artifacts and prevent their enemies from winning.


Derelicts will occur as events, and will be announced beforehand. Not everyone will go after the same Derelict, so take your time, explore the vast world, and enjoy the game while you can.




The Dawn Guard: A collection of Toa, Glatorian and other warriors who act as guardians to the people of Spherus Magna. Considered the “good side”, the Dawn Guard are selfless, brave and true to their duties. Members of the Dawn Guard have a duty to the people, and as such are forbidden to kill. They allow any skilled warriors to fight with them, but only the most powerful can be called a true member of the Dawnguard.


The Midnight Collective: A once great galactic empire now reduced to scraps. Only three of the original members remain, and now they recruit the darkest of souls. A force of pure evil, the sole purpose of the Collective is to conquer and destroy. The current army is composed mostly of Skrall, Skakdi and Vortixx, though they allow anyone with darkness in their hearts to serve.


The Old Order: A collection of Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Skakdi and Vortixx who oppose the new government of Spherus Magna and wish to see the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe in control. Their sole purpose is to implement a way of living that keeps the MU inhabitants in charge. They don’t get too involved in the current conflict, but instead work to their own agenda of overthrowing Spherus Magna. They seek the power of the SKY/FALL to retake control of the planet.


Make Your Own! Create a group of warriors to fight for justice or evil and decide the fate of Spherus Magna.








Elemental Power: If applicable

Kanohi: If applicable

Vision Power: If applicable

Technology: If applicable


Description: Detailed, or with an image


Weakness: MUST HAVE ONE!


Be creative with your profiles! You can use any of the species from the BZPRPG, as well as Glatorian, Skrall and Agori, or you can make up your own! Just don’t get too carried away!



Administrator Characters:


Name: Aida (AY-da)

Species: Alien

Gender: Female

Alignment: Midnight Collective

Powers: Aida has access to many powerful techniques reserved for the females of the Collective. She can use powerful electrical and flame attacks, both through her large weapon and her limbs. She is also capable of absorbing fire and lightning, making them weak against her. She also projects a powerful aura of fear. She is strong, fast and agile, and a deadly adversary to any foolish enough to challenge her.

Weapon: A large scissor claw on a chain that wraps around her arm. When unravelled, the claw can reach great distances and cut through nearly anything. Aida can manipulate the claw through the chain, which is attached to her nervous system.

Description: Image to be added.

Personality: Aida is intelligent, calculating, and ruthless. She never underestimates her opponents, and has a plan for every possible outcome before entering a fight. She is cynical, sarcastic, and has a rapier wit that makes her popular with her allies. She is the voice of the Collective, but don’t underestimate her potential, because her charisma is matched only by her sheer physical power.

History: For millennia, the Midnight Collective has scoured the universe, conquering planet after planet. Aida became High Commander of the Collective 700 years ago, and has ruled them with an iron fist the whole time. She and her brother, Ovan, have brought the Collective to new heights, and even their defeat on Spherus Magna will not stop them from ruling the galaxy.

Weakness: She is very sensitive to the cold, and water weakens her elemental powers.


Name: Ovan (OH-von)

Species: Alien

Gender: Male

Alignment: Midnight Collective

Powers: As a Collective male, Ovan has powers that are unique to him. He can command solid materials like metal and rock, and he can harden his body to near impenetrable strength by increasing the density of his armor. He can also alter the shape of solid material, though he cannot increase or decrease its mass, only change its shape. Like his sister, Ovan projects a powerful aura of fear around him. He is physically powerful, surpassed only by his sister, but not very fast.

Weapon: Claws, which can change into other sharp weapons.

Description: Image to be added.

Personality: Where Aida is cool and calculating, Ovan is brutal, unyielding and easily enraged. He is more than willing to break a few limbs to get what he wants. He is not one for planning, but he understands that it is vital and often follows Aida’s lead. Ovan is the muscle of the Collective, leading their armies in battle and bringing swift death to all enemies.

History: Around the same time Aida became High Commander, a position reserved for females, Ovan was granted the title of Grand General of the Collective Army, a position reserved for males. He and his sister lead the Collective into a new age of conquest and glory. Now he and his sister prepare for their return to power.

Weakness: Like his sister, he is very sensitive to cold. He is also slow when he hardens his body.


Name: Ezren

Species: Toa of Gravity

Gender: Female

Alignment: Leader of the Dawn Guard

Kanohi: Calix, Mask of Fate

Powers: As a Toa of Gravity, Ezren can control it. She can increase gravity to crush her enemies, or lower it to lift them and herself into the air. She is a tough Toa, strong and agile, and is made even more competent by her Calix, which allows her to perform near impossible physical feats. She is proficient in the use of her whip, and can disable most opponents quickly.

Weapon: Protosteel Whip

Description: As a Toa of Gravity, Ezren has black and purple armor. She is taller than most Toa, and her body is very lean. Her purple Calix has been modified to have a more feminine appearance.

Personality: Ezren is a strong and competent leader. She believes in her people and her cause, and she understands that she may have to fight to get what she wants. However, she is a firm believer in the Toa Code, and refuses to kill her enemies, preferring to disable and imprison criminals. She appears as cold and distant on the outside, and inspired fear in her followers, but she is fiercely protective of her people, and will do anything to see good prevail.

History: Not much is known about Ezren before she became a Toa. It is rumored that her village was destroyed, and that she was the sole survivor. When she became a Toa she dedicated herself to fighting evil. She took part in many battles throughout history, and was present for the final battle in Metru Nui.

Weakness: As a follower of the Toa Code, Ezren is forbidden to kill her enemies. As a result, she suffers from moral dilemmas every time she fights a truly evil opponent. This can be taken advantage of by enemies.


Name: Yaris

Species: Toa of Iron

Gender: Male

Alignment: Dawn Guard second in command

Kanohi: Iden, Mask of Spirit

Powers: As a Toa of Iron, Yaris can create and control Iron. He is physically tough, able to withstand all but the most powerful attacks, and he is a master of weaponry thanks to his control over all kinds of metal. His Kanohi Iden allows him to separate his spirit from his body and act independently. While in this form he can travel anywhere, but he is unable to interact with the world and he is unable to use his power. However, through extensive training he has developed the ability to force his spirit into someone else’s body and control them for a short time. His most famous technique is to encase his body in an ornate Iron cocoon and separate from his body to turn enemies against each other.

Weapon: Twin protosteel swords

Description: Unlike most Toa of Iron, Yaris has a very lean build. However, when in battle he uses his power to build up his armor and make himself stronger. His armor is gunmetal grey.

Personality: Yaris is very laid back and relaxed. He prefers to avoid conflict, and doesn’t enjoy fighting enemies directly, but when forced into battle he is a fierce and unstoppable fighter. He is tough, determined, and not above causing pain. Yaris, unlike most of the Dawn Guard, is very friendly with Ezren. They are suspected to have known each other for a long time.

History: Yaris was once a Matoran on the Southern Continent. He lived a peaceful life until one day the Brotherhood of Makuta destroyed his village. Only a few Matoran survived, and he was one of them. One day he became a Toa, and began fighting the Brotherhood in secret. It is suspected that he and Ezren have a history, because they seem very friendly and founded the Dawn Guard together.

Weakness: Yaris prefers to avoid conflict, a trait that makes his usefulness in battle questionable. He is lazy, and does anything possible to get out of work.


Name: Durea (der-EY-uh)

Species: Turaga of Ice

Gender: Female

Alignment: Leader of the Old Order

Kanohi: Pakari, Mask of Strength

Powers: As a Turaga of Ice, Durea has control over ice. She has less power now that she is a Turaga, but still holds considerable control over all things cold. Her Mask of Strength grants her considerable strength, on par with an unaided Toa.

Weapon: Ice Axe

Description: Durea is short, as most Turaga are, and has sand blue and white armor.

Personality: Durea is a relic of the past, stuck in the ways of the Matoran Universe. She believes the people of the MU are meant to rely only on each other, and is untrusting of the natives of Spherus Magna. She is a cold and ruthless commander of the Old Order and is a skilled tactician.

History: Durea was a Toa back in the days before the Cataclysm. She was a strong and noble Toa, and believed in the Three Virtues above all else. When her Toa Team was killed, she grieved them, but continued to fight for good until just after the Great Cataclysm. Her village was under threat of destruction by underground channels of water, and she used her elemental power to freeze them permanently. This ended with her becoming a Turaga and staying in the village to guide them during the tragedies to come.

Weakness: Durea is slow to trust, and refuses to work with Spherus Magna natives. She is obsessed with the old ways, and this has made her close minded and weak.



To Come: The Toa Magna, the six Toa who led the army that defeated the Collective. After their victory, the Toa Magna disappeared, and nobody knows where they went. It is the hope that one day they will return to put an end to the Midnight Collective once and for all.



Rules and Regulations:


Basically, most of the BZPRPG rules.


  • All BZP forum rules apply! No flaming, spamming, trolling, inappropriate content, or other rule-breaking actions are allowed.
  • Do not insult other members.
  • You must put "IC:" at the beginning of all role-playing posts. This is so that players recognize that you are posting as your character and adding to the story. IC stands for "in character".
  • Conversely, you must put "OOC:" at the beginning of all parts of posts that do not have game content in them. This is called "out of character" and it is what OOC stands for. Keep OOC content to a minimum in role-playing posts and instead use the General Discussion topic for OOC matters.
  • God-modding and other overpowered play is not allowed. You MUST have at least one weakness, and you cannot be unhittable or autohit someone else.
  • Adhere to basic science, such as gravity, inertia, and nature. Your character cannot bend the rules of the universe to better suit them. Logic and reason come first.
  • Objects do not and cannot appear from thin air. You must describe how an object came into your player's possession before they can have it.
  • A character's weapons, technological items, mask, and other important belongings of theirs are regarded as extensions of their body. As such, a character's important possessions may not be taken, destroyed, or otherwise affected without the permission of the character's player.
  • Do not play as another player's character unless that player has given you explicit permission to do so. Likewise, you cannot kill or seriously injure another character without that player's permission.
  • Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are legal to use in your posts. However, recurring NPC's such as personal bodyguards, armies, servants, etc. are not allowed.
  • NPCs may be killed without permission from a player, seeing as they do not belong to a player. However, it is recommended that you bear in mind that NPCs are people too, and take just as much effort to kill as any other characters.
  • Deus Ex Machina's (an unrealistic or improbable way of getting your characters out of a bad situation) are not allowed.
  • Using powers in battle that are not predefined in one's profile is not allowed.
  • If someone hits you where it hurts, then be hurt. Disregarding your weaknesses is not allowed.
  • You may not use information gathered OOC in IC posts. This includes details of other players' profiles - otherwise known as "Metagaming" or "Breaking the fourth wall".
  • Editing your character's traits directly before a fight in order to make them more suited to that fight is a form of GMing.
  • Respect all admins. Respect all admin judgment calls and punishments.
  • Admins reserve the right to do whatever they want to your characters in the IC world as a form of punishment. These punishments are non-negotiable, and a disregard for admin decisions and/or punishments IC will be dealt with severely.
  • Do not act like you're an admin if you aren't. Backseat moderating isn't helpful to us in running the game. Friendly, helpful tips to other members, however, are welcomed.




