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The Return of Light

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#1 Offline Blessed Blade

Blessed Blade
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Posted Mar 20 2014 - 09:54 PM

Dark storm clouds filled the air, as 12 Toa stood facing each other. Six of them each stood on either side of the field cleared out, one set of goalposts on the very end of each side.
"This is the original Kolhii, huh..." One of the Toa standing on the left side said, as the green armoured Toa rubbed the bottom of his Miru.
"Never would have thought a simple game would determine the fate of a battle." A beige and brown coloured Toa muttered, as he sighed.
"Probably right up your alley, though, Blade." The beige toa said, as Blade shook his head.
"We don't have time for this, Aurora. We have to win this, or things will go very wrong." Blade said, looking over at the scoreboard, which currently read 0-0, and held the names of the two teams that were participating. 'Metru Nui Magikarp Masters' and 'Nostalgic Kaita'.
Who came up with these names, anyway? Wasn't the Bionicle Strikers a good name for us? Blade thought, as he sighed, and looked over at the other players on their side of the field. A white and grey Toa named Onarax, a red and black Toa named Burnmad, a pure jet black Toa with glowing red eyes called Luroka, and an oddly blue Toa named Tahukan, in addition to Aurora and Blade. Despite seeming how each Toa seemed to look like normal Toa, all of them were, in fact, Toa of light, able to bend the light around things to make their attacks look flashier than they are. Blade frowned, as he looked over at the others across the field, who were looking over with judgmental looks.
We both know that we're playing for the stakes of the world here... Time to prove it, and win this for the light. Blade thought once more, as he looked over at Burnmad, the second striker. Blade nodded, and looked back, as he noticed Tahukan and Aurora at the back, Luroka guarding the goal, and Onarax acting as the in-between guy. Blade then looked forward, as he noticed the opposing team was mirroring their positions.
Let's get this going, then. Blade thought, as he kicked the Kolhii ball to Burnmad to start the game.

Things got off to a bad start, however, as Nostalgic Kaita dashed forward as soon as the ball was passed.
"Voltex here, and we're bringing you the ultimate battle of the world. Light vs. Dark; ... Magikarp... Versus Kaita! And look at that, right off the start, Voxumo and Oryx charge Burnmad!" The grey Toa starting on the sidelines said, as he acted as announcer with a smirk on his face. He was right, too, as Burnmad, right off the bat, got hit by Voxumo, the green Toa, and Oryx, the red Toa, as they slid under his feet, knocking the ball away to Tahukan.
"Out of my way!" Flaredrick yelled out, as the dark brown and grey Toa dashed forward from his midfield position to attempt to crash into Tahukan; however, the blue Toa spun around him, sending Flaredrick crashing to the ground, accidentally twisting his foot in the process.
"Gah... Serves me right for rushing..." Flaredrick muttered to himself, as he attempted to stand up, his ankle sending shocks of pain up his foot, but not enough to cause worry. Meanwhile, Tahukan rushed up the field as well, hoping to get the first point, despite being mostly a defender. He obviously didn't think the plan through, however, as Voxumo and Oryx rushed toward him as well, seeing the defender easily dodge Flaredrick. Tahukan, however, smiled, despite knowing that Flaredrick was rushing him from behind as well.
"Burnmad!" Tahukan yelled out, as he kicked the ball away, through the gap that Voxumo and Oryx had left, as to the surprise of the other team, it connected with Burnmad's foot, who quickly passed it up the field to Blade as Tahukan was tackled badly by Voxumo and Oryx, knocking them all back into Flaredrick and injuring his foot further from the force.

Blade received the ball, and dashed forward with great speed, dodging past both Lhikevikk and Fishers, as light trailed behind him, mimicking the effects of wind.
"God Wind!" Blade yelled out, as he slammed his foot into the kolhii ball, and sent it flying forward, a yellowish aura surrounding the ball as he did so, sending it toward Kayn, the goal defender and captain, whose eyes widened in surprise, as he couldn't react in time to stop the speeding ball from heading through the goal, and crashing into the mountain behind it.
"GOAL!" Voltex yelled out, a wide and malicious smile on his face, as he blew a whistle, and a '1' magically appeared on the scoreboard. However, as Blade high fived Burnmad, the two teams suddenly realized that both Tahukan and Flaredrick weren't standing up. The collision had injured them both badly, and had to be removed from the field, reducing both teams to five.
So we lose one of our defenders, and they lose their midfielder... We can still handle this. Blade thought, as he returned to his place, and awaited the resume of the match; as Lhikevikk moved up to take the place of Flaredrick, and Voxumo scowled, as he looked over at Oryx.
"We know what the price of failing is... We can't allow the darkness to take over. We must win." Voxumo said, as Oryx frowned, and nodded. Oryx kicked the ball over to Voxumo, who dashed up the field, surprising both Blade and Burnmad, as the two bowled them over quickly with their power, and proceeded to pass Onarax with quick passes; as Aurora stood in their way with a frown.
"Heh, how fitting... We'll take out both their defenders and win this for good." Voxumo said, as he kicked the ball to Oryx quickly and then turned around.

