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Posted Jul 29 2012 - 06:36 AM

Name: KrazmaSpecies: ToaElement: ElectricityAllignment: Chaotic NeutralMask: Kanohi Volitak, the mask of stealth.Appearence: Krazma is above the average hieght of a toa, and extremely thin compared to his toa brethren. His customised Kanohi Volitak has been spray painted red with all tubes and other accessories cut off, leaving a nice looking red mask in its wake, whilst still have the stealth powers the mask gives. The rest of his body is completly grey, with long legs and large feet, a normally sized ody with the exeption the it is rather thin and short, thin arms. He styles himself an assassin, and is often considered this by those who hire him, and therefore has given himself a custom black armour, giving himself the look of a wider toa. His spray paints have been put to use here as well, giving him a red trim that he himself thinks makes him look awesome.Weapons: He has claws that allow him to completely control his electric powers, which are very powerful, and can use them to decapitate his enemies- and has done on many occasions- if they get to close for him to effectively use his electric powers. He has placed a dagger, which he used in his days as a toa hero, atop a staff. He uses this staff, with a spray paint red trim, occasionally, in heats of battle against enemies imune to electricity. He has no guns of any sort, prefering to decapitate or electrocute.Powers: His main power is his electricity, which he has been able to control to give himslef powerful blasts of electricity, as well as concentrated shots able to elecctrocute weaker opponents. He also has the ability to control electical items, once using rockoh t-9 to give himself extra amour by breaking it with his electric powers and placing its part around him as armour. He does not use this often at all, as he much prefers to use his own body to get the job done. His mask of stealth allows him to become invisible and inaudible so he can sneak up on opponents.Weaknesses: While in his invisible form, he cannot use electricity of any kind, else sparks form around him, making him perfectly visible to anyone. if hit by a water based attack, his electric powers cease, often leaving him weakened and vulnerable. If the water based attack is strong enough, it will render Krazma unconsious. He is often cocky in his battles, leaving him vulnerable to attack.Backstory: Krazma was a toa of electricity in a toa team known as the Toa Adercy, let by a serious toa of fire. He was often shunned by his fellow toa for being almost unable to use his dagger to sumon electricty proprely, shooting weak bolts at best. This led Krazma to hate his brothers, and in turn the toa as a whole, until he finally ws able to master his abilities, leading him to kill his toa team.He was kicked from the toa organisaton and stipped of his mask of ghostliness. This kanohi was destroyed right before him. He escaped the toa and quickly found the kanohi volitak, allowing him the evade the toa for ever. He crafted himself new armour and claws, and went out to kill the toa. However, as he still hated the brotherhod of makutta, he was often torn in to to kill during battles and soon was driven insane by his split peronality. In a failed attempt to kill a group of Skadi - later becoming the piraka - Zaktan used the septre of seperation on him, causing his two personalities to split. Krazmas evil prsonality stabbed his good one in the back, killing himself. He decided to kill the Skadi right there, but they had already gone. He bacame a lone assasin, and went on to defeat toa and brotherhood members alike, but was often defeated by powerful beings. His whereabout are currently unknown, as he is said to be stalking a toa near Xia uing the kanohi volitak. But really, he could be anywhere.
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#202 Offline Riisiing Moon

Riisiing Moon
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Posted Jul 29 2012 - 11:57 AM

Name: BeastGender: MaleSpecies: Steltian [Sidorak's species] <----APPROVED BY EMZEE IF YOU WERE GONNA WHINE ABOUT IT D:<Appearance: Your typical Steltian, Beast is an aptly name gargantuan. Despite his enormous crimson frame, he's somewhat unassuming--his shoulders are usually slacked, his arms waving carelessly at his sides. His features are well-defined and muscled, and when he's angry and puffing like a Kane-Ra his body grows stiff and primally active.Weaponry: Beast carries a broadsword fondly named "Boom." He wears it in a sheath slung over his back. Short blades are hung over his belt.Alignment: Chaotic GoodBio: Somewhat of a merecenary, Beast generally sells his services to the highest bidder, but spends much of his own free time engaging in various small-scale feuds across the island, siding with whomever he sees as justified. Viciously proud, he rejoices in challenge and difficulty, constantly seeking means to improve his tactical knowledge and physical prowess. Back on Stelt, he led a small but elite brigade of fellow mercenaries, but after a bloody skirmish they were defeated and he was left for dead. Shamed by the loss and unable to bear the sight of his fallen brethren, he abandoned his homeland for the seas, eventually shipwrecking on Mata-Nui. In an attempt to both restart his life and commemorate his squadron, he resumed activity as a mercenary. Beast, put simply, wants something more with his life, and he feels that one behind the blade will ultimately grant him the job he's seeking as well as honor the memory of his lost comrades.Weakenesses: Beast, in his bloodlust, has a passion for close-hand combat. He constantly places himself in the face of danger lest he miss the action. He is also extremely proud, and the most passive of insults have resulted in scars on his body and the burial of another.Name: KerrGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IceKanohi: Kualsi, Mask of Quick TravelAppearance: Kerr is a pretty skinny guy, lanky and physically unassuming. He wears no armor, adopting instead faded black rags. His skin is a pale blue, but he's painted over it in dull grey to hide his element. He wears tight-fitting gloves, and his eyes are a strangely dazzling black. He's attractive in his subtlety--he moves not with exaggerated might but with poise and grace. To put it briefly, the guy pretty much oozes class.Allignment: Chaotic EvilWeapons: None. Kerr prefers to use literal hand-to-hand combat; he's extremely lithe and agile, and utilizes pressure points.Personality: Born a rabble-rouser, Kerr's mischief-causing tendencies were refined in his training. He enjoys screwing with strangers' heads as much as the next guy, but his actions are far more deliberate and goal-oriented than they were in his childhood. Most of time he exudes that classic youthful exuberance, but when it comes to dealing with women and mercenaries it's suave and business.Bio: Raised in an impoverished village in Ko-Koro, Kerr found that theft and subsequent sale of stolen items made him lots of friends, and he made a bit too much of a habit of it. When he pulled the wrong string, bounty hunters traced the robbery back to his village and murdered his friends. Kerr, then a Matoran, was offered the ultimatum of death or induction into the assassins' league. Choosing the latter, he engaged in years of rigorous training that should've knocked the joker out of him. Quite the opposite occurred--Kerr found that the only way to survive in the league was to stop taking it so seriously, and suddenly the fear is presented did not exist. His rite of passage as an apprentice of the program concluded in his transformation to a Toa--the league had collected, over decades, a small number of Toa Stones scattered throughout the island.The league's base was an effective prison, releasing its prisoners only to carry out the jobs of contractors under superior supervision. On one such mission Kerr found the guts to escape, killing his supervisors and fleeing to Le-Koro, where he considers his home. He currently works as a bounty hunter across Mata-Nui, and has dreams of sailing across the seas and setting up a nice little hut and raising a cute family on some foreign island with nobody he knows.Weaknesses: Kerr's tendency to provoke the unprovoked has gotten him into near-fatal trouble. He fights without weapons, so a tactically trained guy with a sword has already got a major advantage over him.

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"I admire your style, which is colorful, if monochromatic."

#203 Offline Constructman

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Posted Aug 03 2012 - 10:30 AM

[color=rgb(178,34,34);]Ira (Real name Thane Xi'tracta, alias Krohda)[/color]

[color=#b22222;]Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment: Chaotic evilMask: Mask of Biomechanics (Shaped like Mask of Charisma)[/color]

[color=#b22222;]Powers: Ira has the elemental power of fire. While he isn't the best with it as he will often waste energy performing unnecessary moves, he knows it better than most individuals seeing as he studied it all day during his matoran years. His mask, the mask of Biomechanics, allows him to interface with complex machinery.[/color]

[color=#b22222;]Abilities: Ira is an experienced swordsman, specializing in the sword and shield style. He is also a striving physicist and chemist. Some of his studies cross over from science into magick as he holds an obsession for the Philosopher's StoneBio: Ira was once a matoran living in Ko-Koro, of all places. He had no family-he was one of the original, biomechanical matoran to awake on the island. A very geeky matoran, he would spend days in front pf the bonfire trying to figure out the physics of the flame. Or of anything else, for that matter. However, his lack of social skills learned him the mockery of his fellow matoran. Harrased, humiliated, and alienated from his peers, Ira grew more and more bitter. he tried to take his mind off of it by practicing the martial arts and immersing himself deeper in his studies, but the bullying just got worse and worse until he couldn't take it anymore. In rage, he assaulted a fellow student and was immediately expelled for that. Running away to the Ko-Wahi drifts, he plotted his revenge, and on the day he first became a toa, he charged into Ko-Koro and burned his old school down. Only the interference of two toa, a toa of fire and a toa of water, prevented him from burning down the whole village. Fleeing, he had several stints in petty crime and briefly allied himself with the Followers of Makuta before fleeing to Ta-Koro. He is currently laying low, having returned to his studies. Personality: Ira, like his name suggests, is an extremely angry individual. He can explode in anger at even the most unlikely of times. And when he gets mad, he gets [/color][color=#ff0000;]MAD[/color][color=#b22222;]. Known for having a large ham, his temper outbursts can be quite scary. When he's not chewing the scenery, Ira is a cold, antisocial individual. He has retained his geeky personality from his matoran days and is still fascinated with science. However, instead of researching for research's sake, he uses his studies to further his goals: vengeance, and domination. While some may mistake him for a Makuta follower, he holds a different ^philosophy he believes that to attain true power, you should enslave the shadows, rather than elt the shadows enslave you.Weapons: Sword (shaped like Jaller's Power Sword,can withstand extreme heat, round shield.Weaknesses: Ira has a big temper that is easily sparked. As a result, during emotionally stressing times, he may forget his grand master plan that he came up with and start burning the house down. He can also overestimate his abilities sometimes, thinking himself to be invincible. The combination of these two things can lead him to make stupid decisions often. While he's working on his temper, he will still sacrifice a master plan for a chance at large ham.Appearance: [/color][color=#b22222;]This[/color]


[color=#800000;]Genno "He who eats a lot"Gender and Species: Male toa of fire with Parakuka named "Ronin"Kanohi: Powerless ZatthPowers: When activated, his parakuka gives him super strength and high agility. Speed is something he has to work on though.Abilities: Like Saydhi, he is a master duelist, specializing in heavy weaponry.Appearance: He stands at about two heads taller than most toa and is extremely muscular and stocky. When activated, he becomes extremely skinny with his muscle being moulded into spikes. The most prominent of them are on his back but they are also very prominent on his arms and legs, transforming them into spiked club like sticks.Alignment: Neutral-Neutral goodWeapons: A giant glaiveWeaknesses: When not activated, he is about 1 third slower than most toa. When activated, he manages to catch up but only manages to get to half of kakama level, unlike most other users.Personality: Although he still has the heart of a hero, his parakuka has psychologically transformed him into becoming more withdrawn, cold, and paranoid. To strangers, he can be quite rude at times. However, when he does trust somebody, he can be quite amicable. He frequently gets into arguements with Ronin, whom Genno finds annoying. Genno also has an extremely large appetite.Biography: Once, he was a member of the Finiksa, being best friends with Saydhi, Skaaraa, and Lelda. When the team split up, Genno was devastated. He committed himself to hunting down Skaaraa, the traitor, and making him pay for what he did to the team. He did find him, but a parakuka was set loose on him and he was left to die in a cave. Saydhi found him and took him under her care. To this day, he serves her as her champion.[/color] 

TuroGender: MaleSpecies: Le-MatoranAlignment: Chaotic NeutralMask: Powerless Noble MiruPowers: NoneAbilities: Turo is an extremely skilled climber; he can climb practically anything. He is also a skilled thief,and he can fight well enough to get himself out of sticky situations. His lockpicking ability allowed him to get a job as a locksmith.Weapons: Balisong, Blowdarts, ShurikensOther Equipment: Lockpicks (Tension Wrench type)Weaknesses: Sometimes Turo may "Bite more than he can chew". He is also clumsy on the ground.

Appearance: Turo has a regular pre-rebuilding matoran build. He may sometimes disguise himself by wearing different colors of armor.Personality: For Turo, only one thing matters: his own well being. He will stop at nothing to make sure that at the end of the day, he goes to bed with more widgets than he had the previous day. He isn't above stealing from the poor and ruining people's lives, but now that he has a stable job, he rarely steals for survival. Now, he moonlights as a treasure hunter, retrieving valuable items for a price (compare to Nathan Drake from Uncharted)Bio: Born on the streets of Xa-Koro, Turo has always had to steal to survive. Earning a living from doing odd jobs and pickpocketing off of the, civilians, he eventually found a job as a locksmith where he put his burglary skills to honest work. However, he hasn't left his past behind for he moonlights as a hired burglar; one who will find, retrieve, or steal anything for the right price.Name: TitruniaGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxPowers: NoneAbilities: Tirtunia is very smart and has a powerful scientific mind. His spatial and logical intelligence is extremely high.Weaknesses: Titrunia can sometimes overestimate himself. He also isn't the strongest of fighters. The lightsaber will short out if exposed to water.Weapons: EE nullifying energy shield, Lightsaber (Both approved by Tuck). The shield is a disk shaped field of energy that will block all direct elemental attacks that the user is aware of. Anything larger than the shield won't get blocked. The lightsaber has a power adjust and a dual phase function. It is visually similar to Darth Vader's lightsaber with a green blade.Appearance: Titrunia has the stereotypical scientist look.Personality: He loves to learn and to innovate. He is always open for new knowledge.Bio: He can't remember how he got to Mata Nui. Washing up in Naho Bay, he was lost for a time and eventually came to a school in Ko-Koro. Once there, however, he became one of the island's top scientists. He. Has made many advancements in his field and his held in high acclaim. Unlike many beings on the island, he never got that involved in the war, believing it to be a distraction to his studies.[/font][/color]


Cpt. Thliveros Xifos

Gender: Male

Species: Anzaros

Alignment: Lawful Good, some Chaotic tendencies

Mask: Powerless Mohtrek shaped Pakari

Powers: Thliveros possess elemental control over ice and has the additional power of force field creation.

Abilities: Thliveros is very adept at swordplay. He is also well trained in martial arts, being able to grapple an enemy down and pin them in seconds. In addition to his fighting skills, he is also a capable military officer, capable of leading platoons and companies of men into battle.

Weaknesses: Thliveros, like all Anzaros, has a multitude of pressure points throughout his body that can disable his arms. He is also not the most friendly of people, his cold attitude brushing off many potential allies. He can also be predictable in battle; he always uses the same stances and the same tactics. This only applies to melee combat, however; when commanding a force, he is one of the most ingenious of commanders.

Weapons: Arming sword, long hilt double bladed saber. He also has natural retractable claws.

Personality: Thliveros is a very no-nonsense, practical guy. He only cares for the safety of the island as a whole  he isn't afraid of ruining his life or other people's lives to achieve this goal. He is also very professional; he believes that work is a time for work and not for socializing. As a result, this attitude has distanced him from other guard members.

Bio: Like all Anzaros, he was once a toa who was "repaired' by the Silver Hawk. Thliveros was a great warrior both before and after his transformation, well versed in all forms of swordplay. When the Anzaros came to Mata Nui, Thliveros became separated from the other members of the Thunderflash and joined the Sanctum Guard as he wished to do his part to keep the peace. He quickly rose through the ranks until he became one of the Guard's officers.

Appearance: Thliveros is of an Inika build with white armor and a silver mask. He used to have a second pair of arms but lost one in an altercation with Brykon Senegal.



Name: Jetzul Sebastian, Lt. Col. (Ret)

Gender: Male

Species: Toa of Iron

Kanohi: Miru shaped Mask of Psychometry

Powers: Elemental control over iron

Abilities: Jetzul is an extremely well trained military officer, well versed in battle strategy, martial arts, and disciplining men. He also possess very powerful investigative skills, something his mask of psychometry only adds to.

Appearance: Jetzul is never seen without his massive trenchcoat and top hat. Underneath, he wears a dress shirt, dress pants, and a dress suit. Underneath all of that is a toa who stays true to canon: 85% mechanical, 15% organic. He has a similar color scheme to Hewkii: gunmetal and rust-orange.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Jetzul is the epitome of psychopath: cold, emotionless, empathy-devoid, and sometimes sadistic. However, his intentions are noble; he is extremely devoted to the safety of the island, even if it means killing half of its inhabitants. He is devotedly against the Makuta, hating the Master of Shadows with a Passion. Also, once he sets his mind on something, he will stubbornly pursue that goal, stopping at nothing to achieve it. 

Weapons: Jetzul carries with him a walking stick. Appearing as a simple wooden gentleman's cane, it is actually reinforced with a protosteel core, rendering it extremely hard. Seeing as he can create weapons out of thin air, he doesn't really need it but it's nice to have.

Other Equipment: Magnifying glass, notebook,

Weaknesses: Jetzul can be very paranoid at times. This can cause him to have little trust for others. His extreme persistence can also land him in sticky situations as he doesn't know when to quit.

Biography: Jetzul grew up in Onu-Koro as a Fe-Matoran trader, selling goods and travelling around, much like Takua did in Metru Nui. One day, a dying toa gave him a toa stone and he realized that he had a higher calling: to protect the island, no matter the cost. Joining the Ussalry after the fall of the Mata, Jetzul quickly rose through the ranks of the Ussalry, becoming one of the highest ranking officers. However, he was always known for being way too extreme for the guard; he would often torture his suspects to the point of insanity just to extract information. During his time in the Guard, he trained a young Anzaros warrior, Thliveros, in forensic investigation and military strategy. Shortly after the latter's transfer to the Sanctum Guard, Jetzul resigned from the Ussalry, becoming a Private Investigator, joining the Inquisition in secret.



Name: Xenon (real name Entaeron; doesn't use this name)

Gender: Male

Species: Toa of Plasma

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Dark)

Mask: Miru shaped Kadin with HMD-like visor on eyes.

Appearance: Xenon is white with orange feet and highlights. His huna has a silver, snow goggle like visor on it. The number 54 is branded onto his right shoulder, which is equipped with a spiked piece of armor (similar to a Zaku's right shoulder armor). 

Powers: Xenon has elemental control over plasma. He usually uses this in a manner imitating Skakdi Heat vision, seeing as he doesn't want to melt his hand blades.

Abilities: Xenon is a master assassin. His strategy is to hide in a high place and then when the target comes into view, utterly annihilate them with a massive beam of plasma.

Weapons: Xenon wears two gauntlets, each with five steel blades resting on top of each knuckle. In addition, the tips of his fingers are razor sharp, meaning that he is equipped with 20 razor sharp blades of destruction.  Also, the visor on his mask can serve as a focus for his elemental energy. When firing a blast from the visor, the viewport would glow blue and them a blast of superheated xenon would shoot out of it. Weaknesses: Xenon tends to waste a lot of elemental energy in fights. The amount of collateral damage he causes is a clear pointer to him when a detective is trying to determine the suspect of a case. Also, when using his "eyebeams", he can't see as the plasma takes up his entire field of vision; once the blast ends, however, his vision returns to normal.

Personality: Xenon, on the outside, is a silent killer, enslaved to the will of Dark, nothing more. Get to know him better, however, and you will find that he is actually very philosophical. Detesting both Mata Nui and Makuta, Xenon wants nothing more than to bring them and their followers down. Viewing the major institutions of the island as "symbols of oppression", Xenon desperately wants to "free the people". The spirit of revolution lies deep within him, waiting to be awoken...

Bio: Originally, Xenon remembered nothing of his past life. His earliest memories are that of serving Dark. He knew nothing else other than dark and he had no other attachments other than dark. In short, he was the perfect servant.


But as time went on, some of his old memories began to resurface. He remembered that he was part of an unsuccessful revolution at one point, and some of the revolutionary spirit remained within him. As his memories began to resurface, Xenon began to realize who he really was: a freedom fighter.


However, contrary to what one may expect, this did not turn him away from Dark; rather, it drew him closer. He believed that Dark had the means to make his revolutionary dream a reality. In addition, he felt that he would be safer in the organization. So he continued to serve Dark, dreaming of the day when he would have the power to "bring the oppressor down".


When the breakout happened, Xenon began a covert search for the escaped Weapons, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Reporting to senior agents regularly, he continues his hunt...

