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The Ashes

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#1 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Apr 01 2014 - 08:54 PM

I've decided to start off on a new leaf with the sequel to The Fire Chronicles, titled The Ashes.


Some quick background info: this comedy takes place a decade after the end of TFC, after a tragic event five years after TFC that royally screws up everything the Rebellion worked for. Survivors of the tragic event migrate west and build a giant and heavily fortified city, while the villain scorches the Clearing and heads up north, remaining in his lair. Hope for peace once more in the land is basically nonexistent, but one Ta-Matoran, also ravaged by the tragedy, steps up to the real challenge of reigniting that hope in the beings' hearts. 


Let us begin.





The Ashes: Sparked


Prologue: Recollection


            I don’t know how it happened. It simply did. There’s no explanation for this monstrosity to have occurred, except for destiny, I suppose.


            Did Helryx die a hero? I can’t say for sure. After all, she did kill two of my very good friends, and with no reason other than just pure torture. Pain, slowly eating away at my brain until I had no choice but to let it out. The first time, a Toa of Light was killed. The second time, I was able to prove my worth. I guess it is good to believe in second chances. But then, why did Tahu get one too? Because after we got rid of that Great Being, things were bound to get better. But they didn’t.


                                                                                                            ~Tanma, Toa of Light


            Destiny has been both a good thing and a bad thing for me. Sometimes, it has led me to victory and freedom. Other times, it led me to pain and suffering, then death, and then the cycle repeating itself.


            I did not choose to live. I would have died with Helryx, had it not been for the fulfillment of the Fire Chronicle. To be honest, I would’ve died the first time as well, but the balance of our power kept us both alive. No, it did not cancel us out. It kept us together and made us grow stronger. But then, I am left to live, and Helryx has sacrificed herself for the better. Or has she?


                                                                                                            ~Tahu, Toa of Fire


            I had no idea. I really didn’t have any idea, what could have possibly happened until she threw herself under the bus.


            Usually, I’m supposed to follow everything Helryx says to me. Those past few months, she was being controlled by Ranox, the power-hungry Great Being. So, in essence, I was listening to him…but Helryx had stopped. I had no idea what she could have possibly been doing with her mace until she thrust it into her heartstone, shattering it and any hope Ranox could have of gaining his power back. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she did believe in the prophecy, she did want this to end. And I could swear that I ended it. I delivered the final blow.


Alas, it seems that I really didn’t.



            I agree with Tahu. I really do agree…Gali did die a noble death. But was it in vain?


            For, I suppose, we never really can extinguish the fires of evil that thrive on the very air we breathe. For, even if we do, there are still the ashes that remain. And then there is that spark, which reignites the whole pile, and the flame roars once more. I wonder how we even manage to throw more water on if the flame will just keep coming. Why can’t there be peace? Why can’t everyone have lived? Why is my rival, yet one of my closest allies, among the ashes and not here to fight with us anymore?




To Be Continued.


How was it?


Edited by Toa of Winds, Apr 17 2014 - 07:02 PM.

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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#2 Offline Phovos

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Posted Apr 02 2014 - 10:41 AM

Having not read The Fire Chronicles, I can't say that much. It was nicely written but call me a pedantic pickle, it wasn't very comedic.


Unless you're going for the traditional meaning of comedic, but even then, I'm not sure.

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#3 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Apr 10 2014 - 02:45 PM

Yes, the reason I've toned down the comedy is because TFC kinda went overboard with it. Yeah, I'm trying to find a balance here.


Chapter 1 does have some laughs in it, though. Take a look.



The Ashes: Sparked


Chapter 1: The New Guy


            His name was Ignis. He was a Ta-Matoran hailing from Karzahni, one who’d never managed to see the light of day. It seemed that all hope had been lost for him, as he was rebuilt into a weak, puppet-like form…


            Twenty-seven years passed, and he was being pushed out into a grassy clearing, with the sun of dawn peeking out from behind the trees. He’d had no clue what had happened, as he was told to stay under his bed, safe from the terror that could’ve gotten him…


            Five years after the end of another terror, he watched as the sky turned black with darkness and hatred. A silvery figure rose out of the center lake, destroying everything Mata Nui had made for the beings of Spherus Magna and the MU. Before long, Ignis found himself stuck between the roots of a tree, uncomfortable but alive.


