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From Void, Destiny Ignites

Tahu Destiny Spherus Magna Makuta Battle

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#1 Offline Glenfoxx

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  • 02-February 14
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Posted Jun 05 2014 - 08:38 PM

"Is something wrong Brother? What troubles you?"


Her muted reply comes from afar, as if through a heavy curtain. Her voice is familiar . . . and yet it is tinged with . . . what? Concern?


It is so hard to . . . tell.


Quick as a blink, the world ceases it's murky, sick tint and his eyes burn with terrible clarity. Hyper-sensitivity shatters mind and body like thin glass, and inwardly he writhes at the searing cuts. A breath of wind is a scream. The sandy street grinds his feet away. Colors . . . they burn the eyes.

He stifles a moan as his brain is struck with a violent ache. He totters, nerves on fire.

He feels every scratch on the nearby figures metallic blue body, every creak and groan of her metal bones, and every swish of her toned muscles rubbing against rough silver armor.


Her sunset eyes glow bright and make him wince. She is concerned. More than that, she is

alarmed; wary. 




Rightly so. She should be. He can burn her to ash.


He opens his mouth in shock at the evil thought. No! He must protect her. All of them.


No time.

No time at all to linger here. He must go quickly or those around will perish.

The thought delights him. It makes him vomit sparks and sizzling green acid.

No time.


He feels it coming, something wrong inside, shadows twisting into knots, a flood of heat and fire raging so close that his heart quails.

A darkness gathers, and he reels away from the clammy touch of it on his shoulder, and it whispers obscenities with a grating whisper that thunders in his ear and mind.

It is frighteningly familiar. Like an old friend with a smile and a knife.

The fire inside begins to consume. 


"Run! Run Gali! No time . . . " his tortured whisper spits.

A volcano blossoms and roars to be free, and a voice sibilantly intones, "Break our chains. Empty yourself, and become one with the Void."

"Are you frightened, Fire Spitter? Of me? Of us?"

Gali comes forward, her worry salty to the senses.

He franticly whirls around and sees nothing but construction and half made silver structures, pointing like fingers in the twilit sky. Domes catch the suns last orange rays.

Not here! He screams to himself.

There are people here. Matoran will be hurt.

The Voice pushes with a seductive hand.

"Yes. Try this one."


He can't stop it. The volcano erupts with a fraction of it's mighty power.

He roars and clenches his metal hands as energy courses through his muscled red body.

Night comes forth. Blackness incarnate, swirling with flame; pure Void wreathed in fire.

He longs to loose it on the world. A twisted smile splits his masked face.

She does not have time to cry out.


At the last moment Gali's hands release a nimbus of watery blue and a large bubble envelopes her in a life saving embrace.

It is not enough.

Power smashes into her like a boiling wave from Karzahni with such force she gapes.

And then she is gone, her defense boiled away in a heart beat, her body blasted away down the sandy street and through several buildings by a fist of Void.

The Dark grows, and a wall of wind picks up sparks and flame and unleashes a maelstrom of destruction in a massive radius.

Empty homes melt. Half-made towers burn. Cries drift faintly on a deadly wind.

Paradise this will be no more.

No! No! Gali! The City!

He roars for control, and his muscles and pistons bulge as the torrent of calamity ceases. But the damage is done. His mind is breaking, and an aura of heat and shadow cloaks him as if to strangle him. All around lies charred remains.

His gold armor gleams. The dam crumbles and a flood bursts through. His flaming eyes brighten.

A terrible, familiar whisper laughs a knife of ice inward through the boiling chaos.

He must get away. Before the dam is gone.


With a cry trailing behind, he runs. He speeds through empty streets like a comet.

The ground shudders and erupts under his feet. Sand liquifies into green acid. A halo of lightning falls from quickly gathering clouds that eat the sky.

Hardly realizing what is happening, he melts through the Great Wall of stone and steel and breaks through, rushing on.


He must get away. So others will be safe.

He runs. Terrified. Exhilarated. Panicked,


The storm now gathers in the evening sky from all directions. Hot rain splatters and sizzles on dry ground and grass. A slashing gust of air brings anger and confusion.

Shadows dance in macabre shapes and kindle hunger in his body.

Bouts of flame gasp out of his mouth as the light in his armored chest flickers.

Hungry for substance. Thirsty for life, but only heat to drink.

He reaches. He consumes. Energy flares. The storm grows up above and swirls with chaos.

An eye appears and forms out of roaring wind and thunder, and it's chilling calm removes the fury outside.


Then a prickle on his neck.

A blackness seeps into his bones and oozes down his spine. He spasms and fights for control.

