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What's your favorite Launcher?

favorite launcher collectables shooter

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76 replies to this topic

#41 Offline Kopekemaster

  • Members
  • Emerging Stone Champion

  • 22-October 11
  • 1,404 posts

Posted May 03 2014 - 08:27 AM



Actually I'd probably say the '01 McToran fling-arm kanoka discs, or, similarly, the Slizer fling arm things. They were fast, went pretty far, and were fairly easy to aim.


Unlike squids.

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#42 Offline Walking Stereotype

Walking Stereotype
  • Members
  • Destiny Fulfilled!

  • 10-July 09
  • 22,890 posts

Posted May 05 2014 - 08:39 AM

Midak all the way.


It was actually dangerous.


Ah, the days in which I would be hit in the face by those projectiles.

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#43 Offline Bluest-of-Jayys

  • Members
  • Scavenger Va

  • 25-March 07
  • 642 posts

Posted May 06 2014 - 09:52 PM

Kanoka disk launchers what what??


They were fun and classic collectibles, and since disks had been around since the time of the McToran, they had this old nostalgic Bionicle feel.


Second and third favorite launchers are the Cordak blasters and squid launchers respectively. Cordaks because they were like tiny nerf guns and I love miniatures, and squid launchers because I always thought they were really funny.


I lost a Rhoutuka spinner to the void behind our fridge once so I'm going to have to pass on that. :P

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#44 Online War Machine

War Machine
  • Members
  • Nuva Team Assembled

  • 25-April 14
  • 2,501 posts

Posted May 11 2014 - 10:20 AM

I'm voting the Midak, and then the Zamors. Midak, because of just how COOL it looks, and the range (One day at school, we were allowed to bring one toy in for the day. I took Phantoka Lewa, with a fully loaded skyblaster. My friend dared me to shoot it and see how far the ammo would go. It went all the way across the room.), and the Zamor because it's just so easy to incorporate into vehicles. Just look at the Swamp Strider and the Rockoh.

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#45 Offline ShadowWolfHount

  • Premier Member
  • Premier Members
  • Fluidic Master Nuva

  • 13-October 12
  • 1,317 posts

Posted May 12 2014 - 09:17 AM

Okay, I know that I don't like it and a lot of you as well but do anyone even like that squid launcher.

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#46 Offline BionicleBordeaux

  • Members
  • Turaga

  • 11-April 14
  • 67 posts

Posted May 12 2014 - 11:10 PM

Vakhi Kanoka discs.

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#47 Offline Tuuli

  • Members
  • Battling Makuta!

  • 13-January 14
  • 538 posts

Posted May 20 2014 - 09:42 AM

I enjoy the arms of the Tohunga because I have always been a fan of the original years and they are the most powerful and accurate in my opinion
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#48 Offline necross hordika

necross hordika
  • Members
  • Nuhvok-Kal Collapsed

  • 09-December 02
  • 4,366 posts

Posted May 22 2014 - 09:38 AM

I'm going with zamors, both original zamor launchrs and when fired with a thornax launcher.

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#49 Offline Toa Sialo

Toa Sialo
  • Members
  • Turaga

  • 25-May 14
  • 62 posts

Posted May 25 2014 - 11:58 PM

Cordak, Zamor or mistika sky blaster for me.

Edited by Toa Sialo, May 26 2014 - 12:17 AM.

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#50 Offline MyOwnCreator

  • Members
  • Tohunga

  • 13-June 14
  • 21 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 09:54 AM

The Rhotuka spinners were my favorite. I always had a fun time launching them and watching my cats chase after them. I also liked how far they travel when launched. That was the best part about them. 

What if the cats ate them?

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#51 Offline -Chronix Master of Stuff-

-Chronix Master of Stuff-
  • Members
  • Descending into Protodermis

  • 14-June 14
  • 1,094 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 06:08 PM

Probably doesn't count as a launcher as such, but the 2001 Matoran were great at disc throwing. They were accurate and had good distance. I also really like the Midak Skyblasters, since they can hold 4 zamor spheres, and they look good - However sometimes the trigger could be a bit stiff and thus hard to use. The worst would probably have to be the squid launchers. I've never had one myself, but I've heard some bad things about them.

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#52 Offline Collector1

  • Members
  • Armored Protector

  • 06-August 10
  • 310 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 07:13 PM

The Midak Skyblasters and the 2004 disk launchers.

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#53 Offline N.S.M.8

  • Members
  • Toa

  • 06-August 13
  • 199 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 08:16 PM

I liked the Matoran arms and the exo-toa rocket.  With the exeption of Takadox and Nocturn, I didn't have any sets after 2004, so I can't comment on their launchers.

