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Saga of Siloxa

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I remember the time I was created a long time ago, created by a Toa of Air whose name I always seem to never remember. When that Toa of Air created me and my first glance was him smiling and staring at me. He said, "Welcome to the world, Cerebron it is I your creator.". I then remember glancing at him and then I got out of my pod that I happened to have been in when he made me. I then looked at him and I remember my first words were, "Cerebron, is that my name?" I said to him in question. He then replied "Why yes that is your name Toa, your name is Cerebron." and after he had said that I then smiled and liked my name.


The Toa of Air who created me explain to me that I was the first Toa of Plasma to be created without needing of Matoran being involved. I happened to already have known about what the world around me was, it was as if the Toa of Air happened to install a database of various information when I was being made. I knew what a Toa was, I knew what a Matoran was, I even knew about the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The Toa of Air helped me become a stronger Toa, and me and him began to develop a special bond between us, I felt as if he was like a brother. The Toa of Air was a very caring and kind Toa to me, as I was towards him as well. I hoped me and him would be stay together forever and remain close brothers, but sadly that did not happen...


Because one day he was killed by a Makuta who said that I was special. I wondered what did that Makuta meant that I was "special", I still in fact do wonder about it to this very day. Coming back to my early days, when I found my "brother" the Toa of Air laying on the ground as a lifeless corpse of scrap metal, I was emotionally struck with great despair and sadness. This then later grew into hatred, which I then began to just hate Makutas. 


After had mourned the loss of my "brother". I buried him on a island located in the Southern Islands, I kept his weapons and his mask for remembrance of him. After all he was my creator he made me come into existence, and I still thank him for doing so. Afterwards I fled to Metru Nui, as I tried to leave my past behind. 


Back then Metru Nui was still being created it was half way finished being made. There was still a lot construction going on there, in fact I decided to be kind and caring and as I result I helped fund the construction of Metru Nui. I knew my "brother" would of been proud of me for helping out.


I remained in Metru Nui for years, even after when the island city was finished being made. I thought the thing that had changed my entire was when my "brother" was killed, but unfortunately I was however wrong, because when the Toa/Dark Hunter War broken out it changed my life even more. I can remember the time when I was stationed in Ta Metru at the time of the war. So here I begin my story of when I was in the Toa/Dark Hunter War. This was the first time I perhaps befriended another Toa or bunch of Toa.

Chapter 1



It was the middle of the night in Ta Metru, the sky was blocked by smog coming from the furnaces of Ta Metru. Fighting would be heard here and there, but just not as often. I was standing in the streets of downtown Ta Metru and I was knowing that someone was watching me, but I wondered who. I stood up straight and walked into the middle of the vacant quiet street. I looked around to see if their was anyone here with me, I kept on looking in every direction to see if I could spot a suspicious Dark Hunter who might of been stalking me.  


I happened to have been armed with weapon at the time, I had with me was a silver dagger and Plasma Sword with me. I was armed just in case if anyone were to attack me at any given moment. And I wasn't going to go down without a fight. 


After five minutes of looking around to see if anyone was there, I then turned myself around and was about to walk somewhere else in Ta Metru. But suddenly I heard sudden movement behind me, and I was then hit the back of the head by a Dark Hunter's metal spear. I was lucky and I didn't got badly hurt from the hit, so I then got back up onto my feet and I grabbed my Plasma Sword and gripped it tightly in my right hand. 


"Who are you Dark Hunter?" I asked him, as I had a serious battle look on my face. I wanted answers, I was always like this whenever I was battling a enemy I always would ask it's name, unless if it was a Rahi.


"I am Primal, I am just like many Dark Hunters there is." he replied as I then glanced at his face, his face was colored white, he had a head like that of a Visorak and he had glowing bluish green eyes. He had two arms that had claws on each of his hands, in one of his hands he held was a metal spear that he used in combat. He had four legs and a stinger tail on the back of him. He looked like he must of been a Rahi that had became sapient. 


