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Atero Nuian Military Registry [Outbreak Profiles]

outbreak rpg

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#1 Offline Canis Lycaon

Canis Lycaon
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Posted Apr 06 2014 - 10:30 AM

After getting a profile approved in the Mess Hall, bring it over here.


Please use one post for your profiles, so if you get another approved, edit it into your first post. Thank you!

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What now?

#2 Offline Geardirector

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  • 08-June 12
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Posted Apr 06 2014 - 01:49 PM

Name: Gallith


Species: Trinuma's Species, Male


Equipment: 1x Kinetic Emitter: A weapon exclusive to Gallith's race, allowing him to project kinetic energy bursts or use it to achieve flight. This weapon takes the shape of a cylindrical, rod-like device mounted on his left arm.


1x Protosteel Battleaxe: Extraordinarily well-crafted, this favored instrument of destruction features perfect balance, rugged full-tang construction, and a wicked breaching spike opposite the heavy, razor-honed blade. Its handle, bound with leather for a sure grip, is studded with a pommel at the end to ensure all-around lethal efficiency.


Personality: Gallith is and has always been a straightforward and practical man. If something doesn't work, change approach and try again. He's persistent, enduring and weathered, but not jaded, by his millennial struggle to keep the universe, himself or innocents in one piece. He's attained a lot of experience, and won't hesitate to share his exploits, and keeps an unrelenting spirit, dark sense of humor and honest attitude with it.


Powers and Skills: Gallith possesses no natural powers, but is physically very though, able to both take and dish out a great deal of punishment. He's also quite agile, and has finely attuned senses and physical coordination.


Gallith wears the Kanohi Arthron, allowing him to read the movement and general appearance of nearby objects and beings through echolocation. In his time with the Order, Gallith also received training in how to shield his mind from mental intrusion.


Appearance: Tough, burly, tall, and also ancient. Gallith is a veteran of many battles, and it shows on the many scratches, dents and gashes that litter his body, but also in his muscled frame, dignified stance and jagged, almost warlike look. The most striking of his injuries is his missing eye (right), covered by a black glass plate in the masks's eyehole, with a few cracks surrounding it. Gallith is colored primarily dark green, with black accents on his shoulders, abdomen, legs and hands while his mask is completely black. His eye and heartlight are colored lime green, and his Arthron is shaped like a Great Pakari.


Background: Gallith's been around, to put it simply. He was originally a member of the Hand of Artakha, tasked with overseeing the universe in its humble beginnings, and was instrumental in those crucial early years of the Matoran Universe before the Toa took over the role as protectors of the Matoran. When the Hand disbanded, Gallith went off on a quest to "find himself", which included saving more than one of the new Toa Teams from an early grave, taking mercenary jobs, and exploring the slowly growing Matoran Universe. He's been to Nynrah, to Karzahni, and all they way from Metru Nui to the farthest of the Southern Isles and anywhere in between.


His path eventually led him to becoming a top-tier Gladiator on Stelt, before he was picked up again by Helryx and the Order of Mata Nui, reuniting with many old comrades just as the Destiny War broke out, in which he participated gladly. Although he suffered quick subjugation during Teridax's short-lived reign, he was quick to recuperate after he was defeated, and worked for the Order to help establish life on Spherus Magna. In 8 AMN, after the War with the Vorox, Gallith spent a few years on the go, taking up hunting to make a living, before once again returning to service when the Atero Nuian army were accepting draftees for the expedition to Metru Nuva.


Weakness: Gallith is not a tactician, and his damaged sight and advanced age hamper him a bit as well. He may sometimes be a little too blunt, and is prone to act a little condescending to the less experienced troops.

Edited by Geardirector, Apr 08 2014 - 01:18 AM.

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BZPRPG Profiles



#3 Offline Lucina

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  • 22-December 08
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Posted Apr 06 2014 - 03:19 PM

Name: Vertak


Species: Male, Ba-Matoran (Gravity)


Equipment: Kanohi Volitak, a sword (imagine the Master Sword from Zelda), a round silver shield, and a pitch black hooded cloak


Personality: Vertak is very headstrong, often improvising his plans on the fly. With a strong sense of justice, Vertak will only kill if he deems the victim to be morally repellent; however, he is not above working with or for said beings if it will guarantee his own survival. He has grown accustomed to hiding his beliefs, and has no qualms about disobeying orders if he feels that a different approach will provide better results.


