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Thirteenth Isle Profiles

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#1 Offline Wyrd Bid Ful Araed

Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 09:00 PM

This topic is where you post characters, once they have been approved in the Black Spot discussion topic.


Try to stick to only one post for your characters, just to make them easy to find.

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#2 Offline Geardirector

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  • 08-June 12
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 09:54 PM

Name: Rilvi


Species: Toa


Gender: Female


Group: The Free Folk of the Southern Islands


Appearance: Rilvi is of a lithe and slender build, wild of nature and of average height and weight. Her appearance is very bare, just her in her natural blue armor accentuated with eye-catching highlights of light blue, her Kanohi and more or less nothing else. One noteworthy thing about Rilvi is that her left eye is covered by an eye patch.


Powers: Elemental Water Powers and Mask of Speed. Rilvi is particularly talented with her elemental powers, due to being around water pretty much all of the time.


Equipment: Rilvi’s only belongings are a Rahi-hide knapsack, mostly used to carry the messages she delivers as she runs between islands,

although small packages are also possible.


Biography: Originally a fisherwoman, but always a free-spirited gal, Rilvi’s always enjoyed sea life, and would often go on dives when she was still a Ga-Matoran. She was always the helpful sort, running errands about the triplets like there was no tomorrow. One day on one of her dives she found a Toa of Stone at the sea floor, and it transformed her into a Toa. How it ended up there has never really crossed her mind. Rilvi now spends her time running messages and errands all across the Southern Isles, with the exception of those that are under control of the BoM whom she’s not very fond of, hence why she’s happy to try her hand at smuggling now and then.


As can be gleamed from the above Bio; Rilvi is an odd combination of the helpful stranger and crazy adrenaline junkie. She lives for excitement and to help people, the two combining to make her a fairly kind and caring person, but also very restless and often quite reckless.


Name: Suria


Species: Toa


Gender: Female


Group: Brotherhood of Makuta


Appearance: Thanks to carrying an almost god-like impression of Toa herself, now that she is one she’s a strikingly beautiful woman clad in meticulously crafted armor, highlighting her excellent physique and intense, glowing eyes. Healthy and strong, almost sculpted, limbs and body accompany weapons and armor in absolutely pristine shape. Her Great Kiril is in the Noble shape, in memorial to a dear friend of hers that fell to the pirate raids. She is primarily white, with orange highlights and mask, and her weapons follow suit by being colored stark metallic white, shining brightly in the sunlight.


Powers: Elemental Plasma Powers, Mask of Regeneration and resistance to being blinded by bright flashes of light. Suria still lacks a great deal of practice with her powers, preferring to go for her considerably more advanced physical fighting skills.


Equipment: Suria is armed with a spear (dubbed the “Glowstaff”), the tip adorned with a flame-like motif, and a somewhat oval-shaped shield with serrated edges. The Shield also has the special ability to be thrown, and then diverted back to Suria when it hits something, much like if it was under the effect of a Mask of Rebounding.


Biography: As a native of the Southern Continent, Suria has had to deal with Pirate Raids one too many times, though she was merely a Matoran back then. Regardless, she has fought to repel them many times, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, for better or worse she survived all of it. Only very recently was she bestowed with the power of a Toa, and when she later heard that Zavarian had appeared in the region to bring order to the Southern Isles and get rid of the pirates, she immediately approached him to join his mission.


Suria is very self-righteous and noble, always trying very hard to live up to the image Toa are meant to portray. She’s a bit high-and-mighty of attitude, considering herself and her fellow Brotherhood supporters considerably better folk than the pirates of the Southern Isles, whom she almost unconditionally harbors a strong hatred for. She’s very respectful of the Brotherhood’s authority, and follows her orders to the letter; anything to help bring order to these lawless lands.



Ship Name: Righteous Fury


Description: A sturdy, two-mast affair, mainly of wooden composition, it’s a ship of moderate size and power, with good range and speed. The Fury’s crew numbers at somewhere around 20-25 people.


Arsenal: In terms of firepower, the Fury sports two rows of Hagah Plasma Turrets, eight in total on each side. On deck, by the railing are four Heavy Impact Crystal Launchers that can be manned by the crew. There’s also a supply of Electro Chute Blades and Nynrah Ghostblasters for antipersonnel situations.


Modifications: The Righteous Fury sports two notable modifications: a massive battering ram by the bow, and a special energy storage function that allows for a quick burst of speed. Combined these two features effectively makes the ship a giant battering ram.

