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Big Bang Theory Reaches 10k on Cuusoo

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#1 Offline Hapori Tohu

Hapori Tohu
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  • 16-July 01
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Posted Mar 16 2014 - 11:26 PM

Less than a month after being submitted, Alatariel's Big Bang Theory Cuusoo project has hit 10,000 supporters and is ready to go on to the review stage along with Doctor Who, Birds, the modular Apple store, and the Back to the Future Train. Even if you're not a fan of the show I recommend checking this out. It's got some great interior details and minifig renders of the full cast.

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#2 Offline Sumiki

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  • 04-September 06
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 12:11 AM

It begins.



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#3 Offline Swert

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  • 26-January 03
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 12:48 AM

Dat Lantern....

Honestly, haven't seen much of the show (I don't watch TV) but the theme looks perfect for Lego. The only question to be raised would be of licensing. However, I'm pretty sure the producers would get a personal kick out of being represented in such a geeky format.

I await the outcome of this one. If for nothing else, DAT LANTERN!

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#4 Offline Timelady Gallade

Timelady Gallade
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  • 29-August 12
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 02:28 AM

Now we need one of thse high quality pokemon sets to reach 10,000!

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 P̴̡͘r̛̕a̵͟i̷͞s͢͠é̴̢̛̕ ̛͡t̴̶̨͞h͢҉̶e̢͟ ̸̢͢͠R͢é̷͏̶d̸͘͞ ̴͟͡͏͞a͞n̶̛̕̕҉d̶͠͞͞ ̶̡̧B̷̛l̀҉a҉̢́͟c̕͠k̢͠ ̶̸̡͟͢Ģ͞͝͏͝ó̕d̛͢͢͡͠.̧҉.̷̧̛͟͞.̀҉̴

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#5 Offline Phovos

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  • 07-September 07
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 04:09 AM

Honestly, Big Bang Theory is something I really do not think will sell well, what with the more adult audience, the constant petty hatred between the characters and the fact that, let's face it, there's not much action outside, well, talking.

Okay, yes, I despise the show and think it's an insult to intelligence, but still, it's not the action-packed sort of thing you'd find on the shelves, like Doctor Who or Legends of Chima or Pokemon or Star Wars, and so on and so forth.

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#6 Offline Ektris

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  • 22-July 03
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 06:32 AM

As much as I like the show, I'm not sure I'd even get this. :/ It all looks good though and I'm interested in seeing how it does.


Edited by Electric Turahk, Mar 17 2014 - 06:32 AM.

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#7 Offline Sophia

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  • 04-February 07
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 10:14 AM

Considering the show's taste in humor (including some rather hurtful transphobia), while I can't say LEGO won't make this set, I can say I don't want them to.

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#8 Offline Vorahk1Panrahk2

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  • 08-July 03
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 10:15 AM

I find the show sporadically amusing myself, but I can't imagine how anyone thinks it would make for a good LEGO model. Even the model itself isn't that great- just a living space with some accessories and bland minifigures. What 10,000 people saw in this I have no idea.


Here's hoping that if anything is chosen from this stage, its the Birds project. We need some well built non-licensing projects to be recognized.

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#9 Offline xccj

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  • 17-January 03
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 10:25 AM

I like the show, but not this model.  This is just another "make minifigs of the characters and put them in a setting similiar to the show" that lacks any real interest.  It's a display model, and not that exciting of one either.  Plus it's asking for way too many minifigures than makes sense from a model's perspective.  I don't think this one has a bright future.


Of course, they could've done this differently.  It's a science show, and even if most of it involves social stuff, there's real science used there.  If they had given use some cool model in one of their labs with a cool feature to show off somethiny sciency, then it would have been an awesome set.  You could've included some of the iconic characters and honor the show, but also make a model that promotes scientific thinking that could have a fun action feature or something.  Throwing them all in a living room seems like such a waste in comparison.



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#10 Offline Ganto

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  • 16-March 11
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 11:17 AM

Now for some lego pokemon, please let me find cards in that closet in that genius set.

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#11 Offline Spiderus Prime

Spiderus Prime
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  • 14-April 06
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 12:27 PM

My Sister would loves this a lot.

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#12 Offline Makaru

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  • 15-March 03
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 01:08 PM

I hope this gets shelved and never sees the light of day  :)

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Spoiler Alert

#13 Offline Aanchir

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  • 04-September 06
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 03:43 PM

I really enjoy the show. I have never understood a lot of the criticism — it doesn't insult nerds/intellectuals any more than your typical sitcom insults average joes or middle-class families. And furthermore, thanks to its acute focus, it is able to show diversity within that category, rather than just having a single "nerd" character to represent each and every nerdy stereotype and to be laughed at for their ridiculousness compared to the show's "normal" main cast. But obviously its humor might not be for everyone, as is the case with any show. I find it funny, and can't help but laugh at many of the jokes.

The project is pretty good, including the show's most frequent setting as well as all the major characters. It probably has more characters than a set that size ought to have, though. The brick-built portion of the model is extremely detailed and really speaks to me as a builder, considering how many times I've struggled to capture all the detail in my own living space in LEGO form.

I do not think this stands a chance in review, of course. The show is characterized by raunchy humor and adult situations, and its very title is a double entendre. It doesn't push the envelope as much as some extremely iconoclastic and irreverent shows like South Park, but it's still far more risque than any existing LEGO license, up to and including The Simpsons. And let's face it — LEGO Cuusoo proposals have been rejected for far less in the past. The Doctor Who project which recently passed review seems a lot more like the kind of thing that would suit the LEGO Cuusoo platform and the LEGO Group's brand values.

Edited by Aanchir: Rachira of Time, Mar 17 2014 - 03:46 PM.

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