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The Adventures of Sandstorm (Reboot)

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I started writing a three-part story last year, with a ton of tie-ins to minor stories, but there were too many storyline errors to have it tie in with the canon BIONICLE story. So I'm now rebooting the story within my own universe, allowing for no continuity bumps.


Sandstorm started out as a Matoran, like any other Toa. But unlike most, whose lives were filled with knowledge, exploration, and regular everyday tasks, his life was a back-alley adventure of danger. Always on the lookout for a job that would keep him alive and well, be it clean or not. He was often hunted by the Vahki, he was caught once. But, because of a stroke of pure luck, he got away.

He took a job one day for an old coot who lived on the outskirts of Po-Zadia, he was handed an orange stone with a soft glow, and was told to take it to the Toa Suva for a friend to pick up.

When he got there, Vahki were everywhere. He had to use stealth to get inside. But stealth wasn't exactly Sandstorm's strong suit, he almost got caught by a patrol of the robotic peacekeepers on his way in. Once he was inside, he dropped the stone where he was told to, and right as he was leaving, Vahki swarmed in. Sandstorm had no choice but to see what that glowing stone could do. He quickly threw it into the Suva and ducked for cover, hoping that it would explode. For a second, the suva glowed brightly, but then faded back to its original dim state. He was caught by the Vahki and thrown into jail for breaking and entering, among other crimes that he had committed.

One day, while he was cursing Mata Nui for putting him in a place like this, a bolt of light shot though the only window on the wall. Sandstorm tried to dodge it, but the light followed him wherever he went. He finally gave up and allowed himself to be hit by the light, knowing that death would be better than living in a cell. But he didn't die, he actually felt stronger. Other changes had also taken place, he had grown taller, his Kanohi Kiril could now regenerate natural substances, and the small rock that he used to carve tally marks into the wall had transformed into an elegant spear.

With a smug grin on his face, he backed against the cell door, and charged forward. He broke through the cell wall and found himself in a free fall above the ocean.

I hope you've enjoyed the story so far. Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors, or if there is anything that should be rewritten. :D

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Chapter One: An Unwilling Toa
Sandstorm found himself in a very bad situation. He was about to belly-flop into the ocean.
“Maybe I should’ve busted out through the door.” Sandstorm said worriedly.
He was about 50 feet from the water’s surface when he jerked to a stop. Not far away, a strange figure had activated his Matatu. But this wasn’t just any old guy; it was the turaga that had given him the odd stone. Slowly, Sandstorm was pulled ashore and promptly dropped head first in the sand. 
“What in the name of Mata Nui did you do that for!” Sandstorm snapped. 
“Would you rather I drop you in the ocean?” The Turaga said. 
Sandstorm walked a small distance away and stood in the shadow of a cliff. "Why'd you save me?" He asked.
“Because, if I had not, a Toa would have entered the world and left it within a day.” The Turaga replied. 
“Okay.” Sandstorm said. “Who are you?” 
“I am merely a Turaga, a servant of the Great Spirit, Mata Nui.” The Turaga replied. 
“I already know that!” Sandstorm snapped. “Well, maybe not the servant part. But what’s your name?”
“My name unimportant, but I will give it if it will answer your questions.” The Turaga said. “My name is Ornikra. Once a Matoran, once a Toa, and now, a Turaga.” 
“Why’d you choose me to be a Toa? There are plenty of other Matoran out there in Zadia-Nui.” Sandstorm asked.
“Yes, there are many others, but their destiny is not yours.” Ornikra said. “The duty that Mata Nui has entrusted me with to bestow upon you is great; to unify the Toa of Zadia-Nui to form the Toa Alpha.” 
“Honestly, I think you've got the wrong guy. I don’t live for that Unity, Duty, Destiny stuff that the other Matoran do." Sandstorm replied. "I live life solo.” 
“Perhaps not now, but you will in the future.” Ornikra said. 
“How could you possibly know anything about my future?" Sadstorm asked.
"I have my ways." Ornikra replied
"Okay, let me tell you something. I'm a criminal. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, unless you want me to dump you back in whatever hole you crawled out of, I suggest you let me follow my own path." Sandstorm said as he walked away.
"You can't run away from your destiny! It will always catch up to you!" Ornikra called. But Sandstorm was already too far away to hear.

