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Sneak Preview of Mysterious Island

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Following up on my relatively recent return to the Bionicle fan community, I have begun work on a large project: a film adaption of the 2001 Bionicle story. The title is tentatively “Mysterious Island”; it turns out that it’s already the title of a Jules Verne fantasy novel, but it’s not going to be the final title, and of course I don’t own the rights to Bionicle, either.


I have decided, after a lot of thought, to make it a musical in order to distinguish it from similar projects. There has been an enormous amount of care into composing original songs which fit the tone of the 2001 story, and my hope is that none of them will disappoint. This preview is technically two scenes, one of which is closely connected to the next. It's written in screenplay format, or as close to it as Bzpower formatting will allow, though that shouldn't make it challenging to read. I picked the fifth scene to showcase as it is the only one which I have a complete musical number for as of now.


Any comments, criticism, or questions are greatly appreciated.



TAKUA, a curious, outgoing, Ta-Matoran who dislikes following rules, walks from the TA-WAHI BEACH towards a forest several hundred feet away from him, beyond a




He hopes to find VAKAMA, the elderly yet clever sage who governs TA-KORO, in order to question him. As he scales the outcropping to approach the forest, he notices that it appears to have been severely damaged by a wildfire.




Though it is noon, the trees of the vast forest blot out much of the sun’s light. Takua’s pace slows and his face begins to reflect his increasing nervousness.



Vakama? It’s Takua; I’m sorry for being so unannounced. Could you remind me of which way the city is?


A breeze rustles several of the many dead leaves which cover the forest floor. The sound is frightening to Takua, who is already fearful.



‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere- ummm, around here. But I don’t know where. Help, please?


Realizing quickly that Vakama does not hear him, Takua frantically looks around himself. He notices KAPURA, a Ta-Matoran with little patience yet is himself prone to philosophical musing, several hundred feet away. He is jogging between trees.




Excuse me sir; do you know the way to the city? Sir?


Kapura does not hear him.




I’m near the beach; do you see me? Help, please? Or could you use some help?


Kapura does not waver from his jogging.



(Louder still)

You there; yes, with the Ruru: can you hear me? Do you need help from me? Or should I call someone?


Takua pauses, worried.





Kapura notices Takua and turns to face him, running toward him.



What do you mean, need help? You've got to have seen me here before; I'm here almost every day.



Well, I-I...



I know this place so well, I could label every tree in here on a map. Come to think of it, I can't even remember the last time I went home to Ta-Koro... my, does time fly when you're having fun.



Are you sure you're okay?



Why wouldn't I be?



Well, you're running around alone... in a dark forest....full of dead trees.



They may look dead, but they're very much alive. Living in a different way as they did as simply trees.



Isn't that all they are still? Just trees? Uh...all dead, of course, but-


Kapura cuts Takua off.



(Interrupting Takua)

Not at all. These trees; really, everything in this forest holds a different kind of life.


Takua has decided it best to simply play along with whatever Kapura is saying; he is now nodding silently and hoping that he isn't asked a question.



That is why it is such a good place for me to practice. But I didn't say that the trees are kind.



(Feigning Interest)

I see.



They stare all day long, staring and hating me. We are kindred spirits, to a degree, so they do appreciate my practicing, in a way, but in between, they hate me.



Of course.



They were once all part of Ta-Wahi, but now they are part of something else.


Takua is no longer able to contain all the questions which are constantly popping into his head.



But they're all dead! They're dead trees! Not alive!



No, you don't yet understand. The spirit of the MAKUTA dwells inside each of these trees, each of these leaves, each rock and each pinch of dirt. The air is the Makuta's, and he grips it tightly, living in it also. The Makuta can appear however he likes, and know whatever he wishes.


Kapura suddenly tenses up with no warning, spins around and pointing a finger directly at Takua, shouts:



Are YOU the Makuta?



Ummm, I-I guess so?


Kapura gasps, his face frozen in a stare reflecting a degree of horror completely unfathomable to the average person.




Creature, I h-have the c-c-courage to face a th-thousand demons of your kind! If y-you value your l-l-life, step away from me, now!


In total panic, Takua raises his hands above his head and runs backward several yards as quickly as he can. After a few minutes of frightened staring, both completely unsure of the next move of each other, both Takua and Kapura begin to lose their fear. Each assumes a casual, peaceful posture, in stark contrast to their previous positions of fully willing warriors.



You know....you just might not be the Makuta, actually. Yeah, you're not. The Makuta would never act so frightened.




Kapura gestures for Takua to walk alongside him.




Come with me.


They begin to walk side by side towards Ta-Koro. It can be seen lying just outside the forest.



Do you even know what the Makuta is?



Not exactly.



Oh... someone's got to explain that to you, sooner or later.

Kapura breaks into song at his next line.



Forced to sneak out one night

I’d lost my shield

Couldn’t allow another day

Jala’d punish me


Made my way to Tren Krom Break

I found myself

In the midst of a little quake

Only me and my board

Over lava


Suddenly lost my balance

And with it

All my hope

For even without rahi

The lava’s not easy


He is Makuta

The spirit of hatred

A demon who lusts for command

He is Makuta

And for centuries now

He’s held his dark mark on our land.

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