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Voice Recording Device

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#1 Offline Phovos

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  • Nuhvok-Kal Collapsed

  • 07-September 07
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Posted Mar 17 2014 - 09:26 AM


Hello. I am not sure what I should be saying. I was given this 'Voice Recording Device' and was told to use it. Apparently it is good for the 'soul'. I do not understand the concept of the soul. It is something humans believe in.

Derrick said I should start with saying what my name is. My name is Nuhvok-Kal. I am stranded in a world I do not understand at all. Not even a tiny bit. Not even a tiny weeny minuscule bit. Not even a... Apologies, I sometimes get stuck in strange loops.

Derrick is the human who found me. He is a doctor. He is also a member of a 'unit of soldiers'. Which makes no sense, as doctors heal, they do not fight. Maybe he protects the others while they fight. I looked up the word 'Doctor' in a dictionary, which is a huge amount of paper bound up together. It contains the meaning of lots of different words, in alphabetical order. Doctors are healers, they have a saying called the Hypocritical Oath which means they cannot harm people.

Sorry, I made a mistake. It is the Hippocratic Oath. Hypocritical means someone who says one thing but says or acts in a different way.

How did I get here? I am not sure. As far as I understand, I transformed myself into a black hole. But if that were true, I would have been spaghettified and I clearly would not be here talking to you. I like to think that, in some other part of space-time, I turned into a white hole and reformed. Derrick thinks that is plausible. Derrick's 'friend' thinks that is, hm, I do not know what this word means... nonsense?

I do not actually know where here is. As soon as I arrived, I found myself traumatised by all the strange smells and sounds and sights. Kohrak-Kal would love it here. He enjoys sitting and listening. I enjoy crushing things. I crushed a few things when I arrived, a side effect of my formerly out of control powers. Several large things with wheels in each corner, a couple of red things that sprayed water after being crushed and what I think may have been a house, but it was very small, especially for a human. Derrick called it a dog house. He has not told me what a dog is. I may have crushed the small Rahi inside the small house, but never mind.

So here I am, in a place I do not understand. If I am honest for a moment, I am quite scared of this place. One thing I have not mentioned yet is how tall these humans are. They're the same height as humans! The only things afraid of me are small Rahi... Sorry, I forget they are called animals here. Such a silly word. Small humans are scared of me too. Matoran are always small and only some turn into Toa, but here, all the humans start small then get big!

I do not see many humans though. Where I am, it is dry and dusty. In the colder period of the year, the vegetation is green, but during the warm months, everything turns brown under the baking sun. There are lots of 'soldiers' here but they seem to lack a purpose. They have 'families', relationships somewhat similar to that between the Bahrag queens and my siblings, but much tighter. Derrick has explained that I have other relationships too, like the 'friendship' between Derrick and I. I feel that Derrick does not want to share this 'friendship' as he does not let other humans see me. He always tells me to remain hidden when one approaches. I believe this is some form of protection. While the humans are not hostile to one another, I fear they would be hostile upon discovering my existence. Even Derrick was uncertain when he first stumbled across me. Then again, I had just crushed that very small house.

I suppose I ought to be thankful that I am here. Turning oneself into a black hole is incredibly powerful. I find it unusual how a machine like myself was programmed to feel rudimentary emotions, similar to Toa, Matoran and humans, but at the same time, it has allowed me to understand more about the world around me.

Maybe that is why I was given this recording device, to give me insight to the world around me and to give me insight to myself. I am a stranded being who will most likely never be able to return to his proper place. What I have seen has caused great discomfort to me, to the point that I have shut off parts of myself. I no longer have the ability to exert my gravitational powers past a certain level. I also no longer have access to any of my other Krana-Kal abilities, aside from my Xa-Kal, which is useless here.

Useless. A curious word. It so perfectly describes how I feel. But perhaps I may find new purpose here?

I hope so.

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#2 Offline SarracenianKaijin

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  • 21-July 13
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Posted Apr 23 2014 - 03:31 PM

Curious little story, albeit not particularly special. A standard fish-out-of-water scenario.


I do find the choice of using Bohrok-Kal interesting though. Surely with creatures like the Bohroks, the thought process would be something much more incomprehensibly alien than this?

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Reach Heaven by Violence.


And while you are at it, see Bionicle characters as Magical Girls.

#3 Offline Zarayna

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  • 08-September 07
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Posted Apr 25 2014 - 12:33 PM

Oh great, this is bad. I've completely forgotten which Kal turned itself into a black hole. It's been too long. Anyways, if you were aiming for rather random and a bit confusing--which I assume you were--then you've succeeded. It was a fun little read, and pretty good.

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