When Oryx kicked the Kolhii ball back into the air toward Voxumo, the Toa leaped into the air, and backflipped as it passed near him; slamming his foot into the ball with dark coloured light energy, as it launched toward the goal quickly.
"Bicycle Sword." Voxumo said darkly, as the energy charged ball headed toward Aurora first, slamming into him at first and seeming to be stopped, but then passing him, and slamming into the captain of the Magikarp, Luroka, and sending him and the ball flying into the goal.
"G-Goal!" Voltex yelled out, obviously as surprised as the other spectators who were watching the final battle between light and darkness.
"Less than two minutes after the last goal, Nostalgic Kaita tie it up!" Voltex yelled out; but his shock soon turned to a smirk, as Aurora was also unmoving, the power of the shot being too much for him to take, especially after the way he landed.
"It's alright... You did your best." Luroka said, as Aurora nodded, and limped off the field.
"We can do this still, everyone!" Luroka called out for morale support, and Blade nodded, as only four members remained on the field. Voxumo, however, continued to just glare at the Magikarp team, regarding them with seeming hostility, as the whistle blew, and Lhikevikk ran up from midfield to the Magikarp side of the field as Blade passed to Burnmad, who was quickly launched to the side, landing badly on his shoulder as Lhikevikk stole the ball, and dashed down the field, with only Onarax to stop him. Blade realized what was happening, and began to run toward them, however, was quickly marked by Voxumo, as Oryx ran past.

Lhikevikk looked back briefly, and sent a back pass to Oryx, as he prepared to charge up a shot of his own... However, as he was about to shoot, Onarax dashed forward, and kicked out at the Kolhii ball quickly, launching the ball away by accident as both of the Toa slammed their ankles into the other. Onarax and Oryx both staggered back, obviously in pain, as Lhikevikk stole the opportunity to grab the ball, and dashed down the field, a grim look on his face, as he launched himself into the air, charged up dark light energy around his foot that looked like a shooting star, and launched it at Luroka quickly.
"METEOR BLADE!!" Lhikevikk yelled out in desperation, as Luroka attempted to block it with a giant hand of energy.
"God Hand!" Luroka yelled out, but the hand was broken instantly, and he was sent backwards into the goal again. Voltex blew the whistle, and smirked, as the score was then 2-1.
"Well, well, well... Looks like only two of Metru Nui Magikarp Masters can actually play now. Looks like darkness... wins." Voltex stated with a malevolent smile, as every single player on the field looked at him in shock, as Burnmad, Oryx, and Onarax were carried off the field, leaving only Kayn, Blade, Luroka, Lhikevikk, Voxumo, and Fishers.

"But you said that we were light!!" Voxumo suddenly shouted out, as Blade looked over at him in confusion.
"But... We were the light team..." Blade said, as Voxumo's eyes widened, and he sighed, as he nodded, suddenly understanding.
"I see... We were all played by Voltex." Voxumo mused, as he walked over to what was the Magikarp side of the field, even as Voltex smirked, walked over to what was once Nostalgic Kaita's side of the field, and summoned five extra players.
"We must unite, to defeat this evil." Voxumo said, and Blade nodded, looking over at Voltex's team, gritting his teeth in annoyance, as the whistle blew.
"Nostalgic Kaita Nuva! Let's go!" Blade yelled out, as Blade kicked the ball to Voxumo, who kicked it back as they dashed up the field. However, before they could react, Voltex passed, stole the Kolhii ball, and shot it from midfield straight into the goal before anyone could react. 3-1.
"You are all so slow... You mean to say you can't get past us?" Voltex taunted, as Blade growled, Voxumo starting to take over the duties as Captain, as they continued to try and break through Voltex's defense. However, despite that, Luroka, Voxumo, and Kayn were all trying to use their own methods of captaining, and it was obviously not working, as Voltex kept breaking through every one of their strategies, all the while, Blade was just standing, utterly shocked at their ineffectiveness. 5-1.

