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Bionicle: The Legacy Hero

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This is the first chapter.  Quite frankly, it's not as good as later parts, but I've done my best to do a rewrite and improve on it.


Chapter 1: Fall of the Toa Part 1







    Neuriz watched as Toa Balta hurled a fireball.  As the deadly red and orange sphere flew toward its target, a Skakdi holding a spear, Toa Defilak suddenly turned and used his own power, launching a blast of air.  The blast caught the fireball in midair and changed its direction, and it hit another, powerful looking Skakdi holding a scythe.  The fireball exploded, but the fireproof Skakdi statue was not damaged.  The two Toa were practicing against Skakdi Statues, not real Skakdi, thought they might face real Skakdi in the future.


     "Wow," said Neuriz, a Su-Matoran born on Spherus Magna, who was observing the Toa training exercise.  "Someday, I want to be a Toa so I can be a hero like you guys."


     Hearing the comment, Turaga Kopaka, once one of the noble Toa Nuva, walked up.  "You don't have to be a Toa to be a hero, you know."


     "How would you know?" The Su-Matoran asked.  "You were always a Toa.  Well, until you became a Turaga, anyway.  You were born a Toa.  Besides," he added, "Toa have elemental and mask powers."


     Hearing the conversation, Balta walked up.  "I wasn't always a Toa, though," he said.  "Back when I was a Matoran, I once lived on an island called Voya Nui.  We didn't have a Toa.  When the Piraka invaded, searching for the Mask of Life, they enslaved all of the Matoran but six of us.  We had to fight them ourselves.  Then the Toa Nuva arrived."  Balta nodded toward Kopaka.  "They faced the Piraka, and were utterly defeated--twice.  It took the Toa Inika to stop the Piraka, and even they could not defeat them."


     Neuriz looked at Kopaka.  "You... were defeated?"


     "Toa are not infallible, Neuriz," the Turaga Nuva said.


     "But still, it took Toa to defeat the Piraka," said Neuriz.


     Balta sighed.  "I think you should talk to Solek," he said.  "Ask him about the Great Fall."


     As Neuriz ran off, Kopaka said, "Is that wise?"


     "He needs to know," said Balta.  "You should know what happens when Turaga keep secrets from the Matoran.  Besides, someone’s bound to tell him sooner or later."


     Kopaka nodded.  "Our Turaga did keep secrets from us, back on Mata Nui," he said.  "But their secrets were not as dangerous as ours."




     Neuriz found Solek in his home in Av-Kara.  The Av-Matoran was working on constructing a Kanoka Disk Launcher.  He looked up when Neuriz entered.  "Greetings, Neuriz," he said.


     Neuriz looked at the launcher Solek was building, and wondered what it could be for, but he didn't ask.  Instead, he said, "Balta said I should ask you about the Great Fall."


     Solek stopped working and looked straight at the Matoran.  "Are you sure?"


     "Positive," he said.


     "All right," Solek said.  "I think we should go to the Amaja circle.  That's where the Turaga tell their stories."




Long ago...




     Axxon, powerful member of the Order of Mata Nui, slammed his axe against the chains.  He expected them to shatter.  Instead, Axxon found himself thrown backwards.  He slammed against the wall.


     The chained Great Being, who had introduced himself as Colin, laughed.  "I could have told you that would happen."


     Vezon, an insane half-Skakdi, had used the Olmak fused into him to bring the Order of Mata Nui members Axxon, Brutaka, and Helryx, the Makuta Miserix, the Toa Lewa and Tuyet, the Matoran Hafu and Kapura, and the mysterious being Artahka from the void of space(where they had been teleported by Teridax) to this tower on Bota Magna, and asked them to help free the Great Being.  According to him, the Great Being had been chained here by his brethren after the Mask of Life had given him the ability to bring everything around him to life, which had driven him slightly mad.  After a debate, during which Lewa had flown off, the beings had decided to free the Great Being.  Unfortunately, that was easier said than done, as Axxon had just found out.


     "How do we break them, then?" Helryx, the leader of the Order of Mata Nui, asked.


     Colin started laughing again.  "If I knew that, would I still be here?"


     Brutaka walked up and observed the chains.  "We know how we can break them, but it won't be easy."  After a recent encounter with Antidermis, Brutaka seemed to know strange things, and had started referring to himself as 'we'.  "We need six different elements."


     "We only have water," said Hafu.  He was referring to Tuyet and Helryx, who were both Toa of Water.


     "Hafu and Kapura can provide the Fire and Stone," said Brutaka.  "They do not need to be Toa.  Our sword can provide electricity."  Brutaka's sword, a gift to him from Axxon, could deliver an electric shock.  "Miserix can use one of his elemental powers, and Artahka can make something that will give us a sixth element."


     "Why can't Miserix just use two of his powers?" asked Helryx.


     Brutaka shook his head.  "The elements need to be from six separate beings."


     After a few minutes of preparation, the group was ready.  Helryx, not trusting Tuyet, grabbed the chain, followed by Kapura, Hafu, and Miserix, who had decided to use his Plasma power.  Artahka touched his newly built gravity staff to the chains, and Brutaka touched his sword to them.


     "As one," said Helryx.  "Ready, set, now!"  All six beings focused, as Brutaka and Artahka focused their weapons.  Hafu, Kapura, and Helryx could feel the electric shock from Brutaka's sword, and fought hard not to let go.  Fortunately, the shock was diminished from having travelled through the chain.  Hafu expected a bright flash, or maybe a small explosion that would throw them back, like what had happened to Axxon.  Instead, the chains simply vaporized.


     Down below, a Great Being was preparing to destroy the tower and the beings inside, as a part of his plan to eliminate the most powerful beings.  Suddenly, there was a rumble.  The Great Being panicked and backed away from the tower.  Something was going wrong.


