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Sentrakh Cheating the RS?

Sentrakh Red Star TSO

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#1 Offline Infrared

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Posted Jan 19 2014 - 02:17 PM

TSO is said to have performed experiments on Sentrakh in an attempt to make the DHs more loyal, but in the process his state of being was changed so that he inhabits a "shadow state" between life and death. Also, in the Dark Hunter book, TSO says that "[p]erhaps someday, if I am feeling charitable, I will free him from his current empty existence . . . and repay his gift of life with my gift of death," which seems to mean TSO could remove Sentrakh from his shadow state and kill him whenever he wanted. How do you think this was achieved?

One idea that's sort of out there is that TSO assigned Sentrakh to protect him (to make that his final goal in life), then made Sentrakh don a Mask of Undeath before somehow siphoning all of his life force into it, killing him. Then, when Sentrakh came back, he would have all the life force he did while living, but would be wholly dedicated to TSO. This would also explain how TSO could release Sentrakh from his shadow state and kill him: by simply removing his Kanohi. Of course, there is one large problem with this theory: Sentrakh doesn't wear a Kanohi... perhaps it is fused to his head? :P

Any thoughts?

Edited by Infrared, Jan 19 2014 - 02:19 PM.

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#2 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jan 19 2014 - 03:59 PM

Powers need not rely on Kanohi. He may have used a device with the power of Undeath in it, but modified how it's charged. If it's a Mask of Undeath, the rules we got canonized are clear; he would have to wear it a certain amount of time in life and then be undead only for that equal total of time; the moment that wore out, his undead state would turn to just plain dead. But we've seen the rules for Kanoka and Tool powers work differently than the specific rules for masks of the same power, so that's possible.


But somehow having a connection between his state of undeath and the mask would make sense. If I recall correctly Sentrakh was our main inspiration for that mask.


I highly doubt he's literally wearing a mask fused to him, but it's possible, I suppose, in a Hordika-style way.


Another possibility is that it's a different power that TSO discovered. Still another might be that it's not a power at all but perhaps a "hack" of the way his protodermis 'cells' are programmed so they no longer imitate life accurately; a downside to pay for the upside of being apparently impossible to 'kill'. I tend to lean more toward something like this, achieved with some luck involved, so TSO isn't able to replicate the hack, explaining why there's just one undead guy like this. Could be wrong about that point though.

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#3 Offline fishers64

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Posted Jan 19 2014 - 05:28 PM

It's possible that Sentrakh's spirit inhabits an entirely mechanical form, which cannot truly die, much like a robot. All TSO would have to do would be to place Sentrakh's spirit in an organic form and kill it, thus making him dead. 


Or maybe Sentrakh is just a spirit attached to a mask (much like Mata Nui was when he traveled through space) that was fused with a mechanical form.  Apparently in Bionicle there are ways to separate the spirit from the body without killing the body the spirit was in, like the Kanohi Iden. I imagine that something like that might have been used to separate Sentrakh's spirit from a standard organic lifespan.

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#4 Offline Baron Von Nebula

Baron Von Nebula
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Posted Jan 20 2014 - 08:42 PM

TSO isn't able to replicate the hack, explaining why there's just one undead guy like this. Could be wrong about that point though.


I think it was stated that the process completely wiped Sentrahk's memory, and that the process wasn't replicated because of the difficulty in completely re-educating a being.

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