A figure appears out of the raging dark, slowly and deliberately in his minds eye.

Black as pitch, lightning darting behind it.

He is looking at himself, a dark reflection of what is.

Its voice slithers around him with tentacles of cold shadow, ready to extinguish his fire, and he knows the voice with a crippling clarity.

It is not his own though it comes from the evil mirror image of himself.

The ensuing laugh resonates from the darkness.

"Tahu . . . old friend. Was I missed?"

A silence quivers in the heart of the storm.


The voice slides like oil.

"Tis I, little one, born from the void, come back from nothing. See me. Know me."

The storm falters as Tahu collapses from a hidden strain.

"Yes Tahu. Your destiny is mine. Ever since I saw you your light burned bright. Did you think I fell? When my brother struck me down at the height of glory and triumph?"

The voice becomes still and reflective, which is more frightening then it's sibilant dreadful tones.

"Such power was mine. And now? A hundred millennia for nothing," it spits, then continuos with a sly tongue, "Ah . . . no matter. A new era is dawning. The future awaits. And not even my brother shall stop me . . . stop us, this time."

Tahu pushes helplessly against the tentacles that bury into his body and influence him, on the verge of terror.

"I will not be your lackey like some Rahi, or fall under your shadow. I'd rather die," he defies hoarsely.

"That will be arranged," rumbles the voice, "I only need your exceptional physical body once I skin you of that foul golden armor. I knew you would not break or kneel on your own free will . . . but there was alway the hope. No matter. You will quite simply fight yourself."

Tahu's mind erupts in pain as if needles of ice are being hammered in. He writhes in agony.

"There are a thousand ways to die. Most will hurt," the dark figure grates.

The pain is endless and mounting. Tahu screeches to rip off his mask, anything that will lessen the assault. Hope begins to shrivel like a dead blossom.

Life flashes as his body leaves his minds grasp, and he can feel the voices perverse smile.


He pulls the only strand in the web that could free him.

Anger. Fury descends while at the same time he inflicts a psychic barrage of pure mental confusion at the shadows.

Success filters through the rage as the voice roars in consternation and the tentacles slip.

He can feel his body again. But the voice is still there, unleashing chaos.

"Yes Tahu. The shadow is part of you now, it has always been, and this time I will prevail.

Tahu grimaces as another round of psychic pain bombards him. He . . . cannot . . . get free. The darkness . . . the poison! . . . it eats away.


Two Tahus face one another. Light and Dark.

There is only one way to end it.

One way.


Light Tahu manages a resigned and grimacing smile.

"You shall not have any part of me Makuta. And you shall never see the light nor the dark again. It is your time. And I will take us both into the Void before I let you walk again. Let Destiny decide our doom."


He searches and finds the dying chaos of Light Tahu, the rage and power of Shadow Tahu, and the black monstrous presence of Makuta's spirit pulling their strings like a puppeteer.

Tahu digs deep, and feels the ocean of fire inside. Tahu reaches, and hot warmth becomes sizzling heat. The ground turns to glass. A nimbus of pure fire burns like a star.

The thought dwells in him that chaos will be unleashed, that the City will burn and that the land will be ash for a millennia.

Shadow Tahu laughs violently.

Light Tahu shudders in agony.

Makuta thunders for control.

 Can he destroy all he knows? Can he even banish the demons that haunt him? Will he violate his oaths and code to achieve peace?


He decides.

He lets it all go. Only one thing matters. Evil will be vanquished at all costs.

A small price for destroying the Shadows.




Gali wakes from her her crumbled sleep and stumbles out of the burning dwelling that would be her tomb. It collapses with a rush of sparks and a whooshing crash of heat.

Her body quivers and aches, her mutilated armor charred. Her armor and power protected her, and she sends a prayer of thanks to the heavens. Her eyes wander over the destruction brought to here. Tahu is gone.

No bodies, thank Mata Nui.


She acts quickly and decisively. There is no time for panicked worry or befuddled horror.

She raises her hands and calls to the sky as an aura of blue surrounds her. Clouds stir and gather into heavy grey lumps, the last rays of sunset glinting of the swirling moisture.

A cool drizzle turns to pouring rain in an instant, and douses the hungry fires and smoke all around.

Water heals and smooths torn earth, and the sharp smell of soot fades into a refreshing aroma of spring.

The rain ceases, and rivulets of water drip down over broken ruins. Steam curls.

She cannot linger or help those trapped in the rubble.

She can feel a familiar coldness creeping into her being, and quickly takes in the northern sky and gapes at a whirling vortex consuming the horizon in flame, ash, and dark flashing clouds. Chaos. For a fleeting moment she catches a glimpse of blood red eyes glowing in its depths, and she knows them.


