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Reign of Crime

mainstream universe un-mainstream story Skakdi Toa Matoran

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Posted Jul 25 2014 - 07:10 AM

[Topic closed by request of author.  -GSR]


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Chapter I

The Interception


          Nimbau walked reluctantly in the moonlit rainforest, a mile or two away from his Koro. The countenance through his dark green Kualsi showed utter defeat. He was walking back home after a long week, yet he getting there was not his top priority. He walked in a slow, meandering fashion, the silver tip of his Protosteel scythe dragging in the ground.

          He was walking on a large, well-trodden path that was regularly maintained. Above him was a crescent moon and a cloudless sky dotted with millions of stars. On both sides of him stood vast trees draped with curtains of vines. Babbling brooks could be heard echoing throughout the jungle. All would have seemed peaceful if one were not returning from what Nimbau was returning from.   

          Suddenly, a cold, menacing voice came from behind him, chilling him to the core.

          “Hello, Toa of Air,” it said.

          Nimbau halted abruptly and glared at the dirt below him. He felt both sad, scared, and furious.

          “Can’t you guys just stay in your miserable little prison? I’m really not in the mood right now.”

          “I’m afraid not,” said the voice.

          Nimbau turned around, slowly and loathingly. As his eyes fixed themselves on his Skakdi adversary, his heart gave a rush.

          “You!” he shouted. He lifted his scythe. “You know what you’ve done to me?”

          “Oh, I know. But you should ask yourself,” said the red Skakdi: “is it fully me who did it, or yourself?”

          Nimbau paused before speaking.

          “You had the weapon,” he said. “You deserve my full wrath. And I’m going to give it to you.”

          Nimbau brandished his weapon and charged at the Skakdi. He whipped his scythe behind his back, aimed it at the Skakdi, and swung it back, expecting to hit him, but was instead parried by the Skakdi’s Fire Staff. The Toa of Air jumped back a few steps, then leapt onto the nearest tree branch and into the cover of darkness. A few rustles of leaves were heard, and then all was quiet.  

          The Skakdi scanned the branches, his eyes narrowing. A few minutes passed.

          “You can’t hide forever, Toa,” he said with a loud, clear voice. He looked behind him and scanned the tree branches there. He progressed a few trees over and cleanly sliced through the tree with one powerful cut. A metallic ringing sounded as the Skakdi followed through. The tree wavered, hung to one side, and crashed to the ground. The Skakdi grinned and channeled a flame through his staff.

          “Better be quick, Toa,” he said, “or your happy little forest is going to be a whole lot less happy.”

          He waited for the Toa to respond. After a minute with no answer, fire erupted from his staff like lightning from the sky and the fallen tree burst into flames. It crackled and smoked as the flames greedily consumed its wood. It was not long before it was nothing more remained but a charred limb.

          “That was just a demonstration,” said the Skakdi. “My patience is growing slim, though. Better show your ugly little—”

          The Skakdi was interrupted with a piercing blow from behind him.

          “I have a Kualsi, ignorant Skakdi,” Nimbau snarled.

          The Skakdi got up, smiling menacingly. He carelessly spun his Fire Staff, a flame still licking the air at the end of the blade.

          “So I’ve seen,” he said. He turned around, still spinning his staff.

          Nimbau pounced at him, but the Skakdi abruptly turned around and knocked him to the ground with his staff. Nimbau summersaulted backwards, grabbed the staff, and knocked the Skakdi’s feet out from under him. The Toa of Air leapt up and over the Skakdi, holding him by the neck and pinning him there. The Skakdi forced Nimbau up and threw him into the tree. There was a loud thump, and Nimbau’s body was cratered into the wood.

          The Skakdi smashed the Toa into the tree repeatedly, each indent in the trunk and each thump sounding louder than the last. The Skakdi threw him into the tree for the third time, and it crashed into the mossy forest dirt.

          Nimbau was lightheaded, and his vision was blurring. He shook his head and tried to get up, but before he could, he felt the cold metal hands of the Skakdi grip firmly around his neck and slowly lift him into the air. He then heard a snarl and growl, and he found himself being thrown, where he could not tell. His vision was addled immensely; all he could see was bright lights. That was strange. He had felt sure that it was night. He crashed into something hard, but he did not care anymore. He was going to be with his teammate. Everything would be fine. If he could just slip into the darkness…

          “No!” he shouted suddenly, recalling abruptly what the Skakdi had done. He swung his scythe back and forth wildly, his vision not yet fully restored. He felt a sharp pain on his head, yet he would not let up. He could not let the Skakdi get away. He must keep fighting. For his team and Tanewa, he could not give in. His scythe met something hard. He found hope in this and hit it repeatedly. He heard a cry of agony and a thump.

          His vision slowly came back, and the red Skakdi came back into focus. He was on the ground, holding his eye.

          “Ready to go back to the Shadowlands?” asked Nimbau.

          The Skakdi turned his head violently. His right eye was missing. He growled. Nimbau raised his scythe. The Skakdi pounced. There was a flash of red, and then all went black. 

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