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Gangs of Metru Nui Profiles

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#1 Offline Padishah Mehmet II

Padishah Mehmet II
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 02:16 PM

This, my friends, is where all approved profiles are reposted. I'm going to ask you guys to have one post to contain all your profiles and edit it whenever a new profile of yours is approved.

Profile List

Toatapio Nuva

The Lorax

Yoko Littner

Dr. O

Totally Prodigious Artist

Toa Levacius Zehvor



Norik of Gielinor


Mr. House



Staff NPCs


Name: Swordshifter (originally Elan)

Gender: Male (reportedly)

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Hau

Element: The Green

Faction: Blades (Leader)

Appearance: Rumor has it (because few men have ever actually seen him) that this Toa of the Green has a tall, lanky build, and a noticeable scar across his mask’s left-hand side. Another rumor speaks of an amulet in the shape of an ash bear’s head, apparently given to the Toa by a long-lost comrade. His armor is a mixture of the colors green and blue, the Kanohi, hands and feet being blue and the rest being green.

Powers: Nothing aside from his natural Toa powers of controlling plantlife and his Kanohi power of shielding.

Equipment: Two katanas fashioned from Xian protosteel.

Skills: Swordshifter is an excellent swordfighter, as evidenced by his choice of nickname, and rather experienced in matters of hacking and various other forms of computing.

Weaknesses: He is simply tragic with a bow.

Bio: Swordshifter’s real name, although known only to a select few people, is Elan. Originally a Bo-Matoran from the Southern Continent, Elan came to Metru Nui about two years after the end of the Order of Mata Nui-Brotherhood of Makuta war, and became a Toa under unclear circumstances. Around this time Elan was recruited into a mercenary company known as the Silver Bloods. It is also around this time that any record of him disappears entirely for the next ten years. Ten years later, he is abruptly once again mentioned in governmental documents as a suspect for the murder of his best friend, a Vortixx by the name of Ria. Around this time, Elan is once again living in poverty, having failed to successfully establish himself with the Silver Bloods and, soon enough, he is recruited by a local gang known as the Blades that would soon become something much, much more dangerous. By a series of assassinations of Turaga, Swordshifter, as he now called himself, established himself as the uncrowned king of the Metru Nuian crime world, threatened only by reforms in government and his former comrade, Vengeance.

Name: Vengeance (real name unknown)

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Mask of Charisma

Element: Fire

Faction: Fury (Leader)

Appearance: This tall, handsome Toa of Fire’s armor is a swirling, almost chaotic mixture of the colors black and red, mixing in such a way that no actual pattern seems to be there. His mask, however, is entirely red, golden lights glimmering in his eyeholes.

Powers: His elemental powers to control fire and his mask power, which allows him to subtly change a target’s perception of events and ideas.

Equipment: Vengeance wields a spear as his melee weapon and a Lightstone Rifle as his ranged weapon, using these two interchangeably.

Skills: Vengeance is extremely skilled in various sorts of combat, as well as the arts of circumlocution and other sorts of verbal trickery. He is a persuasive, charming sort of personality, and not only due to his mask power - he commands the true and honest loyalty of most of the Fury.

Weaknesses: Vengeance, due to some unclear reasons, is downright dreadful with any sort of relatively advanced tech. Don’t let him near a computer if you don’t want it to explode.

Bio: Vengeance’s origins are unclear to the Circle, and to most other people as well - the majority of the members of the Fury and the Blades who knew him before he joined the latter are now long dead due to a particular habit of living dangerously. Vengeance is a charismatic, well-liked leader, who commands much respect and admiration from his men for bravely fighting alongside them, often in the front lines of battle, and often taking his time to talk to even the lowest runts in the Fury’s ranks.

Name: Vakama

Gender: Male

Species: Turaga

Kanohi: Noble Huna, Mask of Concealment

Element: Fire

Faction: Circle (Leader)


Powers: A barely-there grasp of his former Elemental Fire energies and the fleeting ability to use his Noble Huna to cloak himself from view.

Equipment: Vakama wields his old Badge of Office, his Firestaff, as his equipment.

Skills: Vakama is a skilled negotiator and orator, and has cultivated quite a bit of goodwill with the Matoran thanks to his years and years of service. He is also quite a bit stronger than he looks, though age has sapped much of the power he once held and his transition from Toa to Turaga did the rest. (See Weaknesses.)

Weaknesses: As a Turaga of particularly advanced age, Vakama does not have the endurance or power to withstand continued assault. If left without an escape option, he is a sitting duck.

Bio: A practical legend in his own right from his past as a Toa Metru and Turaga of Mata Nui, Vakama watched one by one as all the Turaga - all his brothers and sisters, his oldest friends - died around him. When Matau went, already driven half out of his mind in darkness and paranoia, Vakama revitalized the Circle and formed it in his own image - a coalition of the brightest military mights, economic scholars, and charismatic public representatives. While the gangs slowly eat up more and more of Metru Nui, Vakama has taken more of an active role in the governance on his councils, especially when it comes to undoing the conquests of Po-Metru and his home of Ta-Metru.

Name: Nuadh

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Kanohi: N/A

Element: Skakdi of Magnetism

Faction: Northwinds (Leader)

Appearance: Nuadh, as with most Skakdi, stands taller than a Toa. Unlike most Skakdi, Nuadh stands taller than his own race, too. While mentally far from the stereotypical Skakdi, Nuadh very much looks the part. Taller than the average member of his own race by a head, every inch of his form is muscle, built for athleticism and conflict. His armor is steel gray with the slightest tint of blue, rarely noticed underneath the scratches and dings that have accumulated over the years. The trademark grin of his species is somewhat downplayed, ranging from a frown to a vaguely satisfied grin under most circumstances, set beneath two vibrant orange eyes.

Powers: In conjunction with another member of his species, Nuadh has access to his element. Without it, he possess Impact Vision, and a remarkable durability similar to that of one of his fellows, Reidak, though by all appearances, he lacks the ability to adapt after each fight.

Equipment: Nuadh's equipment varies, but one constant remains; a battered and scratched protosteel longsword, a relic from a thousand fights. His armament is often supplmented by devices such as knuckledusters and daggers. When taking to the battlefield for anything for than a skirmish, he often makes use of a Hagah Plasma Cannon.

Skills: Nuadh isn't all that book smart, but he is very, very clever. He tends to be very good at rallying his own troops, and his skill in combat is incredible, honed by years of battle both before and during his time on Metru Nui.

Weaknesses: Nuadh's most notable weakness lies in his relative lack of powers. When you reside on a battlefield where many combatants can spew fire or lightning at a whim, relying on another ally to be able to do the same is a very large flaw. As such, his skill at using his element is limited to broad applications.

Bio: Nuadh grew up on Zakaz, and as such, has been fighting for most of his life. Opportunity eventually came in the form of a trade vessel that stopped at the island, one that was hiring guards. Nuadh signed on with no regrets, and at the voyage's end, found himself in Metru Nui just before the formation of the Blades. With the level of animosity he found, and the Circle's subseqent crackdown, it should be no real surprise that he ended up in conflict with both the law and the lawless. What did come as a surprise, at least to he Circle, was his ability to draw others to his cause. Within a few weeks he had a small crew, within a month a gang, and within three months he had formed the Northwinds. Though originally a banner for the downtrodden foreigners, it has become something of a group for the downtrodden in general, be it by the other gangs or by the Circle.


Dov's Personal Characters

Name: Thaldrix
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: Powerless Noble Huna
Element: Fire
Faction: Circle
Appearance: Thaldrix is a Matoran of small stature and of the improved Mata Nuian build, as is typical for the "natives" of Metru Nui. His armor is mostly colored in various shades of red.
Powers: N/A
Equipment: He carries a disk launcher purely for self-protection.
Skills: Thaldrix is clever. Excessively clever. His skills with numbers and deception are extremely handy in his line of work as the chief of Metru Nui's intelligence operations department, and a member of the Circle itself.
Weaknesses: Thaldrix is very inefficient and weak in a fight. Counting on him to defeat anything would be naive to say the least.
Bio: Thaldrix, being one of Metru Nui's original inhabitants, was always part of a privileged, dominant group. However, in the end, it was his own personal qualities - cleverness, a tendency to make the best of any situation, and a thorough disregard for the means necessary to achieve an end - that put him where he is today. It is said that his first step towards power was a borderline illegal action that attracted the attention of Metru Nui's higher ups - as the owner of a small artisan workshop in Ta-Metru, he began to deal in secret information, bribing members of various gangs to provide him with their plans, which he'd then sell right back to their opponents in other gangs. Aside from these actions hastening the city's rapid consolidation into three gangs and not a dozen, Thaldrix was also deemed a viable asset by the Circle, who invited him to work for them. Another couple of months later, he had proven so valuable that they accepted him as a member of the Circle itself, being put in charge of matters of secret intelligence and covert operations.

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#2 Online Toatapio Nuva

Toatapio Nuva
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 02:40 PM


Gender: Male

Species: Ta-Matoran

Kanohi: Powerless Miru

Element: Innate fire. Bestows heat resistance.

Faction: The Fury

Appearance: A Ta-Matoran with red torso and blue feet, hands and mask. Very athletic and slim.

Equipment: A sharp katana-like sword.

Skills: Miira is an excellent strategist and a good melee fighter.

Weaknesses: Although skilled in battle, he is no greater than average in any of the different aspects of fighting, such as speed and strength. His Matoran stature also makes it harder for him to stand up against beings vastly more powerful than himself.

Bio: Miira is the teacher of his own combat school. Before the destruction of Karda Nui, Miira and his students were visiting Metru Nui for new equipment, but got stranded there once the catastrophe occurred. Miira has since gone through a lot to survive on the new, harsher city of legends. He lives in Ta-Metru, where he still teaches his students.



Gender: Male

Species: Fe-Toa

Kanohi: Kanohi Kestu, Mask of Durability

Element: Iron

Faction: The Circle

Appearance: Leraj is a bulky Toa of the average height. He wears a lot of armor which hinders agility. His armor comes in shades of black and grey, but the natural Toa armor underneath is dark red.

Equipment: Plasma Blaster, which can be used to shoot balls of hot plasma. The blaster has a recharge time, during which its usage will be less effective and produces less plasma.

Powers: Iron. Wears the Kanohi Kestu, which can be used to make inanimate objects more durable.

Skills: Very strong and persistent. Has great skill with his Plasma Blaster, and satisfactory aim.

Weaknesses: Leraj is quite slow and is less of a fighter in aerial conditions. He is also antisocial which means he mostly fights by himself, making him easier to take down.

Bio: Leraj was once a Matoran living on a floating island until he was transformed into a Toa by the island’s leader. He was immediately sent on quests with a team of other Toa and they successfully completed them all. After this the team was separated and each member was assigned to a location in the Matoran Universe to guard it. Leraj was sent to the Northern Continent.


When Karda Nui was destroyed, Leraj traveled to Metru Nui to assist the Matoran there. He eventually got stranded there when the Sea Gates were closed. He sided with the Circle, believing it to benefit justice.



Gender: Male

Species: Ko-Toa

Kanohi: Hau, Mask of Shielding

Element: Ice

Faction: The Blades

Appearance: A standard Toa of ice with white and gray armor, though apparently worn.

Equipment: Battle axe

Powers: Ice. Shielding through the Hau.

Skills: Has a lot of experience and has taken down many foes before.

Weaknesses: His age begins to show. His physical abilities are not what they used to be.

Bio: Vilu was part of a Toa team that succeeded in saving the Southern Continent long ago. However, their victory came with a drawback: half of the team was killed. Grief-striken, the remaining Toa of the team split up. Vilu left to protect other lands and travelled for thousands of years, gaining experience and more accurate control over his powers and skills. He eventually ended up in Metru Nui just before Karda Nui was destroyed.

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#3 Online Krayzikk

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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 02:48 PM

Additionally, this isn't where approvals go; profiles are approved in discussion and stored here.

(I'll use this post for profiles of mine, in the event that I need a place to store some.)

Name: Vanir
Gender: Male
Species: Jerbraz's Species
Kanohi: N/A
Element: N/A
Faction: Unaffiliated, technically, but shows preference to the Northwinds, and grudging respect to the Fury.
Appearance: Vanir does not break from this mold. Like most of his race, he has a similar build to that of a Toa, but a good head and shoulders taller, with a few inch height advantage on the average Skakdi, and on par with most Vortixx. He isn't built as solid in appearance, however, as most Toa, looking a bit lighter and significantly more nimble. Nevertheless, he is almost all muscle, and is with regards to strength roughly on the same level as the average Toa. However, this is where most of the similarities end. Vanir's base armor is the same color as smoke, and in different lights, it almost seems to differ slightly in hue, as if it was ever changing. The upper levels of his armor, however, are where things become truly strange. His outer armor levels are almost glasslike in appearance, taking the smoky gray base below and lightening it a few shades, before making it slightly translucent. Oddest of all, however, is its opacity; More noticeable near the edges, and progressively less present as one's gaze moves inward, the armor seems almost like it's not totally opaque, and if one looks really closely, they can almost see through it. Combined, the effect lends itself to the appearance of a being wreathed in a constantly shifting ever so slightly in shade and appearance, while his color scheme allows him to easily blend into Metru Nui's streets. His face seems made for grinning, with deep green eyes set above a perpetual half-smile.
Powers: Most who knew him believed Jerbraz' condition to be the result of the experiments performed on him. Truthfully, this is only half correct. All members of his species possess the ability to alter the opacity of their body, anywhere from completely opaque to completely transparent, and thus invisible. The two ends of the spectrum are the most commonly used, as traditionally they are the only ons with any real practical purpose, but in Metru Nui's streets, even the halfway point allows for stellar camoflage. This ability extends to any equipment he carries with him, but unlike Kanohi with similar abilitis, Vanir can extend this power to up to one additional individual, provided he maintains constant contact.
Equipment: Vanir carries relatively little with him, unsurprising considering the lifestyle he leads. At any one time he might be carrying a few days of dried rations, basic medical supplies, and other items needed to help stay alive. He does, however, have a few items he always has with him. First of all, his pack; a battered, beaten backpack-like bag that maximizes the space it offers to carry all of his supplies, as well as a sleeping bag.