As he finished what he said to me, he then pierced his spear through my metal chest and I then reacted by shooting beam of liquid boiling plasma from my Plasma Sword I had in my right hand. The Dark Hunter, Primal was then hit in two left legs by my plasma, he led out a cry of pain as the plasma began to ate away his non-organic tissue. I watched as he gripped for a moment in pain and agony from my attack. I on the other hand had been dealing with serious pain in my lower metal ribs. It was beginning to hurt beyond Mata Nui, but I then sucked up the pain and got back to combat.


Primal then led out his stinger tail and I then quickly responded by jumping out of the way of his tail. His tail missed me and then tried to hit me again, but it led to just another miss. I then saw a metal shield that was happening to be laying on the ground a few feet away from me. I then ran towards it and I grabbed it with my my left hand.


Primal than hit me with his stinger tail, but lucky I had gave myself protection from the shield that I just picked up. As that I then out out my silver dagger from my leather bag and I then stabbed the Dark Hunter's tail with it. He then swore a bad word as he gripped in more pain. I then got back up and ran towards Primal and I then hit him on the head with the metal shield. 


He was hit on the head and then unhappy, he then grabbed me and threw me at a stone wall of a abandoned Kanohi shop that was behind me. I hit the wall and the shop collapsed on top of me. I was now buried underneath it. Meanwhile the Dark Hunter, Primal then laughed.


"You call yourself a Toa? Well you are no longer a Toa of Plasma you are now nothing but a Toa of being Dead." He said as he laughed at now destroyed Kanohi shop. He then turned himself around and was about to leave the scene until I then got out of the ruins.


"Maybe you should check twice when you kill a Toa, to see if it is dead or not." I said as I gave him a angry look at him as he glared in shock wondering how I managed to survive that. 


I then picked up a grey colored brick and I threw it at Primal's face and then I ran towards him. He then struggled as I sat on top of him, he said "Get off of me!" as he yelled while he struggled to break free from me. 


"I am going to break your two legs, because you deserve to be left a short-lived mark from a Toa like me." I said to him as I then grabbed his right back leg and I snapped it in half. The Dark Hunter led out a cry of pain. Then I snapped his other back leg in half, where he than again cried in pain as well.


He then said "Alright Toa, you win this battle. But I will get my revenge upon you eventually one day!" he yelled as he crawled from defeat into the distance, where I didn't see him again after that. 


I then brushed myself off with my hands and I then coughed as I had a few dust from smoke in the air that were in my mechanical lungs. I then grabbed my Plasma Sword off the ground.


"Well I guess I should go back to the fortress in Ga Metru, they'll need me there to help out..." I said to myself as I then walked into the night heading to Ga Metru.


End of Chapter 1


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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Chapter 2




A day later I arrive to Ga Metru's Protodermis Falls, it was a magnificent sight to see as the sparkles of liquid protodermis shined through the waterfalls there. Right next the Protodermis Falls was the fortress that I was to be on guard duty at. There was many Toas stationed there, some were inside perhaps enjoying a nice cold drink of ProtoCola (A soda drink that is famous in the Matoran Universe, it based on Coca Cola), and relaxing. Some Toa were stationed outside on watch to see if any Dark Hunters were in sight. 


I walk toward the main entrance into the fortress, but I am stopped by a Toa of Ice and a Toa of Plant=life. They look at me and give that "who are you?" look. The Toa of Plant-life then said, "What is your Toa ID number?" he asked me politely. 


"My ID number is 410-5592-10." I replied to the Toa of Plant-life. 


The Toa of Ice with him then scans my ID and it is indeed true ID number. The Toa of Ice then quietly shakes his head "yes" back to his comrade. The Toa of Plant-life then says "Alright Toa you may enter the fortress.". I then wait for the gates to open, after the once opened I then head into the main courtyard of the fortress where I see a couple of Toa training for combat, I then open the main door and enter the main lobby where I happen to see a Toa I happen to know well, Azu.


"Hello there Cerebron, you smell like you recently just came from Ta Metru." he said in a form of greeting. I then stand there awkwardly silent for a few seconds and then I replied.