Because I understand that following all of the rules can be tough when you really get into the game, I’ve implemented a FIVE strike system as opposed to the usual three. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the following:


First Strike: A warning and instructions on how to correct your mistake if necessary.

  • If you break a different rule, this step will be repeated. If you break the same rule twice, you will receive your second strike.

Second Strike: The temporary disabling of your offending character, usually through injury or such.

Third Strike: The irrevocable and non-negotiable death of your offending character.

Fourth Strike: The irrevocable and non-negotiable death of your current roster of characters.

Fifth Strike: Permanent expulsion from the game.


If you disagree with an Admin’s decision to strike you, final say will go to myself, Head Admin.

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BZPRPG Profiles

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By their own accord, the heavy iron doors swung wide and a frigid draft caught the lamp's white flame, jerked it sideways in the brooding stillness. The polished obsidian walls mirrored the light, flickered it back down the length of the midnight hallway.

The Chamber of the Throne loomed before her through the rift. Black, cold, silent. The fountainhead of all she had defied, of the chains that made a rebel of her soul.

She halted on the threshold, hesitated, and did not kneel, though her face was ashen and her hands trembled. She dared not lift her gaze, dared not see the One who stood alone before her in the shadows beyond... but she stood, head high, chin lifted, and knew in her fear-numbed heart the verdict, for she felt in herself that she was not yet broken, and knew that her wholeness could not be hid.

The silence was long, and she felt hard eyes burning in the dark, and she waited without emotion, knowing.

And then there came, at last, the single word.

And all defiance could not hope to equal what was held within it, for the word was death.


- Condemned -


And the death was a nightmare.

- Overview -


In the old tongue, which is forbidden, they called this world Spherus Magna.

By the reckoning of the legends, which are also forbidden, it is now thirty millennia since the Great Spirit himself brought light where once was dark, brought order where once was naught but chaos. Brought, in his endless strength, the shattered earth together and made it one.


And in the spirit of rebellion, which is forbidden above all things, I now say it is a pity the legends are but myth. For they speak of hope, and so what else can they be? All that is, is shadow and death, and as the Blackness has prevailed since my time and my father's, so it must prevail unto the end itself. There was a chance, long ago, that light and the Order might have countered and won, but they waited... waited too long, and then it was too late, and so all that remains of what the legends promised, is the heartbeat of innocence.

Mata Nui preserve us, for we are lost. All odds broken, all freedom quenched, nothing remnant but the night and the One. Even crime, to defy the laws both good and ill, is certain death, for crime is but a twisted expression of the rebel flame, and rebellion is not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

Some dared. Some remained unbroken, and fought to the last. Each in their own way, more for the spirit of liberty than for any tangible hope. For there is, I think, no tangible hope that yet remains... although the One and thus the Blackness must be mortal. Even the Great Spirit could be threatened, though he was indeed legend.

These are dangerous thoughts, dangerous times. Even now, some dare. I take slight hope in their futile efforts, for so long as a heart beats true to the rhythm of the free, all is not yet lost. So long as a mind, though born in darkness and knowing naught else, resists to the end its unjust tyrant, it would seem that somewhere... somehow...


Those who dare, are lost. I know it. I have seen it. Some last for hours, even days, running, using blade and cover as does a hunted beast, but the Blackness is inexorable, untiring, and invincible. They fall at last, and what comes after is not a pleasant thing. They cannot be broken at once, though the dungeons are merciless and skilled, for in this endless night that is existence, he who does not rebel is broken already and he who rebels has nothing to lose.

It is not a pleasant thing, this final judgment, this last devil's chessboard of the living dead. It is terrible, brutal, a curse beyond the imagination of all but he who wields the scythe.

I know it. I have seen it. In the north, miles deep beneath the jagged obsidian peaks, in the darkness below, there is a labyrinth. An endlessly winding multi-leveled network, a natural puzzle, ruthless in its perfection. It is a stone deathtrap, a twisted nightmare, a hungry tomb sealed off forever from the world above. It is vast, uncharted, roamed by primeval monsters of a forgotten demonic age, and there is no escape, and it is here, into this horror of horrors, that the Condemned are cast and left to die.

Perhaps rightfully so. They are criminals, these. True, many indeed are guilty of nothing more than theft of bread or a chance rebellious word, but countless others are hardened villains of the most dangerous sort. Murderers. Thieves. Conspirators. Sometimes I pity and even envy them, knowing that in their so-called corruption they possess a freedom denied since the time of legend, the freedom of free will and the freedom of choice... but more often than not I am merely relieved that they no longer stalk this planet's cold and unlit streets, an armed threat to what is, even in its sickening wrongness, order.

They are the Condemned. They are desperate, dangerous, and they do not die easily. The One says so. He is darkness; he sees all, and he enjoys the spectacle of their final struggles in the world beneath, in the Maw of the Core. Sometimes he sends them tools and weapons, gifts, to prolong their fading agony of life and thus his own enjoyment.

Once Condemned, there is no escape... although it is true that the Maw is vast, and uncharted, and most important of all, built not by cunning hands but by the earth itself, she who by nature is the unpredictable. There are rumors... some say that, in its inmost heart, in darkness darker than the Chamber of the Throne, in the lowest levels where even the mind of the One cannot penetrate...


No. These are dangerous thoughts. There is no escape. None.

I have seen it. I know. For I... it is I who keep the Gateway of the Maw, and it is I who equip the Condemned and send them to their deaths. They do not return.

May the Great Spirit have mercy on my soul.

- Gameplay -

What occurs in the depths, in the Maw of the Core? What awaits the Condemned when I send them forth?

I do not know in full, nor do I wish to. My sleep is troubled enough as it is. Only the Condemned truly know, and the knowledge does them no good at all. A few, driven mad by despair, take their own lives. The One says so, and laughs. He says the rest is all fighting, a ceaseless battle for survival against unthinkable odds. Some find a feral strength within themselves, he says, and last for weeks, even months. They fight alone. They fight in groups. They fight each other, and they fight the Maw. Sometimes they converse among themselves, and curse, and laugh as only the hopeless can. Sometimes two meet and walk together and feel in their hearts the spark of romance, oddly enough, and then the One is exceedingly amused.


Their lives are useless, and then they die.

There is no escape.


They begin with but a few items, though many gather more in their wanderings. The drab grey prisoner's garb they stand in. Sturdy leather hunting boots. A flint, steel, and a tallow candle, the only meager light they can call their own in this pit of darkness. A canteen of water. A loaf of bread. A single weapon and a single suit of armor or perhaps a shield, both randomly selected.

That is all. Occasionally, the One bids me send a gift to one of those I have consigned to death. Again, I select at random an item, perhaps a useful tool or some provisions, and at random I select its recipient. The gift is delivered. How? I am the Gatekeeper; I have my ways.

None are too proud to reject the gifts. They seize upon them, and are joyful in their despair, and yet in the end they die and their gear lies forgotten, abandoned with the corpse until another finds it and is joyful in his turn.

There is no escape.


But that does not keep them from trying.

- Locations -

The Maw is uncharted, yes. But I am the Gatekeeper, and I know. Not all, true, and not in full. But enough.

And the Condemned know. They are criminals, and criminals have a mind for crime and punishment. They know little when they enter, no more than they have heard, but the broken, whispered tales they tell are accurate. Each seems to have heard of one of these notable locations, and knows its features, its hazards, where it is said to lie in relation to others.


Alone, this is all they know. But together... together they know much, and in the Maw, forewarned is forearmed.

The Gate... at the topmost center of the Maw, in a small, featureless, dome-like chamber, lies the circular teleportation pad upon which all Condemned begin the end. There is dim light here, in the form of blue luminescence radiated by the pads crystal center. No monsters or other natural hazards are ever present, but the four nondescript tunnels that radiate out from the chamber, one to each point of the compass, are not nearly so harmless.

The Garden... located straight northwards of the Gate, this rough-cut, low-ceilinged grotto is the only known source of edible vegetation in the Maw, as well as one of its few sources of freshwater. Bioluminescent fungi provide dim to bright illumination, and small rodents prowl the thickets for food and drink... as do a host of ambush predators and carnivorous plants. At the center of the Garden is a circular shaft leading downwards.

The Temple... situated east of the Garden and northeast of the Gate, this simple cave is strictly avoided by all but the Condemned. Veins and ridges of brilliant blue crystal in the walls reflect and magnify any light present, and although the cave is plainly quite empty, there is always the discomfiting feeling that someone... or something... is watching.

The Hearthfire... at the extreme eastern side of the Maw's upper level, southeast of the Temple, is the most comforting, welcoming chamber in all this fearful maze. Its single entrance makes defense relatively simple, and an immense burning gas flare in the center of the floor provides both light and warmth. Unfortunately, the flare also attracts some of the Maws deadliest monsters, who are perfectly willing to brave the flame in search of the prey they know it shelters.

The Staircase... journey south from the Gate, and the tunnels soon merge into a single passage leading steeply downwards. Mineral-rich water, splashing from a spring near the Staircases entrance, has created a series of natural steps over the centuries; hence the name. The terrain is slick and treacherous; one false step, and serious injury is inevitable.

The Graveyard... few tunnels on the upper level lead westwards of the Gate and the Garden, and those that do, lead only to the brink of this immense, eerie zone of twisted rock formations and looming pillars. The entire area is riddled with dark sinkholes, a few of which house freshwater springs, a few of which house disease-ridden insect swarms, and a few of which house things better left unmentioned.

