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RPG Forum Contest 31 Submissions

RPG Contest RPGC31

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Posted Apr 30 2014 - 09:39 PM

RPG Forum Text-Based RPG Contest 31 Submissions
All RPG Contest 31 Entries should be posted here. They will be added to the list as we get to it; don't fret if your entry isn't on the list immediately after you post it.

You have until 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, May 22nd to submit entries.

NOTICE: If there is a note by your entry saying that it does not meet the requirements, reread the Contest Rules and then send Black Six a PM if you are still not sure of what is wrong with your entry. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, May 22nd to edit your post and fix your entry.

Also, please be sure to check out the RPG Contest Topic for important updates and announcements.

You can review others' entries in the Review Topic.Total number of valid entries: 6

NOTICE: if you have an entry that is in violation of the rules and edit it to fit, please PM Black Six to notify the staff. Similarly, if you add a title to an untitled RPG, do the same. We may miss the changes if you do not directly notify us.

Edited by Black Six, May 22 2014 - 09:10 PM.

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#2 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted May 04 2014 - 02:24 AM



Date: 2053JUV17

Subject: Incident on the Shattered Coast


With Mata-Nui's blessing, this message will reach Daxia before any further disruptions occur – though to call what has transpired a mere disruption is a grave understatement of our newest predicament. The Bridge, it seems, is active.


Just shy of a fortnight ago, a massive archway appeared over the Bridge. Shortly after, the small island it was affixed to was swallowed whole, along with the majority of the village. To my surprise, the hole remained, leaving an entirely new island in its place. Or, at the very least, what seems to be an island.


Attached to this message is a storage kanoka containing my full report on the incident. The main report is divided into the A-Side for full Order disclosure; the B-Side should be classified as highest security. For extra protection, I have encrypted a number of secondary reports detailing the various persons I have encountered, and a log I have taken of any overhead conversations. We must pray that neither find their way into the wrong hands.


- J



A-Side: Locations & World



Ko-Kini is the name of an until recently large port city on the Shattered Coast of the Northern Continent. Originally a secluded Ko-Matoran suva, in modern days it is one of the most important trade stops for trade between the Core Islands and the Western Islands, and to some extent the rest of the continent with Metru-Nui. The population was steadily growing, and had just capped twenty thousand when the disaster hit; now, less than a quarter of both the people and the city remain. There is little of interest here besides the temple, and the two great lighthouses.


In terms of demographics, the vast majority of the population is Matoran. There are only a couple Toa still alive, as most were swept away with the appearance of the Island. Ko-Matoran are a majority, followed by Ga-Matoran, and then finally Fe-Matoran. The rest appear evenly divided, excepting the rarity of Ta- and Su-Matoran. As a port city, other species are quite frequent as well; most appear to be former soldiers from the League.


The Bridge

To maintain the completeness of the report, I have taken upon myself to include all known information about the Bridge. According to the locals, this strange structure has linked the Continent with this particular satellite island since long before the arrival of Matoran to Ko-Kini, which was at least four centuries before the completion of Metru-Nui.


Attempts to date it or match it to architecture have all failed – our closest match is to that of the Brotherhood of Makuta, but as their organization was not yet founded, such a link appears more coincidence than anything else. The one thing we were able to deduce was that some sort of energy was tied to it, in a similar method to Artahkan kanoka disks, but far more advanced.


Just before the satellite island was swallowed, the Bridge began to emanate a purple glow, which I observed from one of the lighthouses. Along its edges, a massive archway sprouted, connecting just over the top. Since then, we have spotted no further activity; the link between the archway, the Bridge, and the Island, all remain a mystery.


The Camps

In recent days, a rather large force composed of heroes, mercenaries, and everything in between has gathered just off the coast and established a foothold in two bases. Atop a large mesa to the south, just to the east of the pine forests bordering Ko-Kini, the main leaders have established a command post from which they relay orders to the large forward base right on the edge of the Bridge.


The camps are led primarily by Toa, though members of many species can be found here. Matoran are mostly left as workers and aides from the village, though some soldiers can also be found among them. At one point, I was able to identify one of Miserix's agents; our interaction is recorded on the B-Side.


The Ledge

What remains of the satellite island is now referred to as the Ledge. A small portion of Ko-Kini remains here, though most took to the ships and have left it abandoned. There's a good reason for this – the Ledge is well below freezing in temperature, coating the entire ground in permafrost so thick that nothing is able to grow. Though a large pine forest once covered the area, the cyclones which frequently tear across the landscape have uprooted most; those which remain are coated in a thick layer of ice. A long road runs through the Ledge, culminating in a perilous stone stairway which allows travelers to make the long passage down to the Island.


The Island

To describe it as such is a misnomer. The Island, rather than floating above the Silver Sea, is actually located a good four hundred Bio below its surface. It is surrounded on all sides by a cliff of ice (I have chosen to title it the Wall), which in fact seems to be spreading – though fortunately not a rapid expansion, I fear that a continued spread in such a manner could have serious repercussions before the century's turn. Most disturbingly, though – the Island is inhabited, and with a surprisingly large population.


Geographically, the Island is mostly flatland. There are a few hilly regions, though closer inspection shows these are in fact holes in the ground. Large cracks dot the area, hiding a number of Rahi. While I would have expected such a strange place to have dangerous beasts, I was surprised to find most of the Rahi to be docile if not harmless. The same could not be said for the plants – not one was planted, and most of the mobile vegetation was large, dangerous, or both.


The Underspire

The central focus of the island is the Underspire. There's little I can do to describe it, save this – a tower, spiraling into the ground rather than up to the sky, which extends outwards into the ground rather than towards the center. The city has similar architecture to the Bridge, though with functional technology being commonplace.


The inhabitants reside mostly in their own areas, with a few shops and outposts sporadically placed. There even appear to be a number of indoor “parks” where Rahi and plant life from elsewhere in the universe (some which I have never seen before; perhaps we should contact the Brotherhood and see if they may identify some of these creatures?) are kept preserved.


The most distinctive locale is at the very bottom of the Underspire, itself roughly three hundred Bio deep, where a massive pool of green liquid sits, burbling constantly. However, based on my inspection of the areas geological features, I conclude that this lower level may, in fact, be a natural cave which was already present, hidden deep beneath the old satellite island since the dawn of the universe. What for, and what it does, I have yet to discover.


The hole is not perfect, as there are also massive canyons running out from the center point, opening as they near in to the center. The largest extends for nearly a Kio!



B-Side: The Story


The information encoded here is perhaps the most disturbing that I have ever intercepted. Not just for what it reveals about the island, but the implications that it has for the future of our universe, and about its nature. The following are a collection of documents taken from the Underspire itself –


Remembrance Day Presentation by “The Speaker”, Date 200 BM

Today, we honor a great number of sacrifices. Brothers and sisters, let us never forget the great sacrifices of our lords, the Makuta; those who died in Karda-Nui so that the plan could be fulfilled, and those slain in the Destiny War by our enemies. But most of all, we honor great Teridax, who on this day two hundred years ago was brought to his untimely demise. It is in his memory that we dedicate today, and the completion of the Bridge, through which we shall transcend time and space alike to bring the Plan to its fruition. The Brotherhood may have fallen, but until each of us draws their last breath, the memory shall live on. And what we do today ensures it.



Bridge Construction Log

The Bridge is perhaps the most monumental work of technology ever developed by the Brotherhood. Our experiments with the Vahi, with thanks to the Speaker for its acquisition, are among the most enlightening of things we have developed. When we next speak to the Makuta, our experiments with reverse cataclysm-induced time-space transport will reap us great rewards. If only we didn't have to break the kazr'd thing in the process. I can't see any major problems developing, save that the Arch will no doubt draw in residual heat energy from the surrounding area once reached. I can't imagine it having any major problems; in fact, we're almost counting on it to keep us from having to worry about the waters once we reach. It's an amusing thought – while to us it seems the Bridge has just been built, when we arrive at our destination, it'll have already been there since the dawn of the universe. Foolish Matoran, completely oblivious to the fact that the ancient monument they see coming to life was aging in reverse the whole time!


Underspire Development Log

Looking on it now, it's hard to think of the Underspire as a replacement plan. When we first started excavation, we figured the complete leveling of the island with the vaporization canons would be the quickest way. If the Speaker had been unable to divine the location of the antidermis below as we neared the bottom, we would likely have kept going on, too! Thankfully, we saved ourselves about a decade of cutting by simply narrowing in the dig site. In addition to breaching the great cavern below, our little project has also brought about the completion of a whole city. Perhaps one day, once the Plan is complete, the Underspire will be more than just a hiding place. People will flock in the hundreds to see it – the capital of the new Brotherhood empire.


The Plan (taken from the Speaker's log)

Finally, the steps are in place. Once the Bridge activates, we should almost immediately be dragged towards the past. No doubt we shall encounter problems on arrival, though I have the full assurance of everyone involved that destroying the Vahi under these circumstances will not break the universe, and that we will not be immediately crushed by the sea upon our arrival. Still, it can't be long before the Order or the Hunters catch wind to our plans; no doubt, they already have, and they simply underestimate us. That confidence will be their undoing, just as it was once ours.


There can be no doubt – the cavern below us once housed antidermis. Where it went, none can say. But if we can reach it, then I can communicate with it, and manipulate it. With what still remains of the Makuta, and with the residual time energies at our disposal, we can even bring them back. With their aid, and with both our superior technology and the armies we can create with the pool, the universe we could not take in the future will be ours in the past.


I'll leave the implications to your most capable hands. I dread think of them any more.



Encrypted File #1: People of Interest


The following is a collection of people I have observed in the Undespire. The identification sheets are written up as follows –


Name: (identifier for the person)

Gender & Species: (self explanatory; I've seen members of a great number of species among them, but oddly enough for their organization, no Makuta)

Appearance: (a description of their appearance; each is in careful detail, at least a paragraph in length)

Abilities: (a description of their powers, abilities, and so forth; none were particularly incredible)

Possessions: (a list of the persons possessions, apparent housing, favored weapons, etc; while many were beyond anything we have, nothing I saw was exactly world shattering)

Personality: (a file on the individuals personality; as with the appearance, in detail)

Story: (anything I could gather on the persons personal story, really; I've tried to be as in-depth as I can, but it's not exactly easy)


Once the decryption process is complete, you should be able to view the rest of the collected profiles here. However, an immediate overview of the people present is as follows –


Name: The Speaker

Gender & Species: Male Southern Islander [Brutaka's Species]

Appearance: The Speaker is a tall, physically imposing figure, though a lifestyle with little field work has left him less chiseled in frame than others of his species may be. His armor is black, with a secondary coloration of bright red; his mask, which appears crowned in horns, is of a golden coloration, which matches a number of armor plates that are also spread across his body. He often wears a golden cloak, with the symbol of the Brotherhood woven into it.

Abilities: The Speaker possesses great physical strength and speed, as well as a sharp mind especially trained on reflexive actions. He is capable of employing Kanohi masks of any level of power. While he lacks in terms of combat skills, he is an excellent speaker and a charismatic influence, which has garnered him many followers. It is possible he has other powers, but none have ever been demonstrated clearly.