"Yes, in fact I was fighting a Dark Hunter in Ta Metru last night." I told Aku.


"You fought a Dark Hunter interesting, looks like you put up one heck of a fight with it." 


"Indeed I did, it was easy I tell you that Dark Hunter happened to have four legs, and arms and a stinger tail." 


"So that Dark Hunter was once formerly perhaps a Rahi...?" Aku then asked me with a questionable look on his red colored mask.


"I think he may of well been a Rahi at one point. Who the heck knows what the Dark Hunters want anyway..." I replied back to Aku, the Toa of Fire. He then changed his face back to his normal self again. Ever since I met Aku, he was perhaps the only Toa of Fire I perhaps knew to have not much of a bad temper unlike most Toa of Fire I had encountered and met in my life. Me and Aku go long back to when I met him when I was shopping in Ta Metru for silverware, he himself used to work for a silverware smithy in the outskirts of Ta Metru where he happened to make very fine spoons, knives, forks and my favorite sporks. 


He and me since then became good friends, when the Toa/Dark Hunter broken out me and him decided to join the war to protect Metru Nui from the Dark Hunters.


"So anyway you want to go to bar and grab ourselves a couple of ProtoCola?" Aku then asked me out of nowhere. It was indeed a random question, but to be honest at the time I was in fact thirsty from walking all the way from Ta Metru to Ga Metru. And I did needed something to drink so I can keep my gears and robotic organs in good place. 


"Sure, I could in fact use a ProtoCola right now." I replied to him with a smile and then we walked to the soda bar in the fortress where we than got ourselves some ProtoCola to drink.


Later that night me and Aku and a few other Toa were placed on guard duty and to see and make that if the Dark Hunters were to attack us at any given time. We doubt the Dark Hunters would attack our fortress that late at night, but to be honest how would we all know...?



End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3




That night me and Aku were assigned for guard duty for the fortress. Me and him and a few other Toa were also stationed on the outpost towers of the fortress. We were barely tired, I was surely fully awake as was Aku, after all that ProtoCola sure did the trick in keeping us fully awake. So anyway me and Aku were searching for any signs of Dark Hunter activity in the distance. You never know when the Dark Hunters will invade, raid, or simply attack the fortress at any given time. Mostly we have the stupid kinds of Dark Hunters who happen to just try to attack the fortress, which in return ends up getting themselves killed by us.


Aku was looking at the smoke coming from Onu Metru in the distance with his binoculars. I was looking at the explosions going on and off in the distance in Po Metru. We were starting to grow bored of watching for signs of Dark Hunter activity, me and Aku decided we should play a game of checkers to pass the time. So we did, I got out a checker set with pieces of red and black checkers. I played as red team and Aku played as the black team in checkers, we then had great chat about what was on our mind's lately as we were playing checkers.


Then a few hours later right when we were almost finished with our game of checkers, a explosion goes off near the front entrance of the fortress. Me and Aku then look at each for a moment in shock and then we look outside the window and we see that Dark Hunters are invading the fortress. The other toa on the other tower then saw this and then immediately sounded the alarm.


"We are under attack by a army of Dark Hunters! I repeat we are under attack by a army of -" a Toa of Stone said on the loudspeaker before going silent perhaps because the Toa of Stone was by now been murdered by the hands of a Dark Hunter. 


Blasts and explosions were going off in the fortress courtyard, and me and Aku were hearing it all coming from there. I then tell Aku that we should get ready and fight against the Dark Hunters in the courtyard. As that being said Aku takes his flaming fire sword and I take my Plasma Sword and my silver dagger with me into combat that now going on in the courtyard.


By the time we arrive in the courtyard it is a bloody gruesome scene, Toa of many different elements are fighting against the Dark Hunters and both sides are losing ton of troops. I was surprised to see that Primal the Dark Hunter I encountered yesterday in Ta Metru was here. I then get myself ready for combat.