Edited by Geardirector, Mar 01 2014 - 03:16 AM.

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BZPRPG Profiles



#3 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Jan 31 2014 - 10:00 PM

Name: Ethezran

Species: Vartakan [Poison's Species]. The Vartakan are a species originally from the eastern chain of the Southern Islands, though they eventually lost their homeland. The few remaining groups of their species scattered across the universe. Though they appear as merely savage Rahi to most, they are actually intelligent, with the brightest among them often showing signs of brilliance. They often disdain weaponry, instead making use of their natural claws and teeth, and their tails which can strike with lightning speed and strength. The species has a natural storage of venom that the brighter among them can access, and occasionally show the duller; this rarely occurs, however, as the venom is just as lethal to them as anyone else.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ethezran stands taller than most Toa, and as he never stands with a hunch like some others of his kind do, he nearly rivals the height of a Vortixx. His armor is primarily black in coloration, though with bright red upper arms, dark green lower legs, and a light blue chest. His eyes are a purple coloration. He has a monstrous appearance, with a massive, tooth-filled maw, huge claws, and a massive set of wings to fly with. Over one of his eyes he wears a monocle.

Powers: Ethezran has an inner reservoir of paralyzing venom which, if left untreated for an hour, will kill the victim (remove poison abilities or Toa Power are ones best bet for a cure). The venom can be administered by bite, scratch, or with his tail. His tail is capable of striking with incredible stunning force. He is strong and quick, and thanks to his wings can fly. Finally, he is quite intelligent.

Equipment: Ethezran carries with him a fancy rapier crafted from a high quality metallic protodermis alloy. He also wears a monocle with a frame crafted from early Kanohi material, capable of providing the powers of a Kanohi Rode to those with the necessary mental discipline; Ethezran is only able to make use of a watered down version of the ability, allowing him to see beings hiding via invisiblity or similar powers.

Biography: Long ago, Ethezran was a leader of his tribe, and a powerful figure for his species. He stood unique among many during their encounters with Matoran and the like, attempting to make friends and establish a relationship of trade rather than isolation. However, the Matoran and their fellows were terrified of the appearance of his species, and hunted many of them down. Ethezran ended up as one of those fleeing north, and he eventually made his way around to the western chain of the Southern Islands, where looking like a monster was one of a persons least worries.

Here, he made a new life for himself. Ethezran managed to become very successful working as a pawnshop owner. He managed to show off some good business sense (and got involved with the “right” crowds) and became quite wealthy, expanding into the full on merchant business. In contrast to his bestial appearance, he has taken up a more civilized appearance, holding himself well and wearing only the fanciest monocle.

In recent times, Ethezran has found himself at risk due to the oppressive taxation of the Brotherhood, and the fact that their actions are harmful towards his contacts. Therefore, he has allied himself with LaYarteb, often trading with members of his flotilla for different goods and providing any tips he picks up when speaking to adventurers.

Ethezran is a very well spoken individual, and an admirer of the finer things of life. He looks down upon most ruffians and the like as simply a way to make money. He dislikes Toa and Matoran greatly, though he will rarely show it due to the large number of the latter running about and the dangers in dealing with the former; if you are one of them, however, don't expect his help will come without a price. Even then, though, he doesn't take any actions that won't benefit him, and will never put himself at too much risk.


Name: Eloquent Jaw

Description: The Eloquent Jaw is a rather smallish ship, distinct only in the massive jaw of some Rahi which has been carved into the front of the stern. The ship has two sails, placed horizontally rather than vertically, and is unusually broad for its size.

Arsenal: The Eloquent Jaw has a slot in the maw which can entered from the lower decks. The slot can be covered or left uncovered; when uncovered, a Cordak blaster is revealed, allowing it to attack an enemy head on. There is an additional Cordak blaster on each side of the ship, each capable of turning 45 degrees in either direction.

Special Modifications: The front of the Jaw has been modified to handle great amount amounts of duress; the “jaw” component can actually be rammed into an enemy vessel, allowing a boarding party to slip in both from the top and from below.


