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~Bionicle~ the Legend Continues ...

story bionicle custom epic community

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#1 Offline Zorkaz

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Posted Jun 06 2014 - 02:25 AM

~BIONICLE~ The Legend Continues ...




Hello people! Here's a topic where I will continue the Bionicle Story. I will write, but I would love to see people contribute anyhow, with MOCs, shorts, character descriptions, concept art, and anything you could think of! I'll do my best to discuss and integrate anything you guys post! Please note that this should be posted on this Epic's Review Topic, not here! Anyway, this is the first part. There's more description of what's happened until now than anything else, but trust me, it will NOT stay that way. I have quite an interesting idea for the murderer (that is Velika as you all know*, but that's not the idea).

*Some of the story may refer to things Greg Farshtey has posted on these forums through Erebus. You can check out some of the Q and A's he's done.



Freefall (forget the rubbish name I'm thinking of something ...)


Brutaka stared out a window of the strange of the Great Being's Temple at the vast expanse of Spherus Magna. It wasn't a real window. From what he saw when he'd ventured out, there were no windows. What he was seeing was a screen showing what some camera on the exterior was. Him, Axonn, Helryx, Tuyet, Miserix, Artakha, Vezon, and Great Being himself had watched the whole spectacle of Mata Nui confronting Makuta, both in the forms of robots, one of which contained the universe that he and the others had known. The next thing they knew, they were on a fully reformed Spherus Magna. Then for some reason the Great Being had decided to lock down the entire building, leaving them trapped. Another thing that had changed was that Brutaka had regained his usual form, losing his mutation from the Pit, and that from the Pool of Makuta, including the conscience that had possessed him.

 Another issue was that neither Artakha nor Miserix could teleport them all away, due to some kind of block. The Great Being himself hadn't been seen whatsoever hiding in the darkness of his chamber, that was naturally protected by some force field, and judging from the gibberish he spoke, and how he spoke it, he was more insane than Vezon himself, who was sulking in some corner for being locked out of the Great Beings chamber and locked in the Temple itself. Vezon's Olmak that had fused itself to the back of his head like the Ignika, wasn't working either. They were all well and truly trapped. None of the people trapped seemed happy about the high tech luxury of their prison, most of them disliked each other.

Brutaka was nearly convinced they could use Lewa who'd disappeared out of the temple to look around before the lockdown. He might have been able to break the tension. Suddenly Axonn got up and picked up his axe. He wasn't happy.

“I've had enough of this! Waiting, staring out of the fake window! We have to do something!”

“We were … And we'd tried virtually everything before realizing that this place is invincible! It's hopeless!” Snapped Tuyet, getting up angrily.

“Nobody asked you your opinion traitor.” Said Helryx trying to contain her obvious craving to crush the rogue Toa.

“Oh come on! Are you seriously still steaming mad about that incident thousands of years ago? Seeing some of the things you've done-”

Tuyet was cut short as Helryx pinned her to the wall with her shield.

“I'd suggest you shut your mouth Tuyet, unless you want me to do it for you!”

Tuyet was about to strike back, only to be stopped by the mighty Makuta Miserix, violently pushing the two Toa apart.

“Enough! It's bad enough without the two of you killing each other!”

“We have no space for traitors! When we get out of here we'll be walking into a new world!” Yelled Toa Helryx.

Artakha himself stood and telekenically pushed all three apart.

“Exactly! So all of you sit down and stop fighting! Start clean. Now I suggest that either we continue to sit in this unbearable silence, a building storm in between Helryx and Tuyet, and probably soon all of us, or we actually try and find a way out of here using our heads, not our weapons!”

Nobody spoke. Then the ground started shaking.