Powers and Skills: Control over element of gravity and skilled with it, can use Kanohi Volitak; skilled with his sword both with and without the shield as well as other melee combat, very skilled in stealth, is very fast.


Appearance: Like this gallery here.


Background: Vertak has operated as a member of the Dark Hunters for so long that he cannot remember what he did before. When he was inducted, the Shadowed One performed experiments on Vertak that ended with him gaining the powers and abilities of a Toa while still a Matoran, making him an excellent choice for stealth missions. While he and the Shadowed One often butted heads over morals and the orders he was given, Vertak earned his leader’s respect with a 100% success rate. During the war with the Brotherhood of Makuta, Vertak became indispensable to the Shadowed One, as he was one of a select few Hunters that the Shadowed One trusted. Vertak participated in the rebellion when Makuta took control of the universe, but after migrating to Spherus-Magna resigned from the Dark Hunters and struck out on his own, eventually joining the ANA in 7 AMN. Most beings know nothing of Vertak’s past with the Dark Hunters, other than that he was at one point experimented upon by them.


Weakness: Horrid at long-range combat; as a Matoran, he is not as strong as most other species; headstrong nature often results in him being stuck in bad situations. His strong sense of justice can also conflict with the morally gray nature of the world, getting him into trouble with superiors if he does not hide it.

Edited by Agnès Oblige, Apr 06 2014 - 03:19 PM.

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#4 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
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  • 14-January 12
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Posted Apr 07 2014 - 02:22 PM

Name: Vornisl
Species: Ce-Skakdi Female.
Equipment: A double-ended short-sword, with the handle in the middle, and a small shield. She's left handed, so the sword's in that hand.
Personality: Vornisl is one of the calmer Skakdi, though still very rough around the edges and gruff. She's a natural leader of small groups, when she can figure out and use their unique abilities to her advantage, and is relatively kind for her species. She enjoys training people to help them become better for themselves and for the team, and can have a good laugh every once-in-a-while. 
Powers and Skills: Vornisl can use Elemental Psionic Powers in willful conjunction with another Skakdi, along with having Command Eyebeams. If she locks eyes with someone and activates this, the target's mind is filled with a simple command that she's focusing on, much like the Staves Nuurakh once used. Her third power is most simply described as 'Emotional Aura', where if she concentrates she can make all those around her feel a certain emotion, confusion, or focus. This cannot be narrowed to one target, and she often has to stop moving to activate it. 
Appearance: Vornisl is of average size for a female Skakdi, armored in deep blue with golden highlights. Everywhere from her clawed feet to her neck is dressed in the deep black uniform of the Atero Nuian Army, with symbol on her shoulder, and even her downwards curving spine spikes are covered. Her gas mask is altered to fit her large jaw with just a slight smile, and her viewing glass is actually a set of 6 panes, two in front of her eyes, two above those, and two more to either side for a bit more visibility than the bog-standard mask. A hidden heartlight matches glowing blue eyes, framed by the navy of her scarred skin.  
Background: Vornisl has had one interesting life, all in all. Her life really began the day she was mutated into her current form, gaining powers, strength, and anger issues along with the rest of her brethren. Before this, she had always been told what to do, but with her new powers developing she quickly learned how to be a leader. She became the founder and head of a small raiding group that traveled Zakaz for a time, taking jobs, food, money, names, and weapons. Then, as things on Zakaz tend to do, they went wrong, and she ended up the victim of a combination of betrayal and slaughter, laying in the bottom of a pit with the bodies of the majority of her gang atop her. 

Cue a weak stomach for the rest of her life.. 

She basically gave up on Zakaz after that and left, just being a sellsword that traveled the lands to do whatever. She slowly grew to find that if she helped the people she worked for, they'd do better in a fight and she'd get some pride and happiness out of it. From there sprang her love of training others. 

Makuta took over in the middle of one of her jobs and she decided that they were going to get into this little cave here and not die to Rahkshi. They did exactly that, even having to eliminate a squad of the beasts that saw one of the group collecting water. 

