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#81 Offline The True Zedd of BZPower

The True Zedd of BZPower
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  • 14-October 03
  • 4,717 posts

Posted Oct 28 2014 - 12:39 AM

I'm 'back' in the sense that I'm posting more. I've lurked semi-frequently for the past year or so.

Anyway I've been here since 2003, gone through many different usernames, had two points of PE docked with my first year, got them back with my premirship, wrote comediennes, wrote unfinished epics and was a player in the RPG forum for most of my last couple years.

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#82 Offline Chaotic Being

Chaotic Being
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  • 11-March 08
  • 723 posts

Posted Oct 29 2014 - 06:45 AM

This site is still breathing? Color me the best kind of surprised.

Seriously, it's great to be back. BIONICLE was such a huge part of my childhood, it's one of the few things I can't see in a cynical light.

In BZP's "prime" or whatever, I was incredibly active and ended-up doing a lot of writing. Unsurprisingly, nothing of note. I was fairly terrible then, so I can only hope I've grown less terrible over the years.

I'm really glad I decided to visit out of pure nostalgia; I might not have heard about the reboot otherwise!

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Beep boop.

That's right, I just insulted you, but your brain function is so primitive that you could not understand my words of infinitely higher intellect.


That's right, I just called you a pineapple-loving fallapallooza.

That last word was censored.

#83 Offline Mallow Toa of Smashing

Mallow Toa of Smashing
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  • 01-November 14
  • 62 posts

Posted Nov 01 2014 - 10:01 PM

Hi! Name's Mallow. I've been viewing BZPower for a long time now, but this is my first plunge into actually becoming a member. Now, I suppose I should start by introducing myself a bit.


I've been a fan of LEGO for a very long time, probably my whole life, and BIONICLE is something I've also been a big fan of, though I got on the BIONICLE bandwagon pretty late. Towards the end of its life actually. I got in to Hero Factory a bit, but my interest in it fizzled out around the time of Breakout, as I only got one set from that wave (Rocka). Once Brain Attack hit, I stopped caring. Now with BIONICLE returning, I feel this is a better time than ever to join BZPower.


Obligatory list of favorite BIONICLE things!


Favorite Toa: Lewa

Favorite Matoran: Hafu

Favorite Kanohi: Miru Nuva

Favorite elemental power: Air, Ice

Favorite years of the story: Tough one...I'm a bit less harsh to later years than most people from what I can tell. I'd probably go with 2001-2003, partially because they had the best comics in my opinion, though really any storyline involving the Toa Mata/Nuva is interesting in my book.

Least Favorite years of the story: 2005. DUUUUUUUUUULLLL.


Outside of LEGO, I'm an avid gamer and competitive Smash Bros. player, though I haven't played alot lately since I've been busy. In Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros for 3DS, my main character is Jigglypuff.


Sorry if that intro was too long. I'd be glad to discuss what to do to best enjoy my experience with BZPower!


- Mallow

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 >tfw you have no idea what to put here

#84 Offline Mellow Gadget

Mellow Gadget
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  • 05-August 13
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Posted Nov 02 2014 - 04:13 PM

After far too long a time lurking, and with the incoming return of this sacred icon of my childhood, I've resolved to be more active in this community! It'll be great to get back into this site after a lull of just over a year where I did nothing.

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[New Sig Coming Soon]

Wanna read some fics?-The Mary Sue of Spherus Magna-Epic Coming Soon!

Here's my blog, where you can listen to me read bad fanfics.

#85 Offline toa ordaku

toa ordaku
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  • 28-October 07
  • 1,226 posts

Posted Nov 03 2014 - 08:20 PM

I used to be heavily involved here years ago, but I haven't been on in ages.... I think I stopped more or less for good when the forums went down for...what was it, like two years? Something to do with spammers I think but I don't really remember. Anyway, just thought I'd pop on to say hi.

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Rest in Peace, Joey Powers! I'm sorry that I didn't have the chance to get to know you!

