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Parker the Pilot: A Hero Factory Tale

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Posted Feb 20 2014 - 01:16 PM

Hello BZ-Metru!  Always wanted to say that; so here's a little short story I wrote a while back.  I'll admit I'm not much of a writer, but I hope the premise is decent enough to make the story at least somewhat interesting.  Anyway, this story was inspired by a blog entry written by Aho-Chan (an entry that has since been deleted), which mentioned something about how the Hero Factory Dropship Pilot (I named him Parker) could tear villains apart with his bare fists if he every got shot down.  Hope you enjoy it and constructive criticism is appreciated.   



The Day Parker the Pilot saved us all


            Sirens rang out calling Hero Factory member, Jacob Swift, to action.  Jacob ran into the Hero Factory Mission Control room, where all Hero Factory heroes get briefed before taking on the worse that the universe has to offer.  It was here that Swift found mission analyzer Nathaniel Zib. 

“What’s the mission Zib?”  The hero pondered.

“There appears to be,” the mission analyzer said with great drawl,

“A disturbance in sector 3, which as you of course know is a mining colony.”

A dull look appeared on Jacob Swift’s face before he nodded slowly.   

“Probably just some rampaging space monkey,” Zib the floating robot said, “Go check it out.” 

“I’m on it Zib.”  And with that, our hero ran to the elevator, which took him to the hanger on the top floor. 

            In said hangar, Parker the Hero Factory pilot was having a cup of tea while leaning on his state of the art Drop ship with its sleek and elegant frame, its rocking yellow paint job, as well as its extremely powerful rotor blades; allowing it to reach subsonic speeds.  This ship was made for a hero. 

Parker noticed Jacob Swift entering, “What’s up?”  The pilot asked Swift.

“We need to get to Sector 3, now!” 

And without any further delay Jacob Swift entered his cramp Hero Factory pod, which then was grasped by the Drop ship’s powerful claws. 

The Hero Factory HQ tower elevator raised the great ship on to the roof.  The Drop ship then lifted off the ground and off into space. 

            They got to Sector 3 in record time and Parker hovered above Sector 3; a remote mining colony located on a perpetually moving space asteroid, where you either ship up…or get hurled into the black, grimy, darkness of space.  Not a nice place to visit.  “What do you see, Parker?”  The anxious hero asked his pilot.  “Not, much,” Parker started, “Just the usual stuff, miner bots, mining vehicles, and a giant rampaging robot, an awesome-“ 

“Wait,” interrupted Jacob Swift, “Did you say giant rampaging robot?” 

Parker used his ship’s binoculars and identified—“Hacksaw!”  Parker shouted…rudely interrupting the narrator.   Ahem, yes Hacksaw, wanted for destruction of private property, in over six sectors. 

“You know what we need to do?”  Swift jokingly asked his pilot. 

“ahhhhh, yeah.”  Parker said before shouting, “Pod’s away!” 

            The Hero factory pod was hurled at the robot villain.  The pod’s thruster kicked in causing the pod to slam into Hacksaw’s midsection. 

“Alright, hero,” Hacksaw said menacingly as he staggered on his feet, “You asked for it.”  The pod opened and Jacob Swift emerged twirling his duel energy knives, “No,” Jacob said, “You’re the one who asked for it tusk-face.” 

“Hey, good one Jacob.”  Parker radioed his hero, ignoring Hacksaw’s very apparent lack of tusks. 

            Hacksaw chuckled coldly before speaking in a gruff voice, “No, hero you asked for it!”  Just, then two other villains rose from the asteroid’s rocks and dust behind Swift, like two zombies from their graves, or like hero Daniela Web arising from a pile of candy wrappers after ever crazy candy Tuesday. 

            Parker gasped in astonishment as he quickly identified the villains as Inferno and Wolfgang.  The former wanted for arson in five sectors and the latter guilty of a heinous crime too ghastly to write here. 