I still don't know how to make the squid launcher work properly.


Edited by N.S.M.8, Jun 14 2014 - 08:17 PM.

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#54 Offline Oroki

  • Members
  • Seeker

  • 29-May 14
  • 214 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 08:46 PM

The Midak Skyblasters where way too heavy for the sets, and so were the Corda blasters. I think I like the rohtuka spinners the best, because they worked really well and the effect was much more interesting than shooting something in a straight line. I didn't use them often though, because they would always get lost somewhere.


The matoran disk lauchers had something amiable about them. Idk why.

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#55 Offline HyperAxon

  • New Members
  • Inhabitant

  • 14-June 14
  • 1 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 11:01 PM

Zamor, They actually do pretty well, plus I was able to use those on my lego NXT when I was into that! :D

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#56 Offline Constructman

  • Members
  • Mask of Light Unveiled

  • 19-July 12
  • 5,281 posts

Posted Jun 14 2014 - 11:24 PM

Zamor. They generally went where you aimed them at (unlike the rhotuka), they were small and light enough for most sets (unlike the midak), they had substantial distance to them (unlike the nynrah and some particularly bad disk launchers), and they never misfired (unlike the Cordak). My only complaint was that you can't hold them upside down; the thornax launcher solves this due to there being no upside fown, but with the Zanor, you could attach several clips to it to effectively make it an artillery cannon while the thronax is adamantly single shot.
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#57 Offline _Macku_

  • New Members
  • Inhabitant

  • 21-June 14
  • 16 posts

Posted Jun 21 2014 - 05:52 PM

Rhotuka and the McToran's thrower arms.  The Rhotuka because of their distance, and the thrower arms because they were placed on their respective users in the cleverest way, save maybe the visorak's RHOTUKA.

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#58 Offline Tahu3.0

  • Members
  • Scavenger Va

  • 18-April 14
  • 644 posts

Posted Jun 24 2014 - 06:52 PM

Zamor Launcher inika 2006

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#59 Offline boston100

  • Members
  • Stalwart Defender

  • 28-July 12
  • 401 posts

Posted Jun 30 2014 - 08:37 PM

rhotukas disk throws on matorans arm or midak.

least favourite where the marhi ones. they looked cool but they couldent shoot more then a cm

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#60 Offline MetaToa

  • Members
  • Tohunga

  • 30-June 14
  • 52 posts

Posted Jun 30 2014 - 11:26 PM

I like Cordak Blasters (don't stone me) for their story and build, but Rhotuka Spinners for their memories.

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#61 Offline Smarty35

  • Members
  • Toa

  • 03-July 14
  • 148 posts

Posted Jul 04 2014 - 03:22 PM

The Cordak blasters were pretty cool, since they had inner workings. But still, for the sheer fun of shooting, it's the Rhotuka.

Honorable Mention: those shadow-leech-balls on the Makuta Phantoka. Always fun to do a dive-bomb attack, plus they look really cool inside the Makuta.

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#62 Offline The Swimming Beard

The Swimming Beard
  • Premier Member
  • Premier Members
  • Strange But Not A Stranger

  • 05-April 12
  • 2,260 posts

Posted Jul 04 2014 - 10:15 PM

For appearance, Midak Syblasters. However, to fire, I would choose Rhotukas, because who doesn't love spinning flying disks?

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#63 Offline Bionicleforever 12

Bionicleforever 12
  • Members
  • Inhabitant

  • 04-July 14
  • 5 posts

Posted Jul 06 2014 - 04:43 PM

Rhotuka spnners all the way I love seeing them fly all about :P 

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#64 Offline Shadow Destroyer

Shadow Destroyer
  • Premier Member
  • Premier Outstanding BZP Citizens
  • Ice Warrior

  • 03-August 08
  • 1,993 posts
  •   Outstanding BZPower Citizen

Posted Jul 07 2014 - 05:24 PM

I really liked the Thornax launcher! It was small, but also worked very well. 

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#65 Offline Furiosa's Sidekick

Furiosa's Sidekick
  • Premier Member
    BioniLUG Member
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  • 23-July 02
  • 6,772 posts
  •   Retired Staff

Posted Jul 07 2014 - 06:03 PM

I can only judge from my own hands-on experience, but I have to say the Rhotuka launchers are up there, tied with the original Matoran arms. The arms had the best accuracy to complexity of use ratio IMO. Rhotuka was easier to use, but it was difficult to get it where you wanted to go. Despite that, there's very little negative things I can say about those little spinners. 