Possessions: The Speaker wears the Great Mask of Form-Shifting once worn by the Makuta he served, which provides him the ability to change into other forms or composites of forms, gaining any accompanying physical abilities, strengths and weaknesses in the process. He carries no weapons, though he has access to a large number if necessary. His residency is in the upper levels of the Underspire; within it, he has a scrying orb which allows him to view events anywhere on the Island, and teleportation gates which allow him to immediately transport himself anywhere on the island from that room. Multiple weapons – mostly for display – can be found here, along with a warded region where all known Kanohi masks of the deceased Makuta are kept; he carries the only key able to bypass the defenses with him on his neck at all times.

Personality: True to his name, the Speaker is an influential communication, skilled in the arts of both motivation and diplomacy; if it were not for this, it's doubtful he would have so adeptly rallied the remnants of the Brotherhood to his side. However, when off the stage, he rarely leaves his experiments, and speaks with very few; when he does, it is with few words. His morality is questionable; while he's never actually visibly dirtied his own hands, he has never shown qualms against doing whatever it takes to get a job done, or shown any second thoughts about going through with the Plan.

Biography: The Speaker was once the high lieutenant in service to the Makuta of Stelt, though even that title brought very little real power in the Makuta-dominated organization. During the Destiny War, his master was slain by Miserix, and his power base thrown into chaos – until the Plan succeeded. At that point, Teridax took command of the numerous Rahkshi and Exo-Toa of the area, whilst also adding reinforcements. The Speaker was granted control over the region, tasked with maintaining it while Teridax focused on more “important” things. Using the mask of his former master to assume his form, the Speaker was able to easily dominate the area through both fear and force. However, during the Battle of Bara-Magna, all but his Exo-Toa were annihilated, and most of them destroyed in the cash. He was forced to flee as everything crumbled around him, going tinto hiding along with many other Brotherhood members. Over the years, as the Order of Mata-Nui and Dark Hunters began hounding the remainder, the Speaker gathered those he could under his wing. That was until the day Voporak appeared, holding the Mask of Time. With it, they were able to form a new Plan; one which would allow them to return to the Universe in its prime, and resurrect the slain Makuta. While the exact details of the Plan remain unknown to most, the Speaker promises that when the time comes, all will be revealed.


Name: Voporak

Gender & Species: Male Mutant Steltian

Appearance: Voporak is a giant creature, standing roughly four Bio tall, and almost as wide; his entire form (literally) radiates power. His armor is mostly red and black, with some areas of both yellow and grey. He has massive claws for hands on his two main arms, along with a tail which acts as a tertiary arm.

Abilities: Arguably as powerful as even the Makuta, Voporak is without a doubt the most feared resident of the Underspire. While the exact limits of his power are not tested, it is known that he gives of a temporal force field which can drastically age anything thrown at him, increasing based on proximity; fortunately, he can deactivate it when the desires. He is very sensitive to fluctuations in the fabric of time. When using a Rhotuka launcher, he can generate spinners which distort an opponent's perception of time. Physically, while Voporak is slow and not very agile, he possesses incredible physical strength.

Possessions: Voporak wields two lethal, bladed weapons which connect to his arms. On his tail-arm, he has affixed an artificial Rhotuka launcher.

Personality: Voporak is incredibly loyal, and more than that, silent. Acting as the strong-arm of the Speaker, his only motivation seems to be serving the Brotherhood in all matters where necessary. Nothing else is known of him.

Biography: In the ancient past, Voporak was one of many warlords of Stelt, until the day he was chosen to become part of the Makuta of Stelt's experiment. After the numerous modifications he was subjected to, which granted him his current form and abilities, he was handed off to the Dark Hunters for training. For thousands of years, he served them without question; he even fought against the Brotherhood on their behalf. His last reported sighting for some time was stealing the Kanohi Vahi at the end of the Destiny War. He was never seen again until the day he came to the newly formed Brotherhood, stood before the Speaker, and then knelt down at his feet, while handing him the mask. Ever since then, he has served him without question; despite this, there is still great distrust of the former Dark Hunter, and his true motivations.



Encrypted File #2: Incoming Transmissions


The following is a list of logs I have taken as far as communication between the locals, along with a few related documents of note.


Laws of the Underspire

1. Respect the Bara-Zakaz Personnel (BZP) treaty, and all associated Rules & Guidelines. After two centuries, you'd think these pointless battles would have ended already.

2. All speech must be done in a clear, consistent manner; all written forms should be submitted with proper grammar.

3. Do not kill, harm, mentally dominate, maim, steal personal items from, and so forth from your fellow citizens, unless permission has been granted.

4. Experimentation without permission is not allowed. The sudden development of new powers and abilities from the ether which were not previously possessed will not be tolerated.

5. Remember to consult the additional files on common sense or your necessary SOP on more traditional codes of laws when a question arises over conduct and etiquette; our own laws take precedence, but when in doubt, do not take an action until you ask.

6. The orders of the Speaker, and associates, is law. Objection will be treated as objection to the Makuta themselves.


Once the decryption process is complete, you should be able to view the rest of the collected information here. Save one file – this, the most esoteric of the bunch. It doesn't seem to match any written alphabet I've ever seen, but perhaps our linguists would have better luck translating it. It's probably pretty important, though.


A Word from the GM


Welcome to Parallel! Unlike some RPGs, where you're given the opportunity to be a stalwart hero, or others, where you can be on the side of the stalwart heroes or the villainous scoundrels, this is one where you ARE the villains. However, a few words on what this means.


In this RPG, the role you're taking on is that character is one of the survivors of the Brotherhood of Makuta. You did not gain that title by being a murderous psychopath. Characters may be good, evil, whatever you choose; however, they must have a believable reason for being a member of this group. “Spy for the Order” is not one of them.


Realize this – you are the “bad guy” in the eyes of most everyone. How your character justifies this, if they even recognize/care about it, is a critical part of the process (keep pointless angst to a minimum).


The most important part about this RPG is the “Story” - yours. When writing the story for your character, there are two elements. The backstory should not just tell your characters story, but help fill in the 200 year span between the Battle of Bara-Magna and the present; fleshing out the world, that is. In this respect, keep your contribution minimal, and respect those of other players (though history does allow some things to be uncertain). [Note – This is the limit to the story of an NPC; thus, an NPC Profile will merely have a Biography.]


The backstory, however, is only half of the matter. The main purpose of the story is to be open-ended – and to be completed in this RPG. Each character (and you may have as many as you desire) must have an incomplete story, one which over the course of this RPG, you are going to write. For this purpose, you are allowed to control and use non-staff NPCs within the Underspire (and, with permission, beyond) for the telling.


While staffing and punishments still fall to the GM, along with the over-arching story, telling your own stories around your character(s), and allowing other players to become part of it. In fact, allowing others to fill in roles in the story, or offering as such, is greatly encouraged. The Underspire doesn't exactly house a massive population – most everyone will know at least half of the residents.


So tell your stories. Make new ones. Play your part in the over-all tale. And most importantly – have fun!


-Toa Levacius Zehvor

Edited by Toa Levacius Zehvor, May 06 2014 - 11:02 PM.

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Posted May 13 2014 - 11:21 AM



Report of Commander Malik

To General Kopaka of The Atero Nuian Republic

From Metru Nuva


First and foremost, I apologize for not being able to send in my report on Metru Nuva sooner, like you asked me to. An unnatural storm enveloped the island shortly after I arrived here a week ago, and only let up for a short time so I could send this message.


Upon arrival, the city appeared to be deserted. I ordered my men to set up base in the Ba-Metru sector of the city, and sent them out to investigate. Quickly, they discovered what had happened in the city, and reported back to me. We readied for a fight, as what they reported was grim.


My men had discovered that nearly all of the cities inhabitants had been mutated horribly, being crossed with what appeared to be Rahkshi. In this horrendous form, each of the mutants has access to one Kraata power, of a medium level of strength.


There appears to be but one survivor. My men were patrolling Bo-Metru, when the noticed a large figure. Upon further inspection, they realized that it was a being in a modified Exo-Toa. They approached, and began conversation. However, a large number of mutants attacked, and the being stayed behind to hold them off.


However, a strange radio broadcast has begun to sound out from Ki-Metru. This was before the Survivor was encountered, and he stated he was not the source. I have ordered my men to locate the source of the broadcast, but they have not been successful.


The signal is not strong, and all that can be determined is incoherent mumbling. We do not know what is being said.


Plot Summary:

A battalion of soldiers arrived to an island city to investigate a distress signal sent out. When the arrived, they found out the island was crawling with aggressive, Rahkshi-like beings. They are filled with a desire to spread their virus, and do so via biting.


Past Events:

AMN stands for after Mata Nui. It is currently 10 AMN.

-[0 AMN] Pohatu and Kopaka were taken off the Red Star by a reincarnated Botar, along with a few other dead members of the Order of Mata Nui, who wanted to make sure that their organization was fine, and wanted to support it. Hydraxon is best friends with himself.

-[0 AMN] Velika blew up the fortress. Everyone inside died.

-[0 AMN] However, the Great Being instantly came back to life, as his power gave him unintended immortality, due to the fact he was always in contact with himself. By touching the others in the fortress, he revived them as well.

-[0 AMN] After freeing the Great Being from his curse, the inhabitants of the fortress decided to hunt down their killer. After finding Velika and interrogating him, Miserix killed the Great Being in disguise.

-[0 AMN] Orde, Zaria, Gelu and Chiara allowed themselves to be captured, and then broke free. They found the machine inhibiting their powers, and destroyed it. They then fled from Bota Magna, heading to where they had received their mission.

-[1 AMN] Marendar successfully killed three Toa. A group of Skakdi, however, saw the killings, and decided to take revenge on the murderer. Marendar was only programmed to defeat Toa, and as such did not register the Skakdi as threats. This helped to change the public view of Skakdi, from murderers to somewhat respectable beings.

-[2 AMN] In a further attempt to help their public view, the Skakdi allowed for the five Toa Mahri to be freed. However, the Mahri saw how the Skakdi people were not evil, and opted to stay with them, and help form the nation of Zakaz Nuva.

-[4 AMN] The Toa Nuva formed a new nation, which they called The Atero Nuian Republic. It is the most powerful nation on Spherus Magna, and has the capital of Atero Nui, a new city built meant to honor the past of both the Glatorians and the MU inhabitants.

-[5 AMN] The team that fought the Bota Magna Vorox levied support against the intelligent Vorox in The Atero Nuian Republic. War was waged against them, from which the Republic emerged victorious. The war ended in 8 AMN.

-[7 AMN] Light Teridax and Miserix work together to form the Northern States, a generally neutral nation focused on scientific advancement and experimentation.

-[8 AMN] An island state in the Great Sea is founded by the Atero Nuian Republic, modeled after Metru Nui. It is christened Metru Nuva.





Metru Nuva: The island of Metru Nuva is artificial, and was made as a homage to the city of Metru Nui, in the Aqua Magnan sea. It has the same layout, but the actual elements of the different Metrus are different. In clockwise order, starting with what was Ga-Metru on Metru Nui, the Metrus are Ce-Metru, Ki-Metru, Ba-Metru, Vi-Metru, Bo-Metru and finally Fe-Metru. Each of the Metrus had a dedicated purpose. The Atero Nuian troops arrived to Ba-Metru, in the south.


Ce-Metru: The northernmost Metru on Metru Nuva, Ce-Metru consists of buildings with a large floor space, but only one or two floors on average. It is filled with laboratories and schools. Most of the laboratories are in good condition, but one has been completely ransacked. For unknown reasons, it has a very large mutant concentration.