Things progressed and as the dust settled from the showdown, Vornisl found herself liking the idea of fighting to protect others, just like she always had. So, into the Atero Nuian Army she went, progressing to Squad Leader as her leadership abilities were recognized. 
Weakness: When it comes down to it, she cannot stand the sight of gore or even the scent of blood or bile. She's also always had a problem dealing with ranged foes, though she's always seeking to improve on that.



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#5 Offline Canis Lycaon

Canis Lycaon
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  • 08-December 12
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Posted Apr 07 2014 - 03:46 PM

Name: Doc Keto
Species: Female Bo-Skakdi
Equipment: Doc carries a simple wooden staff she walks with, occasionally using it in combat, though she is not very skilled with it. In addition, she carries a dart gun with tranquilizer, so if she needs to she can knock something out, rather than kill it.
Personality: Kind and gentle, Doc is the sort of medic who will go out onto the battlefield and start treating soldiers from both sides of the battle rather than just her own. She is rather disgusted by the actions of the soldiers, who kill and injure all of the mutants. She is focused on finding a cure to the virus.

Powers and Skills: As with all Skakdi, when working with another Skakdi, Doc has control over an element. Her's is plantlife, which she uses to create natural antidotes or natural tranquilizers. Her vision power is diagnostic vision, which allows her to look at a target and get a diagnosis on them. Finally, her third power manifests as an ability to speed up healing to a target by touch, though this process still takes minutes at a time.


Even without her third power, Doc is a very skilled doctor, trained in several forms of medicine and treatment. She was taken to Metru Nuva because of her ability as a medic and doctor.

Appearance: Two things distinguish Doc from other Skakdi - her size and facial features. Doc is very small for a Skakdi, and her spines are similarly sized. In addition, her face is similar to Nektann, in that her teeth are not visible. Her armor is light green and teal in coloration, though her armor largely covers this. Her eyes and heartlight are colored light blue.
Background: Doc used to be a member of a peaceful tribe on Zakaz, one not majorly affected by the mutations introduced by Spiriah. They kept to themselves in the mountains of Zakaz, until one day when that all changed. A more violent tribe attacked and killed many of them, leaving only Keto and a few others.


Keto left the island, heading to the island of Xia, where she worked as a doctor, picking up the moniker of Doc due to her ability to heal. She worked there for many years, until Mata Nui and Makuta fought and her universe was destroyed. She fled, and then began wandering around as a traveling doctor.


When the Atero Nuian Republic formed, Doc joined it's army as an ordinary soldier. When she fought however, she lost all control, flying in a bloodthirsty, uncontrollable rage at everything. When she recovered, she vowed to never kill or injure again, then requesting a change in division to be a medic.


She was in the battalion Malik took to Metru Nuva, and has since became intrigued by the virus, taking up a place as one of the few medics brought along by the army.
Weakness: Doc is a pacifist. She will not kill or seriously harm any living being, making her effectively useless in combat. She has effectively no combat skills. In addition, her healing power does not work on herself.

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#6 Offline (Daedalus)

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  • 06-August 08
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Posted Apr 09 2014 - 08:15 PM

Name: Krazek


Species: Male Su-Matoran


Equipment: Krazek possesses a shield and sword. Both are plain in appearance and rather old, but they were gifts from an old Fe-Matoran friend and Krazek refused to discard them and use the standard issue weapons. He also carries in his pack a sling for long-range fighting and writing materials.


Personality: Kind and empathetic, Krazek is perceptive but not naturally inquisitive. His eye for detail and desire to understand the various species around him and their proper place in the universe drove him to take on the role of chronicler. He is charismatic in an unobtrusive way, letting his surety in his views of right and wrong guide his beliefs and perceptions. This surety can occasionally drive others to think of him as proud, but he does not let this deter him. He is never hostile and he is rarely driven to anger, but he is distrustful of any who go against their proposed beliefs of promises, even if he does not agree with those beliefs or promises.


Powers and skills: Many years of training and fighting have honed his combat abilities. While nowhere near being the best fighter among the Matoran, he is nonetheless capable of holding his own against better fighters, even if only for a short time. He is proficient with his sling. Additionally, his element gives him resistance to heat.


Appearance: Bearing the standard orange and white colors of his element, Krazek is nonetheless easily discernible amongst his brethren, even when wearing his uniform. His slightly hunched form and scratched and deformed Kanohi Matatu are evidence of his long, difficult life. His pack and weapons appear a bit worse for wear. His appearance is both authoritative and weary.