Credit to ~Nausicaa~ for the second banner.
If you created the first banner, please come forward so I can give you credit.

#86 Offline exotahu4

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  • 29-March 02
  • 1,040 posts

Posted Nov 04 2014 - 10:36 AM

Oh boy. It's been a loooooong time since I've posted here. Many years probably. I kinda lost interest after the whole Hordika thing happened, and pretty much stopped coming here. (Though I am vaguely aware of the events leading up to the end of the series)


I heard Bionicle was coming back so I figured I'd come back, see if this place was still here. (Apparently it exploded a couple of times.)


It's crazy to think how long I've had this account, I guess I'm back now. At least for a little while.





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Here we go again.

#87 Offline constantine0913

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  • 12-November 14
  • 1 posts

Posted Nov 12 2014 - 03:42 PM

Hello all. I go by Isack in the real world and constantine anywhere else. My hobbies are reading (though now a days i dont read much of anything save for manga) drawing and gaming. Used to be a devoted halo player until i decided to build a pc this generation so unfortunately i wont be on that train any longer. My favorite animes are naruto, dragon ball, another, d gray man, and others but i dont think id spell the names correctly. My favorite games are bravely default, halo (ce-4), five nights at freddys, rouge legacy, amnesia (both), and dark souls. Naturally one of the things i like is Bionicle.

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#88 Offline Ashnazg

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  • 04-January 15
  • 11 posts

Posted Jan 16 2015 - 09:31 PM

Hi, I'm Elijah but everyone calls me Eli but you can use both. I love Bionicle, my brother (Prismwind) and I used to play with them when they first came out in 2001. Unfortunately, I had a bad habit of chewing pieces and, one fateful day, I chewed up my brothers prized Vahi (he had spent months looking for one in those old mask packs). He still hasn't forgiven me :( hahaha jk. I am completely obsessed with the Lord of the Rings, I 'inherited' it from my brother as well. I play piano, and sometimes, when I'm over, I'll play some of my dads drums or my brothers organ. I can't do much, some basic Ringo beats, but whatevs. I am totally addicted to Bach and Mozart, though I think that Bach takes the cake. I love fugues but they are to complicated for me ;(. 

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#89 Offline Vezon of the Olmak

Vezon of the Olmak
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  • 16-January 15
  • 29 posts

Posted Jan 20 2015 - 06:05 PM

Hello, I'm Vezon, Vezon of the Olmak, and I like Bionicle (well duh:P) I also Like Ninjago, ans Star wars (I watch Rebels and Clone Wars). I like to write a lot, and you can ready the story I'm working on in Epics.

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#90 Offline Takamasaurus

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  • 10-November 14
  • 3 posts

Posted Jan 21 2015 - 08:45 PM

Hello, My name Is Takamasaurus (I noticed there are a lot of Takamas here) and I Loved Bionicle since the day i got Pohatu in 2001.   I was a lurker on here from 2006 - 2010 and I was devastated when i heard that Bionicle was cancelled that year.    


Since then I thought they never bring it back, so i Moved onto another hobby i had, which is Dinosaur Collecting.   Now that I saw that Bionicle is rebooted, I decided to Finally join this website under a name that honers both my hobby's. I don't know anything story wise from 2010 - 2014 as i was focused on Dinosaurs, but I thought I would not need to, as the series is getting a reboot

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#91 Offline The Invisible Noob

The Invisible Noob
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  • 20-March 05
  • 1,043 posts

Posted Jan 22 2015 - 12:24 PM

Welp might as well make a post. I'm a returning member who on rare occasions contributes to bionicle creations but mostly stays in the off topic forums.

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#92 Offline Petersheikah

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  • 24-January 15
  • 93 posts

Posted Jan 27 2015 - 08:40 AM

Hey there! I'm Petersheikah, I've been following the Bionicle series for a while, but I never thought of registering in a site like this. I've tried to get into the Bionicle lore for a while now, so I decided to join a forum to discuss about our favourite robots. I've heard about BZPower some time ago, I decided to sign in and here I am!