The Three Mages:White:Ortherion "The White Mage"Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral goodMask: KualsiPowers: Ortherion has expert level control over stone. He can hurl boulders at foes, summon meteors from the sky, and trap foes in unpenetrable cages. He is also an expert at manipulating already existing stone. Walls cannot hold him, doors don't hinder him; anything made of stone that is used to block his way will fall.Abilities: Ortherion is quite skillful in the healing arts. He is also well versed in his elemental abilities.Weaknesses: Ortherion isn't the most skilled of fighters and can barely lift his own weight. While his mask of healing can heal any wounds he sustains, he can be easily overpowered.Weapons: Staff (in the shape of Gandalf the White's but made of metal)Personality: Ortherion is the epitome of the the white Mage, devoted to helping others, never using his powers for selfish purposes, only for enlightenment. He is also very picky about ethics; he has a strict moral codeBio: Ortherion beloved to the same order that Merla did, but he has no recollection of it. Washing up on Mata Nui, he found a teacher in Liu Ningjing, who taugt him how to focus his abilities better. After his training was complete, he became a wandering healer and sage, helping those in need.Appearance: Ortherion is metru brown and silver in colour. He has a metru build.Grey:Merla "The Grey Mage"Gender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of WaterAlignment: Chaotic GoodMask: TrynaPowers: Merla specializes in grand, stunning usage of her power. She has been known to create visages of animals and giants from water. This however isn't the most efficient way to use water and can cause a lot of collateral damage.Skills: Merla has a very powerful memory. She has coded different attacks into "spells" for easy personal reference.Bio: She was not originally from Mata Nui. She belonged to a coven of mages where she came from though she can't fully remember it. She doesn't remember how she came to Mata Nui and even less about where she came from.Personality: [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"][color=#282828;]She is often quiet, grim, and doesn't really have a sense of humor. She always takes things seriously. Her moral standing is questionable and sometimes she stands just on the verge of following into the shadows. She believes sincerely in "the ends justify the means" and isn't afraid to do things ethically abhorrent to get the job done.[/color][/font]Weapons: A staff similar to Mutran's shadow spearWeaknesses: She is too hard on herself and blames herself too much. She isn't that physically tough, so she wears heavy armor to compensate.Appearance: Heavily armored, wears golden (detachable) armor but a silver mask, grey forearms, blue legs, wears a blue cape. When golden armor is detached, she appears similar to Metru to a, with black as a secondary color.Region: Ko-WahiBlack:Kokkinos "The Black Mage"Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Neutral EvilMask: Custom shaped Matatu (looks like a protoss head)Powers: Kokkinos has significantly powerful control over magnetism. He can use these abilities to blast enemies away like leaves, stop foes in their tracks, and warp even thick slabs of metal, among other things.Abilities: Kokkinos is very well learned. He specializes in biology and knows a great deal about how the body works. He also trains a lot in swordsmanship and is an expert fighter.Weaknesses: Kokkinos is physically weak, so even though he is an expert in combat, prolonged strenuous activity can be tiring for him, and he can be overpowered by sheer brute force.Weapons: Staff (Black metal with serpent's head), hand and a half sword.Personality: Kokkinos believes that all people exist for him to exploit and that his personal well being is the meaning of the universe. He is considered by many (assuming they know about him) to be a chaote, switching sides at will to suit his own needs. He considers himself to be a "gamemaster" of sorts, looking over a chessboard.Bio: Kokkinos was once just a young toa living in Ga-Koro. He was a studious man, but was always harassed for his physical weakness. This constant abuse lead to the darkening of his personality and his strive to obtain a greater deal over magnetism. This drive attracted the attention of an elemental tutor, Cosi Mano, and his top student, Zharuk Storukru, who trained him. After his training with Cosi was completed, Kokkinos withdrew from society, conducting experiments into the nature of the body and elemental energy in isolation. After the coming of the Mata, however, he saw a chance to obtain greater power by exploiting the turmoil of the situation at the time.Appearance: Kokkinos is white and silver in color. He has a metru build.


[color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Name: Sur "Charity", "The Medic"[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Gender and Species: Female Toa of Plant Life[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Kanohi: Noble Akaku shaped Mask of Healing[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Powers: She is very adept in using her elemental powers for healing. She is a master herbalist and has very in depth knowledge of diseases and their cures.[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Abilities: She has an extremely powerful visual memory. She can also learn extremely quickly. These skills help her in her trade, as she needs to be able to remember diseases and their cures and to quickly learn about new ones.[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Mata build, blue torso with green mask and cyan limbs, ornate armor design with plant design shoulder pads (much like Vastus)[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Alignment: Neutral good[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Personality: Sur, like her title suggests, is very charitable. She will gladly offer her possessions and services for free, expecting nothing in return. This has gotten her into financial problems many times, but the people she has helped are quick to return the favor and help her out in her time of need.[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Weapons: Wooden staff that doubles as a walking stick[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Other Equipment: Numerous pouches of herbs and medical supplies[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: She doesn't like to fight, not only because she can't stand the notion of hurting other people, but also because she is very bad at it. For some reason, the one thing she has trouble learning is fighting techniques, and although her defensive abilities are still strong enough to keep her alive, she has the tendency to drag out fights for long periods of time due to the fact that she can't go in for the kill. As well, Sur is EXTREMELY sensitive to temperature. Too much heat can put ehr into severe discomfort and too little can cause her to go into a zombie-like state.[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Biography: She was once just a Matoran herbalist on Mata Nui posing as a Le-Matoran; for all intents and purposes, she BELIEVED that she was a Le-Matoran. Then, when the Mata fell and she was turned into a Toa, she was shocked to learn that she was of The Green, not of Air. Still, she used her element to the best of her ability and was thrilled when she learned that because of her element, she would never run out of herbs again. She took it upon herself to protect the Matoran like the Mata once did, only to find out that... she couldn't fight. So she settled back into her herbalist life, continuing to do what she did best. But recently, she has felt the call to arms again...[/color][/font][color=#282828;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Region: Le-Wahi[/color][/font]

Zharuk StorukruSpecies: Toa of PlasmaAlignment: Lawful neutral, evil tendencies but will often cooperate with good.Mask: MatatuBio: Zharuk was born to a wealthy family of businessmen. When he had become a toa, he was sent to train in the elemental arts under a powerful tutor named Cosi Mano. Later, he inherited his family's bueinsess and controlled it before it was taken down by a detective named Sordra with the background aid of the K'raté family. Thus, he and him are bitter rivals. He made another gang called The Skanohi that tried to give toa powers to skakdi, but that gang was taken out by a toa named Lathon with all but one of his skakdi killed. When he tried to recreate the gang, he wasn't able to open his base due to not having the key (Skanohi backstory given by Toa of Virtues). At some point after this, he was thrown off of the island and lost his mask and some of his memory. He joined another gang led by The Pyro but deserted. He is currently trying to regain influence on the island and reclaim his corporate standing.Personality: Zharuk is very cold and calculating. He is a chilly person to work with and on the outside, he seems to have no sense of ethics. In actuality, he is a very nice guy who's just doing an evil job. He is very kind to his family, a fair and just boss, and, well, he doesn't really have a way with the ladies but he is very courteous. Once you get to know him, he's actually a nice fellow. Oppose him however, an you'll find a soul as diabolical as the Makuta on your tail.Powers: Due to his training with Cosi, he has an exceptional degree of control over plasma. He can create miniature stars, incinerate enemies in straightjackets of plasma, and create blades of superheated plasma akin to lightsaber blades.Weapons: Sword, shield, pistol grip daggerWeaknesses: He is a little too trusting of people, a weakness he never got over.Appearance: Inika build; very little additional armor. He wears a tuxedo, a trench coat, and a black fedoraRegion: Ko-WahiDakan Kojar "The Assassin"Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of GravityAlignment: Neutral EvilMask: KualsiBio: An old friend of Zharuk, he is a cold blooded killer who primarily cares about his own interests. However, he tends to be loyal to Zharuk because Zharuk seems like the best boss. He has had a few bad experiences with some other bosses, so he prefers to stay on the side of his old friend... for now.Personality: Cruel, but not sadistic; Angry, but not a berserker, he is a mysterious soul. He is professional, and treats other lives like commodities, so much that even Zharuk, who taught him this attitude, is scared of him. He has a soft spot for the fine arts, however, and will often spend the day painting away.Weapons: Machete, Kukri, daggers, shurikens, throwing darts, chain whip, brush, artist's palette. He has a pet Bog Snake that he also uses as a weapon.Weaknesses: He can be bought out by money, though he can usually recognize a dupe. He is often too curious for his own good. He also has mild narcolepsy triggered by OOC inactivity (he'll fall asleep if nobody in his plot posts)Appearance: Krakua build, very slim, all black; looks more like a toa of earth/shadow than a toa of gravityRegion: Ko-Wahi 

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Name: GaraiGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: GravityBio: Unbelievably ancient, he may very well be the first Toa of Gravity ever. He has lost his memory on multiple occasions, leaving him with no idea of how he ended up on Mata Nui. He appears to have been a very famous warrior, when he was younger, seeing as there is a mask named after him. Or he is named after the mask. He doesn't know. While his original armor has long since rusted away, he appears to have obtained some sort of protosteel armor, forged by a particularly famous Vortixx smith. He is now searching Mata Nui for a Vortixx named Caltyr, the only link to his unknown past.Personality: He is dark, grumpy, moody, destructive, and forgetful. Not the best traveling companion.Weapons: He has a large hammer, which he is extremely skilled with. He was (between his 2nd and 3rd major bout of memory loss) famous for using gravity to strengthen his powerful downward strikes of his hammer. He appeared to have forgotten that skill, but it seems to be coming back, as he was seen to use an unnaturally strong hammer strike to flatten a lightning beetle after he nearly used it as a pillow.Mask: Kanohi Calix, Mask of FateWeaknesses: He forgets stuff very easily. He has (on accident) tried to squash his teammates flatter than a lava rat caught in a landslide.Name: KaitanGender: MaleSpecies: MatoranElement: AirBio: A rather adventurous Le-Matoran, he was a Chronicler candidate, narrowly losing the spot. He has become a hunter, sweeping Le-Koro for Rahi, then attacking them. He is not cautious at all, having lost the tips of two fingers to an angry Muaka that he snuck up on (Muaka don't like to be snuck up on). He has gotten a bit of a name for himself, for the amount of Rahi he has slain. He met Garai in a Le-Koro cafe, and agreed to help him find Caltyr.Personality: Slightly crazy. He attacks any Rahi larger than himself (the bigger, the better), and other Le-Matoran get out of the way when he gets angry (which, fortunately, doesn't happen often).Weapons: Him, and a small group of other Matoran, are brave (or insane) enough to reach a cavern on the inside of the Mangai volcano's crater, where, near a lava spring, a strange, brittle, powdery rock forms. When hit, thrown, or dropped, it explodes. He has taken to stuffing the dried rind of Madu fruit with powdered firestone, as it is called. He always carries a few of these makeshift weapons strapped across his back, but has to be careful not to trip... He also has a bamboo throwing disk that he uses when he runs out of bombs.Mask: Powerless Kanohi Kakama, Mask of SpeedWeaknesses: Scared to death of Tarakava. He doesn't know why, he just is.Name: CaltyrGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxBio: Head of a large Xian weapons factory, Caltyr decided to start a secret project, which wasn't that uncommon. All that is known about is that it involved the Toa known as Garai. Garai escaped, and found his way to Mata Nui. Caltyr, following the subject of her experiment, headed to Mata Nui as well. However, she was a bit sloppy, and Garai learned her name, and that she was connected with his past. She then fled to a safe house, hoping that Garai would forget about her. However, he began hunting, and she remains holed up in a hidden location.Personality: She thinks she is better and smarter than everyone else. She usually gets proved wrong.Weapons: She carries a telescoping sword that can be retracted into its handle, then hidden, until it is needed. She also has palm darts, essentially a skintight gauntlet that fires poisoned darts from the underside.Weaknesses: Arrogance. She will take on an opponent she can't beat.
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Name: Kot (pronounced like coat)Element: IceAppearance:Posted ImagePowers: noneWeapons: Frozen Bo Staff Bio: Kot travels all around metru nui trading his wares. He always brings his backpack with him and occasionally does mercenary work. He was trained by OOMN.Weakneses: Kot is scared of spiderlike rahi
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<span style='color: #006400'>Name: Kaithas<br />Species: Toa<br />Alignment: Extremely chaotic good.<br />Gender: Male<br />Appearance: A handsome Toa. Armor is lime green and gold with orange accents, the orange usually calling attention to sharp places. Tall, doesn't look overly strong, but appearances are deceiving. He has a lithe compact strength to him. Armor has thorn-like extensions with orange tips sticking out along his shoulders. When he uses his abilities on something he's touching it looks like plant matter flows around his hand from his wrist. <a href='http://www.majhost.c...ithasfinal3.png'>Yay for Crunchbite!</a><br />Weapons: Enhanced Katana. It has the ability to cut through plants in 1 second flat. An imaginary gun called the pun gun. In the event his sword gets knocked out of his hand he can form a wooden blade, though this doesn't do much except keep him alive.<br />Mask: Great Kualsi that looks like a Huna.<br />Element: The Green.<br />Bio: When he was a Matoran of the Green he was chased away from Metru Nui by a Rahi. He got lost for years before he finally made it back, only to discover that the other Matoran had already left for Mata Nui. Kaithas barely survived in Metru Nui until he found an old Toa of Jungle, who was getting badly beaten by a few Furnace Salamanders. Kaithas' appearance distracted the Rahi long enough for the Toa to kill them. The Toa, however, knew he wasn't long for this world and gave Kaithas a Toa Stone, which Kaithas used, turning him into a Toa. Kaithas proceeded to find a way out onto the beaches of Ga-Wahi, but not before getting injured by a Kofo-Jaga, and the limp never healed. Remembers what went on in Metru Nui, but not the location. Not idealistic, but thinks that if you believe in something, like justice or mercy, it will become true.<br />Weaknesses: Fire, as it burns through his element, and his powers don't work well when confronted by extreme cold.</span><br /><br />

Name: Norfa

Species: Ga-Matoran

Appearance: Blue armor, green highlights. Very pretty when she's not in a foul mood.

Gender: Female

Mask: Powerless Kakama

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapons: A short sword and her carving dagger.

Skills: Extremely good carver, mildly good with her sword.

Weaknesses: No powers, not the best fighter.

History: Norfa met this Mystix in Ga-Koro, but left them after getting sealed away from them in a cave.


Name: ViokahGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of EarthKanohi: Huna shaped Volitak, the Great Mask of StealthAppearance: Viokah is tall and slender, with strong legs and an attractive face. Her armor is a black darker than the deepest night, with small brown highlights. Her mask is pretty, her green eyes shining out from the black Huna.Powers: Control over Earth. Can turn nearly invisible and nearly silent.Weapons: Two protosteel swords, about 20 inches in length.Abilities: Very physically fit, exceedingly high pain tolerance. Quick, but nowhere near a Calix or Kakama. A good fighter.Weaknesses: While she's fast, her weapons don't have the longest reach. A spear or pike user can attack safely, as long as they stay back. Getting up close is horribly stupid.Personality: Viokah is quiet, not likely to talk to anyone without a good reason. Forcing her to speak isn't going to work- often, the harder you try the more resolute in her silence she becomes. Around a being she likes and absolutely trusts, however, the stony silence drops somewhat.        She has yet to meet such a being.Alignment: Doesn't like Mata Nui for abandoning his creation, follows Makuta instead.History: Viokah had a rather ordinary childhood, apart from being kidnapped by slavers. She was forced to fight in gladiatorial battles, eventually fighting Pae. She fought him to a standstill, but her endurance couldn't match the more experienced Fe-Toa. For some reason he spared her, and she's wandered since.

Name: Erif<br />Species: Matoran of Fire<br />Appearance: Red armor with yellow highlights. Numerous scratches and gouges in his armor.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Powerless Mask of Accuracy.<br />Alignment: Ta-Koro Guard. The archer in the 3rd Infantry Heavy Squadron.<br />Weapons: A bow and quiver. Has obsidian tipped arrows, iron tipped arrows, and some that burst into flame on impact. Carries a dagger for close range. Also has a small shield, but almost never uses it.<br />Skills: Incredibly good marksman, almost never misses if he takes his time and his enemy doesn't dodge. He takes either one or two posts to fire. If he fires in one it's poorly aimed (for him) and not very fast. If he isn't interrupted in two it takes Calix level agility or some other power (magnetism for example, or a Hau) to miss at 30 feet or less. Usually hangs back from the rest of his squad, offering long range support.<br />Weaknesses: Not good at midrange. He's a matoran.<br />History: Has fought with the Ta-Koro guard for as long as he can remember.<br />Name: Recra<br />Species: Matoran of Iron<br />Appearance: Dark grey armor with orange highlights. Not near as pockmarked as Erif's, but has its fair share of scars.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Powerless Miru.<br />Alignment: Ta-Koro Guard. One of the swordsmen in the 3rd Heavy Infantry Squadron.<br />Weapons: A broadsword, a small shield, disks, and a dagger.<br />Skills: Good swordfighter and disk thrower, has tons of experience.<br />Weaknesses: Matoran, and everything that comes with that.<br />History: Has fought with many factions. Joined the Ta-Koro guard long ago, but remembers those others like it was yesterday.<br /><br />Name: Amsa<br />Species: Matoran of Plasma<br />Appearance: Blue armor (like Takua's mask) with yellow highlights. Armor looks relatively new with a few deep gouges.<br />Gender: Female<br />Mask: Powerless Rau<br />Alignment: Ta-Koro Guard. One of the spearwielders in the 3rd Heavy Infantry Squadron.<br />Weapons: large rectangular shield, long spear, disks, a shortsword, and a dagger.<br />Skills: Hugely good spear user. This is attested to by the small number of scratches in her armor. Not so good of a disk user.<br />Weaknesses: Not accurate with disks. Just a matoran.<br />History: Joined the Ta-Koro guard when she was young, one of the few female Matoran in it. Quickly distinguished herself.<br /><br />Name: Nelan<br />Species: Toa of The Green.<br />Appearance: Handsome, in a dangerous kind of way. Black armor with dark green patches, burn marks all over.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Garai<br />Alignment: Goodish.<br />Weapons: Twin short swords, whatever explosives he happens to have on him at the time.<br />Other equipment: A flint and steel, bound together and attached to a wick with a handle. In other words, a candle with a fire starter.<br />Bio: He's wandered around for years, accepting offers from those that need his skills with objects that go boom. He only took jobs that he felt were right, but sufficient need could convince him. Recently he's come to Le-Koro.<br />Weaknesses: Not as weak to fire as most Ve-Toa, but a fire blast hitting one of his explosives while it's still too close to him is bad.<br /><br /><span style='color: #800000'><em class='bbc'>"Ah, you must be courage. Well, Toa, you are but a stalk. And I am the Reaper." -</em>The Reaper to Kaithas.<br />Name: Unknown, goes by "The Reaper"<br />Species: Toa of Iron<br />Appearance: Bears a resemblance to Kaithas, though his armor is all grey and black, as well as having a different mask and no thorns.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Mahiki<br />Alignment: Evil in the highest degree.<br />Weapons: A wickedly sharp edged scythe, his fists.<br />Weaknesses: Gets overconfident, goes with a plan instead of thinking on the spot.<br />Bio: The Reaper's history is shrouded in mystery. He has recently come to the island, seeking revenge for who knows what, though it is certain he hates the Maasi and heroes of any kind.</span><br /><br />Name: Tomar<br />Species: Toa of Fire<br />Appearance: An old Toa, Tomar has the impression of being muscular at one time, but is a bit more soft now. Wears deep red armor with grey patches.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Red Mask of Accuracy<br />Alignment: lawful neutral.<br />Weapons: an axe hidden under the bar.<br />Bio: Tomar was once a mercenary, but when his team got killed in a mission gone bad he retired and used his share of the money to open a bar. The Flaming Gafna caters to heroes and villains alike, the only price of membership a tale of adventuring, the only rule to leave all fights at the door.<br /><br />Name: Rorl (last name dropped)<br />Gender: Male<br />Species: Vortixx<br />Weapons: A massive greatsword, his laser rifle.<br />Foreign tech: Right gun for the airship, basically an array of Cordak like blasters, and a rifle that focuses all light hitting it into a powerful beam. Must wait 10 seconds between shots.<br />Powers: None<br />Appearance: A tall, muscular Vortixx, Rorl looks like he would pull each one of your teeth out if you messed with him. His armor is a dull orange, the highlights red.<br />Alignment: Neutral<br />Weaknesses: Rorl isn't very fast.<br />Bio: Rorl journeyed far and wide before coming to Mata Nui, becoming a great fighter and weapon builder. He joined the crew of the airship at some point, and is in charge of making sure the weapons work right.<br /><br />Name: Nita<br />Species: Matoran of Lightning<br />Appearance: sky blue with pure white highlights. Soft green eyes. Nita is quite possibly one of the 10 most beautiful Matoran most will ever meet. Think the Monica Bellucci of Mata Nui. She usually has an innocent look to her, and this isn't a lie. She's seen a lot, but hasn't let it spoil her.<br />Gender: Female<br />Mask: Powerless Kaukau<br >Alignment: Good<br />Weapons: Dual hatchets.<br />Weaknesses: Just a Matoran.<br />Bio: Nita can't remember anything before waking up on a beach recently. Before that she went on quite a few adventures, and somehow managed to get all Nui-Jaga ticked at her.<br /> <br />Name: Fleron<br />Species: Toa of Air<br />Appearance: Lime green, if he were human he'd wear shorts and a t-shirt all of the time, but settles for cooler armor than normal. Green eyes, grey highlights.<br />Gender: Male<br />Mask: Iden<br />Alignment: Goodish.<br />Weapons: A katana in his left hand and a hammer in his right. Since some say the pen is mightier than the sword, I'm listing his notebook and writing utensil under here.<br />Weaknesses: Fleron is not the best fighter, and annoys people somewhat.<br />Bio: Fleron has been working on a guidebook to Mata Nui ever since he was turned into a Toa.<br /> <br />Name: Natalia<br />Species: Toa of Iron<br />Appearance: As pretty as a Toa can get, but almost always looks concerned. Armor is light grey with orange highlights and a bit of dark grey. Has turquoise eyes.<br />Gender: Female.<br />Mask: A light grey Great Mask of Healing.<br />Powers: Control, creation, and absorption of iron. Carries a protosteel spear, which she is very adept with. Also has an iron longbow, which has nearly unlimited ammo due to her elemental abilities. Can create iron weapons if need be. Stronger than average, as her bow takes a lot of strength to pull back.<br />Alignment: Good<br />Weaknesses: Close range combat, as neither of her weapons are good at it. She's very kind, which others can exploit.<br />Bio: Oddly, she was never angry at all the other Fe-Matoran, even though they made fun of her for being a girl. She wasn't very jealous either, of their friends, jobs, and opportunities.<br /><br />One day she took a trip to a nearby town, to sell some weapons she had crafted. On the way she came across a nearly dead and beaten Toa. She helped the Toa to a nearby town, and paid for his medical care with the money she made from selling the weapons.<br /><br />He didn't recover.<br /><br />He showed her what he had been beaten for, but had never given his assailants. A Toa Stone. He urged her to take it, and become a Toa. He died giving her the stone.<br /> <br />Name: Tera<br />Species: Toa of Stone<br />Appearance: Beautiful in a tanned, outdoorsy way. Tera is no fragile female. She doesn't look very strong, but she's lithe. The armor she wears most of the time is brown and grey, but is revealing to let her move quickly.<br />Mask: Name: Komako           Species: Sentient Kanohi Faxon (Part of JL's mask plot, approved)           Appearance: Earthy brown Faxon.           Alignment: Good           Weaknesses: Uncooperative at times.Weapons: Protosteel longsword and rectangular shield, about 3 and a half by 2 and a half feet.Alignment: Good<br />Weaknesses: Tera is not as strong as most Po-Toa.<br />Bio: Tera was born in Po-Koro. Her father was the most recent in a long line of Guard members, but her mother died in a Rahi attack before a son was born to carry on the tradition. Undeterred, her father taught Tera everything he knew, training the originally weak and sickly child into a tough and pretty young woman.