Name: Jelarax

Species: Haeron [Conjurer's Species]. The Haeron originally hailed from the island of Hath'Tari, an island east of the Southern Continent. However, the island sunk beneath the ocean in the early days of the universe, forcing its survivors to spread out. The Haeron are a species born with dreams of rulership and power, and thus have a reputation for being highly prideful and individualistic. They are a competitive and powerful peoples, possessing great telekinetic abilities. The cultural weapons of the Haeron are the staff and the Rhotuka launcher.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jelarax is a tall figure, though hunched over, who would stand roughly three heads taller than a Toa when fully erect. His face is similar to that of a Vortixx, though two short tusks are placed on the bottom and he has two long, hooked horns that come down from his head. Twin rows of spikes move down his back, and a large frill emerges from his right shoulder; there are vestiges of a frill on the left shoulder as well, though it appears to have been severed. He has great claws on his hands and feet. His armor is primarily a maroon color with some spots of purple and red, with a secondary coloration of brilliant silver (he refers to it as platinum). He wears a large top hat.

Powers: Jelarax possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, and can exercise masterful levels of control over them both in and out of combat; he refers to his powers as “magic,” though most aren't convinced. When using a Rhotuka launcher, he is capable of projecting spinners which causes an empowering effect, temporarily bolstering all powers that a target (other than himself or those of his own species) possesses; while a single spinner is often beneficial, multiple spinners can cause power overload (see: Bohrok-Kal, Kanohi Felnas). He's skilled with magic tricks; not actual magic, just cards and stuff.

Equipment: Jelarax carries an incredibly ornate looking staff which appears more like a cane than a proper staff. The staff, designed by his species, has been bestowed with the incredibly useful and potent ability to Control Weather, operating at Type IV Kraata power (the creation and manipulation of rainstorms [in the immediate area], wind, and fog; and the manipulation of currently existing weather, but not the creation of more powerful thunderstorms, blizzards, snow, hail, or more widespread rain). The staff requires incredibly complicated somatic movements to activate properly. He has a rather bulky artificial Rhotuka launcher affixed to his left wrist. His top hat is an extra-dimensional storage space capable of containing five pounds worth of material; when reaching his hand in, he can pull out any item he wishes. While it appears to be completely empty, it is actually filled with different props for magic tricks.

Biography: Jelarax, after the sinking of his ancient homeland, struck out to find a new land where he could conquer and rule. His first instinct was, of course, to head away from the major lands and towards the Southern Islands, where ruling seemed almost guaranteed. His first destination was the eastern chain. He was sent back with his (metaphorical, in this case) tail behind his legs by angry locals, and decided to scout out his next target, along the coasts of the Southern Continent. He was more careful that time around, but again was met with failure. So he waited a few years, and selected a new target (the western chain) before making a move at rulership once again. Almost immediately, he decided that he didn't have anywhere close to the necessary resources and raw power to hope for ruling the lands. As he traveled, he eventually came upon a traveling “magician” who was astounding the locals by pulling things from his hat. He ended up having an interesting conversation over drinks with the “magician,” who admitted to using the hat (which he believed to be magic, though Jelarax does not believe this to be true) as a way to trick folks. Jelarax then took the vortixx out behind the bar, crushed his throat with telekinesis, and took his the hat and props. It took him a while to get good at it, but he came into his own as quite a skilled performer of magic tricks. For years, he performed on the island of Xeros, making a bit of a fortune but finding little respect coming with it.

Then everything changed when the Brotherhood of Makuta showed up. Jelarax, being from the north originally and already knowing of the Brotherhood and their power well beyond that of many locals, almost immediately made himself available as an ally to them. With his powers, he showed himself as being a highly competent aide to Brotherhood agents, assisting its foreign members in dealing with the locals and overall trying to make himself useful (and thus valuable).

He has no loyalty to the Brotherhood, or anyone else really, and just wants to get out of this with the powers that be on his side rather than that of someone else... or worse still, aligned against him. He is highly interested in the Treasure of Jaqkli, which he believes can give great power over the islands, or at least earn him enough favor in the Brotherhood to gain territory of his own elsewhere.

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#4 Offline The Lorax

The Lorax
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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 02:15 PM

Name: Manurau

Species: Kodura (Trinuma’s Species)

Gender: Male

Group: Brotherhood of Makuta

Appearance: Imagine Trinuma,but with black armour instead of the silver and white, and orange instead of the dark blue. Get rid of the ghostblasters and make the mask in the shape of a great Ruru. There – that’s him. Manurau is 2 bio (nine feet) tall (not counting the horns on his head), and has a strong, muscular build.