            And now he was here. Always in the shadows, but now in the spotlight. He silently watched the blue being put down her pen, close her Metroid-themed laptop, and look at Ignis. She was much older than he was, though held a look that suggested that he wouldn’t ever, ever mention that to her face.


            “Name, element, and occupation. Previous experience will work as well.” Two short sentences. That was all, at first.


            “Ignis, fire, and none. No previous experience,” Ignis replied.


            The blue being recorded the information on a piece of paper, then stuck out her hand. “Ignis? My name is Kiina.”


            “Pleased to meet you, Kiina,” Ignis said, shaking her hand. Then again, he couldn’t help but feel like she wanted to murder him, as neither her eyes nor her expression showed any feeling of welcoming.

            “Alright. You can stop shaking my hand now.” Kiina pulled her hand away before the Matoran could, pulling him into the desk and knocking over a Ridley bobble-head. “…great. Anyway, so you want to sign up to be a Toa?”


            “Sure, but do you—“


            “Of course we’d love to have you. We haven’t had a new guy join the academy in ages, and we’ll need everyone we can get.”


            “Wait…so it’s that simple?”


            Kiina chuckled. “Nope. You have to pass a test first. A very, very hard test that will boggle your mind more than SOHCAHTOA.”


            “Aw nuts. What is it, then?”


In a House Far, Far Away…


            Kiina pointed at the screen. “You have to watch this movie—“ she held up Birdemic: Shock and Terror, “Without letting me know that you’re in excruciating pain.”


            Ignis’ eyes narrowed. “Wait, but exactly how is this going to help me become a Toa?”


            “We accept only the best,” Kiina replied, then went to leave the room. In mere moments, a door swung into Kiina, pushing her into the wall with a BANG! A toy resembling Tahu ran over to the door, shutting it and staring at the frazzled Glatorian on the floor.


            “Kiina? Are you all right? Get up!” the toy said. “It’s Tahu.”


            Kiina immediately got up, then rolled her eyes. “Ah. I thought you were the real Tahu. Well, hello again, Tahu Nuva.”


            “Pleasure to see you again.” The two shook hands, firmly and quickly. “How’s…um…real Tahu holding out?”


            “He’s…stressed, to say the least,” Kiina said, completely ignoring the toy’s anger. “The recovery’s been better, but it’s not at its worst. Hopefully, it stays that way.”


            “Yes—hopefully it does. Why don’t you and the rest of the Order just stay with us here on Earth? We could build another extension, just for you guys if you wanted.”


            Kiina sighed. “I’d rather us die than you innocent toys. Or both of us, all at once. Metenos sacrifices no one in his quest for victory.”


            Thank LEGO, he thought. “Truly. And who’s your friend?”


            Kiina chuckled. “Friend? Not so much. No, he wanted to be enrolled in the academy, even though he’s had no experience ever fighting. To put it simply, I’m making him change his mind.”


            “Well, until that happens, you should probably stay a while. We’re still in the first eleven minutes of this torture.”


            “Agreed. Let’s play Smash Wii U.”


            “Why not on the 3DS?” asked Tahu Nuva. “I threw out my Wii U years ago!”


            “Well, it looks like you’re going to be getting a new one,” Kiina snapped. “I’m not taking your cool-dude-ness.”


            Please let this be over, Tahu Nuva thought as he called some of his friends over to get a Wii U off of eBay.


Two Hours Later…


            “I’m done!” Ignis exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air and collapsing to the ground in relief.


            “What? But I didn’t get to play Smash!”


            “Well, that’s too bad. I’m not taking your cool-dude-ness,” mocked Tahu Nuva.


            “You…you…I’ll see you later, Tahu Nuva,” Kiina grumbled, grabbing Ignis by the neck. She snapped her fingers, and the two disappeared at once.


To Be Continued.


Our first real chapter! How do you guys like it?


Edited by Toa of Winds, Apr 17 2014 - 07:04 PM.