For weaponry, he carries several small knives, which function both as tools and as weapons, as well as a medium length protosteel longsword sheathed at his hip. The one unusual item he owns is a six-shot revolving pistol, bartered for from a former Nynrah Ghost in the early stages of the city's breakdown. It functions similarly to a Cordak blaster, but on a much smaller scale; each shot must be manually cocked, and it has to be manually reloaded after it runs out. While decent at close to mid range, its accuracy becomes several degraded out past about fifteen meters.
Skills: Vanir, when he wants to be, is unparalleled in the arena of stealth. Even without the use of his ability, his armor allows him to blend in to Metru Nui's streets with ease, and he is quite practiced at moving silently. When his ability is taken into account, he is capable of becoming a nigh on imperceptible phantom. Similarly, he is a good pickpocket, a trait necessary for his lifestyle. He's a decent swordsman and a good shot with his revolver, but if he can help it, he'd rather not put either skill to the test. If he has to fight, he'd rather taken them out before he's noticed.

After all, a fair fight should be the other guy's problem.
Weaknesses: While Vanir could be outmatched by a more skilled opponent, he can hold his own against most. Instead, his weakness lies within his ability; When injured or exhausted, it is much more difficult for him to be able to achieve full transparency. While doing so for extended lengths of time isn't usually an issue, if you catch him after a long, drawn out fight, it's going to be more difficult. On a similar note, once something leaves his person, it is no longer effected. If he is bleeding, once that blood is no longer in contact with him, it becomes instantly visible.
Bio: Vanir grew up a street urchin in one of the Northern Continent's more crowded cities; It was never the wealthiest place, and he learned early on how to use his powers to steal enough to get by. Despite this, he always had a strong moral code; He took only from those who could afford it, and only what he couldn't live without. Oftentimes, the odd loaf of bread or few widgets weren't even noticed, or were written off as simply being misplaced. When the Destiny War rolled around, he eagerly signed on to help beat the Brotherhood back, and it was during this time that he learned to make use of his weapons.

After the Destiny War, however, he found that he didn't really want to go back to being a pickpocket. He decided to travel for the City of Legends to make an honest living, but unfortunately, he soon found he wasn't the only one with that idea. Though he himself was in the initial wave, he quickly found that the jobs he used to work were quickly being given to more desperate immigrants, those willing to work for less. When the gang violence started to breakk out, Vanir didn't take a side; instead, he fell back on the skills that had kept him alive in the past. Even in a war-ravaged city there were opportunities. Ga-Metru was a frequent target, but he wasn't picky; If he found a stash of food or supplies, and there was enough to spare, he'd take enough to keep himself going a few days. With the advent of the Northwinds, he hasn't needed to resort to thievery as much; They usually have supplies to be given or otherwise sold at a price he can afford. Nevertheless, he has up until now refused to join any one faction for reasons known only to himself.

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?

  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG

#4 Offline The Lorax

The Lorax
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 04:41 PM

Name: Hatann

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Faction: Blades

Powers: As is normal for a Skakdi, Hatann has three powers:

1.    The element of gravity, which he can only use when working with another Skakdi or when channeled through a special weapon.

2.    Laser vision

3.    Hatann’s third power is the same as that of the rahi known as Tunnelers. This means that he can transmute his body into any substance he is in physical contact with.

Appearance: He almost completely black, with a few strokes of purple around his face and spine, which resemble Zaktan’s in shape. His eyes (and by extension, his eyebeams) are also purple. He bears a purple tattoo on each of his shoulders in the shape of a catapult scorpion, and indeed, the resemblance is strong, both physically and in temperament. He is heavily armoured and above average size for a Skakdi. He prides himself on his brute strength.

Biography: Hatann hails from the island of Zakaz, the home of the Skakdi. There, he wasn’t truly part of any of the warring tribes, though he had dealings with many. He was an infiltrator/killer for hire, though he would often turn on his employers if the intended victim was willing to pay more. Wherever he killed, he left a tablet bearing a silhouette of a catapult scorpion, a rahi he admired for their power, their cunning, their savagery and the fear they inspired, all traits he wishes to build in himself.

Eventually, he got so good at his work that he attracted the attention of the Dark Hunters, and was recruited to the organisation around 35,000 BGC. While working for them, he was codenamed “The Jaga” after the scorpions that fascinated him, and specialised in retrieving well-guarded objects and beings.

Hatann has remained as a ruthlessly effective Dak Hunter ever since, and even more so once the Brotherhood of Makuta fell, leaving The Shadowed One’s agents unchecked.

Most recently, Hatann travelled to Metru Nui to kill a being who had made trouble for the Hunters, but was stranded there when the sea gates were barricaded shut. While he waits for things to open up again, Hatann has taken an interest in local events. At the end of this, someone is going to come out on top, and that might as well be the someone who best fits with the Dark Hunter agenda. Who knows, maybe The Shadowed One will finally get that Metru Nui base he went to war for millennia ago.

That means, of course, the Blades. Being an organisation similar to the Hunters in many ways, they were the natural choice for Hatann to throw his weight behind. He has lent his skills and expertise to the new gang, and profited somewhat from doing so. Life is good.


·         A large black mace with sliver spikes. It allows him to channel his elemental powers independently of another Skakdi. This was a reward after his first successful mission for the Dark Hunters.

·         A multi-shot zamor launcher which uses two types of spheres:

o   Darkness spheres, which, when fired, will cloak the area in a thick and impenetrable darkness. These can help with surprise attacks or a quick escape. These spheres are black.

o   Explosive spheres, which do pretty much what the name implies. He carries a variety of these so that he can match the size of the explosion to the occasion. They are purple.

The Launcher has been modified so that the zamors do not have to be fired in the order they were loaded. A small switch next to the trigger determines which of the two types will be fired.

  • Hatann keeps a bottle of water, a few rocks, a small vial of acid, a box of matches, a lightstone, a small knife and some rope on him wherever he goes. As a Dark Hunter, he often needed to use whatever he can find around him to solve problems, so it pays to keep a few bits and bobs close to hand. You never know when these things might come in handy.
  • A backpack to carry around all of the above.
  • For transport, Hatann rides a large black motorcycle designed along the lines of the Destral Cycle.

Personality: Hatann is said to be as nasty as the catapult scorpion whose image he bears. He is brazenly selfish, delights in brutality, and will shoot at just about anything, so long as he can see a payoff in it. When he has nothing to do, he gets cranky(er), but as the vahki would say, ‘a busy Hatann is a happy Hatann’.

His relations with the other Blades are somewhat tenuous – he is always wondering how he might benefit from their deaths.

Skills/Strengths: Living for many thousands of years as a hitman on Zakaz and then later as a Dark Hunter, Hatann has served to sharpen Hatann’s mind and skills razor sharp. He’s strong, fast and cunning, being able to quickly form strategies and adapt to new situations. He is a master of his chosen weapons, be they magical or physical.
Weaknesses: As a Skakdi, Hatann can only use his elemental power when working with another Skakdi or channelling it through a special weapon. This means that if he were to lose his mace and be caught alone, he would lose the best part of his power. In spite of his physical prowess, he is vulnerable to mental attack.


Name: Paerau

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Faction: The Circle

Element: Ice

Kanohi: Avsa

Appearance: Paerau is a stout-figured toa, with a patchwork of colours on his armour, mostly greys and sand blue. The little white that the toa of ice does have is on his avsa, around the mouthpiece and fangs of the mask. His eyes are blue, but appear to be a long way back inside his mask, almost sunken.  They look down a lot, rather than out at the world.

Bio: Paerau administrates the “rehabilitation centres” beneath the coliseum. As a long-standing, loyal servant of Metru Nui’s government, his dedication to the position and the government has never wavered. He is actually in immigrant himself, though that was dozens of millennia before the Great Cataclysm, for few remember it, and he considers himself a native.

After a long time, the bleak nature of the place has worn away at him, and left him without much belief in people.  They had been living the dream, with all of the Makuta gone, peace and prosperity reigning, and look where it all got them – all fighting each other over as little as a chunk of bread, with no true heroes left, just vicious leaders fighting for personal power. There’s not really much hope left for them, he has concluded, but he continues to do his job nonetheless. After all, it keeps him safe and fed. If other people out there are desperate, then that’s too bad for them. He’s looking out for himself, because that’s all he can do now. The world is not kind to those who try anything else.

Equipment: Paerau uses a kanoka blade of rahi control, which allows him to command nearby rahi when his hand is in contact with the sword. As with any kanoka blade, a small lightstone in the pommel glows white when its power is activated.

Skills: Paerau has good organisational skills, and has run a tight ship in the rehabilitation centres for a very long time, always efficient, always obedient. He is also quite skilled with his mask, draining light, energy and positive emotions from his prisoners. In such a depressing place, he often needs the last one.

Weaknesses: As with all toa of ice, Paerua is vulnerable to intense heat and flames.



Name: Krokk

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Faction: Northwinds

Powers: As is normal for a Skakdi, Krokk has three powers:

1.    The element of plantlife, which he can only use when working with another Skakdi or when channeled through a special weapon.

2.    Lightning vision

3.    Krokk’s third power allows him to cause nearby objects to grow or shrink.

AppearanceKrokk is a tall, predominantly green Skakdi with light brown parts on some parts of his limbs. His spine is interlaced with thorny vines that also run down his arms. This gives him a fierce, slightly ruffled appearance. His spine and face resemble Thok’s.

In an effort to gain even greater control of his body, and to protect himself against iron and magnetism users, Krokk has replaced many of his metal parts over the millennia. They are now made of dense hardwoods, which Krokk can bend to his will using elemental power.

Biography: Krokk has spent much of his life on Zakaz, among the warring tribes there. While the Brotherhood of Makuta still held power, the entire species was confined to that island, partially to hide Spriah’s embarrassment, partly for the safety of other lands. Only a few individuals could make it out past the blockade, and those had outside help, such as those who were to become Dark Hunters.

When the Order of Mata Nui brought them together and the Brotherhood of Makuta fell, however, the Skakdi were freed. Immediately, three of the larger tribes banded together under Nektann’s leadership. Their previous animosity was forgotten in favour of a common goal – escape and conquest. It was a messy affair, but within three days, Nektann was king of Stelt, while another warlord had claimed Karzhani, its former ruler having vanished without a trace.

The third warlord of the coalition, however, was left without an island of her own. She was simply a vassal of Nektann on Stelt, and this did not sit well with her. For all the battles hse had fought, she had actually moved down the power ladder. Seeing this, she did what any Skakdi warlord would do, and planned to assassinate Nektann.

Krokk was the Skakdi she picked for the job of going with her. As they soon found out, however, one of their own tribe had betrayed their plans to Nektann in exchange for the warlord’s position once the two of them were caught and executed. Nektann was waiting for them with a group of his own soldiers. Their assassination attempt had gone disasterously wrong, but, by luck and skill, the two of them escaped with their lives, though the Warlord was wounded.

The pair moved west from Stelt, onto the Northern Continent, and then continued to work their way further north. Nektann had a price on their heads, and more than a few were eager to claim it, and so get in good with the new ruler in the area. Of these, only one was able to track them as far as the sea gates of Metru Nui, and he is no longer among the living. Now in the City of Legends, Krokk thinks himself safe from Nektann’s reach, especially with the sea gates recently closed behind him. Far from escaping his troubles, however, Krokk found himself in the middle of a gang-war, under a racist government that assumes that he too, is a gangster. Barely a week passed before they became correct on that count, with Korkk joining the Northwinds, along with his warlord.

Personality: Krokk is a realistic and down-to-earth sort of Skakdi, who lives in the moment, rather than aspiring to grand futures or planning convoluted schemes. What he can do now, he does, and trusts the future to look after itself. He doesn’t take nonsense, preferring quick action in almost all situations. He is perseverant, and hard-working, seeing his tasks through to completion whenever he can. One a being has earned his friendship and loyalty, they will have it forever.

Equipment: Krokk uses two weapons. The first has been with him almost all his life, since the beginnings of the Zakaz Civil war. It is a stout sword made of wood, though he has used his power over plantlife to make it as strong and sharp as steel. The second is more recent, gained during the sacking of Stelt. It is a round, rhotuka-launching shield. Krokk’s rhotuka can cause their targets to become intangible for a short time (about 5 seconds). He cannot use them on himself.

Skills: Krokk is a veteran fighter, through the Zakaz Civil War, Destiny War and conquests of Stelt and Karzhani. In that time, he has lost many fights, but always striven to learn from his mistakes and come back stronger for the next one. He is physically strong, proficient with a variety of weapons and skilled in the use of his powers. His escape to Metru Nui also proved his abilities at running and hiding.

Weaknesses: Krokk is relatively inexperienced with any sort of technology that doesn’t have a trigger. Also, as a Skakdi, he relies on having an ally of the same species or a special weapon to use his elemental powers.



Name: Mala

Gender: Female

Species: Skakdi

Faction: Northwinds

Powers: As is normal for a Skakdi, Mala has three powers:

1.    The element of psionics, which he can only use when working with another Skakdi or when channeled through a special weapon.

2.    X-ray telescopic vision

3.    Mala’s third power allows her to create and manipulate force fields similar to those generated by the kanohi hau.

Appearance: Mala has a dark blue spine, hands, feet, head and torso, with gold armour on her limbs and some of the spikes on her spine. She is slimmer than most other Skakdi, and has clawed hands and feet. Her eyes are sharp points of orange, constantly moving from place to place and scanning her surroundings. She has a long, ragged scar down her left side.

Biography: Mala was once a Warlord of Zakaz, locked in perpetual struggle with other tribes. Thanks to her skills as a tactician and manipulator of her opponents, her tribe was among the most successful by the time Axonn and Brutaka came to unite the Skakdi of Zakaz against the Brotherhood of Makuta. She and her tribe fought against Brotherhood forces on Nynrah, where they eventually defeated an army of Rahkshi and Exo-Toa.

When the Makuta fell, so did their blockade of Zakaz that had previously prevented Skakdi from leaving their home island. Seeing this new opportunity for her tribe to conquer to better lands than the blasted ruins of Zakaz, Mala allied her tribe with two other large warbands, including Nektann’s, and invaded Stelt.

Three days later, Nektann was the King of Stelt and the third warlord of their coalition held what remained of Karzhani, and had put his people to work on making it habitable again. Mala, though, was left on Stelt, as a lesser ruler under Nektann. This did not sit well with her. For all the battles hse had fought, she had actually moved down the power ladder. Seeing this, she did what any Skakdi warlord would do, and planned to assassinate Nektann.

Along with her right-hand-Skakdi from Zakaz, she confronted the other warlord, only to find that she had been betrayed. One of her own tribe had warned nektann of the impending attack, in exchange for Mala’s elevated position once she had been caught and executed.