Powers: Manurau has no powers of his own, though he can use the powers of other objects such as kanohi and special tools.


  • A great kanohi faxon, in the shape of a great ruru.
  • A kinetic tool, as is common to his species. The secrets of their making and use are closely guarded and only members of his race use them. These tools can emit and manipulate kinetic energy, allowing Manurau to fly, fire bursts of force or manipulate objects to some degree.
  • A long, thick sword.
  • A spyglass, used for spotting ships across the ocean.

Biography: Manurau was originally from the Southern Islands, Golgarish to be specific. He lived there with others of his species until Axonn’s conquest stopped just short of them. He was part of the last stand in the island’s fortress, and, once the ordeal was over, he decided that the islands needed a much better defense against that kind of thing. With this goal in mind, he moved away north and became a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, wanting to learn from their military’s great strength and then return with this new knowledge to defend his homeland. He remained there for 10,000 years, including the time of the League of Six Kingdoms and the Brotherhood’s defeat of them.

Now, at last, he has the chance to return home, and without even having to leave the Brotherhood. Under the command of Toa Hagah Zavarian, he has a role in enforcing the law and clamping down on piracy around Skeres and the surrounding islands. He commands the ship Shadowstorm, along with its crew of a dozen Rahkshi and two Exo-Toa.


Note to other players: If anyone would like to have a character on this ship, they are more than welcome. The character can be new to the crew or can have been on it for some time.


Name: Shadowstorm

Description: I don’t know much about sailing ships, so I’ll keep this brief and general. It is large enough to be an ocean-going vessel and to hold its crew of 15, but otherwise not too large. It is built for speed and maneuverability more than size and power. It uses Vuata-Maca sails. Its figurehead is a rahkshi of darkness.

(A bit of research tells me that this type of ship could be a largish frigate, but unless it becomes important, don't hold me to that).

Arsenal: Cannons manned by a Rahkshi of accuracy. Types of shot include some basic explosives, chain shot and ordinary cannonballs. Three impact crystal launchers, two in the prow facing forwards and one at the rear facing back.

Special Modifications: A lot of the rigging is controlled by metal switches and ropes, in order to be easily manipulated by a Rahkshi of magnetism. This significantly cuts down the size of the crew needed to sail the Shadowstorm.

Types of Rahkshi on board:

Fear, fragmentation, hunger, weather control, quick healing, gravity, electricity, sonics, magnetism, shapeshifting, accuracy, slowness.



Name: Parehua

Species: Tarore (Hydraxon’s Species)

Gender: Male

Group: LaYarteb's Band of the Bloodied Blades

Appearance: Parehua looks very similar to Hydraxon: tall, strong and heavily armoured (though of course he does not possess a cordak blaster as shown in the picture). His armour, while dark like Hydraxon’s, has a slight green tinge.

Powers: While they cannot use elements or kanohi, the power of the Tarore lies in enchanting their weapons. Each member of this species can (in a lengthy, complicated process I will not describe here) forge a connection between a weapon and their own body to allow them to exchange attributes between them. This can only be done with one weapon at a time. Because each weapon is attuned to its owner, it cannot be used by anyone else.

Once the connection has been forged, the Tarore can enhance certain qualities of the weapon by lessening that quality in their own body, and vice versa. For example, they might cause the weapon to become more durable for a period of time, while they themselves would become correspondingly more fragile. This process could also work in reverse, allowing the user to become tougher while the weapon becomes more flimsy for as long as the user desires. The same can work for speed (of a projectile weapon), but for the same length of time as the projectile’s speed is enhanced, the user’s own body will lose the same amount of speed as they put into the projectile.

Other attributes transferred can also include strength, weight, density, wellbeing/damage, heat/cold and others too. In all cases, the amount of the attribute gained by the weapon is equal to the amount lost by the user’s body and vice versa. It is an equal exchange system, so no power can be lost or gained, ever.

In some special cases, a Tarore can store attributes in the weapon and later take them back into their body without having the weapon take on those attributes. These include senses, memories, intelligence, and emotions. They can fill the weapon with any of these to be tapped at a later time. For example, they might chose to have poor vision for a day in order to have enhanced vision at a later time, or to store information so that they can retrieve it later. As always, what is stored must be equivalent to what can be retrieved, so only as much eyesight can be gained as what had already been invested in the weapon. The difference here is that they can alter the rate at which the attribute is tapped. If a Tarore became half-deaf for one hour to store hearing, they could later have hearing 1.5 times their normal for one hour, or twice as good for only half an hour.