No. It cannot be.

"Makuta," she spits.


She sucks in cool evening air tinged with a trace of the bitter destruction to the north.

She cannot do this alone. But few are near who can aid in time. Her brothers are scattered, her friends near yet beyond aid, 

The Council!

There is a way.


Hastily her mind wanders down a little used path, praying she will get through. She probes a psychic landscape and finds the faint pathway with a feeling of triumph. Her voice is flung an incomprehensible distance.

Brother, heed me. Tahu sickens. Makuta has risen. He returns and attempts to destroy him. Doom is at hand for the City. Help me now and bring aid. Use the suva to travel here now.

I go to my duty . . . and perhaps my destiny.

She sends a picture, the world in chaos.


Silence fills the empty aftermath of her mental shout.

No answer. She cries out in frustration. No one can come.


She steels herself for the battle of a lifetime. Not since Karzahni itself was submerged by her hand has she called upon the waters to aid her like this.


Suddenly a voice enters her mind like a sunbeam through cloud, warm and light, masculine, and full of intense scrutiny and worry.

No question is raised as they exchange pictures with one another at the speed of thought.

I come sister with powerful friends. Be strong. My friends are . . . very eager to end this. I will not need a shrine to quick-travel there.

The voice leaves her, and Gali relaxes with a shaky breath as peace calms her.


She sets her teeth and readies herself.

Aches are washed away in healing drops of dew. Armor adapts, smooths, and ripples into strong sliver plating that will handle the worst of flames.

Oh Tahu . . . please be alright.


Her metallic skin prickles, and she turns to behold the wall of a still-standing building of great height.

Space in front of it suddenly warps and congeals like gel, and Gali steps back as monsters and giants emerge out of thin air.


A dragon, mighty and quivering with familiar darkness and power, sweeps by her without notice, a rapturous gleam in his eye of fire and an eager smile on jaws that could snap her head off.


Next comes a handsome yet monstrously alien being, tall and gold with bulging muscles and cracked armor that oozes green haze. He floats in a halo of green energy and glows with a dark power. He looks at Gali through a misty eyed helmet, and eyes blaze at her uncomfortably.


On his heels is a female Toa, lithe and dangerous with a curvaceous blue armored body.

Gali feels a kinship with the sister Toa, but it swiftly ends with the murderous light in the others eyes. A glowing red gem beats in her chest. She walks forward as if every move will kill, and broken shackles are around her arms.


Behind her out of nothingness, a giant being seemingly carved out of ancient stone with every muscle etched with symbols strides a head taller than even the dragon. A regal power that could level a realm goes before him, and his slit eyes glow with green death.

As he unsheathes a massive war hammer, the last figure pops through just as space snaps back with a thud and a flash.


Gali smiles as he comes forward, a figure brilliant as a midday sun, an energetic grace to his walk. A concerned frown parts his handsome yet mottled gold and white features.


All five of them look at the horizon, unspoken questions meeting unspoken answers.


The male Toa's face darkens.

"Fortune favored us Gali. I guess Destiny, it would seem, brought us here."

Gali nods with relief, then self consciously bows a little at the beings before her. Most do not deserve her respect at all, but she relents in the face of such power here.

"Thank you Takanuva. Thank you all for coming. Makuta has returned, and the rivers for kios around are crying out."

The Dragon hisses sarcastically, "Fools to think you were rid of him so easily. Perhaps "Destiny", as you say, will let me have my revenge after all."

The female Toa scoffs, "Destiny indeed Miserix," she sighs in detached vexation, as if the world in turmoil means nothing to her, "Well . . . It seems I am needed. Let us be quickly rid of this monster. I have a trial to attend," she bitterly grins.

The floating gold being smiles placidly, "Tuyet, we are all monsters."

"Shut up, Brutaka."

Takanuva scolds, and glances at the last silent figure of ancient power.

"Artahka was more than willing to help."

His rumble could have been a thank you, "We meet again Gali. Lead on. In unity we shall end this destruction . . . in unity," he intones in his old and young voice at the others pointedly.

Some nod reluctantly, and Gali is filled with hope. But can she truly lead this group of beings into chaos to face the Master of Shadows?


Yes, she can, and will.


"For Unity. For Duty. For Destiny. We shall end Makuta's threat forever. And he shall forever be . . . as nothing," she smiles grimly at a hidden joke.

Takanuva nods in understanding.

Tuyet smirks, "Is the noble Gali willing to get her hands dirty and violate her precious Toa Code? Can you truly destroy anything? Him? Can you truly do your oh so wonderful duty?