Mala and her comrade escaped with their lives intact, but barely so. Nektann’s scythe had opened up a long cut down her left side, and with only rough field first-aid to help her, she was severely weakened by loss of blood by the time they had left Stelt behind and found proper medical aid on the Northern Continent.

In order to avoid the consequences of betraying the new major power in the region, the pair kept moving north, heading for Metru Nui where they believed they would be out of Nektann’s reach. While they achieved that, Mala found a new set of trials facing her. The current state of affairs is not kind to new immigrants arriving with nothing but their armour and weapons. She found her way to a community of other immigrants in Po-Metru, and eventually joined the Northwinds, along with her accomplice from Stelt.

Personality: Mala’s whole life has been about the pursuit of power. She has had setbacks, and big ones, but has always pushed on undeterred. She is sure that she is capable of becoming a ruler, if only she keeps on pushing through every obstacle that stands in her way. To this end, she is scheming and manipulative, and doesn’t value friendship with other people very highly, unless she is sure she can profit by it.

Equipment: Mala uses two katana that utilise the same technology as the devastator lances used elsewhere on Zakaz. Each blow Mala strikes triggers a small explosive charge near the tip, sending metal shrapnel flying outwards. Regenaration kanoka built into the blade then reform the sword, ready to repeat the process.

Skills: Mala uses her element of psionics to its full potential, whether it be wrestling wills to control the minds of others or telepathic suggestion so subtle it is virtually unnoticeable. With these tools in hand, she is a skilled manipulator of others. She didn’t get to be a warlord of Zakaz just through skilled talking, however – she can fight, and fight brutally.

Weaknesses: Though now healed, the injury Nektann gave her makes Mala weaker on her left side, and twisting it too roughly can be painful for her.Also, as a Skakdi, she relies on having an ally of the same species or a special weapon to use her elemental powers.

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Name: Skyra Daring
Gender: Female
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding
Element: Air
Faction: Unaffiliated, broke ties with the Circle and is essentially a renegade/vigilante
Appearance: She looks young, maybe a little too young to be so heavily armed. Her armor and mask has primary jade green color, with a jet black as her secondary color, covering her upper chest, shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads, hands, and feet. Looking into her green eyes you can see all the scars, the pain, and the determination. Her smile can either make you smile back or send shivers down your spine, depending on if you're friend or foe. She is often hooded and wearing a black cloak to hide her face and features.
Powers: Elemental power over air. Standard Toa abilities. 
Equipment: A single protosteel katana. Has a propulsion system build into the back of her armor, allowing her to boost her jumps, her evasiveness, slow her falls, etc. It does not function like a jetpack and cannot suspend her in the air or give her flight on it's own. Her last major piece of equipment is a elementally powered sniper rifle. Each energy based shot draws from the users own elemental power, a couple shots aren't gonna drain much, but a constant use would certainly have a noticeable effect. It was a laser sight and a rather impressive scope installed. 
Other Equipment: Throwing daggers, cloak, communication device, sticker collection, and some spending money
Skills: Skilled Marksmen, ex-circle member, knows how they function and operate, has their military training. Decent swordplay. 
Weaknesses: Skyra specializes in quick and sneak attacks, she's goes for the critical hits, but she's not a heavy hitter. Her armor is light and if you manage to get a hit on her she'd be in trouble. If her speed and nimbleness are eliminated then she can be taken out fairly easy. The Circle considers her a deserter and a traitor, and the gangs don't like her any better. 
Bio: When Skyra was young, her parents were killed by the Blades when they were first forming. They had refused to pay the 'protection' fee, and paid in blood instead. When Skyra grew old enough she quickly joined the ranks of the Circle, eager to avenge her parents deaths, to make it mean something. And for a long time she felt like she belonged somewhere. 
This changed slowly, as the Circle became more and more oppressive toward the immigrants and racial minorities, Skyra was one of the few to speak out against such acts frequently, getting her trouble often with her superiors. This quickly escalated when she was sent on a mission in Po-Metru to quell civil unrest, which was really just another word for more bullying by the Circle. When her own squad members began to brutalize and injure what Skyra believed to be quite innocent bystanders was when she had quite enough. She tried to forcibly stop her comrades, which caused them to attack her. She responded in kind. That's when gang members and angered civilians attacked. In the scuffle one of her teammates was killed and the others were severely injured. The blame was put on Skyra, who in turn went into hiding. 
Now Skyra wanders Metru Nui, dealing out her own sense of justice as a vigilante while she hides from the Circle and avoids the Fury and the Blades. She hates the Circle, hates the Blades, and doesn't think much of the Fury. The Northwinds however she is a bit sympathetic towards, as she sees them as a result of the Circle's brutality. She doesn't approve of all their methods however. 

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Name: Baranx


Gender: Male


Species: Turaga


Kanohi: Noble Mask of Healing


Element: Gravity


Faction: Northwinds


Appearance: Baranx is tall for a Turaga, but still characteristically hunched over and with thin, bony limbs and fingers. He’s primarily colored purple, with black accents and outlines highlighting his weathered and ancient appearance. His demeanor is passive, blasé, never really giving of the appearance that he’s truly invested in the situation at hand.


Powers: Baranx retains a weak grasp on his control over Gravity, allowing him to slightly alter Gravity’s effect on a given object, increase/decrease gravity in a small area to a minor degree etc. and also possesses the Mask of Healing: Experienced in its use, Baranx can use it to heal many different kinds of wounds and injuries.


Equipment: Due to wielding the Mask of Healing, Baranx doesn’t carry any actual medical supplies. Instead, his belongings consist of commemorative trophies and artefacts from his Toa career, of particular note is a broken Impact Crystal Launcher adorning a wall in his diminutive quarters in the Northwind HQ. He does wield a staff with a mace-like crown at the end, transformed from his Toa Tool when he became a Turaga.


Skills: Baranx is a decent strategist and combat trainer, and is also a skilled healer, and has good leadership skills


Weaknesses: Really serious injuries (e.g. deadly injuries, lacerations etc.) are out of his mask’s domain as a Noble Kanohi. Being a Turaga, Baranx is quite limited in battle situations.


Bio: Baranx has been a simple craftsman, was once a Toa, and later the chieftain of a small village on the Southern Continent. Baranx was the leader of a group of refugees to Metru Nui. As late-comers, they were met with the same animosity and prejudice that one would expect and it didn’t take long for the group to be more or less torn apart and scattered, with Baranx opting to join the Northwinds. Now, Baranx is a dedicated member of the Northwinds, working as healer and part-time combat trainer, drawing upon his experience as a Toa.


Baranx is at first glance grumpy and distant. To say his life has been eventful would actually be an understatement. For better or worse, Baranx is a weathered individual, and his attitude is generally that of someone jaded by the injustices wrought upon the refugees in Metru Nui, which is why he supports the Northwinds; not for safety or a hope for peace, but revenge. He is very protective of any Northwind in his care, and is fiercely loyal to the group.

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Name: Yyevi
Gender: Male
Species: Upper-Class Steltian
Faction: Unaffiliated, but supports the Northwinds.
Appearance: As with most members of the ruling class of the island of Stelt, Yyevi is a tall being of a somewhat muscular build. He possesses a set of metallic grey armour, which, while scarred by constant fighting, still exudes a certain aura of dignity and power. His gauntleted arms contrast greatly with the rest of his body, the navy blue metal more similar to his azure eyes than the dullness of his grey armour.
Equipment: Electro Chute Blade; Kanoka Launcher
Skills: Yyevi is skilled in the use of his blade.
Weaknesses: It is difficult for Yyevi to find working disks for his launcher, and due to his unfamiliarity with it is rather incapable of using the weapon to its full potential. He is also prone to underestimating his opponents.
Bio: Once a weapons merchant on his home island of Stelt, Yyevi was forced out of business by his rivals after a dispute over a rather large robot cow. Fleeing to the city of legends in an attempt to restart his business, the Steltian found himself incapable of getting anything done due to his species. Unable to leave due to the closure of the sea gates, he now serves as a sort of freelance agent for the Northwinds from time to time, but usually hangs around looking for money.
Name: Naona
Gender: Female
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed
Element: Stone
Faction: The Circle
Appearance: Compared to her compatriots, Naona is slightly shorter, possessing a sleeker-looking build that seems to focus on speed. Her armour's colour scheme consists mostly of browns (excepting her dull silver arms), with her torso, shoulders and legs a light brown, while her mask and gauntleted hands a darker shade. At times she wears a telescopic visor as well, the black object allowing her golden eyes to see further.
Powers: Elemental Power of Stone
Equipment: Telescopic Visor - a tool that serves as binoculars of a sort, but can be attached her mask; Staff; Firework Revolver
Skills: Naona is considered to be a competent administrator.
Weaknesses: Naona lacks some of the extra strength that most Toa of Stone possess.
Bio: While it was generally accepted that Matoran of a certain element would usually always be of the element's gender, the presence of those who were of the opposite was still known, although rather rare. It was for this reason that Naona had been treated somewhat differently from her fellows in the days before her arrival in Metru Nui, back when she still lived in a small village near the centre of the Southern Continent. Yet despite her different treatment, her life was nice and peaceful, especially after the fall of the Brotherhood. But the young Matoran desired for more, and jumped ship onto the next ship to the city of legends.
It was in Metru Nui however, where Naona would make her mark. Having arrived in the midst of the chaos that plagued the city, the Matoran decided that she would try and change something, shackling up with the Circle's enforcers in order to assist in ending the conflict. She rapidly rose through the ranks to a position of some authority, having managed to work efficiently against whatever problems had been thrown at her. Along the way, she was transformed into a Toa, something she had never believed would happen.
While she possesses a distaste for some of her superiors' methods, Naona still considers the Circle to be the best bet for saving Metru Nui. She acts somewhat independently while stopping crime, preferring to do so in her own way rather than what her bosses dictate.

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It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor....


Name: Truakhia

Gender: Male

Species: Fa-Toa

Kanohi: Kanohi Kualsi, the Great Mask of Quick Travel

Element: Magnetism

Faction: The Fury

Appearance: Truakhia appears as a Toa with his armor shaped more towards the idea of agility and nimbleness than any form of heroic image. His armor is very fine, but appears to be warped in some places to provide extra protection in areas where organic components were more exposed, thus presenting the image of self-mutilation in exchange for protection. His armor and mask are both grey, with a secondary coloration of black acting to highlight the tips of the mask and certain areas of his armor. His mask appears standard for a Kualsi, but without the two long spikes coming from the side, and with an additional (thin) glass visor over the eyes for protection. There is a small piece of his chest armor (on the right side) which has been shaped and pulled out, as thought another piece of armor could be placed in as necessary.

Powers: Elemental Powers of Magnetism. Truakhia is particularly specialized in generating and manipulating magnetic fields, but he has difficult manipulating metal quickly or while under stress, and his ability to maintain limited flight is almost nonexistent. He bears all of the natural abilities and traits that a Toa must have; most importantly, the innate mental focus to activate a Great Kanohi mask.

Equipment: Truakhia carries a highly-customized crossbow originally of Nynrah design (with some of his own additions), crafted from protosteel and with the ability to fire bolts at incredible speed and accuracy. Sights can optionally be put into place, and there is a mirror affixed to it that allows him to observe any activity from behind. A laser sight can also be activated if necessary, and a spring-loaded protosteel bayonet can be released to skewer attackers up close if necessary. Though it is not repeating, it cannot be reloaded and fired very quickly. While this may be his most prized weapon, and certainly the most efficient, his actual Toa Tool is a rune-covered collapsible staff based on Kanoka technology (capable of extending from 2' to as far as 7') which has a flare loaded into each tip. At his belt, he keeps a case full of bolts, a few with protosteel tips but the most simply regular metallic protodermis. Finally, he carries a pack with a map of the first level of the Archives beneath each Metru (with a few secret passageways noted, and some inconsistencies due to gang activities), two lightstones, and about a dozen modified lightstones that act as explosive flares for use in his staff. He keeps four metal plates, for each of the four factions, which can be placed in the seeming gap in his armor (see “Appearance”) as necessary in this pack, along with a few extra cases of bolts and repair equipment for if his weapon is damaged or malfunctions. He keeps his crossbow strapped to his back when it isn't out, and he has a pack on his back

Skills: Truakhia is a talented marksman when it comes to using the crossbow, especially with all of the modifications he has placed on it (note – he is much better at sniping with the weapon than trying to use it on the fly). However, his true talent is with the actual design of his weaponry, and the customization/repair/care thereof (while much of the weapon was designed by the Nynrah ghosts, a number of elements such as mirror and laser sights were of his own make). He is well trained in the stealthy arts of moving silently and keeping to the shadows, and decent enough when fighting with his staff (though not in a fair fight; he cheats quite a bit with his powers). While not much more agile than the average Toa, his greatest strength comes from overall dexterity and quick reflexes.

Weaknesses: Truakhia is very nearly deaf due to a battle against a Toa of Sonics, and as such cannot hear much past the two yard range. Even then, there are multiple tones he cannot hear, and his voice is somewhat off when he speaks. Furthermore, he is not very strong physically, and is very limited in what he can do in a melee fight without access to his magnetic powers. Finally, his oft cold demeanor makes him unlikable, and thus provides him very little in the realm of friends or allies he can depend on; something which, in a city ruled by gangs, is never a good thing.

Bio: Some 21,000 years before the Great Cataclysm, Truakhia was originally a Fa-Matoran living in a little Koro on the Southern Continental coastline, living a rather ordinary life without any intrusions from the outside world. His main job in the village was working as a weapon engineer, for theirs was a village enslaves; the Dark Hunters ruled here, with each Matoran receiving their limited supplies and pay in return for manufacturing whatever the Hunters desired. Events conspired against him, and a Toa from another land who discovered the village granted him a Toa Stone, an action which ended up changing his life forever.

From that point on, however, Truakhia decided he would learn how to properly fight, and how to use his powers. He received the proper training and equipment as he traveled and explored the universe for a number of millennia. He spent some time as a member of a rather large Toa team who guarded a large swathe of the Western Island Chain, typically acting as the strategist and operating by stealth to dela with enemies.

Truakhia was among the Toa who fought in the Toa/Dark Hunter War when that day eventually came about, where he served with honors. Though he often considered retiring to life as a Turaga, he always felt a compulsion to keep wandering the world, and thus persisted as a wanderer.