Me and Aku then fight Primal as he is surprised that I happen to be here as well. "Well well, Toa of Plasma we meet again..." he said to me in a evil grin as his glowing blue eyes glowed more brighter than usual. Aku then suddenly slashed away at Primal where he managed to leave a deep cut in Primal's back armor. Primal then reacted by then jabbing his stinger tail into Aku's stomach where the Toa of Fire then kneel on the ground as if he was about to vomit. 


"Aku!" I yelled. As I looked at him for a short glimpse, but then Primal heard me and then kicked me down onto the ground with his two back legs. I was then hit on the back and left arm badly, but it wasn't as fatal though. I then struggled to get up and move toward Primal as he smacked me with his stinger tail where I then fell onto the ground again. Aku was this time back up on his feet once again and this time he slashed off Primal's left arm with his flaming burning sword. Primal then screamed from the burning and painful sensation as his arm fell to the ground. I then grab Primal's left arm off the ground and then I started hitting him literally with his own arm which I was using as a weapon. 


Primal on the other hand was not alone, there was many tons of Dark Hunters here. Many tons of other Toa were fighting against them. But the leader and commander of the invasion was Primal. Since he led the invasion into the fortress. 


Aku then began to feel unbalanced, he then shot a blast of raging fire into Primal's face where then Primal screamed even loudly before in pain. Aku then was stabbed right through the chest by Primal's metal spear, where then Aku the Toa of Fire then fallen to the ground in defeat. 


"Aku!!!!" I yelled as I saw my friend fell to the ground dead.


After seeing that, I gotten more mad and by that I then blast a beam of plasma from my Plasma Sword where it then hits Primal. Primal then orders all remaining Dark Hunters to retreat afterwards. Leaving the courtyard nothing but a aftermath of a battlefield, as Toa and Dark Hunters laid on the ground either injured or simply dead.


I stood there as I now saw that Aku was now nothing but a lifeless non-functional being. He was dead, and I was very upset by it since he was one of my good friends I knew when I lived in Metru Nui. And I was sure going to miss him, miss him a lot...


I then saw injured Dark Hunters trying to escape the courtyard by crawling in their pool of protodermis blood. I then grew mad at them, which then I grabbed Aku's fire sword and I did some unfinished business to the remaining Dark Hunters who were still "alive" in the courtyard. I then beheaded one blue colored Dark Hunter, slash a red one in half, slice off the limbs of a grey one and I beheaded a green one and a yellow one as well as a purple Dark Hunter. Toa who were now outside watched me finishing the remaining Dark Hunters off.


A Toa of Gravity then came up to me and said that was enough, you killed them all. I then drop Aku's fire sword and I fall onto my knees and I begin to cry. The Toa of Gravity then looked at Aku's corpse and was then emotionally struck as well. 


"Aku, Toa of Fire has been killed in action!" he cried out to the gathering crowd of Toa in the courtyard.


"I'm very sorry for your loss of you dear friend Aku, Cerebron..." the Toa of Gravity said to and then helped me up and we then walked inside the fortress.


A funeral will held tomorrow in honor of Aku, and I will do the honor and bury his sword with him. This point onward changed my life even more, but not as more dramatic or terrible that I also faced later on...



End of Chapter 3


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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Chapter 4




After that horrible battle last night, only thing that had changed was that Aku wasn't here with me. I got up out of my bed, where I first opened my eyes and looked upon a sleeping Toa of Water who was laying on another bed in the room I was in. I then walked out the door and wandered down the hall and went to the soda bar where I purchased myself a ProtoCola. 


The loudspeaker comes on saying "The funeral of Aku will be held shortly..." as it echoed across the room. 


"Sorry for the loss of your friend, I hope you'll be okay..." the Toa of Ice who wore a Hau on his face said to me, he was the bartender there at the time working. 


"Thanks, I will be going to attend the funeral..." I replied back to the bartender as he waved goodbye to me. I then walked to the main lobby and then I went outside where the funeral was already being held. Aku's coffin was now being led away as I then caught up with the crowd and I went in front. We kept walking and walking until we reached a graveyard for the fallen Toa who have died recently. [1]


We then stopped at a empty field of grass, where then a Toa of Gravity gave me Aku's fire sword. I then took it from him, and then a few Toa began to dig a hole for his coffin to be buried in. As the finished digging it, I then placed his fire sword in with him, then they buried him. I then suddenly led my hand up and everyone stared at me and as I then opened the can of ProtoCola and I poured it onto the soil of Aku's grave giving him one last refreshing drink of ProtoCola. After that the funeral was then over and the rest of Toa there then walked back to the fortress. 