With another shot of Voltex's foot, another goal was scored, and the six players were panting, as the time for the first half finally ran out.
"This is too much..." Kayn panted, looking over at the other team in shock, as they hadn't managed to even put a dent in their defense. Blade, however, continued to simply think, as Voxumo, Luroka, and Kayn began to argue about their captaining strategies once more.
"Wait." Blade said, managing to catch the attention of the three, as they blinked and looked over.
"We're all looking about this the wrong way..." Blade mumbled, and Voxumo just glared at him.
"If you have any better ideas, spit them out." Voxumo stated, obviously not pleased to be on the losing side at this point, and Blade nodded.
"Alright then... here's what we do." Blade said, as he began to draw a diagram on the ground, leading the others to nod in confusion. When they walked onto the field once more, their positions were changed up a lot; Luroka was now a second midfielder alongside Blade, Kayn was now the goalie, Voxumo and Lhikevikk were strikers, and Fishers was the lone defender.
"Alright... Now then, United Kaita... LET'S WIN THIS!" Blade yelled out, as Voxumo nodded, once again retaining the title of captain.

Lhikevikk kicked the ball to Voxumo, who kicked the ball back to Luroka, who kicked it back to Fishers.
"Special Tactics: God's Baton!!" Blade yelled out, as he generated ribbons of light in his hands, and Voltex growled, as he shook his head.
"None of this matters; we'll still crush you!" Voltex yelled out, as he rushed past the four other players with the rest of the team, intending to score an outright victory right then. However, Blade smirked, as he directed his first ribbon from Fishers to Kayn, Fishers using a normal pass to kick it to Kayn, who caught it, and as the rest of Voltex's team was rushing toward Kayn, Kayn jumped up quickly.
"Fire Tornado!" Kayn yelled out; kicking the ball directly over the heads of the opposing team, straight back to Luroka, as Blade dashed to the front, alongside Voxumo and Lhikevikk, as beams of light directed the Kolhii Ball and the three to the same point.
"Grand... FIRE!" The trio yelled out, as Blade kicked the ball, and then dashed forward, and kicked it again with the other two, causing flame-like energy to appear around the ball, as it shot forward, breaking through the guard quickly, scoring the second point for United Kaita. Luroka then switched with Fishers, as Voltex scowled again.
"You just don't learn, do you?" Voltex muttered, as he kicked off; however, his plan failed.
"Presto Turn!" Fishers called out, stealing the ball easily, before launching it toward Voxumo, who jumped into the air, and called upon the help of a giant construct of energy to send a flaming ball into the goal once more, evening up the score once more in the span of a minute.

With the score at 6-3, Voltex scowled, but still seemed to be confident in his success. However, that quickly changed, as the Kolhii ball was once again stolen, this time by Lhikevikk, with Blade and Lhikevikk changing positions, who kicked it up the field to Voxumo, who kicked it to Blade, who kicked it right back to Voxumo. However, this had meaning, as Voxumo charged up a shot, kicked it right back to Blade again, who sped up to match it, and then kicked with all his might.
"Black Dawn." Blade and Voxumo said, as the ball once again crashed through the goal, scoring the team's fourth goal. Voltex was now obviously angry, as the Toa's mask showed all the signs of his plan utterly going wrong. However, this time, instead of any of the team stealing the ball, Voltex crashed through all the other Toa, and went right to Kayn.
"Star Gazer." Voltex said with disdain, as he kicked the ball into the air, and had it crash down in energy form toward Kayn.
"God Hand X!" Kayn countered, as he dashed forward with a large hand to try and catch it, however, it was quickly broken through, losing them yet another point and bringing the score to 7-4. With the score being one point from automatic victory, the United Kaita didn't seem phased. In fact, they quickly dashed up the field after the kick-off, bringing the ball up quickly with quick and precise passes between Blade and Voxumo.
"Jet Stream!" Blade and Voxumo yelled out, as Lhikevikk caught up, and the trio ran around the ball, before finally kicking inward at the ball, sending it crashing into Voltex's goalkeeper, scoring a fifth goal for the United Kaita.