During the events of the Destiny War, Truakhia found himself targeted by a number of Brotherhood assassins attempting to kill him in order to eliminate the threat his magnetic powers posed to the Makuta. He managed to survive each of these attacks, and ended up as a member of a specialized Toa team composed of himself, a Toa of Gravity, a Toa of Plasma, a Toa of Psionics, a Toa of Iron, and a Toa of Air who had all been harmed by the Brotherhood in the past, and had forsaken the Toa Code entirely for the purpose of hunting down and removing Brotherhood agents. The team only had one proper success against an actual Makuta, but even that was no true victory, with two two members falling. Their final mission was helping the Order of Mata-Nui at the Storming of Destal, which led to the fall of a third member of the team and the official parting of the ways for the team. From there, Truakhia spent some time as one of the many combatants who continue facing the Brotherhood remnants, until he eventually grew tired of the fighting and went north to Metru-Nui for a proper retirement.

Initially, he tried to keep away from the gangs. He eventually came to a mercenary-for-hire acting out of Ta-Metru, serving to protect private individuals from the machinations of gangs. One particularly dangerous battle pitted him against a Toa of Sonics, whose actions nearly deafened him and greatly reduced his combat effectiveness. Despite this, he continued his freelance actions for some time.

When the Fury formed, Truakhia took to their side in the conflict, as he agreed with their sentiment of providing some form of protection to people. However, his actions reflect more a shared belief than a loyalty to “the cause” or any one person.

Truakhia is a quiet person who generally focuses on just trying to get whatever job he has at the time done. While outward appearances show him as quiet, and rarely liking to act out, he is quite passionate about fighting the Blades, the Circle, and anyone else who would cause harm to the people of the city, and push it towards either chaos or absolute tyranny. He works hard and acts analytically in most things, and he seems rather well manner (if not necessarily courteous). He has an almost perfectionist view on whatever he does, which frequently leads to him desiring to work alone.


Name: Callerin

Gender: Female

Species: Ta-Toa

Kanohi: Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding

Element: Fire

Faction: Unaffiliated (Politically – The Circle / In Action – The Blades)

Appearance: Callerin is of slighter build than most Toa, though also somewhat taller, and with resplendent armor that conveys an image of power and authority. Her armor is actually composed of four colors; the first and most common is a dark red, followed by an ashen black, and then small amounts of both dark orange and light red. She stands very tall and aloof, and has a look of menace about her. Her eyes shine a bright orange, contrasting her mask, which is of a black coloration.

Powers: Elemental Powers of Fire. Callerin is primarily focused on manipulating flames and pinpoint uses of her power for short-lasting but powerful effects; slinging white-hot bolts of fire is a personal favorite. She is also talented at using her powers as a way to sense heat in the area, such as for seeking out enemies who are hiding or invisible. In compensation, her ability to maintain long lasting fields of flame is more limited, with her powers being more and more draining the more extended their use is. In general, however, Callerin is very powerful in terms of her element. Additionally, as a Toa she has access to other latent abilities, such as the mental focus to use Great Kanohi and, being of the element of Fire, having a great resistance to flame.

Equipment: Callerin wears a red cloak laced with ancient Matoran runes which glow whenever her powers are activated; the cloak, designed using Nynrah sciences (though she claims they are Artahkan), is meant to act as a Toa Tool to help focus her elemental powers. The runes glow a bright orange whenever she uses her power over fire. The cloak is furthermore invulnerable to fire. Additionally, she wields a very thin katana crafted from protosteel.

Skills: Callerin, as stated previously, is a master of elemental flame, to the point that it is very rare to find an enemy able to match her in that area. In addition, she is very clever, along with being an expert speaker, liar, and manipulator; she can read the faces of others well, and is doubly skilled and concealing her own thoughts. This is extended to the point that she actually has developed her own mental shielding; while not to the point of psionic immunity, it does make it a difficult task if not impossible task trying to read, modify, or control her mind. She is proficient with her katana. She is highly skilled at weaving to create garments, tapestries, draperies and the like with a spinning apparatus and loom.

Weaknesses: Callerin may be somewhat proficient with her weapon, but she's no master at arms, and in melee combat can only match novices (gang initiates and the like); generally, drawing her weapon is more a bid for extra time before releasing her abilities once more. Once her power are completely exhausted, however, she has little choice but escape. She also has a sometimes unhealthy habit of throwing out powerful attacks too quickly to take out enemies from the start, thus sometimes leaving her surprised when such maneuvers fail. She is highly vulnerable to the cold and ice related attacks due to her elemental nature.

Bio: Callerin follows a similar story to many Toa; she was once a Matoran living in the western areas of the Northern Continent, and at the time a weaver. Her village was destroyed in a conflict, and she travelled for some time before becoming a Toa. She wound up as part of two different Toa teams and multiple side-operations over her time as a Toa, but over time began to develop a more cynical view about the universe as a whole, and increasingly angry as she lost close allies and friends in numerous conflicts. Eventually, she came to renounce the Toa Code completely, and became very disconnected from the other Toa of the time, eventually disappearing almost entirely to the further corners of the Matoran Universe in disgust at the state of the universe.

Callerin made her return to the world at large a much changed figure from that original Matoran weaver who was fated to become a Toa, and much more powerful. She was one of the many refugees to make their way to Metru-Nui, which she made into her new home. Initially, she aligned herself with the old government; upon its collapse, she took advantage of the vacuum created in the mad rush to build the Circle, advancing her political status and gaining her a number of friends among the wealthy and powerful of Metru-Nui. However, she found that such actions were difficult on ones own... and thus turned to the most powerful gang in the city, the Blades.

Present day, Callerin splits her time between two positions. Her primary job is that she owns a small shop in Ga-Metru called the Dodge and Weave, where she continues to sell some things that she (along with a small group of employees) creates using her talent for weaving; the Dodge part of the name comes from the fact that most of its competitors have “mysteriously” burned down. While business isn't very good outside of the cities wealthier citizens (clothes have never been in high demand among Matoran society, after all), the keyword “wealthier” is why it keeps in business, which helps provide her some leverage with the city's politics as a business owner.

Her secondary job is as a member of the Blades; she generally only "runs" with them on proper operations, rather than petty theft and intimidation. When she does actually go out, though, it is not only enemies who may fear her - she has a long history of partners being sacrificed to ensure a job getting completed, regardless of the cost. The risk she presents is more than made up for in her efficiency.

Callerin may not have much power political or otherwise in her current position, but whenever given the chance, she seizes upon any opportunity to take power. Her personality is both dominating, and very ambitious. She can also be manipulative, being more than willing to trick others or outright lie to them when it suits her. While most of the time she doesn't put on much of a show as being particularly emotional, particularly aggravating situations can be turned quite violent when she gets angry enough; in particular, anything which would insult her pride can set her off.


Name: Imp

Gender: Male

Species: Mutated Le-Matoran

Element: Air

Faction: The Northwinds

Appearance: Imp appears as your normal Le-Matoran in many respects, but is large of build and has a hunched over appearance. He has long, sharp claws for his hands.

Powers: Imp, like most Le-Matoran, is incredibly agile; in his case, this is far greater than most. He has also been empowered to have the power of a Type II Kraata of Limited Invulnerability, and Type III for Chameleon. His strength has also been boosted to the level of a Fe-Matoran. Whenever he has access to a Rhotuka spinner launcher, he can fire Rhotuka spinners with a weak paralytic effect.

Equipment: Imp carries a Vortixx Rhotuka Battle Axe that has been sized for that hands of a Matoran. The weapon still appears to be too large for him to carry properly, but experience has taught him well to wield it. Its ability to change weight remains invaluable in the proper operation of the device,

Skills: Imp is skilled at using his axe and all of the melee combat related functions that it can use. He is also skilled at stealth operations, making use of his Chameleon abilities to remain unseen.

Weaknesses: Imp, due to his alterations, is incredibly vulnerable to mind-altering affects. Fear, Anger, Confusion, and so forth are incredibly useful against him; he has almost no defense against mind reading of any kind, and can easily be controlled by a powerful psionics user. He has very little self control, and becomes angered very easily; the only real means of keeping him focused is by giving him a job, as he will perform any task given masterfully.

Bio: Imp was originally a Matoran resident of the Southern Islands, working vigorously day in and day out as a courier, running messages between villages on one of the larger islands. The job didn't pay very well, but he enjoyed it well enough. That was until the day when he was nabbed during one of his deliveries and carted off to the lair of Makuta Chirox for experimentation.

For thousands of years, Imp was made into a servant in one of Chirox's fortresses; the Makuta was a master who he hated greatly, and who experimented upon him constantly. He attempted to escape a number of times, and each time received an increasingly great punishment until he finally gave up. If there was any consolation, it was that this was a time before Shadow Matoran were ever considered, and that the fortress he resided in was eventually abandoned to only a small skeleton crew after the Visorak wiped the area.

If it were not obvious, the name Imp wasn't always his. It was during his time in the fortress that he earned it, as he was a highly destructive nuisance when not watched by the guards. He eventually forgot his name entirely, remember only his new title.

During the Order/Brotherhood conflicts, the fortress Imp resided in was torn to the ground. He assisted in the combat, and ended up joining the roving group. He spent the next few years helping to hunt down Makuta and their servants, turning their own modifications to him against them. During those battles, he retrieved his axe by prying it from the hands of a Shadow Matoran, and from there made good use of it.

Now a veteran of many battles, Imp retired to Metru-Nui. Like many foreigners, he found himself the target of large amounts of discrimination (mostly due to his mutated appearance) and took the side of the Northwinds in the conflict, more out of kinship than any desire for protection. It's always better to have a team.

Imp is a loose cannon, and that's not even the half of it. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants to get it done. Generally, though, he doesn't last so long when on his own; therefore, he often buddies himself up with at least one or two other Northwinds members. In battle, he charges in with a glee unseen in most beings eyes, taking great pleasure in every conflict.


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 10:52 PM

Name: Iceblade (originally Dryne)
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kiril, Mask of regeneration
Element: Ice
Faction: Blades
Appearance: Iceblade stands an ample 8'7", a powerful figure among any crowd. Wearing a suit of silver armor that is always shining chrome, not a scratch on it. His weapons are not instantly visible, but can seemingly appear from nowhere when needed. This is because his weapons (noted below) blend into his armor. As he tends to be hard to find, one does not often see his face, but when you do, you won't soon forget his harsh red eyes and biting snarl.
Powers: Iceblade has powers over cold and all of it's attributes, as well as the ability to regenerate inorganic material.
Equipment: Iceblade carries hidden blades all over his body. One is a knife, imbedded in his chrome armor, which runs from his knee to his upper thigh. This, like his other blade, is placed in a hidden sheath built into his armor. On his wrist, a digital set of buttons include two switches which, when toggled, cause the sword hilts to snap out, allowing him to draw his weapons. His other weapon is a sword which slides into his wrist gauntlet and stands at three feet long at full extension. This weapon, unlike his knife, isn't entirely concealable and makes a very obvious sound when drawn.
Skills: Iceblade is an excellent fighter, practicing two forms of martial arts (real world hipkido and Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and possessing a moderate knowledge of judo.
Weaknesses: Naturally, he has a weakness to heat. Additionally, he has mild asthma which kicks in at high altitudes and when he is hit with a good amount of pressure.
Bio: Iceblade is hated amongst other gangs, more so than one would expect. This is due to his rather cruel tendencies- he is stoic and merciless in combat, causing unnecessary pain and death and taking pleasure in it. Perhaps this is why he was chosen as the Blades' second in command- his ruthlessness is well-known and documented. 
Even before the formation of the Blades, Dryne was a thief and killer. He met Swordshifter, it was not in alliance. It was in conflict. When he realized he had found his superior in the art of combat, he pledged his allegiance to the budding gang and became Iceblade.

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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 08:16 AM

Name: Calerix Pesqual, 'Cal'

Gender: Female

Species: Ce-Toa

Kanohi: Great Huna

Element: Psionics

Faction: Fury

Appearance: Calerix is a petite Toa, standing at chin-level of the average. Her shoulders are slight, her legs somewhat short, and everything just simply slightly out of proportion. She wears dull golden armor over a Metru Blue frame, with purple eyes and heartlight shining out from her otherwise dark color scheme. Two daggers are tied in a belt at her waist, unornamented and unfettered. And, of course, she has no arms. Not that it's a public fact, being a Psionics Toa that has the power to create illusions, can use telekinesis, and even just block people's minds from registering the fact makes it a secret known by few.

Powers: Being a Toa of Psionics, Cal has powers accordingly. She can influence, deceive, enter, and change people's minds, and move things with her mind. Her skills in deception and telekinesis was much more developed than most, due to hiding the fact she has no arms for a long, long time. She prefers not to read people's minds or delve too deep into them, as she respects privacy and honestly doesn't really want to know sometimes.

Equipment: Calerix carries her twin daggers and a small pouch with various necessities, like a lightstone, heatstone, paper, pen, and a fruit. 

Skills: Calerix is good at talking to people. She's a diplomat and counselor, her Psionic powers often cuing her in to people's problems which allows her to talk frankly. She's good enough with her daggers, but that's more attributed to her skill in telekinesis than with the weapon itself.

Weaknesses: Getting physical, and too many people against her. Calerix is quite weak in physical terms, relying on telekinesis to get her through most tasks. While her legs are strong and developed, no arms means without her powers, she can't do much. As well, she has a great fear of a group of people standing against her as she's alone, so she's often with a group of allies to negate that.

Bio: Calerix Pesqual hails from a region of the Northern Continent known for its food production. She, like many, was forced to relocate to Metru Nui, and lived in the slums for a time. And then, one day, a group of the sleazier gangsters decided she was their immigrant to beat for the day. She resisted. It didn't end well, as it lead one to suggest removing her arms so she could never resist anyone again.

They weren't all that bright, otherwise they would've noticed her being a Toa of Psionics. 

But they did the deed, burning the ends so that she wouldn't die of blood loss. And she was left there in an alley, practically wishing she was dead, but not yet. 

Eventually she realized that perhaps, just perhaps, life wasn't as over for her as it could be. She had telekinesis. She had the power of illusions. 

So she got up, hid, and trained herself. 

Calerix next decided it would be best to join a gang for protection. Perhaps it was luck, perhaps not, but she joined the Blades. And there she remained until Vengeance split off, and she followed him into the Fury. 

She's been there ever since.


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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 08:19 AM

Name: Horic

Gender and Species: Male Toa of Iron

Kanohi: Kanohi Arthron

Faction: Fury

Appearance: Horic is a grizzled and worn veteran, and as a result he is tall and strong, even if he is a bit old. He wears mostly burnt orange armour, which has numerous little scratches on it and miscoloured patches from his past wanderings. His mask is less angular than might be expected of an Arthron, although it is still recognisable as an Arthron.