I on the other hand stayed a behind for to pay my last respects to Aku. I knelt onto the ground and I looked at his tombstone where I then said.


"Aku, I'm going to miss you, I promise I will kick more Dark Hunter butt in your honor." I said to him. I then got up and then left the graveyard and walked back to the fortress.


[1] A graveyard in my opinion for Matoran and Toa are completely different than like the graveyards we have in our world. There is not tombstones of crosses in the Matoran Universe, but there is regular tombstones like we have in our world. Also a funeral in the Matoran Universe is usually silent and everyone is to be silent to pay their last respects to those who had fallen.


(I'm a Atheist so that why I made it like that LOL)


End of Chapter 4


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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Chapter 5




A week gone by since Aku's death, I still haunted by it even having nightmares each and every night. In those nightmares he stands there in courtyard has his eyes bleed and simply says, "Why didn't you save me?" each and every time. I even imagine what if it was I who had died and Aku was saved instead, but then again Aku would be upset if I was the one who had died in that failed Dark Hunter invasion. 


I was awaken by my roommate who was the Toa of Water, I never really knew her name, nor did I wanted to ask her what her name was. So anyway she awaken me early in the morning around 2:00 PM. Which is way early that not even many Toa be outside on guarding duty. I was a bit annoyed that she woke me up from my sleep, but then again with me having nightmares about Aku I was pretty glad I was awoken by her.


"I are you alright?" she asked me as she stood besides my bed. 


"You been shaking and muttering in your sleep Cerebron, you okay?" she said and then asked me again. 


I then led out a sigh, and replied to her, "No ever since Aku died, I been having nightmares about him...". She looked at me for a moment and then responded, "I understand what you must be going through, because I remember once I lost a dear friend of mine..." she said in a low soft voice.


"Oh... Well then did I happen to wake you up?" I asked her.


"Oh no you didn't wake me up..." 


After that I got up out of my bed, and I then told her that I'm going for a walk. She then said, "okay" and then I open the door and left the room to where I then walked down towards the main lobby. I decided maybe that I should go for a walk down to the streets of Ga Metru, so I did as I then went outside the fortress and I made my way to the streets of Ga Metru. Surprisingly it appeared that the Ga-Matoran are up at this time of night, partying and getting drunk in their dorms or in the bars. Well that college life for a Ga-Matoran, I'm sure they will feel like the next day after being drunk and be in a hangover. Well that's their own fault for getting themselves drunk in the first place.


As I move forward through the streets, I block out the loud shouting of the drunken college students from my mind. Strange no wonder why Dark Hunters come here, because it makes sense for them to not come here. I continue walking forward to a abandoned building that is near the docks, I look up and I see the moon still shining in the sky as it then is seen as it's reflection in the ocean. 


This feels pretty peaceful and relaxing to be here, as I thought. I decided perhaps this can be the place to come and get away from it all. I then go into the abandoned building, as I go inside I can already by notice can tell this place was once a warehouse by the looks of it. The walls are filled with cracks, common pests such as weeds are growing on the floor, glass of the windows are broken, cracked or shattered. And the metal stairs appear to be rusted and hasn't been walked in what seems like hundred years or many perhaps more than that.


I then suddenly hear a female voice giggling behind, I then turn myself around and I see a black darken figure standing a few feet way from me. Is it a Dark Hunter I asked myself inside my head? Is it another "drunk" Ga-Matoran, another Toa? So many questions I want to find out about at this instant. As a result I get out my silver dagger and I grip it in my left hand just to be safe in case if this is a Dark Hunter.


