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This is a sketch made for my retelling. I'm releasing this one early (it goes with 2006 plot). I had been planning to try to color it before revealing it, but then I realized with all those spikes and stuff, I won't likely have time anytime soon. I wanted to release it anyways along with my Micro-Bionicle LDDE Project, though, since I based the System MOC of the Protodax in part on this sketch. It's based on many details we know about the protodites and the Protodax, such as that protodites fly.


My interpretation here is that the Protodax's Zamor is held by flattish tendrils that without the Zamor could spin and spread out, acting like rotors, but that in the enlarged Protodax probably wouldn't be powerful enough for flight. But as microscopic protodites, since grains of dust and the like tend to suspend in air well, it should be sufficient.

I also interpreted the many different colors as representing a chameleon effect. Zaktan was transformed into a cloud of protodites, and he still looked like himself. I theorize that each protodite was acting like a pixel, choosing its color normally based on where it is in his body, but when he would move more like a cloud, they would probably revert to a standard green.

The "heads" I see only as eyes and mouths; its equivalent of a brain would probably be in the main torso. The spiky tail I imagine could curl around it to provide protection from other germs that might try to attack it (that would be defense, the sharp claws for offense). And the feet I see as also acting as counterweights to keep the rotor up in flight mode. Here's a draft image with labels that still apply for this version:


And another draft of a translucent body idea; I used this idea in the Micro-Bionicle version somewhat by using translucent pieces, but rejected it for the actual sketch:


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Zaktan just got about twice as terrifying as before :P.


The level of detail is neat; it resembles Protodax enough to be a protodite, but more... microby.



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"So I'm TL now?"

"Yeah, 'cuz if we said it the other way it'd have to be TLhiKHAAN!!"

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