Powers: Elemental control of Iron, Arthron and inate increased endurance(elemental Trait).

Equipment: A double-bladed Battleaxe. Horic has done repairs on it countless times with any available material, and as such it is an object of personal attachment. He also sometines uses a Rhotuka Battleaxe(sans Rhotuka and levitation. It has minimal heating functions). Horic also has a portable handheld Rhotuka Launcher which has two firing modes: Default energy or causes the target to lose control of their limbs for a dozen or so seconds. Horic carries a radio for communication among Fury detachments, flint and steel(in case he cannot materialise steel for whatever reason), some water and pieces of tough Nui-Jaga meat.

Skills: Having fought in countless wars, Horic has a tactician's mind, capable of analysing problems quickly. Although his preferred weapon is h.is Battleaxe 'Doubletooth', he is equally adept at almost all kinds of melee weapons.

Weaknesses: Horic is not from stealthy or nimble. He is also getting on with his years, and doubts of his effectiveness frequently come to mind.

Biography: Hailing from the Southern Continent, Horic lived in a metropolis that rivalled Metru Nui in population. During the Toa-Dark Hunter War, however, his city was caught sending supplies to Metru Nui. A small but effective Dark Hunter detachment terrorised the city, leading to the fortification of his city. When Horic was on patrol, a Dark Hunter sabotaged the Power Plant of the city which ran on elemental energy. The resulting explosion wiped out almost everyone in the city. Horic took it upon himself to hunt the Hunters andas a result, became enemies with the Dark Hunters. He travelled the Matoran Universe amd participated in the thousand-year-long war between the Toa, Dark Hunters, and Makuta from 0 AGC to 1001 AGC. That was when he gained the Rhotuka Battleaxe and Rhotuka Launcher. After the War, he heard of a rising terrorist gang in Mata Nui and travelled there to join the lawful government and help them. However, as the war intensified, The Circle started to show its ugly side, and even Horic was discriminated against. He became disillusioned and joined the Fury soon after.

Name: Vaxel

Gender and Species: Male Toa of Lightning

Kanohi: Kanohi Crast

Faction: Circle

Appearance: Vaxel has the looks of a professional mercenary. Lean body, deep eyes, mouth set into a thin hard line, hands that can change from still to a weapon at a moments' notice. He frequently sports a cloak while travelling. His mask looks not at all like Krika's, and rather looks like a less-insectoid version of Gorast's Felnas. A scar crosses his left eye, which shines marginally less than his right.

Powers: Elemental control over Lightning, Crast and inate increased resistance to electric shocks(Elemental Trait).

Equipment: A broadsword named 'Cleaveblade'. He wield two Scimitars for close combat. He has a Kanoka Launcher which he rarely uses. He currently had Reconstitute at Random, a Freeze, and a Weaken disk. He carries a radio for communication with any Circle soldiers, flint & steel and some water.

Skills: Vaxel was a mercenary in his past, and so is experienced in fighting and battle. He is shrewd and calculating in his interactions. He is also an experienced infiltrator.

Weaknesses: Vaxel has an injured left eye gotten in his early years as a Toa. His usage of Lightning is not usually very creative. Vaxel also usually works alone.

Biography: Vaxel worked as a Matoran on the Northern Continent for most of his years until the Great Cataclysm. The Defender of his village sacrifised himself to save his village in the vicious Bio-quakes, and in his last moments gave Vaxel a Toa Stone. Vaxel, however, failed to save the survivors from a Rahkshi attack shortly afterwards. Vaxel vowed to hunt the Brotherhood's servants after this. To accomplish this he hired his services out to various villages and even morally ambiguous warlords attempting to build their own kingdoms after the Great Cataclysm. He unknowingly helped a little to bring the Destiny War to its end by taking a job from a recruiter who was an undercover Order of Mata Nui agent. After the war, Vaxel decided to settle down in Metru Nui which he did remarkably well for an immigrant. When the Blades started assasinating leaders Vaxel signed up as part of thee local defence forces. When Turaga Vakama formed the Circle and instituted martial law, Vaxel continued to serve under the new government for reasons only known to himself.

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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 09:26 AM

Name: Kapa

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Ruru

Element: The Green

Faction: The Blades

Powers: Kapa, like every other toa of the green, controls plant life. He has X-Ray and night vision, thanks to his mask.

Appearance: Lean, agile-looking, covered in light and dark green, approximately 7.8 feet tall, yellow eyes, goldish-tan mask.

Equipment: Wields twin katana suitable for cutting through plant material.

Skills: Running, patience

Weakness(es): Poor eyesight, not too strong, has a tendancy to act without thinking

Personality: Kapa has a sense of humor wherever he goes. He is very talkative and sometimes downright annoying. He goes along with any order from head of The Blades without comment or complaint.

Biography: Kapa given a toa stone just as The Blades faction was formed, and he joined their faction as a toa. He lived most of his life fighting The Fury and abiding by Swordshifter's decisions of thievery and such. In one particular incident, he was held hostage by The Blades and barely escaped with his life thanks to quick actions by Swordshifter, and he has been grateful ever since. He holds it as proof that he is valuable, or at least valuable enough, to not be allowed to get killed.


Name: Anchnt (AN-ch-ENT)

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Faction: Northwinds

Powers: Like all skakdi, Anchnt posses three powers-

[*]Impact vision

[*]Gravity element, only used with another skakdi or when channeled through a special weapon


Appearance: Tan-grey armor, grey spine, Tan-blue helmet, clawed hands and feet, red eyes (which can be intimidating). Anchnt is slimmer than most skakdi and more athletic looking.

Equipment: Anchnt wields a sword-like weapon with to blades that can spin circularly on the handle of it. It allows him to channel his elemental power through it. He aquired it from The Shadowed One himself as a reward.

Skills: Strength, intimidation

Weakness(es): Anchnt is, perhaps, too smart for his own good so he overestimates himself a lot, which can get him in tight spots. He also has a healed (though still painful) injury on his right shoulder which sometimes disables him.

Personality: Anchnt is cunning, straight-to-the-point and serious. He has little patience with Toa, and worse, turaga. He is a little insane thanks to his long imprisonment on Metru Nui.

Biography: Anchnt is native to the island of Zakaz, but he got himself exiled many years ago. He joined with the dark hunters, but on a mission to Metru Nui he got stranded by he "teammate." He was captured and thrown in a prison that he had no experience with. It was imperviece to his gravity and his impact vision. After years of imprisonment, he was finally released. Everyone had thought he had left the island, but he was just lying low. A group - a "gang" - had formed that seemed to fit his needs so he joined, and he remains in the Northwinds to this day.

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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 03:10 PM

Please put the name on the list as 'Mr. House'.



Name: Aglesis

Gender: Male

Species: Ko-Toa

Kanohi: Kanohi Crast, Mask of Repulsion. In the shape of a dark red Pekhui.

Element: Ice

Faction: The Fury

Appearance: A Toa of Medium height and weight, Aglesis has suspicious blue eyes, and a worn face. His armor is oddly crimson, with gunmetal undertones, leaving most to see him as a Ta-Toa at first glance.

Powers: Repulsion and Ice. Aglesis has a manner of skill with the mask moreso than his element.

Equipment: Aglesis is armed with a Longaxe, with a head of Protosteel. He also is armed with a backup dagger. Aside from weapons, Aglesis has a large grey cloak, and a small pouched belt with water, a lightstone, heatstone and other basic items.

Skills: Aglesis is highly skilled with his axe and his mask. He has moderate skill with his element, also. he is a alert person on the battlefield, a good watchman. He has skill in blacksmithing, but keeps it too himself.

Weaknesses: Aglesis is horrible with ranged weapons, firstly. Give him a bow, and he'll be unable to knock an arrow, for instance. He also isn't particularly sneaky.

Bio: Aglesis lived much of his life in the wretched deserts of Karzahni. Sent there for theft by his Turaga, to 'repair his morality', he starved in the wastes, toiling day after day forging weapons. Somehow, he managed to remain sane. After being liberated with his fellows by the Toa Nuva, Aglesis was among those who lead the Matoran to Metru Nui. From then, he wandered the island, became a Toa, and tried various legitimate jobs. But faced by a population who saw him, like other Karzahnians, as madmen or beggars, he became trapped in poverty.


He joined the early Blades when it wasn't even called by that name. Never did he rise above mid-level. With an axe in hand, he guarded high-level members, and gained a reputation as one of the more honorable members. Though over the years, he grew more and more disillusioned with the state of the gang. He saw the Circle, which he had first opposed purely out of business, become increasingly draconian. He became disgusted at the gang for focusing on money instead of fighting the 'Karzahni Aspirers'. He was, unsurprisingly, one of the first members of The Fury. Since then, he has served loyally.


Aglesis isn't a quiet person, nor a particularly sociable one. He is honorable for a gangster, but has a looser sense of morality. He views The Fury as a revolutionary army, a force to purge the island of the corrupt regime of Vakama, and usher in a new age. He keeps this view more or less quiet, though. He does not talk about, and is traumatized by the ages he spent in Karzahni. He holds a great deal of sympathy for fellow refugees. Aglesis is calm most of the time, but can quickly anger in certain situations.

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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 05:11 AM

Name: Nepak (NAIR-pack, quickened)

Gender: Male

Species: Onu-Matoran

Kanohi: Powerless Noble Ruru

Element: Earth

Faction: Hoping to join the Circle

Powers: As a Matoran, Nepak is unable to access his kanohi or elemental powers. Of note is the fact that Nepak lacks the strength and endurance of most Onu-Matoran.

Appearance: Nepak sports black armour on his torso and feet, with gunmetal grey arms and hands, much like other Matoran from his Metru. He is not as stocky as most Onu-Matoran. Brightening his face is a purple Noble Ruru, from behind which glow a pair of deep-green eyes.

Bio: Nepak awoke on Mata Nui with no recollection of his former life. Nepak worked as captain of a mining company in the Onu-Koro Great Mine. Not long after the coming of the Toa Mata, Nepak's teams in Shafts 3 and 8 encountered an impenetrable rock layer, and Nepak had to negotiate more workers and equipment from Turaga Whenua. Nepak aided in the evacuation of Onu-Koro when the Bohrok attacked, and also helped Whenua in organising the resettlement.

Nepak assisted in creating boats for the journey to Metru Nui. Once the city's Archives had been reestablished, Nepak was assigned to be an Overseer of Sectors 74-75. In this role, he often reported directly to the Chief Archivist or Turaga Whenua, and also negotiated the obtention of historical records from each of the Metru.

Not long after the collapse of Karda Nui, rumours began to spread of rising violence and hostile visitors to the city. When he heard of a complete Sector collapse where Whenua held residence, Nepak was shocked and frightened. He fled the Archives with what few mementos he could gather.

Nepak was offered a place in the Circle by Turaga Vakama for his knowledge of history and his negotiation abilities. He is currently making his way to Ga-Metru to join what he believes is the only true solution for peace.

Personality: Nepak, who has worked in the mines and archives for most of his life, was not exposed to violence or much trouble, and having a new world thrust upon him has taken its toll. However, he is trying to stay true to his belief that almost anything can be resolved through good negotiation, and patience and compromise shown by all parties. Nepak takes sympathy on other Matoran who have been displaced, but especially those who are unable to leave their occupied Metru. He wishes to do whatever he can to bring the fighting to an end.

Equipment: Nepak often travels with a satchel of possessions, including a heatstone, a small statue of Onua, and a canister for food. He has practiced with a disk launcher, but is clumsy with the weapon. He also carries two kanoka - 638 power - but their energy is waning.

Skills: Nepak is a perfectionist and has a strong will to complete things 'the way they should be done'. He has skills in negotiation and a particular confidence in them. He can easily speak to those in more powerful positions than he, and manage to maintain a deference whilst doing so. Under stress, Nepak is quick-thinking, and also realistic.

Weaknesses: Often, Nepak's trust in the ways of the past blinds him to creativity. He tends to seek advice or instruction before working on his own initiative. Nepak has not been exposed to much violence in his lifetime, and as such is not very apt with weaponry. He also lacks the strength and endurance of most Matoran of his heritage. Nepak can be naive in his trust of others; his belief in people having an inherent goodness makes him caring and kind, but also susceptible to betrayal.

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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 07:46 AM

Name: Xaron

Gender: Male

Species: Matoran

Kanohi: A powerless Voltaik, shaped like an Avohkii.

Element: Light

Faction: Fury

Appearance: Xaron is of average height, build, and…well, average everything. His armor is normally white and black, with his mask being silver, but he can change the colors if he wishes. His eyes are a very, very bright green, which stands in stark contrast with the rest of his armor.

Personality: Xaron is very hyperactive, often being distracted by simple things when not on a job. At times, though, this hyperactivity gives way to sheer abrasiveness, and even a mischievous side. He has been known to sneak into meetings that he was meant to attend invisibly, and stay invisible until someone mentions his name.

Suffice it to say, many people find him irritating at times.

Powers: As Xaron is a Matoran of Light, he has a few innate powers. He can alter the color of his armor, for example. That’s about it, actually. Great for stealth, as he can actually make himself invisible because of this.

Equipment: A few protosteel throwing knives, one protosteel dagger, a standard-issue disc launcher, and a few Kanoka discs, all of which are level 2-3 with various powers (though he cannot carry more than 2 at a time)

Skills: Xaron is, surprisingly, stealthy, despite his hyperactive nature. He can stalk a target for quite some time, and they wouldn’t know (unless they were very observant). He is excellent at hitting marks with his throwing knives and his discs, and is pretty decent with his dagger.

Weaknesses: He is a Matoran, plain and simple. He is far weaker than a Toa, and will lose any advantage in a fight if his cover is blown. Plus, even though he can be nearly invisible, he cannot maintain this for long, and his invisibility will fade over a period of one to two hours, and completely disappears after three hours.