"Who's there, if so reveal yourself please." I asked her whomever she might maybe. As I politely asked her she then revealed herself in front of me and I then could tell that she was a female Vortixx. Now why is a Vortixx doing here in Metru Nui, especially if there is a war going on right now? Either way she must of came a long way from Xia to arrive to Metru Nui. But still doesn't answer my question, is she member of the Dark Hunters?


"Don't worry Toa, you don't need to have your weapon out, because I won't attack you." she then said to me as she stood there in the moonlight. As she then said that, I then put my silver dagger away behind my back inside my leather backpack. 


"Are you a part of the Dark Hunters?" I then asked her in a polite voice. 


"No I am not a part of the Dark Hunter Organization, if I was I would of already killed you Toa." she replied to my question.


"Anyway, my name is Karodi and I ended up being kidnapped by a Dark Hunter who I then killed and ended up in Metru Nui." She told me as I looked at her.


"Now what is your name? Cute one." She then asked me, but really "cute one" what does she mean by that? She then walked towards me and I then began to notice that she was taller then me and perhaps older then me by the looks of it.


"My name is Cerebron, and I am a Toa of Plasma." I introduced myself to her. She then said, "What a cute name for a young handsome Toa like you.". There she goes again with that word, "cute". But then again what the heck does "handsome" mean? Is she trying to convince me to become a Dark Hunter? But to be honest she is believe it or not a nice kind lady and to come to think of it I don't think I ever met a Vortixx before in my life. I guess maybe if I get to know her better, maybe then perhaps I can trust her.


"So Cerebron what makes you come here at this time of night?" She then asks me.


"I was just going for a walk until I stumble upon this place curious to see what maybe inside here." I then respond.


"Well then Toa of Plasma I love to stay and chat, but I have to head back to my apartment in Ta Metru. But meet me back here tomorrow night alright." she then said to me. I then agreed and I after that she left the abandoned warehouse.


As now me being the only person being here, I decided to leave and head back to the fortress. I shouldn't of sneaked out of my fortress, because if they find out I will be in some serious trouble. And they might think I am betraying them and being with the Dark Hunters.


As that being said I go back to the fortress and I quietly go back in hear by climbing over the brick wall that surrounded it. After that I walked back to my room where I found my roommate the Toa of Water to be now sleeping. I then get back onto my bed and go to sleep as well.



End of Chapter 5


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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Chapter 6



Me and twenty other today the next day were to head to Onu-Metru and investigate the mines. Recently there as been rumors about a Dark Hunter hideaway being located somewhere deep with the Onu-Metru mines. I was placed as a regular Toa in a rookie rank, which I hate being ranked as the most. Among me were three Toa of Earth, two Toa of Magnetism, a Toa of Air, a Toa of Iron, five Toa of Ice and bunch of Toas I didn't even recognize what elemental power they were of. 


We first got there by a airship, that happened to be located not far from the fortress in Ga-Metru. We head to the airship and went inside it as the door closed behind us. I was going to expect it to be dark inside there, but I was glad I was wrong since inside the airship seemed dim of light. Well I did happen to notice today was cloudy for Metru Nui. I don't know if we are going to get rain, maybe we might then maybe we might not, besides the "good" Rakhshi of Weather Control on the Weather Channel didn't say it was going to rain today. Who the heck knows...


While we were on the airship and heading to Onu-Metru, I couldn't stop thinking about Karodi the Vortixx lady whom I met last night. I wonder what she might be doing right now at this time of day. I do remember that she did say she live in a apartment complex in Ta-Metru, I don't know where exactly in Ta-Metru though...


During the flight the pilot who commanded the airship was a Toa of Stone, his name if I can remember correctly was Ymir. He wore a orange Kakama mask, had a brown torso along with tan colored legs and arms. He wore a silver armored chest plate and silver armored shoulder pads, he also seemed to have with him a blade that was carved out of the rocks in Po-Metru. I heard many various stories about Ymir in the war, he pretty much according to many Toas a veteran that still serving in the war.