Chiara and Zaria crouched behind a thick bush. They were being hunted by apparent Bota Magna Vorox. Some kind of revenge for the Glatorians hunting Bara Magna Vorox. The only difference between the two was that these had advanced technology and could speak, and their leader had cancelled out the Toas' elemental powers. As a result, Chiara Toa of Lighning, and Zaria Toa of Iron, were weaponless and powerless. A Vorox scrambled up a tree and looked around. They clearly knew that they were close, but hadn't found them yet. That's why Zaria was quietly leading Chiara through the bushes, back the way they'd came, trying to confuse the Vorox farther more.

“This had better work … Our lives kind of depend on it.” Whispered Chiara angrily.

“Unless you had a better idea, then I'd shut your mouth! The Vorox have acute hearing and I don't feel like dying because of you cinically biccering!” Whispered Zaria.

Chiara shot a small bolt of lightning that struck Zaria and made him jolt. He was about to get back at her when he realized something.

“Chiara did you see that?”

“What I zapped you, and you actually seem happy about it. Want me to do it again?”

“No! Our elemental powers work! Kabrua's staff only works at close proximity. How far have we gone from the Vorox?”
“I don't know … Twenty mio away?”

“That's not even that far. If we can get in the closest distance possible for our elemental powers to work, then we can blast him!”

“Ha. You nearly make it sound easy.”


Orde struck the intruder with a mental blast. The creature in front seemed to take minimal damage and threw a sword at the Toa. Orde dodged just in time as the blade went soaring past his head and impaled itself in the tree behind him. Then Gelu leaped at it from behind. It spread it's wings in a struggled to get him off as Orde ran at him face on and kicked him down. The thing simply rolled backwards and kicked both of them off, flying up into a tree and creating a force field around itself as Orde And Gelu got up, dazed. The creature didn't move, and stayed up in the trees, not showing any signs of attacking or dissipating it's force field.

“That's a Kanohi Hau … Mask Of Shielding.” Pointed out Orde.

“What the heck is it?” Asked Gelu stepping back and looking around for a potential weapon in case.

“I am Gaardus. Not an it,” The creature replied. “Why did you attack?”

“We didn't attack, you did. You appeared right in front of us.”
“I didn't attack. I just appeared.”

“No … I suppose you didn't. Still isn't that kind of menacing when a ten foot creature appears in front of her.”

Gaardus was silent, and didn't move. Nor did a confused Gelu and Orde. The creature had simply appeared in front of them, coming out of nowhere. After a long while it talked again.

“I had come to hunt. Do you want to help?”



Two Toa teams walked slowly away from what used to be a huge fortress. Jaller stumbled along confused, helped along by Pouks. His mind was in shambles after being somehow psychologically manipulated into following the Golden Being. The Toa Hagah had succeded in saving him, and the rest of the Toa Mahri. That was the first shock. The second was caused by the fact they were on some Spherus Magna and the whole of the universe they knew was in ruin in some giant robot. It was hard to take in. Suddenly Jaller tripped and fell to his knees.

“Sorry …” Said Pouks helping him to his feet again.

“I'm alright … thanks …” He replied.

He looked back at the ruin of the Golden Being's Fortress. Some parts were simply faded, or so undense that they'd shattered, others had been cleanly cut by some sort of dematerialisation field. Anyway, the damage had been done, and Anonna, the very creature that had inflicted it, had been sent to another world. Yet the Golden Being still stood fixing areas of the fortress with his mind, using the dreams of the Skakdi themselves, who some of were running around looking panicked more than anything else.

“Hard to take in isn't it?” Said Hahli next to him.

“Yeah … I wonder what the Golden Skinned Being will actually do after he rebuilds his fortress. I mean, what is his purpose? If he was created by Teridax, then for what? Enslaving all the Toa?”
“Well he's not doing that anymore. I guess we'll have to wait and see …”

The two toa stopped with the rest to see the temporel settlement for the toa and the Agori. The Mata Nui Robot lay quite far away, some of it in an ocean. It was so immensely big that the Toa couldn't see the head, or the feet.

“Wow. That is big …” Commented Kongu.