Name: RohiGender: FemaleSpecies: Onu-ToaKanohi: Adaptive armor pakari shaped Calix, the Great Mask of Fate.Appearance: Rohi is lithe, slender, and (as an old fashioned Toa might say) extremely well designed. Her armor is a black darker than the deepest night, with small grey highlights on her joints. This armor accentuates her form, the shadows playing across her body and revealing just how pretty she is. Her mask is attractive, Rohi's emerald green eyes shining out from the black Calix.Powers: Control over Earth. She has enhanced physical abilities through her mask.Weapons: Rohi is a pacifist. Even so, she has a sturdy rapier.Abilities: Rather good with her rapier, though it couldn't stand up to a well placed strike by a claymore in the proper hands. In addition she's rather strong and can see well in the dark.Weaknesses: Very bright light if she's not expecting it, anyone with a heavy weapon that they can use well.Personality: As said before, Rohi is a pacifist. She only engages in violence when absolutely necessary or if it's a friendly duel. She isn't emotionless at all, however. She gets quite vehement at times, though she won't touch anyone.History: Rohi has been on the island for a long time. Where she came from is easy: Onu-Koro, like most of her kind.


Name: AraniGender: FemaleSpecies: ValkyrKanohi: Arani retains the alternately shaped Calix she had as a Toa.Appearance: She looks much the same. Her fingers now end in claws, however. In addition, her heartlight has disappeared. The most striking difference is the pair of black wings fanning from her back. Far from looking evil, these are a peaceful black, like a night that would lull one to sleep. Each is as long as she is tall, folding against her back easily when she isn't using them.Powers: Apart from those granted by her Calix, none.Weapons: The same rapier her host had.Abilities: Arani's senses are greatly enhanced rather than having the great strength of her morally bankrupt counterparts. She also retains Rohi's great skill with a rapier.Weaknesses: Her enhanced senses, while usually beneficial, can be exploited. In addition, her sword is still as weak to a greatsword strike as it ever was.Bio: Arani chose Rohi because she saw a bit of herself in her pacifism. She was a quick choice, however. Arani is here for a purpose: stop the flow of violence at her fellow valkyrs' hands, peacefully or not.


Name: RobenSpecies: Toa of CrystalAppearance: Roben is tall and well built, his blue armor generally well taken care of. A line of forward facing purple crystal spikes run along his forearms, each 4 inches in length.Gender: MaleMask: The Calix, mask of speed.Alignment: GoodWeapons: Two crystal coated protosteel shortswords.Weaknesses: Overconfidence.Bio: Roben is a young Toa (roughly equivalent to a twenty year old human), though he's already experienced with his shortswords and powers. Thus, he doesn't have much of a history. That he can remember, at least. Him and his brother were captured by Dark and had their minds wiped. After an incident when the bombs in their heads were deactivated he escaped, but his brother stayed behind, sacrificing himself to slow the reactor's explosion.


Name: LethanGender: MaleSpecies: Le-ToaKanohi: Kadin, Mask of FlightAppearance: Lethan is tall and rather thin, his green eyes nearly always looking happy. His armor is dark green and brown, providing a bit of camouflage. He's pretty handsome, actually.Weapons: A crossbow and a protosteel quarterstaff with a fold in hook on the end.Weaknesses: Lethan, while physically strong and agile, is not the best with his element.History: Lethan is Le-Koro born and raised. His scar was gained from a fight with a Muaka, though exactly why he was fighting it is a point of secrecy.


Name: Seren RihankuSpecies: Onu-ToaMask: Faxon shaped Mahiki.Weapons and Equipment: Two daggers, one in each of his boots, a pair of protosteel shortswords at his belt, spring blades at his wrists, and a spear across his back.Skills: Extremely experienced fighter, high pain tolerance. Stealth expert. Great night vision.Personality: Seren is gruff, sharp, and determined. He doesn't take too kindly to agents of the lawn anymore, though he won't attack them unless they're corrupt. Despite his efforts, he's still a smoker, though he won't let his habit interfere with a mission.Appearance: Seren is of average height and muscular. His eyes are the normal green of an Onu-Toa, his body the normal black and grey. All in all, you'd have a hard time picking him out of a crowd, apart from the scars on his cheeks, which are normally covered by his Mahiki, in more ways than one.Weaknesses: Seren holds back from more powerful but flashy attacks, seeking to not attract attention. In addition, his element is naturally weak to water, and a bright flash of light will blind him more than others.Bio: Seren was a highly decorated officer of the Ussalry, selected for a special division similar to Dehkaz's Niazesk. He continued to do well.One day, that all changed.The situation was simple. No way his group could catch the fugitive, a vortex with multiple murders (including Seren's sister), so rather than let him get away, the ground ate him.Furious with Seren, the Turaga gave him a dishonorable discharge.That wasn't about to stop him.He kept up the fight, using his old contacts and abilities against Makuta.

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Let's give this a try...Posted Image < thumbnail, click to view full drawing)Name: ZyronSpecies: Matoran (Le)Gender: MaleAppearance: Average size for a matoran, olive green and dark grey armour. Always carries a bag over his shoulder in which he stores several things.What you first notice about him, is his hat, which he always wears and only takes off if there is no other possibility. A scar on his left cheek hints to his rather troublesome past, which he doesn’t really like to talk about.Alignment: NeutralPowers: noneWeapons: a small knife he carries around in his bagPersonality: He doesn’t trust strangers easily, but tries his best to be open for everything. He’s not much of a fighter and would rather try to find a different, probably diplomatic way to settle things.Tends to be rather sarcastic at times.Skills: Zyron is quite inventive, and able to craft things from various materials he finds.Weaknesses: can’t take the sight of blood, not really strong, sometimes paranoidHistory: He never really lived a very happy life, and even though everything was fine at his home, he left it very early and started travelling around. Sadly life has taught him that not everyone you meet is a friend, and that sometimes the enemy can be someone you would have trusted at first.Today he is still searching for something, although he has no clue what it is, which means he just keeps on wandering from place to place, keeping his eyes open.

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Name: ValukiElement: IceWeakness: Very Vulnerable to Fire attacks. Enough heat can leave him unconscious.Also finds it hard not to help a friend in battle, which can leave him open to attacksSpecies: MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodPersonalty and History: Valuki is not the most friendly of Matoran and does his best not to mix with others to avoid his weakness. If Valuki does however make a friend, they will be a friend for life. His is a very good fighter. Prefeing to use is to daggers as weapons. He sacrifices the strength of his attacks, for speed of his attacks.Hw was one of the only Matoran living in Metru Nui to not get brain washed, and still has a metruaran body.. He wishes to one day, be a high commanding officer in the Matoran army, and is a very good leader.Appearance: He is white with blue limbs. He has and blue hands and feet with a white Kanohi Ruru. He is a metru Nui Matoran




[color=#0000ff;]Name: Zieta[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Species: Toa[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Powers: Lighting(Element), Telekinesis(Mask)[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Weapon: Two Tomahawks that can be used as hatchets.[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Alignment: Good[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Personality: Strong willed and sometimes doesn't take into consideration of others weaknesses. She is a strong leader and sometimes unforgiving. She finds it hard to blame her wrong doings in a mission and will blame others even if she does not believe it. She can be kind an caring, especially to the not so experienced members of her team. She has deep hatred, yet empathy for the Makuta.[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Appearance: She is a deep blue colour with keetorange accents. She has a lighting bolt shaped scar across the left eye of her Matutu. Standard Metru Toa body with light silver amour.[/color]

[color=#0000ff;]Weakness: Unable to admit to her wrongdoings and finds it hard to connect with her team mates.[/color]


[color=#0099ff;]Name: Kitara[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Species: Toa[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Gender: Female [/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Powers: Psionics(Element), Healing (Mask)[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Alignment: Good[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Personality: She doesnt understand anything but good morals and does everything by the book. She is politely mannered but also a little quiet as well. She is very keen to increase her skills in both her element and mask power. Kitara also does not like arguing especially when it involves her. She is very much of a rookieToa and is not used to seeing death, destruction and what true evil can do.[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Appearance: She is a very, very light shade of blue, with sand blue amour and small gold accents.[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Weakness: She is very naive and sees to much good in every one.[/color]


[color=#000000;]Name: Tepi[/color]

[color=#000000;]Species: Matoran[/color]

[color=#000000;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#000000;]Powers: None[/color]

[color=#000000;]Alignment: Good[/color]

[color=#000000;]Personality: Despite a lot of Onu Matoran's tendancy to be quiet, Tevi is not like this. He is always up for an adventure and loves to be around other Matoran. While his banter may be often mistaken for harshness he is always light hearted. He sometimes has a huge temper but more so if some one hurts his friends than himself. He is very clever and is an engineer.[/color]

[color=#000000;]Appearance: He is mainly shiny black although has blue accents. Wheres a black Kanohi Kaukau. [/color]

[color=#000000;]Weakness: His loud mouth can often get him into trouble and often doesnt know when to shup up[/color]

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Weakness(es): Overloading of Mask of Sensory Aptitude, loud noisesName: AntrakhaSpecies: De-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Antrakha's right arm and left leg are entirely mechanical. He wears a modified, Avokhii-shaped Mask of Sensory Aptitude, the main modification being a gold, T-shaped visor with a built-in HUD. His armor is silver and gray, being a hybrid of Nuva- and Inika-esque components. His shoulder armor consists of three overlapping plates, known as "sode". His armor is as follows: Nuva feet and chest, and Inika legs and arms.Powers and/or weapons: Control over sound, battle-axe, hard sound rifle (fires like the DMR in Halo: Reach)Alignment: Good, but can be very dark.Personality and history: Antrakha is lighthearted, but dark. He is very protective of those weaker than him and hates injustice. He is an inventor and designed and built his hard sound rifle. He hails from the Southern Continent, originally part of a larger team. He lost his entire right arm and left leg in a Muaka attack. He designed the prosthetic limbs he has now, which were made by a skilled Ta-Matoran smith. He continued on his quest unfazed, and has now reached the island.Anything else deemed necessary: Unlike most Sonic Toa, Antrakha enjoys music.Name: MaraSpecies: Toa of ElectricityGender: FemaleAppearance: Like most beings where she is from, Mara possesses a pair of bird-like biomechanical wings. Her armor is very Inika-esque, and is blue, white, and gold. She wears a Kaukau-shaped Mask of Healing. She has a chain bracelet around her right wrist. She is shorter than most Toa, and has a yellow Heartlight and eyes.Powers and/or weapons: Scythe, wrist-mounted, elementally-charged Midak SkyblasterWeaknesses: Insects, or anything that looks like a bugAlignment: GoodPersonality and history: Mara is more of a pacifist, but when enraged, her wrath is terrible. She fights for the Matoran. She comes from a place where most lifeforms have adapted the ability to fly. She has been on the island for some time now, and is the reality behind the tales of the Jungle Angel, a being who protects Matoran travelers. She has a sharp disdain for any beings who affiliate with the Makuta.

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It should be noted that, for all characters written with a signature color, their profile will be typed in the same color as their posts.Name: VoxSpecies: De-MatoranAlignment: Villager. Generally against Makuta, but doesn't actively fight.Mask: Powerless, carved into the shape of a Great Tryna.Appearance: Standing at about average Matoran height, Vox wears gray armor with shades of black. His mask is silver-gray, with two notches near the back where he commonly attaches earmuffs.Tools: Vox commonly carries a Kohlii Stick, which he obtained from a visiting Po-Matoran. He prizes this tool highly, even polishing its shaft from time to time.Powers: Vox has no powers, though he contains a miniscule amount of elemental sonic energy.Traits: Although Vox does not have any powers, he has the enhanced hearing common to all De-Matoran. Due to this, he has been trained to habitually move quietly and stealthily. He is also fairly good at the sport of Kohlii, though he overestimates his own skill due to having no competition in the area near his home.Personality: Vox is rather enthusiastic about a number of things - a rather odd trait for a usually quiet De-Matoran. Though he tends to speak quietly, he is very curious about the world in general, having never actually left Ko-Koro. Strangely enough, he enjoys the sport of Kolhii, though he often has to wear ear protection due to his sensitive hearing.Fighting Style: Vox has little to no idea what to do in a fight. At all.Biography: Created as an average De-Matoran in the outskirts of Ko-Koro, Vox was seen as odd from the very beginning. Though the small neighborhood in which he lived was full of average De-Matoran, Vox seemed to be... not so average. He enjoyed the sport of Kolhii despite the loud noises associated with it, resorting to wearing earmuffs. He has never before left Ko-Koro.Strengths: Vox is moderately experienced in the sport of Kohlii (using staves or feet), and his sensitive hearing allows him to easily pick out unusual sounds.Weakness(es): Vox's sensitive hearing makes him highly vulnerable to sound and sonic attack. In addition to this, he tends to be slightly naive due to the fact that he rarely (if ever) leaves Ko-Koro.Status: Currently living in the Ko-Koro ouskirts.Name: VitaeAliases: "Jungle Phantom," "Vahika," "Spirit of the Swamp"Species: Toa of the GreenAlignment: Generally against Makuta, but specifically more aligned with the Matoran. Of course, almost no Matoran even know of her existence...Mask: A dented and slightly mud-spattered Kanohi Volitak, which was originally colored silver. Now, however, it is in shades and splotches of green and brown.Appearance: Standing tall and lean, but with organic tissue that appears practically made of muscle, Vitae has thin, light, armor which was once in shades of green and blue. Now, the blue has faded almost entirely, leaving her in shades of dark forest green. She carries a number of custom-fashioned daggers at her waist, some of which are dented and scarred from repeated use.Tools: A number of custom-made daggers, which Vitae has fashioned from any metallic Protodermis she could find. As such, some of these are unreliable, especially those which she has re-used frequently.Powers: As a Toa of the Green, Vitae can create, control, and destroy plant life as long as the necessary materials (as a general rule, any solid matter will do) are available.Personality: Vitae is generally quiet, and makes quite a mysterious figure to observers. She also tends to be slightly introspective. Originally, she was rather talkative and friendly, but little to no evidence of this original personality is left.Fighting Style: Vitae uses her light armor to her advantage in combat by performing acrobatic dodges and lunges. She perfers striking from ambush using her Volitak and makeshift daggers, but is fairly formidable in close combat as well.Biography: Created quite accidentally as a female Toa of the Green, Vitae was once a member of a Toa Team long gone. In the distant Southern Islands, her team protected isolated villages, battling predatory Rahi, scattered Visorak scouts, and the occasional attacking force from other parts of the universe. They lived this way for the majority of 50,000 years, gaining experience and wisdom along the way.However, nearly 50,000 years after the team was formed... the Great Cataclysm shook the universe. Mighty earthquakes sent seventy-five-bio-high waves crashing into the southern islands, wiping out seaside towns and obilerating entire islands. During this period, one of Vitae's companions died, a brave Toa of Iron who used the last of his Elemental Energy to stop a falling building long enough for the rest of the team to evacuate. All that was left intact was a broken piece of his Kanohi, a gunmetal gray Pakari.The loss hit the entire team hard, but they struggled onward. Aftershocks from the cataclysm still threatened Matoran villages, so the team mobilized to protect the region. This, unfortunately, required splitting up and traveling to multiple islands - during this period, the team lost five members to an unusually large bioquake. Over the next thousand years, the remainder of the team tried to fulfill their old role in a changed universe.Down to only four members - a Toa of Water, a Toa of Fire, a Toa of Earth, and Vitae herself - the team finally decided that they were ineffective in such a wide area as the Southern Islands, and so began to travel northward, purchasing a small boat and hiring a skeleton crew of Matoran. Their passage was fairly uneventful, and they passed by the two great continents without much interference. However, when they reached Metru Nui - the City of Legends, formerly home to one of the greatest Toa teams - the city was in shambles. The team saw many signs of life - but all of them were merely Rahi. Not a single Matoran or Toa could be found in the entire city. Eventually, Vitae's Toa of Earth companion located a gap in Metru Nui's Great Barrier, leading to a just slightly upwards-angled waterway.The Matoran crew struggled to send the craft up the waterway, but things went wrong almost immediately. Upon entering the left fork of a splitting tunnel, the entire craft was suddenly beseiged by searing heat. The team's only remaining Toa of Fire managed to absorb the heat into himself in an attempt the boat to pass, but the boat encountered a massive Rahi which nearly swamped it. Only a quick release of the absorbed energy saved the craft from destruction, but the effort involved in channeling the extreme amount of energy killed the Toa of Fire.Reduced to a mere three Toa, the team struggled onwards. The winding tunnels became slightly steeper as they progressed, and the Toa of Water had to use her power more and more to help the Matoran crew resist strong currents. Eventually, the team encountered a massive tentacled Rahi near the end of the passage, which grabbed the Toa of Water from the boat and killed her. The two remaining Toa struck in unison with their Elemental Powers, causing bonds of stone and seaweed to bind the squid-like creature long enough to escape. However, the damage had been done: the Toa team was down to two members, and the boat was badly damaged.The crew and their craft managed to survive to the voyage's end, coming out of a half-submerged seaside cave. However, the Great Temple squid had broken free of its bonds some time before, and now attempted to stop them from escaping the passage. However, the combined efforts of Vitae and her last remaining team member caused the passage to collapse on the creature, killing it and sealing off the way they had come.Before long, the boat was beached on the Mata Nui shoreline. The last of the remaining crew, along with Vitae and the Toa of Earth, ventured along the beach, where they soon found Ga-Koro.Though the crew remained there, Vitae and her Toa of Earth companion eventually grew restless. They longed to return to the life they had led nearly two thousand years before, and so ventured into the Le-Koro jungle.After the death of her companion while defending Matoran from a swarm of Nui-Rama, which occurred a few decades later, Vitae became a solitary dweller in the jungle, occcasionally venturing out to protect innocent Matoran or others. Due to this, she earned the nicknames "Jungle Phantom" and "Vahika" (or "Spirit of the Swamp" in English). She remains a minor figure in Le-Koro legend.Strengths: Vitae is extremely agile, able to easily execute acrobatic leaps and lunges which would leave most Toa in awe. Her improvised throwing daggers fit well into this fighting style, allowing her to fling one from a distance or lunge in with a thrust.Weakness(es): Due to her elemental affliation, Vitae is vulnerable to extremely high or low amounts of heat. She can stand more humid climates, but hot, dry areas often leave her weaker than usual, and icy climates tend to slow her substantially. In addition to this, Vitae's daggers are sometimes unreliable in close combat, and her already thin armor has been weakened by living in the jungle.Status: Currently escaping Pala-Koro after being injured in combat.Name: IgnisSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment: Matoran-aligned.Mask: A Pakari in the shape of a red Miru.Appearance: Fairly tall but strongly built, Ignis has an orange-and-red Toa Inika build similar to that of Nuparu. His massive silver-and-red hammer is commonly held in one hand, a feat made even easier by his Pakari. His streamlined red Kanohi, shaped like a Great Miru, contrasts his bright green eyes.Musculature-wise, he is fairly strong, but average in appearance.Tools: A massive silver-and-red warhammer with a black shaft, in a simple, blocky design. The hammer is extremely heavy, but (especially combined with his Pakari) Ignis can lift it and swing it with ease.Powers: As a Toa of Fire, Ignis can create, control, and absorb fire. His Pakari also grans him incredible strength, easily equal to that of a strong Skakdi.Personality: Ignis is generally fairly laid-back, or, as he sometimes puts it, "chill." He has an affinity for anything he sees as "awesome," often going out of his way to commend the perpetrator of such feats. He also has a bit of "chivalry" as a result of this - his respect for all things "awesome" often compels him to let things his foes are doing come to fruition if they will produce an "awesome" result. He also has an affinity to music, taking to rap both in his free time and during battle.He often speaks in a slightly poetic fashion, which is a result of his musical tendancies. It's hardly noticeable, though others have picked up on rhymes and the like in the past. He will almost never lose his cool in a fight, unlike many other Toa of Fire.Fighting Style: Ignis tends to fight in a wild and uncontrolled style, putting his creativity to use. He often interposes raps into battle as well, mixing his music into his job. His Pakari aids him in swinging his hammer in a quick, strong fashion, which he uses to often deadly effect in combat.Biography: Ignis was created as a Toa of Fire after the Great Cataclysm, and washed up on the Le-Wahi beach not long afterwards. When he was found by rescuers from the village, he went with them to Le-Wahi. There, he discovered his love of music, and over time cultivated it and became a minor musician in the Le-Koro area. Eventually, Ignis traveled to Ta-Koro due to his Elemental affliation, curious to see the great Mangai volcano, and took up lava surfing.Strengths: Ignis's Pakari provides him with literal strength in combat, far exceeding that of almost any other Toa. Beyond this, his creative uses of Fire Control often surprise foes, and he is often difficult to manipulate using traditional means as he almost never loses his cool.Weakness(es): Ignis can actually be manipulated through his love of all things "awesome." This often motivates him to let vital or decisive attacks charge until they can work properly, giving foes with stronger, laggier attacks an advantage.Status: Currently in Ta-Koro.Name: AlsiusSpecies: Ko-MatoranAlignment: Against MakutaMask: Alsius wears a powerless, gray-colored Kanohi Hau.Appearance: A fairly strong, Rebuilt Matoran. Alsius's armor is in shades of white, blue, and gray.Tools: Alsius commonly uses a spear, but has used other tools (such as a single-edged sword and a shield) in the past.Powers: As a Matoran of Ice, Alsius has a high resistance to cold, to the point that even the icy climate of Ko-Koro does not bother him. He also has other powers common to all Matoran, such as forming Matoran Kaita and Matoran Nui.Personality: Alsius is driven by a desire to, in essence, achieve something. This has produced in him the stereotype of a Ko-Matoran personality: cold and uninviting. However, at heart, he still feels that he can't accomplish anything a mere Matoran, and secretly wishes to become a Toa.Fighting Style: Alsius is not particularly skilled in combat, at least not compared to most Toa, but tends to fight fairly aggressively, driving his opponent back with wide, sweeping blows and the occasional thrust.Biography: Alsius once lived in the city of Metru Nui, before the Great Cataclysm - there, he ran errands for seers in Knowledge Towers, always wishing to become one of them. However, he was sealed into a Matoran Sphere and lost all memory of his previous life. When he awoke, he helped to build Ko-Koro, and remained there for most of the next milennium. Over time, he joined the Guard in an attempt to satiate his desire for accomplishment.Strengths: Alsius has a natural resistance to extreme cold. Time in the Guard has honed his agility and strength as well.Weakness(es): Alsius is naturally weak to extreme heat, and his fighting style can leave him open to quick enough opponents.Status: Currently en route to Le-Koro.Name: DracoSpecies: Toa of LightningAlignment: Himself, and no one but.Mask: A white Sanok carved in the shape of a Matatu, complete with a telescopic and heat sensing eyepiece.Appearance: Draco stands about average Toa height. He's fairly average in size as well, featuring a thin, Inika-esque armor build in shades of blue and white. His right arm is almost entirely silver as a result of being rebuilt piece by piece over time.Tools: Draco carries no Toa Tool, although his entirely metallic right arm can serve as an improvised focus for his electrical attacks.Powers: As a Toa of Lightning, Draco can create, control, and absorb electricity and electromagnetic energy. He also has a limited and indirect control of Magnetism as a result of his power. Draco has put most of his time training this power into technical uses, such as ionic breezes or manipulating magnetism. As a result, he has a highly versitale ability set in general.Personality: Put simply: Draco has an ego the size of Mata Nui. He's generally overconfident - though not entirely without reason - and feels that he's simply superior to every other Toa, Matoran, and Turaga on the island.Fighting Style: Draco uses his entirely metal right arm to his advantage, boosting its strength with temporary electric impulses and using it as a focus and magnifier for his electrical attacks. He commonly uses his mastery of technical Lightning tricks to his advantage, creating ionic breezes to lengthen his leaps or using the sub-power of Electromagnetism to pull himself to a target. He's also a bit of a ranged fighter, tending to stay away from close-quarters combat - though several techniques in his bag of tricks are most effective at close range.Biography: Originally a prideful Matoran of Lightning, Draco lived as a trader while nursing dreams and delusions of Toa-hood. Transported to the island of Mata Nui by the Toa Metru, and wiped of his memories in the process, he awoke in a Matoran Sphere, clutching his last trade before he had been sealed into a Matoran Sphere: a Toa Stone.On the island of Mata Nui, Draco lived as a trader and nomad for the next thousand years, forced to disguise his armor color using various methods to fit into other villages. Approximately a thousand years after the Great Cataclysm, he was finally cast out of Onu-Koro afterStrengths: Draco's general mastery of his element gives him access to all manner of technical tricks, ranging from boosting his reflexes with electricity to making incredibly long-distance jumps and even levitating short distances with ionic breezes. His entirely metal right arm is also fairly resistant to attack, and can be used as a focus for creating and absorbing electricity.Weakness(es): Although strong and agile, Draco recieved little training in fighting, particularly close-combat. He partially makes up for this with improvisational (and occasionally dirty) techniques, though his lack of a proper close-combat weapon still keeps him at a disadvantage in melee combat. He's also comparatively easy to bait or manipulate, especially in the presence of witnesses, due to his mammoth ego.Status: Currently in Le-Wahi, searching for the "Pala-Koro battle" he's recently heard of. Unfortunately, he's unaware the battle's over...Name: DeteroSpecies: VortixxAlignment:Position: Detero is the Sensor Officer of the Jhianil.Appearance: Standing at a height fairly average for a Vortixx (albeit a bit smaller), Detero has fairly heavy armor in dull shades of silver and gold. He carries a long, elegant blade in one hand.Tools: Detero has a long, thin sword he uses in combat, and to great effect. He also has two shorter blades he wears strapped to his back.Equipment: Detero contributed to the creation of the Jhianil's sensor arrays. He mans these arrays as the Chief Sensor Officer. Detero also has a small headpiece (consisting of a visor and earpiece) which patches into the sensor arrays, allowing him to personally check sensor readings if needed. The sensors themselves have visual sensors with zoom functions, sonar and radar capabilities (created from Disks of Sonar and Radar, respectively), and a sensor which, like a rare species of Rahi, can detect the use of Kanohi in the vicinity. There is also a prototype sensor based off a Disk of Energy Tracking, which can track the energy signature of a being if it can lock on to them first. However, this sensor is still new and somewhat unreliable.Personality: Detero is relatively quiet compared to some other Vortixx. He thinks tactically, but keeps his thoughts to himself. His eventual goal is to maneuver himself into as high a position as possible.Fighting Style: Detero prefers not to engage in personal combat. However, when he does, he tends to analyze his foes before acting and defeat them with minimal effort.Biography: Originally from the island of Xia, Detero prefers to keep most of his past secret. However, it's obvious that being a male Vortixx, even one among the upper classes, has made him into a cruel manipulator to avoid becoming a mere slave in the factories.Strengths: Detero is extremely skilled in strategy and tactics. He is also rather good at analyzing opponents if he has sufficient time to do so.Weakness(es): Detero is not particularly talented at personal combat, and as such has no technology designed for it. As a result, he is at a natural disadvantage in any combat "on the ground."Status: Currently in Onu-Wahi, specifically with the Airship Jhianil.[color=#40E0D0;]Name: GlacioSpecies: Toa of IceAlignment: None at the momentMask: A Kanohi of currently unknown power, carved into the shape of a Noble Akaku.Appearance: Glacio stands at a fairly average height for a Toa, only around one Bio. His innermost layer of armor is an unusual shade of electric blue, and constantly emits a faint glow. His outer armor is colored white. His armor has a most unusual build, for currently unknown reasons.Tools: Glacio has no tools or weapons whatsoever.Powers: As a Toa of Ice, Glacio has the ability to create, control, and absorb ice, as well as manipulate cold directly without ice. However, he has literally no training in using his powers, and can make almost no use of them at the present time.Personality: On the whole, Glacio is a very soft-spoken and underconfident Toa. He often underestimates his own abilities and talents as a Toa, which only contributes to his underbearing air and makes it easier for him to be dominated by others.Fighting Style: Glacio has no combat training whatsoever. The best he could attempt on his own would be amateurish punches.Biography: The first thing Glacio remembers at present is awakening on a Ga-Koro beach. Half-forgotten fragments of dreams and memories plague him, but he cannot make much sense of any of them.Strengths: Glacio is very clever and analytical, and is especially good at analyzing others. Time spent as an errand-runner has made him good at blending into crowds all across Mata Nui, as well as moving quickly over both long and short distances. In addition, he is apparently used enough to high temperatures to be able to tolerate them better than most Toa of Ice - though this does not quite overcome his natural weakness to heat, it nonetheless provides a bit more resistance than that of many more skilled Toa.Weakness(es): In addition to being unused to his Toa form, Glacio has little to no combat prowess whatsoever.Status: Currently on a beach near Ga-Koro.[/color]