After three hours of being inside the airship, we finally land in Onu-Metru where we then walk outside onto the stone ground. The entrance to the mines was on the left of us, as that being said me and the rest of the Toa who I was with went down into the mines of Onu-Metru, while Ymir stayed on guard watch inside his airship and remained behind. 


When we walked so many miles into the dark mines, many Toa then began to create their own light to help themselves see where the heck they were going. I on the other hand decided to not need a lightstone. I was just in the large group with the rest of the Toa I was with, I could see pretty well with their lightstones they held.


Minutes later I then see glowing red and yellow crystals that were glowing in the dark as we passed. One of the Toa of Iron said, "Oh..... Pretty." as he found himself amazed by the beauty of what the mines of Onu-Metru provided. After we had passed the glowing crystals we then heard a loud scream coming from deep within the mines.


All of us jumped up a few feet into the air, as we were struck with terror. What the was that? Is that person in danger and being held hostage by Dark Hunters? Is the Onu-Metru haunted? That what I guess many of us had thought. We kept going deeper into the mines where is got more darker and darker. I could tell we are very low beneath the surface of Metru Nui by now.


We didn't even found a single Dark Hunter, the Onu-Metru mines are endless mazes where a bunch of people can get lost in and die there. Why was I assigned to this mission? I bet now every single Toa with me here are perhaps guessing that there is no Dark Hunter base in here, the rumor must of been a urban legend or tale told by a drunken Onu-Metru miner.


Suddenly the Toa of Air stopped everyone and said, "Guys! Look!" he pointed to a wall...  A wall that is decorated with countless of broken masks and parts of deceased Matoran. When he pointed that out everyone of us were terrified. "What the went on down here?" I said to everyone. 


"I think I have a theory about this, we are inside a catacomb that is linked to the Onu-Metru mines, so perhaps the fallen Matoran are buried here ever since the Matoran Civil War?" a Toa of Ice who wore a Rau in the color of white said to us. I then thought that this theory of his was perhaps good and well made sense.


"So this place is haunted?" said another Toa of Ice who wore a Elda mask on his face. 


"Perhaps so..." The Toa of Air replied. 


"Well then why don't we get the out of here? This place is beginning to disturb me..." I then said to the rest of them. They all then agreed to what I said, so we decided to call this mission off and head back to the airship outside. There probably no Dark Hunters here nor would there ever be.


After hours later from walking back to the outside entrance, we saw that Ymir was still there on guard watch in his airship. He looked at us all and wondered if we found anything in the mines. We all shook our heads "no". Then Ymir then led out a sigh and said, "I guess the rumor is a myth...".


We then all went back inside the airship, and it lifts itself off the ground. But suddenly we all heard a loud scream of anger coming from inside the mines. Everyone of us stood standing there in the main cargo bay in question. 


"What the was that?!" shouted the Toa of Air who was standing next to me in the cargo bay. 


And then a loud sham was heard coming from the middle of the airship. We then saw the entire airship get ripped in half by some supernatural being that looked like a Dark Hunter and Toa with reddish evil aura around it. What the was that thing!?


Then suddenly the airship then crashed and the cargo bay door was ripped open by the strange monster. It then yelled in anger at everyone in the room. 


I then lost my balance and fell towards the entrance of the cargo bay. But lucky the Toa of Air grabbed my hand and he flew out of the airship in time before it crashed onto the ground below.


We then landed on a canyon nearby and we watched the ruins of the airship along with the smoke coming out from it. How many died? How many lived?


Suddenly we saw the strange being murdering and butchering the surviving Toa below and he tore off their masks and put it in a pile. 


"I am the Collector, I kill and collect masks of dead Matoran and Toas as trophies!" the being roared. 


Then suddenly Ymir's voice was heard screaming now, then it went silent. My god that monster killed Ymir! 


"Lets get the out of here, before he finds out that were alive." the Toa of Air said to me. I then said "Yeah that be a smart idea." to him as he picked me up his arms and held me as he flew with his metal wings on his back. Were we later arrived back to our fortress in Ga-Metru an hour later.