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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#4 Offline Phovos

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Posted Apr 12 2014 - 05:05 AM

Welp, that was completely different. I think I need to go and read The Fire Chronicles or something, as that didn't make much sense at all. It started off fairly dark and then suddenly Ignis is signing up to be a Toa, with an insane task of watching something I've not heard of.

Maybe I need to get out from underneath my rock.

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#5 Offline MetaStriker

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  • 19-March 11
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Posted Apr 13 2014 - 06:24 PM

Hm. I guess the two chapters are too different from each other. Does this clear it up?


Chapter 2: Enrollment


In the Council…


            “But I don’t understand why you think that, Kiina,” Tahu said. “The Matoran has passion in him.”


            “Passion? You have got to be kidding me. He hasn’t fought anyone once in his life. And no, the Woolies in Bubsy 3D do not count. No enemy in the modern world hurls poisonous spit at you.”


            Tahu facepalmed. “You simply don’t seem to understand. Look, I’ve never seen this Matoran either. Not once, in my life, did I ever encounter this being. The very fact that he brought himself up into your office must mean something, Kiina.”


            “But what if it’s not good? What if it’s not what you think it is?” Kiina stood up, her anger rising. “Has the war kicked into your mind yet? How about the deaths of Gali, Takanuva, even Helryx? Everyone sacrificed their lives so freedom could come. But it didn’t!”


            Tahu only stared at Kiina, who was in a fit of rage. She was as mad as she’d been when they were walking through the Gates. Only this time, it wasn’t out of love. It was out of hatred.


            “Right when we thought everything was right, it wasn’t! Don’t you remember? Metenos rushed into the gates and killed everyone there but Angonce. Then the stupid Great Being left us to die…to die after we saved the world from his brother! He burned the Clearing, the entire Clearing, and—“


            “I know, Kiina. I know.”


            “No. You don’t. You couldn’t possibly know if you’re letting this being that you’ve never seen in your life join the academy. He could be a spy!”


            “Listen, Kiina. Anyone who wants to join the academy, anyone who wants to do some good to this world can. There’s no question to it. And especially this Matoran. He means no harm. I can see it. In fact, I see exactly what I saw in Tanma, and look where he went. I saw—and I see—hope.”


Outside the Council…


            Kiina pushed open the door furiously, and handed Ignis a piece of paper and a badge. “You’re in, Matoran. And frankly, in my opinion, you’re very, very lucky.”




It was a normal day in the Order of Tahu. The government was still being patched up, with TTP and Meta in the Council with Nuhrii and Tahu to make the final arrangements. Outside, everyone simply relaxed and waited for the Council to end for the day.

As any normal day would go for Ignis, he spent his time in the forest, exploring and playing with his best friend, Mica. Mica was a Ga-Matoran who had worked with Ignis in Karzahni. The two were inseparable, or so it seemed.


In the Forest of Records…


            Mica! Come here, I found something!” Ignis yelled.


            “What is it?” Mica yelled back. She was sitting with Mata Nui, who carefully inscribed the events of years past on the Wall. It had been five years since Ranox had been defeated, and since then the Order’s territory had been expanded; the sea had been explored fully as well as Icarax’s Island being cleansed of Rahkshi and the like. In short, the Order had aged well and everyone was happy.


            Ignis looked down. There was a circular white sphere below him, with a black line running down the middle. He twisted the sphere along the black outline, and the line glowed a dark green light. The line disappeared, and the sphere split into two, falling to the ground. A piece of paper stuck out of the sphere. “The worst is yet to come—“ he read. “Well, what does that mean?” He ran out of the woods.


            “What did you find? Here, let me see—“ Mica watched Ignis rush out of the woods and run to the Wall. Seconds later, a violent explosion erupted behind them.


            Ignis jumped and looked back. “AUGH! WHAT WAS THAT?”


            “It was me,” a being said. The two Matoran turned around to see a being clad in silvery, clone armor. He wore a chrome Hau on his face, though unlike Tahu’s old Hau, it had a twisted, evil feel to it. “Finally…it feels so good to be out of that earthly prison.”