"How is this happening...?" Voltex said shocked, but growled, as he dashed forward after receiving his teammate's pass from the kickoff. However, Blade moved quickly, and ended up in front of Voltex.
"Wonder Trap!" Blade yelled out, as he quickly took the Kolhii ball to Voltex's surprise, and dashed up the field.
"True God Wind!" Blade yelled out, as he kicked the ball through all of Voltex's players to score the sixth goal. Voltex tried once again to get past Blade after the kickoff, but it once again failed, as he dodged around all of Team Voltex's players, and got to the keeper once again.
"Death Sword!" Blade yelled out, as he kicked the ball at the keeper again, breaking through the defense once again to finally tie the game up. Voltex was so shocked at this point, that he simply kicked the ball back to his other striker, and dashed back to the goal as the ball was stolen.
"YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER POINT!" Voltex roared out, as Blade, Lhikevikk, and Voxumo dashed forward with the Kolhii Ball.
"The EARTH!" The trio yelled out, as they kicked off one final time toward Voltex. The darkness around Voltex exploded, as he roared out, catching the ball on his foot, and trying to kick it back. However, the light around the ball began to glow even brighter each time the shadows tried to break loose, even as one single ray of sunlight broke through the clouds.
"GO!" The three yelled out, as Voltex's eyes widened, and he and the goalie were slammed backwards into the wall of the mountain, the resounding slam causing the crowd to be silent, as they looked around uneasily. The three Toa who acted as forwards panted, as they looked around uneasily, as 8-7 appeared on the scoreboard.
"We... won?" Blade said in confusion, as more rays of sunlight broke through the clouds, which began to melt away slowly, causing Blade to shield his eyes momentarily, as a smile grew on his face.
"We... did it!" Blade yelled out, as Voltex simply stared in shock, unable to comprehend how the opposing team scored seven goals in the course of 15 minutes. He knew how, of course, since the keeper of his decided to use absolutely no techniques of his own, but, he was still unable to figure out how they had pull off this sort of strategy while being weak the first half.

Voltex was about to stand up, when Blade walked over to him.
"You win... Now leave me alone." The former host scowled, as Blade narrowed his eyes.
"No. You will be locked up just as all villains should be." Blade said, as he pointed his hand toward Voltex, and Voxumo sighed, as everyone on United Kaita walked over to Voltex, to prepare a Toa seal. However, Burnmad cleared his throat finally.
"I do believe this was actually part of his plan." Burnmad said, as Blade blinked, and turned to him to be punched in the mask, causing the Toa to stumble back.
"He wasn't the evil one, I wa-" Was all that Burnmad got out, before he was sealed instead, out of frustration.
"... Actually, I was the evil one. I don't know what Burnmad was playing at." Voltex pointed out, as Blade simply slapped his palm to his mask and shook his head.
"Either way... This is our victory. Your punishment will be to go far away, and think up crazy schemes there instead." Blade said, and Voltex smiled maliciously, as Blade paused.
"Wait, oh, no." Blade started to correct himself, but Voltex vanished before he could, and Blade sighed.
"Well... Hopefully those schemes won't involve us."


I believe this is well over 300 words, iBrow. =P

This is based on the original concept of Kolhii; however, with artistic license to combine it more with soccer/football for fun purposes.

Disclaimer: None of these representations of the members are of my true opinion, they are simply for the purpose of the story, and any screen time any members got or didn't get was simply dictated by plot convenience. I wish I could've worked some of you in more; but I was running out of space for words as it was. =/

Also note, the concept and names of the special moves utilized here are from the game series "Inazuma Eleven", and should not be tried at home, obviously. =P

Edited by -Blade-, Mar 20 2014 - 09:54 PM.

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#2 Offline fishers64

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Posted Mar 20 2014 - 10:20 PM

Concept is amazing - I like that you analogized VERSUS into a sports game, and recognized the real enemy.


And the Suletu still works - I was always the defender back in the day, and am no good at sports, so I would not be noticed much in the game. Presto Turn? Okay, I can go with that. :)


Although this story is just too long - all the details of the sports moves are quite boring. *yawn* I skimmed those.  

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#3 Offline Blessed Blade

Blessed Blade
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Posted Mar 20 2014 - 10:33 PM

Heh, thanks. xP I was actually thinking like 'How am I gonna have the merging teams be represented', then thought of that, and started laughing my way outta any potential writer's block. =P

Oooh; that's pretty cool, then. =D Is cool that the Suletu still works, though, that's always nice. ^^

Yeah, I noticed that when I got toward the end, though technically some of the things would be better visually; I'm still not the greatest at describing special techniques, which is why some of those probably seemed to drag on. =P Sorry about that, will try and do things so it's not as boring in the future. ^^

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