“The settlement looks rather … basic. And … well not very advanced.” Said Hahli.

“You haven't been gone for centuries, you know? This is where most of the Matoran and the Agori live in … well lets say they don't always get on so well. For the moment at least …” Explained Iruini.

“There are some small villages that are being built, and we are searching for a good location for a city, but nothing is fixed right now. Nearly half the Agori and Matoran live in camps!” Said Gaaki.

“It's not as bad as that. It will get better in the future. I mean, we weren't expecting it to be a utopia the moment we settled …” Commented Norik.

Suddenly, something landed heavily behind them, sending out a small shockwave. The twelve Toa swirved round, drawing their weapons, shields, spears and Cordak Blasters.

“Whoa! Hold your Ussals, Toa …”

The figure who stood in front of them raised his hands. He was tall and wore armour of dark purple and jet black. He wore a mask that none of them had seen, and although he was nearly definitely a Toa, he wasn't like one that any of the ones who stood in front of him had seen before.

“It's alright! I'm a Toa aswell. There nothing to worry about.”

The Toa lowered their weapons.

“Just because you're a Toa, doesn't mean you're a good guy …” Said Kongu.

“I guess not. However, I can assure you, you can trust me …”

“How about you start with who you are …” Asked Bomonga skeptically.

“I'm Iragan, the last Toa of Gravity …”



Zaria and Chiara clutched their newly gained high tech weapons. Their plan had worked, succesfully luring two Vorox to where they could take them down.

“The plan is simple. Chiara, you go and cause a distraction. Lightning and whatever you want. Don't make it too obvious that it's a distraction. Make it look accidental. An accidental backfire of your power or missuse of the weapon. I'll go round from behind, take down Kabrua, and destroy his staff.”

“Sounds simple the way you put it, brother. I'll deal with the distraction. This better work.”

“We haven't got a choice, sister.”

Chiara snuck off under cover of the bushes. Zaria couldn't fail, or both of them would likely die. But then again, both of them had faced worse. Zaria made his way round in the opposite direction, keeping enough distance in between him and Kabrua, but enough to catch him. Once the staff was his, the Vorox were going to be easily delt with. Even without elemental powers or weapons, he was capable of taking down most of the Vorox in hand to hand combat. The only problem was the weaponry they possesed. They were not a problem with the control over metal though. Zaria got into position. He could see Chiara getting into place aswell as he awaited the signal.

It came to him that all their mask powers had been blocked aswell. With his own Xhorath, Mask of Biomechanics, and Chiara's Perimi Mask of Inertion, they would with no doubt win the battle. Zaria looked ahead to see Chiara wave. He had to await the right moment.

Chiara was in place. All she needed to do now was create a distraction that seemed like an accident. But as Chiara prepared to cause her distraction, something happened. There were a few thuds as arrows hit at least four Vorox in the chest, then something big crashed through the foliage above and landed on Kabrua, stabbing a sword through him. The being cut through most of the other Vorox before they could react, and drew out his bow to finish off the last ones. Chiara stayed hidden. She didn't know what to do. The creature was a huge winged being, wearing a Kanohi Hau with four legs and at least four arms, carrying a sword each. The thing slung his bow over it's body and walked over to the dying body of Kabrua. Zaria looked over at her from his hiding place, confused. What had just happened? Suddenly, two figures jumped down from the trees next to the beast, and talked to it. Only then did Chiara realize that the figures were in fact Orde and Gelu, their guide. What was there to do? The creature stopped talking to them and started picked up Kabrua staff, studying it, and storing it in a sachel. It picked up and stored a blaster that the Vorox carried, and then went on to start finishing off and gathering the bodies. Orde didn't look to happy, but they seemed to be allied with the thing. Then the beast turned towards Zaria. It had heard something. It drew out his bow as it walked towards him. What happened next didn't come as a surprise.