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NAME: KorickSPECIES: ToaGENDER: MaleELEMENT: IceALLIGNMENT: Good/Neutral (will help those in need when necessary)KANOHI: PakariWEAPONS / APPEARANCE: Carries a spear made of Protosteal. Has a war axe attached to his waist. His armor is mainly a dark grey with white detail. He has a regged cloak underneath it and carriers a sack of heatstones attached to his waist. His armor is a much more advanced version of the armor he wore while in the Ko-Koro guard. It has shoulder plates and a somewhat bulky chestpiece. Both his leg armor and shoulder/arm armor pieces are less bulky thanhis chest piece. the entire armor set is designed to maximize silence.PERSONALITY / HISTORY: Korick was a Lieutenant in the Ko-Koro before he and his sub-officer got lost in a blizzard.they yook refuge in a n ice cave where they were both transformed into toa by some toa stones they mistook for heatstones (they were half-dead when they found the stones). Korick has a kind personality and helps anyone in need as much as he can. He travels the island with his former underling and assists the koro and turaga whenever he can.
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Name: VortrenSpecies: Glatorian (For review: Weaker than toa, I think)Gender: MalePower/weapons: He has no special powers, besides being a great driver and eventual pilot. He uses his Thornax.Alignment: Neutral, highest bidderPersonality: Very calm and collected, patient. He can get demanding and menacing when payment comes due, but he is always willing to make a bargain. He makes no long term alliances with any group, having been screwed over far too many times in the past when dealing with every tribe on Bara Magna. As a person, he takes honor and responsibility very highly, even if he feels his responsibility can change as the payments get higher. As he travels, he likes to pick up the stories and myths of any people willing to tell them to him.Weakness: He is very quick to make a deal with someone he is fighting (IE, if the fought offers more money than he'd make killing them, he takes it). If any blow strikes his spike, he is devastated with pain and almost always falls prone.A tall, black and red clad figure, his mask contorted into a grisly, screaming face, much of that of Antroz. Having horrible posture, her slumps forward, his head far forward from his shoulders, such as a turtle-necked human. Nowhere on his body is bulky, aside from his lower legs, where cloth leggings move out into large bell bottoms, and his left wrist, the holding a Thornax launcher from under a protective gauntlet. On the center of his torso, on his back, a foot long spike protrudes from his spine. It is a highly sensitive organ that is uncomfortable when squeezed hard.
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Name: Teriah (Tare-ee-ah)Species: ToaAlignment: Neutral GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Teriah is short for a Toa, not standing much taller than a Turaga, although his muscular build is a giveaway as to his strength. He wears black armor, with red accents shining through in the seams and in jagged patterns on his shoulders and chest. His eyes glow a fierce ruby, and seem to take in the world with a hunger for knowledge. His hands are strongly clawed, and scratches and scars cover the metal. His wide chest is similarly battered, as is most of his armor. He wears a rough-woven cape draped over his right shoulder and back, which echoes the red patterns on his shoulders in it's trim.Weapon(s): Twin fire swords with black bases, and ruby-red flames. Similar to Tahu's original sword.Mask: Kanohi Matatu (telekinesis)Element: FireTraits: Teriah is calm and collected, and slow to anger. He is not easily frustrated, and often likes to play riddle or puzzle games that some would simply walk away from. He has remarkable strength, and often uses it to aid others when they have need of it. He is often soft-spoken, but enjoys the company of Matoran and Turaga, and can usually be found at any nearby community event such as a Kolhii game or even just a gathering at the local hangout. Or fi there's work to be done, he will pitch in wholeheartedly with his Kanohi Matatu and his strength. For all his good humor though, he sometimes is angered, and will rise to any challenge to protect his friends. His fiery elemental powers blaze incredibly hot, matched by a berserker's rage as he unleashes all the mindless fury that lurks deep within him.Biography: Teriah's memories from before his landing are scrambled and hazy. He cannot remember much, except the friendship of Matoran, and the feel of camaraderie after a job finished. He also knows that there were many puzzles where he lived, and can even re-create his favorite ones, as their memories are clear. Other than that, he doesn't know much, except that he is a Toa, and Toa are meant to help and protect Matoran.Weakness(es): Cannot use his elemental power at will, except when angered. Cold limits the use of his power, forcing him to work harder to create hot fires. Will do anything to protect those he considers his friends, even if it means walking to his own death. Cannot resist the chance to solve a puzzle, no matter how hard, although he will walk away from a puzzle that he finds impossible. He will make sure of that fact though, before giving up.
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[color=#808080;]Name: FerronGender: Male[/color][color=#808080;]Species: Toa[/color][color=#808080;]Alignment: Good (He'll always help those in need.)Colors: Orange, black, some silver.Element: IronAppearance: Ferron sports a tall and rather massive figure, one that bears signs of countless battles, with scratches on his armor, as well as a robotic left leg and right hand, results of a horrific battle with an infected Nui-Kopen swarm when he was younger.[/color][color=#808080;]Biography: Ferron was once a Fe-Matoran engineer, and the go-to guy for repairs in his village, known as the one who "if he can't fix it, it's not broke". After fixing a visiting Toa's equipment, Ferron was offered a Toa stone by the Toa of Ice, and decided he could do more as a Toa than as a mechanic in a backwater village. He eventually joined up with a group of other Toa, who sought to defend citizens against the island's dangers, particularily the elusive threat known only as "the Makuta". After several adventures together, Ferron's world came crashing down on him when his teammates were killed in the same Rahi attack he was injured in. Ferron was left to wander aimlessly, without a purpose or goal in life.[/color][color=#808080;]Ferron used to be kind and curious, but his near-death experience under the Rahi attack was a wake-up call. He adopted a more serious streak, and became more distant. He also developed a resentment towards cowards, as it was an act of cowardive on one of his fellow Toa's part that led to their deaths.[/color][color=#808080;]However, he is kind at heart, and will always help those in need.[/color][color=#808080;]Tools: A protosteel shield. Also any metallic protodermis weapon he can create, personally he prefers blunt weapons like clubs, hammers, maces etc...Kanohi: Pakari, great mask of StrengthAbilities: Experienced fighter, shrewd inventor.Weaknesses: As a Toa with years of experience, Ferron can handle himself well enough, but he's starting to get juuust a little old. Also, if you electrocute him in his mechanical body parts, the shock will be stronger.[/color][color=#808080;]He's also not very fast or agile. [/color][color=#808080;]Ferron is a Toa with a sense of loss, having lost his friends, he lacks a real motivation to fuel his actions.[/color][color=#808080;]Status: Alive[/color][color=#808080;]Location: Po-Wahi[/color]Name: WhorokSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodColors: Black, grayElement: EarthAppearance: A hunchback with spiked shoulder armor, a rough and tightly-packed body frame and big feet.Biography: Whorok was once a mining captain in Onu-Koro, and fully dedicated to his work and to the welfare of the men under his command, guiding his crew through perilous situations and dangers that would have broken a lesser Matoran. During the flooding of the great mine, Whorok put his life on the line to save as many others as possible. Recieving aid from a group of Toa who were there at the time, among them a young Toa of iron named Ferron.Whorok and Ferron's last foray into the flooding caves led to a dying Toa, who gave Whorok a Toa stone, turning him into a Toa of Earth.Whorok dedicated himself to the service of his Koro, employed as a guard for miners, saving them from cave-ins and fighting off underground Rahi.Whorok possesses a strong sense of duty to Onu-Koro and its people, and will do anything to help his city in these troubled times.Whorok is a capable leader and miner, skills gained through experience. Whorok has never been outside his underground home, nor does he wish to, not knowing anything beyond his life as a miner.Whorok harbors a slight distaste towards people from the other Wahis; the so-called "surface dwellers", and has no qualms telling them off or accusing them if they're even only slight suspect.Tools: Two-pronged digging claw and flail/chain maceKanohi: Ruru, mask of night visonAbilities: Experienced leader and miner.Weaknesses: His distrust towards surface dwellers, his eyes' sensitivity to light, his lack of speed and agility, his inexperience with anything alien to Onu-WahiStatus: AliveLocation: Onu-Wahi[color=#8b4513;]Name: "Avalanche"[/color][color=#8b4513;]Species: Toa[/color][color=#8b4513;]Gender: Male[/color][color=#8b4513;]Alignment: Neutral (he works only for himself)[/color][color=#8b4513;]Color(s): Dull gold, brown, black[/color][color=#8b4513;]Element: Stone[/color][color=#8b4513;]Appearence: Avalanche is of average height, both physically tough and slim, with armor that bears signs of wear, with small scratches here and there.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Biography: Very little is known about Avalanche, including his name, as he personally only responds to "Avalanche". He appeared in Po-Koro a while ago, hiring himself out as a mercenary to anyone who would provide sufficient pay. Avalanche has no true base of operations, as he will relocate when necessary. Avalanche recently joined a mercennary group called the "Niazesk" who hunt down criminals wanted by the matoran guards.[/color][color=#8B4513;]Avalanche has a down-to-earth and practical approach to life. In his book, what works is what counts. He has little patience for the overzealous followers of Mata Nui and Makuta respectively, and percieves either as religious nuts that the island would be better off without.[/color][color=#8b4513;]He is determined and will do anything for the right price and whatever it takes to get the job done.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Kanohi: Kualsi, mask of quick travel[/color][color=#8b4513;]Tools: A bo staff and a shield, along with a knife that he can mount on either end of the staff, letting it serve as a spear.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Abilities: Skilled fighter and escape artist, well-versed "people" person and strong-willed. Physically stronger than most Toa. Surprisingly agile for a Toa of stone.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Weaknesses: Refusal to trust anyone completely, lack of belief in the Great Spirit and Makuta, subsequent disregard for the three virtues.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Status: Alive[/color][color=#8b4513;]Location: Ta-Wahi[/color][color=#008000;]Name: Butra[/color][color=#008000;]Gender: Male[/color][color=#008000;]Species: Toa[/color][color=#008000;]Alignment: Lawful Neutral[/color][color=#008000;]Colors: Green, black, silver[/color][color=#008000;]Element: Plantlife[/color][color=#008000;]Appearance: Butra is tall and lean, with an athletic build and well maintained armor with some naturalistic motives.[/color][color=#008000;]Biography: Butra has always been alone, living on his own on a small farm in Le-Wahi, the surplus of which he would sell for other goods when [/color][color=#008000;]a trade caravan passed by.[/color][color=#008000;]One day, he found a wounded Toa on the side of the road, and the good-natured gardener helped the Toa of Gravity back to his humble residence, and helped her recover.[/color][color=#008000;]By pure accident, Butra came into contact with a Toa Stone his guest was carrying in her luggage[/color][color=#008000;]The Toa reasoned that somehow, this was the Great Spirit’s “will”, which Butra accepted, and decided to embark on his own quest of discovery, after the Toa of Gravity had given Butra some training in the basics of being a Toa.[/color][color=#008000;]Butra is currently travelling alone, helping wherever he can.[/color][color=#008000;]Like a true Toa of Plantlife, Butra is gentle and kind, and well-versed in the way of plants. He is always up for learning about new plants he can utilize.[/color][color=#008000;]He is very noble and will help anyone who needs it, he is respectful to the authorities and will only cross them when their course of action directly violates his beliefs. Butra is willing to assume the best about everyone and hates arguing, though he will never hesitate to strike out against those who “hurt the innocent”. He is also awfully polite.[/color][color=#008000;]Tool(s): Anything he can grow. Commonly carries a wooden staff around.[/color][color=#008000;]Kanohi: Akaku, Great Mask of X-Ray Vision (silver)[/color][color=#008000;]Skills: Butra is exceptionally fast and agile, and uses tools and weapons made out of his own element, preferably using Oak for combat purposes. He often grows flora on his body and uses himself as a weapon, such as growing thorns on his knuckles to amplify his punches.[/color][color=#008000;]Weaknesses: Butra is not outrageously strong or tough, and can be overpowered by Pakari wielders, certain Skakdi, and any Toa of Stone or Iron. He can be fooled by excessive sob stories and will take people on their word a little too often, although he can use his mask to tell whether they are lying or not. In combat he takes no such risks.[/color][color=#008000;]Location: Ta-Wahi[/color][color=#008000;]Status: Alive[/color] 


[color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Name: Baranx[/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/color][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Species: Matoran[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Alignment: Lawful Good[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Colors: Tan brown, black[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Element: Stone (Innate)[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Baranx is of average height (for a Matoran) with a limber and slender build that betrays the nature of his physique, as he possesses both outstanding speed and strength. He has black feet and legs and a tan brown torso, arms and hands.[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Biography: Baranx is a former Po-Koro guard scout, meaning his job consisted of scouring the deserts of Po-Wahi on Dikapi-back, and engage minor threats with long-range weaponry such as slings, bows and arrows etc. He personally prefers the latter. He's recently left the guard for yet to be revealed reasons[/font][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Baranx is almost like two different people [/color][/font][color=#8B4513;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]depending on the situation. When the situation is serious, he becomes serious. Baranx is patient and methodical, and without contempt for the island’s criminals and the FoM.[/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Outside of danger Baranx is much more pleasant. He makes jokes, smiles and is generally kind to others. Business is business and free time is free time.[/color][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Tools: Bow and arrows, knife, and now also a pair of metal knuckles.[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Kanohi: Noble Huna (black)[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Abilities: Baranx is an excellent shot, and can hit a moving target from a distance of 30 Bios. He is fast and can run in circles around bigger opponents. In close-range combat he relies on his natural strength, which is to say his fists, but he has a long dagger he uses when needed. When all is said and done though, he prefers to shoot people rather than punch them, so to speak.[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: While Baranx is exceptional with his bow, he is only “good” at close-range. Also he’s not the best at thinking on his feet.[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Status: Alive[/font][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Location: Ta-Wahi[/font][/font]

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Name: Veros “The Dishonored Hero”Species: ToaGender: MaleMask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick TravelElement: PlasmaAlignment: Chaotic Neutral (backstory), Lawful Neutral (current)Appearance:Veros is fairly tall, with a reddish brown body (Toa Metru-esque), black shoulders, feet, hands, with a white (with black trim, red interior) hooded poncho. He wears several bandoleers of knives under his poncho, along with a sheath for the machete on his hip. More knives are hidden on the inside of his poncho. He keeps his long knife on a sheath on his chest. His Kanohi Kualsi is a standard Kualsi, modified with three ridges at the top and is the same color as his body (reddish brown)Weapons:Long knife (longer and heavier than his throwing knives, used for stealth attacks)Throwing knivesMachete (can be attached to either end of the quarterstaff)Metal quarterstaffSkills/Powers:Veros is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, but prefers stealth tactics, especially making use of his Kanohi Kualsi to sneak around a battlefield and take down unsuspecting targets from behind with his long knife or machete. He alternates between using his machete and staff, and if necessary, can combine the two into a spear. He’s very pragmatic in his fights, and is willing to fight dirty if necessary, and make a tactical retreat if he’s losing. While he does make use of his plasma elemental power, he prefers to use it to enhance his weaponry rather than using it for blasts or the like.Weaknesses:Veros is not very physically strong. If anything, he’s average. If he fought someone stronger than him in a direct confrontation, he would lose very quickly, even though he’s a capable hand-to-hand fighter. And while he has a high constitution, he wears himself down quickly with his speedster fighting style and use of the Kualsi, not to mention using his elemental powers to enhance his weapons for long periods of time.Personality:As a Matoran (and early in his career as a Toa), Veros was snarky, playful, and overconfident to a fault, though he could back it up with his skill. During his time as a mercenary, he was jaded and cold, with a fairly black and mean-spirited sense of humor. After his near-death, Veros became much quieter and more somber in tone. While he’d still whip out a snappy remark, he’s is much less likely to do so and prefers to keep things quieter. He does have a sense of humor, and when there are quiet moments, he will try to make some jokes to ease tension. During more tense moments, he becomes deathly serious.History:Before he became a Toa, Veros was excitable and had a huge interest in the Toa. He wanted to become one, like his hero, Tahu. After the Toa never returned, his dream came true and he became a Toa. However, he was greatly unprepared for a Toa’s duties, and with his hero never returning, Veros left on a journey to discover himself. The journey was long and hard, and the cheerful Matoran of the past became jaded and cold, though keeping a (somewhat black) sense of humor. He became a mercenary, and while he tried his best, he eventually abandoned the Toa Code, finding that its old teachings would not work in a harsh world. He developed a rather unpleasant reputation of being a brutal mercenary without any scruples, and was feared and distrusted wherever he went, earning the nickname of “The Dishonored Hero”. While Veros was perfectly fine taking assassinations and other forms of killing, he kept some scruples and wouldn’t do jobs that were completely evil (for example, razing an entire village). In fact, if he were asked to do such a job, he’d be more likely to kill that possible employer and steal their money.As time passed, he grew fed up with the world abandoning him and decided to end his life. Before he entered the wilderness to find a rahi, Toa Tahu appeared to him in a hallucination. The hallucination voiced its disappointment with Veros, saying that Mata Nui would be better off if he died. Veros went into the wilderness and got his wish when he found a Muaka. He attacked the creature, and eventually was severely wounded. Near death, he collapsed and assumed the muaka would finish him off, until an unknown Toa rescued him. The Toa stabilized Veros’s wounds and brought him back to Ta-Koro, before disappearing into the night. When Veros awoke, he found himself home again, and realized that he was still alive. After some time recuperating and rediscovering the Toa Code that he had once abandoned, Veros left Ta-Koro once more, to wander the land and help wherever he could, and hopefully atone for his crimes and erase the stigma against him, and maybe find the Toa who had rescued him. He did not have much to go on, but he agreed that this journey would be one of enlightenment and atonement, and to distance himself from his past. Finding his savior would be just part of the deal.