Chapter Two: The Job
Sandstorm walked into Po-Zadia the way he usually did; by taking every side-street and short cut possible to reach his destination, the Xan. The criminals, money badgers, and anyone who would take any job called the dark, dank alley that . Most of the time, the vahki ignored them, especially after a failed attempt of capturing all of the criminals at once. When Sandstorm sat down, a Le-Matoran named Akinro walked up. 
“You shouldn’t sit there, or Sandstorm will beat you up big time.” Akinro warned.
“I should know." Sandstorm said. "I did it to you once.” 
“You’re a Toa now?” Akinro asked in disbelief. 
“Yeah, now I can take the more intense jobs. No vahki is gonna get through this.” Sandstorm said as he gestured to his new armor. 
A Po-Matoran walked up to Sandstorm, placed 500 widgets and a note in front of Sandstorm. "Ineed a job done." The Po-Matoran said in a hushed tone.
“What kind of job?” Sandstorm asked, intrigued. This Po-Matoran was very distinguished, head architect of many projects taking place around Po-Zadia.
“Nothing much, just infiltration of secure premises and theft of an experimental weapon.” The Po-Matoran replied. 
“Piece of cake.” Sandstorm said. 
“Perfect, I will pay you another 500 widgets if you can get the job done.” The Po-Matoran said. "The drop box is here." He said as he pointed to a spot on the map. The Po-Matoran left abruptly after Sandstorm had agreed to the job.
Sandstorm was at the specified testing laboratory in Ko-Zadia within half an hour thanks to the new trans-city transport chutes. Sure, they were illegal to travel in, but this job was worth 1,000 widgets! Who could pass that up? He scaled the tower quickly and got inside at the cost of a very intricate and expensive chandelier. He tried swinging from it, but due to his increased weight, he was subject to the laws of gravity. 
He grabbed the weapon and got out of there. Alarms blared from all sides as he was chased by several Keerahk guards, but Sandstorm made quick work of them. 
On his way back into Po-Zadia, he was confronted by two hired assassins, who attempted to give Sandstorm a hard time getting to the specified drop point. 
"What do you think we should do to him?" The taller assassin asked.
"I say we smash it." The shorter, bulkier assassin replied.
Sandstorm pointed the strange weapon at the assassins.
"I don't know what this thing does, but I think you don't want to find out." He said.
The assassins laughed. 
"What are you gonna do to me with just a tiny gu-" The taller assassin was cut off by the projectile fired from the gun. Spikes grew outward from the assassin's body, and within several minutes, the assassin's body was only a lifeless, twitching husk with crystal-like spikes sticking out from various points in his body.
The shorter assassin started to back away slowly from Sandstorm. Unfortunately, Sandstorm would allow for no witnesses of the murder, and ended the other assassin's life as abruptly as the first.
Sandstorm concealed the weapon an waited for the Po-Matoran although he never showed up. So, he decided to double-cross me. Sandstorm thought to himself. He'll pay...
The next day, Sandstorm returned to the Xan, only the Xan wasn't there anymore.
"Most of it was burned last night." Akinro told Sandstorm as he crawled out of a small hiding space under a building. "They arrested everybody. I think it was that Po-Matoran who tipped them off. The Vahki knew exactly where to strike. First they threw some fire charges in, that took care of the preliminary work, then they went in under the cover of smoke and captured everybody who wasn't completely blown up."
Sandstorm shouted curses in the Skakdi's native language at nobody in particular.
"I'm gonna set up shop in Le-Zadia. Wanna come?" Akinro asked Sandstorm.
"Sure." Sandstorm replied. "You go on ahead though, I have some unfinished business to take care of."
"See you there." Akinro said as he left.
Sandstorm made his way back to the drop point. A bit of the assassin's corpses were still there. After a night of feasting on them, the Muaka should be less hostile for a while. Sandstorm looked for the weapon, but it was gone.
"Looking for something?" A voice said.
Sandstorm turned around and found himself looking at the Po-Matoran from yesterday.
"Don't try anything funny. I know what this does, and I'm not afraid to use it on you." The Matoran said as he aimed the gun at Sandstorm's head.
Sandstorm raised his arms. "Can you at least give me the other 500 widgets that you owe me before I die?"
"I don't see why not." The Matoran said as he tossed the bag over to Sandstorm. "Any last words, Toa?"
"Yeah. This is why I'm called Sandstorm." He said as he unleashed a spiraling fury of sand from below the Po-Matoran's feet. The Matoran was lifted high into the air by the cloud of sand, and fell as the cloud dissipated. The Matoran's body shattered when it hit the ground, body parts and fluids went in every direction, the mangled face was the only recognizable part of the Matoran's former body.
Sandstorm picked up the weapon and the money and began his trek to Le-Zadia.