Ki-Metru: The Crystal district consists of large, grassy parks, and tall skyscrapers made of different shades of lightly colored crystals. Ki-Metru is very beautiful, and as such it was chosen to be the primary residential district. Due to the fact that there were many, many citizens living in this Metru, it has a large amount of Rahkshi in it.

Ba-Metru: The Metru of Gravity was where the soldiers landed when the reached. Before the outbreak of the virus, it was used for the construction of gravity manipulating vehicles, and it’s buildings were large hangars that were spread out. The soldiers have cleared it of a large majority of mutants, and are guarding the borders. They have also converted several hangars in the center of the Metru into barracks for themselves.

Vi-Metru: The Metru of Lightning was used for it’s expected purpose - that of power generation. Vi-Metru consists largely of power generation, and as such is mostly small buildings clustered around larger ones. Several different forms of power generation are used, such as solar, hydroelectric and several others. Vi-Metru scares the mutants, and as such they avoid it.

Bo-Metru: Large, spaced out domes are the landscape in Bo-Metru. Inside these domes are lush forests and farms, which are used for the dual purposes of growing plants and raising animals. Bo-Metru was used for food production in Metru Nuva, as Matoran and other races began the habit of eating with their mouths, as that was how Glatorian ate. The mutants enjoy it here, and it has a high population of them.

Fe-Metru: Large spans of desert, lined with canyons are the landscape in Fe-Metru. Lining the canyon walls are many caves, in which small workshops have been set up. Typically, a single production plant occupies one canyon, but smaller businesses do group together in a shared canyon. Mutants populate the surface of this Metru, but do not enter the canyons.




The Atero Nuian Army: The official army of the Atero Nuian Republic, the army is five hundred strong and has arrived to Metru Nuva to investigate what has happened there. Weapon selection varies widely among soldiers, with each soldier being able to decide upon which they will use.


Malik is the Commander of the battalion, and leads it from their base in Bo-Metru. He does not go out into the fight often, but when he does, he the strongest fighter in the battalion, due to the fact he is a Toa, with extreme elemental powers and combat training.


Each member of the Army typically wears a dark black uniform marked with the symbol for the Three Virtues on either shoulder. Out of fear of the virus being air born, the soldiers were gas masks. The general design is a glass panel in front of the face, with a breathing apparatus at mouth level.


Currently, the soldiers only have the few resources they could scavenge in Bo-Metru and what they brought with them. They are scavenging for more in the other Metrus, particularly Ba-Metru, although they are met with great resistance by the mutants.



-Scavenge more food from other Metrus.

-Find the Survivor and bring him back to base.

-Locate the Leader and determine why it is different.

-Find the radio broadcast in Ki-Metru.

-Determine what caused the outbreak and where the virus came from.

-Work on a cure for the virus.


The Mutants: The mutants used to be a wide, diverse selection of races, but now they are all one. They currently resemble Rahkshi, but have some differences. The first is that they walk around on all four legs, and lack a spine. While mutated, they lose all intelligence and access to powers they might have had while unaffected. Instead, they gain one Rahkshi power of Level 4. They have a sole-minded devotion to spreading the virus, which is spread through bites. They are not playable.  Their primary advantage is numbers.


Important NPCs:

Name: Commander Malik

Species: Male Ko-Toa

Equipment: Malik typically carries four small weapons - two ice picks, and two hatchets. He alternates between his use of the weapons as a pair, or one of each. He prefers to use the hatchets in combat. They confer no special abilities, other than the ability to channel his powers through them.

Personality: Malik is like many other members of his element, being cold and impersonal. He is a rigid authority to the battalion, and rarely shows emotion in front of his troops. When not on a mission, however, he is rather friendly and open, unlike the normal vision of a Ko-Toa.

Powers and Skills: Malik is a master of his element, that of ice. He can create ice and snow, manipulate the temperature, and can control existing ice and snow. He has had several thousand years to master his powers. In addition, as a Toa, he has a Kanohi mask. Malik wears the Pakari.


His Kanohi grants Malik the ability to greatly increase his strength to high levels, allowing him to lift objects he normally would not and make attacks with greater impact. In addition, he has a scope affixed to his mask that allows for telescopic and heat vision.

Appearance: Malik stands tall for even a Toa, and has a slender figure. His armor is colored light grey, with bright blue highlights. His eyes and heartlight are a light green coloration. The Pakari he wears resembles a Sanok, and has a small scope over his right eye.

Background: Malik is one of the oldest beings from the Matoran universe, being one of the first Toa made. He patrolled what was the left leg of Mata Nui for nearly all of his life, leaving for events such as the Toa-Dark Hunter war in Metru Nui, and other large gatherings of Toa.


Malik was responsible for helping inhabitants of the Matoran Universe evacuate it after Makuta had been defeated, and did not participate in any battles. He defused tensions between the Bara Magnans and the former inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


When the Atero Nuian Republic founded, Malik wanted to be on the front lines of any battle, and to be a leader in the army. After Kopaka was appointed General, he gave Malik the position of Commander. Malik led forces against the Bota Magna Vorox, and led his soldiers to victory.

Weakness: Malik unparalleled in combat.


Name: The Survivor

Species: Male, Unknown

Equipment: The Survivor uses a modified Exo-Toa in combat and for his protection. On the left arm of the Exo-Toa there is a laser-firing minigun. The right arm is unmodified. On the back there is an energy katana. On top of the right shoulder there is a small rocket barrage.

Personality: Desperate, and willing to do anything to survive. The Survivor has not left his Exo-Toa suit for slightly over a week, out of fear of infection by the virus. He is the last uninfected citizen of Metru Nuva. He was very warm and friendly to the squad that encountered him.

Powers and Skills: It is unknown what specific powers the Survivor has, as his Exo-Toa suit inhibits any use of them, if he had any. However, he is very proficient with his Exo-Toa suit, and can use it to decimate swarms of the Rahkshi mutants. In the suit, he can take down many of the mutants.

Appearance: The actual appearance of the Survivor is unknown, as his Exo-Toa suit encloses him completely. The suit looks like a normal suit, but it has been modified slightly by the Survivor, namely the laser minigun instead of the cannon, and the rocket barrage on the soldier.

Background: The Survivor was encountered in Bo-Metru on a regular patrol. The squad that saw him approached him, and found him to be friendly. They began to talk about the status of the island, and about what had happened. The Survivor revealed he was the sender of the distress signal.


However, this meeting was not to last. Within minutes of meeting the Survivor, a massive mob of mutants attacked, at the rear of which was a strange mutant that didn't resemble anything the squad had seen. The Survivor ordered the squad to run, as he could hold off the mass of mutants.

Weakness: The Survivor cannot use any powers in the Exo-Toa suit.


Name: The Leader

Species: Ye-Mutant (Poison), Unknown Gender

Equipment: The Leader carries a Rahkshi Staff of Poison. How it acquired this Staff is unknown, but it wields it as a weapon and to enhance its Rahkshi Powers, which it can use without wielding the staff. The bottom end of the staff has been broken off, making it resemble a spear.

Personality: The Leader is incredibly hostile to all members of the Army, but is not the stupid beast like the rest of the mutants. It is smarter, and appears to be a strategic genius. It is unknown how it is more intelligent, but it appears to be in charge of the mutants.

Powers and Skills: A further distance from the rest of the mutants is the Kraata power that the Leader controls. Its control of Poison is at level 6, being able to make any being severely and dangerously ill with physical contact. In addition, it seems to be incredibly intelligent.

Appearance: The Leader appears different from the rest of its weaker minions by being taller, and walking on two legs instead of on four. Its armor is a black with green highlights, and its eyes are red. It is easy to spot as being different from the rest of the mutants, and is unique in appearance.

Background: The Leader first appeared directing the horde that attacked the Survivor. The few soldiers who had encountered the Leader saw it in the back of the horde, seemingly issuing commands to the rest of the mutants. In the Leader's presence, the mutants focused on the Survivor, not the soldiers.

Weakness: Nobody has actually fought the Leader in close quarters combat.


Rules and Punishments

  1. All BZPRPG and BZP rules are in effect here.
  2. Do not godmod, autohit, bunny or metagame. This and the rule above it are pretty standard.
  3. Respect any and all GMs. I, Canis, am the main GM. Zakaro is the assistant GM.
  4. Use IC for in character posts, and OOC for out of character posts. Also, please keep OOC to a minimum in the gameplay topic. No OOC only posts in the gameplay topic at all.
  5. Keep romance and comedy down to a minimum. This is war, not a bad sitcom or comedy.
  6. Toa, Makuta, and Botar’s species are banned. To put it simply, they are all absurdly powerful. In addition, they are all very rare at this point in the in game story.
  7. Please use proper spelling and grammar in your posts. It's not that hard.
  8. The mutants are not weak. Do not thrash them about like they are nothing.
  9. All profiles must be approved by staff. This is to ensure that you don't have overpowered characters.
  10. Have fun!



Punishments will only happen with the more serious rules. Breaking Rule Ten or the less serious rules will not be a Strike.

1st Strike: You get a public warning.

2nd Strike: One of your characters is seriously injured.

3rd Strike: All of your characters are seriously injured. One is killed.

4th Strike: All your characters save one are killed. The last is seriously injured.

5th Strike: Your last character is killed. You are banned from the game.


Thank you for playing, and have fun!


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[“Welcome doctor, we’re pleased you could make it on such short notice.”


“You’ll find this… enlightening.”]


If you're listening to this, well then, I suppose I'm not the only one with a complete waste of a talent.


If you know what's happening, then you should know better than to stay here and listen. I don't have to tell you what to do, you know already. You've probably seen what happens if you don't. Maybe lost a friend or two because of them. They didn't do what was needed.


If you're lost and confused, or too blind to see what's happening around you, then drop this and run. Run as far away as you can. Run until your legs take you not further. Make peace with the powers that be. And then kiss your behind goodbye, because that's just about as much time as you'll have before they come. They'll find you no matter where you hide. I cannot give you anything more than the hope that you may find a swift end to this existence, for it is the one boon I am deprived of.


But, then why am I here?


I don't know.


It's silly, really. A stupid, foolish reason. I think everyone needs a bit of hope, though.


But on the off-hand chance that this survives... I don't want this to be the end for it all, and so if you've somehow found this and things aren't Karz-on-earth. Think of it as a record, a memory of what happened here. A warning. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I suppose I should start from the beginning. I might be able attach a vid to this system, no promis-


[Back-lit shadows attempted to trip the light fantastic upon the neon floors of the Lotus Ballroom, gliding about clumsily on drunken feet. Inebriated laughter, whispers, and footfalls reverberated together to form a cacophonic hubbub of uncontained ecstasy. The faces of the manqué dancers, or at least the faces not partially hidden in the darkness, glowed vividly with the plurality of colours flickering from the massive screens lining the walls in place of windows, exploding every millisecond with an eruption of blinding hues. Precariously-held drinks sloshed in shaking hands, salted with crocodile tears and flavored with the chintziest of ersatz-citrus, almost as unwanted as the ineluctable hangovers to follow. The sultry stares and the drunken reveling continued endlessly, a tempest of emotions fueled by ethanol and heedless grudges; much like the city it occupied, the Lotus Ballroom truly never sleeps, much to the detriment of its neighboring establishments. For hours, well past the midnight Coppers raid-attempt, the hopeless, heedless occupants of the neon turmoil sang, danced, cried, and, mostly, despaired, praying for a better day tomorrow, a future less dim, and past easier hidden.