Zaria reacted swiftly, using his Mask of Biomechanics to slow down the creature just enough to use his powers over metal to mostly disarm the beast. It managed to hold onto a sword and it's bow, and attempted to strike the Toa. Zaria dodged and fired his weapon. It caught the beast on the shoulder but the creature reacted fast, throwing it's bow over his head, pulling it and letting it ping back in his face. Taking advantage of the disorientation, it swung it's sword at knee level but Zaria just managed to dodge and roll backwards, firing his weapon again. Chiara crashed out of her hiding place and ran towards the fight like Gelu and Orde who were trying to get the beast to stop. This time Zaria took the upper hand, using his power over metal to damage the creature's armour, but it responded in shooting an arrow at it's foe. It caught the Toa of Iron in the arm and leaped at him, sending him sprawling, only to recover and painfully rip out the arrow and aim his weapon again.

“Stop! Gaardus, Zaria please! Both of you, we're on the same side!” Said Gelu running over.

“He smells like Vorox and carries one of their weapons …”

“Well so do you, and I didn't attack did I?” Snapped Zaria angrily.

“It's not particularly obvious what's happening, to be honest …” Added Chiara.

Orde mentally informed them of what had happened to them.

“He just slaughtered at least thrity Vorox! I don't see how you could let him to that. It's not part of the Toa Code …” Grumbled Zaria.

“I'm not a Toa.” Pointed out Gaardus.

“But Orde is …”

“He simply left and attacked the Vorox. We followed him in the treetops but there wasn't much I could do. We were in range of Kabrua's staff …” Retorted Orde.

Zaria made a slightly skeptical face and looked at Gaardus.

“So what are you doing slaughtering Vorox, big guy?”

“I was hunting.”

“Why? What had they done to you?”

“Nothing. They were already dead, and I may have use of their parts, weapons, or technology.”

“They were already dead? What do you mean?” Asked Gelu curiously.

“They were killed, and somebody used their empty shells. I couldn't feel a consciousness in any of them. Somebody was controlling them …”

Orde looked stunned.

“But I could read Kabrua's mind! He definitely had one …”

“Yes. He seemed more alive. There was still his last moments of consciousness in him. But he was still being controlled.”

“But by who?” Asked Chiara.

“I read Kabrua's mind, or what was apparently left of it. This is going to sound strange, but I think these Vorox were being controlled by a Great Being himself, and whoever this being is, he has been hiding in disguise, in the Matoran Universe itself …”



Sahmad ran across the shallow river, the pursuer close behind. The Agori of iron was out of breath, clutching a feeble dagger. The thing running behind him was a huge, nearly Skopio sized wolf like creature. Sahmad crashed through the undergrowth of a small forest and out into a more deserty area where grass was only just starting to grow. The monster behind him bought down a few trees as it followed him. Whatever I was, was catching up fast. He wouldn't escape, not on open ground anyway. Then Sahmad realized that he wouldn't even be able to try. He stopped short of a cliff as the silver beast finally closed in, roaring a roar that must've been heard a few mio away. The Agori turned round to face the Iron Wolf that slowly took a few steps towards him. He was as good as dead. Suddenly, a sound wave powerful enough to knock him off his feet struck, and there was a blinding light. Then it all went black.

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Posted Jun 10 2014 - 08:19 AM

Chapter 1


The whole structure tremple and some walls started to crumble.

“This place is coming down!” Shouted Brutaka.

“Wait! I feel the teleport block has been disabled!” Said Artakha a second after the ground started shaking.

“Well what are we waiting for then? Let's get the ###### out of here before it collapses!” Said Tuyet hurridly taking Arthaka's hand.

“Hurry!” Said Axonn holding Miserix's hand who held onto Tuyet.

“Where's Vezon?” Asked Brutaka.

“Who cares! Probably opened a portal! Let's go!”

Artakha started using his teleporting powers as they all stood holding hands. Suddenly, Helryx struck, breaking Tuyet's bond with Artakha.