Anyways, I know the basic story involving the Toas (the Metru, the Mata, the Inika and all these Toa/Turaga teams) but I missed almost entirely the Comic/Book/Online lore. I don't know almost anything about what happened before the Toa Metru, Lhikhan and the Kanohi Dragon and I also missed the part involvong Karda Nui and the Phantoka/Mistika (hated these sets quite a lot).

I tried to explore the Wikia, but there are so many different characters that I never heard about and it's really difficult to me to understand a story if I don't know anything about who's involved with it.

Well... Hope I'll learn something new here!

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#93 Offline MrSciFiGuy

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  • 22-December 04
  • 3,001 posts

Posted Feb 02 2015 - 09:17 PM

Hey, I'm jos-, I mean MrSciFiGuy, formerly Tahu Nuva 3.0 (I was so creative when I was small wasn't I?)


I've been here for ever, and lurked before even joining. Really hoping to see lots of new members and can't wait to start up new topics in the art areas and post some MOCs

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Bionicle: ANP aims to create narrated versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story. Check here if you're interested in voicing a character, and here for the chapters that've already been released!

Formerly: Tahu Nuva 3.0

Looking for a Bionicle Beanie. Black one with the symbol on it. Contact me if you are willing to sell

#94 Offline Pomegranate

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  • 20-July 07
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Posted Feb 13 2015 - 09:38 AM

I remember you! :D Welcome back Tahu Nuva 4.0 :P

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#95 Offline Anapouri

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  • 15-February 15
  • 71 posts

Posted Feb 15 2015 - 04:03 PM

Hello there. I'm new here!

I've been a long time fan of the LEGO BIONICLE theme. I used to buy and build with them all the time when I was a kid. I was extremely disappointed with HERO FACTORY, but I respected the elements they introduced with that theme and I wish I had invested more into purchasing those sets. But now that BIONICLE has been reintroduced with the new 2015 story and sets, I'm very excited to be a part of that theme again and I hope to be able to get involved in how much I used to love BIONICLE all over again. I currently own all of the new 2015 sets! I hope to pick up a few extras so I can start building MOCs again. I have a huge bin full of older BIONICLE parts and accessories however, so I might be combining the two once I get enough of the newer elements!

I am a graphic design student on the last year of my college career. My hobbies include gaming, movies, costuming, and a bunch of other geeky stuff. Star Wars is my favorite thing, but now that BIONICLE has recaptured my nostalgia and childhood again, I'll probably be getting back into that more too.

It's nice to meet you all. I'm more of a lurker though, so I might not hop into too many conversations. I hope to get some inspiration for new ideas in your other boards. 

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#96 Offline The Rider of Kikanalo

The Rider of Kikanalo
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  • 02-September 14
  • 242 posts

Posted Feb 19 2015 - 09:20 PM

Well, I had a good run for a short while here on BZPower. I might come back later and view the site and see if anything is new, but for now I just need focus on other things. See Y'all later!

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#97 Offline Hellyam

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  • 16-February 15
  • 13 posts

Posted Feb 28 2015 - 03:05 PM

I already posted before I found this place. Whoops! Anyways, I like Bionicle and anything kid related. I also like building stuff generally as it interests me, and I am an avid fan of the Myers Briggs personality test.

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#98 Offline Vuhii

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  • 14-March 15
  • 2 posts

Posted Mar 15 2015 - 08:27 PM

Greetings. I joined yesterday, and I decided I'd post here while I get acquainted with this format of forums.

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#99 Offline Prowl Nightwolf

Prowl Nightwolf
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  • 07-January 15
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Posted Mar 15 2015 - 08:52 PM

Welcome to BZPower Vuhii...

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"A stranger will always be a stranger unless you give them a chance."

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#100 Offline LegoSWfan

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  • 07-December 14
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Posted Mar 18 2015 - 03:34 PM

After a several month hiatus, I have decided to return.