They had planned to continue in their epicurean ways as they always did, but even they were forced to halt when the sirens started. Above the skyline, a swarm of Mockers screamed, diving between buildings for maximum effect, spiralling briefly around the monolithic apartment towers, and disappearing once more into the smog-hidden horizon. The noise disseminated through the minds of the Lotus's residents, filling their stomachs with the dull rumbles of fear. They climbed over each other and trampled to reach the exits, a horde of the unhinged and panicked, lazy and sluggish in their alcoholicly-inhibited attempts to run. As the Ballroom's varied denizen scurried hopefully, the entirety of the city's lights surceased their paltry shines, plunging the streets and elevated thoroughfares into utter darkness.


From beneath the Sublevels, a roar rose, sorrowful and dolorous even as the glass shattered throughout the lowers districts. The cemented-covered earth rumbled, moaned in return, and then split asunder, swallowing the entirety of Lotus Ballroom and its slower would-be evacuees. As watchers looked on in terror, a singular massive rhombus of the brightest vermilion rose above the screaming dipsomaniacs, cloaked in darkness and swivelling softly. Silence fell, for the smallest of moments, and then the Colossus opened the teeth-lined infinity that was its maw, and the screaming began.]


That was the first time they showed up.


And by the Great Beings was it not the last.


We're all going to die here. No one is going to survive.


But this.


This... May it be not lost to the depths of time...


This is their story.


[“This recording was found on what looks to be a personal computer. The device itself is highly advanced. The most accurate psychometric dating places the device and the time of the recording at least five-hundred thousand millennia before known civilization began.  This is inconclusive, though we have not seen any differing results.”


“The validity of the events claimed to have transpired is questionable at best, no evidence has been found to confirm them-”


“All the same, we cannot deny them.”]




Welcome to Midnight City, a dystopian world wrought with strife, intrigue, and a war both craved and unwanted.  A rotten place slowly tearing itself apart from the inside out, while mysterious forces devour from the outside in.  A place where what good that had previously reigned has now been crushed under the oppressive heel of battle.


Beings here fight for power and simply destruction, defend the weak and attempt preserve their way of life, or live for themselves, just trying to survive the carnage around.  


Though it wasn’t always like this.


The city itself was once a beacon of hope, a shining light of technological advancement, and testament of the enlightenment of those who lived there.  It was a place where beings-- Glatorian, Matoran, Seltian, Toa, Makuta, Vortixx, Agori-- of all tracks of life could come together to create something magnificent.


There was no war.


No sickness.


No poverty.


No wanting.


It was a utopia.


It didn’t last long.


The growth was without direction nor regulation, and divide between the powerfully wealthy and the common worker grew exponentially, far sooner than anyone expected.  Far faster than anyone could stop.  The hyper-rich lived among the stars, at the highest points of their multi-kilometer skyscrapers.  The unfortunates were forced down to carve out a life in the shadows of the buildings they helped create.  Any form of contact at all between the two classes was nonexistent.   They lived in completely separate worlds, oblivious to one another and unable to cross over.


And that was fine, each respective society wanted nothing to do with the other.


This continued on for many years, largely without incident.  Yes, there was the occasional revolt to take the city above, the occasional attempt to cleanse the undercity of “filth”, though these never turned out to be anything major, nor had much of a lasting impact beyond the initial shocks.


Until they arrived.  It was nothing at first, no more than rumors whispered by the insane and incoherent of shadowy monsters.  Beasts that defied logic and destroyed all attempt of rational reason.  Creatures that walked among and within shadows, stealing away people in the eternal night, flitting around the edges of a lone unfortunate’s vision.  The rumors became more prevalent, until the point where they were hardly rumors anymore.


Things escalated quickly from there, as a heavily armed squad of Vahki suddenly appeared within the lower city, the first time direct contact had been made between the lower and upper sections within recent memory.  They didn’t stay long, just enough to engage and kill one of the mysterious beasts, leaving a trail of destruction in their path, before just as quickly returning to the city among the stars.


That proved to be a pivotal event, as things quickly spiraled downhill.  Soon, more and more soldiers from the upper city traveled down, and more and more sightings of the monsters were reported throughout the lower levels.  The fighting between them, heedless to those living in the undercity, broke out soon after.  The underworld was transformed almost overnight into a warzone, with it’s inhabitants trapped between two colossal forces at each other’s throats.


This is where your story begins, whether you’re an eldritch agent of darkness, a refugee of a war that you have no say in, or a warrior of light defending your way of life.

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _


[The world turned in silence, a malevolent sphere of festering iniquity and purposefully obscured beauty. Steel towers rose into the sky, as hard and relentless as a blade, and yet as delicate as summer grass, shivering in the heavy wind of the upper reaches of heaven. Below them, the nauseating foetor of the dying ascended from the Land of Night into the otherwise clean air of the City of Stars, curses from a prostrated opponent. The Vahki betwixt the two seperate world sat in silence, always watching, yet never truly perceiving the world that surrounded them. Darkness was rising, slowly, ponderously, but with growing power.]




The city itself is divided into three distinct parts, each stacked atop another, both physically and metaphorically crushing the one beneath.


City In The Stars

The first of which is the Uppercity, at one point indistinguishable from the rest of the metropolis, though years of unparalleled advancement has broken it off from the otherwise stagnant area. The uppercity is now a climate controlled shining jungle of polished glass and gleaming metal, the closest to the pinnacle of civilization that mortal creatures could achieve. It's towers soar into the sky without limit, some of the tallest reaching such a great height that it is hard to say whether or not they're still within the atmosphere at all. Airships fill the skies while chutes section off the spaces between buildings. Many of the most prestigious residences aren't even touching the ground, rather located on vast artificial floating islands that wander above the “surface” of the city. It is a place that scarcely any from below ever get to live, let alone glimpse. (For the purposes of this RPG, this area will be predominately off-limits to those who don't exactly belong there, for the reasons stated below.)


The Lock

At the boarder between the Upper and Lower city lies what's most commonly known as the Lock. Not a real, physical place in the normal sense, the Lock is the thin slice of city in which a literal army of Vahki patrols, keeping those above and below within their respective areas. The Lock itself may move up or down a number of levels depending on the political climate at the time and such, though it has generally followed a pattern of continually rising higher and higher. As the city above builds up, the Lock follows. The Vahki Enforcers stationed here are among the most ruthless, hulking monoliths of cold logic processors and inescapable weapons. They're programmed to use lethal force at all times, if one is found that doesn't belong. Despite this, the Lock isn't a perfect barrier, and like all seemingly impenetrable walls, there's always cracks. One may be able to cross over the Lock, provided they know the right people and have large enough wallets. Even then, the chances of actually making it over are slim at best. The only exception to this are those living above, Enforcer operative automatically have immunity, and citizens may be able to get past, as long as they have the right authentication.


Land Of Night

The final area in this city is that of the Lower City, located at the bottom of civilization in every sense of the phrase. The city is cast into a perpetual night, forever hidden by the miles of “higher” civilization that it supports. A twisted mass of protocrete and rusted metal, the only lighting here is that of half-functioning neon signs and the fires of the malcontent. Any sense of organization that the original builders planned has vanished from the constant decay and random additions. The only weather experienced here is that of a seemingly constant downpour of, at times acidic, rains. When it isn't completely drenched, thick, lung-destroying smog fills the air. What little open areas can be found are only massive caverns buried within the city.


Any and all forms of establishments can be found within the city, though the trustworthiness of all can be brought into question. A darkened alleyway means certain death to the unprepared. Now, in the early stages of war, the destruction caused by the beasts of darkness hasn't touched all, and it could possible be ignored by those who are oblivious. However, huge swaths of city have been demolished by the fighting, leaving behind the charred, twisted ruins of a struggling society, places where scavengers comb the rubble for anything of value.


Despite the jumbled mess of a city, there are a few point of interest. The primary one being the expanse, a huge cavern within the heart of the undercity, and what could be called the “safest” place to be. Gangs here have established the place as a neutral zone, and the more unsavory parts of society tend not to venture too close to here. There's a constant patrol of police officers with generally good intentions, and the bright-lit area deters crime. A variety of mostly legitimate shops have sprung up on the ”floor” of the cavern, while residential areas line the walls and ceiling. Located here is also the closest one could get to a park within the city, though there's nothing living here.


Located not too far away is the police station, a black fortress that houses society's protectors and destroyers. The “jail” is within these walls, though it doesn't hold criminals. Despite the actual institution's corruption, the station has become somewhat of a common area for more lawful-oriented citizens. The structure itself is massive, sticking out of the grime around like an industrial metal blister.


The last is less of an actual point, and more of an entire section. The lowest portion of the city is the lowest of the low. With things here that no sane being should see. It is considered off-limits by all.


(The Undercity is where the majority of action will take place within the RPG, and we encourage players to create, expand on, and explore this area as they wish.)

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _


I managed to gain access to a few dozen working cameras.  Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I thought it gave a fair enough look into the people living here today.  I suppose it’s not that hard to guess who’s who, so I’m not going to spell it out.  I’ll save data space for other, more important things.




There are a number of factions within this City of Night, each vying for power.




[Glass and steel towers glinted in the light of a high-noon sun, an assemblage of postmodern monoliths of inhuman sizes; they did not simply scrape the sky, they pierced it and bathed in the glory of its darkest secrets. From within one of the tower's thousands of wall-sized windows, a Vortixx sat and stared at the passing air traffic. His hands were occupied with a concoction of ethanol and real fruit juice, the most expensive of pleasures, yet it was merely half-empty and wholly ignored by its owner. The Vortixx laid it on a nearby coffee table composed of shimmering ebony, and then stood, his supple frame stretching and tensing subtly with the seamless motion, and crossed his spacious living room.


He reached a vividly-coloured and elaborately constructed couch, and paused to watch its resident, a frivolously adorned Toa of Gravity. She peeked briefly at him from beneath a cover of furs and fine cloth, and then sighed, and curled into a tighter ball. “Well, what do you want?” she asked crossly, “Are the Unders acting up again? Do you need my help in the performing of simple arithmetic?” The Vortixx merely smiled in response, and continued his walk into a hallway filled with fine art and underpinned with the most expensive construction materials on the market. Oh, the woes of the affluent, pestered by their inferiors, and never recognized in their greatness.]


The Upper Citizens

A society of people living the life that only being influential and powerful beyond compare can provide, the upper citizens have everything they could ever want in life.  They pursue whatever vocation that catches their imagination, from artistry to engineering to combat.  For the most part, they seem unaffected by the fact that they’re at war, and continue living life as normally as ever.




[The cold, damp Understreets glowed a soft green with the light of an Enforcer brigade, rain puddles churning with the thousand metallic footsteps that filled the once-still air. Information streamed from Vahki to Vahki seamlessly, each eye representing those of a thousand, a legion of the truest form, an omniscient attack upon crime and iniquity. The prey of these particular Enforcers was tiring, his legs turning into lead and feet to stone as the meters vanished past. Running seemed little use; for ever meter he gained, the shadowy automatons gained four or five. With a scream, he collapsed in terror as he felt the sharp sting of a Bordakh's uncharged staff drawing blood. Before the scream ended, a thousand puncturing, needling, ravaging blows racked his body, and Loyalty and Suggestion replaced what was once a free mind.]


