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Ask Ignika 4


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#1 Offline Great Toa Nui

Great Toa Nui
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Posted Oct 24 2011 - 02:27 PM

Ask ignika 4 Everyone is in the middle of the desert, getting bored and complaining. Teridax: Why did you make me turn good in the last comedy, I’m supposed to be ###### well DEAD! Vahi:… Annnnd I never got to do the rap competition with Ignika! Fans: Yeahhhha! Do the Comp! Mataro: Why does Teridax get to go back to life!, What has he done that I haven’t apart from nearly blowing all our butt’s to bits! Teridax: Yeah! I should be the over-confident, power-mad, narrow minded creep I wanted to be! Vakama: Why shouldn’t I have kept the universe! Podu: Why didn’t I get it in the first place! Great Toa Nui: Guy’s, Guys! Theirs no need to start a riot! Everyone exept GTN: Great idea, Let’s start a Riot!I get chased down a road leading to Angonce’s palace. Great Toa Nui: Let me in!, let me in! Angonce: Why should I? Great Toa Nui: I made this comedy and I could use my author powers to flatten your palace and plant a shrubbery on It’s ruins! Angonce: (IMG:style_emoticons/default/blink.gif) Great Toa Nui: Just let me in! Angonce: ok hozay, just don’t make a big deal about it… Great Toa Nui: Fine. The living room is sparcely filled with Ignika, Roodaka, Kapura, mata nui(in an extra-large chair) and some other bionicles who feel to satisfied with their lives to join the mob. Great Toa Nui(panicked): Guys,guys,guys we are in a situation, we have to work together! Cera: Here that guys we HAVE to work together and do what I say! Littlefoot: Cera we… Greg farshtly: No crossovers! Great Toa Nui: Greg!, just the man I needed, you can go guys… Cera: Told you this was non-canon, that last one Was our last chance! Stupid yellowbellies! Ducky: You rant a lot cera, yup yup yup. The gang of five Disappear through a plothole. Suddenly a banging sound comes from the door. Angonce: Who is it? Charger: Attack attack attack! Greg: Go away! Charger: Attack! attack! Attack!Greg: Oh dear, that’s all I could think of. The door bursts open. Podu: We’ve come uninvited… Ignika: RUN! Everybody runs around in mad circles. A rock falls on Podu. Podu: Why does that always happen?! Vakama has Angonce cornered. Vakama: Any last words? Angonce: :whiteflag2yu Vakama: That wasn’t a emoticone or even a word but it’s too late for that… Greg jumps in his way. Greg: you can’t kill me, without me you would all just be ‘boneheads of voodoo island!” Everyone shudders with the thought(even me!). Greg: Although that thought will probably be burned into our minds for at least 34 years let’s try sort out our arguments peacefuly. Teridax, you have to go back to being dead and evil because I clarified that. Teridax vanishes in a puff of logic. The shadowed one:Mahahaaha! Greg:Why are you laughing? The shadowed one(TSO): I’ve trapped you! The building is surrounded by thousands of dark hunters. General Kapura: I’ve got a larger army from all the ta-villages from mata nui… TSO: Charge! The two armys shoot at one another, clobber one another and explode one another. TSO: The planet will belong to me! Ignika: MATA NUI! !!! Great Toa Nui: MATA NUI! !!!!Mata nui descends from the sky and uses a lightning bolt to smite all the dark hunters. TSO: You’ll never get me alive! TSO tries to impale himself on a spike but misses and lands on a pillow. TSO: darn! Mata Nui: Don’t warry, I won’t hurt you but I won’t stop the others either. TSO is in the middle of an angry mob. <TSO not seen from here on in the cannon of this story> Vahi: Let’s go have a rap compition! Ignika: Yeah! Vahi: Comedowntotheplacewhereterybroketheround… Ignika Interrupts the rap Ignika: WellMatoroherehadthemPirakaThatTuragadudehadathousandtalesButmasteryouinluck'causeupyoursleevesYougotabrandofmagicneverfails... Mata Nui: Call that rapping? All you are doing is putting all your words into a horrible mush! !!!! Vahi: Everyones a critic. Ignika: ain’t that the truth. Squidward: I agree… Greg: What did I tell you about crossovers? Preston stormer: I have no idea. Ducky: I have no idea, no no no. Blue unicorn: Wer’e annoying greg Charlieeeee… Charlie: shut up and leave me! You may like to know that at this point Derpy Hooves is in the background looking at two places at once. Anonymous : that guy gets irritated a lot doesn’t he? Rat creature: So true. Rat creature: I agree comorad. Kingdok: Get back into our canon where your needed! Rat creature: Oh yes, my highness… Greg: STOP this madness! Great Toa Nui: With what? A song? Toa Nuva: Great idea! Lewa: This is a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nervesGet on your nerves, this is a song that will get on your nervesTry to prove me wrong. Tahu: verse 2 yeah! Lewa: This is a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nervesGet on your nerves, this is a song that will get on your nervesTry to prove me wrong. Tahu: verse 3 yeah! Lewa: This is a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nervesGet on your nerves, this is a song that will get on your nervesTry to prove me wrong. Tahu: verse 4 yeah!... Great Toa Nui: STOP! I can’t bare it! Lewa: why not? Great toa nui: Because it’s stating an obvious fact! Lewa: Audience, what do you think of this excuse? Pinkie pie: Goodbye 4th wall! <waves goofly> Greg chases Pinkie. I jump between greg and pinkie pie. Great Toa Nui: You can’t attack my fave MLP!, I am a brony and I’m proud! Greg: did you just say that… Great Toa Nui: Yes I did, I spent at least an hour when bzp was down watching ponies on #######! Greg: huh! You just said that on BZP! Ignika: Greg! We are only mortal so defend his honor, I’m a brony too! Most of the charictors gasp(including pinkie pie who makes a overly large fake gasp and falls over.) Greg: this part was created on that weekend, right? Great Toa Nui: Maybe…(chuckles) Greg: lets get this bit over real quick, ok. Great toa Nui: ok. Duck: Got any plot? Great Toa Nui: No, I’m totally out of ideas.
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#2 Offline Friar Tuck

Friar Tuck
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Posted Oct 24 2011 - 04:05 PM

All chapters of a comedy stay in the same topic. Each chapter should be a separate post no less than 300 words. Topic Closed.
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