[color=#770404;]Name: Crimeia[/color]


[color=#770404;]Species: Toa[/color]


[color=#770404;]Gender: Female[/color]


[color=#770404;]Mask: Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth[/color]


[color=#770404;]Element: Fire[/color]


[color=#770404;]Alignment: Neutral Good[/color]


[color=#770404;]Appearance: [/color]


[color=#770404;]Crimeia is tall, with a Toa Metru-style body. Her body is a dark scarlet, with a mix of gold accents on her hands, shoulders, and feet. Her mask is round with a crest in the middle on the top. Her mouth is white, and the rest of the mask is the same dark scarlet as her body, with gold accents highlighting the armored-like design. Her eyes are a striking green. She wears a brown cloak that is short in the front, giving her arms room to move, but long in the back, giving it a cape-like appearance. The cape is split into two halves, which are tattered and when blown in the wind give the appearance of wings. She wears her longsword in a scabbard on the right side of her hip. A quiver of arrows is attached to the back of her hip, and on the left side of her hip is a holster for her hand crossbow. A second quiver is slung over her back, held up by a bandoleer of crossbow bolts. One of her knives is strapped to her left leg, and the other is sheathed next to her crossbow.[/color]



[color=#770404;]           [/color]

[color=#770404;]            Protosteel longsword[/color]

[color=#770404;]            Longbow w/arrows[/color]

[color=#770404;]            Hand crossbow w/bolts[/color]

[color=#770404;]            Long knives x2[/color]

[color=#770404;]           [/color]


[color=#770404;]           [/color]

[color=#770404;]Crimeia is a fairly strong hand-to-hand fighter, able to go toe-to-toe with foes larger and heavier than she is, and while she is capable, this is not her forte. She prefers to keep her foes at range, making use of her Volitak and cloak to hide and snipe from a distance. She views fights as hunts, and being an expert tracker, can track targets for days while staying hidden herself. If forced into a direct confrontation, she’ll make use of her longsword and knives, and if the opportunity presents itself, her hand crossbow. She prefers to use her element to enhance her longsword and on occasion arrows, and the occasional use of fire for a burst of speed or to launch herself into the air, or cause a distraction.[/color]



[color=#770404;]           [/color]

[color=#770404;]Crimeia can keep up a barrage of high-speed attacks to keep fights in her favor, but is relatively fragile. A few good hits and she’ll be severely weakened. While she can track/hunt her targets for days at a time, this does take a toll on her fighting skill. It’s why she prefers long range attacks to short range strikes. Her Volitak and stealth skills aren’t perfect either, so an acute opponent can track her easily if she’s not careful.[/color]




[color=#770404;]To use a terrible pun, Crimeia has a “fiery” personality. She’s energetic, fun-loving, and snarky. She loves to get into the action and have fun while doing it. However, this fun-loving appearance is a façade constructed to hide her inner doubt. She never expected to be a Toa, and the responsibility frightens her, especially living up to the standards of the Toa Mata, especially when some of her more insensitive friends compared her to Tahu. She has to protect the island she loves, and while she goes at it with gusto, she always doubts herself. She also finds it difficult to talk about certain issues with her friends, and when she goes introverted, she’ll use her mask to escape and hide.[/color]




[color=#770404;]As a Matoran, Crimeia was fun-loving and excitable. She was the one always leading the way to ridiculous stunts, something she picked up from her friend Veros. A champion lava surfer and kolhii player, she was always trying new things and having fun while doing it. She had lots of friends, including Veros, whom she had a bit of a relationship with. The relationship was rather awkward between the two, and they mutually agreed to be just friends, though Crimeia always noticed something more in Veros’s awkward proposals. She had some feelings too, but never really let more of it on.[/color]


[color=#770404;]After Veros became a Toa and left, she was depressed for some time, but eventually lightened up and returned to her fun-loving antics. A few years passed, and she was given the chance to become a Toa. She took that chance immediately, but didn’t expect the level of responsibility. Some of her friends constantly compared her to Toa Tahu, as she was also a Toa of Fire. Crimeia decided to leave Ta-Koro to go around the island, refining her hunting skills and helping anyone she met, but mainly to avoid the comparisons, as it sowed seeds of doubt in her mind. She heard rumors of a Toa of Plasma mercenary that was roaming the island, doing all manner of cruel things. She never thought much of it, until she learned that it was Veros. She was worried for her friend, and would try to find him if she ever got the chance. For now, she’s focused on her own journey as a Toa, helping anyone who she can, to the best of her abilities, even with that remaining doubt still in her heart.  [/color]


[color=#006400;]Name: Lenzo Vakern[/color]


[color=#006400;]Species: Toa[/color]


[color=#006400;]Gender: Male[/color]


[color=#006400;]Mask: Kanohi Calix, Mask of Fate[/color]


[color=#006400;]Element: Air[/color]


[color=#006400;]Alignment: Lawful Good[/color]




[color=#006400;]Tall and thin, with a dark green body, with light green hands, feet, shoulders, and knees, along with lighter green accents across the body. Wears a green tunic and a cloak in a variety of greens that give the cloak the appearance of leaves. Wears a wide-brimmed conical hat. His Calix is shaped with two large swooping curved halves, almost like giant eyes, but not actually his eyes.in between the two halves is the jaw area, which is also curved and beaklike. The sides of his mask are three curved ridges that follow the eye plates in design, giving his mask an almost flame-like look. His mask is the same dark green as his body, with striking green amber eyes.[/color]



[color=#006400;]           [/color]

[color=#006400;]Protosteel katana – “Fenrir”[/color]




[color=#006400;]Lenzo is a master of his element, often combining his air powers with his cloak to glide through the forest at high speed. He’s a practitioner of iaido, the art of quick sheathing and unsheathing of his katana, which gives him incredibly fast and devastating attacks. His outfit also gives him effective camouflage in forested environments, and with that he can hide and counter at will.[/color]

[color=#006400;]           [/color]


[color=#006400;]           [/color]

[color=#006400;]Lenzo is a pacifist. He prefers to talk down his opponents if he can, and would rather not fight. He can easily be caught by surprise. He is very fragile, even with a Calix. A few solid hits and he’ll be down. In addition, he only carries his katana, Fenrir, and eschews any type of ranged weaponry, even with air-based attacks ranged attacks. And while his outfit can be effective camouflage in forested areas, it’s practically useless anywhere else.[/color]




[color=#006400;]Lenzo is soft-spoken and friendly. He is certainly quick-witted, but prefers to remain quiet and observe, only interject when necessary. He is humble, selfless, and kind.[/color]



[color=#006400;]           [/color]

[color=#006400;]Lenzo never really knew where to go in his life. He was always a wanderer, going around the island without a care or want. He didn’t really know what to do. He managed to scrape by for a long time, even without much money. He did odd jobs and learned about the world. It was a simple life. A good life. He chose to become a Toa to help people, always thinking of everyone else. When he became a Toa, he joined an order of monks and learned the ways of pacifism, but also the way of the sword, as said monks taught violence only as a very last resort. And that a sword would come in handy when chopping through forests. At the order of monks, he forged his sword, named Fenrir, and left the order upon completing his studies. He continued to travel across Mata Nui, mediating disputes, helping out villages, and generally being a nice person. He refused to take any side in conflicts, and found that true enlightenment came from helping fellow beings. And if necessary, he would defend them, but only as a last resort. He wants nothing more than to help people and live a fulfilling life.[/color]


[color=#006400;]Mask Profile (for JL's living mask plot):[/color]


[color=#006400;]Name: Ferum[/color]




[color=#006400;]Being a Mask of Fate, Ferum has a very hammy and theatrical personality. He often proclaims that he is “the one fated to rule over all”. For him, everything is BIG, and GRANDIOSE! A fight isn’t a fight; it’s a battle of wits and will! Everything should be about victories! Defeats! Battles! Wenches! Glory and fame! Getting partnered with Lenzo, his polar opposite, didn’t exactly help.[/color]


[color=#006400;] He resents his partner for being a soft-spoken and humble pacifist, as he’s a firm believer in attacking first and asking questions much, much later. And just doing the standard helping people (such as mediating debates) and not fighting bores Ferum immensely. Even then, Ferum has a respect for Lenzo holding to his ideals, and sees him as a strong warrior. Even if Lenzo might need some prodding to get into a fight.[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Name: Fuse[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Nicknames: Red Sun, Short Fuse[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Species: Toa[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Gender: Male[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Mask: Kakama, Mask of Speed[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Element: Fire[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Alignment: Neutral Evil[/color]


[color=#cc3300;]Appearance: [/color]


[color=#cc3300;]            Blood red Toa metru style body. Wears a severely burned but still blood red duster, so his body and clothes look practically one and the same. His Kakama is in the shape of a Hau, distorted, burned, and heavily scarred.[/color]




[color=#cc3300;]            Two longswords that looks similar to Tahu’s original fire sword[/color]



[color=#cc3300;]           [/color]

[color=#cc3300;]            Fuse is fast and powerful, and has a creative streak with his weapons, preferring to do all sorts of crazy moves that look impressive and hit hard. One of his signature attacks is combining his Kakama’s speed with shooting flames behind him and dashing at high speed, leaving a long trail of flame behind him. He’ll often use this to trap opponents behind walls of flame. He keeps up a variety of these bizarre attacks, often incorporating flips and slashes with his swords for maximum damage and effect.[/color]



[color=#cc3300;]           [/color]

[color=#cc3300;]            Fuse is overconfident. He believes himself to be invincible and unmatched in combat. His crazy moves, while devastating if they hit, are obviously telegraphed and can leave him open to attacks. They’re fancy but impractical. He doesn’t take being insulted or trash-talked, and this can drive him into a berserker rage, but this often does more harm than good. He also prefers to prolong fights so he can torture his opponents before killing them. While his constitution is high, extensive use of his powers and mask can wear him down.[/color]



[color=#cc3300;]           [/color]

[color=#cc3300;]            Fuse is a blood knight. He wants nothing more to fight and be fought, and make money while doing so. He’s abrasive and cruel, and believes everything is all about him, and his own allies fear him because of his own craziness. Morality? A joke. Toa Code? A mere set of optional guidelines in a rulebook that’s been burned and the ashes tossed into the lava of Ta-Koro. Only plan? Take bounties (only those that are marked dead), kill, get money, wash, rinse, repeat.[/color]




[color=#cc3300;]             Fuse has always been cruel. He grew up as a bully, then into a gang member, and then eventually became a Toa when Mata Nui felt like the island could use one more psychopath. Or something like that. Bad idea. After some hangups learning his new Toa powers, Fuse took to doing what he did best: all the vices he could think of, but with a special focus on bounty hunting. He formed his own bounty hunting crew, the Burnouts, consisting of only the very best of the very worst. He recruited Veros at one point, though this led to his undoing. After deciding the best way to get to a bounty was to raze the village said bounty was hiding in and generally have fun while doing so. Veros, naturally, took objection to this and savagely attacked Fuse, killing him and the other members of the Burnouts amidst the rubble of the village. Supposedly Fuse survived, due to rumors that he was back and recruiting, but rumors are just rumors, right?[/color]

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[color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Name: [/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#ff0000;]Kakopa[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] Toa[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Alignment: [/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#ff0000;]Everything for his own well-being[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance similar to Toa Lhikan; deep red color with gold accents in his armor.[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#daa520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#ff0000;]A firesword(were he carved his name in)[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#ff0000;]A shield(also with name)[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#ff0000;]Kanohi Garai[font="helvetica;"] The Mask of Gravity[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Element: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"]Fire[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#ff0000;]Very good at freezing things, He most often use this treat in battle in combination with normal fire.[/color][color=#ff0000;]He is also skilled in using his fire as small superheated beams.[/color][color=#ff0000;]Also g[/color][color=#FF0000;]ood in making plans.[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Biography: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"].[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;]Forgot his past[/color].[color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#ff0000;] [/color][color=#ff0000;]Hates situations where he has to react very quick.[/color][color=#ff0000;]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/color][font="helvetica;"][color=#ffa500;]Name[/color]: [color=#8b4513;]Nahuki[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica;"] Matoran[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#ffa500;]Alignment[/color]: [color=#8b4513;]Po-Koro guard[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica;"]Normal Po-Matoran.[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#DAA520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#8b4513;]A dagger[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#8b4513;]A carving tool[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;]Powerless kanohi Huna[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Element: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;][font="helvetica;"]Earth[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;]Skilled in carving.Is deadly in sneaking attacksAlso stronger than most matoran.[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Biography: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"].[/color][/font][color=#8b4513;]In the past he was an honorable member of the po-koro guard..[/color][color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#FF0000;] [/color][color=#8b4513;]Being a matoran[/color][color=#8b4513;]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Name: [/color][/font][color=#008000;][font="helvetica;"] Lhimato "The recruiter"[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] [/color][/font][color=#008000;][font="helvetica;"]Toa[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Alignment: [/color][/font][color=#008000;][font="helvetica;"]Great Spirital Allignment[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#008000;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: [/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#008000;]Green armor with blue accents[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#DAA520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#008000;]A sword witch is decoreted with carvings of plants[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#008000;]A green shield[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#008000;]Kanohi Kadin[font="helvetica;"] The Mask of Flight[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Element: [/color][/font][color=#008000;]The Green[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#008000;]Skilled in the use of spiked plants[/color][color=#008000;]Always knows exactly when someone want's to joint the [/color][color=#008000;][font="helvetica;"]Great Spirital Allignment[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Biography: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"].[/color][/font][color=#008000;]Always been fighting in the makuta wars[/color][color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#FF0000;] [/color][color=#008000;]Hates Fire and Ice.[/color]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[font="helvetica;"][color=#FFA500;]Name[/color]: Toa [color=#8B4513;]Mayhaka "The Hero"[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] [/color][/font][color=#8B4513;][font="helvetica;"] Toa[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#FFA500;]Alignment[/color]: [color=#8B4513;]Good[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#8B4513;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: Toa of iron with golded armor pieces and a golden Garai [/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#DAA520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#8B4513;]A Warhammer, The Elemental Protection Suit(EPS), a suit fully made out of iron which he can fuse with his warhammer, he can manipulate the iron in it for enhanced speed,agility and strenght.[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#8B4513;]Kanohi Garai[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Element: Iron[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#8b4513;]Strong in combat with the EPS, without it he's a bit helpless[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Biography: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"].[/color][/font] He is the typical hero, he hates evil, is brave and is willing to sacrifise. He is a bit quick in acting wich results him to get in bad situations.[color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#FF0000;] [/color] [color=#8B4513;]He acts most of the time out of heroism instead of thinking.[/color] [color=#8B4513;]In the cold his EPS wont work and he'll be helpless.[/color][color=#8B4513;]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/color][color=#FFA500;]Name[/color]:[font="helvetica;"] [color=#40e0d0;] Toa Kimhiiki "The healer"[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] [/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;][font="helvetica;"] Toa[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#FFA500;]Alignment[/color]: [color=#40e0d0;]Great spirital allignment[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: [/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;][font="helvetica;"]Normal toa of ice.[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#DAA520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#40e0d0;]None[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;][font="helvetica;"] [/color]Kanohi of Healing[/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Element: [/color][/font][color=#8B4513;][font="helvetica;"]I[/color][/font][color=#00ffff;][font="helvetica;"]ce[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;]Healing, thinking[/color][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Biography: [/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"].[/color][/font][color=#40e0d0;]Very smart,skilled in healing techniques[/color][color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#FF0000;] [/color][color=#40e0d0;]Doesn't fight[/color][color=#40e0d0;]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/color][color=#FFA500;]Name[/color]:[font="helvetica;"] [color=#40E0D0;] Toa Palako "The Messager"[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Species:[/color][/font][color=#FF0000;][font="helvetica;"] [/color][/font][color=#40E0D0;][font="helvetica;"] Toa[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#FFA500;]Alignment[/color]: [color=#40E0D0;]Great spirital allignment[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Gender: [/color][/font][color=#40E0D0;][font="helvetica;"]Male[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Appearance: [/color][/font][color=#40E0D0;][font="helvetica;"]Normal toa of sonics.[/color][/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#DAA520;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#40E0D0;]Sonic vibration sword.[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Mask: [/color][/font][color=#40E0D0;][font="helvetica;"] [/color]Kanohi Kualsi[/font][font="helvetica;"][color=#daa520;]Element: [/color][color=#40e0d0;]sonics[/color][/font][color=#DAA520;][font="helvetica;"]Traits: [/color][/font][color=#40E0D0;]Communicating over big distances, sneaking by making no noice at all[/color][color=#DAA520;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#FF0000;] [/color][color=#40E0D0;]Doesn't like fighting, also he is affraid water[/color][color=#40E0D0;]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/color] Name[color=#800000;]: Vohkon and Zahkon[/color]Species[color=#800000;]: Skadis of stone and fire[/color]Alignment[color=#800000;]: Mad[/color]Gender[color=#800000;]: Male[/color]Appearance[color=#800000;]: Normal skadi of their element only they have golden shoulder and chestplates.[/color]Weapon(s)[color=#800000;]: An energised drill , an energised crossbow . They carry both a shield[/color]Element[color=#800000;]: Stone and Fire[/color]Traits:[color=#800000;]Vohkon and Zahkon are symbiotic if they are more then 2 meters near each other they grow stronger but the farther they go away of each other they become weaker. They are also skilled in combining their elements and creating lava.[/color][color=#800000;]Also Zahkon is a master archer.[/color]They have both laser vision.Biography[color=#800000;]: .[/color][color=#800000;]Their past if vague except they are affraid of the red star and like stealing things.[/color]Weakness(es)[color=#800000;]:Simbiotic, when they are separeted they become weak and mad.[/color] [color=#800000;]Also they don't like water.[/color]Name: MahktaElement: FireSpecies: MatoranMask: RuruAlignment: The Great SpiritAppearance: His size is compareable to other Matoran, hower he crafted special fire shaped  ornaments on his armor, these ornaments, are along with his mask golden.Tools/Weapons: Spear, Shield, Crafting Tools, BackpackPowers: Skilled Crafter, also in his pas carrier of the guard he accuired some skills in strategy and fighting.Personality: He enjoys his traveling and seeing other cultures, he is curious but very kind to other beings, also he is very extrovert and enjoys talking, yet he is little responsible and his curiousness tends to get him in dangerous situations, being a good crafter, semi-skillful fighter and formor member of the guard makes him believe he clearely is one of the best Matoran around, he is very overconfident.Biography: He was once a member of the guard but was kicked due his irresponsiblenesd, since then he wanders trough Mata Nui alone.Weakness(es):  He liked water, which is strange for most Ta-Matoran, but he fears hight, even tough he tends to deny that, his overconfidentism is also a Mayor problem.