- The Enforcers:

Their military force is highly trained, with operatives working in small, mobile groups.  They make use of extremely advanced protodermic technologies, from elementally-imbued armors to handheld devices that let them pass through solid objects.  These operatives are backed by heavily armed and armored Vahki heavy infantry, completely robot enforcers built for a single purpose: combat.  They are very hard to disable, let alone destroy.  Even if their clockwork intelligence matrixes aren’t especially advanced.  (While not a rule, because of the powerful nature of peoples of this group, we ask that players refrain from creating large amounts of characters within this subfaction.)




The Lower Citizens

A mirror image of the thriving civilization above, the beings condemned to the lower levels struggle each day to simply survive.  With the eruption of battle within their very home, this has not become any easier.  With the limited resources available to them, any sort of advanced technology is virtually nonexistent or unobtainable, with the most prevalent form of weaponry being a primitive form of projectile launcher that uses an explosive propellant.  Nonetheless, these firearms are very easy to maintain, and still quite deadly.




[“Did you really think you could hide?” her face was mere centimeters away, spittle flying into his face with each and every syllable, bombarding his unfortunate eardrums with the angriest of roars. “You think we're like the Vahki, don't you? Think we're as easy to fool as the metalheads?” As she spoke, she tore open his shirt, plucking the bag from his once-hidden pocket. “Listen, Ngārara, I,” he started to say in response, eyes wide and hands attempting to push her back in self-defense, “I’m sorry. You see how well I run; just hire me-” The punch was a thunderbolt, a sledgehammer; the term unstoppable force seemed hardly adequate. He crumpled to the ground with a gasp, feeling his chest to see how badly his lungs had been damaged. She stood over him, and roared, each word punctuated with a rib-cracking kick. “You think we'd hire your type? You trash? We are The Kings! We are the brave, not filth and cowards. We don't need you and your tears.” He attempted to cry in pain, but a kick sent teeth into his throat, forcing him to choke. His body was breaking, deconstructing in the presence of a great and primal force. Blood pooled beneath his broken form, mixed with salty tears and the pearly white of teeth. “You stole from us; you doomed yourself.” He could only groan hoarsely in regretful response.]


- The Gangs:

The real power beneath the shadows lies in the gangs, with each Crime Lord carving out a section of city as their own.  Enemies and alliances are created between them almost as quickly as they are destroyed, while the battles that rage between rivals never cease.  Now, with foreigners fighting a battle within their territories, some fight to defend their holdings, while other try to obtain power from the chaos.  (Gangs may be created and controlled as players see fit.)




[She paused for a moment, holding the bag in front of her, her smile faltering. “I hope it is indeed a good day, Mr. Pōua. I really do.” The Turaga merely smiled toothlessly in agreement. He didn't know this Matoran's name; all he could be bothered to remember were faces, and even those were indistinct, muddled by the passage of time, blurred between the living and the dead. All of the customers of his corner shop knew his name by the shop's title, but it was a one-sided transmission of information between individuals; the Turaga never got to know this shadows of persons who always vanished back into the busy streets. He took interest in them sometimes, but it never seemed to wise of an action; not that he ever did what the rest of the world considered wise. With a small sigh, he walked over to the store windows, and watched her walk away, disappearing farther into the indistinct horde with each step. The world outside the shop wasn't happy or particularly well-light, a dystopia of dark, muddy greys contrasted with stark neon. This had become more apparent to him in the past few months, as the darkness had enshrouded his life, but by no means had it not existed before. He had lived in this world of vague darkness for as long as he could remember, yet, it seemed, this was the first day he noticed the seams becoming undone.]


- The Commoners:

The average folk within the city, people whose lives are guided by a single manifesto: stay alive.  Whether they’ve grown up within the lower levels, or are just discredited or banished citizens from the city above, all struggle in this age.  Before the fighting started, things were looking much better for this group, though they’ve been hit the hardest by recent events.




[The sterile gray walls of Undercity Police Department reflected the electric light's dull shine with all of the energy and enthusiasm of a reposing corpse. Theft cases flew through the automatic steel doors on every few moments, greeted with a nod and a promise to attempt the recovery of the assorted lost possessions. The fluorescent light had masked a thousand disappointed, disillusioned faces in its brief lifetime, a legion of broken souls whose pleas were ignored or actively scorned. The Department wasn't particularly famous for its success rate or ability to please the citizens it pledged to protect; its reputation laid within its unnecessary violent measures and continually proclaimed lack of funding. A more lackluster enterprise was indeed hard to find. The particular discoverer of this fact, momentarily occupied with watching the fluorescent light blink and shudder in its insipid way, only heard the vapid apology of the Department official from across a sea of monotony. “We'll try our hardest to recover your money, Sir, but I'm afraid it's just impossible for us to find something so comparatively small in such a big city,” she paused in faked compassion, glancing at his vacant eyes. “I hope you understand we try our hardest.” He smiled in an equally tedious way. “Yes, I think I do.”]


- The Police:

A largely corrupt and failing institution. The Police Force of the Undercity is largely concerned with the Gangs, as well as with the foreign forces invading their territory. In the struggle to keep the place in one piece, “protect and serve” has become a well-nigh neglected virtue in favor of survival.  They have access to somewhat more advanced technologies than most living in the city, but it is by no means modern.




[The stone foundations of the Undercity trembled and moaned as if in labor, convulsing and fissuring as its very heart was torn away. The ineffable was being called forth from the darkness and pain that filled the umbrageous recesses of the darkened streets; dreams and nightmares alike were congregating, converging to form an abomination of all things and yet nothing at all, as surreal and realistic as the hopes and fears of the city's inhabitants. The creation was formless, yet a paragon of physical proportions, indescribable beautiful in its unseeable terror. The paradox strode forth from the womb of madness, and advanced in silence upon the bustling streets, each step cracking the cement and asphalt. Death given form, a beautiful horror, stood and watched as the diminutive vehicles screeched and honked in surprise. The first vehicle disintegrated upon contact, becoming a cloud of sparks for the barest moment, and then vanishing; all others were hurled backwards at ungodly speed. Screams began to fill the unusually cold air, and the Daemon watched in utter serenity. For a moment, it simply stood in utter tranquility, and then stepped forward, plunging the entirety of the district into ineluctable darkness.]


The Demons

Creatures of the void, manifestations of the flickers within one’s vision, travelers of shadows; all are apt descriptions of the horrifying creatures that terrorize this city.  Though they do not give much in terms of information.  The creatures themselves vary greatly in form, size, abilities,  and apparent function, while sharing common details among all.


They are biomechanical, similar to the species of the Matoran Universe in a twisted, eldritch way.  Superficially, they seem to resemble the now-extinct Zyglak, with reptilian scaly skin covering their organic components, and dark, rusted mechanical portions.  The range from bipedal and almost resembling Toa in terms of form, to huge, monstrous and Rahi-like.  Then there are those that simply defy comparison with any known organism, those whose very form is enough to drive some insane.  Intelligence-wise, some seem to be little more than Rahi, while others show an evil mind beyond comprehension.


Also similarly to Matoran Universe species, they possess powers that seem to be of an elemental nature, though dark reflections of those commonly known.  Whatever the case, all seem to be focused upon the negative aspects of the world.  The non-existence of substances rather than the creation of them  Some simply pass through walls as if they’re not there, others are completely unaffected by injuries caused by conventional means, and a few have even been observed to be able to rip tears in the fabric of reality itself.


All have shown the ability to pass through shadows and reappear from another, using them as one might a door.  In fact, this seem to be how they reach the City of Night.  If there is a limit to this power no one has been able to find it.


(Creation of characters in this faction is off-limits initially, though the process of how to get one of these powerful creatures will be revealed very shortly.)

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _


For the convenience of those listening, I’ve made descriptions of the people I’ve encountered, who they were, what they looked like, where they’ve been.  It’s far from complete, but perhaps history will remember their names better this way.  I’ve also included a few of the… monsters… here.  May they burn in Karz.


[“Do note, the following information was severely corrupted, and the damage looks to be intentional in some areas.”


“We have a team working on reconstructing the lost data.  It is a slow process, however.”]




Blank profile template here, things in [brackets] can be removed.  Feel free to add and remove fields as needed, though Name, Appearance, Weaknesses, and Personality are required.


Name: [Self-explanatory.]

Species: [Also gender and element where applicable.]

Affiliation: [Who is your character affiliated with?  What faction do they fight for? Or are they unaffiliated?]

Powers: [Elemental, mask or otherwise.]

Gear: [Your character’s weapons and gadgets.]

Skills: [What is your character good at?]

Weaknesses: [What is your character bad at, what hurts them?]

Appearance: [What does your character look like?]

History: [What has happened to your character? What has their life been like?  Are they a crimelord within this underworld?  A member of a failing police force?  A highly trained soldier from the city above?  A monster of the unexplained?]

Personality‏: [Who is your character? What are their likes/dislikes? How do they act?]


Custom masks, species, powers, etc. will be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Profile Limitations: Obviously we don’t want any game-breaking elements like Life, Time etc. or any legendary or one-of-a-kind masks (Olisi, Olmak, Ignika etc.). The following masks are also banned for various reasons. Komau (Bunnying), Conjuring, Mohtrek (Godmodding), Elda, Clairvoyance (Metagaming). Some of the MU’s species are also out of the picture due to being grossly overpowered, namely Botar’s species, full-power Makuta, Krahka, Brutaka’s species, as well as anything else that’s blatantly overpowered.


Anything else is fair game as long as common sense is applied.  However, if you make a pitch for one of these listed things, we will most certainly consider it.

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _




1: All BZP and RPG Forum rules pertain to this game, too.

2: Respect both the staff and your fellow players; no one wants to be treated poorly, no matter their position in this game's hierarchy.

3: Have your character act reasonably; no godmodding, autohitting, or general misconduct. It is of note that this RPG's setting, as I'm sure you've noticed, is rather dangerous, so treating your character as invincible or otherwise immune to the dangers of the world is included in this.

4: Though I'm sure I don't need to be stating this, enjoy yourself, please; this is just a game made for the sake of having fun, so let's do just that, hmmm?

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _




- Gravity, your head GM

- Gyro Gearloose, your co-staffie

- Prodigal, your other co-staffie

________________________________ ________________  ________   ____    __     _



They're here.


I can see them.


They're looking for me.


My time has ran out, but your's has not.  This is not the end.


I'd wish you luck, if i thought that'd help you at all.


I suppose this is it.


Well, I was never good at goodbyes.

["It ends there."


"We've been unable to identify the speaker."


"You see why we wanted you to come."]

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The mining city of Katipo lies buried in the bedrock of the Southern Continent. It is shielded from the outside world by a network of grand caverns and tunnels, known as Mangaia, an old Matoran word meaning “Protector”. In fact, the inhabitants have become so shielded that they have lost almost all connections to the outside world. It is very rare for beings to enter or leave. The last team of brave adventurers to set out from the city returned two months ago after trading what the miners had dug out of the earth with the surface-dwellers. They seem to have brought more than merchandise back with them.


Trouble is stirring in the city.