Chapter Three, the Meeting
Sandstorm was en route to Le-Zadia when he was ambushed. Yet again, by two hired assassins. Only these assassins were deadlier. Known throughout Zadia-Nui as the most feared killers that ever walked the cities of Zadia-Nui. Their killing techniques were brutal and thorough. First they strangled their victims while slowly working through their victim's skin with knives, bringing out their death as long as possible. Once their victim stopped breathing, they stabbed him through the heart and snapped their neck. They then burned the body underground, where it would not be discovered for some time. They were expensive assassins to hire, and certainly weren't hired by a citizen of noble stature. When Sandstorm drew his weapons, the assassins brought out Akinro, gagged and wounded.
"We heard you killed our boss." The Skakdi assassin said. "And two of our buddies too."
"We don't like it when our flying Brakas and our flow of cash get eliminated. It makes our job much harder." The Vortixxian assassin said.
"So we've come to make a deal, you come with us, and we let your friend go." The Skakdi said. "Our new boss put a high price on your head, and he doesn't care if we bring you in dead."
Akinro motioned for Sandstorm not to make the deal. Akinro was a well known criminal too, and had a warrant as well. But he was also a friend.
"I'll come with you." Sandstorm said. "Let Akinro go."
They threw Akinro onto the ground and untied his bonds.
"Now throw your weapons on the ground and put your hands behind your back." The Skakdi said.
Sandstorm did as he was told and was promptly cuffed. For good measure, they put a small device on his back at The base of his neck.
"If you try anything funny..." The Vortixx said as she pushed a button on her wristlet.
Pain shot throughout Sandstorm's body as an electrical surge shot through Sandstorm's body.
"What does this thing do?" The Skakdi asked as he picked up the small gun. "Let's find out." He said as he pointed the gun at Akinro and fired.
sandstorm knocked the Skakdi's arm out of line, causing the bullet to stray from it's path a bit. It still hit Akinro but it was less deadly than it could've been. His left arm was rendered useless as spikes shot out of his arm.
Akinro and Sandstorm both let out yells of pain as they both went through their own torture.
"Time to go." The Skakdi sneered. As he yanked Sandstorm up from The ground.
Sandstorm was led through the earth district to a long-forgotten mine. 
"You're going to burn me alive now. Aren't you." Sandstorm said.
"No, they aren't." A voice said from the shadows.
"We aren't?" The Skakdi asked.
A bag of widgets was tossed out of the cave.
"You have your money, now get out of here before I have to kill you."
The Vortixx picked up the bag and walked off with her partner, who tossed the gun and Sandstorm's spear into the cave.
There was a long silence.
"So. Are you going to kill me?" Sandstorm asked.
"No. I brought you here to give you a warning." The voice said. "Don't go around trying to be a hero, don't go looking into things that aren't your business, and don't go looking for the Toa of Zadia-Nui."
"Or?" Sandstorm asked
"Or you'll find yourself in this position again." The voice said "Only you'll be dead."
The mysterious figure threw Sandstorm's spear at him and broke his bonds with deadly accuracy.
"Now get out of here." The figure said as he aimed the gun at Sandstorm from the shadows.
Sandstorm got up and pulled his spear out of the ground.
"Will we meet again?" Sandstorm asked.
"That depends on if you decide to annoy me." The voice said.
Sandstorm decided to head back to where Akinro was left. Even though he was mortally wounded, he may still be alive. Akinro was also a friend, and if he was dead, he at least deserved a proper burial.

