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My Job (or, Bionicle from the perspective of an average Matoran)

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#1 Offline WhereFMF

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Posted Jun 14 2014 - 11:29 PM

My name is Kokkan. I'm a Ko-Matoran.

I run a shop. I sell things. That's my job.

Back on Metru Nui I ran a shop. I sold things to scholars. It was good. I made money.

Then the Morbuzakh came. It knocked down some knowledge towers. But that was okay. I could still do my job.

Then the Vahki made us go into the spheres. I didn't want to. But I went anyways, because one of them promised me I'd eventually be able to do my job.

I woke up on the island of Mata Nui soon after that. Building Ko-Koro was hard. But once it was done, I was happy, because even on this new island I could still do my job.

I kept running the shop. I sold things to the villagers. It was good. I made money.

One day Kopaka and the Toa showed up. They were supposed to be big heroes to protect us. But that didn't matter to me, as long as I could do my job.

Soon after, some Tahnok attacked Ko-Koro. They melted a lot of the village. But that didn't matter to me, as long as I could do my job.

Then Turaga Vakama told us that we were going back to Metru Nui. I didn't remember what Metru Nui was, but I asked Turaga Nuju about it, and he told me I'd still be able to do my job there.

Now I was back in Metru Nui. I kept running the shop. I sold things to the villagers. It was good. I made money.

They told us that Mata Nui was dying, and the Toa had to leave to save him. They didn't come back.

I was a bit worried that if he died I wouldn't be able to do my job anymore.

Then my friend Matoro and a bunch of others left to help them, and they did come back, even if he didn't. So I was happy, because I knew I'd be able to keep doing my job.

The Toa awakened Mata Nui. At first I was pretty happy. Now nothing would interrupt me, and I'd be able to do my job forever.

But it turned out to be Makuta who was awakened. Now he could do anything he wanted. Most of my friends left when that happened. But not me. Even if it killed me, I wanted to keep doing my job.

Makuta let me stay here. He didn't kill me. He told me to give weapons and food to his Rahkshi and other helpers. I lost some money because of that. But at least it was mostly my job.

Then Mata Nui killed him.

Turaga Vakama told us we had to go to Spherus Magna, because it wasn't safe here.

On Spherus Magna, they already have shops. They already have people selling things and making money.

Now I can't do my job anymore.

It only recently occurred to me that the narrator is acting like a pre-sapience Matoran. I suppose that one got left behind after Velika's efforts.

Edited by -Windrider-, Jul 12 2014 - 07:35 PM.

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