It began with the area’s rahi. They were acting strangely. It was hardly enough to worry about, until a heard of blade burrowers stampeded through a housing block, trampling two Matoran. Since then, more and more rahi-related incidents have occurred. Some rahi were spotted that no-one had heard of before. Odd mutants displaying baffling powers occasionally emerged from the surrounding darkness, frequently attacking citizens before retreating into the shadows. The best-known occasion was when a Muaka with the head of a Kane-Ra ran down one of the main streets while causing everything it touched to shrink to half its size. The beast was cornered by the city guard and captured, though nobody knew what to do with it after that, so it has remained in captivity.


Even more disturbing, some beings have seemingly vanished, and chief among them is the leader of the last expedition out of Katipo, who is also the captain of the city’s guard. None of them have left any indications of where they went, or why. Citizens are growing nervous, however. Clearly, there are forces beyond simple rahi at work here.


The leader of Katipo, Turaga Tawhito, has offered a great reward to any being who can solve the mystery behind the events and put an end the disappearances and the unnatural wildlife that has come to the City in the Dark.



About the Game


City in the Dark is an invitation for you, the player, to probe the mysteries of the darkness. What you seek is out there, but knowledge is not all you might find. Shadows, danger, power, and hope can all be found when seeking answers, but which you find is up to you. Do you dare to explore? You may be surprised by what you discover.


If solving mysteries is not your thing, then there are plenty more things for you to do within the world of this game. Keep reading.


The events of this RPG will take place around 5,000 years Before the Great Cataclysm (BGC)



About Katipo



Katipo exists many kio below the surface of the Southern Continent, in a massive cavern 100 bio in height called Mangaia. The city and its 2,000 or so inhabitants take up most of the space in Mangaia. There are other, much smaller, caves and tunnels leading away from Mangaia. These used to house beings when Katipo itself was still under construction, but have long since been abandoned in favour of the main city. Only rahi, exiles and the mad live in the Outer Darkness.


Katipo sits on top of the largest mine on the Southern Continent. It provides much of the universe with ores, stone, lightstones and many other goods. The mine forms the cornerstone of Katipo’s economy. The city itself is circular, with 24 main streets leading radially out from a central point, the Central Concourse. Curved cross streets run in circles around the city, joining these main passageways. It was this shape that led some outsiders to refer to the city as “The Web”. The Central Concourse contains all the most important buildings in Katipo, such as Turaga Tawhito’s hall, the largest markets in the city and the headquarters of organisations like the Katipo City Guard and the Miners’ Corporation.


In addition the city is two-tiered. While half of Katipo lies on the floor of the cavern as in most cities, there is a mirror image second city carved out of the cavern’s roof. In the world above, the streets are made of (very thick and strong) glass to allow both levels to see each other. The two levels are connected by elevators, placed on every second junction between the radial and circular main streets.


The entire place is lit by a myriad of different coloured lightstone lanterns. These are hung regularly along all the streets and inside buildings, so when looking down from the top tier of up from the bottom, the city looks like it has been sprinkled with glitter. 







Katipo is led by Turaga Tawhito and policed by the City Guard. Together, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety and prosperity of all the beings living in Katipo.



The residents of Katipo are a diverse group, species-wise. Matoran and the most common, but there are also a few toa in the city, with other beings such as Vortixx, Steltians, Hydraxon’s, Tobduk’s and Trinuma’s species and even a few Skakdi. For notes on these species and their abilities, see below.



While not quite at Metru Nui’s level of advanced technology, Katipo’s mineral wealth has allowed it to trade with other lands for some pretty good tech. Kanoka disks are present here (though not as ubiquitous as in Metru Nui), as are knowledge crystals, protodermis refineries and many different kinds of motorised vehicles. Most of the more advanced tech is involved in the mines; I’m talking big vehicles, drilling machines and explosives – things that make ussal crab carts look horribly out of date.





Katipo City Guard



Really, there’s not a lot to say that isn’t implicit in the name. About 60 strong, the Guard is there to keep everyone in the city safe, whether from rahi, criminals, cave-ins or anything else that might pose a threat. They are well-regarded by the populace and have a reputation for being tough but fair.


Leadership: Technically, the guard answers to Turaga Tawhito, but the day-to-day operations were all taken care of by a being named Turano, the Head of the Guard. Since his disappearance, the other guards have done their best to get along without him, but no replacement has yet been found.

Base: Guard HQ is located on the Central Concourse, near the southwest corner. It is one of the largest structures there, standing three floors above cavern floor, and three more below.

Symbol: A black stone shield on a red background.

Other info: All members of the guard carry a badge with the Guard’s insignia to identify themselves. These allow access to secure locations within the city, such as Guard HQ.

All Guard members are equipped with a shield and spear, but many choose to use their own equipment as well as or instead of these.


Miners’ Corporation


The mines below and around Katipo are not governed by the city’s leaders, but by their own independent body – the Miners’ Corporation. This group negotiates trade of minerals with other settlements, prospects new areas and employs everyone who works in the mines. As the economic powerhouse of the region, the Corporation holds huge influence within Katipo, because almost everybody depends on them one way or another.


Leadership: The Miners’ Corporation uses a ridgid hierarchy of authority, accounting for the simplest worker digging holes up to the beings who coordinate the whole operation. The top level consists of a dozen beings who together form a ruling council. It should be noted that there is little unity within this council, and there is great contention among them over many issues. Really, the only reason any of them tolerate the others is that nobody has enough power to rule on their own. It’s a cutthroat world at the top of big business.

Base: The headquarters of the Miners’ Corporation is located at the junction of the Central Concourse and the main street running north. It is a large building, taking up the entire city block. It is constantly bustling with activity as beings hurry to and fro, carrying information in and out, whether they be profit reports, requests for more drills or orders to excavate a new tunnel.

Symbol: A pickaxe in front of a stack of golden ingots, all set against a green background.

Other Information: Most of the richest beings in Katipo belong to the Corporation. The average workers lower down aren’t too badly off, but the further up the chain you go, the more affluent beings you find. The guys at the top are filthy-stinking-rich.


The Hammer



In these difficult times, fear and uncertainty are rife within the population, serving to inflame old rivalries and conflicts. The guard is stretched thin, trying to deal with rahi attacks, investigate disappearances and maintain order in Katipo. While this combination of misfortunes is horrifying for many, it is a perfect opportunity for the unscrupulous.


The Hammer is a newly emerging faction, which has only appeared since the rahi attacks and disappearances began. It is composed of many different individuals who have little in common other than the desire to use the city’s troubles for their own benefit. This newly formed gang has congealed under the leadership of a being calling himself Bo-Kal. So far, they have been performing raids on various locations within the city, stealing, destroying and assaulting citizens, and then disappearing again just as quickly. They have demanded that Turaga Tawhito step down as leader of Katipo so that Bo-Kal can take his place in a coup.

At this point, the demands have been laughed off and rejected, but as the attacks become more frequent and more violent, it remains to be seen whether the Guard can face enemies both within the city and without. Individual members also have their own agendas that they can advance by carefully targeting their raids.

The members of The Hammer are known only to each other, and are careful to keep their identities hidden during their attacks. They wear large concealing cloaks and dark masks to cover their faces. There are currently 15-20 members.


Leadership: All members are under the direct authority of Bo-Kal.

Base: The Hammer are known to have a base, but just where it is is not public knowledge. The best guess is that it is somewhere within the top tier of the city, which is less densely inhabited, and where many of The Hammer’s raids have taken place.

Symbol: Having been around only a short time, The Hammer doesn’t have a recognised, official seal. Drawings of hammers are occasionally used, but there is no consensus about what type of hammer, nor how it is drawn.


Make your own.

No really, go ahead. Make your own groups; this is encouraged. I have outlined the major groups in Katipo, but there are many other, smaller groups free for you to design and play. What to form the Katipo Kolhii Club? Feel free. Hold a city-wide tournament if you feel like it. In particular, groups of beings who are working together to solve the mysteries of the plot are highly encouraged. You will make more discoveries this way.


More will be revealed later as the plot progresses. If say, a few Dark Hunters turn up, (not that I’m saying they will) players might get to play as them as a reward for good RPing and contribution to the game.





Characters in this game can be any being living in the city of Katipo. This includes many MU species, so why not branch out and try playing a more unusual race? There are some that are not there, however. These include Makuta and Zyglak, among others.

(Toa are rare, though not endangered in this period of history, with a population of a few hundred scattered throughout the Matoran Universe. In an isolated, peaceful and secure city like Katipo, however, it is not realistic to have too many toa running around.)


To create a character, fill out this character profile and submit it for approval. This layout is only a suggestion, so feel free to change the format if you wish.


Name: Make it sound BIONICLE-ish

Gender: Male, Female, unknown, neither, somewhere inbetween.

Species: Something from the MU. Try not to make it overpowered or unlikely that they would live in a place like Katipo.

Group: If any.

Element: If applicable to the character’s species.

Kanohi: If applicable to the character’s species. Custom masks are OK if approved.

Other Powers: As applicable to the character’s species

Appearance: What do they look like? A MoC, drawing or description will do.

Equipment: What do they have with them?

Biography: About their life.

Personality: What are they like? How do they act?

Skills/Strengths: What are they good at?

Weaknesses: What are they bad at? What hurts them?


You cannot play as a canon character. Make your own.

There is no limit on how many characters each player can control.


Species Notes:


On the traits and abilities of the most common species in Katipo: 




Matoran are the smallest species in Katipo, standing a little below one bio (4.5 feet) in height, but they are also the most numerous. Each has a latent elemental trait that corresponds to their element, and they require kanohi to stay healthy, though they cannot use mask powers. Destined Matoran can transform into Toa.



Turaga are the final stage of a Matoran’s evolution, and are just a bit taller than Matoran They are revered as elders because of their experience as Matoran, Toa and Turaga, and most other beings will take notice of their wisdom. They can use a weakened elemental power and noble kanohi.



Toa are the heroes of the Matoran universe, typically around 1.6 bio tall (7-7.5 feet). Each Toa has an elemental power and can use great kanohi. Most Toa serve the power of good, but this is not guaranteed.



Skakdi are the warlike species of Zakaz, who were a relatively peaceful race before being transformed by Makuta Spiriah around 72,000 BGC. They do not have the mental discipline to use kanohi powers, (though they can wear the masks) but instead they have a vision power, an elemental power (which can only be accessed when there is another friendly Skakdi nearby) and a third, individual ability. They are about the same height as toa.


Krekka’s Species (Ruri)

The Ruri, stand a modest eight feet in height – more than toa, but less than the other tall species. They are thickly built and by far the strongest of the common species in Katipo, though admittedly not the smartest. Each Rori has a power that acts upon their own body, granting them abilities such as flight, water-breathing, enhanced speed or senses, invisibility… the list goes on.



Vortixx are a tall race of beings (around 10 feet) hailing from Xia. They are known for their cunning and skill with technology, which has allowed them to create all sorts of amazing devices. They have no powers of their own, instead using their magical technologies.


Trinuma’s Species (Kodura)

Kodura stand about 2 bio (nine feet) tall and have horns on their heads. Many Kodura carry special kinetic tools which are unique to their race. The making of these is a closely-guarded secret, but when used, they can emit and manipulate kinetic energy. This can be used to allow the users to fly, fire bursts of force or manipulate objects to some degree. They are able to use great kanohi.