The Web... on the Maw's first sub-level, situated almost directly below the Garden, lies a seemingly nondescript tunnel entrance. It is not. The treasure trove of unclaimed equipment within, still buckled to the clean-picked bones, is proof enough of that.

The Hypnosis... situated slightly northeast of the Web, roughly below the Temple, is an fairly large chamber with numerous entrances. Inside, dense heaps of compost-like material provide excellent cover for both predator and prey, as well as a rich source of moisture and nutrients for countless gigantic mushrooms that fill the air with their soothingly sweet fragrance. In the chambers southeast corner is a narrow shaft leading downwards.

The Shaft... far south of the Web and just north of where the Staircase ends, is a small circular grotto with a large hole in the floor. Its exact contents are uncertain, but the smells of deep saltwater and algae are evident.

The West... is more a general area than a specific location. Begin at any point in the Maw's first sub-level and journey west. If you journey alone, you will never be seen again. If you journey with others, you will begin to discover numerous dried blood trails, growing increasingly prominent as you near the Maws extreme western edge, but monster activity will remain suspiciously absent.

The Vent... forming a ragged arc across the entire southwestern sector of the Maw's second sub-level, this long narrow passageway is the site of much volcanic activity. Burning gas flares, dangerous heat, and scalding saltwater vents persist throughout its length.

The Outpost... at the exact center of the Maw, two levels below the Gate, is the only known point of access to the Lower Levels beneath. One of only two places in the labyrinth that bears evidence of intelligent construction, this grim chamber is identical in shape and size to its counterpart. Instead of a teleportation pad, however, the chamber houses a strange, polished dome of black obsidian, apparently designed as a vertical gateway to a shaft beneath. Splintered, freshly gnawed bones are ominously prevalent throughout the area, testament to high predator activity.

The Lower Levels... are black and unknown, even to the mind of the One. Do not venture here, despite the rumors. The only escape route you will find is that of death.

These are the known; they are enough. All else is darkness, stone, and the lonely silence.

- The Gatekeeper

- Rules & Profiles -


...aaa-nd that's enough of the dramatic IC stuff, folks. Everything not found or described clearly enough in the above sections, can be found here.

If you haven't figured it out already, this is very much a horror/survival/combat-type RPG. The name of the game is (obviously) escape from the Maw with all limbs and mental hemispheres still intact, but in all seriousness, it's going to be extremely difficult to even make a decent try at it, no matter the circumstances. You're Condemned, brother, and when you're Condemned, you die.

But go ahead, try and surprise me. It'll give everyone an entertaining four months, at least.

First off, the tunnels. Temperatures are a bit on the cool side, but still comfortable. Everything is absolutely pitch-dark unless otherwise noted, so light, or lack thereof, is going to be your biggest problem. The material around you is either black stone or obsidian. Tunnels vary a bit in size and shape, but for the most part, they're fairly uniform, and not at all uncomfortable to move about it. Ten feet high, maybe, and about that in width. Fresh air is not a problem; rock-clinging microscopic algae keeps everyone breathing.

The Condemned. These guys (and girls) are convicted criminals, dumped into the caves to die a terrible death. Whether they deserve it or not, is irrelevant. Under the absolute tyranny of the utter Blackness in the world above, any outward trace of anything other than mindless, broken, spiritless servitude is a capital crime. Period. So the one thing they've all got in common is guts, nerve, and serious attitude. I think I made that clear enough in the overview, though. What you need to know for now is that there will be no NPC Condemned wandering the Maw of the Core. They all died out a few weeks prior to the release of this most recent batch of convicts, so you've got the place to yourselves.

Naturally, the Gatekeeper keeps detailed prison records, even if they'll soon be referencing nonexistent individuals. In keeping with all customary RPG rules, profiles must be submitted (in the Discussion Topic), approved by staff (me), and made public in the Profiles Topic before you begin play. During the approval phase, I'll make random dice rolls to determine the nature of the weapon and suit of armor (or shield) your character will be equipped with upon entering the Maw, and inform you accordingly. I'll also provide you with a bit of genuine Gatekeeper commentary to add to your character's profile, just to make it even cooler.

Oh, and while I'm at it, may I mention that the tech levels on the planet have, along with everything else, taken a steep turn for the worse since the Blackness fell and the One took over. Think classic Dark Ages, maybe a bit of early Renaissance. Swords, crossbows, oil lanterns, that sort of thing.

Profile format should be similar to the following:


-ID Tag: ( For purposes of identity, you're just a number. Once in the Maw, you can use an actual name, if you like. )

-Status: ( Alive, injured, seriously injured, dying, or deceased. You could also throw in notes like left arm missing or suffering from some agonizing unknown disease later on, when they become appropriate. )

-Species: ( Playable species are Glatorian, Agori, Bone Hunter, and Skrall. The MU species, incapable of reproduction, have gone extinct in this dimension long ago. Each race has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, which traits you can probably figure out for yourself with a quick BS01 search. )

-Gender: ( Self-explanatory, unless you're illiterate. )

-Modus Operandi: ( Gives a general idea of how the character can be expected to behave. How he thinks, how he reacts, what makes him tick. His psychological style. )

-Skills and Lore: ( Lists useful activities the character is good at, or fields of study he knows a lot about. Archery, swordplay, climbing, medicine, and stealth, for example. In addition, you may select one Maw location from the list and throw that in too... remember? )

-Tragic Flaws: ( Everyone has them. Chinks in the mental armor, a bad knee that gives out right when you need it most, overwhelming claustrophobia... things like that. These are the characters weaknesses, the things that make him realistically mortal. )

-Appearance: ( What the character looks like, duh. Remember this is a prison record, so don't go in for a lot of poetic adjectives. Keep it concrete and simple, like a Wanted poster. Height, build, eye color, scars... these are the things that matter. Also remember that none of the Condemned are wearing the customary beat-up helmets their ancestors had in the comics and the sets. A seemingly small detail, but potentially important. )

-Inventory: ( The most important thing of all. Equipment. Absolutely everything the character carries or wields, with the possible exception of his footgear and clothing, must be listed here, and updated as IC events require. Everything. This is an extreme survival situation, and you never know when that piece of string or sharp fragment of crystal might come in handy. )

-Criminal Record: ( What the character was Condemned for. Could be almost anything, as long as its in keeping with the nature of the game worlds brutally tyrannical form of law, and isn't inappropriate for a kids website. )

-Comments: ( Leave this section blank until I give you the text and coding to copy/paste into it. The Gatekeeper can be pretty cynical, so don't feel bad if he speaks his mind and what he says is harsh. )

You can have as many PCs in your roster as you like; you'll need em, if the mortality rate is going to be as bad as I'm expecting. Remember, all your profiles must be contained in a single post within the Profiles Topic, to preserve order and convenience. The Profiles Topic also hosts a live feed list of all characters in the Maw and each one's current status, so be sure to check that out if the need ever arises. Direct link here.

Discussion Topic is the place to discuss and debate anything and everything related to this violent little RPG. Questions and comments go here, as do player inactivity notices, official staff announcements, and profiles-awaiting-approval. There's also another live feed list, this one featuring an up-to-date timeline of in-game activity. Direct link here.

While we're on the subject of activity, I'm going to introduce a very important gameplay twist, as if there weren't enough already. It's designed to help maintain player interest and participation; I can work with an RPG where all the characters are dying off like flies in January, but I refuse to work with story stagnation brought on by lack of player activity. Thus, the following rule: If any individual character has not taken an IC action within the period of one (1) week, and if that character's player has not given full and adequate prior notice of inactivity, that character's player will be notified via PM. Once notified, the character's player will be granted a grace period of five (5) days in which to get the character back in business; otherwise, the character automatically becomes a staff-run NPC, to be messily exterminated as soon as is convenient to the plot. So keep moving, folks, keep fighting. Stand still, and its only a matter of time before something finds you.

Something big, with lots of teeth.

Cool, huh? You betcha. By the way, remember that random gift-giving I mentioned a while back? Its scheduled to happen every Monday (in OOC time, that is), starting the week after the RPG officially begins. So stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed. Ive got a nice big list of Extremely Useful Items here, and one of your characters might just be the lucky winner!

Rules, I guess I should talk about as well. Nearly everyone in this corner of BZPower knows the drill already, so I'm not going to re-hash the no autohits, no godmodding, no bunnying, obey the staff, remember that all forum rules apply thing again. Just use your common sense, courtesy, and a nice big chunk of chilled-out analytical logic; everything should be fine. As the head RPG staff member, I of course have the absolute right to punish you for misdeeds in any way I see fit (by joining this RPG, you unconditionally agree to cringe and grovel and obey my every whim), but I won't have to do that, right? Of course not; seems like no one ever does.

Quick rule of thumb, though... the Condemned, being eighty-five to one hundred percent organic as regards material body composition, treat all hits and damage roughly the same as a human being would. So if itd hurt you, it'll hurt your character in just the same way. Cut? You bleed. Burn? You fry. End of story.


And that's about it, folks. Welcome to Condemned, to the world beneath... to blood and darkness and every rebel's final proving ground.

Welcome to a living nightmare. Have fun, and keep those blades sharp.



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Fallen from the Light

"Dark in Light, and Light in Dark

Once you're down here, you're left to rot

He doesn't want you, but he's left his mark

He's let you live, you're not what he saught

So you fell far down, deep into the Dark

Where we, the Fallen, make our lot..."