            Putting all witty dialogue aside Hacksaw hurled his rocket powered buzz saw at Jacob who skillfully dodged it, only to be grabbed by the fearsome claws of Wolfgang. The wolfish criminal slammed Jacob into the ground of the rocky asteroid like a rag doll, first one time, then two times, then three and four…five, six, seven…

Meanwhile, Hacksaw’s buzz saw returned to its master via remote control and then the power tool wielding villain eyed the Drop ship in the sky, before firing two buzz saws at it.  Parker acted quickly yanking on the Drop ships controls, he evaded one saw, but had his wing damaged by the other. 

            Lights flashed in the cockpit as Parker tried in vain to gain control; the ship crashed not forty paces from the spot of such a tragic defeat for the once glorious Hero Factory.  Jacob was shocked at the sight he glimpsed upside down, while strung up from Wolfgang’s claws.  Once again, Hacksaw retrieved his weapons and then turning towards his unimpressed cohort said, “Make sure he won’t be getting back up.”  Inferno nodded and then sprinted towards the crash site.  Then, waiting until Inferno was good and gone, Hacksaw hulked over to Jacob, put his saw up to the hero’s face and mockingly said, “Ain’t no one gonna help you now.” 

            An explosion occurred.  Hacksaw looked into the eastern sky and saw Inferno flying for brief time before crashing hard on the roof of a miners building, in the mining town, near where such a momentous encounter between hero and villain was taking place.  Then emerging out of a cloud of smoke, ten feet in front of Hacksaw was none other than, Parker the Pilot.  “How did?”  Hacksaw said still mystified at what he just witness.  “Now then,” Parker said challengingly, “Let’s try this again.”  Hacksaw commanded forth his robotic ally, who then dropped his captive, before violently and ravenously, surging forward like a wolf to his prey, or like Daniela Web to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Parker wasn’t fazed.  Wolfgang lunged forward extending his neck, widening his jaws, preparing to tear into solid metal. 

            But this robot wolf shall do no tearing this day.  Fore, the pilot dove and weaved, and then jabbed, right hook, left hook, sucker punch, low-blow.  Until a pulverized Wolfgang collapsed like the shattered hunk of scrap metal he now was.  Astonished, but not the least bit demoralized (well, maybe a little) Hacksaw hurled his two rocket powered saw at the fistful fighter named Parker; who then leaped in between the two saws fists first, before activating his rocket boots.  And so, Hacksaw for the first (but, not the last) time today was slammed into with immense force.  Hacksaw was now flat on his back looking up at the azure Hero Factory pilot who was raising his fist high. 

And then it all went black. 

                A few hours later, Parker and Jacob Swift arrived back at Hero Factory HQ, with villains in tow.  After, dropping them off at the holding area, Parker and Swift found Nathaniel Zib where anyone would expect to find him, at the Hero Factory Control Room. 

“That was absolutely phenomenal.”  The, oddly, ecstatic Zib told the returning heroes, “Parker the way you tore those villains a part with your bare fist was amazing, and we caught the whole thing on your’s and Swift’s surveillance cameras.” 

“What, a nanosecond,” snapped Parker before being continued by Swift, “You mean to tell us that you were watching us get our rears handed to us and didn’t ever try to help us?” 

“Well, yes.”  A slightly apologetic Zib replied, “But, you were doing so well.”

The two heroes remained unconvinced.  “And, besides,” Zib continued, “It looks like you really didn’t need our help.” 

“Tell, that to these guys,” Parker said referring to his badly dented fists. 

“Err.”  Zib said, “Why, don’t you two just go to the Recharging Area and get refitted for your next mission.” 

Content not to push it any further, Parker and Jacob, headed over to the Recharging Area and began discussing some small affairs, like how the vending machine on the forth level (Daniela Web’s floor) is always under stocked.

            Nathaniel Zib whipped the sweat from his brow and got back to his job of analyzing mission.  


The End

Edited by JAG18, Feb 23 2014 - 12:49 PM.

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