Chapter 4
Sandstorm made his way back to where he left Akinro, who was still alive, but from the looks of it, he wasn't long for this world. His left arm was unusable now, and he suffered numerous gashes to his legs and torso.
"Hey." Akinro said weakly "Still alive."
"I can see that." Sandstorm replied.
"I look pretty bad, don't I." Akinro said.
"More or less." Sandstorm said. "But Ga-Matoran love battle scars."
Akinro managed a weak laugh.
"The nearest hospital is 15 miles away." Sandstorm said, pointing at a town on the map. "Think you can walk?"
"Yeah." Akinro replied as he struggled to get up.
"I'll carry you." Sandstorm said as he picked Akinro up, being careful not to stab himself with Akinro's arm.
The walk was long and tiring, some Muaka started following them. Sandstorm stabbed one through its heart to make an example of how powerful he was.
They found a cave and set up for the night in there. Sandstorm pulled a light stone out of Akinro's bag and placed it in a notch in the wall. Sandstorm got no rest that night. He was making sure nothing found them and that Akinro wouldn't fade while he was asleep.
As soon as the sun started rising, Sandstorm woke A into and continued their journey to the hospital. They were about 3 miles away now, and it looked like Akinro was going to make it.
They reached the hospital, but it looked abandoned, along with the rest of the small town surrounding it.
"Something doesn't feel right." Sandstorm said.
As if on cue, a Ba-Matoran scurried out off a hut with terror in hi eyes.
"Please, help me." He said. "I can see them everywhere, they're everywhere!"
"What's everywhere?" Sandstorm asked.
"Ghosts." The matoran replied.
The Matoran collapsed onto the ground and started choking. Sandstorm put Akinro down and walked slowly toward the matoran.
"Are you okay?" Sandstorm asked.
"Run." The matoran said as he stopped moving.
Sandstorm checked the matoran's pulse.
"Dead." Sandstorm said.
No sooner than he said that did a hand burst out of the matoran's mouth.
Sandstorm jumped back and drew his spear.
The hand was followed by an arm, then a torso, and eventually an entire body erupted from the matoran's corpse.
Sandstorm threw his spear at the creature, but it passed right through.
"What the Karz..." He said, terrified.
The creature made of shadow let out a bloodcurdling shriek and charged toward Sandstorm and Akinro.
Sandstorm scooped up Akinro and bolted for the hospital, picking up his spear on the way. No sooner did they get inside than did Sandstorm lock the door. That only delayed the creature a little, for it had already punched through the glass and was working its way in.
Sandstorm ran down hallway after hallway, looking for a medical stock room. He stopped at the security office and checked the security cameras, looking for the creature. He could see chairs and tables being knocked around, but could not see the creature. fortunately though, it was looking for Sandstorm and Akinro one room at a time, so they had at least 10 minutes before it caught up to them. Sandstorm quickly located the stock room on the wall map and saw that it had been passed while they were running from the creature.
"Stay here." Sandstorm said " I can distract it and draw it away from you. Just don't give away your position."
Akinro was lightheaded and on the fringes of dropping into unconsciousness, but he managed a weak nod.
Sandstorm grabbed a disc launcher off the wall, along with several different rounds of ammo, to see if that would do anything.
Several minutes after Sandstorm left, Akinro crawled into a small nook behind the security desk, only to find the corpse of the security officer, his face twisted with fear.
It looks like he died the same way that the other matoran did. Akinro thought. That must mean. Akinro cut himself off as he realized just how bad of  a situation they were really in.
Akinro confirmed his theory by looking at the security monitors and seeing that multiple rooms were being searched by the creatures at once.
Akinro cursed as he scrambled to activate the microphone on the desk.
"Sandstorm!" He yelled into the mic "We need to get the Karz out of here now!" He could see Sandstorm running down the hall, firing disc after disc at the creatures. He eventually tossed a rock onto the ground and grew it into a thick wall. But that would only delay their pursuers.
Sandstorm got back to the security office and barricaded the door with another stone wall.
They both understood how serious the situation was and were clearly terrified. Sandstorm administered some anesthesia to Akinro and wrapped his legs in bandages, placing a life stone under each bandage. Knowing that Akinro's arm was too damaged to save, he decided that he needed to performed some surgery on his friend.
"I'm sorry." Sandstorm said as he cut Akinro's arm off.
Sandstorm quickly stopped the bleeding and smashed a hole in the wall. Already, the creatures were breaking through the barricade. Sandstorm grabbed Akinro and jumped.