"Hullo, stranger. I expect you've been woken by the singing of our resident song-Gukko, eh? She's got a beaut voice, wouldn't you say? But who knows, each to their own.."
"I'm supposing you'd like to be knowing where you are? It's simple, you're in the Dark. Yes, that's the name of it. Nothin's much of a better name for it, cause that's the only thing it'll ever be called by the Light. That's a place as well, the people who brought you here. To say it simply, the Light is supposedly a paradise: Beautiful beaches, amazing jungles, crystal-clear waters, yessir that's what it be. Ya might've known that if your one o' them that actually search for the gate. But perhaps you haven't heard of it. Maybe you were just kidnapped by one of them faceless Nuvagah, with their helms of pure light. Ha! Light indeed.."
"But it don't really matter how or why you got here, you did. And obviously you saw him. The Avoa. Their leader, the one behind all of this. Just as faceless as the rest of 'em, and hates us just the same. He'd do anything to keep us 'Kramas' down here, though we've got no idea why. We're no worse than any ordinary Matoran, most of us.. heck, half are perfectly normal Matoran that did nothing worse than wander around alone. For your information, as well, call us the Fallen. The Avoa simply finds it funny to call us shadow beasts. I wouldn't choose that name for ourselves."
"I'm getting off track, aren't I? Let's see.. ah, yes, the Dark. Our area. The place we can call home. Home sweet home, don't mind the Rahi. Hope you don't have fear of enclosed spaces, stranger. That's the only space we have. It's horrid, creepy, decorated with beautiful designs of balls destroying everything in paradise, equipped with the deepest-sleeping destroyer balls in cans, water, lava, perhaps ice in the right place.. did I miss anything, Gurik?"
"So there you have it. Help? ...No? Perhaps a map could help?"
"How's that? ...You want me to explain the locations, now? GURIK! HE'S ASKIN' FOR LOCATIONS!"
"No need to shout, Hipqum. I'm just next door. Ho, stranger. You're asking about the marks? Tis simple."
"The Hole is where you fell from, the only place where a few beams of natural light can sometimes shine down into the Dark. The top is heavily guarded by Nuvagah, the sides are coated with slippery slime, and someone's always watching to make sure none of us get out. Anyone who's tried is now ashes, if they're lucky."
"There's but one tunnel leading away from the Hole, and it's one of the largest. It leads down to where you are now, Kra-Koro. The Village of the Dark. It's better lit than anything else down here by two green lamps in a wall, but don't try to open the gate. There are true Manas just outside, angry and dangerous at the fact that some Condemmed long ago actually forced them out of here, and they'd do anything to get back in and murder all our faces off."
"Moving along the endless tunnels one could eventually stumble upon our farms, where we grow our food. It's the only place in the caves that supports it due to the strangely fertile earth that must've falled down from the Light at some point, and it's the reason we're still alive. Do be wary, however, the Ta-beings there keeping the fires stoked aren't always the friendlyest."
"The Lava Lake is where things begin to get truly dangerous. Kofo-Jaga are absolutely everywhere, lava boils underneath ever-shrinking land bridges, and don't even get me started on the Hikaki nests. The one main reason it's visted is because it's lit up, the lava forever glowing, and light makes people feel better than the cold, concealing darkness of everywhere else. And also people lava-surf. Don't ask me why, they've got nothing better to do or just want some enjoyment in this Karz'n place."
"The Ice Cavern is home to-you guessed it-more Rahi and ice beyond what one could ever need. The area around it is slightly colder than some of the other tunnels, but if you have a torch the displays the ice makes in the caverns themselves make are beautiful. There's always bound to be a Ko-Matoran or two there, scratching something into the wall or pondering the meaning of life."
"The Depths. Think of them this way.. Take the Lava Lake, but remove the lava. You're left with land bridges over a deep, dark, haunting pit likely filled with bloodthirsty Rahi at the bottom. It's avoided for the most part, other than Kromia. She's crazy though."
"The Raging Lake, also home to more monstrosities that most people didn't even know existed. While there's water, it's dark, dank, wet, and has things that can eat you in but a bite. Not a fun place, though fishing there is always an adventure."
"The Sands of Scorpions are more tunnels, but now filled with sand and nasty things that can sting you and make you lose a leg! It doesn't hold much value but for the rumor that it's possible to somehow get up to the Light from there. Most people just call it a rumor, though. Like there'd be another way out of this Karz."
"Lastly we have the nondescript tunnels, with carvings and all as Hipqum already told you. You may come across a nest of sleeping insect ball-things, but don't worry. Even if the tunnels show everything being destroyed, they haven't woken up yet."
"Good enough for ya, Hip?"
"Yea, yea, I'll take it from here. Anythin' else ya want to know, stranger?"
"Who's in charge, how things go? This is the Dark, stranger. You work together to survive or lurk the caves alone and loot others. Do anything you wish, really. Do something in public and expect it to be done to you in return. It's about that simple. Heck, try to get out. That'd be good for a laugh. Or join up, make your own group. Fight Rahi. Grow food. Whatever you want to do, it's yours. If you've got nothing, the sign-post is always a good place to start."

Able bodied beings needed for scouting parties! Discover new land, map it out, and mark it as ours. Apply just down the road.
Job: Tell Kromia she's fired for wandering off again. Reward: Her job.
Guards needed for expedition to the Raging Lakes to obtain seaweed for Kra-Koro marking paint. Turn around, largest building.
Expedition through the Lava Lakes! Requirements are to be able to withstand the heat, and lava-surf. Meet at the western entrance.
Due to the increase in Rahi attacks, extra protection is requested at the Ice Caverns for the philosophers.
We could always use a hand growing food. Just show up and you will be paid.

"Last things last, stranger. Here. Take this form, fill it out. It puts our resident insane Turaga at slight ease."

Name: "The Turaga likes normal names, so even if you don't have one use one here. He'll flip overwise."
Species & Gender: "Do I need to explain everything, stranger?"
Powers, Abilities & Skills: "What can you do, stranger? What are you capable of?"
Equipment: "What'cha got on ya, stranger? Anything you'd like to pick up?"
Who: "This one is simpler than it seems. What'da look like, and how'da act."
Background: "Where ya from? How'd the Nuvagah get ya, or did you find the portal on your own?"

"All done? Come along, now. Might as well tell you about the Turaga and some of the few rules he's made, though it's all the writings of insanity to me."
"Here we are, the Turaga's office. His name's Zakaro. Keep it in mind, he may be insane but his staff hurts. He's employed a being named Shadowhawk to help him out. If ya want you can look at some of the 'better' forms that've been filled out, they're lying around."

Name: Kromia
Species & Gender: Female Onu-Matoran
Powers, Abilities & Skills: Kromia has no powers to speak of, being a Onu-Matoran, other than perhaps slight strength and night-vision. She's good at loosing herself in thought and speaking of something that only she knows about and can't really talk about, as well as lapsing into silence. However, she knows the tunnels of the Dark like the back of her hand and is the best pathfinder the Fallen have, when she can be found.
Equipment: She carries a small satchel, the contents of which are unknown, and a walking stick that was once part of something bigger. A single lightstone lies in a case at her side.
Who: Kromia is stocky, short Matoran, much like many of her fellow Onu-Matoran. She's colored somewhat oddly, having black and grey for main colors but strange, piercing, red eyes. She wears a powerless Miru, and leathery armor covers some of the more venerable areas where her normal armor can't reach.

In terms of personality, Kromia is an enigma. She's distant from the world, always thinking about something, what it is isn't known. She's helpful but seems absent-minded, and always has her own agenda. Quite soft-spoken.
Background: For as long as anyone can remember, Kromia has been in the Dark.

It's often debated whether Zakaro or Kromia has been there longer, an answer never being found, but the strange Onu-Matoran has just always been there to help the Fallen find food and drink and warn them about the dangers around.

She leads a quiet life, being employed by the explorers who often rely on her to help them navigate to where they'll head off. Kromia can often be found staring off into the Depths, thinking as usual.

Finally, after having not shown up for the daily check-in one time too many, the Head Explorer fired her. She likely doesn't know yet, or doesn't care, but she has been fired. Just for the record.


"And over on that wall are Zak's rules. No idea what most of 'em mean, but ya never know."

1. Follow all other rules. They apply here.
2. Respect your elders. They have domain over you, and respect others as well. It will take you far.
3. Speak in the common tongue, and speak it well.
4. Work hard. Do not stray too far into being goofy or romantic, this world has no time for such things.
5. You are equal. You are not Mata Nui. You are not him.
6. 1 Toa per person, and 5 beings per person in total.
7. Enjoy oneself.
Consequences shall be decided with the frequency and harshness of the broken rules.

"There you have. A 10-minute guide to the Dark. Enjoy your stay, stranger."
And he walks away, leaving you alone in the Dark.


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The island of Katipo was an unassuming place. Sitting alone at the end of an island chain, it was the last island beyond Nynrah. Its native species, the Hirohi, were simple folk, working hard day-to-day to grow food or in the mines that sustained the island’s economy through trade with other lands. In this quiet corner of the Matoran Universe, nobody ever expected much exciting to happen.


The island of Destral was a magnificent place. Fresh from their defeat of the Barraki and their League of Six Kingdoms, the Makuta had expanded their seat of power to make it the last word on might and grandeur. Rahkshi and exo-toa patroled the battlements of the magnificent fortress day and night, while inside their dark masters plotted their treason. The armies of Destral were beyond compare, the most numerous, powerful and disciplined force in the Matoran Universe.



And yet, for one Makuta, that wasn't quite enough. He wanted to build for himself another army, one that was larger and more loyal, stronger and more dangerous. He had a little experiment he wanted to do. He mixed a little of this, a little of that, and before you knew it … he had a great big spider … and then a lot more. And it was on Katipo of all places that he chose to work this experiment and observe the results.





The first visorak invasion in history, though brutal, was mercifully quick. The giant spiders swarmed the Hirohi’s village, killing, capturing, and mutating. After barely an hour had elapsed, a full half of the island’s population was bound up in webs or stretched out cold on the ground. The rest had either fled when the attack first began, or had been away from the village on that fateful day. A good number of survivors collected underground, in the mines where many of them had worked. Hidden from the outside in the maze of tunnels, they quickly saw that of all the places on the island, it was there in the maze-like system of tunnels and caves that they stood the best chance of evading the spiders, or even exacting a bit of revenge.


Chirox, meanwhile, was pleased with the results of his experiment. He returned to his laboratories filled with bubbling vats and made his final adjustments before entering the mass-production phase. He worked away quietly for days, building up his numbers and refining the seven different breeds. What did it matter to him if there were still a few native fugitives running around the island or cursing him in the dark? He was a Makuta, a conqueror, and utterly secure in his position. He felt so sure of himself, in fact, that he decided to put on a little game for his own amusement.


Every army, after all, needs a leader, and while the visorak horde was certainly effective, the Makuta had better things to do than to command the rahi himself. What he needed, then, was a King of the Horde: someone to watch over the spiders and keep them in line, someone to coordinate their attacks and draw up their strategies. Someone who he could trust to be as ruthless as the spiders themselves.


Given the size of the Brotherhood army, he had no shortage of candidates. Beings of all species and islands served the Makuta, and many were keen for advancement. Chirox brought a large group of them to Katipo (now renamed “Visorak” in honour of his creations), gave them each command of a certain number of spiders, and turned them lose with simple instructions: secure the island and eliminate the natives by any means necessary. The aspiring commanders would compete with each other for supremacy, and in the end, one would win control of the entire horde. During the games, Chirox himself might occasionally enter the arena to reward those whose actions pleased him, or to change things up a bit and test how well the commanders could respond to changes, or simply for his own amusement.