Bio: As far as Xaron remembers, he has lived in Metru-Nui for as long as he has been alive. In fact, for the longest time, he thought that he was a Matoran of Magnetism. He had been disguised and sent out of Karda-Nui during the Time Slip, and had his memory wiped of the event. So, for his ‘new life’, he was just a normal Matoran of Magnetism. No abnormalities, he just lived like any other Matoran. However, once news of Karda-Nui’s destruction arrived in Metru-Nui, something clicked in his head. Maybe the word itself reminded him of who he actually was. Maybe, just maybe, he had known all along and was just denying it. Whatever the case, he realized who he was, and began to utilize his newfound abilities. At first, he could just change his color to blend in with the background slightly. But, after years and years of practice, he finally was able to completely deflect light around him, making him effectively invisible. And, by this time, the gangs had risen to power. One day, a member of the Blades decided to try to extort Xaron. He responded with a very quick, ‘No’, and began to walk away when the gang member attempted to kill him. Xaron barely escaped, using his abilities to get away from the gangster. He had seen how the Blades treated everyone, how they killed and murdered innocents because they had a few widgets. So, the only logical thing to do was to join the rival gang, the Fury. And so he did, and his skills as an assassin very quickly became apparent. He has become semi-known in the gang, and has killed a few members of the Blades, albeit always from the shadows, and always low-ranking members.

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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 09:31 AM

Name: Kayn

Gender: Male 

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Hau

Element: Earth

Faction: The Circle

Appearance: Kayn is similar in build and stature to the Toa Inika. His scratched grey Hau seems to sit perfectly with his black and silver colour scheme. His armor is mostly light except for his upper arm plates which each have a blade-looking piece protruding up out of them. Kayn's eyes glow a brilliant green.

Powers: The ability to manipulate Earth making a deadly combo with his swordplay. Limited shielding from his great Kanohi Hau

Equipment: Kayn carries two air katanas. They are different from eachother, the one he almost always holds is highly modified and upgraded to make it longer, balanced and extremely sharp. He calls it 'Typhoon'. His other air katana, however, is just the original counterpart which he keeps on his back in case of emergencies. Under both of his arms are miniature ballistic pistols, fashioned to look like armor to keep them hidden. Those are fired from under the forearm.

Skills: Toa Kayn has exceptionally good eyesight, being able to pick up the slightest of movements. He is also exceptionally skilled with his 'Typhoon', using many self-taught techniques to confuse and dispatch his enemies.

Weaknesses: Kayn specializes in using a sword in melee, so naturally he is at quite the disadvantage in a long range encounter such as a firefight.He also has a bad habit of holding back in a fight until he really needs to let loose, sometimes he does this too late.

Bio: Hailing from a refugee camp in Po-Wahi, Kayn was made in to a Toa to join team 'Reduo' after barely surviving a treacherous journey across the great desert. The team eventually got involved in a war with prototype Mata Nui robots, leading the team to develop perfect control over their elements and unimaginable power, unlocking 2-3 powers from each of their masks over the course of several thousand years. Within this time, Kayn had managed to get killed twice. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kayn has been saved both times. At the end of the war, the six-strong Toa Reduo were left alone to defeat the last Nui robot, this encounter spiraled out of control and the Toa ended up losing their almost unlimited power and their signature second elements. Now split up from the Reduo, Kayn has to rely heavily on his Air Katana techniques to keep him a more than average Toa. Kayn moved to Metru-Nui and joined The Circle just before the Sea Gates became inaccessable, leaving him stuck there. 

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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 01:23 PM

Name: Manaka

Gender: Male (assumed)

Species: Frost Beetle

Kanohi: N/A

Element: None, though Manaka thrives best in cold environments, similar to his fellow Frost Beetles.

Faction: Unaffiliated, for the moment.

Appearance: Like most Frost Beetles, Manaka is a large creature - smaller than a Kikanalo, maybe, but larger than most Toa - with a heavily plated body. He has two arms that end in large claws, and three pairs of legs - though the front pair has been modified via evolution to be a pair of clawed manipulators, and are what Manaka uses for hands. He has large spines on his back - useful as impromptu weapons, should somebody try to jump on him - and, as mentioned, has a heavily armoured exoskeleton; unlike most insectoid Rahi he has a pair of small eyes with few facets that are a cold, icy blue in colour, and he has a pair of large fangs hiding a somewhat small mouth.

Powers: Manaka has no powers.

Equipment: While he doesn't really need to, Manaka does own a small satchel, carried on his body up below his spines. He stores various trinkets he picks up in it, including memory crystals to feed on. Mmm, memory crystals. Yummy.

Skills: Like most Frost Beetles, Manaka is very intelligent for a Rahi - and this specific frost beetle is rather intelligent compared to the average Matoran, as well - and has gained a working fluency in the Matoran language. Other than that, he has good motor control - he needs it, with all the limbs he has - great strength, he is a great climber, has great balance, and he has quite focused eyesight.

Personality: Manaka is rather calm, compared to his hostile, more bestial-in-mind brothers. He much prefers to simply learn about things, than to go around fighting - though he is easily angered (he still gets annoyed when Matoran call him specifically a Rahi, as he feels he has become far too intelligent for such a moniker to apply to him), is somewhat arrogant, and if given the chance will talk your ear off about what he knows, or will ask questions nigh-constantly to try and learn something new.

Weaknesses: Owing to his size, Manaka is somewhat slow - smaller combatants (and even a good few larger ones) could easily get around him. As well, he can easily be goaded into a fight, regardless of what his better judgement might say - a carryover from his being descended from rather hostile Rahi.

Bio: Manaka was hatched like so many Frost Beetles are, coming to life in the bitter cold that was Ko-Metru's typical climactic state. For the young Frost Beetle life was hard, suffering was the primary state of his life, and none of the other Frost Beetles understood him, or liked him, or would play for him. It wasn't because he had a bright red shiny nose, though - Frost Beetles don't even have noses - but instead it was because he was rather different from all the others. He found he was more intelligent than many of them, and did not devote so much time to getting to Memory Crystals as the others did, and he found the Matoran and other Rahi around rather interesting, rather than viewing them as just threats. Beyond that, though, he found that he had trouble communicating with most of his fellow Frost Beetles, and they had the same trouble with him; for the longest time, neither he nor his less intelligent fellows could understand why, until he suddenly hit upon the answer; he was disconnected from the hive mind. Disconnected from birth...well, hatching. Rather than making Manaka feel desolate and alone, unable to properly interact with those of his own species, it had the opposite effect. He simply focused on his uniqueness, his greater intelligence than other Frost Beetles - fuelling his arrogance. After a time he staked out a home of his own, and gradually grew yet further apart from the other Frost Beetles, instead learning to speak the Matoran language. While at first it was a rather broken-down version, it helped him gain the boldness necessary to go out to one of the Knowledge Towers and attempt to speak to the Matoran there. While most backed away in fright, a few of the others seemed to view him to be just as interesting as he viewed them, and taught him to speak the Matoran language more fluently, and teaching him more about the island. After an amount of time he felt he had learned enough to attempt to travel yet further, which he did, collecting trinkets along the way and placing them in a leather satchel he'd been given as a gift from one of those Ko-Matoran scientists who had first befriended him, and attempting to learn more about the island and the people living on it, and to try and dispel the notion that all Frost Beetles were just crazy Rahi that ate a few too many memory crystals one day. That's just not cool, man.

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Trout? Where?

The Otter has finally returned...
Now in North American River Otter format.



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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 03:19 PM

Name: Jarros

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Mask of Biomechanics, shaped like a Kanohi Kadin (minus the spikes)

Element: Magnetism

Faction: Unaffiliated

Appearance: Jarros is a bit on the shorter side of Toa, often mistaken for a taller Matoran. He does not intimidate people by size nor stature. He has slender, almost spindly limbs. He keeps a deep cobalt black armor scheme, his chest housing a metallic gray piece of armor. He wears a dark cape/cloak with a hood, which, through time and wear, has made the end of it ragged and torn.

Powers: As a Toa of Magnetism, he has access to the wide range of powers that the element implies, including manipulation of magnetic fields and magnetically-attracted objects. He can fly at a low level by repulsing himself against the magnetic field of the island. His Mask of Biomechanics allows him to mentally interface with technology and control or influence them (depending on range and complexity). He cannot control parts that belong to another living being, but is able to slow them down.

Equipment: None

Skills: Jarros has very precise and powerful control over his elemental abilities, able to exceed what most people would consider possible. He also has a very acute and almost eidetic memory along with a strong willpower, and is able to think and process information very quickly. He keeps a mental dossier on the people he comes into contact with. He can sink into a state of mental concentration and form plans or retrieve information distinctively at the cost of losing all sense of time, danger, and other sensory inputs.

Weaknesses: Jarros was not a very physically strong Matoran, and this led to a disastrous attempt at becoming a Toa. He is extremely weak, unable to do almost anything but stand up. He cannot carry or brandish a weapon, and it is only through focused willpower is he able to get around. If he were to be put into a position where his mental willpower was impaired, or where he was not able to access his elemental powers, he would be nothing short of easy prey. He is a very vengeful Toa, and has a great deal amount of pride in his abilities and mental prowess. 

Bio: As a Matoran, Jarros was not favored on account of his extreme lack of physical strength. Often passed over for military recruitment and unable to provide much for himself, he lived in poverty for most of the beginning years of the war. He often passed the time trying to "read" the people that came across him. He had a good memory, and with the amount of time on his hands, trained himself to keep a mental dossier of the people that he came across at any such time. He found discipline in allowing himself to think internally, blocking out the sights and smells of the slum around him. Finally, he stumbled across a very lucky break when he came across an abandoned Toa Stone from one of the skirmishes. He hoped that it would enable him to be stronger, but it had the exact opposite effect. Weaker than ever before, Jarros had to spend months and months honing his mental willpower and skill to manipulate his magnetic abilities to where he could remain functional. Since then, his elemental prowess has increased, and he managed to steal a Mask of Biomechanics in order to help him do everyday things such as stand or walk. After years and years of training, Jarros has deemed himself skilled enough to re-enter the war-torn world, but being by himself for so long, he has no allegiance to any side as of yet. He has a extraordinary great deal amount of pride in his abilities, and he views his entrance into the world as a sort of phoenix metaphor, dragging himself from the ashes by nothing but sheer willpower.

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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 05:34 PM

Name: Zarembo, real name Etolin
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Zar wears the Great Mask of Intangibility, allowing him to alter the density of his body to go through matter and avoid attacks.
Element: Lightning
Faction: Freelancer with some connections to The Fury
Appearance: Zar typically wears an set of form-fitting alabaster armor and greaves over his blue body, in turn under a simple blue leather jacket. His mask is bronze and and frames his square jaw and blue eyes exquisitely. While at work, he wears a thick leather belt that carries his tools and slouches to the right; the spanners, keys and ratchet are on his left and his sidearm and torch is at his right hip. A set of ammunition is worn slanted on the front of his belt.
Powers: He has powers of electricity and can absorb, control and conjure it at will. This is very useful in Metru Nui, particularly since it allows him to sabotage or sometimes manipulate certain consoles using his power at an intimate level.
Equipment: Among Zarembo’s tools are a pair of adjustable spanners, a set of hex keys, a ratchet, high-powered flashlight and a custom revolver (Mateba Autorevolver irl).
Skills: He’s an engineer with an apparent load of experience in how the city functions, understanding the infrastructure quite intimately in addition to knowledge of the movements and strategies of the Circle and the gangs, though them to a lesser degree. He’s quite swell at hand-to-hand combat -- for a little bit.
Weaknesses: Despite his cunning and array of formidable abilities, Zarembo can be outwitted and seems a little odd in his surroundings, being too educated and cunning when compared to the rest of the rabble. He also tires out relatively quickly; his melee experience is skill-based, not endurance-trained.
Bio: Etolin was once on the Circle’s Council (approved by Dov), where he served as Metru Nui’s transportation chief. The position, and his competency in it, earned him great wealth and power within the city, but despite the loftiness of his place in society he still understood the real issues happening on the streets. Secretly, Etolin grew more and more empathetic on the gang wars and social movements and he resolved to do something about it. Faking his death and sacrificing most of his estate, he adopted a new persona that would allow him to blend in and help the masses at their level, not by the political and indifferent ways of the Circle.

Enter Zarembo. He has barely a year on the streets and settled in a Ta-Metru, where he helps The Fury as a tech expert when called for in return for safe housing, while foraging outside the Metru to meet others and figure out how to help the city get back together. He believes the wars and fallouts were due to the Circle’s failing to understand the issues of their city and he desires to restructure Metru Nui to a great city once more, even if it means doing away with the Circle. He’s quick on his feet, clever with his tongue, sharp with his gun and handy with his tools — he has to be if he wants to survive, let alone achieve his dream.

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Posted Feb 03 2014 - 11:43 AM

Name: [ Laredo (‘Scruff’) ]

Gender: [ Male ]

Species: [ Turaga ]

Kanohi: [ Noble Faxon, custom-crafted to resemble a Great Kadin; possesses multiple other non-powered Kanohi as well ]

Element: [ Iron ]

Faction: [ Essentially unaffiliated; does harbor some pro-Northwind sympathies, and is highly mistrustful of the ‘big government’ Circle ]

Appearance: [ Take the word ‘Turaga’. Now take whatever stereotypical mental image it brings with it, and rip the ###### thing into tiny shreds and toss ‘em… well, wherever. Just take that cliché and burn it to ashes, then burn the ashes.

Prepare to meet the grumpy old man who can blow your head off from three hundred yards with any ranged weapon under the twin suns, detonate three thousand pounds of home-built landmines under your tail section just when you decide he’s snoring happily away in front of his living room telescreen, and then pull out the ol’ mixed martial arts moves and kick your newbie butt to cytoplasm when you finally get to him.

Or just ask the last half-dozen street thugs who had him on their hit lists. They’ll tell you. If you can understand what they’re saying through the busted teeth and the body casts.

He’s a full head taller than a tall Matoran, built rawboned but solid, like a wedge of iron or maybe a twenty-ton rusted-out cargo transporter. Sure, he looks like you ran him through a blender, took a hatchet to his outer armor plating, and then hosed him down with a blowtorch, but that just lets the hostiles know what they’re up against. He’s survived wars, quests, food poisoning, zombie outbreaks, gangsters, multiple assassination attempts… and he’s still around and kicking and just as ornery as ever. When he fulfilled his destiny and passed on the mantle of Toa to a new generation, this old dude didn’t set back and take it easy. After all, chronologically speaking, he was no more elderly than most of the Matoran around, and a whole lot younger than some. Why retire? There’s always someone, somewhere, who needs a hero… whatever form the hero comes in.