Although I am avoiding any "newonicle" threads. :)

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#101 Offline evil_jaga_genius

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  • 17-January 15
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Posted May 02 2015 - 05:05 PM

So there IS a name for that!


Anyway, I'm Jaga, I've actually been on here for a while but never bothered to introduce myself.  I'm a writer and/or game dev in what little time I have to spare.  I was actually on the BioMedia Project before coming here, and did some work with their RPG.


My magnum opi (plural of opus?) have been the various plays I act in at the local theater and my game/story, Adventure Posts.


So yeah, it's a pretty nice place here.

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The raving lunatic behind Adventure Posts and The Isle of Malkhar
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#102 Offline Takaru02

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  • 24-November 02
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Posted May 08 2015 - 02:03 PM

Hi.  I'm Takaru02, and as you can tell by my profile and Avatar, I'm a pretty old member.  I first joined back in 2002 prior to the Metru Nui reveal.  Heck, I'm old enough to remember when the Matoran were still being called Tohunga, lol.   :superfunny:   But seriously, I'm amazed to be see that this site is still as active as ever, and I'm quite glad that Bionicle still gets so many fans.  I've actually become a bit of a lurker at this point so I don't really consider myself has having truly "returned" to the site, but I still love the series.  Admittedly, I'm a great deal behind on the lore of the series since I stopped following after the Metru Nui saga was first introduced, so there's a lot of stuff I don't know about the current state of the Bionicle universe.  To further prove how old I am, all of the topics I posed in have been deleted, so I have a 466 post count with no posts to show for it.  :confused:  


To be honest, I've never read the comics and don't have most of the model sets.  I originally became a fan of Bionicle through a friend of mine: KanohiHauX, now known as KanohiHauX - Toa of Unity, and he was the reason I stayed for so long.  He introduced to the MNOLG (Mata Nui Online Game) back when it first came out.  It was a glitch ridden mess and tended to crash a lot, but we still managed to have fun.  It was definitely better than the sequel, which crashed FAR more often.   :annoyed:   I remember that I used to hate the button puzzle at the lightstone cave (YOU KNOW THE ONE) and that it took me forever to finish that darn thing because of that.   :upset:   That said, being able to control the guys and beat up on Muaka was totally worth it...the first 2000 times I played.  Seriously, I love that game.  Speaking of which, I was really surprised when I saw that someone was building a direct sequel of the MNOLG.  I look forward to seeing the finished product, as I'm sure many others due as well.


Getting back to my friend, things really got interesting when he started writing that fanfic of his: "The Legend of KanohiHauX".  I was one of the many people who he let be a part of the story, although, if remember correctly, I still went by just Takaru at the time.  Many of people were so inspired by his fanfic that they went on to write their own stories, though most tried to use his fanfic as a base.   I too was one of those people, and went on to write two separate stories, "The Chronicler's Journey" and "The Shifting."  Both of them turned out to be pretty bad, so I never finished them.  :tounge:    


On a side note, I actually found this topic on accident.  I decided to look up KanohiHauX's name in the search function just to what I would get, and his name showed up in this topic.  When I saw that one of the people who posted here mentioned both him and his fanfic, I felt I needed to say something as well.  So...yeah.  I probably won't be on all that often, but I still plan to check in from time to time.  I know there's a lot I need to catch up on, and a lot of stuff to see and do here.  I'm also thinking about reviving one, or both, of my old fanfics, but we'll see how that goes.


Well, time to sign off.  Have fun, and see you around the forums.  ^_^  

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[Insert interesting signature here]

#103 Offline ComicGuy89

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  • 09-May 15
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Posted May 09 2015 - 07:44 PM

Hello everyone, my name is ComicGuy89, and it's nice to meet you all!


I was first exposed to Bionicle way back in 2001 with the Toa Mata Nestlé Promo CD, but I didn't buy any toys back then because I spent more on computer games and things of that sort. My first Bionicle was actually nearly a decade later, with 8987 Kiina. I only really started to get into constraction in earnest with the Chima ultrabuilds and then with Hero Factory. So with G2 Bionicle, it's the perfect time to really dive in and see what it's all about!