            “Earthly prison? But who—“


            “GET BACK, MICA!” Mata Nui yelled, running to the three. His expression was filled with fear. “You…how did you—“


            The being’s eyes darkened. “You…you’re the one who…”


            “I freed them, yes. And I had a right to, too. They deserved better than what you would’ve given them…”


            “They did not. But that’s not what I’m here for. I’ve come to simply collect my power. To find what is due to me…and take it, once and for all…hasn’t it caused you trouble in the past?”


            “A little. But it is mine. I created this land for them, and I will not let anything go to anyone else…this includes you.”


            The being chuckled. “That’s all right. There are other ways, I guess...”


            “Matoran, run.”


            “Actually, there is another way…” the being unsheathed his broadsword and thrust it against Mata Nui’s neck. “Care to find out?”


            “MATORAN, RUN!”


            “Any last words? None? All right then.” The being again pushed his broadsword closer to Mata Nui’s neck, who struggled to get out.


            “…know that you will not win with my demise, Metenos—there is a stronger force behind me for you to conquer.”


            “Oh, I know, Nui…it’s not that much stronger, though. What a pity it is that you won’t live past now.” Metenos swung his sword, and watched Mata Nui’s mask thud to the ground. Moments later, the rest of his body disintegrated and his scarab shield returned to bug form, which scurried into Mica’s hand.


            “There, there, little Click…it’s alright.” Needless to say, Mica was terrified.


            Metenos held out his free hand. “Give me the bug.”


            “No.” Mica said, standing and looking up at the being. “He’s mine now.”


            Metenos shrugged. “Very well. You keep your bug, I keep—“ he swept up the Ignika, “—the mask.”


            Mica jumped for the Ignika. “No! Let me…have it!”


            “It’s too bad, really. I could’ve—wait, what? All right, I guess you can have your mask…with a cost.”


            Before Mica could ask what, Metenos grabbed Mica by the arm. “AUGH! Let me down!” The bug dropped out of her hand and fell to the ground.


            Up until now, Ignis was paralyzed. First, he’d been almost killed by a bomb, the next moment he’d watched the Great Spirit die. Now his best friend was being taken away from him. As Metenos dragged Mica away, Ignis picked up the bug and ran after them.


In the Clearing of Three…


            Tahu left the Council with his head held high. For the first time in his life, things were going smoothly for the Order. A new and well-thought out Council was being built up totally from scratch, their territory was being expanded beyond the beach and the gates. More recently, they’d made a peace treaty with the more intelligent Vorox.


            All of that was about to change.


            Kiina pointed over at the Destiny Lake, which rippled quickly and harshly. “What is that?”


            Tahu looked, and his eyes widened. “Kiina, Tanma, and Nuhrii. Come over with me, we have to investigate this oddity.”


            But this was not an oddity. No, it was something much, much greater…


            Nuhrii bent over the lake. “It’s never rippled this much. No, not even when you appeared, right Tahu?”


            Tahu thought of himself, rising out of the protodermis to save Ackar from death. The protodermis had rippled a lot due to him coming out of it. “Huh, maybe there’s someone inside…”


            “You’d better be right.” Rising out of the pool of Energized Protodermis was none other than the strange being who’d killed Mata Nui, Metenos. In one hand, he held the Ignika, and in the other hand, Mica tried to squirm out of his grasp.

            Tahu’s jaw dropped. “What—who—Mata Nui is—“


            Tanma instead unsheathed his sword. “Give me that Matoran, and give me that mask!”


            “Stop,” Metenos said with such a commanding voice that Tanma sheathed his sword and Tahu stopped mumbling. “Yes, Tahu. Mata Nui is dead, as he did not live up to his part of our…bargain.”


            “Wait, he made a bargain?” Tahu queried. He did not even try to question how Metenos knew his name.


            “Yes, with me. And he didn’t even choose to listen to the bargain, which is why I am in possession of his mask. And the Matoran, you ask? She did not choose to listen to my word, so she is…trapped, for now.”

            Ignis watched the whole thing unfold in the woods. Again, he did nothing. He couldn’t have; what did he have against this being?