Background: For many years, Krazek was a chronicler on one of the Southern Islands. The Matoran of this island were fiercely independent and initially rejected the aid of a team of seven Toa who had been sent to protect them. When a small tribe isolated from the rest of the Matoran was destroyed, an uneasy relationship was formed between the Toa and the Matoran. Almost a thousand years later, during a particularly extended time of peace from outside threats and after he had passed the role of chronicler to another Matoran, Krazek headed a rebellion of sorts to remove the Toa from power. Krazek never revealed his reason for doing so. The result was disastrous, and it ended with two of the still living Toa leaving the island with as many Matoran as would follow, in order to escape a coming invasion. Krazek chose to stay, wishing to live or die by his own actions instead of relying on the protection of those he felt he could not trust. He was trapped in ice when the last Toa on the island sacrificed himself to freeze the island, thus rendering the invaders unable to pursue those who were fleeing the island. Krazek was not able to escape until a short time after the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta, though he was unaware of that event for some time. For reasons unrevealed, Krazek harbored a distrust for all of the larger species, the Toa in particular. He often refused their aid and set to wandering, hoping to eventually encounter one of the Matoran who had escaped from their island. To that end he joined the Atero Nuian Military, and though he was not fond of the leaders, a gut feeling told him that joining the army was something he needed to do. He is both apprehensive and eager to discover what happened on Metru Nuva; somehow he feels there is going to be a connection with his past.


Weakness: Physically speaking, time has taken its toll on Krazek; he no longer moves as quickly as he used to, and as good a fighter as he is, he cannot fight for extended periods of time. He is a tad slower than most, and his response time grows the longer he fights. Psychologically, his general distrust of the larger species renders him incapable of extended cooperation with them unless he feels that, under the circumstances, there is no other option.

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#7 Offline NorikSigma

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Posted Apr 23 2014 - 10:56 PM

Name: Hasjel

Species: Male Ko-Glatorian

Equipment: Equipped with his favourite Scimitar, Hasjel also has a magnetically-powered rifle. The rifle has five bullets per magazine, and shoots at a slow rate, but with high accuracy. He also wears his Certavus-Style helmet underneath his suit.

Personality: On the surface, Hasjal is guarded and cold, but he is a warm person to those whom he trusts.

Powers and Skills: Since he has lived a long while as a mercenary in the harsh Bara Magnan Deserts, he is hardy and able to survive a long while on his own with little rations. He is quite good with hisbrifle and scimitar.

Appearance: Wears mostly grey or partially white armour that has been de colourised under the harsh desert. His sword is strapped to his side and his rifle is in a sling. He has a hard face with sharp features.

Background: Hasjel has had a tough life. Refusing to follow the Glatorian Code and made into a slave he became a wanderer helping other Glatorian cast out by the Agori. When Spherus Magna reformed, he joined the Atero Nuian Republic Army to protect the populace but also because in a world of peace, mercenaries were a bygone relic. Hasjel proved himself to be a capable and disciplined soldier and was transfered to Malik's battalion for the Metru Nuva expedition with a prototype rifle.

Weakness: He finds it hard to trust anyone, particularly Agori, but once someone gains his trust and confidence, he is unflinchingly loyal to them.

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#8 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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Posted Apr 25 2014 - 04:34 PM

Name: Lexzor: The Conqueror


Species: Male Ga-Zelian (Name of Lexzor's species)


Equipment: Aqua Axe tipped spear


Personality: He acts as kind hearted fellow who only wishes to seek peace with the ones he meets on his 'journeys'. But in reality he is a ruthless leader who will stop at nothing to crush his opposition. He goes in headstrong and gives no mercy to those who do not obey him.


Powers and Skills: Ability to manipulate water by throwing it as a stream of water, or compact it into balls of water. Basically anything that has to do with water. He is an excellent spearman and tactitioner.


Appearance: http://www.brickshel...or/103_0975.jpg He is twice the height of a Toa 


Background: Before Mata Nui's fall, he made a name for himself in backwater islands of the southern continent. For years he and his kind were subject to a nearby scorpion-like clan. When he rallied his species to take arms, they harnessed their elemental powers and practically eradicated their enemies. Since their victory and strength in numbers, he lead his people to raid and conquer the nearby southern islands by any means necessary. He was cunning and ruthless, letting no one stop him on his quest for power. Not even the Makuta could have done anything since they too feared their power. Once Mata Nui fell, he took his people to a land far from the body of Mata Nui.