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#66 Offline Rooster Nui

Rooster Nui
  • Premier Member
  • Premier Members
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  • 15-October 12
  • 1,096 posts

Posted Jul 15 2014 - 09:08 AM

Rhotuka spinner launcher is my favorite. It was extremely enjoyable to use and you could make custom launchers of your own without much of a problem. They were also simple to make and easy to use once you got the hang of it.

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#67 Offline Toa Eddy

Toa Eddy
  • Members
  • Inhabitant

  • 24-June 14
  • 12 posts

Posted Jul 15 2014 - 01:33 PM

Midak Skyblaster. It's very powerful and effective aganist Makuta(because it shoots spheres of light).

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#68 Offline randomreviewerbros

  • Members
  • Swarm Scavenger

  • 22-February 13
  • 678 posts

Posted Jul 15 2014 - 06:23 PM

I really liked the Thornrax launchers, they were easy to aim and had great accuracy compared to some of the others

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#69 Offline Fang RRB

Fang RRB
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  • 23-July 14
  • 66 posts

Posted Jul 24 2014 - 05:44 AM

Kanoka Disc with the Toa Metru

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#70 Offline Matoran woofs

Matoran woofs
  • New Members
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  • 16-July 14
  • 2 posts

Posted Jul 24 2014 - 10:36 AM

Rhotuka spinners are my personal favorites
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#71 Offline KopakaFan116

  • Members
  • Toa

  • 03-April 14
  • 131 posts

Posted Jul 24 2014 - 10:59 AM

Probably for me it would be the midak skyblaster,
because I got it with one of the first Bionicle sets I
ever got, Toa Phantoka Pohatu, so it kind of has a
special place in my heart, (and also they're just
plain cool)!

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#72 Offline Micro Nuju

Micro Nuju
  • Members
  • Inhabitant

  • 31-May 07
  • 15 posts

Posted Jul 24 2014 - 03:41 PM

Mine is definitely the Rhotuka spinner. You've got to love launching those on a windy day and seeing them fly!

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#73 Offline Lewa: Master of Jungle

Lewa: Master of Jungle
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  • 09-August 07
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Posted Jul 24 2014 - 06:55 PM

I'm quite partial to the Kanoka Launchers, although the Zamor Launchers are surely my favorite design wise.



If I had to choose, I'd probably choose Kanoka because something about the look of Vakama's Firey-jetpack-disk-launcher just hit all the right things to make me like it

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#74 Offline DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled
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  • 22-July 14
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Posted Jul 27 2014 - 08:54 AM

In terms of functionality, this is how I'd rank them (From most to least): 

1. Kanoka Disk launcher: It's the perfect blend of range and accuracy!

2. Midak Sky blaster: It was quite heavy for poor Lewa nuva and he would always fall down while Pohatu laughed at him

3. Zamor Sphere launcher: The inika magazine didn't work well, the top ball would fall out if you aimed it but at least it had good range. 

4. Rhotuka Launcher: It was freaking amazing to pull the cord and watch it whiz around the house but... I lost one rhotuka to the roof. I think it's still there. 

5. Thornax Launcher: The jaws looked bad but it served its purpose and I like that the ammo is rubber so it doesn't hurt to get hit in the eye compared to the plastic zamors.

6. Cordak Blaster: I liked the gatling gun design but I never liked how the ball joint could easily break or the one centimetre range. 

7. Squid Launcher: This was an idea that should NOT have made the final cut. The ammo could not be launched without knocking the model over or dropping it. 

8. Kohlii Stick: I bought the 2003 Macku set and I remember seeing Macku throw her puck by twisting her gear on the box. I built her as soon as I got home and when I twisted the gear, the puck just fell down without moving a single millimetre. 

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#75 Offline Element Lord of Milk

Element Lord of Milk
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  • 17-January 06
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Posted Jul 28 2014 - 04:59 PM

Midak skyblaster, definitely. All the others never seemed to hold their ammo very well.

Runner up would be the Thornax launchers for being compact.

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#76 Offline doodleloot

  • BioniLUG Member
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  • 30-April 14
  • 582 posts

Posted Jul 28 2014 - 05:37 PM

The Midak Skyblaster, it had the most accuracy and looked pretty neat. A close second would be the Thronax Launcher though, Thornax fruits are awesome.

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#77 Offline Lean Lego

Lean Lego
  • Members
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  • 01-August 14
  • 474 posts

Posted Aug 03 2014 - 01:09 AM

Thornax launcher because it was lightweight, easy to use, and just generally fun to play with.

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