Katipo is a rough and wild place, with only one settlement in the south of the island, nestled in a river valley and shielded on three sides by mountains. Much of the rest of the island is near-constantly whipped by high winds and crashed upon by rough seas.


The village, simply known as “Town” by the inhabitants, is bisected by “The River” (Hirohi are great at naming things). Two bridges link the two halves of Town. One is known as The North Bridge, and the one in the south is (you guessed it) The South Bridge. The long stone arches are Town’s main feature, and if the Hirohi ever need to gather, they will do so at one or other of the bridges. The only other community building is the Judge’s house (The Judge is elected every 10 years as someone whose judgement the Hirohi trust to settle disputes between them that cannot be resolved by those involved). It is not big enough for large gatherings, however - it's just a nice house. Otherwise, all of the buildings are houses or businesses of the Hirohi who live there. It is normal for up to ten Hirohi to live together in one house, forming family-like groups of close friends. Members of the groups refer to each other as "Brother" or "Sister", as would Toa on the same team.


To the west of Town are the twin mountains, Riro and Ruaho. Ruaho is the higher of the two, but only because a large landslide removed the top from Riro several centuries ago. There is little value in their bare and rocky slopes, so for the most part, these mountains are left to packs of wild hapaka.


To the north of Town is Mount Krahn, the volcano that dominates the centre of the island, and beyond that, named true Hirohi style, is The Wild Forest. It is a thick jungle full of gnarled trees and dangerous rahi, many of which are poisonous. For this reason, few Hirohi ever venture there (and with a volcano in the way, why bother?). It is ruled by the rahi, and their dominion is only challenged when they venture too far south into the Hirohi’s lands. A large cull ever century or so is usually sufficient to keep them where they belong.


To the east of Town lies the great underground wealth of Katipo. Scattered throughout the interior of Mount Mururawa and among its roots are metal ores, lightstones, fine crystals and gems, and an awful lot of stone. The Hirohi’s mines there are extensive, providing the bulk of trade with other lands. In an unususal burst of naming creativity, mines were colloquially referred to as “The Web” even before the spiders came, on account of their layout. On each level, hollow tubes of stone form tunnels that radiate out from a central column, with circular tunnels running around each level in rings. This creates a pattern of roughly rectangular sections, surrounded by tunnels on all sides, reminiscent of a spider’s web.




Once this pattern has been built into each new layer or expanded outwards within a layer, the rectangular sections are harvested, creating huge caverns a hundred bio high. Within each cavern, pillars of stone are left untouched to support the roof and all of the layers above. Near to the central column, the rectangles are small, and the tunnels close together, so this isn't so vital. Towards the edges, however, the pillars are vital in maintaining the integrity of the entire underground structure. Into the edge of each pillar, a spiral staircase is cut, about a bio wide. These provide easier access to the higher parts of the cavern while they are still being mined, and many paths between levels once extraction has been completed.




The complexity of the mine, with its twelve levels (the widest at the top and the narrowest ring at the bottom), combined with the numerous caverns and passageways within each and the hundreds of pillars linking them all has proved an obstacle to the visorak army. While the locals know it like the backs of their hands and can move easily from one hiding spot to the next, every tunnel or cavern looks the same to the invaders’ eyes. A systematic search might be the only way to find all of the fugitives, but can the spiders block every passageway to stop any Hirohi from slipping past the searchers as they move down through the mine? That remains to be seen.





The Hirohi


The Hirohi (or Tobduk’s species) are the natives of Katipo. They stand 10 feet tall on average and can wear and use great kanohi. While they lack elemental powers, each Hirohi can gain physical strength by feeding on various feelings, both in themselves and those around them. There is much variation in which feelings give strength to a particular Hirohi. Examples include anger, sadness, joy, pain, excitement, fear, courage and confusion, though others are possible.


At the current time, the Hirohi are scattered and largely uninformed about happenings above. They occasionally get news from those who only escaped down into the Web more recently, such as the one who brought news of Chirox creating a large glowing crystal and naming it “the heart of the visorak”. This has sparked some interest among those who have heard the news, and some believe that if they were able to find the heart and steal or destroy it, they might be able to defeat the visorak, or at least make them leave. Others were not so positive. They said that fighting the spiders was suicide, and fighting their way to the Makuta and his treasured possessions doubly so. They would prefer to remain hidden and, if the spiders came too near, evacuate, possibly to the north or preferably off the island entirely. Still others decided that their best shot was to surrender and offer themselves up to the mercy of the Brotherhood. That particular group has not been heard from since.


The Brotherhood of Makuta Army


While the visorak horde is relatively uniform beyond the seven breeds, their would-be leaders are as diverse a group as you could hope to find in the universe. They come from every island and people, seeking to share in the power of the masters of shadow or to help defend their homelands from threats like the barraki. In either case, they have now been given an unprecedented opportunity, if only they can prove themselves worthy. The candidates for king must contend with the Hirohi and each other to prove their worthiness to their dark master. Alliances will be formed and broken, but there can only be one winner.


Each PC Brotherhood soldier will begin with 10 visorak NPCs (the choice of breeds is up to them) to test their skills as a squad leader. If they impress Chirox, more troops will be awarded to them, while failures are likely to be punished.



Other Information




This game takes place in 77,000 BGC. As a reference for players, this section includes important events that have and have not happened yet.


Have Happened:

  • The Hand of Artakha has come and gone, being replaced by the secretive Order of Mata Nui.
  • The League of Six Kingdoms has also risen to power, and then fallen in spectacular fashion.
  • The first Toa Team, lead by Lesovikk, is formed and serves for some time before being killed by Zyglak.
  • The Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui raged for 400 years, before ending in the Archives Massacre.
  • Toa Jovan and his team found and used the Kanohi Ignika to restore Mata Nui’s health after the Great Disruption.
  • Teridax deposes Miserix as leader of the Brotherhood and sentences the other Makuta to death. Instead, krika imprisoned him on Artidax.
  • The first Toa Hagah teams are formed, including Chirox's one.

Have Not Yet Happened:

  • Ancient and The Shadowed One claim Odina and found the Dark Hunters
  • Spiriah experiments on the Skakdi of Zakaz, granting them new powers but turning their peaceful society into a collection of eternally warring tribes.
  • Mata Nui and his Order bring about the Time Slip.
  • The Makuta evolve from their physical bodies into gaseous antidermis.
  • Kanoka disks are invented in Metru Nui.
  • Sidorak and Roodaka come to lead the visorak horde.


Hordika Venom


In this game, characters on both sides of the conflict can be mutated by hordika venom. The poison of the Visorak affects both mind and body, making the victims more rahi-like. While this can have advantages in increased strength, sensitivity or the acquisition of natural rhotuka launchers, the mind becomes more bestial, prone to anger, violence and suspicion. The changes increase eith time, and eventually, those injected with hordika venom may become entirely rahi. At this early stage, however, the final stages of the mutation remain unknown. The venom simply hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to have been mutated for that long. There is currently no known cure for Hordika venom.


When Hirohi are exposed to hordika venom, they grow slightly in size and strength, and some senses become more acute, particularly hearing and smell. Their fingers and toes elongate into claws. While their strength-from-feelings ability remains intact, their kanohi fuse to their faces and lose their powers. As if to balance this, they grow natural rhotuka launchers in their wrists or behind their shoulders. The powers of the rhotuka vary widely between individuals, as much or even more than their kanohi powers once did.


Some would-be kings of the horde have also, deliberately exposed themselves to hordika venom, either to demonstrate their zeal or because they think that being half-beast might make them better warriors. One such being is Karehe, who was formerly one of Chirox’s Toa Hagah team. From this, the effects on Toa became known. They too, lose their kanohi powers, but remain able to use their elemental abilities, if only through the rhotuka launchers that grow on their backs. The mental effects seem to be the same as for anyone else.




The technology used by the Hirohi is not greatly advanced, being in such an isolated location and having lived through only 23,000 years of the Matoran Universe’s history and development. Kanoka disks, kanoka blades, plasma canons and Nynrah ghostblasters are all yet to be invented, and even if they had been, it is unlikely that the Hirohi would have even heard of them.


What they do use is mainly for use in the mines or for growing crops, and is powered by steam or water wheels. These machines are not fancy or even greatly reliable, but they work well enough that the Hirohi persist with using them. Some of the most influential Hirohi might have been able to get some slightly more advanced technology, but they are the exception rather than the rule.


It should also be noted that before the invasion, it was rare for Hirohi to carry weapons. They carried equipment with them, certainly, but they were tools used in mining, building or agriculture. The only call for violence on Katipo was when they were culling rahi from the north, and in those situations the time and date of the expedition was known well in advance. They had time to return home and polish the rust off that old axe and get it ready for use again. For this reason, most of the weapons that Hirohi fugitives are now using to defend themselves against the Visorak are improvised from whatever happened to be near to hand when the spiders struck. Hammers and picks, fishing spears and oars, kitchen knives or just an old walking stick. For the less fortunate ones, nothing but their fists. These are the new weapons of war for the Hirohi.


The Brotherhood soldiers, on the other hand, aspire to be kings of the horde, and are well used to weaponry that is fit for kings. Each will have their own preferred weapons, and probably no small skill in using them. If they have been in the Brotherhood army long enough and hold rank, those weapons may even have been purchased from the top smiths of Xia and Nynrah who work exclusively for the Brotherhood.




Since, for the Makuta, this RPG constitutes the ultimate reality tv show, he does not want to miss a second of it. He will be in the comfy chair in his lab wearing an akaku with a really powerful scope so that he can see events happening anywhere on Katipo, even underground, without getting up. This makes him pretty much omniscient, able to check on his underlings' progress at any time of day or night, as well as spy on their targets. From and OOC perspective, this means he will know of and be able to stomp on any inappropriate behaviour very quickly.  :)




Characters in this game can be any intelligent being on Katipo. They could be natives, brought here by the Makuta or even have some other reason for their presence.


To create a character, fill out this character profile and submit it for approval. This layout is only a suggestion, so feel free to change the format if you wish.


Name: Make it BIONICLE-sounding.

Gender: Male, Female, unknown, neither, somewhere in between.

Species: Something from the MU, or create your own custom species. No Makuta.