Weakness: He has two weaknesses. One is his lower back which has no armor. The other is his chest area. When the chest plates open up, the weak armor is exposed and can inflict serious damage. Though this can only be exploited when he is not battle ready.

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#9 Offline Some Random Phrase

Some Random Phrase
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Posted Apr 28 2014 - 09:56 AM

Name: Cordak, though this is only a name given him by the Makuta scientists that mutated him. He can't remember his old name.

Species: Mutated male Su-Matoran

Equipment: A blaster that amplifies his Plasma abilities, boots that channel his Plasma energies to allow flight, and a regular sword.

Personality: Deeply troubled by his past, Cordak is cautious, and afraid of channeling his power for attacks, fearing the damage they do. He wears a modified mask with HUD. The mask helps him identify weak points, and can take videos.

Powers and Skills: Some Plasma powers, somewhat weaker than a Toa, which is compensated by some of his gear. However, these do not provide precision control. Besides this, he is a decent strategist, and can identify the weak points in structures.

Appearance: Looks a great deal like a Matoran, but slightly taller and with a mask that looks like Pohatu's adaptive mask, but with none of the thingys on teh sides.

Background: At an unknown time, soon after the Convocation, he was kidnapped by Makuta. They had drained a dead Toa's elemental energy, and mutated his body to contain it. They then forced the elemental energy into him, hoping to create the first prototype for a bunch of evil Matoran who they could drop into cities to cripple them. He escaped before they could brainwash him, and found his way to Arthaka, where he got his mask. He stole his boots and gun from teh Makuta.  He was a nomad for a long time, learning strategy. After the fall of Makuta, he wandered further, before joining up with the army, hoping for a purpose. 

Weakness: He is hesitant to use his plasma gun. Also, he is about as strong as a Matoran, so yeah.

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#10 Offline Vanish

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Posted May 01 2014 - 08:29 PM

Name: Kroune
Species: Male Vortixx
Equipment: A Cordak Blaster equiped with Laser Targeting System
Appearance: He has several shades of black and grey on his armor and has bright red eyes.
Personality: Most of the time, he prefers to stay in the dark rather out in the open where he could be seen by many. He is more of a loner.
Powers and Skills: He can see in the dark and has a really good aim
Background: He once lived in Karda Nui and was kept as prisoner by the Makuta. He was injected with some sort of antibiotic to avoid certain diseases spread by Kraata Leeches. Unfortunately, the drug had a side effect giving the prisoner amnesia. Everything he remembered vanished, the next moment he opened his eyes he saw note pad on the other side of the desk that said "Kroune". After The Order had discovered him in one of Makuta Kojol's labs, they escorted him to Metru Nui. He joined the Order a few months after. He was declared as an agent by Toa Helryx and was sent to Visorak. In 2 AMN Kroune had retired due to certain mental problems. After he was cured, he finally decided to join the army.
Weakness: Kroune would have mental outbreaks whenever trying to remember his old life before he was kept prisoner.

Edited by Krane, May 01 2014 - 08:30 PM.

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#11 Offline BionicleBordeaux

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Posted May 15 2014 - 11:32 PM

Name:  Barea

Species: Mutated Tarakava

Equipment: Fists,Powerless Kulasi

Personality: Very hot-headed,animal like,seeking a dangerous situation and fights.Also he tends to be shy some times.

Powers and Skills:  Very Swift and strong,fast reflexes,leather-like skin.

Appearance:  1334149332m_DISPLAY.jpg(Doesn't belong to me)

Background: Barea was a regular out of the blue Tarakava,then he was captured by The Makuta. This Makuta wanted to make a hostile rahi to kill and massacre Matoran. He ended up getting a Kulasi,and gaining intelligence. He broke free,Barea wanted to help people instead of hurting so he joined the army.(last part rushed sorry.)

Weakness: Because he is so swift it is very easy to trip him over.His new intelligence and his instinct can conflict so it is a serious blow to his fighting skills.

Edited by BionicleBordeaux, May 15 2014 - 11:33 PM.

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