Chapter 5
Sandstorm hated water. He hated it even more when he was hit with a jet stream of it while in mid air.
"Are you okay?" A female voice asked.
Sandstorm did not expect a Toa of Water to save him, he also did not expect the shadow creatures to jump after them.
"Let's get out of here." Sandstorm said as he ran with Akinro. The Toa of Water followed closely. Unfortunately, the creatures did too.
"Follow me, I know where we need to go." The Toa of Water said as she changed directions.
She led them to a river, near it was a rowboat, Sandstorm didn't think they could get far enough to evade the creatures.
"Great, we can paddle our way to death." Sandstorm said flatly.
"I'm a Toa of Water, remember?" The female Toa retorted as she climbed into the boat. "Hurry, you do want to make it out of here alive, right?"
Sandstorm clambered into the boat, and no sooner did he do that, than did the Toa of Water cut the rope that held it to the docks and funneled streams of water behind them and propelled them forward.
"You steer." She said as she tossed him an oar.
Sandstorm had never learned how to steer a boat, let alone ever been in one, so it was tricky figuring out how to go left or right. He eventually figures it out though.
Once they were far enough upriver, they got onto the shore and set up camp.
"Now that we're safe." The Toa of water said "What's your name?"
"Who needs to know?" Sandstorm replied.
"I'm just trying to be friendly." The Toa of Water said. "Besides, if it wasn't for me, you and your little friend would be dead."
"Fine." sandstorm said "This is Akinro, and I'm Sandstorm."
"I'm Rivera." The Toa of Water said. "How did Akinro lose his arm?"
"Some assassins ambushed us on our way to Le-Zadia." Sandstorm replied "Used an experimental weapon on his arm and rendered it useless. I cut it off back at the village." 
"You do realize that you could have killed him, right." Rivera said.
"We'd be dead anyways if you didn't come along." Sandstorm said.
"Why does the name Sandstorm sound familiar to me?" Rivera asked "A few years ago, some protodermis was stolen from a laboratory by a matoran named Sandstorm."
At that point they both realized how they knew each other.
Rivera and Sandstorm drew their weapons.
"You almost drowned me!" Sandstorm yelled.
"You're a criminal!" She countered.
"I was just trying to survive." Sandstorm argued.
"Oh really? Then why did you save him if you could have gotten away faster?" Rivera countered.
Sandstorm got really, really mad.
"I'm sorry if you don't know what having a friend is like." Sandstorm said coldly. "But we've been through a lot together, and I would never just abandon Akinro."
"I can get your 'friend' help, but you have to turn yourself in." Rivera said.
"Turn myself in to who?" Sandstorm asked.
"Me." Rivera said as she knocked Sandstorm out with a blast of water.