Faction: Hirohi / Makuta Army / Other?

Element: If applicable to the character’s species.

Kanohi: If applicable to the character’s species. Custom masks are OK if approved by the GM.

Other Powers: If applicable to the character’s species.

Appearance: What do they look like? A MoC, drawing or description will do.
Equipment: What do they have with them?
Biography: About their life.
Personality: What are they like? How do they act?

Skills/Strengths: What are they good at?
Weaknesses: What are they bad at? What hurts them?

Visorak Soldiers: (If applicable).


There is no limit on how many characters a player may control at a time.


Canon characters (those ones who might plausibly be present anyway) are playable by negotiation with the GM. However, players should keep in mind that this game might take place in an alternate universe where the canon character they are playing dies early. Original characters are, of course, encouraged.




As with any RPG, there are some canon powers that cannot be used. These include:

  • The legendary masks, for obvious reasons.
  • The olmak, avohkii, krahkan, olisi and mask of elemental energy, all of which are unique. There are none of these masks in existence other than the ones shown in the canon story.
  • The elements of light and shadow (though some light or shadow-based powers may be allowed in custom species).
  • The mohtrek, because insta-armies are annoying.
  • The mask of undeath, because unkillable zombies are no fun.
  • The komau (great mask of bunnying), the sanok (great mask of auto-hitting) and the mask of clairvoyance (great mask of meta-gaming) are all off-limits. While it is possible to use these responsibly in an RPG, I’d rather save everyone the trouble of sorting out how they should and shouldn't be used within good RPing etiquette.
  • The mask of conjuring, because it is ridiculously overpowered.



  • All BZP rules apply, obviously.
  • In general, don’t do anything that detracts from other peoples’ enjoyment of the game. All the usual RPG fallacies fall under this, such as god-modding, meta-gaming, bunnying, auto-hitting and the like. For more on these, see the BZPRPG, where you will find some great descriptions and more details on the subtleties of these.
  • Use IC and OOC to separate what your character(s) do from you talking.
  • Do not wreak huge destruction on the island. Both sides still want to have an island when this is over, so going nova and sinking Katipo beneath the silver sea is no good for anyone. Cause a bit of destructive mayhem if you have to, but please, no apocalyptic, island-destroying attacks.
  • Do not kill or injure somebody else’s character without permission. The same goes for (character) life changing events.
  • GMs have the right to do anything they see fit in the IC world. This includes punishments for rule-breaking and rewards for making positive contributions to the RPG.

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Posted Jan 22 2014 - 03:02 AM

Come my friends. Take a seat. Though this lowly tavern be filled with lolling drunkards and the stink of fish, it be a fine place for a story. Not a free story o'course, nothing round here is free. Just fill me tankard one more time, we'll consider that fair payment. Little bit more. Little bit more. There we go! Now let the sounds o' the sea wash over you as the tides of time roll you back through their inky depths. Let me tell you about...


The Legend of the Thirteenth Island!


These fair isles in the south have always been a little…lacking in the trivialities of law. The Barraki scorned to lord over us, lest their feet get wet on their high thrones. Axonn the Axe-Lord merely battled and butchered, he did not rule. No-one has cared what happens in this archipelago since the Great Beings first raised them from the ocean. Archipelago, 's a fancy word for a group of islands. That little fact'll cost you another tankard if you please. Thats a good lad. Anyway, laws. Don't exist in this part of the world. And lots of water and no laws, well, that means pirates. It just does. One of those facts o' life. Like how dropped bread always lands on the buttered side. In the end it turned into one o' them, whatchya call 'em? Vicious circles! Pirates sprang up, stole from anyone trying to get a toehold in the islands, forcing 'em out. Less people to enforce any hope of order and more people without a living meant more pirates. Meaning more pirate attacks. Meaning less and less order. And so on. 'swhy it's so much fun around here these days. A pirate's paradise. Least it was before the Brotherhood showed up, with their iron soldiers…

But before the shadow-slime, before the Barraki, before even the Axe-Lord, there was a pirate who…well he was a god amongst insects. Black Jaqkli. Ah, I see by the glint in your eyes that you've heard of him. As well you should. One of them tentacley types from up north, he was a master of all he surveyed. And with three eyes, thats a lot of surveying. He had loyal armies as his crews, an armada of battleships as his fleet. And the treasure? Oh the treasure! Powerful enough to go plunderin' the southern continent he was, stripping it of every last trinket and bauble. The piles of wealth he gathered were said to rival the sun for how they gleamed so. 

But there were darker rumours about the god-admiral of the southern islands. Rumours that clung to him like seaweed to a corpse, that earned him the epithet 'Black'. Rumours about terrible bargains struck with things of horror and madness. Rumours about fell deeds of blood and ritual. Rumours that he'd found the secret of true immortality, or been given a fantastical new island obedient to his every whim, or been bestowed with the gift to charm minds and bend thoughts...

The first at least was proved false when a raid went wrong. The southern continent had grown tired of death arriving by sea and prepared a hefty defence. On that day it was shown that, black god of the sea or not, Jaqkli still bled like a mortal. Fearful for their admiral, his fleet withdrew but alas, his life had been spilt on the decks from a thousand wounds. It is said that, knowing his time was drawing near, he withdrew with his greatest treasures to that mysterious thirteenth island he was said to possess and, using the lives of all who knew its location as a sacrifice, caused the sea to swallow it up. Black Jaqkli would keep what was his even in the embrace of death…

There lad. Wasn't that a tale for the ages? Full of blood and drama. A terrible captain, a priceless treasure and a mysterious island. Not like the stories we get this day. Bah, that scoundrel LaYarteb may think himself a king of pirates but he's nothing more than a man lucky enough to have both brain and sword in a land where most have only one. Or neither. And this Zavarian from the Brotherhood who thinks himself some new new Axe-Lord, if he were here now I'd tell him to jump off the lighthouse of Golgarish! He makes no move that is not ordered down from his shadow-slime master, dancing on the strings his beloved Makuta pulls! 


Another round of grog, there's a good lad.

Aye, 'tis a poor hand of card us civilised folk have been dealt. Just trying to make a living. But we got LaYarteb bleeding us of coin and food, and Zavarian trying to turn us into more clockwork soldiers. And both of 'em turning the place upside down for any sign of that treasure. Artahka help us if either o' the buggers actually find it...



The World At Large

The RPG is set in the Southern Isles of the West around 79,000 years ago, a chain of islands known for being beyond the normal laws and regulations of the Matoran Universe. To say this makes it a home for renegade and villainous behaviour is a gross understatement. There's piracy, smuggling, conquering, slaving and even a little bit of littering. The horror. Really, as long as the right people turn a profit at the end of the day, anything goes. Thats why, even after all these years, the treasure of Black Jaqkli is such a sought after legend. Possessing that vast wealth would give you power over that most motivational of forces; raw greed. Soldiers would fight for you, warlords would bow down to you, smugglers would bring you any object you desired...Everyone would be in your pocket, and you would be the most powerful individual in the isles. A god of gold in a world of avarice surrounded by your beggarly followers. Provided, of course, you can find it. And not fall victim to a thief or assassin since power brings as many enemies as it does friends.


The Isles


Xeros: The most northern of the islands, and one of the richest. Relatively speaking of course. It is close enough to the great continent of the south to trade with it, bringing in currency and gadgetry. This gives it great influence among the other islands thanks their great love of all things shiny.

It is ruled in a most civilised fashion by a parliament of Matoran, the industrious little fellows being the main power on an island with trade as its foundations. The Prime Minister of this little council is a chap by the name of Stepphry, a well-fed and portly from his habit of skimming off the top of taxes.  


Skeres: This island used to suffer greatly from being little more than a stop-over point between Xeros and the Triplets. All the real wealth went to them, with Skeres forced to get by on scraps. Recently though it undergone a slight boom…as Hagah Zavarian has assumed control and made the place a base and staging point for Brotherhood activity, including establishing small garrisons in any settlement that swears loyalty. Now the place bustles and swarms with activity as the Brotherhood send in resources, supplies and troops...


Kron, Kair, Kaal [The Triplets]: The hub of all activity in the chain, as the three islands block the natural currents of the water, keeping things calm in the sea between them. It made for easy mooring and harbours quickly sprang up until all three coastlines were covered in the sprawl of industry. If the western chain can said to have any sort of capital, the Triplets is it. 

Despite this high standing lawlessness runs more rampant here than any other locale. The Triplets draw so many different cultures, beliefs and breeds of criminal that establishing any kind of official governance has proved impossible.


Dalarii: A blasted and ruined wasteland, torn asunder by the strife of war as a plough furrows a field. What started as the original pillaging of Axonn was continued by his would-be successors, by Skakdi warlords looking to make a name for themselves, by pirate kings seeking plunder…There is never a moment where someone isn't fighting someone else on the island. The current leading group is a band of Skakdi named the Sons of Krim, who got ahead of their competition by declaring allegiance to Zavarian and using the troops he sent to aid them to snuff out their opposition. If they gain real dominance on the island there's a worry the Triplets could be caught between two Brotherhood strongholds...


Morcka: Renowned solely for being the current preferred hideaway of the pirate LaYarteb. He has a small fortified harbour in the narrow neck to dock and repair his ships…though as everyone knows this it can only mean he has several more harbours elsewhere ready to surprise anyone who tries challenging him on home turf.

The inland of the jungle is mostly dense jungle (which LaYarteb exploits for construction) filled with hostile wildlife (which LaYarteb exploits as a natural defence for his bases) and odd localised storms (which to the best of everyone's knowledge LaYarteb has not found a way to exploit. Yet.)


Aubis: There are some scattered settlements here, but for one of the largest islands in the chain it is surprisingly bereft of life. Something about the tides in the area creates a flooding effect that swamps the island every few months, poisoning the land with salt from the seawater. Farms die, harbours are flooded…there is simply too little on offer to make living here worthwhile. It is a refuge for those who desire solitude and isolation. There is nothing here but crofts built on high ground and the odd hermit in a cave somewhere. 

