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Invasion from Below: The Razor Queen

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"While Beast hives usually have drones that can supply reproductive aid, in times of stress, the creatures known as the Splitter Beasts will take up reproductive duties. Jumpers born of Splitter Beasts will develop as normal, for the most part. However, 'royal' Jumpers - those that evolve into Queens - will sometimes experience a deviation in their evolution, mutating into the fearsome monster known as the Razor Queen.

Razor Queens are larger and tougher than their "cousins", the normal Queen Beasts, with an extra pair of legs, large spines, a more heavily armored carapace, and an extra pair of clawed arms. Befitting their soldier-unit parentage, this breed of Queen is much more aggressive, actively sending out Beasts to gather food and clearing out opposition (which include inhabited settlements, homes of other creatures, and even other Beast Hives). On occasion, a Razor Queen will lead a migration to new nesting grounds, Soldier Ant style, demolishing and consuming anything unfortunate enough to get in the way."

So, yeah, I decided to make this monstrosity. Originally, I wanted to wait until the Summer sets were released so I could do this (since a few more parts, particularly those from the Queen set, would be available for me to use), but I decided to do this now, using a bunch of parts from the already-released sets. I was also originally going to make the 3-headed chimera beast, but I decided this would be better.

More Pictures:
So, there you go. Comment, critique, and enjoy. :D

EDIT: Apparently, Photobucket didn't resize any of my pictures to 640x480, so I'm linking to them instead. :P





Edit by Windy: Linked the first image; please keep posted images in BBC to 100 kB.


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This is really cool. I would have liked it better, though, if it had been made with only the original sets' parts. Nonetheless, you got yourself some really neat-looking monstrosity!


On the unrelated subject of "chimera", have you seen my rendition of the mythological beast? If you click the pic on my sig you'll be able to take a peek :)





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This looks good, the legs are nice, the torso is cool enough, and those spines you have on the back are a nice touch. I'm a little disappointed in the IFB monster head, I just think that it should have a more fearsome head, but that's a minor thing. This is an amazing monster you have.


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