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Character Profiles:Name: Sihael (See-Hiel)Age: Approximately 23 (Human years)Gender: FemaleAlignment: GoodKanohi: Mask of Stealth (Volitak)Element: CrystalLanguages: Matoran, (and is currently learning) Avarian RahiPrimary Hand: Relies almost solely on her right handDetailed Description of Appearance: “Being what other Toa call a ‘great artist’ isn’t really all that great.”-SihaelAt 6’2’’ Sihael is considered to be petite by most Toa. She is kept slim by her ‘starving artist’ status, which does nothing for her health as she often has to skip meals. Despite her horrid diet, she somehow manages to train every day in an attempt to improve her fighting skills. Even though she has practically zero fighting ability, the daily training sessions keep her body fit and toned. Her smooth, iridescent white armor is kept spotless and she likes to think that the sheen on her armor is an icy blue, but it can also vary from a soft pink to a cool grey. Sihael’s wrists are heavily scarred and usually covered by black fingerless gloves. Her dark eyes, the color of arctic seas, are silhouetted between the rims of her Kanohi Volitak, exuding an air of mystery. Sihael is dressed in a light colored tunic, undershirt, shorts and a blue-black waist sash. She carries her art supplies with her everywhere and has never been seen without her brother’s claymore upon her back. Personality:Shiael is an optimist who takes delight in small gestures of kindness. She loves finding things to draw and looking for adventure, even though these escapades usually always lead her into disaster and eventually the hospital. She’s gotten injured so many times that she’s built up a pretty incredible pain tolerance and now has to be persuaded by her friends to go to the hospital. She is a good listener and likes to give advice when requested to. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and sometimes can be a little blunt without meaning to. Sihael can be counted on, in the event of an emergency, to remain calm and collected. She is generally peaceful and doesn’t like to fight, (One, because she can’t and two, she’d rather be doing something productive, like drawing or singing). She almost never gets mad, just extremely frustrated. History:Sihael grew up in Ko-Wahi with her older brother, Kairn, (Kai-ryn). During one especially harsh winter, her brother was caught in an avalanche and was trapped in between two boulders. She tried to dig him out and in the process, tore up her wrists. When she finally managed to drag her brother out, she discovered that he had died. Kairn’s death traumatized her, and it took her a long time before she could even go outside again. She still hates feeling cold and only returns to Ko-Wahi in the summer time for brief periods. She carries her brother’s black claymore with her everywhere and has never been seen without it. Weaknesses: Stone, maybe Fire, Sound (depends on the composition of the crystal), maybe Plantlife…She hates the cold as it ushers in nightmares and memories of her brother’s death. If needles or scalpels come anywhere near her, she faints. She also hates hospital because of this fact. Her Extreme lack of fighting ability, (She’s not weak, she just doesn’t know how/can’t fight)Special Abilities:Mask power- She can become semi-invisible, (you can only see her shadow) and she can reduce the noise around her/ the noise she causes. Elemental power- She can form/create/shape/destroy crystal. Cool things she can do- She’s a skilled artist, can sing, learns languages pretty fast, and she’s good at saving widgets. Possessions
  • Crystal Pendant: Sihael’s crystal pendant features a raw tourmaline crystal of sheerest black, reflections bending across its surface. The crystal is fitted into an embossed chape, which is strung across a thin silver chain for wearing.
  • Her brothers Sword: A protosteel sword of massive length, the straight falchion tipped blade offering over four feet of solid cutting edge, with a leather wrapped hilt of heavier protodermis, creating a balance point 1’ from the tang.
  • A blue-black traveling cloak of ankle length that she wears when going to Ko-Wahi.
Tools/EquipmentHer durable leather, art supply bag. Ink, a couple quills, parchment, widgets, occasionally food and a small stash of bandages.

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Name: FetixSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: Good, not affiliated with any Toa teamAppearance: Posted Image(Credit to Danska for the building kit.)Powers/Weapons: Fetix has control over the element of Iron, obviously, and specializes in shaping it into machine parts and defensive/structure-supporting walls. If attacked, he will often create a shield of iron in front of him and use it as cover, although he prefers to avoid combat whenever possible. He wears a Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, which was carved into the shape of a Pakari because Fetix was inexplicably hard to take seriously while wearing it in its normal state.His weapons are the Razor Claws, twin Protosteel shield/claw combinations that are actually too small to be used effectively as shields. They are incredibly sharp and can be used to slice through armor as well as carve rock and metal. Fetix uses them in conjunction with his Volitak for dangerous surprise attacks on his opponents.Personality: Fetix is very logical and has excellent spatial thinking skills, qualities that make him very adept at his Matoran engineering occupation that he continued even after being transformed into a Toa. He prefers to plan ahead and consider all possible outcomes before carrying something out, be it the construction of a mechanical device or a battle against Makuta's armies--not that he does the latter any more than absolutely necessary. Fetix never attacks directly if he can help it, and basically all of the combat he's involved in is simply defensive of his home village of Po-Koro. He prefers to work alone and often gets frustrated with allies who mess up his carefully laid-out plans. He also believes that the only way to defeat Makuta is to outwit him somehow (possibly involving stealth and/or bringing Mangaia's roof down, two rather vague and impractical ideas that he's thought up).History: As mentioned above, Fetix was (and still is) an engineer, an occupation that is very rare in Po-Koro. He was often told that he should be stationed in Onu-Koro instead, but he knew he could never tolerate the constant darkness and claustrophobic tunnels 24/7. During his time as a Matoran, he devised a way to channel the powers of a Kanohi into another object using a special type of charged wiring he invented. After his transformation into a Toa, which he was quite surprised at, he often used his Iron powers to speed up the process of constructing machinery. However, both as a Matoran and as a Toa, his inventions were too large and clunky to be effective in battle. They were usually more along the lines of Matatu-powered floating elevators and whatnot. Most of his devices are also rather rare, since Great and Noble masks are not easy to come by.Weaknesses: Fetix, as stated in the previous few paragraphs, is not very effective at working with others. He is also quite inexperienced at direct combat, which is why he prefers stealth/defense and wears a Volitak instead of a Calix/Hau/Matatu/etc. His Razor Claws also have very short range, reducing them to simple elemental power channelers in terms of ranged combat and making them most effective for sneak attacks the rest of the time.---Name: BaronuSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAlignment: Good, not affiliated with any Toa teamAppearance: Baronu has thick silver-white armor, which is rather unusual for a Toa of Magnetism. He is quite muscular, especially in his legs, which allows him to run at an above-average speed. His upper chest armor is shaped like a U, with two struts of metal curving outward to his shoulders from the central bulk of it. He also has unusually large hands, unusually small feet, and two small white-colored spikes jutting out from the top of his upper arms.Powers/Weapons: As a Toa of Magnetism, Baronu has the ability to create and control magnetic fields in order to move metallic substances around, including the armor of his foes. He wears a Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy, which greatly increases the odds of something he throws or launches hitting its target.Baronu's weapon is the Buzzsaw Staff, a long spear/staff-like tool that has a set of spinning Protosteel blades on the end. The blade mechanism can be detached from the staff and thrown at foes in a ninja star-like fashion with the help of Baronu's Sanok. Baronu often uses his elemental powers to magnetically yank the blades back over to him and reattach them to the staff after they hit a target, making his only ranged attack a reusable one.Personality: Baronu is rather arrogant and not much of a strategist, relying on his equipment and powers to carry him out of battles victorious or at least alive. He is a bit spoiled by his Magnetism abilities in a sense, as most of the foes he faces have plenty of metallic components for him to crush and tear apart. He has above-average intelligence in general, but doesn't really use it that often. He's not very ambitious either, which is part of the reason why he was content with staying in obscurity even after his transformation.History: Baronu was originally a Matoran of Magnetism working as a toolsmith in a village of Matoran near the eastern shore of the Northern Continent. He was transformed into a Toa around 50,000 years ago by a Toa Stone of unknown origin. The Order of Mata Nui soon discovered his existence and instructed him to stay and defend his village rather than go adventuring and risk the Brotherhood of Makuta learning about him and killing him like they did so many other Toa of Magnetism. After his transformation, Baronu happily abandoned his original profession, always having found it boring and not as important as his fellow Matoran believed it was.Sadly, his entire village was destroyed during an earthquake resulting from the Great Cataclysm, and Baronu was the only survivor. He later made his way to the island of Mata Nui along with many other Toa and members of other species as well. Once there, he settled down in Onu-Koro and began using his elemental powers to help the Onu-Matoran miners dig metallic ore out of the ground. He finds this job nearly as boring as his old one as a toolsmith, however, and would rather be taking the fight to Makuta than working monotonously in claustrophobic tunnels. He is smart enough to know that the former is essentially suicide, though, so he doesn't try.Weaknesses: Baronu's overconfidence can sometimes get him in trouble, and his impatience is part of the reason why the tactical approach doesn't really work for him. He isn't very agile either, so his best bet in combat is to stay in cover and snipe enemies with the help of his mask, relying on his tough armor to protect him when he is forced to go out in the open. His elemental abilities are also a bit more limited than, say, Fetix's, as he can effectively only control existing metal rather than creating more of it.

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Name: TekkohGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: GravityMask: Kanohi AkakuWeapons: HandaxeTekkoh is a tall Toa, with a considerable reach which he takes advantage of in unarmed combat. His legs are thick and muscular, built for lifting and carrying. Though his legs are strong his heart and lungs are not; he can't run for very long without tiring. His armor is black with purple accents and is considerably thick around his chest but virtually non-existent around his shoulders to allow mobility. He prefers hand-to-hand combat, but carries a handaxe encase punching or grappling proves ineffective. As a Toa of Gravity, Tekkoh has some control of gravity. He uses this to increase his own mass and subsequently the force he can punch or kick with, or to make it more difficult for his opponent to lift him off of them. He also decreases the mass of his foes to make them easier to knock around or increases it to slow them down. But when fighting someone else with gravity manipulating powers, Tekkoh's usual strategies oft become useless. Tekkoh is somewhat overconfident in battle. This confidence completely disappears in conversations with women, as he finds them hard to understand and very intimidating. Tekkoh has no strategic uses for his Kanohi, and despite its situational usefulness he wishes for something he could use more often.Weaknesses: Poorly armored shoulders, poor cardiovascular endurance, fear of women, easily confused in combat with opponents who have similar powers.



Name: MarrakGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IceMask: Kanohi MiruMarrak's white armor is clean as freshly fallen snow, with accents of black giving him a striking appearance, and his eyes shine a vibrant red behind his Mask of Levitation. He prefers to use his elemental powers over any weapon or martial art, but isn't particularly violent in any matter. He has always been one to study combat rather than actually participate in it, and will often be seen reading some book or another. He is naturally adept at walking quietly and is capable of minor acrobatic feats, but nothing terribly impressive. He is content either alone or with a small group, but feels uncomfortable around crowds, or people he has just met.Weaknesses: Little combat experience, lack of weaponry, poor social skills.



Name: VerranGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: [color=#008000;]Air[/color]Mask: Kanohi VolitakWeapons: DaggerVerran's emerald green armor is coupled with a shining silver, with dangerous looking spikes on his upper arms. Despite him being a kind, good natured toa, Verran's equipment is well suited for assassinations or thievery, and he has an overall criminal appearance. This, unfortunately, causes some discrimination and he often finds himself under suspicion everywhere he goes. Although he was originally from Le-koro, he has spent many years away from home for some reason or another, and subsequently he no longer uses tree-speak. He prefers to use his air powers more than his dagger, suffocating his foes and rendering them unconscious, or blasting debris in their face so he can make a clean escape.Weaknesses: Poorly armed, looks like a criminalVerran's Volitak:Verran's Volitak is a sentient being, created by unknown means. It calls itself 'Kalgem' Overall, it is a mischievous character and likes to activate and disable itself without Verran's prompting or acknowledgement, much to his dismay. Kalgem doesn't much like Verran, and feels it has been stuck with an incompetent Toa, and is very frustrated when he ignores its suggestions of petty thievery.


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[color=#4b0082;]Kehuri (Keh-HOO-ree):[/color]


  • [color=#4b0082;]Name: Kehuri[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Species: Toa of Earth[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Gender: Male[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Appearance: Tall for an Onu-Toa, but just about average for any other kind. This is, however, mostly due to his pad posture. While not as bad as Onua's, his spine curves in an almost Parakuka-like way that brings him down to the height of a regular Toa. Broad-shouldered, and thick-limbed, though not outstandingly so in either case. Not particularly handsome, and not particularly athletically built.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]Wears a purple Hau. Black and dark gray all over, with purple shoulders and shins, and dark green eyes. [/color][color=#0000ff;]Here's a picture.[/color]

  • [color=#4b0082;]Powers: Kehuri possesses standard Toa of Earth powers. He wore a Mask of Quick-Travel, and has the standard Onu-Matoran/Toa night vision. He has since replaced with Kualsi with a Hau.[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Strengths: He specializes in defense and impairment, preferring to defend and to lend aid rather than to attack or heal. He can move quickly underground and provide help from below, create defensive earth barriers, off-balance enemies when on earth, and create dust smokescreens by compressing and releasing balls of earth rapidly. While a very poor designer or inventor, he has a knack for figuring out how things work, and is a quick learner (things like tools or instruments). He's more resistant to the cold than most Onu-Matoran, though not to the extent of a Ko-Matoran. He's also powerfully built, able to dish out quick bursts of great strength, though not for sustained periods.[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Weapons: His Toa Tool is an arm-mounted drill, along with an ordinary a set of excavation explosives. The drill has the ability to reduce the elemental energy required to move earth out of the way in the way that a drill with a diameter of a little longer than Kehuri would. Essentially, it makes tunnels large enough for Kehuri to walk in, while draining only a portion of the power he would normally require for it.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]The drill can also split and unfold to form a shield that can be reinforced when he pours Earth energy into it. It can also spin, too.[/color]

  • [color=#4b0082;]Weaknesses: His speed and stamina aren't that good, due to his preference for mechanic tools over manual ones. He's also got the standard Onu-Matoran/Toa's sensitivity to sunlight, and is also unusually susceptible to heat. Despite his intelligence, he's a slow thinker, and ofter either has to stop in mid-sentence to think about what he is going to say, stutters for a bit while thinking, or speaks without thinking. He's recently developed much stronger morals, and as a result, tries to adhere to the Toa Code, which could be turned against him if he doesn't hate his enemy enough to just kill them. See more under 'personality'.[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Alignment: Lawful Good[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Personality: His transformation and subsequent events caused most of his personality to make a full 180. After injuring an innocent Rahi out of anger, he decided to become essentially a White Knight, standing for righteousness, and vehemently upholding the three virtues, and later, the Toa Code.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]The biggest change, however, would have to be his ambition. The experience of being a Toa and using his powers for good caused his ambition to skyrocket. He wants to be one of the biggest factors in the Makuta's downfall, and one of Mata Nui's most useful tools. Even if he isn't the top of either, he wants to contribute to the cause at any price.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]He is extremely emotional, and as a result develops bonds quickly, is quick to anger, cries both out of joy and sadness regardless of what others might think. He's become very protective of those who walk in the light, especially his friends. He also has very strong empathy, and can't ignore the pain of those close to him, feeling a strong need to comfort them, despite his claim that he isn't a healer.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]On the negative side, he's naïve and impressionable. He wears his heart on his sleeves, though not intentionally, due to his limited interaction with females. He also has exaggeratedly low self esteem. Being able to use his powers for good buries it temporarily, thought it shows up at times. He tends to beat himself up over minor things.[/color]

    [color=#4b0082;]These negative qualities, as well as his sudden immersion in a new group, lead him to feel an insatiable need to fit in, live up to others' expectations, and to be acknowledged. He can be rendered speechless by strong compliments, and takes any compliment to heart.[/color]

  • [color=#4b0082;]History: Kehuri was a miner in Onu-Koro[/color][color=#4b0082;] . He was never anything special, never strived to be the best at anything he ever did, simply content with being perfectly average. His days primarily consisted of mining, talking with his friends, and shutting himself in his hut to busy himself with his various interests. When he had more money than he needed, he would often lend it to those lacking. Soon after the murders began in Onu-Koro, Kehuri took most of his possessions and moved to a small concealed cave in the side of the Great Mine, just above water line, hoping the waters would offer him some more protection. Other than that, he strove to live his life as normally as he could, mining as he always had.[/color]
  • [color=#4b0082;]Anything else deemed necessary: [/color][color=#0000ff;]He has a Wiki profile page.[/color]


[color=#006400;]Trizvan (Triz-VAN):[/color]

    [*][color=#006400;]Name: Trizvan[/color][*][color=#006400;]Species: Toa of Plantlife[/color][*][color=#006400;]Gender: Male[/color][*][color=#006400;]Appearance: Medium and lime green with brown limbs. Covered in armor made of tough tree bark. Wears a medium green Faxon.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Powers: Standard Toa of Plantlife powers. Mask of Kindred.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Strengths: Extremely strong, fast, agile and sturdy, very at one with nature, and knows how to calm and treat Rahi. Has extensive knowledge on medicinal herbs and edible fruits.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Weapons: None[/color][*][color=#006400;]Weaknesses: Can't speak. Doesn't strategize, and leaved himself open when he attacks.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral[/color][*][color=#006400;]Personality: Not social at all, though he enjoys the company of tame Rahi. Inherently mysterious due to his inability to speak. Good-natured when you get to know him.[/color][*][color=#006400;]History: He washed up on the beach of Le-Wahi, where he went unnoticed for months, living alone in the forest. His past is a mystery to all but him, althought it is clear that at some point he lost his voice, due to a neck injury. The scar is still visible.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Anything else deemed necessary: His Matoran is rusty, and he has trouble reading and writing it, although he can understand it just fine.[/color][*][color=#006400;]Theme music: Native American music.[/color][/list]

     [color=#0000ff;]Haro (HAH-row):[/color]

      [*][color=#0000ff;]Name: Haro[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Species: Ga-Matoran[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Gender: Male[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Appearance: Medium blue body and mask, with deep blue limbs and sky blue articulations. Wears a powerless mask shaped like a Ruru.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Powers: None.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Strengths: He's good at carving and crafting. Standard Ga-Matoran lung capacity.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Weapons: A chisel, and various tools. Not for fighting.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Weaknesses: Not a fighter.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Alignment: Neutral Good[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Personality: Generally calm, but emotional. Very introverted, but not antisocial. Loves playing the flute, and has a taste for mangoes.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]History: He's lived his life as long as he could remember, in Ga-Koro, where he runs a coral-carving shop that also sells Air Bladders that he makes himself. He enjoys swimming more than anything and will often spend most of the day exploring the shallow waters beneath Ga-Koro, admiring its beauty.[/color][*][color=#0000ff;]Anything else deemed necessary: He's a hippie. A dead one[/color][/list]

       [color=#696969;]Aar (ARR):[/color]

        [*][color=#696969;]Name: Aar[/color][*][color=#696969;]Species: Onu-Matoran[/color][*][color=#696969;]Gender: Male[/color][*][color=#696969;]Appearance: black body and feet with grey arms and a purple Komau-shaped mask.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Powers: Just Onu-Matoran night vision.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Strengths: An excellent survivor, knows how to survive well alone. Great physical strength and Stamina, moderate speed. Fairly good at using his mining equipment as weapons.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Weapons: Pickaxes.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Weaknesses: Bright light, heights, he isn't outstandingly fast, and isn't agile at all. Throws all his power into offense and doesn't worry about defense.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Alignment: Chaotic Good[/color][*][color=#696969;]Personality: Cynical and pessimistic, but hopeful. He believes that things will progressively keep getting worse before they become good again. He doesn't keep his feelings bottled up and is honest and blunt. Not particularly generous, but not selfish either, he'll help out when asked, but don't expect him to offer help on his own.[/color][*][color=#696969;]History: Born and raised in Onu-Koro. He has little interest in anything beyond the caves, although he cares for the island as a whole, and the virtue of Unity.[/color][*][color=#696969;]Anything else deemed necessary: He's friends with Kehuri and has borrowed money from him in the past. He learned to fight by fighting off Rahi in the tunnels.[/color][/list]

         [color=#0099ff;]Hjalmar (Hee-YAL-marr):[/color] 

          [*][color=#0099ff;]Name: Hjalmar[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Species: Skakdi of Ice[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Gender: Male[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Appearance: Thick and tall. Heavily armored, with some layers of furs over it. The armor is loose-fitting, mostly made of the armor of Rahi he's slain. Organic material and natural armor are white or silver.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Powers: Impact vision, Skakdi Ice powers, combined with his Air Axe to make blizzards.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Strengths: Immense physical strength and endurance. Hardy and sturdy. An expert on survival in the snow.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Weapons: Air Axe that combines with his Ice powers to give him blizzard-like attacks. Claw-gauntlets.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Weaknesses: Heat. He's slow-moving and lacks agility. Not the smartest. One part brave, three parts fool. Alcoholic. Attacks first and asks questions after, or sometimes at the same time. Proud, and will not stand for being insulted or taunted.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Personality: Gruff, but fun-loving. He loves nothing more than the thrill of having his life on the line. Except maybe alcohol. While he doesn't always abide by the law, he will not kill anything/one that wouldn't kill him. He will jump to the aid of the weak, should they be preyed upon by the strong. He fancies himself a hero, and wishes to establish himself as such by taking on threats to the Matoran, although he has a tendency of causing lots of damage in the process. While he dreams of a death in battle, he has no wish to die any time soon, though he often challenges foes as large as, if not larger than himself in a show of power.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]History: He turned up in the drifts of Ko-Wahi some time back, and has been living off of the Rahi there since. He came to Mata Nui in search of new challenges to face, and instantly felt at home in Ko-Wahi. That's about it.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Anything else deemed necessary: Nope.[/color][*][color=#0099ff;]Theme Music: The Skyrim menu screen song.[/color][/list]

          [color=#8b4513;]The Clockmaker:[/color]

          • [color=#8b4513;]He never existed.[/color]


          [color=#696969;]Demothi (Deh'-muh-thi)[/color]

          • [color=#696969;]Name: Demothi[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Species: Toa of Sonics[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Gender: Male[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Appearance: Thin and wiry, built for speed, agility and stealth. Wears light, flexible and quiet armor of uniform gunmetal. Organic matter is all dark grey. Sports an old black cloak that he's rather fond of. Eyes and heartlight are yellow. Pretty much always wears a small pair of earmuffs.[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Powers: Sonics powers, along with the usual insane hearing. Wears a Great Mahiki which he uses for disguise.[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Strengths: Specializes in illusion and deception, using both his Mahiki and his Sonic powers to deceive others' sight and hearing. [/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Weapons: A small crossbow, and two long daggers worn on his lower back, usually hidden by his cloak.[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Weaknesses: His hearing, especially without the earmuffs. Not skilled in battle, though he can hold his own in hand-to-hand combat to a certain degree.[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Personality: Upbeat, snarky and talkative, but cynical and pessimistic. He lives every day as if it were his last, and makes the most of what he has. Has very little regard for others' lives, and believes that most people are honestly better off dead, that life is essentially pointless in the long run. As such, he views almost any form of murder as mercy killing, at least when done by him. He lives only for fun and comfort. Will commit any crime for the right benefit. He hates only people who rob others of their free will.[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]History: Born off the island of Mata Nui. At some point, he developed his current mentality about life, before being transported to Mata Nui for reasons he never discusses. He's lived on the island for several years, and its dark situation has made him grow only more pessimistic. His preferred place of residence is Onu-Koro, though he would like Ko more if the snow weren't too glaring on his eyes. [/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Anything else deemed necessary:[/color]
          • [color=#696969;]Theme music: [/color]