Gali smiles back matter-of-factly.

"When the time comes for any of that, I'll leave the Makuta for you. And Tuyet? Do not lay one drop or finger upon my brother."




They come.


And nothing is going as planned.


Tahi is strong. Too strong. Both Tahu's. The three of them duel, but he manages to hold them off to think.


The storm swirls and crackles heat. Such power. A second chance.


A hundred centuries of planning, and all for nothing and ruin.


But an opportunity has arisen. And it is closing fast.


What is Tahu doing? He burns with an orange glow. Horror blossoms at a realization, and Makuta knows an emotion that he never before even contemplated.



He seeks to end me and take himself with it.


Outraged silence trickles into a hideous steel trap of purpose.


He laughs. It's maniacal sound strengthens the chaos outside. The cards have been played. Only

one course remains. 


Total commitment.


Tahu will die. But out of his ashes will arise a glorious dawn of darkness.


Makuta, Master of Shadows, Lord of Darkness, Born of the Void, hurls his spirit like a wave of violence at Tahu's shadow half.


Tahu's mind shatters.

Victory is his.




Bursting into the terrible calm inside the storm stride two figures filled with purpose, one a beacon of brightness, the other a wellspring of life.


Gali stops her rush, and Takanuva halts, shadows melting amid his vibrant glow.


Tahu is there, prone on the ground, a quivering, smoking mess of acid and sparks.


Gali can feel a thrumming heat in the air, and to her shock it is him, readying to call upon his ultimate power.


He will vaporize everything.


Tahu is also their, standing next to the other Tahu, flame and shadow writhing over his dark form.

His twisted smile of triumph fades and is replaced with a grimace.


Takanuva does not give Shadow Tahu time to react as he flings a solid wall of light between the two Tahus.


"You are not my brother."


Makuta grins and his voice spills forth out of Shadow Tahu's mouth.


"Have you come for a rematch Toa of Light? Come to me and be complete in the Shadow."


The Storm quivers as if struck by a mighty hand.

Makuta purses his lips as if in concentration.


Gali walks forward with confidence even as her allies dimly appear out of the storm.

Makuta gasps as ripples of power knock him down.


The Storm is blown apart like leaves in a gale. Artakha jogs out of the mist and the stars glimmer and extinguish the black darkness.


Miserix roars, and the storm scatters.


Tuyet blasts into view, a whirlpool of water rotating with power around her.


Brutaka nears, and chaos melts before him, only to spring back with a new purpose and target, the Master of Shadows.


They near, and Makuta lashes out with everything.


Artahka struggles against solid blackness while Miserix seemingly flips out of control and lashes out with a multitude of destructive powers, striking and destroying nothing but phantasms created in his mind.


Tuyet buckles under unseen strain, and a bolt of fire hits her square in the chest. She goes down.

Before Brutaka can charge, a killing blow in his deadly eyes, Gali desperately raises her hand to stop him. Makuta looks at her with hate filled eyes.

Urgency fills her voice. Light Tahu nears full power in his half conscience fetal position, and when he reaches the top, the resulting blast of fire will end them all.


"Be gone Makuta. Go to the Void that you love. Tahu! Hear me! You know what to do! Take hold of yourself! Don't give up and throw everything away! Unity! Duty! Destiny!"


Makuta and Tahu snarl, but in Tahu's eyes is recognition.

And defeat. He cannot summon the strength.


Gali acts in the only way she knows how.


In a second, two spheres of silver water, glowing like twin moons, appear in her hands.

Her body vibrates, then she casts the spheres forward. She promptly collapses in a frail heap as tremendous energy leaves her.


Makuta shrieks as both Tahu's are hit with a sphere each.


Creation stills.




"I will . . . be rid of you, once and for all!" cries Tahu inwardly as healing water seeps into his body.

His spirit soars, his body burns away the poisons in his system.

Makuta screams in agony as Shadow Tahu sizzles with steam, his evil grip loosening.


The two Tahu's gaze at one another, one dark, one light.


Tahu smiles and beckons as he regains a shaky composure on his wobbly legs.


It is over.


Shadow Tahu does not have time to protest as he dissolves with a shriek into black soot and whooshes back into Tahu, pelting him with black sludge.


The shock of being whole again floors him and he fights the urge to slip into comforting nothingness.


His last sight beholds a twisted and smoky little form of ugly slime and shadow left in the place of his alter-ego. Six mighty warriors surround it.


Feverish red eyes briefly glance into Tahu's soul from that hideous spirit.

Pain. Fury. Defeat. No regret. A lifetime flashing in it's old and sickly gaze.