“Axonn!” Cried Brutaka as they disapeared without everyone who was linked to Tuyet. Then they teleported.

The three figures felt themselves disappear out of the Great Being Temple and reappear in a jungle.

“Axonn! What happened?” Yelled Brutaka in rage.

Then he saw Helryx. He violently pinned her to a tree with his staff.

“Why did you do that! You selfish Toa, what have you done?!” Roared Brutaka pinning her down.

Artakha simply stood and watched as the great fortress they were in collapsed and crumbled. Lots of things puzzled him. Many things. He would have time to ponder on it later. Helryx struggled against Brutaka's might and tried to get hold of a weapons.

“You killed him!” Raged Brutaka.

“Please! Stop!” Cried Artakha, half telekinetically pushing them apart. “This is not the time!”

“Well when is the time? Because of this corrupt Toa is so keen on killing Tuyet, we lost three of us!”

“Tuyet is somebody we can do without in this new world! If we want to start from scratch, and that means-”

“Killing anybody who doesn't fit into your perfect world.” Snapped Brutaka.


“You nothing!” Yelled Brutaka. “You killed innocent people for what? An imperfection? An apparently dangerous person? You have a rather strange Perfect World Helryx. And I thought the good thing about Toa was that they followed a no killing code. Go! If I see your miserable face again I swear I'll-”

“Brutaka! Can't you see that this is not helping? It won't bring back your friend or anybody else.” Said Artakha.

“It will hopefully get rid of her …” Scowled Brutaka, pushing away Helryx.

Artakha shot a dangerous look at the Toa, probably giving a pschic warning and looked at the rubble of the great Temple again. What could have done that?

“Look! Toa Lewa!” Said Brutaka pointing up a the green figure flying towards them.

Artakha just stared. Yes, there's Lewa. I wonder whether he saw what happened …

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Posted Jul 17 2014 - 08:33 AM

Sahmad groaned as he sat up in the gloomy light.

“Where am I?” He grumbled.

“He's awake …” Said a deep voice.

There was the sound of somebody walking in an echoey cavern. The room was quite dark. It was just a cave where somebody had set up camp. A Glatorian or a Toa in white and orange armour stood facing a wall and searing something into the stone.

“Hello, Sahmad.” Said a voice behind him.

He turned round and stood up. It was Metus.

“Oh. It's you. What happened? What are you doing here?”

Memories flooded back. The the silver wolf creature, the sound wave, the light.

“We found you. Just in time. You were about to turn into a nice little snack for that Iron Wolf.”

“We? Who's we? And what was that Iron Wolf thing?”

“Kyto, Nirix, Serab, and me. As for the Iron Wolf …”

“I'll take it from here, Agori.” Said a voice.

A Toa wearing grey and silver armour walked over.

“I'm Nirix, Toa of Sonics. Kyto over there is a Toa of Plasma, and Serab is a Glatorian.”

“Jungle Tribe!” Called out a female voice from elsewhere in the cave.

“You were asking about the Iron Wolf?” Asked Nirix.

“Um … That's it.” Said Sahmad rubbing his head and looking around to see Kyto and Serab.

“The beast you were being chased by was an Iron Wolf. It is very rare, and is the only one sighted for thousands of years.”

“I don't care whether it's rare or not, that thing nearly killed me …” Said Sahmad thinking about the beast.

“It is thought to be one of the oldest biomechanical beings created by the Great Beings. We have dug up old parts from them before. Their construct is like nothing we've ever seen. We managed to catch the one that was chasing you alive, and we're in the process of studying one of the oldest things created by the Great Beings themselves.”

Sahmad looked around nervously.

“And, where are you keeping it?”

“Don't worry, it's well contained.”

Sahmad wasn't reassured.

“Not to be rude, but why are you doing this?”
“We're on a top secret mission that Turaga Nokama herself sent us to do.”