Hydraxon’s Species (Tarore)

Tarore are among the tallest of the common species, standing ten feet or taller. They are also the second strongest when unenhanced, with muscular physiques being the norm. They are renowned as skilled fighters and masters of weapons, though they do not have the same strength of magical power that some other species enjoy. The power of the Tarore lies in enchanting their weapons. Each member of this species can (in a lengthy, complicated process I will not describe here) forge a connection between a weapon and their own body to allow them to exchange attributes between them. This can only be done with one weapon at a time. Because each weapon is attuned to its owner, it cannot be used by anyone else. For details on the use of this power, see here. They cannot use kanohi.


Tobduk’s Species (Hirohi)

At ten feet tall on average, Hirohi are among the largest beings in Katipo. They have the ability to use great kanohi, and can gain physical strength by feeding on various feelings, both in themselves and those around them. There is much variation in which feelings give strength to a particular Hirohi. Examples include anger, sadness, joy, pain, excitement, fear, courage and confusion, though others are possible.



As with any RPG, there are some canon powers that cannot be used. These include:

  • The legendary masks, for obvious reasons.
  • The olmak, avohkii, krahkan, olisi and mask of elemental energy, all of which are unique. There are none of these masks in existence other than the ones shown in story the canon.
  • The elements of light and shadow, though some light or shadow-based powers may be acceptable.
  • The mohtrek, because infinite insta-armies are annoying.
  • The mask of undeath, because unkillable zombies are no fun.
  • The komau (great mask of bunnying), the sanok (great mask of auto-hitting) and the Mask of Clairvoyance (great mask of meta-gaming) are all off-limits. While it is possible to use these responsibly in an RPG, I’d rather save everyone the trouble of sorting out how they should and shouldn’t be used within good RPing etiquette.
  • The mask of conjuring, because it is ridiculously overpowered.



Staff Characters


Name: Tawhito

Species: Turaga

Gender: Male

Group: Nominal leader of the Katipo City Guard, leader of Katipo.

Element: Earth

Kanohi: Noble Rode – this mask allows him to detect any spoken (but not written) falsehoods and to detect (but not see through) all forms of magical concealment (invisibility, illusions, etc).

Appearance: Tawhito is a typical Turaga of earth. Short, hunched and slow but wise and thoughtful. Tawhito’s armour is black and dark grey, save for his heartlight, which is a dull red. His eyes shine bright green.

Equipment: Tawhito’s badge of office is a long, thin stone staff topped with a bright green jewel. The gem was something Tawhito acquired during his time as a Toa, and can emit a bright light when the holder desires it. If it was any other powers other than its ceremonial importance, they are unknown.

Biography: Tawhito gave up his toa power 60,000 years ago after helping to establish the city of Katipo and defeating a gigantic rahi that the first miners disturbed. The humungous beast was sedated and transported to the Metru Nui archives for further study (it was later re-awakened by Toa Hagah Kualus in the Dwellers in Darkness serial). Out of gratitude for his contribution, Turaga Tawhito was made the leader of the City in the Dark, as has kept the job ever since. He did step on a few toes in his rise to power, however, so not everybody was happy with his appointment.

Personality: Tawhito is a cautious leader who likes to give due consideration to any decision he makes. He does not often move quickly, but values patience almost as a fourth virtue. He greatly dislikes it when others are reckless or impulsive around him. He is loyal to the inhabitants of Katipo, and would never intentionally do something that would cause them harm.

Skills/Strengths: Tawhito is known for his sound judgement and genuinely caring about the people of his city. His honesty is well known throughout the city, and he is good at using his mask to detect falsehoods.

Weaknesses: Turaga Tawhito is a leader, not a fighter, a miner, an athlete, a chef or a singer. What he does, he does well, and leaves all those other things to people whose jobs they are.



Name: Karoro, alias Bo-Kal.

Species: Trinuma’s Species

Gender: Male

Element: N/A

Kanohi: Mahiki

Group: Miners’ Corporation and The Hammer

Equipment: Karoro uses the kinetic tools that are characteristic of his species. His main weapon is a protosteel sword, long but thin and decorated with engravings of nui-jaga running over the hilt and up the blade. Finally, he uses a device which channels the energy of weaken kanoka disks into a beam, allowing him to weaken objects or beings. This is particularly useful in the mines, where such devices are used to weaken areas of rock before they are harvested.

Appearance: Imagine Trinuma, but with black armour instead of silver, and dark green where he had red. Change the mask to a mahiki and get rid of the ghostblasters too. There: that’s him. Nine feet tall, horned and muscular, Karoro is physically imposing, even if he isn’t the most handsome being in Katipo.

Biography: Karoro is one of the top-ranking individuals among the city’s miners, and one of the leaders of his species in Katipo. He was one of the people who were most influential in building the area’s mining community, which lead to the city’s foundation. He was tipped by many to become the leader of Katipo, but instead the job went to the newly transformed Turaga Tawhito. Now, millennia later, his resentment of the Turaga has outgrown his restraint, and he has formed The Hammer in an attempt to put more pressure on the old Turaga and seize power for himself.

Personality: Beings who have met Karoro might describe him as charismatic and intelligent, even cunning. This is the image he presents to the world, and as much as most people ever see of him. These traits have served him well in gaining and keeping his influential position in Katipo, but there is more to him. Those who know him well might describe him as unyielding and determined, to the point of ruthlessness, but even they might be surprised by his actions in leading The Hammer. In this context, he shows his true colours as downright vindictive, greedy and domineering.

Skills/Strengths: When he wants to be, Karoro is charismatic and silver-tongued, being able to talk his way into or out of almost any situation. His mind is sharp and swift, which helps with manipulating other people, and keeping his plans one step ahead of everyone else. Finally, he is a master illusionist, being able to use his mask to cast near-flawless images in a variety of situations.

Weaknesses: Karoro is vain, arrogant and greedy. Above all else, he desires power, so he hates situations where he is not in control, or doesn’t know what is happening.



Name: Orde

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Psionics

Kanohi: Kadin

Group: Katipo City Guard

Appearance: Orde is a tall toa in blue and gold armour, the colours of Psionics. His armour is smooth and sleek, giving the impression of water flowing over his body, but somehow keeping the shape of the tissues beneath. His golden eyes sometimes make him look a little grim, but not mean.

Biography: Orde was never a Matoran. Instead, he was created as a toa by the Great Beings before Mata Nui was launched, one of the first to come into existence. His first assignment was to use his mental powers to calm down the Zyglak, but it didn’t work out as planned. Instead, the Zyglak just got even more vicious and destructive.

Since then, Orde has travelled widely across the universe, protecting groups of Matoran who needed a Toa to get them through tough times. On one such journey, he visited Xia, where he acquired his rhotuka launcher. 10,000 years before the present time, he came to live in Katipo, stating a desire to live somewhere quiet for a while, and joined the city’s guard. He doesn’t talk much about the times before he entered the city, but a few other citizens know about his altercation with the Zyglak.

He was one of the last group to leave Katipo for trade, though he has been very quiet about it since he got back. Even since Turano’s disappearance, he has spent a lot of time alone in his house.

Personality: Orde is brave and strong-willed in the face of adversity, but otherwise tends to be more reclusive and quiet. If he feels that there is something he thinks needs to be said, he will happily say it even give a detailed speech on the topic, but otherwise he is just as happy with his own thoughts for company as conversing with other beings.

Equipment: Orde carries with him the standard spear and shield that identify him as a member of the Katipo Guard. He has a badge that also serves this purpose, and allows him access to Guard HQ and authority in the streets. Finally, he carries a small rhotuka launcher. His rhotuka  project forcefields where they strikes a target.

Skills/Strengths: One of the first toa created in the Matoran Universe, Orde has been using and refining his psionic powers for longer than almost anyone else. He can read minds with ease, and pick out important memories or information within seconds, often without the targets noticing. Memory modifications are another skill of his. Not only is he good with his powers, but using them has taught him that in almost any circumstances, brains will beat brawn. According to this principle, he will apply knowledge and intelligence to any situation, rather than brute strength.

Weaknesses: Orde most often relies on his mental powers to get him through tough situations, so even with all his experience, he still isn’t the best melee fighter. He has an intense dislike of Zyglak.

Yes, Orde is here for a reason. What is that reason? Is it important to the plot? How does this connect to his other backstory? I’m not telling… yet. Maybe you should go and talk to this character, hint hint.  ;) 


More to be added as they are revealed.





  • All BZP rules apply, obviously.
  • In general, don’t do anything that breaks the realism or detracts from other peoples’ enjoyment of the game. All the usual RPG fallacies fall under this, such as god-modding, meta-gaming, bunnying, auto-hitting and the like. For more on these, see the BZPRPG topics, where you will find some great descriptions and more details on the subtleties of these.
  • Use IC and OOC to separate what your character(s) do from you talking.
  • Do not wreak huge destruction on the city. After all, if you decide to go nova and bring down the cavern, you will squish the entire city and end the game very quickly with the deaths of every character. Nobody wants that. Minor blowing stuff up is all right (so long as you can avoid the Guard and their prison).
  • Do not kill or injure somebody else’s character without permission.
  • GMs have the right to do anything they see fit in the IC world. This includes punishments for rule-breaking and rewards for making positive contributions to the RPG.

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ultimate city of ultimate destiny


"This is a flying city attacked by demons vs a submerged city of timetravellers vs a city of minor elements attacked by mutants vs an underground city being attacked by I-wish-I-could-tell-you-what-but-I-promise-it's-great!" - The Lorax.




Welcome to Hͮ͋̔̆ͪͥ̈ͮ̑̾̈́̓͌̄ͩ͑ͤ̚͟͏̲̣̤͉͉̥̖̠̥̬̖͍͓y̵̧̲͈͉̠̰̅ͮ̊ͯ̇̈́̈̌ͨ͂g̷̬͇̮̩̘͚͕̘̬̫̼̲̲̰͍̙͓͉̓ͮ́ͪ̓̾͝͡͞͝v̧̨͖̤̜̳͚̭̺̗̏̒́͂̾̆ͪͥͭ̽̔͋͜z̓̿̌ͨ̀̐̿͗̚͏̡́҉̖̲̯͎̺̝̙̝̠͔ͅͅͅñͮ̑͗ͫ̋̎̿ͬ͏̶͞͏̱͈̮̜̲̬͇̭̀g̡̢̜̼̞͎̗͕̮̣̘̰ͤ̅̽̌ͣ͞r̨̛̿ͩͮͯ͂ͤ̅̌̀̄̾̃͐ͮ̈ͮ̾͛͛͏̢̠̠̤̮̠̻͔͓̯̼͓̣̮͈̩̮̗͟. A city of hopes and dreams, of smiles and laughter, of a brighter future for all. A city that is beloved by all its citizens.




A failing city, left adrift in the unnatural darkness of the cosmos.


It wasn't like this once. Long ago, beyond the earliest memories of even the oldest Turaga, the city prospered. It was a golden age. People from all walks of life would come, wanting to carve out their own stake in the city's wealth.


maybe. i don't know.


One day, something changed. Nobody knows what happened. In a flash, the world ended. The city was ripped away from all that they knew and sent hurtling into the darkness. The once-proud spires of the city fell, their bulk no longer dotting the golden skyline (not anymore. it's all black now.). Mighty temples withered away, its foundations crumbling to dust. And the proud Lake of Light, upon which the city was built on, became one with the shadows below, disappearing without a trace (the city still holds, but the great columns that connected it to the lake are gone. why are we still alive?)