It glances at the sky and curses a word Tahu can barely make out.


Mata Nui.


A tremendous flash consumes the last of his vision, and Makuta is no more.


Victory. Content.


Peace finally enters and quenches his soul like a pleasing rain, like a cozy warmth.


He is whole.


He is Tahu, Fire that burned against the Void.


A comforting hand is laid over him, and he knows nothing more as sleep takes him.






(Takes a breath) Yeah well . . . I tried haha. My first little story (bows formally).

Anyway, my logic for this story could almost kinda sorta fit into canon almost . . .

This whole thing takes place . . . oh . . . a week to a month after Bionicles official ending.

When starting, I asked myself, "Gee. I wonder what it was like for Tahu to suddenly get slammed with 40 + powers and abilities after zapping the Rahkshi." Thus my story was born. Would Tahu be adversely affected with the new powers? Acid? Shadow? All the rest? What about Makuta? What if through some complicated mumbo jumbo, Makuta survived the Moon Hit and Tahu drew his spirit like a moth to flame?

So yeah. Lot of hypotheticals. And don't get me started on how Artakha and the rest could be around after Velika's finger was about to press the Big Boom of Death Button But Bionicle Ended So We Can't Know The Fate of All those Beings In That Room With Vezon.

The horror. So I had to improvise. Oh well.

I enjoy writing, and I hoped you liked the read.


(edit) I mistakingly referred to Takanuva as Toa of Twilight, and such is not the case at this present time. The error has been corrected.

Edited by Glenfoxx, Jun 25 2014 - 08:39 PM.

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#2 Offline Athmos

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  • 11-April 12
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Posted Jun 05 2014 - 10:50 PM

The idea is extremely interesting and thought provoking.

I enjoyed your writing, even though the written story itself was vastly confusing at points. However, for your first story, this is a fantastic piece of work. I wish to see more from you!

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#3 Offline Glenfoxx

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  • 02-February 14
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Posted Jun 06 2014 - 01:10 AM

The idea is extremely interesting and thought provoking.

I enjoyed your writing, even though the written story itself was vastly confusing at points. However, for your first story, this is a fantastic piece of work. I wish to see more from you!

Thanks a lot, and yeah . . . once the ole fingers start workin and the story starts flyin . . . well, I tried not to be too ambiguous and confusing. Might have to work on that later.

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#4 Offline Iron_Man5

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Posted Jun 21 2014 - 02:17 PM

One thing I might note, by this time, Takanuva was fully Toa of Light again, he cured himself in Karda Nui. :) Course it's a cool feature the Toa of Twilight fighting the Master of Shadows, but yeah. :) Good job.

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#5 Offline Glenfoxx

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Posted Jun 23 2014 - 07:31 PM


The horror. I cannot believe I overlooked that lol. That will be fixed. The wound to my pride of Bionicle knowledge is deep but will heal in time. :P Thanks for pointing that out though.  B-)

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#6 Offline Iron_Man5

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Posted Jun 23 2014 - 07:48 PM

Haha it's all good.  ^_^ And yes I hope you recover soon. Far be it from us to alter anything about our beloved Takanuva.  :smiletol:  

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#7 Offline Glenfoxx

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Posted Jun 25 2014 - 08:47 PM

Indeed. ^_^  Takanuva=Win. I would have gave him more "screen time", maybe a more descriptive battle of him versus the Master of Shadows possessing Tahu one last time, but the story was mostly about Tahu's struggle, and I threw in the extra characters for kicks and my own satisfaction.

May Terry rest in peace in the Void he always claimed to be. :P

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#8 Offline Iron_Man5

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Posted Jun 25 2014 - 10:37 PM

Yeah, I always loved Takanuva... I wish he was given a bigger part in the story, but he always seemed to be riding the Nuva's coat tails (to use an expression). He didn't really get a good battle with makuta either (let's play a friendly game of kohlii...) :P lol I wanted to see if Takanuva could handle Makuta at his best (aka all 42 powers and then some) oh well...


And yay! you fixed it!!!  :happydance:


And yes... RIP Makuta.  :infected: you will be missed, but all good villains have their end.

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#9 Offline Glenfoxx

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Posted Jun 27 2014 - 04:44 PM

Indeed. Though hope is not lost. Who knows? Maybe in some distant future fan fiction (hint hint) Takanuva will have to confront  Miserix, the last surviving Makuta.

 . . . . 

The possibilities are endless. Perhaps He shall fulfill a destiny that has him defeating the last of the Makuta, the "Brothers of Mata Nui". And, ah, not in a ball game. Just . . . no.

Excuse me while I go brainstorm.

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