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When you give a Lich a Mecha: Chivalrous Bones

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#1 Offline Kumquat

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  • 03-January 14
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Posted Feb 02 2014 - 09:49 AM

Arcane Melee Assault Mecha


Chivalrous Bones




Galactic Command Entry 40312784.51: Chivalrous Bones


Armaments: Axe made of extremely durable metallic substance which has been shown to cut through all varieties of carbon-fiber reinforced metalloid platings with ease.


Known pilot(s): Mysterious skeletal individual referring to self as "Ye Olde Lich"


Relations with Galactic Command: Hostile. A total of 13 Mecha and their pilots have been lost to Chivalrous Bones in planetary combat, as well as 37 small cargo and military spacecraft, the spacecraft being destroyed when Chivalrous Bones produced an anomaly that allowed it to teleport onto the hull of the ships in question and breach their hulls.


Notes for future encounters: Completely reliant on melee, but is incredibly agile for a mech of such size. Teleport ability has never been witnessed in combat, so it is assumed that it must take extensive time and calculations to prepare for use.


Ye Olde Lich didn’t want to be known as the most bloodthirsty and insane mecha pilot in the quadrant; all he wanted was a peaceful eternity on his favorite hand-picked solar system, spending his years in the company of fellow Liches and his terrified subject colonists.

Unfortunately, little things such as “pirates”, “Galactic Command”, and “sentient being rights groups” continued to harass his home system, and thus The Chivalrous Bones was born, a mech designed to channel a Lich’s natural bent towards sorcery to its greatest extent.


As for Dapper Lich, he's just happy to see Ye Olde Lich getting off-planet, and applying his overly nostalgic views of human history's Middle-Ages instead of ranting to him about it.





Offering a challenge


(Obviously Bent) Axe in hand








Dark Animus leakage


With pilot out


Ye Olde Lich


Ye Olde and Dapper



About the build:


To start, let me apologize for the bent axe. I need to set that technic + rod under something heavy.


The build is an experiment, in which I've attempted to incorporate as many BIONICLE armor pieces as possible onto a mecha that has an essentially system-based frame. It's been quite interesting to play around with. Perhaps next time I'll do the opposite, and try to use BIONICLE and HF skeleton pieces underneath primarily System-based armor and weaponry. Perhaps whenever I do that is when my dapper skeleton minifigure will get a mech.






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#2 Offline Tahukan

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  • 17-June 13
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Posted Feb 16 2014 - 12:04 AM

This is awesome! i love the way how the armor just fold right in and then the fenrahk head sholder plate and the black shadow spines just AMAZING!

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#3 Offline JAG18

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  • 20-February 14
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Posted Feb 20 2014 - 02:28 PM

Wow, that's cool.  

Like really cool; I do really like how you gave it a medieval look and feel to him, the ax and use of the Kardas skull really help, and that helmet the skeleton has really complements it. 

Nice build all around, from the colors to the sturdy looking limbs.  Nice job.

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