Again, nice to meet you all, and see you around!

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#104 Offline Klack

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  • 26-August 14
  • 152 posts

Posted May 12 2015 - 09:58 AM

Decided to come back to see if I can get a "no star" rating on my profile.

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#105 Offline Bluest-of-Jayys

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  • 25-March 07
  • 640 posts

Posted May 29 2015 - 08:14 AM

Holla holla I'm Bluest-of-Jayys! Back in like 2010, I was known as Fried Ingenuity and I made comics using fake photoshop, brick walls, and weird sprites that ended up being sort of successful. Then my topic died and I never really came back until last year. Rode the hype train for a bit until college happened and ate my life, but now I'm back!


Back in 2007-2008 I was known as ES the Avenging Angel and I tried to art. I really tried. But we don't talk about those days.


I'm glad to see so many familiar faces from the old days. :) Maybe I won't be as scared to talk to Lady K this time around, haha. She's the reason I started drawing Bionicle in the first place. <3 I'm also happy to see so many new faces! Bionicle's still going strong. 

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#106 Offline FallenAtlas

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  • Premier Members
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  • 19-May 15
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Posted Jun 05 2015 - 09:37 AM

Oh here's the intro topic, only took me a week to find it....

I was told there was a RPG here. I didn't know it was based off a toy.

Turns out you can have a pretty decent RPG for a toy. I think I'll stick around.

As you were.

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Corpus Rahkshi: Augustus

#107 Offline Lewa the Soaring Champion

Lewa the Soaring Champion
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  • 22-July 14
  • 2,578 posts

Posted Jun 05 2015 - 09:58 AM

There's an intro topic? Cool.


I'm here for the RPG and my hobbies include listening to KPOP, drawing and playing TF2. I want to make a list of BZPower member titles and if you know any of the 2002-2003 ranks or the ranks for 2006-2008, PM me. 

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#108 Offline Godhead Makuta Luroka

Godhead Makuta Luroka
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  • 21-June 08
  • 1,502 posts

Posted Jun 09 2015 - 12:56 PM

Hey so this thing didn't exist back in my day so I'll just introduce myself here. I am Makuta Luroka. Some of you may know me as Malignus, others even know me as wierdox. I have been relatively active on the forums for several years now. That's actually about it. Welcome to BZPower everyone!

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--:m::a::k::u::t::a: :l::u::r::m_o::k::a:


Read my epic, Hydranus' Log

#109 Offline marshmellowt

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  • 17-June 15
  • 18 posts

Posted Jun 17 2015 - 10:37 PM

hello friends i am a new member o 3o/


i am called marshmellow and i am mainly here to throw up some posts over in the creative outlet. so i'ma go do that now, if you want to say hi you can drop on by

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#110 Offline Lewa the Soaring Champion

Lewa the Soaring Champion
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  • 22-July 14
  • 2,578 posts

Posted Jul 01 2015 - 07:12 AM

Not sure if we can use this as a way of saying we will be absent for a while, but I'll do it anyway.

Since I'm leaving for a vacation in Sydney, I won't be online until I have access to wifi. I'll be online more often when the school holidays are over.

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#111 Offline masonkh

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  • 11-October 14
  • 28 posts

Posted Jul 04 2015 - 12:07 AM

I wasn't really sure if this was the correct place to go, but I just wanted to say hello!  I'm new here to BZpower and I just thought I'd introduce myself.  I do a lot of different types of LEGO collecting and building.  I also like to do a lot of custom chroming!  (Like this!)

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#112 Offline Dunkleosteus-San

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  • 08-October 09
  • 1,180 posts

Posted Jul 04 2015 - 10:22 AM

I wasn't really sure if this was the correct place to go, but I just wanted to say hello!  I'm new here to BZpower and I just thought I'd introduce myself.  I do a lot of different types of LEGO collecting and building.  I also like to do a lot of custom chroming!  (Like this!)

