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Light and Shadow

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Some Random Phrase
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Posted Jun 16 2014 - 11:30 AM

Two warriors clashed in the night. One, a tall, wiry figure with two silver blades, as fast and bright as light itself. The other, a larger figure wielding a battleax as fearsome and overpowering as the shadows of the night. The light figure activated one of his powers and vanished in an instant, appearing behind the larger figure with both blades raised. The larger figure suddenly spun with his ax, the force more then enough to fell a small tree. The light figure quickly jumped back and crossed his blades, pointing them at the shadowy being. A blast of light burst from the blades, heading stright and true. The shadowy being made a gesture, and the shadows rose up around him and snuffed the light out. The light figure looked on in dismay, then again activate his speed power and zipped forward at incomprehesible speed. The shadowly figure kept his barrier up, and the light being was flung away, landing with a dull thump. The shadow being pointed his ax at the light being, and chains of solid Shadow rose up, engulfing the light being. Tendrils took his weapons and flung then away, and the shadow being pulled the mask off. The light being struggled, trying to get out of the cruel bonds, but it was of no use. He then noticed, with growing despair that suddenly reshaped itself into a glimmer of hope, the first beams of the sun poking tentatively into the night. The shadow figure saw this too, and immediately put his blade to teh light being's neck. The light being looked up with brazen defiance. "Go ahead. Kill me. the Matoran will know. The Turaga will know. And I remind you, this is Xia. You know why nobody messes with the Matoran. They know weapons." The shadowy being simply pressed the ax closer. "And I will take a quick boat. You are nothing. You are helpless." the shadowy being said malevolently. The light being risked a quick glance at the rays of light. They were steadily growing, getting stronger, and if he could just with his small amount of strength left, manipulate them.... Light exploded in the shadow figure's eyes. A quick application of the Av-matoran ability to create light structures brought the light Toa's mask back to him, and he put it on. Without concentration to sustain them, teh bonds of shadow fell away. The light Toa quickly activated his speed power, appearing a few meters away faster then any teleportation. With a roar, the Shadow Toa charged at him. he sidestepped, at the same time lashing out with a blast of lgiht. It was not blocked this time. The Shadow Toa fell forward, and slumped on the ground. Neither being expected what happened next. The ground suddenly opened under the shadow being, into a lava pit. More cracks appeared, and teh Av-Toa ran away from the unstable spot. The second the Toa of Light had gotten out, the entire thing collapsed. The Av-Toa remained still for a long time.

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 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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