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YouTube Banner Results!

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The winners of the BZPower YouTube Banner contest are:


1st Place: Adapting Chaos. Entry. Banner will be used for the BZP YouTube Channel, and has first pick of one of the three polybags (see below).


2nd: Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen. Entry. Has second pick of the polybags.


3rd: The Phantom Terror. Entry. Has third pick from the polybags.


Set choices:

30240 Z-95 Headhunter
30054 AT-ST
40057 Fall Scene


Those members should PM Black Six with their preferences (first place simply pick one, second place number their top two favorites; etc.), and mailing information. :)

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Well, this was unexpected.


Awesome, none the less. Congrats to the other two!





The Three Virtues | Eljay: The Becoming | BioCraft: Chronicles

Go give a read to an amazing epic,

Seven Lives... Two Faces, written by Kini Hawkeye!

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Daaarrrrnnnn...... I have a VERY strong feeling I could've done so much better >.<



"Because it submerges in a marine enviroment I'm going to call it a safely-go-under-the -water-without-detection device"

-Leonard of Quirm


-I was infected for the most part on April the 1st 7.gifBEWARE

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