Oh! Can I get Gali's mask chromed so I can sell it on Ebay for an extreme markup?

Edited by Minty Green, Jul 04 2015 - 10:23 AM.

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                                Bionicle Generation 2 Progression: 2015- Toa [IIIIII] Protectors [IIIIIII] Skull Villains [IIIIII]                                                                                                                                            


#113 Offline jed1ndy

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  • 07-July 14
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Posted Jul 09 2015 - 08:25 AM

Although I've had my account on this site for a little bit, I never bothered to say "hello." I guess it's just not my style.

Anyways, hello! In case you don't have eyes, my name is jed1ndy, but it's easier just to call me Jed. And I am... a person. Just a guy. Well, that's not exactly true, I am trying my best to write FDS music, and I am pretty güt at drawing. Also, I barely ever post, so you probably haven't seen me anywhere.

I think that's it. So I'm done here. Peace.

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#114 Offline ouberry

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  • 20-July 15
  • 23 posts

Posted Jul 20 2015 - 03:21 PM

Lol I didn't see this topic before. (Facepalm emoji). Anyways, here's my introduction:

Hello! I'm ouberry, from the Lego Message Boards, mainly on the Bionicle forum. If any of you have participated in the Ship War, or gone through the later posts on the Bionicle Comedy Central 2, or looked at the earlier posts of Omega Tahu Commerical, or read "The Toa Raika" you probably know who I am. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's okay. I like to say I'm famous in my tiny circle in a tiny circle (maybe another tiny circle).  

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The same Ouberry from the Lego Message Boards. "YEEHAWW!!"

Coincidentally, I joined on BZPower's anniversery.

Author of "The Toa Raika"


#115 Offline Nik the Three

Nik the Three
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  • 06-May 12
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Posted Jul 21 2015 - 05:24 AM

Hello, I am a newcomer/returner, but nobody remember me, because I did actually nothing and disappeared after two weeks of activity. I always want to make my name by making a successful thing, but I give up usually after a week. Let's see!
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#116 Offline Ryan T. Loveless

Ryan T. Loveless
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Posted Jul 24 2015 - 07:56 AM

2 years later and I make a new post. Over 10 years ago, I joined the site and back a premier member. I was but a tween back then. My have things have chagned. The site is still alive, I might attempt and post a bit more here and there. Alas, being an adult is hard work itself.


I had many user names. I used metwarrior a lot. Then went to Chuck Norris, and I figured I'd just settle on the one I have. Easier in my mind. I remember hitting 1k, seemed like such a big deal then, but it's meh now. I was big into making MOCs, don't have the time and/or money for that sort of thing now.


I'm coming back-ish. I'll be on periodically. I learned that Bionicle was coming back up. I hear there was a new storyline, and I was like, "Hmmm... I wonder how BZP is doing." It seems to be doing very well.

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Be back after Basic Naval Training. IE After I graduate the Navy's Basic Training. I leave December 1st 2011

#117 Offline Toa Cykron

Toa Cykron
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  • 15-July 08
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Posted Jul 24 2015 - 04:31 PM

Hey guuuuuys Cykron here, aka Toa Cykron on BS01. I was here back in 2005 and started a comic series and old comedy series that never really went anywhere. I finally got back into Bionicle after being away for a few years after the hiatus. If you knew me back then, just wanted to say I love you bae come back to me plz.
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#118 Offline Smitty W

Smitty W
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Posted Aug 21 2015 - 11:16 AM

Yo, I'm Smitty W. I remeber reading this site way back when... Anyways, I started coming back and reading the reviews and such. Finally got around to making an account :D

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#119 Offline Dr Tozoa

Dr Tozoa
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Posted Aug 27 2015 - 03:42 PM

Howdy! It's good to be back, I joined BZpower back in 2001 so it's nice to see its still around.
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Posted Aug 27 2015 - 03:52 PM

Howdy! It's good to be back, I joined BZpower back in 2001 so it's nice to see its still around.

It's great to see more returning members! Welcome back.

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