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Oryx The Mad God

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Toa Kayn
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Posted Mar 21 2014 - 12:05 PM

Oryx The Mad God


Part 1

The balcony felt even more unstable than the old iron bridge he came across to get here. Commander Viral leant over the edge to take a look down at the crowded streets in the city below. It was beautiful, yet chaotic. Viral felt the cold air on his face and he closed his eyes in deep thought.




His ponderings were cut short as Lhikevikk walked out to join him.


“We’ve finally discovered the location of the cultist leader.”


Viral’s expression turned from calm to angry straight away as he remembered the soldiers he had lost. Aurora, Burnmad and Punished Snake had been killed the previous year in a failed attempt to take down Oryx, the mad god. Viral turned to Lhikevikk.


“You seriously think we can do this? Even if we do find him, we could hardly make a scratch with double our current numbers, never mind the three of us.”


“Don’t be so negative, Commander. This time he will have no we are on to him, the element of surprise will give us the edge against him.”


Viral paused for a couple of seconds before giving his thoughts.


“I see…when do we leave?”



Lhikevikk gave a gesture for Viral to follow him and he walked back into the room where they were hiding from the cultists, which were around every corner if you weren’t careful.


Viral, Lhikevikk and Tahukan packed lightly with a silenced pistol and a knife each, Viral kept his signature hand cannon, however.


Part 2

The three soldiers had successfully climbed to the roof of the building that Oryx was operating in. Tahukan took out his knife and pried an air vent open to make a way in.

After around five minutes crawling around the air vents, Viral  found the exit they were looking for, which led to the panels on the roof of Oryx’s supposed “throne room”. Lhikevikk pointed to a single panel.


“Due to intel discovered by Tahukan, we should take off the panel right here and drop in behind a set of cabinets, to give us some time to plan our ambush.”


“Good idea, Tahukan, you’ve saved us a lot of time with your discovery.”


Tahukan nodded and let off a small smile, also hand signalling to show that he was ready. Viral, navigated his fingers along the seams of the panel to get a good grip, he got it and lifted. The panel came off and they could see inside the room. One by one they silently dropped in behind the cabinets.


“I suggest that we all sneak into different positions in the room and take out the guards simultaneously.”


Viral and Tahukan nodded and they edged around the room, getting into position. They listened in on the intercom to hear Lhikevikk’s signal.




They both heard the whisper on the comms as clear as ever and they bounces into action. Each used one shot on one guard. Three shots, three guards.

The comrades stood in the middle of the room, pointing their guns at the cultist leader, ready to fire.


“We have you now!” Viral shouted as he was about to get revenge for his friends.


“No you don’t” Oryx calmly said as he looked at Tahukan.


Tahukan turned to Lhikevikk and fired a single shot. Oil and hydraulics sprayed all over Oryx as he got up out of his chair, brandishing a large sword.


Lhikevikk fell to his knees, holding his neck, eventually falling on to the floor lifelessly.


Viral had lost it. He turned all of the way around and charged at Tahukan, firing his pistol. All of the shots went clean through and, like Lhikevikk, Tahukan fell to the floor.


“My plan worked. It’s just me and you.” Oryx remarked.


Viral said nothing. He dropped his gun and took out his knife. Oryx lunged at Viral and his large sword cut down his arm.


“Time to die!”


Viral ignored the gash and he slid past the blade, stabbing Oryx in the side. The action completely came to a stop.


“Commander Viral, you can’t kill me! I’m a god!”

“God’s can’t die” stated Viral as he let go of the knife and backed away from the mad cultist.


Oryx reached towards Viral, attempting to whisper something to him. He finally built up enough energy to at least say what he needed to say.


“I’M A BOMB” shouted Oryx as his eyes started to glow red, along with the rest of his body.


Commander Viral tried to run out of the room but he couldn’t make it in time and was disintegrated in the explosion.

Edited by Toa Kayn, Mar 21 2014 - 07:34 PM.

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