Equipment: Parehua’s enchanted weapon is a large broadsword with a skull and crossbones engraved on the pommel. He uses it in conjunction with a large, round shield. While those are his primary weapons, he is armed to the teeth with various knives, forks, slicers, dicers, grinders, beaters and anything else that’s sharp. He is, after all, both a pirate and a chef. He has to cut things up quite often. Finally, he has a small pistol that fires using compressed air. It’s not particularly strong or accurate, but it suits his purposes most of the time.

Biography: As mentioned above, Parehua is a pirate on the crew of LaYarteb himself. While an able sailor and fighter, he is also the ship’s cook, and so spends much of his time in the ship’s galley producing food for the crew. His specialty is Vuata-Maca soup with chunks of what he says is fried ruki. Some other pirates doubt this, but he learned not to ask about his ingredients.

He doesn’t talk about his life before joining the crew.



Name: Paroni

Species: Triglax’s species

Gender: Male

Group: The Free Folk of the Southern Islands

Powers: Paroni is a shapeshifter, capable of altering his appearance and form almost however he wishes. There are three limitations on this. First, he cannot gain or lose very much mass (only enough to resemble Keetongu at the largest or a Matoran at the smallest, as Triglax was shown to do), second, he cannot alter the material from which his body is made, and third, he does not gain the magical powers of any being whose form he is imitating.

Equipment: A very compact rhotuka launcher and several phials filled with a sedative gas. He himself has developed a strong resistence to this gas through repeated exposure, so he is virtually immune to its effects. When shapeshifting, he will often morph his body around the launcher, making it resemble a natural launcher rather than an artificial one. His favourite place to put it is in the palm of his left hand.

Appearance: As a shapeshifter, Paroni has no fixed appearance. He will change his looks depending on the situation, often taking on the shapes of rahi. His most common form, however, is that of a tall Vortixx in black and grey armour who carries a large axe. This axe is capable of changing form along with him, though it is unclear whether this is a property of the weapon or an extension of its owner’s power.

Biography: Paroni is a native of Skeres, and is none too pleased with Zavarian’s occupation of the island. The pirates weren’t easy to deal with, but at least they would stand and fight and, if you bested them, they would leave you alone and go pillage somewhere else. The Brotherhood, on the otherhand, doesn’t give you that chance. They slowly and inevitably squeeze the life out of you with taxes and laws. For this reason, Paroni is part of an underground group of Skeres rebels. Their island has been all but taken over, but they still resist the Brotherhood, undermining their rule however possible and looking for some way to eventually oust the Toa Hagah and his soldiers. He often does this by assuming the identities of Brotherhood servants.

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#5 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

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Posted Feb 01 2014 - 02:19 PM

Name: Kras

Species: Ta-Matoran

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kras is a stocky, average height Ta-Matoran built more like an Onu. He has bright green eyes behind an orange Pakari, while the majority of his body is deep red other than a few other orange highlights. 

This is, of course, when he's somewhat clean. Normally this would all be covered in slight coatings of soot, gunpowder, and the like, accompanied by a crazy-go-lucky grin. 

Powers: A resistance to heat, and apparently an immunity to explosives. Either that, or he's just really lucky. Or doesn't care. Any of the above. (Does not really have explosive immunity.)

Equipment: Kras owns very little and doesn't care, but what he does own himself is as follows: An Everlast© Fire-producer, and a Vortixx's dagger that's large enough to use as a sword. He's not a personal combat specialist, he's the guy who mans the Cordaks.

Biography: Kras hails from the Triplets, where he'd worked as a Cordak manufacturer for as long as he could remember. He lived on the lesser-used outside face of Kaal, where both types of business could be brought in without much hassle. This continued, until eventually, for whatever reason, he snapped. Kras went insane. It's unclear how or why it happened, but that's what happened. After a few days, the Ta-Matoran gained enough sanity to realize that as it was, this was boring. 

So he joined LaYarteb for the sole purpose of being able to use the very Blasters he once made. 