          [color=#669900;]Kezrak (KEZ-rack)[/color]

          • [color=#669900;]Name: Kezrak (a.k.a. Famine)[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Species: Vortixx[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Gender: Male[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Appearance: Dark green armor with pale green joints and armor decorations. Slightly taller than the average Vortixx. Usually wearing a dark brown leather trenchcoat.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Powers: None[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Strengths: Great physical strength and agility. An expert in hand-to-hand combat.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Weapons: A pair of Vortixx tech gloves that slowly drain energy from what they touch, when activated. The energy can be dissipated, stored for Kezrak to restore his own, or the gloves can be hooked up to technology to power it up.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Weaknesses: Not effective against ranged attacks. Can't drain through weapons, only through direct contact or through armor and clothes.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Alignment: Neutral Evil[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Personality: Quiet and introverted, but burning inside. More to be written as I play the character.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]History: More to be written as I play the character.[/color]
          • [color=#669900;]Anything else deemed necessary:[/color]


          [color=#000080;]Suran (SOO-rahn)[/color]

          • [color=#000080;]Name: Suran[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Species: Lesterin (Water)[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Gender: Male[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Appearance: Short in stature, and built for speed rather than strength. Wears sparse, light blue and yellow armor under a cloth robe. Wears a sea-blue Calix with patters representing the ocean on them.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Powers: Standard Water Lesterin powers. A master of a martial art similar to Aikido. Uses his Calix primarily to enhance his reflexes.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Strengths: An Aikido master, and subsequently virtually untouchable in hand-to-hand combat.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Weapons: A light curved blade that remains sheathed at his side unless he is fighting someone who uses powers rather than hand-to-hand.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Weaknesses: Elemental and non-physical combat. A pacifist.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Alignment: Neutral Good[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]Personality: Quiet and wise. Protective of the weak and intolerant of those who abuse their powers. Prefers to shame opponents or remove their will to fight than to actually damage.[/color]
          • [color=#000080;]History: He arrived on Mata Nui some 70 years after the Toa Mata's defeat. After traveling Le-Wahi for a while, he settled in Ga-Koro, where he joined the Marines, who saw use in his fighting method and skill at apprehending criminals. He is currently still a Private.[/color]

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Well, here goes nothing...apologies ahead of time for my length. As I have said in my profile, I'm an avid writer-to-be.Name: Voutok S'TytheSpecies: De-Matoran (Matoran of Sonics)Gender: MaleAlignment: In short, "Good"Appearance: An averaged-sized (2009-style, but same size as the typical Mata Nui resident) Matoran with dark grey arms and a black torso underneath a silver piece of torso-armor. His dark green eyes can be seen behind the silver-colored Kahnohi Sanok (mask of accuracy) he wears, though as per the nature of Matoran, it does not posses any actual abilities. He wears a set of black gloves and a pair of heavy "boots" for better traction, as well as a set of what we in the human universe would describe as "headphones" (see "weakness", it's not like THOSE kinds of headphones...)Powers and/or weapons: Voutok, like all of the De-race, has incredibly heightened hearing. This can prove both an advantage...and one major weakness (see said section). He wields twin bladed kanoka disks (think Chakram-Gone-Bionicle) as his primary means of both melee and ranged combat.Weakness: As previously mentioned, Voutok has incredibly heightened hearing, as all of the De-race do. While this enables whispers or sudden movements to be heard from several yards away as though they were next to them, a scream straight into his "ear" would render him deff for a week, let alone an explosion or a Muaka's roar. In an attempt to counter this, Voutok took some components from broken down machinery and a few pieces of cloth to develop some makeshift audio depressors to cover his "ears". Of course, these are definitely not soundproof in any regard and in reality all they do is make direct screams into his ear only cause ringing for about half an hour. Do the math for the explosion or Muaka roar cases.)Personality: Voutok, though he is not afraid to "get loud" when it comes to fighting and self-defense, still prefers general solitude or at the very least quiet company. Which, in such a "noisy world" as the island of Mata Nui, is very hard to find...that share his morals, state of mind, and are alive, that is. In combat, he tends to keep as much distance as he can from opponents, relying heavily on his bladed Kanoka disks for ranged attacks, and only getting in close when the circumstances demand it (i.e. fighting in close quarters like inside buildings or alleyways, facing a melee-oriented opponent who has the jump on him, etc)History: Voutok's past is a frustrating puzzle even to him. He seems to know how to fight, he knows he's a De-Matoran (and the repercussions surrounding that), he acknowledges he had a natural beginning with parents, he's perfectly aware that he is nearing what we would label "adulthood", and he knows he had a life--friends, family, a well-paying occupation, co-workers, and so on--but all he whatever he had--save the knowledge of fighting and the identity as a De-Matoran--is gone. His nights are never at peace. When he lays his head down, jumbled events and names mixed together to form indiscernible words and phrases from mixed-together voices flood into his mind. He knows the events and the names one by one when they happen, but like any dream, when he wakes up the revelations vanish, and his mind feels like one half was in a wrestling match with the other in which both got pummeled half to death. Only one word sticks out in his mind during these moments: "Daxia". But Spirits know what that word means to him. Is it a person? A code word? A town? And what significance does it have with him? These questions and far too many others to list flood into his mind every night in his dreams, and haunt him in the day...His earliest solid memory is waking up in an empty stone structure that he assumed was an abandoned house of some sort. Exiting, he had found himself in the middle of some kind of desert wasteland [OOC: I'd say somewhere in the Motara Desert]. On a table near where he woke up were two regular Kanoka discs and a note that simply read "If you're reading this, it worked and everything is in place. Good luck, Voutok". Were it not for this letter, Voutok probably wouldn't even know his name. Enraged, Voutok tore the letter up and let the pieces get swept up by the sand. "Evidently it DIDN'T work, whoever you are...or were...". After giving the discs a few swings and tosses, he felt he wasn't satisfied with their sharpness, so using two stones to light the fire pit in the empty home and a piece of his armor as a blunt object, he forges four lightweight blade-like spikes on each disc....and that was only six hours ago. Since then, Voutok has attempted rest (and failed, see two paragraphs up), then decided to leave the settlement he was in, wandering aimlessly into the unknown through the desert, hoping to find food, supplies, necessities, perhaps civilization...and he prayed for answers.EDIT: Voutok's appearance begins here: http://www.bzpower.c...ic=117&page=276

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Behind this sucky post count, a writer and hardcore RPer lies in wait of a reason to post...

For those who will likely ask when reading some of my non-RP posts: for me, "*shot*' = "I know that what I said was something stupid and I am acknowledging this before people think I'm serious."

Oh yeah, and my current BZPRPG character bio can be found here.

"Why...me? Oh yeah, that's right. I'm weak. I'm of a minority, a minority of people with a common trait: we hear too much. And what we're supposed to hear hurts to hear. When I'm alone in a silent room, I can hear a pebble dropping from a mile away. I can hear a motor boat being started up several yards off the coast. A whisper from outside, I can hear as if they were talking right at me. An explosion in another koro, I hear as if it's just outside. Sounds useful, right?"
"It's a curse, if you ask me. The same pen dropping inside this aforementioned silent room would ring in my ears. If I stood by the same motor, I'd get a headache. The same whisper would ring in my ear like two metal beams being slammed together in front of my face. The same explosion would render me deaf for years...thank the Spirit I thought of getting me something to dampen the noise, or I'd end up like the rest of my kind..."

~Voutok S'Tythe; unknown date, unknown location

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Name: Toa Kaldrus

Species: Ko-Toa

Element: Ice

Kanohi: Volitak (Mask of Stealth)

Alignment: Usually good.

Weapon: Ice sling which can be used to either hurl balls of elemental ice (or other projectiles) very far. The sling can also lock the ball of ice inside, keeping it from falling out and allowing it for melee use. He can also use put a coating of ice over his fists and use them in melee.

Powers: Typical powers of ice Toa: control of cold. Can draw all the cold in a room into himself and release as a nova blast. However this blast is severely weakening to himself and extremely damaging to the surrounding area. He can form blizzards with a snap of his finger and disperse them with a thought. With enough focus and energy, he can freeze open flame.

Appearance: Toa Kaldrus wears a white Kanohi Volitak and has pure white body armor with silver leg greaves and arm vambraces. Otherwise he is completely white, allowing him to blend easily into snow and ice when wearing his Mask of Stealth. His eyes are blue and piercing. He carries a holster on his back to store his sling and also a store of ready to use ice balls to hurl.

Biography: Little is known about Toa Kaldrus’ beginnings. However, it is known that he has inhabited the island of Mata Nui, hidden by his Mask of Stealth and his wits for millenia. He is a secretive toa, and has not given any hints about his origins. However, it is known that he is not originally from the island, but began somewhere else and arrived a few hundred years before the Matoran came from beneath. When he first reached Mata Nui (island), he began to explore the island. He soon found the Icy wastes of Mount Ihu, and took instant liking to them. Before the Turaga and the newly re-awakened Matoran arrived on Mata Nui (island) Kaldrus began to explore the Drifts and found many secret hideaways. When the newcomers arrived, Kaldrus watched them while keeping out of sight, thanks to the powers of Kanohi Volitak. When the Toa Mata arrived, Kaldrus immediately took a dislike to them. However, he was no match for a team of six Toa, and observed them from the shadows. When they failed their mission and were removed from the island, Kaldrus began to take the state of affairs more seriously…

Personality: Kaldrus always thinks before he acts. Before taking a side, Kaldrus will always map out the consequences and then act accordingly. He cannot abide hotheads and fire-spitters who impetuously rush into situations without forethought. However, he does not voice his opinions unless the necessity of the situation requires it.

Weakness: Sometimes Kaldrus can be too cautious and wait too long to act. This can sometimes be exploited. His logical approach to things can also take a long time and cause him to miss things that are right in front of him. Plasma and acid attacks are hard for him to handle as well.                   

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RPG Profiles:



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*Delet'd, for the time being*

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Morally unambiguous.

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[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Mask:Kanohi Matatu (with out the scope thing)[/color]






[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Weapon(s): Double bladed flame sword that can split in two and some times a shield that can double as a lava surfboard[/color]


[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Appearance: Talo is a silver and red toa of plasma he is a bit taller than your adverage toa though he some extra armor on his chest and arms that a standard toa would not have he has a red spike on each shoulder armor peice.[/color]


[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Traits: Talo has a sense of humor which some think he over uses and he talks ALOT though he is very smart and optimistic and can be stuborn he can spend a lot of time thinking and trying to figure out a problem even if others thinks it can't be done if he thinks he can solve it he will not stop till he does he also if others disagree with something he will argue nonstop.[/color]


[color=rgb(204,0,0);]History:He washed up on the shore in a toa canister not know where he was, but he knew how to fight and use his powers and that he was here to fight evil.[/color]


[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Weaknesses: Can very stuborn when he thinks he can solve a problem no matter what others say, like most toa of plasma cold,doesn't like to retreat or run away he also gets angry easly.[/color]





[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Name: Scaragath[/color]




[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Gender: Male[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Element: Gravity[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Vision power: impact vision[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Appearance: Cyan with gold spine[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Foreign tech: A gatling gun that shoots out plasma.[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Weapon: A spiked ball and chain[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Alignment: Himself[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Weaknesses:  He will do almost anything if it benefits him he also is weakened by sonics.[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]History: He washed up on the shore of Mata-Nui at Po-wahi remembering very little and decided he would try and become rich and powerful and attempt to conquer the island. He than decided to make a base he found a cave and using somethings he found in the wreckage of a ship fortified it and turned into a home/base.[/color]


[color=rgb(169,169,169);]Traits: Intelligent, greedy, deceitful, and cunning.[/color]

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Name: Kryon (Kryon the True)

Species: Ko-Matoran

Element: none

Kanohi: Tryna (mask of reanimation)

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons: War hammer (with a retractable handle for use as a blacksmith’s hammer), a spiked shield made out of Rahi shells.

Armor: Thermal armor that helps insulate him from intense heat and cold.

Appearance: silver Kanohi Tyrna along with white and grey armor with a pearl silver finish. Piercing green eyes that are hard to see because of the blue inside of the Tryna.

Biography: While most Ko-Matoran dislike heat he wanders Mata Nui trading valuables and necessities among the villages. He is known to play Kohlii with the local teams giving them pointers when he wants a break from traveling. He will fight when necessary or when he is challenged, but he is also known for his work as a mercenary when it is needed against a group of bandits that have been harming the smaller settlements outside of the Koros. When asked to do a mercenary job by a smaller village without much in the way of money or trade he will do the job in exchange for a game of Kohlii with the Matoran of the village.

Personality: He is kindhearted but intimidating to younger Matoran, and will always help someone in need (he is a lot like a Toa in that aspect). He will do whatever is asked of him by young Matoran in need or if they just want to have a conversation. He earned his name Kryon the True because he helps thosein need.

Weakness: His legs are weak due to an injury he sustained playing Kohlii when he was young. His armor is made of plates which although make it lighter also makes him more susceptible to swords where the plates are separated. His armor is weakest on his knees, lower legs, elbows and right wrist. He is extremely weak to fire and lava so he tries to avoid Ta Koro when possible. He is impulsive and his emotions will sometimes get the best of him when in and out of battle. He is also afraid of enclosed spaces so he won’t usually go inside the Onu-Wahi  mines unless a mercenary mission calls for it.

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Character Profiles:


[color=#ff0000;]Name: Toa Lavist[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Element: Fire[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Species: Toa[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Alignment: Good[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Mask: Kakama, mask of speed;Formerly, Hau[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Powers & Weapons: Lava Blade, this blade that he carries can channel the powers of an erupting volcano.[/color]

[color=rgb(255,0,0);]Weakness: Arrogance[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Personality: Wise, Strong,and Arrogant. He is a tactician in or of the battle field.[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]History: Not much is known about his past. Currently he aids the citizens of the island some of Mata Nui. He wishes that he has a toa team or a team to assist him when big problems occur. He usually goes into battle by studying his opponent first, then strike with the perfect amount of force to knock them out.There was a battle in his former life where he wore a Kanohi Hau, but it was lost in battle.[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Affiliation: With Flaredrick[/color]

[color=#ff0000;]Location: Wandering Mata Nui[/color]


[color=#ff0000;]EDIT: This picture shows him with foreign tech. I don't have one with his blade yet. Also this pic will show his apperance.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Name: Flaredrick[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Speceics: Toa[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Element: Fire[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Alignment: Good[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Mask: Hau Nuva, scared on the right eye[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Powers & Weapons: Katana. The Katana will become after a certain number of strikes, He can throw fireballs and also shoot fire blasts from his hand.[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Weakness: His past, mind is weakened[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Personality: He grows more aggressive with each fight. Hates himself for his past.[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]History:Once a leader of a Toa team somewhere in the Southern Islands, he lead many battles against evil that threatened the island. He carried a spear of lava in that time. But when a battle against a team skakdi arrived to challening them, he lost everything. The team put up a great fight by taking half of them down, but were no match for there leader. He killed them all leaving Flaredrick to take him on. They battled for hours until he fatally wounded him. When he was about to take him down, the Skakdi leader shot him in the chest and in the head. The head shot missed and scraped his mask. They both were considered dead, but not Flaredrick. He escaped and went out to Mata Nui to seek a future he can make right.[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Affiliation: With Lavist[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Appearance: Working on it.[/color]
[color=#a9a9a9;]Location: Ta-Wahi[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Name: "Black Ice" Real name is unknown[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Speceics: Toa[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Element: Ice[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Alignment: Evil[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Mask: Volitak[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Powers & Weapons: A double bladed sword. One big blade on top, a small on the bottom. Uses ice powers to create devastating attacks[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Weakness: His overconfidence.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Personality: Wants to kill all Toa who oppose him, will leave no survivors or witnesses.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]History: During his life as a Matoran, it was all good. It soon turned bad, when a group of Zyglak attacked his village. No Toa where there during the attack, leaving the village in ruins. He was the only survivor.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]When the Toa returned to the village, they saw a Toa sitting near the center of the village. (Note, it is unknown how he became a Toa. All info of that time has been erased.) When they approached him he killed them all. First, he killed the Toa who approached him. Taking his sword, then slaughtering the rest with the sword and powers combined.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]He has since moved to Mata Nui, to wreak havoc on the island.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Affiliation: Himself, will join anyone who will aid him.[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Appearance: [/color][color=#40e0d0;]http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=350996&id=/user_images/98517/1357525018m[/color][color=#40e0d0;] (I have no idea how to shorten this link into a word.)[/color]
[color=#40e0d0;]Location: Ko-Wahi[/color]

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[color=#006400;]Name: [/color]Toa Spirox, Toa of Electricity of Ahkri Nui


[color=#8b4513;]Species:[/color][color=#006400;] [/color]Vo-Toa, Toa of Electricity


[color=#4b0082;]Gender: [/color]Male


[color=#00ff00;]Alignment:[/color][color=#006400;] [/color]Chaotic Good


[color=#00ffff;]Description: [/color]Spirox is an above-average height Toa of Electricity from a faraway land. He wears mostly green armor with inset gray and silver. His torso is a metru-green with a silver chest-cover. His Huna is modeled like a Volitak and is a matching silver to his chest cover. His hips are a grayish tint, as well as his upper-legs, lower-arms, and hands. He has wide but nimble lower-legs that're green also. His feet are the same shiny silver, as well as his knee-pads. His shoulder-pads are simply-spiked, and a darker shade of green than his body. His lower-arms are dark-gray with silver bracers underneath, that are very sharp. His whole body is rather thin, and his eyes are a bright, shining lime color. Upon his back he has notches for fixing his staff and launcher. He is a very nimble and agile toa. After his arrival on Mata Nui his armor had various pits and scratches from the 4,000-year ride, as well as faded and rusty in parts.


[color=#696969;]Mask: [/color]Spirox wears a Great Kanohi Huna, the mask of concealment, modeled to look like a Volitak. This mask allows him to turn invisible at will.


[color=#0000cd;]Powers: [/color]Spirox is the master of electricity and lightning, and with his staff he has the ability to summon bolts of lightning, control or absorb electricity, and utilize chain-lightning. He can shock or paralyze his enemies temporarily, and even create fields or barriers of electricity that last for a very short time. The electricity he can summon is blue due to its immense heat given off, and has the potential to set wood and other flammable substances alight unintentionally. Spirox has burned down many structures and no control over any fire he begins accidentally. He is also very agile and nimble, and able to jump rather high for a toa.


[color=#006400;]Personality: [/color]Spirox has a rather calm, but occassionally firey, personality. Most of the time he keeps his real emotions bottled inside him, and can occassionally melt down with an emotion. He is intellectual and tends to think logically... most of the time he can keep his wits about him, but may sometimes rush into a situation with no clear way out. He is respectful of almost all beings, but has few regrets in killing to reach his goal, unlike other toa. Spirox has a tendancy to be extremely stubborn and adamant in his opinions; successfully convince him of something, and he is unlikely to change his mind. Once given a task, he will never give up until all possible hope has been lost.


[color=#a52a2a;]Weaknesses: [/color]Power-wise, Spirox can fall to extreme cold, ice, or even water, rather easily. Water inhibits his lightning abilties. Also due to his personality, Spirox will always fight for a lost cause and, when it comes to himself, will place emotion over logic, although he won't in most other situations.


[color=#daa520;]Powers and Weapons:[/color] Spirox arrived on Mata Nui with a staff of lightning, which allows him to successfully channel his elemental abilties. It also has retractable spikes that can jut from the sides, and be used for climbing or physical combat. He also arrived on the shore with a Ahkrinian disk launcher, although it was badly damaged and not in working condition. He came armed with one disk in his rush to escape his home of Ahkri Nui in time, and it is badly scratched and powerless, although it once had powers and is made of metal.


[color=#ff0000;]Biography: [/color]Toa Spirox, Toa of Lightning was created on his Homeland of Ahkri Nui, a land very far from that of Mata Nui. He and his team of eight other toa were created to defeat the five vile Makuta Lords who were attempting to seize power. His team, even his valiant leader, all fell one by one to their shadow forces. The matoran population was enslaved and abused and Spirox himself barely avoided capture and execution. As his last teammate fell, Spirox abandoned the island, diving into a Toa Canister and setting a course to the nearest allied island to retrieve backup. However, as he was sailing away, the forces of evil blasted the canister with a shadow bolt, injuring Spirox, damaging his launcher, and pulverizing the technology of the canister, causing him to drift far off course. Needless to say, he never arrived on the allied shore. He drifted in the ocean for 4,000 years, next-to-dead, unable to influence the drift of his vessel. His canister flowed very fast, and very slow, through numerous caverns and chasms, until it finally washed ashore in Naho Bay of Ga-Wahi on Mata Nui. He vowed to one day return to his lost homeland and free the Matoran...


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Name: Nuurikan

Appearance: Nuurikan has a gunmetal gray color and has the same body type as a normal tuaga, except tall and light.

Abilities: This Turaga has knowledge. He knows how to defeat anyone, but is not strong enough to, and most Toa take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Apart from that and the ability to make oobjects sluggishly slow and heavy, or fast and light, he has no other powers. He wears a Noble Miru so he can fly away when his enemy is chasing him very slowly.

Weapons: A turaga staff that is purely ornamental. The only thing he can do with it is hit people.