“That's why we're going to have to kill you.”

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Posted Jul 18 2014 - 06:34 AM

There was an uncomfortable moment of silence. Bomonga looked critically at the apparent Toa of Gravity.

“Well, then I'm Kongu! Toa of Air.” Said Kongu taking a step forward and shaking the newcomer's hand, breaking the silence.

“I'm Jaller, leader of the Toa Mahri: Kongu, Hahli, Hewkii, Nuparu, and me. And this is Norik, leader of a Toa Hagah team: Pouks, Iruini, Gaaki, Bomonga, Kualus, and Norik.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Said Iragan shaking Jaller and Norik's hand.

“Don't mean to be rude but why have you suddenly leaped here and started to awkwardly socialize?” Asked Bomonga slightly angrily.

“I was going to get to that part.”

“Well can you get to that part then?” Asked Hahli.

“I come with grave news. I'm hoping you can pass it on and tell other Toa or Turaga. This is confidential. I don't want no Matoran or Agori running around in panic. You can't let a word of this get out to the people.”

“Get to the point.” Grumbled Bomonga impatiently.

“No, wait. Is it really that bad?” Asked Jaller.

Iragan gave him a solemn look that everyone could see the meaning of: It's worse.

“It's something I found written on some temple wall. And it's not good. We're in grave danger. All the Toa. Come with me.”

“Wait, are you actually going to tell us the news?” Demanded Hewkii, iritated.

“I think it's best you see for yourselves, seeing as some of you are doubting every word I say.” Said the Toa of Gravity, throwing Bomonga a critical look.

“Whoa. You're not going to waste our time. We don't know who you are, what you're up to, or where you came from. You appear out of nowhere, and ask us to come with you. You're not even telling us what there is to worry about! In fact, I don't know how a trap could be any more obvious! Give me one word! At least one little word that will describe this 'problem' of yours!” Bomonga fired back.

The gravity on that spot increased slightly out of Iragan's iritation.




“Okay, first things first,” Said Chiara. “We need our weapons back. I'm sure this Great Being in the Matoran Universe can wait for that. Then we can continue our journey.”

“I agree taking back the weapons, but first we should search for any clues round here. This could be a major lead.” Said Orde very persuasively.

Zaria got down on his knees and put his hand above one of the Vorox, feeling the metal shape of them under his palm.

“I don't sense anything different about their structure. They're dead, that's all. Orde? Had you felt anything strange about their minds?”

Orde shrugged.

“My powers were mostly missing. Besides, I don't know what normal Vorox thoughts are like, and I only scanned the leader. The rest might've been like empty shells, I guess. I can't be sure though.”

Everybody looked over at Gaardus. He was fiddling with Kabrua's staff.

“Great Being technology. Very advanced. I don't understand nothing. But … it seems to be deactivated.”

Gaardus held up the staff to show everybody how nothing happened if he flicked the on switch on the shaft.

“He's right,” Said Chiara. “I don't feel any change in my powers. It's like the staff has been remotely deactivated.”

“It's probable,” Continued Gelu. “The Great Being clearly only meant for Kabrua to use it.”

“Makes sense. But how can we use this stuff? There must be a way to track down where the Great Being controlled them from. Orde? Could you see what you can find with Kabrua?” Asked Zaria curiously.

Orde trudged over gingerly.

“He's dead. I doubt I'll find anythi-” Orde stopped in mid sentence.

He'd sensed something.

“Wait. I got something. It's a really faint signal. Kind of ghostly. But it's not a Great Being. I think it's the last few seconds of Kabrua's consciousness. And they're fading!”

Ording put his hand over Kabrua's head and shut his eyes, concentrating.

“What he doing?” Asked Gaardus.

“Shhh! He's concentrating. Never seen a Toa of Psionics?” Hissed Chiara.

“Not a male.”

“Just shut up.”

Orde opened his eyes.

“We might have a lead. I have a location.”

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