As a member, Kras has been valuable for different reasons than most. The ideal crew member is a loyal one that will fight to the last, and although Kras is extremely loyal to LaYarteb, as was he one of his best customers Kras had and gives him a way to keep boredom away, the Ta-Matorn isn't perhaps the ideal member. Not great at fighting, but Kras is recognized for what he can do, which is crucial: Kras can easily produce ammo for, keep clean, and repair any of the Cordak Blasters with enough metal and gunpowder. And that's why Kras is still around on the Nightmare

Also Kras doesn't want or take any gold, being very happy with explosive weaponry for his spoils. That might be a factor.


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#6 Offline Toa Of Anarchy

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Posted Feb 05 2014 - 07:34 PM

Name. Haki Tiu

Species. Toa, Air

Gender. Male

appearance. Normal build, bit on the short side, green mixed with silver armor. Always has his cutlass at his side and tri-cornored hat on his head (I hope you don't mind him having clothing :))

Kanohi. Calix. (Mask of Fate)

Powers. Normal Toa elemental powers, Mask of Fate.

Equipment. For weapons, Haki only carries a ordinary Protosteel cutlass. He also has a Tri-cornered hat which he values above almost anything. He also has a compass that points toward whatever he wants most (or so he thinks.)

Biography. Haki Tiu was once captain of a ship, the "Tiwha Peara." However, his crew mutinied and he was marooned on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. He still vows to regain his precious peara and to sail the high seas again. (t is unknown why the, as a Toa, turned rogue.)


Ship (Formally, who knows, maybe in the story he will get it back ;))

Name. Tiwha Peara (look it up in the maori dictionary, as well as my characters name and then you will see what famous pirate I ripped off XD

Description. About 30 meters long, nothing of particular interest other than the fact that the sails, instead of being the green leaves, are black instead.

Arsenal. 5 Cordax cannons on each side, bamboo disc launcher in the crows nest. Loads of ammunition. (NOTE. The Cordax Cannons are basically Cordax blasters that fire much larger ammunition, but also much slower.

Special Modifications. Well, it has a life boat, a secret hiding spot in the captains bunk.

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#7 Offline NorikSigma

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Posted Feb 08 2014 - 01:19 AM

Name: Zarrick
Species: Male Toa of Magnetism
Group: The Brotherhood of Makuta

Powers: Zarrick has a strong mastery over his elemental powers and is an experienced naval combatant.

Kanohi Avsa.

Zarrick wields a 2-bio-long staff. When Zarrick activates it by applying magnetism to a button that is inside the handle(and thus unreachable by others) the crown of the staff snaps open and a Visorak-venom-tiped point extends outwards. This is his badge of office as a prized servant of the Brotherhood.

He also has a longsword with the Brotherhood symbol on its hilt.

Zarrick also has a small Rhotuka Launcher which causes its target to be overwhelmed by despair and surrender. It is, however, inaccurate except at close range.

Appearance: The first thing a person notices in Zarrick's appearance is his dark and foreboding presence. His Kanohi is built to obscurese most of his sharp and gaunt features behind a, well, mask, while his sea-coat only serves to accentuate his tall and lanky physique. He is frequently seen with his staff in hand, longsword sheathed, and Rhotuka on his wrist. He is a man of few and sharp words.

Biography: Little is known of this feared Toa's past, though most agree that he has been a Toa for a long time. Most rumours insist that he was a Toa who failed to protect his home land during the League's expansionist years, and forsook the Toa Code for a life of hunting the unjust. He somehow got into the Brotherhood's ranks as a highly efficient and brutal hunter of pirates and remnants if the League of Six Kingdoms. The Brotherhood has seen fit to put that ruthlessness to use in the Southern Isles, along with a ship and small contingent of Rahkshi.

Ship stuff:

Name: Gauntlet of Order

Description: The Gauntlet is sharp and imposing like its commander, and built to take and deal hits. What it lacks in maneuverability it makes up for it with armament and speed which is supplied by Xian-manufactured engines.

Armament: Four Cordak Blasters are built into the front of the ship in the middle deck. They are manned by a Rahkshi of Accuracy.

Eight blasters and eight Hagah Plasma Cannons, four each on each side, are likewise manned by Rahkshi of Accuracy, four on each side. A contingent of four poison, four hunger, four heat vision and four chain lightning Rahkshi are aboard.
(Note: These Rahkshi are weaker than in Canon as the Makuta have yet to evolve into pure energy at this point in history.)

A rear dual impact crystal launcher runs automatically but has decreased accuracy.