Chapter 6
Sandstorm awoke 5 hours later in a cell.
"Great." Sandstorm said flatly. "Here again."
Rivera walked up to his cell and entered it, leaving the door slightly ajar.
"Where's Akinro?" He asked.
"Critical care unit." Rivera replied. "I keep my promises."
"Good to know." Sandstorm said. "But I have a feeling that you're here for a different reason."
Rivera had a grim look on her face.
"Tomorrow at noon, you are to be executed." She said.
"Wow." Sandstorm said. "Turaga Chorax hates crime, but I didn't know he'd go so far as to kill someone over it."
"You've done a lot of bad things." Rivera said.
There was a long silence.
"May I do one last bad thing before I die?" Sandstorm asked.
"And what might that be?" She asked quizzically.
"I knew you had feelings for me from the moment I laid eyes on you." Sandstorm said. "You already knew who I was, but you saved my life anyways."
Rivera was speechless. She thought that she had hidden her emotions well.
Sandstorm walked up to Rivera and embraced her.
Rivera in turn immediately shoved Sandstorm away.
"You know this won't work between us." Rivera said. "Even though I have, feelings, for you, I can't break you out of prison."
"You're right." Sandstorm said. "Which is why I'm breaking myself out of prison."
Sandstorm gently shoved her aside and walked out of the cell, closing the door behind him. He dangled the keys in front of Rivera's angry face through the window and dropped them on the floor. He also picked up his spear from the weapon cache in the adjacent room.
"Until we meet again." Sandstorm said as he walked away.
The next obstacle in his path was the security officer at the front door, but he wasn't hard to get past, Sandstorm only needed to knock his lights out and walk away. 
Now he needed a disguise, seeing that his face had been plastered onto a billboard with the words "Execution today" printed next to it. The disguise was relatively easy to figure out. He painted his armor silver and grey, taking on the false identity of a Toa of Iron. 
No sooner did he exit the building than did the alarm sound. Immediately the doors and windows automatically locked into place. Nobody was leaving the building any time soon.
Now Sandstorm needed to find Akinro...

Chapter 7
Sandstorm made his way through the city, keeping as low a profile as possible. He received inquisitive glances from other Toa, but he ignored them and made his way to the main hospital of Zadia-Nui.
He hacked into the patient database from a public computer with security codes he had stolen from Ga-Zadia's security division several years ago.
"Where are you..." Sandstorm said as he searched the database.
"Sir, may I be of any assistance?" A nurse asked as she walked up behind Sandstorm.
"Yeah." Sandstorm replied "Can you show me to Akinro's  room?"
"I'm sorry, I've only started working here today. I'm unfamiliar with the patients and their rooms." The nurse said.
"Oh, thanks anyways." Sandstorm said as he went back to searching.
"I was given a message to deliver to you." The nurse whispered as she leaned close to Sandstorm. She brought a piece of paper out of her bag and placed it on the desk. 
Sandstorm picked it up. "Who gave it to you?"
"A Toa gave it to me." The nurse said. "I believe he said his name was-"
She couldn't finish before a disc sliced her head off.
"Great." Sandstorm said. "Now my new identity will be branded a murderer."
He quickly finished searching for Akinro, and found that he was in room 12-A on the second floor.
"Hallway A, room twelve, floor two." Sandstorm repeated to himself as he made his way to Akinro's room.
No sooner did he make it there than the security team make it to the hospital's front door.
"This is security team Zeta, we have the building surrounded, come quietly and there will be no trouble." An officer said through the PA system.
Sandstorm walked into Akinro's room and found him lying on a bed, hooked up to life support. He was asleep, and Sandstorm did not want to wake him. Akinro's wounds seemed to have healed though, so Sandstorm didn't need to worry as much.
"You have two minutes to make your way to the front desk." The security officer said.
Sandstorm did as he was instructed and was brought in for questioning.
"Hi." A Toa of Earth said as he sat down across from Sandstorm.
"Hello." Sandstorm replied.
"My name is Terravoc." The Toa of Earth said.
Sandstorm responded with silence.
"So, you're a Toa of few words. I like that, less likely for information to get lost." Terravoc said.
Again, Sandstorm responded with silence.
"Why'd you kill the nurse?" Terravoc asked.
"I didn't kill anybody." Sandstorm said. "There's something going on, and somehow, I got caught up in it."
"Do you know what is going on?" Terravoc asked.
"If I knew, I'd be dead." Sandstorm answered.
"I guess that makes sense." Terravoc said. "Can you tell me precisely what happened? Leading up to the point of the nurse's death."
Sandstorm told Terravoc almost everything leading up to now, leaving out the parts about criminalism and twisting the story here and there.
"If you look at the surveillance tapes, you'll see that the disc came from the side, not from where I was standing." Sandstorm said.
"I'll go ahead and look into it." Terravoc said. "But until it's verified that you didn't kill the nurse, you'll have to stay here."
"Can I at least get the cuffs taken off?" Sandstorm asked.
"Sure." Terravoc said as he removed the cuffs.
Sandstorm remained in the interrogation room for several hours while they looked at the security tapes.
"Alright. You're free to walk. Here's your stuff." Terravoc said as he handed Sandstorm his weapons and bag.
"Thanks." Sandstorm said. "See you around?"
"Hopefully not here again." Terravoc replied.
Sandstorm then searched his bag for the note that he had been given, but found that it was missing.
Meanwhile, Terravoc was sitting in his office going through paperwork when he found the note that should have been in Sandstorm's bag. He figured he should return it, but he decided to read it instead.
"Sandstorm, I told you not to be a hero. You have seven days."
It had a post script at the bottom, recently added.
"Terravoc, don't let him get away."
It took a little while to figure out why the note was referring to the Toa of Iron that he recently interrogated as Sandstorm. But then he realized that Sandstorm had assumed a false identity.
"Code red! We have a breakout!" He yelled into the microphone. "If you find a Toa of Iron that looks like wanted criminal Sandstorm, detain him!"
Meanwhile, Rivera was on her way to the exit when the building was put in lockdown yet again.
"Sandstorm." She muttered angrily "That spawn of a Makuta."
She began a patrol through the halls and rooms of the security building, looking for Sandstorm.
Meanwhile at the coliseum, Turaga Chorax was in outrage, finding out that Sandstorm had evaded the execution and was a fugitive once again.