            Nuhrii pushed Tanma back, and stabbed his sword into Metenos’ knee. “Let go of them!”


            For a moment, the sword remained there. Seconds later, a silvery liquid spread over the knee, and it was healed. Nuhrii’s sword dropped into the protodermis, where it melted and sunk deeper. Metenos looked down at Nuhrii. “You dare hurt the Great Being of Protodermis?”


            Nuhrii quivered. “I…I…”


            “It’s a pity, really.” Metenos threw the Ignika down into the lake, then raised his free hand and smirked. “You had no idea who you were dealing with, and all you had to do was ask.”




In Ignis’ House…


            Ignis awoke with a start. Yes, he’d had that dream again. “If only it was really only a dream,” Ignis muttered.


            He looked up at the ceiling. On the ceiling were posters of Toa, present and past, all hand drawn by Mica. He looked up at the portrait of Nuhrii. His heart sank.


            Ignis stood up and went over to his shelf. The light sunrays of dawn peeked through the window opposite, allowing him to see a small little cage. Inside the cage was none other than his pet scarab beetle, Click.

            “Come on, Click, it’s our first day in the academy!” Ignis held out his hand for Click to climb on, then stepped back so the beetle could transform into Mata Nui’s old scarab shield.


To Be Continued…





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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#6 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Apr 17 2014 - 07:02 PM

Oh, wow. Explaining this comedy through its chapters is definitely not working so let me put it into paragraph form for you guys:


The end of TFC spells the end of Ranox, the antagonist and a power-hungry Great Being, as well as Helryx, whom he had possessed and Tahu (whom both wanted dead). Thanks to a prophecy (the Fire Chronicle) Tahu is somehow resurrected and peace returns to Spherus Magna. 


Five years have passed since then and the beings are living happily in the Clearing (part of Spherus Magna). However, peace is interrupted when an old enemy of Mata Nui's returns for revenge. Metenos, the Great Being of Protodermis, rises from the depths of the planet and murders Mata Nui, Nuhrii (a Toa who tries to stop him), Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua, and several others who come in his way. He also imprisons some beings and drops the Ignika into the Center Lake as everyone (but a select few) flees the Clearing, going south and east. Metenos heads north to his lair, risen over the now-deceased Guardians of the Gates. The Nintendo characters, Angonce and the Heads of the Comedy (NAW) break off all communication with the survivors. 


Ten years later, the survivors dwell in three new locations: Outset Island and Bara Borough to the south and Spherus City to the east (of the now-abandoned Clearing). For now, our story will focus on Spherus City, where the atmosphere has become highly industrial and militarized. There is a small council there, akin to the Old Council that existed in TFC. Its members include Tahu and Kiina, whose relationship has been negatively affected. Most of the survivors, especially those high up, all wish they were dead instead of having to face another terror.




Let's bring Ignis into the equation. First, we should probably start with the fact that this Ta-Matoran has never had an easy life. Working on the island of Karzahni in the MU, his workload has always been heavy due to his fragile body structure (as all Karzahni Matoran must deal with) and his work was made even worse when Helryx came into power. His only form of solace was Mica, a Ga-Matoran who worked in Karzahni with him. The two were more than best-friends; they spent all the time they could with each other, even if the other Matoran teased him (such as Togu, who you'll all see later). They both pulled through their troubles with each other at their side. Both also freely enjoyed their time in TFC and evacuated to a safe forest northwest when the Orderly Empire's forces arrived. 


As destiny would have it, however, their time did not last and Mica was one of the beings imprisoned by Metenos. It is not known what he's done with her: regardless, it puts Ignis into deep depression for a few years. Eventually, he decides that the best way to end his depression is to fight it: as such, he applies for the Toa Academy with hopes that he'll be dispatched to find her. Kiina, however, is suspicious of his plan and refuses to let him in. Tahu accepts him, though, claiming that he sees what he'd seen in Tanma and Nuhrii. Even though Ignis did look up to Nuhrii and still has Click (Mata Nui's old scarab-shield guy), Kiina's premonition is right: at least for now.


I'll leave it at that for now. Does this clear anything up, guys?


(note: bolded characters are new to this comedy)

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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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