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I feel that he could use a little more purple, and that the bulky body would be more fitting to a toa of iron or a toa of earth. The swords look rather interesting. I like the build, and think the mask works well with the build.


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My Self-Moc, Aroran.  Backstory coming soon!







Cool Pose:


I hope you like it.




Edit: Please keep posted images in BBC to around 100 kB (and around 640x640 pixels).


Pretty cool, I like the weapon. I'd recommend using bricklink to order more purple coloured peices though took me forever to get my hands on some XD

How Do you do?


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I really like this, especially the Metru armor plates. The back is a little jarring, though. I also like how you used real hand pieces.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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