Biography: Nuurikan was once a mighty Toa. His powers were once revered by all on his home island. That all changed when his Turaga was poisoned by a mysterious Dark Hunter. Nuurikan had to sacrifice his Toa Power to heal the almost dead Turaga. After the Turaga was killed by a angered Muaka Eighteen-thousand  years ago, Nuurikan was the ruler of his island. He eventually slipped away to explore the MU, and is roaming around the Mata Nui robot.

Weaknesses: Nuurikan is a vain Turaga. He thinks he is the best and will not take orders from anyone. This attitude has earned him little respect, and nobody will listen to him. He has been in situations where Toa have had to rescue him because he thought he was strong enough to go charging into a Nui-Rama hive,

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[color=#000080;]Name: AkiraNickname: Tohi
[/color][color=#AA0000;]Name: Fiera

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BZPRPG profiles
-Chronicles of Tara-

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Posted Jan 04 2013 - 02:56 AM

this is my character


Name- Haki


species- toa


Tools- 10 small lightweight daggers

type-  gravity toa


mask- kanohi mahiki

power-able to change the gravity level of an opponent

description- NOT OVERPOWERED fast black toa that looks similar to toa jovan with a kadin shaped mahiki

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Posted Jan 13 2013 - 06:50 AM

Name: IdarSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Posted ImageWeapon(s): He wields a small dagger and a very broken Lava launcherMask: Kanohi PakariElement: FireTraits: Toa Idar is a very unserious Toa, similar to Matau. He always try to make someone laugh, but when he needs to be serious, he is serious. He also falls easily in love with Ga Toa's but very shy when near them. Toa Idar have a very warm heart and trust people way to easily. He is also not very smart.Biography: Toa Idar was actually created by Makuta Teridax in a secret dungeon inside the mountains of Ko-Koro. Makutas plan was to let him free to melt the entire part of Mata Nui, but after Takanuva killed Teridax, Toa Idar was never released from his sleep in the mountains, until a vandering Ko Matoran accidently finds the dungeon and free's Toa Idar. Some how all the evil in Toa Idar had disapeard after the death of Teridax, so now he is a regualr Toa. Even though Toa Idar is a Ta Toa, he lives in Ko-Koro, because he needs to learn to not be afraid of cold, and he feels like thats were he belongs. He still lives in the dungeon.Weakness(es): Ice and water. When something have to do with water, you can expect Toa Idar to hide in some sort of corner. He can't swim and water also makes him very tired. The other weakness is Ice. He hates to get cold and when he does his lava launcher starts to malfunction even more than it does regulary.

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Posted Jan 28 2013 - 06:30 PM

Name: Rya

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Male

Mask: Noble Pakari

History: Up until recently, Rya was just a Ta-Matoran from Ta-Koro. He lived a somewhat peaceful life in his village with his fellow Matoran, the only real disturbance to his existence was the occasional attack by a Rahi beast. His life was simple.


Until, of course, he took a fall - a long fall, into the depths of Mangaia, the lair of the evil Makuta. There, the master of shadows infected his mask, took control of his mind, and sent him to a place he had never once visited - he was sent to Ko-Koro, on a hunt to rid the Ko-Matoran of their Turaga.


With Rya's strength, he would have succeeded, if Destiny had not intervened in the form of a single Fe-Matoran. Noticing the Antidermis curse on Felek, the Makuta demanded a slight change of plans. Using a pool of Energized Protodermis, Rya attempted to transform Felek into a second Makuta. Felek resisted, however, and ended up saving Rya from the Makuta - throwing him into the pool and transforming him into a Toa of Fire!


Felek was taken and absorbed by the Makuta, but Rya escaped - unarmed and in a region he does not know.

Weapon: Thin Ax

Alignment: Dark heroic. Rya is looking to start his own team/organization.

Description: Rya is a tall Toa, with a crimson/silver color scheme. Rya's body is crimson, while his armor and mask are silver. His Kanohi Pakari is in the noble form. Rya has an orange eyes and a crimson headpiece.


Rya has arms that are somewhat short in comparison to his long legs, and his fingers are long, almost clawlike.

Personality: Rya is a semi-serious toa, although he does has a good sense of humor. He likes to think of himself as an intelligent Toa - unlike some Toa of Fire, who will often make rash decisions, Rya will always think about the results of his actions, and have a plan for almost every possible outcome. This calculated approach to action is not always perfect, though, and leads Rya to be somewhat indecisive in situations which he did not anticipate. Rya has little respect for "tradition", and thus feels no real need to follow a set "Toa code". This does not mean, however, that he does not intend to be a hero - he very much does, but will accomplish this in his own ways. Unlike most Toa, Rya is fully willing to kill those who are evil.

Weaknesses: Rya is not fond of the element of water. His armor is also weakened in cold environments, which makes his life in Ko-Wahi difficult. His chest-plate could be easily shattered with a strong enough physical attack when he is out in the cold.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Name: Kavak

Species: Skakdi

Gender: Male

Powers: Stone powers (in conjunction with another Skakdi), Laser vision

History: Kavak has had a lifelong lust for power - and for battle. To satisfy this lust, Kavak came to Mata Nui in the hopes of conquering the island.


This isn't his first visit, however. Kavak has been to Mata Nui many times, for periods ranging from days to months. Kavak has fought many Toa and Rahi on these visits, hoping to sharpen his fighting skills - he's won some batles, and lost some battles.


Now he's returned, and intends to use his knowledge of combat to remove all power except his from the island - Toa, Rahi, and the Makuta himself - Kavak will spare none in his quest for power.

Weapons: Long claws and a shield

Description: Kavak is somewhat average height for a Skakdi, and somewhat thin. Kavak is brown and silver, with bright orange eyes.


Kavak has a somewhat pointy head and spine, resembling that of the warlord Nektann.

Personality: Kavak is madness incarnate - while somewhat intelligent, his lust for power (and battle) can sometimes get in the way of his logical thinking. When calm, though, Kavak can behave rather intelligently - this is what led him to believe he would be a fit ruler for the island of Mata Nui. Kavak has a disturbing god complex - seeing himself as one day being able to rival the Great Spirit himself.

Weaknesses: Kavak's sometimes present insanity allows for almost any enemy to outsmart him in the right situation.

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Posted Jan 30 2013 - 04:27 PM

Name: Hua

Race: Onu-Matoran

Profession: Toolmaker / Blacksmith.

Appearance: He is a Onu-Matoran, with his body, feet, hands and Kanohi Ruru in a deep black. Curiously enough, his arms, legs, and his eyes are of a deep dark blue. He is also quite a lot  taller then most matoran, although not freakishly so.

Weaponry: None. Hua is not proficient in any weaponry - he can swing a hammer stoutly enough, but his highest chances of survival in a battle lie in participating as little as possible.

Personality:When in conversation, Hua prefers to listen rather then talk. He is not shy of other company, although he does not always seek it out either. When asked to explain something, he will often do so in great detail. Moreover, he genuinely enjoys helping others, although he does expect that others have the same attitude. He can become annoyed when others do not see their own responsibilities in the way that he views his. In a lighter form, he can also become rather annoyed when others do not see certain people the way he sees them. On the other hand, others may become frustrated by him and his blunt honesty at every turn: Tact is not an art Hua has mastered.Weaknesses:Hua prefers focussing on one thing at the time, and he becomes progressively confused and subsequently frustratred when his attention is demanded at more then one place. Having focussed his entire life on making tools, learning other skills becomes frustrating to him as he finds that he can not do anything with the same skill as his tool making capabilities. Even though he has great skill when, say, balancing a hammer, he can be rather clumsy when walking around, attributed to his rather large size and his tendency to overlook obstacles, due to his focus lying elsewhere.[color=#008000;]Name: Pasja[/color]

[color=#008000;]Appereance: She is slightly more tall then most of those around her, and can be recognized by her dark green Kakama, body, feet and hands, by her deep black arms and legs, and her deep blue eyes.[/color]

[color=#008000;]Proffession: A Le-Matoran who specializes in flying Gekkos, and currently commands a wing in the Le-Koro air force.[/color]

[color=#008000;]Weaponry: A double-edged knife (or dagger), standard issue for Le Matoran gekko riders. The weapon is mainly intended for utility use rather then attacking.Personality:Pasja became a commander mainly due to her ability to quickly grasp a situation and figure out the way to an positive outcome. She always has a reasonably cheery outlook on any situation, which can lead to frustration with her colleagues, as she does not always appear to take them seriously. In some cases, she doesn’t: She tends to be rather confident in her own intelligence and abilities - which are substential, do not get me wrong - bordering on a sense of arrogance. On the other hand, she is very loyal: Although she might think less of any other, she is not about to let anyone fall without a chance to (im)prove himself or herself.On the physical side, she is like any pilot: Light and dextrous. Slim, and in this case, tall. She does train her physical strength each day  (you never know when that might be usefull), but it will not be as strong as anyone packing a little more weigth. She does not like to admit it.[/color]


[color=#008000;]Weaknesses: As already mentioned, she is not as strong as most matoran, but she is too arrogant to admit it. She is also rather overconfident of her own abilities, and tends to disregard that of others. Such a stance could be exploited for a trap.[/color]

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Posted Jan 31 2013 - 11:27 PM

  • Name: Kersill
  • Species: Toa
  • Gender: Male
  • Description: Tall, Lean. primary color: Light Gray. Secondary color: black. Mask is a Kanohi Suletu, or Mask of telepathy. height: 9 Bio.
  • Element: Sonics
  • Alignment: Anti-hero.
  • Personality and history: Kersill was a De-Matoran that was transformed into a toa roughly 10 years before the Great Catalclysm. In these ten years, he became cold and ruthless, not adhering to the Toa Code. if disturbed by enemies, he will fly into a "battle rage" where nothing matters as long as he subdues his enemy. After the Great Catalysm, Kersill found a way out of Mata Nui's robotic body, discovering Mata Nui. 
  • Tools: his Toa Tool is similar to Tobduk's staff, but doesn't blast out white-hot heat. instead, he sends ear-splitting sonic waves out of it. they are controlled by his thoughts and thus don't hit him.
  • weaknesses: like all Toa of Sonics, he has advanced hearing, by which a very large sound would make his ears ring and waves of pain rack his head. He can deafen himself, but this leaves him open to attack from where he can't see. His battle rage can also be used against him, as he usually doesn't think much while in this state.



Name: Xsendir.

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male.

Description: red armor platings with hints of yellow and gold around the ankles and wrists.

Element: Ta-Matoran.

Alignment: good.

Personality and history: Xsendir is a kind, noble-hearted matoran from Ta-Koro. light-hearted and fun loving, some of the other matoran wonder if he is actually a le-matoran. not much is known about him, except that he was on the Ta-Koro guard, and has been for several years.

Tools: two small blades, utilized more for cutting things rather than offence or defense. bamboo disc.

Weaknesses: like all matoran, he is small and weak. he is also lighter than most, and a bit on the scrawny side.

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Posted Feb 03 2013 - 07:22 PM

Name: Masopix (MAY-soh-picks)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: male

Appearance: Greyish torso, thighs, hips, and biceps. Silver breastplate, thigh armor and bicep armor. Silver forearms, shins, feet, hands, shoulder armor, and mask. Lime green eyes and heartlight. Fingers and palms of hands are grey. Has a plain grey cloak with a hood that covers his face that he sometimes wears. The paint around the eyes of his mask are grey and worn. He is lean and muscular, while still very agile and fast.

Weapons: Protosteel razor shield that can channel powers, sword that looks like Kopaka Mata’s sword and that can channel powers and split into two swords and become a double sword (Like Kopaka Nuva's), knives that return when thrown.

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel

Element: Ice

Traits: Masopix is a bit of a loner, but nevertheless likes working in teams from time to time. He gets a bit frustrated when the majority is against his theories and ideas, which are usually very logical. He is strategic, tactical, and clever, analyzing a scene and quickly coming up with a solution. He is very inventive and creative, and enjoys building things. He also has an in-depth knowledge of technology.

Biography: He has no memory of his past, but he has a scar on the back of his head indicating that his amnesia is due to blunt force trauma. His oldest clear memory is of him waking up on a beach battered and injured. He has been trying to find out more about his past. In the long run he wishes to meet whoever it was who stole his memory.

Weakness: It takes a while for him to heal from burns, and he doesn’t seem to like extreme heat.





Name: Anoma (A-no-muh)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: female

Appearance: dark blue armor with black hands, thighs, hips, torso, feet, and biceps. Purple eyes and heartlight. Very slim and athletic.

Weapons: a spear that can double it’s momentum to knock over heavy objects. The spear can also fire energy and channel elements. She also has a crystal knife that she can create more of using her element

Mask: Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding

Element: crystal

Traits: at times reckless, but nevertheless able to conceive plans. She is not quick to lose her temper, but does not like standing still.

Biography: Anoma is a valiant protector of the Matoran, and is fascinated with Masopix and his quest to find his past. She supports him where she can, while still helping the Matoran.

Weakness: Her armor is strong, but very focused, leaving her joints a little more unprotected than other’s.






Name: Sarok (sehr-rock)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: male

Appearance: Grey biceps, thighs, and torso. Black breastplate, hips, mask, forearms, thigh armor, shins, and bicep armor. Yellow eyes and heartlight.

Weapons: A metal one- or two-handed staff with blades at the ends that can channel his elemental power, and that straps onto his back.

Mask: Volitak

Element: Earth

Traits: Sarok is quiet and sensible. He shares many of the traits a typical Toa of Earth might have, including being good with tools, being strong, and other things like that.

Biography: Sarok does what he can to do his duty as a Matoran. He has a rather uneventful history, started out as an Onu-Matoran, became a Toa, etc. He knows Anoma and has heard about Masopix from her, but does not know much about Masopix.

Weakness: Sarok is a slightly slow runner, and would typically rather stay and fight than run as long as nobody else is at risk.




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Posted Feb 10 2013 - 02:26 PM

Name: Tayis

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Power: Gravity

Weapon: Throwing knives and a Kanohi Huna

Alignment: Good

Personality: While he serves good, Tayis will often tread on others to ultimately achieve his goals.  His techniques are sometimes unorthodox or immoral, but he always has a greater good in mind.

Tayis almost always takes a hands-on approach to combat, using his elemental power to greatly enhance his own abilities in combat, rather than directing it at his enemies.

He has a casual attitude to virtually everything, but an enthusiasm to be involved in anything going on around him. 

Appearance: Grey armour with occasional purple tinges.  This contrasts his Kanohi, which is orange, and while having the power of a Huna, is shaped like a great Pakari.  He wears a hooded cloak, but only wears the hood up when working alone.  The cloak acts to hide the array of throwing knives he has strapped to his back and sides.

Weakness: His throwing knives allow him to take on an enemy at range, but are usually ineffective as most have armour that will easily shrug them off.  He also tends to overestimate his abilities, taking on opponents far stronger than him.



Name: Bakotann

Species: Skakdi

Gender: Male

Powers: Sheer strength, and heat vision

Weakness: Not particularly bright, and exceptionally arrogant in combat. 

Alignment: Neutral, leaning towards bad.  Is not evil, but is not a particularly pleasant person.


Name: Dowun "Ranama"

Species: Le-Matoran

Gender: Male

Powers: Exceptionally strong, fast and agile for a matoran thanks to extensive training.

Weakness: Impatient to get things done.  Has no combat experience whatsoever.

Alignment: Lawful good. 

Bio: Nicknamed Ranama for the time he successfully brought down a Nui-Rama single handedly.  Living in a fairly out of the way hut in Le-Koro, Ranama devotes all his time to training himself physically and mentally, for what he simply says is "the future".  He makes his money by doing one off errands, as he is exceptionally able bodied.  This allows him to get by, but he doesn't have money to spare.  He wears a gunmetal Sanok with green armour and hints of gunmetal else where.

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Posted Feb 10 2013 - 05:32 PM

[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Description:[/color] [color=#0000ff;]This[/color][color=#808080;]. If the image doesn't work for you... Zekize is a heavily armored Toa of Ice. He's clad in white, with highlights of lime green. He has pale (ice-blue) eyes and heartlight. His Pakari is shaped like a Noble Huna.[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Weaknesses:[/color] [color=#808080;]Headstrong. Somewhat slow-moving, and doesn't have a lot of experience with his elemental power.[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Name:[/color] [color=#808080;]Zekize[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Species: [/color][color=#808080;]Toa[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Gender: [/color][color=#808080;]Male[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Powers/weapons: [/color][color=#808080;]elemental ice powers, strength (Kanohi Pakari), dual drills (note: he does have hands).[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Alignment:[/color] [color=#808080;]Good[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]Personality:[/color] [color=#808080;]Zekize is a brawler, plain and simple. Though he controls ice he feels better suited to the people Po-Koro, or at least he did as a Matoran. After becoming a Toa he became a little more serious. Zek has been described as rambunctious and destructive, but he's only like this when fighting.[/color][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif;"][color=#000000;]History:[/color] [color=#808080;]A few years ago, Zekize worked on a demolition crew in Po-Koro. He later became a Toa through unknown means. After this event, he decided to keep his drills that he'd used as a Matoran. [/color][/font]

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Posted Feb 20 2013 - 10:35 PM

Name: Strackkorotus


species: Toa


alignment: good


gender: Male


Appearance: Strackkorotus is a tall, lean toa of stone. red eyes, deep brown Kanohi,  lighter brown armor with black mixed in.


Tools: prefering to use none, he keeps a 9-inch knife sheathed in case of emergencies, Kanohi Mahiki


Brief History: Strackkorotus is an immigrant from the southern continent, tasked with keeping an eye on Mata Nui


trivia: Strack prefers to control stone in a similar way to earth-bending(from Avatar: the last airbender)


Personality: fun, lighthearted, quick to comfort, though this can be torn away and a contained anger put in it's place.


Weaknesses: Strack takes a while to adjust to different tempatures. if he does from a desert to a mountain top, his body will nearly shut down in an effort to adjust.

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Posted Feb 21 2013 - 03:56 PM

Alright, so yeah... my account was deleted so I'm writing this again to make it clear that these are my guys.


Name: Masopix (MAY-soh-picks)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: male

Appearance: Greyish torso, thighs, hips, and biceps. Silver breastplate, thigh armor and bicep armor. Silver forearms, shins, feet, hands, shoulder armor, and mask. Lime green eyes and heartlight. Fingers and palms of hands are grey. Has a plain grey cloak with a hood that covers his face that he sometimes wears. The paint around the eyes of his mask are grey and worn. He is lean and muscular, while still very agile and fast.

Weapons: Protosteel razor shield that can channel powers, sword that looks like Kopaka Mata’s sword and that can channel powers and split into two swords and become a double sword (Like Kopaka Nuva's), knives that return when thrown.

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel

Element: Ice

Traits: Masopix is a bit of a loner, but nevertheless likes working in teams from time to time. He gets a bit frustrated when the majority is against his theories and ideas, which are usually very logical. He is strategic, tactical, and clever, analyzing a scene and quickly coming up with a solution. He is very inventive and creative, and enjoys building things. He also has an in-depth knowledge of technology.

Biography: He has no memory of his past, but he has a scar on the back of his head indicating that his amnesia is due to blunt force trauma. His oldest clear memory is of him waking up on a beach battered and injured. He has been trying to find out more about his past. In the long run he wishes to meet whoever it was who stole his memory.

Weakness: It takes a while for him to heal from burns, and he doesn’t seem to like extreme heat.





Name: Anoma (A-no-muh)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: female

Appearance: dark blue armor with black hands, thighs, hips, torso, feet, and biceps. Purple eyes and heartlight. Very slim and athletic.

Weapons: a spear that can double it’s momentum to knock over heavy objects. The spear can also fire energy and channel elements. She also has a crystal knife that she can create more of using her element

Mask: Kanohi Hau, mask of shielding

Element: crystal

Traits: at times reckless, but nevertheless able to conceive plans. She is not quick to lose her temper, but does not like standing still.

Biography: Anoma is a valiant protector of the Matoran, and is fascinated with Masopix and his quest to find his past. She supports him where she can, while still helping the Matoran.

Weakness: Her armor is strong, but very focused, leaving her joints a little more unprotected than other’s.






Name: Sarok (sehr-rock)

Species: Toa

Alignment: good

Gender: male

Appearance: Grey biceps, thighs, and torso. Black breastplate, hips, mask, forearms, thigh armor, shins, and bicep armor. Yellow eyes and heartlight.

Weapons: A metal one- or two-handed staff with blades at the ends that can channel his elemental power, and that straps onto his back.

Mask: Volitak

Element: Earth

Traits: Sarok is quiet and sensible. He shares many of the traits a typical Toa of Earth might have, including being good with tools, being strong, and other things like that.

Biography: Sarok does what he can to do his duty as a Matoran. He has a rather uneventful history, started out as an Onu-Matoran, became a Toa, etc. He knows Anoma and has heard about Masopix from her, but does not know much about Masopix.

Weakness: Sarok is a slightly slow runner, and would typically rather stay and fight than run as long as nobody else is at risk.

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Posted Feb 22 2013 - 06:50 AM

  • Name: Er O
  • Appearance: Body of the Bohrok Va (w/o legs), the legs are desined to be like the Turaga, the head is a hand piece for the Va that has a size to conector to the main join piece used for the hands of the Toa, that has a ball piece attached and the flat part where the cross piece can be attached faces out front and acts like a mount, while the slits for the cross piece on the hand area used as eye sockets.
  • Weakness: Fragile, can be detroyed very easily(exception fire and lava as a to-matoran), flaw in his defend programming so he can only take the attacks (can not defend, nor run away, he can however hide during danger)
  • Type: Makuta Drone/Matoran
  • Gender: Confused
  • Powers/Weapons: Element Changing(ta-matoran allows totally immunity to fire & lava), Loyalty (listen to everyone good and bad), isn't trusted to use a weapon due to his programming have an error in self defense
  • Allignment: Neutral
  • Personality and history: Can not recall much except for Turaga Ahkmou teaching him about The Great Spirit Makuta Teridax
  • Anything Else: Designed to operate without a mask, and can activate any mask power to the Nobel extent, can change element type to the 6 main elements(Makuta stored the power of the Toa Metru when they freed him w/ their Rhotuka).

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