Recently the tidal floods have started washing up strange coins on the salty shores of Aubis. Old coins. Coins with markings not seen since the days of Black Jaqkli. The locals have tried keeping news of this within the island, but rumours that the hoard of Jaqkli may be resurfacing are hard to quash…


Axe's Rest: No-one truly knows why the dread Axe-Lord chose to end his campaigns. No warrior brought him low, no general outwitted him. But end the campaigns did, and it was here they ended. It was here that the warrior Axonn simply…disappeared, leaving his conquests to their own devices once more. His more loyal soldiers erected a small monument in the centre of the island as memorial to their leader; a map of the southern isles with an axe cleaving through them, its haft angling towards the sky like an elaborate sundial. A few of those soldiers still leave on the island, clinging to those shreds of hope that their general might still one day reappear...


Axe's Reach: So called because it is the furthest point the Axe-Lord got in his rampage across the western chain. The remains of his army's last camp are still buried in the sands and earth of the island, left abandoned when the leaderless legions dispersed. The islet has not quite recovered from the armies of Axonn's occupation, they drank its rivers dry and devoured every last scrap of food while waiting for their overlord to make a return that would never happen. So Reach remains to this day a largely bleak and barren wasteland.


Golgarish: When the fearsome Axonn descended on his rampage through the southern isles, this was where the last dregs of resistance chose to make their stand here and the entire island was transformed into a mighty fortress. The great walls and mighty towers now lie in ruins, toppled not by Axonn but simple time. Only the tallest watchtower remains, standing proud on the island's northern bluff, converted into a lighthouse to guide the path of ships. The lighthouse was recently bought by a Vortixx clan, who have established one of their own, a surly so-and-so by the name of VanDerBraad, as its keeper, charging a tidy sum to anyone using the tower's light.


Zo Halas: The last island in the chain, and the most mysterious. Far from the rest of the known universe this land is cold and lonely, locked in a permanent state of wintery decay. No-one has explored its autumnal forests, nor dared to live around its mist-shrouded coasts. It is nature's last uncut jewel in the the chain of islands.



Notes on Travelling

Ships in the southern isles do have sails, but rather than use them to catch winds the sails are in fact the single colossal leaf of a unique species of Vuata Maca tree. The still-living tree is formed into the ship's mast allowing its leaf to catch light and convert it into both power to move the ship, and a potential food source (though most ships prefer to carry a more nourishing supply). As result voyaging between islands by boat is a much more reliable affair, with the travel time represented in game with the use of paragraphs. One paragraph gets you from one island to the next. For longer voyages you could either split these travel paragraphs up individually, or test your writing skills and put them all in a single post, or any other combination you want. Just so long as they're there.





The Free Folk of the Southern Isles

~"No staffs, no axe!

No slaves, no tax!"~

Less a faction as such, more the group term for anyone living in the area who doesn't really belong elsewhere. Anyone who does a spot of pirating under their own flag, anyone who smuggles for coin rather than loyalty, or anyone just trying to make a (relatively) honest living. Most of the free folk want to maintain that 'free' part of their title and oppose the iron fist of the Brotherhood, but there are always those who see security where others see tyranny, and do their bit to help out Zavarian whenever they can get away with it 


LaYarteb's Band of the Bloodied Blades

~"For profit and plunder, tear all asunder!"~

Anyone who swears fealty to the pirate known as LaYarteb falls under this banner. From the finest fencer to the dampest deckhand, all owe a cut to their captain, but get a fair share of the remains. While LaYarteb does look upon any attempts to undermine his authority…somewhat poorly, he generally sees to it that anyone toeing the line is treated fairly as long as they're part of his extended crew. And though he does expect people to ask "how high?" when he says "jump", he's usually happy to let captains with their own ships do their own thing for the most part, as trying to micromanage his felonious flotilla would take up valuable looting time.


The Brotherhood of Makuta

~"Order Over All."~

A new faction to arrive on the scene, and not an entirely welcome one. Having vanquished the League of Six Kingdoms, the Brotherhood of Makuta is seeking to secure its hold over the Matoran Universe by bringing the Southern Isles, last refuge from the long arm of the law, under their dominion. Its the only way to keep the rest of the world safe from lunatics like Jaqkli or Axonn. Under orders from the great Miserix, the Makuta Bitil has been put in charge of reigning the isles in and has sent one of his Hagah, Zavarian, over to lead the conquest. He has taken a zero tolerance approach to subduing the various outlaw groups in the Isles, using overwhelming brute force tactics to crush any opposition. Areas of the Isles under his control have any criminal element ripped up root and branch and annihilated, with the legitimate population smothered by increasing taxation to pay for his slow expansion. But many see the chance to make a living in peace without worrying about being stabbed or having their livelihood burnt down every other week as a good thing, and find their sympathies swaying towards the Brotherhood





Character profile; there's no limit on how many of these you have.











Ship profiles; you're allowed three.



Description: [What does the ship look like]

Arsenal: [What weapons does it have]

Special Modifications: [Does it have special hiding places for smuggling, some sort of energy storage to give it a boost for speed?]



Notes on Technology

As the RPG is set way back in the annals of history, a lot of the more fancy technology in a Bionicle setting simply hasn't been invented yet. Try to bear that in mind when writing up what gear your character owns.

On a similar note, Spiriah has not yet carried out his experiments on the Skakdi, meaning they lack the usual elemental and vision powers. But, taking a little liberty with standard canon, with no experiments their mental focus hasn't been lowered, allowing them to use Kanohi



Here be monsters!


Name: LaYarteb

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

Appearance: A stocky-built figure, the usual silver of a Vortixx replaced with gold as a symbol of his ever-increasing wealth. He lets the tubes and ornaments of Vortixx headgear hang loose around his face like steely dreadlocks. The fingers on his left hand are long twisted claws. He favours the usual tricorn hat and longcoat fashionable around the area

Powers: Can manifest a rhotuka from his left hand, capable of making the target magnetically repulsive. The more charge, the more repellant

Equipment: Cutlass, Fireworks Revolver, Rhotuka launcher built into left hand

Biography: A former slave from Xia, he led a few of his fellows in a daring escape. Daring, but not entirely successful. Not many of his compatriots survived. He and the survivors fled to the southern isles, where they'd be free of any repercussions except the odd bounty hunter. With their aptitude for mechanics they made a roaring trade devising and selling weapons. Until LaYarteb decided he wanted a larger slice of the riches on offer. He subtly encouraged his fellow survivors to fight amongst themselves, getting them to stab each other in the back (literally in most cases) until only he and one other remained. One other who conveniently vanished a few days later. This was when LaYarteb went from making weapons to using them, equipping a few thugs with some of his best equipment and setting them loose anywhere rich enough to pay them to stop. It didn't take him long to earn enough for a ship, and from there it was a simple matter of plundering to his heart's content. He took the pseudonym LaYarteb and made his flag a pair of Xs to make sure everyone knew what sort of person they were dealing with, at least if they were smart enough to figure it out, and just kept building his powerbase from there.

He's a tricksy fellow, fond of making deals but never sticking to them. He has no problem treating anyone who agrees to serve him fairly, but anyone who thinks they're his equal had better watch their back. And their sides. And probably their front too, can't underestimate the stopping power of a knife to the gut.


Name: Nightmare in Daylight

Description: Craggy and rough looking, all odd-looking angles and strange twists. It takes a second glance to realise they're all cosmetic; that the Nightmare is just as streamlined in the water as any other ship, its just the deck thats spiked. That the two masts aren't crooked, the sails have been placed asymmetrically. The whole ship is a thing of deceit and trickery, just like its owner

Arsenal: Eight fixed position cordak launchers, four pointing out from each side of the ship down in the lower deck. A dozen large impact crystal launchers on the upper deck which can be rolled around to fire wherever is needed

Special Modifications: A system of altered Skyblasters that redirect heat from the lower decks and force it into the water around the ship, creating a shroud of mist and steam that hides the Nightmare from view



Name: Zavarian

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Appearance: A striking figure of red and burnished bronze, his mask in the shape of the classic Hau. Tends to wear a form of dress-armour that he thinks represents the splendour of the Makuta, and which everyone else thinks looks poncey. 

Powers: Elemental fire powers

Equipment: Double-headed axe. Kite shield capable of summoning a power-negation rhotuka. Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed

Biography: Zavarian has been a Toa as long as he can remember, as far as his memories go he's had no life but the one he's spent serving Bitil. And since its the only life he can ever imagine wanting, he's fine with that. 

While Zavarian lacks any real flair, preferring to just follow the orders Bitil gives him, he follows those orders with a certain methodical ruthlessness that is downright terrifying. If he's gets told to destroy a village, he'll reduce it rubble down to the foundations, if ordered to save a tribe he'll give his life to ensure not one of those Matoran gets so much as a single scratch. A man of extremes.

He has arrived in the southern islands with a force of Exo-Toa and Rahkshi donated by the Brotherhood of Makuta, along with whatever Toa, Skakdi, Vortixx and so on that he could recruit on the journey from Destral. From a fortified position on Skeres he sends his troops out on what he dubs "demonstrations" to annihilate pirate fleets, wipe out bands of brigands and so forth, to try and quash any potential threats and smooth the way for proper rule


Name: Velvet Glove

Description: An enormous three-masted affair, a great hulk of a warship complete with a cladding of armour. Its so large and heavy that its had pontoons affixed to the sides as stabilisers to stop it rolling over

Arsenal: Appropriately enough, fourteen Hagah Plasma Cannons emerging from the lower levels of the ship. The upper deck has a compliment of both firework rifles and Ghost Blasters as antipersonnel weaponry, since the Velvet Glove is tall enough to rain gunfire down on the decks of most other ships in the seas

Special Modifications: The stabilising pontoons have been made out of Kanoka protodermis and have properties similar to a Kakama, allowing the Velvet Glove to really move when it needs to 




  • BZP Rules apply, obviously.
  • No god-modding (e.g. controlling someone else's character, having your character do something impossible). And if someone god-modes against you, don't do it back, tell a Staffie.
  • This is a Text-Based RPG, so to join in you post what is basically a miniature story for what is currently happening to your character.
  • Don't bunny (meaning control extensively) other peoples characters without their permission.
  • No silliness such as suddenly firing cream pies from your ship's cannons. Believe me, it's not as funny as you think.
  • Don't glory hog or continuously degrade someone else's character.
  • Use IC for In-Character and OOC for Out-Of-Character.
    IC: The Toa leapt from ledge to ledge, escaping the enraged Rahi

    OOC: Hey Randommember1, care to join in?
  • Legendary (eg. Time and Life) and unique (eg. Light and Shadow) masks are given a blanket ban, but other masks will be dealt with on a case to case basis

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Posted Jan 22 2014 - 06:02 PM

City of the Lost


“Don’t be ridiculous. There is not hope of us returning. We are doomed to the pit forever. However, there are…variables we can use to make our stay…enjoyable.”