Other Modifications: A speed boost can be applied by overcharging the Plasma Engines. However, the Gauntlet will suffer from less efficient operation for half an hour. The Plasma engines that feed the plasma cannons and engines are situated in an extremely sturdy and strong room to prevent the Plasma sabotaged. Likewise, the Cordak Ammunition is stored in a small protosteel room.

Edited by Norik Of Gielinor, Feb 08 2014 - 01:24 AM.

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#8 Offline Gears The Toa

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Posted Feb 27 2014 - 05:23 AM

Appearance:Dark, gunmetal armor, silver highlighting his armor's edges,all underneath a dull gray long coat, gunmetal gray akaku, red eyes
Powers: above standard powers of a Toa of Magnetism, able to move magnetic objects carefully
Equipment:Long sword and shield, kanohi akaku, hagah plasma cannon
Biography: Aukume was always a quiet fellow,preferring his own company to that of others. However, he had a particular love of technology, mainly trinkets and rare artifacts. He mainly sailed for legal reasons of fishing and shipping between islands, but ships carrying unusual technology always seemed to lose some of it when he was near

Description: A small, smooth ship, black in color, with room for cargo and a small living area
Arsenal: 4 Midak skyblasters, two rotable ones mounted in the front, two fixed ones on the side
Special Modifications: Magnetic controls allowing him to steer from most areas of the boat. The system uses pulleys, gears and magnets to steer and even move and fire the skyblasters

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Name: Viceroy Tahukan Of The Guuko Birds.

Species: Toa Of Fire.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: A Toa Of Average Hight And Build (Think Toa Mahri Jaller Body But Gold Instead Of Orange) With Feline Like Emerald Eyes, He Wears A Long Dark Leather Cloak With Hood Bound To Him By A
Chain Holding His Scabbard.

Mask: Hauatu (Modified For Water Hau) Looks Like A Standard Hau Minus It Has A Mahri Translucent Face Guard.

Powers: Standard Fire Powers, Able To Channel Fire Into Large Weapons Tools For Shot Amounts Of Time. When In Trouble He Throws His Arms Back Jetting The Ship Forward At Fast Speeds The Move Isn't Affective For Over A Minutes Time.

Equipment: A Golden Hilted (Like Ackars) Sword With Flames Erupting From The End The Blade When Placed In The Scabbard Cools Down Into A Slender Blood Red Sword
Blade, For Storage He Caries A Battle Worn Satchel Containing The Few Things He Treasures.

Biography: Raised In The Brotherhood Of Makuta And Trained To Be An Assassin, He Excepted There Teachings But Planed To Escape At Some Point In His Life At The Age Of 400 He Escaped And Went To Sea With His Ship The Valiant And A Painting Of His Friends Killed In A Raid By Visorak And A Map To A Mysterious Archipelago. A Headstrong Natural Leader With Years Of Fighting Skills He Has Yet To Master The True Strength Of Sword Fighting, Honor In Defeat. A Rash And Smart Warrior But With Faults Like Any Other. Over His Time Of Fighting He Has Aquired Many Fears Including: Spiders, Poison, Death, Snakes, Makuta Fish, Muakas, Kane-Ra Bulls And Tarakava. While Still Having Good Sword Skills He Still Has Much To Learn As Is Why He Has Gone To Sea For A Time He Was On A Mysterious Island Where He Became Viceroy Of Guuko Birds A Title Given To Him By The Tuaga Of The Island Later The Island Was Attacked By The Brotherhood Trying To Hunt Him Down Again The Island Sank Hoping To Escape He Traveled Far And Wide For Safety...Interring The Archipelago At Long Last.

Note(S): If You Value Your Life Be Carful Around Me..When I'm Drunk.

Name: The Valiant

Description: A Medium Sized Boat Made Of Strong Limber And Copper Bars, The Sail Of Which Is Built Into Both Sides And Can Be Used With Mechanical Gears And Ropes By The Steering Wheel Can Move Back And Forth To Drive

Arsenal: 2 Cordak Blasters Mounted On Both Sides Of The Ship, And A Midak Sky Blaster Mounted On The Bow Of The Ship. Both Can Be Activated Maualy Or By Elemental Energy Blasts

Special Modifications: In The Lower Area Is A Cabin With
Four Beds, Weapon Racks, Barrels Containing Ammo, A Furnace And A Secret Compartment Containing The Best Rum And Wine This Side Of The Planet. As Well The Side Blasters Can Snap Back Inside By The Pull Of A Lever

-Tahukan TTVM

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