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The Last Resort

Lewa Velika Nova Blast

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#1 Offline Teclax Master of Tech

Teclax Master of Tech
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  • 15-April 14
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Posted Apr 15 2014 - 10:44 PM

Lewa stood around the prone bodies of some of the most powerful beings in existance, facing someone who could smash him with the push of a button, or worse. He looked at the mad Po-Matoran, who wasn't a Matoran. Lewa's mask, which had so often worn a smile, was curved into a grim frown. "And now, for the ultimate solution." the mad being known as Velika stated with obvious insanity. As Velika reached for a switch, something clicked in Lewa's head. "I have to destroy him. even if it means my life." The normally happy, airheaded Toa Nuva was now forced to call upon his last resort. He drew upon his reserves of elemental energy, and forced them out in one massive display of power. Velika cried out too late, as the blast of air shot outward with the force of an atom bomb, upturning everything in its path. The insane Great Being's frail form was thrown about like a straw, slamming into things. A few seconds after the blast of air shot out, the air begain to swirl. And swirl. ANd swirl. It went faster and faster, picking up anythingthat was not uprooted before and tossing it every which way. Lewa was suspened in the middle of the storm, his eyes closed in half concentration, half exhaustion, as he poured every last bit of his power into the storm. His fists were clenched, and all his muscles tense. The storm kept raging on, until finally  Lewa's reserves were fully exhausted. The storm died down, dropping everything caught in it, Lewa fell to the ground, and knew no more.


Something I wrote on the LMBs.

Edited by Fekoro, Apr 15 2014 - 10:45 PM.

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I'll be unavailable from the 18-25

#2 Offline Quisoves Pugnat

Quisoves Pugnat
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  • 17-March 14
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Posted Apr 15 2014 - 11:00 PM

I'm sorry if I'm being too nitpicky, but this does seem to contradict "The Powers that Be." 

Here are Velika's thoughts from that serial:

"The sight of Toa Lewa being dragged off by nature-loving Agori was at best a minor obstacle. If need be, he would effect a rescue in some indirect way before the Toa of Air could get into any real jeopardy. The Toa Mata were too important to have their lives sacrificed needlessly. Oh, they would die, eventually, but it would be at a time of his choosing."

Again, this is not literary criticism on my part, simply a note on the plot from which this follows. I mean no offense.

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#3 Offline Teclax Master of Tech

Teclax Master of Tech
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  • 15-April 14
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Posted Apr 15 2014 - 11:37 PM

I'm not sure quite how it contradicts it, but if you mean how Lewa escaped, I totally forgot about that part. Thanks for reminding me. And Velika wasn't necessarily going to kill Lewa. He definately could have been about to activate a mind-control device or something.


No offense taken. :)

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I'll be unavailable from the 18-25

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