(The "Collector" will actually become a new member of the Dark Hunters so stay tuned for more)



End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7




Later that evening, me and the Toa of Air met with the Toa of Gravity in the main lobby in the fortress. We discussed what had happened during the mission, the number of the Toa who died, and we even told him that Ymir didn't make it. The Toa of Gravity then was alarmed by what he had told him.


"That "Collector" you say collects the masks and limbs of the Matoran and Toa he kills?" He hesitates to ask us.


"That is correct, sir..." the Toa of Air replied.


"I have a feeling that the Dark Hunters might use this "Collector" for murdering dozens of more Toa in the war." 


"He might be as well a good candidate for a new member of the Dark Hunters..." the Toa of Gravity then finished and stood there,


"Well then if he happens to do become a new member of the Dark Hunters, we will be prepared for what will soon to come." I then said to him.


"I mean the monster killed Ymir, and he deserves to be given revenge!" I exclaimed to them both.


"Well then, Cerebron I think you should go and head back to your room. Me and your Toa of Air here need to have a chat in private." the Toa of Gravity then said to me.


"Alright.." I replied and the opened the door of the office and left the room and walked down the hall towards my room as I looked at the room numbers. I opened the door up and I noticed my roommate the Toa of Water was not there.


"Why hello there, cutie what a surprise to see you here." a familiar voice spoken from behind me. I turn around and it is Karodi who is standing right in from of me looking down at me. I never imagined that Vortixxs be this tall than a Toa like me.


"Karodi what are you doing here?" I suddenly asked her. 


"The Toa wanted me to join them to help defeat the Dark Hunters. So I agreed and I then packed my stuff and came here to Ga-Metru." she explained to me in a nice simple way for me to understand.


"Ah... That is understandable." I replied.


"So are you moving in this room?" I then asked her.


"Yes, I was assigned to this room to live in for the time being. Surprisingly I never expected you to reside in this room as well." she then said.


She then finished unpacking her belongings and then stood what appeared to be a staff of some kind. I would of wanted to ask what that staff was, but then again I had so many things on my mind right now. Not to mention the fact that today's mission ended in total disaster...! Not to mention what had happened to my other roommate. Well I can only guess that either the Toa of Water left to another fortress somewhere else in Metru Nui where she might be needed, or... she was perhaps killed in combat during a recent mission she was employed to do.


"Cerebron, I have noticed that whenever I walk pass a Toa here they just simply look up and stare at me and then walk away." she continued asking, "Why is that?".


"Probably they never seen a Vortixx in their life, and feel strange having a tall woman passing them..." I said in reply to her question she asked me.


"Oh... Well you don't think I'm a giant to you do you?" She then asked me as she then laid herself down on her new bed that happened to be the same bed of my former roommate.


"Why of course not, Karodi you aren't a giant you are just simply taller then rest of us." 


"It's perfectly normal for being taller then me and everyone else, don't take it personal." I said in kind voice. When I just finished saying that to her, her face then changed to a smile. I think I just cheered her up and made her happy just now...


"Your right Cerebron, that is perfectly normal thanks." She replied to me in a kind voice.


I look at the digital clock next to my bed, as it stood on my wooden desk that was next to my bed. It said that it was now 8:00 PM meaning dinner in the mess hall is over. But then again I happened to have food in my room that were snacks and various forms of junk food.


"You hungry?" I ask her.


"Nah I'm good, I don't really eat that much. You see Vortixx really don't eat or drink often so we only eat like once a day." she replied and explained to me why she wasn't hungry.


"Oh okay then, to come to think of it I'm not hungry either." I said.


She then got herself out a novel called, "The Mask Buried Under the Floor". I knew it was a horror story, and it written by the long dead author, Egor Aleven Roe, who I heard was a famous Matoran from Ta-Metru who happened to write horror stories for a living until he dead 500 years old from a unknown cause.


I also decided to pass the time, by getting out my Nortop, and then logged into my user on it, I then decide to go then go on Takugle Jade web browser where I then play World of Maskcraft without the sound on. 


Eventually we then turn ourselves in for the night, and go to sleep hours later at 10:00 PM.




End of Chapter 7


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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