“You are an idiot. Of course there is no hope. There never was. However, if I may also use the word, it does go on, and when have you heard a sad, sad story when the monsters never stopped coming up with ideas?”




“Do sit down, Toa. We have much to discuss.”


“Why all the secrecy, Turaga? What has happened?” he said, as is smile faded. “This can’t be good, can it?”


“As I said, we have much to discuss.




The City lies deep underwater, resting on a chunk of a huge broken reef. It was once a thriving city, part of the Matoran Universe, but in the Great Cataclysm, the reef broke and the portion holding The City plummeted to the ocean floor, where it lies to this day. Many Matoran and Toa were lost in what is known to the residents of The City “The Sinking”. The only surviving Toa were a Toa of water, naturally, and a Toa of crystal. It was the Crystal Toa that created the barrier around The City, to keep out water and protect it. The Turaga of The City survived miraculously.


Unrealized by the city at that point, the Great Cataclysm had damaged another portion of the Matoran Universe: the gigantic underwater prison known as The Pit suffered major damage to the cells. Just about all the cells had been smashed, leaving their “contents” to freely roam the sea.     


The City is called “The City” mainly for one reason: it is a city and the citizens of it say it does not need a complicated name. The City was once called something different, when it was not completely submerged underwater, and with life so different underwater, no one had remembered the name and hardly remembered what it was like to be a “land dweller”.


The “dwellers of the deep”, or monsters from The Pit, fight something of a civil war with The City. It is unclear whether there is a reason for the pit residence’s hate for The City, except for Antak.




You are a resident of either The City, The Pit or a “land dweller” that so unfortunately ended up trapped in either of the two. Use your creativity to determine the fate of The City, whether good or bad. If you decide to play, your character may be chosen to attend and interact the meetings*, where all the important decisions for The City are made.




The City: The city is split into four districts, named “The 1st district”, “The 2nd district”, and so on. The 1st District covers the north-western part of The City, The 2nd District covers the south-eastern part of The City, the 3rd covering north-eastern, and the 4th covering south-western. The City is completely covered by a very thin layer of transparent, extremely strong, crystal. So strong that miraculously the pressure of the ocean does not make it cave in. There is an air lock in The 1st District, as a means of leaving The City. Just outside the airlock is a large number of Oxygen tanks containing the valuable oxygen farmed by The 1st District. The tanks are also used for emergencies where oxygen is needed.  


The 1st District is made up of mostly Ga and some Le matoran. This district farms oxygen from plants to supply the whole city. This is an essential chore, because The City is entirely underwater and burns through oxygen quickly.

The 2nd District is entirely Onu matoran. This part of The City is famous for it’s underwater mining. It provides solid protodermis for buildings, tools, weapons and whatever else The City needs.

The 3rd District is mainly Po-matoran and a few Ta-matoran. This district is the center of invention and producing. This district is responsible for creating and producing the tools, weapons and other instruments from the protodermis mined by The 2nd District.

The 4th District is has a considerably smaller population than the other three and a smaller area, but the jobs this district performs are big ones. The district is the head of enforcement for The City, the city historians and the city planners. It is also where the turaga of The City lives. The 4th District is often called “headquarters” because this district makes the a lot of the plans for the city, makes the announcements and holds the city meetings.


The Pit is located directly under where the city now lies. The Pit is very big, holding at least 700 cells, likely more. The pit is accesible through an obvious door in the ocean floor.


*The meetings


In the city meetings, two representatives from each district, usually the elected district leaders, comes to the meeting building in The 4th District. In the meeting, the district representatives discuss the matter in which they were all summoned, with the meeting being lead by the turaga of The City. When the meeting is over, the representatives and the turaga have discussed, listened to others speak and by the end figure out a reasonable solution for the problem. These meetings have been known to stretch out for hours long before the problem is “solved”, in which the representatives return back to their district and wait for the next day when the change is announced the next day by the turaga and the other district 4 leaders.  




All BZPower rules apply.


Respect the staff.

Don’t argue with the staff, be patient with the staff, etc. (Currently, the only staff is me; PM me if you’d like to be one.)


No cheating, metagaming or god-moding.

It takes the fun out of the game.


Post a profile before you play.

You have to post an approved profile before you can play. Simple as that.


IC and OOC

Remember to use the IC and OOC tabs. Keep OOC out of the playing topic as much as possible. A simple “open for interaction” is fine.




You may have a max of 5 characters. Profiles must be approved by me before you can play.




Name: (Bionicle sounding)

Species: (matoran, toa, turaga, or Pit Monster)

Gender: (male, female, unknown, none)

Alignment: (The City, The Pit residence)

Element: (no shadow, light, or psonics)

Weapons/tools: (if you plan to make a custom tool or a weapon, you must consult me before doing so. be reasonable with your choice, whether custom or not)

Powers: (if you plan to make a custom power, you must, again, consult me before doing so. again, be reasonable)

Mask: (not allowable for Pit Monster; if turaga mask must be noble, no Vahi, Avohkii, Kraahkan, Olmak, or Mask of Truth)

Weakness(es): (required)

History: (at least 2 sentences)

Appearance: (detailed description and/or picture)

Personality: (how does your character behave? How does it interact?)

Other info: (goals? Achievements? Not required)





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Posted Jan 22 2014 - 07:48 PM

The first sign that trouble was in the air came from a lonesome isle on the very edge of society. Lhikan, Metru Nui's farthest and most isolated colony. It was when a fisherman by the name of Aizar Shajs entered a local bar. Starved and half mad, he screamed of a massive storm that would bring the end of the world.
Naturally, the authorities explained it as a ramblings fueled by dehydration. The sailor was sent to a hospital and his words forgotten.

It was only two days before Lhikan was wiped from the face of the earth.

Once communication was lost between the Metru Nui and its colony, a small scout airship was sent to the area to see what had happened. After a month. the returned with news of a gigantic storm heading steadily north, which had nearly destroyed the zepplin and its crew. Chaos followed the storm's discovery.

Sea gates were closed, but to no avail. The storm blasted through anything trying to contain it. Within six months, half of the Southern Continent was swept under the sea. Desperate refugees had no choice but to flee north. With so many new mouths to feed, the land free from the storms slowly starved.

In a last ditch effort, the survivors tried to open the gate to Mata Nui. But mysteriously, it wouldn't open. They were trapped, and Matoran Universe was doomed to be swept into the water.



A bite sized Apocalypse RPG!


Story: After the Destiny War, peace came to the world. The Makuta were destroyed, Mata Nui was awakened, and a golden age of progress came to the Matoran. It was as all expected the future would be. The great realms of the Matoran, Metru Nui chief among them, spread forth to the south, Colonies farther and farther in the remote lands were established, sending wealth and resources north.


Two hundred years later, the doom came.


No one knew where it started, whether it was the wrath of Mata Nui, or the vengence of Makuta. It is a wall of wind and water, it is the Maelstrom. Covering all of the horizon, surging from the south, it consumes man and beast, earth and sky. Millions it has taken, and entire civilizations it has killed. It has killed the Nuva, scores of Toa, and the greatest scientists in the universe. All attempts at teleportation have faltered.


The storm has, by now, taken the southern edge of the Tren Krom Peninsula. Scores upon scores of beings now seek their final refuge in Metru Nui and Karzahni. Food is scarce, government is nonexistant. Armies of warlords fight over what remains, while a scarce number of beings cling to hope, and try to find ways to flee the doom beyond them. No one knows if Mata Nui is dead, asleep, or the cause of The Maelstorm. This is what remains of the modern world.


Gameplay: Gameplay in Maelstrom is simple. You either survive, try to thrive, or work to escape the Maelstrom. There are no staff factions, and few staff characters. It will be up to the players to decide whether the survivors do, in fact, survive. If the players choose to fight each other to the death, the storm will eventually wash over them all. The fate of the world is in the player's hands.


Locations: There are two locations, Metru Nui and Karzahni. Both are not at all different, and will be better defined by the players.


-Metru Nui: Metru Nui, once a thriving city with six distinct districts, is completely unrecognizable. Most building are burned, ruined, or otherwise ruined. Each block is densely packed, and filled with armed marauders. It is bad enough that it would take a trained eye to tell Ga-Metru from Ta-Metru.

-Karzahni: Seperated from Metru Nui by a vast sea, Karzahni, wiped clean by Toa Gali centuries ago, has been turned into a gigantic tent city by refugees. Fresh water wells, fields of foodcrop have been established by local warlords. But most are out of reach for the majority of the population. It is a more unstable place than Metru Nui, by far.


Faction Creation: Factions are easily created in Maelstrom. They are more akin to gangs, in truth. Each player is entitled to one faction per character, of any alignment and any type, with a limited amount of NPCs.


Name: (Your Faction's Name)

Location: (A Metru in Metru Nui. If in Karzahni, describe a camp where your group is to be located)

NPCs: (Factions will start with the high number of fity, with an extra fifty for every player. This will have to be updated with every player)

Membership Requirements: (What does it take to join your faction? Does the character have to be a certain species, or so forth?)

Misc: (Anything extra. Be it history or other interesting factoids)


Character Creation: Players are allowed an unlimited number of characters. There are, of course, rules.


Name: (Your character's name.)

Gender: (Male/Female/None/Unknown)

Species: (No Makuta, or those of other overpowered species. This includes Brutaka's species. Custom species allowed, with limits.)

Powers: (Kanohi/Elemental Powers. Custom elements allowed.)

Equipment: (Weapons, Masks, armor. All such items. No overpowered weapons and masks.)

Appearance: (What your character looks like)

Bio: (Your character's history. Make it believable)

Weakness: (At least one glaring weakness)


Rules: Rules and punishments.

1: No godmodding, auto-hitting, or other such offenses. Play it fair and polite. A proper description of these terms can be seen here.

2: Use the In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC) marks in every post.

3: Keep romance in humor limited.

4: Don't flame, spam, or troll.

5: Warnings are simple. First warning, your character will be harmed in-game. Second warning, your character is killed. Third warning, all characters are killed and the player is banned. Note that these will be preceeded by a verbal warning.

6: If two players and factions cannot decide who wins a battle, the staff decide.



-Rhaegar Targaryen (Game Master)

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen, Jan 22 2014 - 07:50 PM.

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