Chapter 8
Sandstorm made his way through the hallways and rooms that were bathed in blood-red light. To his knowledge, there were about 36 matoran, a handful of vahki, and 2 other Toa in the building with him.
The second he saw a security officer, he activated a camouflage device he had found in one of the rooms and waited until the officer passed.
He evaded discovery for several hours as he made his way into the cafeteria, hoping that it had a garbage disposal shaft.
Seconds after finding the shaft, Terravoc and Rivera entered the cafeteria, weapons drawn.
He judged from the size of the shaft opening that he should be able to fit into it, but it would be a tight fit. While he was entering the shaft, he accidentally knocked over a rehydrator.
"What was that?" Rivera asked quietly.
"Switching visor settings to infrared." Terravoc said. "I see him."
They slowly began to flank Sandstorm as he squeezed into the garbage shaft. By the time just his lower legs were left outside the shaft, Rivera and Terravoc yanked him out.
"Alright, alright." Sandstorm said as he deactivated the camouflage device. "You got me."
"Good to see you're finally coming quietly." Rivera said.
But Sandstorm was not planning to come quietly. Instead, he brought both of his raised fists down onto Terravoc's head and hurled him across the room into a storage unit. He then dodged Rivera's jab, grabbed her spear, and maneuvered himself into a position where he was holding Rivera's spear against her throat from behind her.
"I guess I win again." Sandstorm smirked.
But Sandstorm had not completely immobilized Rivera, she kicked him in the shin, causing Sandstorm to loosen his grip on the spear and stagger backwards. Rivera then pushed him onto the ground and thrust her spear towards his throat.
"Are you so sure?" She replied.
"Just kill me here." Sandstorm said. "It's better than being slaughtered by a mutated crab in front of millions of people."
Rivera pulled her spear back and helped Sandstorm, who was quite skeptic about why Rivera didn't kill him or put him into custody, up and keyed in a code on her wristlet which knocked the security cameras out.
"You have ten minutes before the cameras come back online." Rivera said. "You should get out of here."
"Why are you doing this?" Sandstorm asked.
"Because there is somebody out there who needs you alive." Rivera whispered into his ear bitterly.
Ten long minutes passed while Rivera waited and hoped that Sandstorm had gotten out alive. After ten more minutes, Terravoc regained consciousness and readied his flail.
"Where is he?" Terravoc growled.
"Gone." Rivera replied. "He knocked me out too."
"I'm going to check the cameras. You stay here in case he comes back." Terravoc said. "I'll kill him when I find him."
"If you find him..." A voice whispered from the shadows ominously.
"If I find him?" Terravoc asked.
"Who are you talking to?" Rivera asked.
"You didn't hear that?" Terravoc asked in return.
"Sandstorm may have hit you harder than I thought." Rivera remarked as they walked of the room.


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