Ever the dedicated warrior-athlete, ever the skilled master craftsman, he kept in shape, kept in practice, and, over the years, completely overhauled and rebuilt his newly-wizened Turaga’s body into a rugged physical powerhouse worthy of Artakha himself. He didn’t go for frills; in keeping with the style of his custom-built ‘Kadin’, he went with ‘sharktooth’-ridged protosteel plate, fully functional shoulder spikes, and built-in riot vest. He didn’t go for movie-star muscle and good looks; he went with tough, functional, and prizefighter ugly. He wasn’t out to catch the babes; he was out to stay alive.

His visible organic tissues are a dark, beat-up gunmetal in color, as are his mechanical components and external armor carapace, with a few patches of atypical dusty olive green here and there to kinda break up the monotony, like. Keen, electric blue eyes squint watchfully from the protection of his armored ‘riot helmet’-type Kanohi, and when it’s not hidden by a few crisscrossed tactical ammunition bandoliers or a dusty leather utility vest, his heartlight can be seen to consist of this same color shade as well. The little finger on his right hand is missing, severed cleanly at the first joint, and he bears a distinctive ‘survivalist biohazard’ tattoo etched in light grey-green across the outside of his left bicep, along with the motto ‘Old Guys Rule’.

He’s tough, capable veteran with centuries of hard-bought experience behind him, yet, as his sturdy-but-stooped shoulders, slight limp, and vaguely hunched posture show, he is still a rather aged individual whose years of bitter trails, bloody wars, and rough living are finally beginning to catch up with him a bit… just a bit. And he knows it, and although he accepts it (surprisingly) with all the graceful wisdom of most classical Turaga, it does make him that much more paranoid, wary, and trigger-happy.

And he was bad enough to start with. Heaven help the unfortunate gangsters who stumble onto his private patch of bomb-rigged desert in the suburbs of Po-Metru, because they sure as ###### won’t have time, or, in a few seconds, an adequate number of functional limbs and brain cells, to help themselves.

Powers: [ As is the case with all Turaga of Iron, Laredo’s innate elemental abilities grant him an unusually high level of physical endurance and resilience. He is also capable of consciously manipulating and creating his element to a certain extent, a useful skill he has honed to perfection through years of practice.

Additionally, and again in keeping with the abilities of most Turaga, he possesses the level of mental discipline necessary to activate Kanohi masks of Noble power class. In Laredo’s case, his trusty, ever-versatile Mask of Kindred, which allows him to temporarily replicate specific natural abilities of his current environment’s native Rahi, albeit at cost of a few seconds’ preparation, and within the limit of no more than one copied ability active at a time.

Equipment: [ Let’s just say, any and every type of weapon or tool you can possibly imagine, as long as the only known blueprints for it aren’t hidden away in some top-security military vault. Laredo likes to carry around a little bit of everything, from pliers to garrote wire to imported hand grenades, to semi-serrated survival knives and night vision goggles, and for every pound of gear he’s got on his person, he’s got several hundred more pounds of gear back in his home-sweet-home reinforced-concrete bunker-blockhouse.

But of course, everyone has their weapon of choice. In this Old Man Turaga’s case, his very own ‘Badge of Office’. When he signed off his Toa Powers, his Toa Tool signed off as well… but like its owner, it didn’t settle for a cliché. It morphed into a heavy-caliber plasmatic handgun, lovingly nicknamed ‘Dragon Flame’, which Laredo now carries in a covert shoulder holster beneath his outer garb. Sleek and rugged, of solid protosteel construction and simple-yet-imposing design, this firearm’s inner workings and operation are simple. An internal elemental energy converter siphons raw elemental energy from the surrounding environment, re-structures and condenses it into immensely powerful bolts of ionized plasma-gel, which are then stored in the magazine in preparation for firing. The handgun’s maximum rate of fire is roughly two rounds per second; each individual bolt is capable of blowing a three-inch cubit crater in solid protosteel, burning straight through five feet of heavy oak planking, or simultaneously disintegrating and cauterizing the average Matoran’s skull with a single direct hit.

Firepower, accuracy, durability, and ease of use are this weapon’s strong points; reloading speed and range, however, are not. The bolts have an average effective range of no more than twenty or thirty yards, after which they begin to break up and dissipate, and the energy converter requires a flat minimum of thirty seconds to fully recharge each individual slot in the ten-round magazine. In addition, firing a bolt forces the handgun to vent large amounts of excess heat and steam along with the projectile itself, resulting in significant recoil, intense muzzle flash, and a rather obvious amount of noise. In terms of decibels, not enough to damage the hearing of the shooter or even cause him discomfort, but certainly enough to give away his presence and position; a potentially fatal drawback.

Still and all, in a non-covert situation, Dragon Flame is a weapon to be feared and avoided at all costs. It has saved its owner’s hide on more than one occasion, and he carries it with him everywhere he goes… along with the aforesaid array of other weapons that are also to be feared and avoided at all costs.

Skills: [ Like most serious survivalists, Laredo is something of a stereotypical jack-of-all-trades, incredibly adaptable and resourceful, fairly skilled in a great variety of tasks and true master of but a few. Small-scale guerilla combat of any type, with any weapon, is his uncontested specialty as regards ‘things you probably don’t normally do every day’, followed closely by urban and wilderness survival, but he’s also a decent hand with rock climbing, shallow-water diving, explosives, disaster-zone medical care, and covert operations. Much of his skill in these areas is self-taught; he has had little or no formal training of any sort, save that received while operating in conjunction with Jovan’s Team.

A former Nynrah Ghost, Laredo is an absolute wizard with anything mechanical, and makes his living as a part-time self-employed engineer and equipment trader. He’s particularly fond of weapons and heavy machinery, but… well, yeah. You name it, he can build it, fix it, or find a way to render it permanently inoperable. He’s very much a tinkerer, constantly modifying and adapting his gear as the mood strikes him, and it’s this ‘restless hands’ quality that makes him a particularly dangerous person to confront. Hostiles are never sure of just what unstable prototype gadget they might be faced with next, and so they generally steer clear of his turf altogether.

Which makes life flow a whole lot smoother for everyone, because single-shot Cordak blasters concealed in second-hand walking canes tend to pack some serious recoil, and, as everyone knows, old people bruise mighty easily.

Weaknesses: [ Sure, Laredo can take down practically anything his size, or within a few hundred pounds of it… but all things considered, in a hard-fisted city dominated by morally ambiguous Toa, eight-foot Vortixx dockhands, and musclebound Skakdi hit men, even a rebuilt and unretired Turaga’s got all he can do to hold his own. Simply put, in terms of close-quarters melee, he’s a pretty small person drifting in the big guys’ circles. One-on-one, he can come out all right; any steeper odds than that, however, and he’d better start hunting the nearest storm drain. For this reason, he likes a bit of room to maneuver… which is, unfortunately, rather scarce in the overcrowded streets of Metru Nui.

Additionally, and in a more psychological sense, Laredo’s nervous paranoia, trigger-happy style, and near-fanatical suspicion of anyone and everything, come with definite drawbacks. He trusts practically no one, and hasn’t operated as a team player since his good old days as a Toa… even then, he was something of a loner, seeing traps everywhere (including amidst the deeds of his ‘friends’) and sometimes dangerously overestimating the intelligence of his foes. His favored method of dealing with risk is to blow the ###### out of every potentially dangerous variable in sight; in a word, he’s going to shoot first and ask questions later, which definitely isn’t always the best course of action in an urban environment.

Bio: [ Simply put, Laredo’s been around. His earliest days as a Matoran were spent mainly in the industrial jungles of Xia, where he operated as a solo member of the elite craftsman’s guild known as the ‘Nynrah Ghosts’. He traveled extensively during this period of his life, feeding a strong wanderlust and exhibiting a consistent tendency for stumbling into dangerous situations, be they blood feuds between cannibalistic Southern Islanders, grim Po-Matoran range wars on the Northern Continent, or spur-of-the-moment running gang battles through the streets of Stelt. From the very beginning, he relished the challenge, excitement, and primal drama of these adventures, even actively seeking them out when fate didn’t do it for him. Time would fail to speak of the trails he’s wandered, of the storms he’s weathered, of the legends he’s seen and had a hand in forming.

Sometime, somewhere, however, he confronted his calling, set his semi-civilian life firmly behind him, and donned the mantle of Toa-hero. This transformation, and the subsequent solo campaigns against darkness that he carried out courtesy of his accumulated skill, hard-bought experience, and newly-tapped powers, are assumed to have taken place somewhere in or near the Southern Continent and the future realm of Voya Nui, for he was in position to sign on with Jovan’s Team when they arrived there a few decades later in epic quest of the Mask of Life.

Realizing their destiny was his own, the scarred Toa of Iron fought, struggled, and grieved alongside them as they hacked their path through uncharted wilderness to the infamous Mount Valmai, battled their way into the very heart of the Chamber of Life, and retrieved the artifact they sought. With them, the only team he had ever known or cared to know, he descended into the depths of the Core of the Universe, watched as the mask was used to heal the Great Spirit himself at cost of a terrible sacrifice, and lent his aid in the dangerous return journey to the Ignika’s chosen Chamber.

Having fulfilled his destiny within a relatively short period of time, Laredo was reluctant to immediately give up his Toa Power, and when Jovan’s Team settled down to new careers as Turaga of the Southern Continent, he left them and set off anew in search of adventure. For several centuries, he wandered nearly every known corner of the universe, from his homeland of Xia to the cliffs of Nynrah, and added yet another wealth of knowledge and experience to his roster. However, with the onset of the Brotherhood of Makuta’s ‘threat removal’ campaign against certain elemental subspecies of Toa, including his own of Iron, his projected life expectancy began to rapidly decrease and, after narrowly surviving a series of increasingly deadly assassination attempts, Laredo finally decided it was time to call it quits and seek the underground while he still could. Ever the foresighted tactician, he created an unusual six Toa Stones, one or two of which are known to remain, as yet, inactivated.

As a ‘mere’ Turaga, his potential threat to the Brotherhood was significantly diminished, and although he was still subjected to a handful of tentative attacks over the coming years, he managed to keep one step ahead of his enemies through ceaseless travel, endless networks of carefully-prepared escape routes, and constant vigilance. Even when the infamous Dark Hunters began to lay murder plots against him, as was their custom for all Turaga, he was able to evade and parry the double threat with surprising ease... as well a few quarter-ton explosive devices. Laredo never did, never does, leave anything to chance if he can prevent it.

Inevitably, of course, this sort of lifestyle began to wear him down both physically and mentally, and by the catastrophic Great Cataclysm, he had roughened into an exceedingly bitter, cantankerous individual, constantly on edge and constantly on the move. The universe-wide turmoil brought on by the aforesaid disaster was the final straw, and Turaga Laredo, alias ‘Scruff’, vowed to seek out a lair and have done with running.

Enter, Metru Nui. It took him another thousand years of careful search before he selected the newly-rebuilt City of Legends as his homeland metropolis, and even then, with the threat of the Brotherhood effectively removed by the Destiny War, he felt uncomfortable taking up a semi-static lifestyle. But when this old refugee finally settled down in the dusty suburbs of central Po-Metru, he built to last. Gangs, street fighting, the demolition of the sea passages… all this, he has watched with wary eyes through the high-powered scope of a laser crossbow. He sticks up for justice when he can, and the local thugs have learned to leave him strictly alone, but mostly he just keeps his head down and his voice turned off. Underworld politics mean little to him; all he really wants is to be left alone in his cozy little military spec defensive compound with his apocalypse-ready arsenal of traps, weapons, and maple-baked beans. His own private bunker in the heart of a war zone.

He doesn’t want trouble, but he can handle it.

Notes: [ Currently none; this section is subject to change as gameplay progresses. ]

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Name: Alpha (real name unknown)
Gender: Female
Species: Vo-Toa
Kanohi: Great Mask of Rahi Control 
Element: Lightning 
Faction: Her pack and nothing else. Let the rest of the island burn, if they make it out intact, she couldn’t care less. 
Appearance: Alpha’s appearance is a far cry from what one imagines a Toa to be. She does not have the bearing of a proud, noble warrior in the least. She has more in common with the Rahi she commands than anything else. Her blue and steel-grey body is lean and lithe as a result of her harsh lifestyle. This lifestyle has also given her many scars, the most visible of which stretches across her face; indeed, this is the wound that rendered her right eye black and nonfunctional. Her one good eye shines a bright blue, with the other being covered by a bit of black cloth. When she moves she wastes no energy, moving more like a hound on the hunt then a warrior. Her Great Mask has a passing resemblance to a Faxon, but it is indistinct at best, as the edges are sharper and more defined.
Her armor, one of the remnants of her former life is dark bronze in coloration; though originally a high-quality set years of hard living have dulled its coloration and given it quite a few dents, scraps and the like. It’ll do the job, but any beauty it once had has long departed, some underclothing made of brown cloth serves to connect the disparate pieces of armor. A tattered black cloak complete with a hood serves as her traveling clothing, as her life is nothing but travel at this point, she wears it all times.  Here and there crude patches testify to quick repair jobs. A small pack hangs at her side, filled with food and assorted salvage. 
Powers: Alpha has control over the element of lightning, particularly in the defensive and offensive applications of this skill. It’s also very handy for starting fires on cold nights. Her mask grants her the power to control Rahi, though she can only directly control a few at a time. She prefers to use her mask to allow her to challenge the head of any given pack for leadership, or pull out a member of her pack that is in a large amount of danger. 
Equipment: Various tools (knives, heatstones, lightstones and the like) stored away in a brown pack, along with some dried meat. Her primary weapon is a long, ornate metal staff tipped with a protosteel blade. Though like the remnants of her former life, it’s starting to get on in the years and it shows. She typically uses this staff to channel her lightning. 
Skills: Alpha is a skilled combatant, having lived for years in the wildest parts of Metru-Nui with naught but her pack at her side. She doesn’t subscribe to any one fighting style; rather she does whatever will kill her enemy the quickest. She doesn’t care about being flashy or graceful; she cares about killing something so she has something to eat that night. Her travels ensure she knows the island quite well, the hidden nooks and crannies, the types of Rahi that inhabit an area, where convoys tend to travel and of course, how to hunt and survive in the wilderness.  She is a survivalist in the most extreme sense of the word. She’s got that killer instinct, and won’t hesitate to carry out any strategy that would ensure her survival, no matter how brutal it might be. As a result of her speechless status, she’s also grown adept at communicating through gestures and the like.
Weaknesses: For one, an old war injury ensures she cannot speak beyond growls and other noises, the finer points of verbal communication are utterly lost on her. She is blind in one eye and as a result, has quite the blind spot in battle. 
Bio: Old enough to remember when the island wasn’t a den of ganglords and chaos, Alpha originally arrived upon Metru-Nui as the escort for a Turaga of some renown, hailing from the Southern Islands. When the situation on Metru Nui degenerated, her charge was one of the first to fall to the blades of the petty gangsters. Alpha herself was wounded in the attack, resulting in the loss of her voice. Sitting in her hospital bed, she watched the entire island fall into infighting and senseless violence. In time, she grew cold and disdainful of the failed society she saw. Toa had bled and died throughout the ages…only for their ungrateful, slow-witted and short-sighted charges to tear themselves apart. One day, she rose from her bed and walked out into the decaying cityscape, not once looking back.
Alpha soon fell in with one of the packs of Kavinika that wondered the land, claiming leadership over them thanks to her powers over Rahi. She swore she would survive this long, dark night, she would outlast the folly of so many others, she knew there was no future for the civilization of Metru-Nui, so it made a striking amount of sense to throw her lot in with creatures used to savagery and violence. As the years dragged by, she developed an affection for the Rahi at her command, seeing in them much of herself. Through no fault of their own, they had been caught up in the violence and insanity of the “civilized” inhabitants of the island. She has since done everything she can to ensure her pack survives this, even if it lowered her own chances of survival. Now she and her packmates wonder the wild streets of the city, hiding in the darkness and stalking their prey.
Let the city burn. The Rahi were here long before the first building scrapped the sky, they will be here long after the final building falls to the ground and, insofar as she is concerned, so will Alpha. 