Yet the survivors still held on. They were a ragged bunch, left to scrounge through the ruins of a great civilisation for any chance of life. It was truly surprising to all at how well they tried to restore the city. Working electricity was a rarity, but it worked. Fresh water could be pumped from what remained of the Lake (the little pond, why isn't it disappearing? WHY?). Even a modicum of order could be found: a mysterious figure flitted through the shadowy streets, killing all that dared try and destroy the weak peace that existed between the people.


There was no way the glories of the past could be recaptured, but they could live.




If the darkness did not reach them first.


In the years (decades? centuries? millennia? an eternity? I don't even know anymore.) that followed the end of the world, the city began to slip further and further into the night. Following the loss of its supports, and the Lake below, the massive batteries that provided backup power had moved into action, allowing for it to stay afloat upon mighty propellers. Once, they could have lasted until the end of time, but the damage done to them by the apocalypse was finally taking effect.


Oh, people have tried to fix this, outrun this, or whatever. But there is nothing they can do. The mechanics behind the engines were lost long ago. And attempts at escaping would find a great sphere of solid material surrounding the floating city, following it on its path through the cosmos.


It's all that remains of the land that once surrounded the city. Once, they had been the centre of its agriculture and mining industries. Now they kept the dying city trapped. Truly ironic, isn't it?


Yet maybe, just maybe, there might be hope. There are rumours of horrors that live in the corner of one's eye. Horrors beyond mortal comprehension. Others say they are hallucinations, brought upon by recent spate of illnesses caused by a diseased water supply. And there are some that claim that some survivors have found a secret deep within the bowels of the city's underworld, a secret that could save them all, but is sadly used for selfish purposes.


In the end, does it truly matter?


Will the world end on your watch? Or will it reach a new golden age?


Your choice. I just spout psychedelic nonsense.




welcome to hy̵̧̲͈͉̠̰̅ͮ̊ͯ̇̈́̈̌ͨ͂g̷̬͇̮̩̘͚͕̘̬̫̼̲̲̰͍̙͓͉̓ͮ́ͪ̓̾͝͡͞͝v̧̨͖̤̜̳͚̭̺̗̏̒́͂̾̆ͪͥͭ̽̔͋͜z̓̿̌ͨ̀̐̿͗̚͏̡́҉̖̲̯͎̺̝̙̝̠͔ͅͅͅñͮ̑͗ͫ̋̎̿ͬ͏̶͞͏̱͈̮̜̲̬͇̭̀g̡̢̜̼̞͎̗͕̮̣̘̰ͤ̅̽̌ͣ͞r̨̛̿ͩͮͯ͂ͤ̅̌̀̄̾̃͐ͮ̈ͮ̾͛͛͏̢̠̠̤̮̠̻͔͓̯̼͓̣̮͈̩̮̗͟ - population: overflow error


It all started as a joke.


Maybe. I don't even know myself.


But I decided to make this RPG anyway. Set in a floating city inside a cavern that could possibly be underground (no idea, I haven't though if it actually is or not or maybe this is just Schroedinger's Cat if there were caverns) that also has a lake or something that lies below it. And they might be going through space. And there might be an unseen menace attacking it. That's possibly time-travelling. Or there's time-travel and unseen menaces that are separate or maybe some other nonsense that sounds cool. I haven't really decided on anything yet.


And that's where you guys come in.


I like open-world. Sure, it's nice to have a centralised plot thing that people can base stuff around so the RPG doesn't go nowhere, but sometimes, it's fun to watch players scamper around doing their own little thing like ants scurrying around and murdering each other for sugar. There's just so much creativity that isn't restrained by the confines of one person's mind (although if gravy is correct, all of you might actually be me as well).


That's why there are no established factions. No descriptions beyond vague outlines. Nothing but a GMPC that will murder you if you break lackluster rules. Life will be breathed into the game by what you do: will you kill a kitten and save the fish supply of a local mafia? Or will you kick the mafia boss in the face to save the kitty and then doom the ecology forever? I'm just observing, watching what strange horrors you will come up with.


Maybe you might find out the secret behind this game as well. Why are there so many BIONICLE species stuck on a floating city? Why can't they escape? What are these mysterious horrors? Why is there a group of Zyglak who are on a quest?


Those questions are up to you to answer. Probably because I don't have an answer to any of them.


So sit back and enjoy, because the horror is just getting started.




locations - vague descriptions





the city: A once great and prosperous city of hopes, dreams and fried mackerel, the entirety of it is now in ruins, with collapsed buildings ever present throughout every inch of it. Much of the city is shrouded by night, the weak streetlamps barely allowing for the survivors to see. Even so, there's so much to do here, with the people getting by in any way they can, sometimes producing surprising beauties.


the darkness: Once thought to be endless, it has been found that it ends in every direction at a strange wall, created from the remains of what once was the land that surrounded the city. However, once one ventures forth into the darkness, it is near impossible to find their way back to the city. Distance is fluid here, in these unnatural shadows. Try and conquer it at great risk to oneself. Also you can't see jack, even if you're the strongest Toa of Light ever.


the lake of light: There used to be pillars connecting from the city to the bottom of the lake. They're gone now. The lake too. It's been swallowed by the darkness, unless the splashes that all can hear when one throws rocks to the bottom of the sphere are it. Maybe. Nobody's gone down and survived. It's too far too dangerous, and there's absolutely no way something can survive down there.


the sphere? I don't even know if it's a sphere or not. Maybe we're in an underground cavern. Maybe not. But it surrounds the darkness that surrounds us. Don't try digging through it. There doesn't seem to be an end, and it might be the edge of reality or something. There's rumours of eccentrics who left the city for the darkness that might be barely living somewhere on niches in the wall, but they're mad now. Raving mad. Stark bonkers. It's a sketchy place. Stay in the city, it's safer.


and what lies beyond?


Heck if I know.




who are you supposed to be?


Signups can be found here. Maybe you're actually an alien or what not. No idea.


Name: Self-explanatory.

Sex: Self-explanatory.

Species: Custom ones please PM me.

Powers: Elemental or not, yadda yadda.

Skills: Are you a bad enough dude to save the President?

Equipment: Kanohi if applicable, weapons, tools, whatever.

Appearance: What do you look like?

Personality: How do you act?

History: Why are you on this city, and how are you even alive?


Limitations: No Legendary Masks (Life, Time, Creation) or the Olmak (No real use in that). Anything else is fair game, although use of masks such as the Mohtrek or Mask of Clairvoyance will be fun (in the Dwarf Fortress sense). No real restrictions on species either, even if they might seem overpowered. As long as you don't start godmodding like candy-stealing from babies, then there'll probably be no problem. Use common sense with those species.






  • BZPower and Bionicle RPG Rules apply to this game.

  • Respect others. Common courtesy is pretty much a necessity here.

  • Don't godmod, bunny, metagame or autohit. Pretty standard fare - it really detracts from the RPing experience.

  • You're not allowed to destroy the city.

  • Get permission from other players first if you want to kill their characters. Common courtesy.

  • Go crazy. Just not so crazy that I'm forced to crack down on you.



one-man game master team






hey guys did you know that i'm probably a madman?

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Posted May 22 2014 - 03:37 PM

"Gathered friends, come, listen to the tale of the downfall of Spherus Magna, let this show as warning and history of our world."
"In the time before our time, the world was perfect. The Great Spirit Mata-Nui had blessed Spherus Magna, our home, with the power of Life. He had left us to govern ourselves, and live in peace and prosperity. 
It is more surprising that they had expected that to last forever than that it was disrupted. 
What has truly happened is unknown, perhaps the answer lost to the mists of time, but our world changed. The blessing of the Great Spirt seemed to fade, or even be corrupted, and the world twisted. 
And again the wars began. And they have continued for ages, in this lawless, uncivilized time where only small villages like yours are untouched. But perhaps you're looking for adventure. Perhaps you just want to fix things. I can't promise you anything, but... I want to fix things, too."
The Le-Toa glances about the circle of merchants and villagers across the bonfire, his hand scratching the Hordika long gone feral and domesticated in a sense on the head. He gives a small grin.
"Perhaps we can fix things, together. Or perhaps I'm crazy. In any case," He stands, brushing himself down, "I'm headed to the City of Flames across the sea with the caravan. Anyone is welcome to join me, if they so wish. I'll be in my tent."
And he left, the Hordika following, disappearing into the temporary living quarters he had set up along with the rest of the merchant caravan, leaving the crowd to wodner and whisper and decide to themselves as the night sky, filled with stars but not a moon, became clearer in the dying fire-light.
First off, welcome to A Journey of Sands, Stars, and Spirit. This is indeed a text-based RPG much like you're used to, but with a few things. First off, this is not open-world. This is going to be a linear journey along the path I've laid out in my notes to save the world, fight people, and perhaps even experience sacrifice along the way. 
Your character options are going to be limited at first to Glatorian, Agori, and Matoran, but 1 character can be almost any species assuming that A, they begin as a merchant, and B, they are either not Toa or have a really good reason and backstory to be one. Total, you can start with 3 characters, but that number will increase as the story progresses and more variation, races, species, and such will become available as the RPG progresses. There is also going to be many opportunities to gain powerful weaponry, strange artifacts, or even new powers as rewards for good RPing and continuing the progression. 
Lastly, please, do have fun, and take note of the Rules before posting a profile or starting to play. 
1. All BZP rules do still apply here. 
2. Have respect for the staff, myself, and other players. Respect them as RPers, and respect their characters and let them control their own characters as they see fit.
3. Please do try to make your posts as readable as possible. A common help is to color-code each character, or even note in the beginning who and where. Ex. IC: Zakaro (BZPower)
4. As this is an epic quest, there's not much time for romantic or comedy subplots. Do keep those things to a minimum. 
5. Your character is just as good as the others, within context. Play them realistically, unless your Matoran is an accomplished martial artist or fast on their feet, they're not going to easily take down a Glatorian without some weapons or other help.
6. In total, at the beginning, you may start with 2 villagers that are Agori, Glatorian, or Matoran, and 1 merchant of nearly any race. A merchant character will be harder to approve, especially if they are a Toa or otherwise more powerful character. Over the course of the RPG, I aim to keep everyone to a 1 Toa maximum, so decide wisely. 
7. Have fun, and to show you read the rules combine Species and Gender into one catagory when making a character.
This is what you fill out to put a character into this journey. A little information on the village we begin in: 
Bolrum-Koro is located on the edge of a forest and the ocean, mainly a lumber and fishing village. Relatively peaceful, considering, and has an active enough port that trade is possible but dangerous with the chaotic tendencies of the Sea of Sand and Saltwater. 
Name: (Bionicle-sounding, please.)
Gender: ( Male, Female, neither?)
Species: (Agori, Glatorian, or Matoran for a villager.)
Powers, Abilities, and Skills: (What can they do, what are they good at.)
Equipment: (What they currently have.)
Who: (Personality and Appearance, rolled into one.)
Backstory: (Can be as simple as 'Fisherman from Bolrum-Koro who's wanted to do more with his life, but more is very appriciated and the more provided for a merchant character, the more likely it will go through. Feel free to create locations, though if they interfere with what I've got planned than I may ask you to change them.)
Thank you,

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