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I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Organic Mask of Clairvoyance -- crafted in a similar manner to the Kanohi Inika. Pros of it being organic are visions more prolific and potent than that of an inorganic one, cons are it possesses a capricious sentience making the visions debilitating and often very inconvenient. Paladium is locked in a complex stalemate with her mask and is effectively unable to remove it or switch it with other masks.

Element: Sonics

Faction: The Northwinds

Appearance: Paladium is ancient. As such, she is war-torn and scarred. Once tall and lanky, she's now inflicted with a limp and a slouch that require her to use a cane. Her armor is a mix of dark gray and dull gold, a washed-out emblem of her original status as a soldier. Her gray Kanohi is alive and constantly pulsating, covered in scales.

Powers: Standard sonics powers, fine-tuned due to extensive training and experience. Her elemental mastery and seer-like qualities granted by the Kanohi make up for her physical slowness and deafness caused to constant exposure to the sound of battle.

Equipment: A staff with a hidden retractable blade. Typically used as a tool rather than a weapon as she is not fit for hand-to-hand combat.

Skills: While still incapable of hearing, Paladium is able to pick up the general "shape" and volume of sounds and is also a skilled lip-reader. She has the sharpened mind of a soldier and battle experience.

Weaknesses: Obviously her physical slowness and deafness are a weakness, and as such she prefers to refrain from physical fighting and, when she does fight, stays in the back lines. Her mask has the power to give her a dramatic upper hand but she does not necessarily trust its visions due to the fact that it often purposely misguides her.

Bio: Paladium is an ancient veteran from the southern islands. Left deaf and physically weak by the endless battles she struggled in, she now considers herself a moral authority. Though long due to have transformed into a Turaga, she believes she has more use on the battlefield than as a sage. Once she aspired to join the high ranks of the Circle, but after witnessing their corruption become more and more apparent her stubbornness was finally subdued and she joined the then-new Northwinds. She's still not completely aware of how her nature shapes her own judgment, but after learning about how her own unwillingness to learn caused her people great injustices both inside and outside the law, she chose to take a more liberal stance in politics. Currently learning about Metru Nui and its nuanced power system, she prefers to take part in smaller missions meant to correct injustices, much like a vigilante version of the sort of leader she once wanted to become. She is almost politically invisible and lives in isolation in Po-Metru, always waiting for new chances to spring into action. As per custom of her home island, she believes in a pantheon of higher power, one which is the highest echelon of truth and believed to be attainable by mortals such as herself. As a Matoran, she dreamed of joining the ranks of these gods, but as she learned more about herself and her philosophy she realized that coveting a seat in the pantheon was not only selfish, it was counterproductive. She still holds a blazing ambition, one that she is currently curbing in order to maintain stealth in society.

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Name: Viitka

Gender: Female

Species: Johmak's Species

Kanohi: N/A

Element: N/A

Faction: Northwinds

Appearance: Roughly 1.9 bio in height, Viitka stands quite noticeably above most [i]Toa[i] in terms of height, though she otherwise physically resembles that species. She possesses a broad, heavy build, with the prominent musculature of a warrior, granted, one with an obvious preference for strength over agility. She's far more burly than simply “athletic” in terms of physique, which results in a somewhat intimidating presence of raw power.

Facially, her generally impassive features are somewhat angled, and feline in appearance, while a single scar runs along the left of her jawline. Her eyes are a startlingly vivid magenta, a color shared with her heartlight. She wears a respectable amount of additional armor, which itself is bulky and built to last, though it does limit movement in some areas. It sports a utilitarian design, with each individual plate being comprised of layered pieces. Her natural armor is a glossy obsidian color, which is matched by the armor she wears save for the number of bright magenta linear designs scattered across it's surface. These designs are mostly focused around the upper left of her chest, as well as the corresponding limbs on that side.

She generally wears a series of large belts carrying a multitude of different tools around her waist and thigh, as well as diagonally across her torso. Viitka also possesses a helmet who's main feature is the featureless black faceplate.

Powers: Like the rest of her species, Viitka has the ability to shatter her body into a multitude of crystalline shards, which she can then manipulate independently. Her Rhotuka temporarily causes the atmosphere around the target to become heavy and toxic.

Equipment: Viitka's main piece of equipment is a gigantic shield which is resistant to many attacks. An artificial Rhotuka Launcher is built into the face of this shield. She also possesses a number of tools associated with the upkeep of technological items.

Skills: Viitka is physically powerful, a trait which should made obvious by her physique, and she's a fair bit endurant. She's not one to shrink from a fight, though unfortunately, she lacks any sort of official martial training, instead using a combination of techniques she herself developed and straight improvisation. It's served her well enough this long, and Viitka has no intention of changing that. She has a aptness for technological devices, and it's a safe bet that she'll be able to tear something apart and slap it back together if given enough time cursing fluently in multiple languages at it, whether that something is an airship or some fancy weapon.

Weaknesses: Her use of improvisation over well-worn tactics is a double-edged sword for her, and while it gives her a level of unpredictability, it also makes her vulnerable to other well-worn tactics. She mainly focuses on brute strength in melee combat, which can be taken advantage of by those who know how.

Bio: Viitka is one of the countless immigrants to the City of Legends, just another meaningless name in a sea of faces looking for an escape from whatever past was left outside of the island. More specifically, Viitka had at one time gotten in a bad way with a rather influential Vortixx overseer, which of course warranted the hiring of a Dark Hunter operative. The Dark Hunter was predictably tasked with her elimination, a choice that had the result of Viitka becoming badly wounded, and the Dark Hunter ending up on opposite sides of an island. Viitka herself lived more or less on the run from that point on, getting by taking odd jobs, putting her mechanical talents to good use repairing whatever happened to be broken in the immediate area.

Eventually, she managed to get a transport to Metru Nui, in the hope of once and for all traveling a distance that past troubles couldn't reach her. This didn't quite work out as well as she'd hoped, being dropped in the middle of a gang war where none of the sides seemed favorable. Viitka was more or less neutral throughout the beginnings of the conflict, at least until she started to feel the oppressive hand of the “government”, and at that point joined the rest of the immigrants as part of the Northwinds.

Who is your character? Where are they from, what have they done, what's their life been like? Reasonable length, please. No minimum word count, but please, devote some time here.

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Posted Feb 09 2014 - 08:32 PM

Please list me as "General Stonewall."

Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allegiance: None(yet)
Homeland: Southern Islands
Element: Fire
Kanohi: Great Hau, Mask of Shielding
Weapon(s): Vulcan, a Protosteel sword similar to a Roman spatha
Other Equipment: Journal, Heatstone, 49 Widgets
Dominant Hand: Left
Appearance: A lean Toa of average height, with the overall look of a soldier. His armor is crimson with scarlet accents and a scarlet Hau, as well as a silver breastplate and silver greaves; this armor is covered in small scratches and scars from his old military career. Ignitus eyes are strange, dark emerald in some places and brown in others.
Personality: Hot-tempered and aggressive, Ignitus is nearly devoid of true fear. After all the war he's seen, his only true fear is dying without any reason. Though once a loyal leader to his men, losing most of those same men has left Ignitus without a cause, at least for the moment.
Skills: Ignitus isn't half bad at controlling his element of flames. He is a pretty freaking good tactician, at least when he keeps his head clear. His true skill, however, is swordsmanship. His sword, Vulcan, has been his as long as he can remember, and in that time he's learned to use it to great effect, nearly unmatched on his home island.
History: Originally a Ta-Matoran on one of the Southern Islands, Igntius became a Toa shortly after the death of his hero, a former Toa of his island, in the Great Cataclysm. He filled in the twelfth spot of this team, the Toa Ardu, and eventually rose up to become its leader.
It wasn't long after this that he and his team went from fending off the local Zyglak to fighting under Helryx against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Initially working to stop Brotherhood porgress in the Southern Islands, they eventually participated in the attack on Destral.
This is where things started to go bad.
Led by Ignitus, the Toa Ardu attempted to attack the Brotherhood through a break in their defenses caused by the attack. Little did they know that it wasn't quite unguarded. A group of Rahkshi, outnumbering the Toa Ardu nearly four to one and lead by a traitorous Toa named Erebus, was waiting just on the other side. The Toa Ardu were slaughtered, all either KIA or MIA except for Ignitus. Having fought Erebus one-on-one, Ignitus was left for dead by the traitor, more or less unable to fight due to a stab wound in his knee and appearing quite dead.
But he wasn't dead. Not quite.
Though he made it off the island after the assault, Ignitus was done fighting Helryx's fights. He also couldn't bear to return to his home alone, so he never went back. Over the years he made his way all over the Universe, without any true home. Recently, he finally found a ship to Metru Nui, and has now arrived, looking for some sort of freedom, and, if possible, a way to start anew.
Weakness(es): Besides the obvious weakness to cold and ice, Ignitus' hotheadedness can cause him to charge into battle without thinking first. This is what brought about the catastrophe on Destral. His right knee is also weaker than his left, though he has learned to make this indiscernible, so that the only way someone could exploit this weakness without knowledge of the battle is sheer luck.


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Posted Feb 10 2014 - 03:43 PM

Name: Oberon Tarec
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Calix
Element: Iron
Faction: Unaffiliated
Appearance: Young, young enough to still be a student. A tad below average height, standing at a still respectable 7'0". Not physically the most imposing guy either, only being somewhat athletic and toned, mostly due to his using his feet to get everywhere. A typical toa of iron, his gunmetal armor is highlighted with the odd spot of burnt orange, a very low-key type spread. Typically wears casual clothes, a plain white shirt being chief amongst them. Face is expressive, yet ultimately nothing to write home about. Blue eyes, should that suddenly mean anything.
Powers: Like all Toa, he can bend his natural element to his will. Unlike many Toa, he's not exceptionally good at it. Much unlike many toa, he has next to no aptitude for elemental manipulation, only able to pull off rudimentary feats with a great deal of effort and focus. The same applies to his Calix. While it's always on at a low level as every Calix is, he seems to have some form of mental block when it comes to using it to push his capabilities beyond his normal threshold. What is there manifests almost like a form of precognition, an ability to pick up on subtle cues and react to them accordingly, but not necessarily in time.
What he does do well, though, is be tough as nails and stubborn as an ox. Simply put, Oberon has a knack for surviving and persevering perhaps even greater than that of his peers.
Equipment: Typically a backpack full of school supplies(paper, pencils, etc.) and a first-aid kit.
Skills: Can cook and clean fairly well, generally do all the things required of living on one's own. In a fight, he's far more keen to beat people up than element them, for obvious reasons. As such, he's become a fairly skilled brawler, having gone through, in his words, "the school of hard knocks martial arts". He is not formally trained, but has just been in enough fights to hold his own through experience, and the occasional tactical ploy. ("Fighting dirty tends to work pretty nicely for me.")
Weaknesses: As stated earlier, he is terrible at elemental manipulation and kanohi usage, putting him at an enormous disadvantage in a ranged battle. In addition, he is not formally trained in hand-to-hand combat, either, which allows him to be picked apart by those more experienced and/or skilled than he. Has a habit of selling himself kind of short, as well. His relationship with the fates is a strange, fluctuating thing, and has a slight tendency to side towards the negative end of the spectrum.
Bio: Tarec is as close to native to Metru Nui as one can be without having spent one's entire life there. Long ago, he was sent there to study and train and find his destiny as a Toa. It hasn't quite gone as planned, he'd imagine. He tries to take his life day by day and deal with whatever fate throws at him as it comes. In his time at the island, he's become very self-sufficient, frugal with the weekly allowance given to him, and at home in his smallish, comfy dorm. While thus far he's managed to mostly stay within the life of normalcy and lack of drama that most citizens have found themselves in, but has at least come in minor contact with all four gangs on the barest level each at some point. He doesn't know much nor really care much about them, and just worries about doing what he can to help people who need it. In that regard, he has something of an amorphous alignment, doing what he wants, which happens to generally be good. Thankfully, Oberon's life has been mostly normal thus far.

Thus far.

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Posted Feb 10 2014 - 04:30 PM

Name: Raaz

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Faxon, the Mask of Kindred

Element: Magnetism

Faction: None

Appearance. Armor is gunmetal gray mixed with black, his Kanohi has the apperance of a Faxon. He is of normal height for a Toa, although of a more muscular build.

Powers: All power affiliated with Magnestism, Kanohi Faxon allows him to copy Rahi traits.

Equipment: Raaz carries twin Kanoka Blades, both forged with a weakens disc. Raaz also carries a dagger form of a twilight blade.

Skills: Raaz is extremely skilled in melee combat

Weaknesses: Everything about Raaz, his elemental powers, fighting skills, etc weaken has the fighting distance increases.

Bio: Raaz was on a team composed purely of Magnetism Toa. However, when the Makuta Began hunting down Toa of Magnestism because of their potential against Makuta armor, Raaz's Toa team was slaughtered by Rahkshi. Vowing vengance, Raaz continually seeks Rahkshi and destroys them, hoping to someday meet a Makuta and extract his vengance. He doesn't really care about the four factions, if you are in his way you area  enemy, if you help him, a friend.

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