     Up in the tower, Colin stood up for the first time in centuries.  "I am free at last!" he said.  "Now, finally, I can--"


     Unfortunately, before Colin could finish, there was a large rumble.  Before anyone could react, the tower began collapsing around them.


     The Great Being took off running.  The destruction wasn't perfect, and there was a chance the inhabitants would survive.  Velika did not want to be around if that happened, especially if the survivors included Colin.




     Even though he was an Onu-Matoran, Taipu loved the jungle.  It was a peaceful place, and beautiful.  He had often missed the jungle on Le-Wahi.  Now, wandering through Bota Magna, he felt almost as if he had gone back to the island of Mata Nui.  He didn't even worry about getting lost. 


     At least, the jungle was peaceful until there was a loud rumble.  Curious, Taipu went to investigate.


     He didn't find the source.  Instead, he found a large beast, resembling a wolf.  The wolf growled, and Taipu started running away.




     Hafu got up, pushing the rubble off of him.  That hurt.  He saw Kapura nearby, also digging himself out.  Several other inhabitants were nearby, half-buried in rubble.  Of Colin, there was no sign.


     "Did we do that?" said Kapura.


     Hafu shook his head.  "I don't think so.  It looks like someone sabotaged the tower."


     Before Hafu and Kapura could wonder who that might have been, they heard footsteps nearby.  A moment later, Taipu ran out of the jungle, followed by a pack of wild wolves.


     "Hafu! Kapura!" He said.  "It's so great to see you guys again!  Now can we please get out of here?"


     Reluctantly, Hafu and Kapura joined Taipu.  Eventually, the three of them lost the wolf, and rendezvoused with Taipu's friend Solek.  The four of them searched the jungle, but they were unable to find the remains of the tower.


     "I hope the others survived," said Kapura.


     "I agree," said Hafu.




     As Colin walked through the jungle, he began contemplating his plan.  Now that he was free, he had found out from a Skakdi that Mata Nui had completed his mission, and had reformed the shattered planet of Spherus Magna.  Unfortunately, that meant that the Toa were now loose on Spherus Magna.  Colin wondered whether Marendar, the being created to destroy Toa in case of a Toa revolution, had been released.


     A short time later, he found out as he found Marendar.  The powerful being had not yet killed any Toa.  Colin wondered if Marendar had been released or had simply escaped, but it didn't matter.  It wasn't too difficult to destroy Marendar, and Colin took from him the device used to incapacitate Toa.


     Colin's plan was simple.  All Toa had to be stopped.  They were too powerful.  Fortunately, according to the Skakdi Colin had spoken to, the Makuta, more powerful than Toa, had already been killed, except for Miserix.  And he may have been killed in the tower's collapse, though Colin doubted it.


     Now all Colin needed was some way to amplify the device's power.  Someday, he knew, the other Great Beings would thank him.




     The Spikit was unhappy.  It had not been fed, and it was looking for food.  Right now, its eyes were on a Ga-Matoran named Vhisola.


     Then, Toa Gali leapt between the two.  She fired a blast of water, hitting the Spikit and stunning it.


     "Thank you, Gali," said Vhisola.


     Gali opened her mouth to respond.  Suddenly, the Toa of Water collapsed, crying out.


     "Gali?!" said Vhisola.  "Toa Gali!"




     As Balta watched, the stone lifted toward the wall.  Building the new villages was much easier having Toa of Stone around.  Right now, the Toa lifting the stone was Toa Pouks, one of the Toa Hagah.


    Suddenly, Pouks grunted, and the stone fell.  Pouks tried to lift it again, but it didn't budge.  Every time he tried to use his power, it hurt.  He sat down.


    "Toa Pouks?" said Balta.  "Are you all right?"


    "Yeah," he said.  "I guess I'm just... tired."




     It came suddenly.  Toa everywhere lost their powers, and grew weaker.  No one could figure out what had caused it.  Some Toa were affected more than others.  The Turaga were puzzled.  Some Matoran believed it was a plague, like the dreaming plague that had struck the Iron Tribe Agori and Glatorian so long ago.  Others suspected that the Agori or Glatorian were somehow behind it, and some suspected it was something on Spherus Magna that was causing it.  Hafu and Kapura, however, began to suspect a different explanation.


     "Could it be the Great Being?" Hafu said to Kapura, Taipu, and Solek one day.  "They... made the Toa.  Surely they know how to... shut them down or something."


     "Then he must be stopped," said Solek.


     "How?" said Kapura.  "The Toa are powerless."


     "You don't need to be a Toa to be a hero," said Solek.


     At first, Hafu and Kapura had rejected the idea.  Perhaps the Toa would get better, they believed.  Then minor threats such as individual Skakdi or rogue former Dark Hunters became major threats.  With no Toa to stop them, these beings ran rampant.  Order of Mata Nui members did their best, since none of them were Toa (save for a Toa of Sound named Krakua), but they had mixed success at best.


     After a Skakdi destroyed the construction area of Av-Kara, Solek met with Hafu, Kapura, and Taipu again.  "That does it," he said.  "That Great Being needs to be stopped."


     "How?" said Hafu.  "We don't even know where he is."


     "When you wish to get rid of a sea spider, the best weapon is another sea spider."


     All four Matoran turned to see Velika approach.  Solek knew the Po-Matoran from Kopaka's stories.  He was one of the Matoran from Voya Nui.  He was a mysterious being, who always spoke in riddles.


     "What do you mean?" he asked.


     For the first time in a long time, Velika spoke normally.  "I, too, am a Great Being.  I was placed in the Matoran Universe as an... observer.  Now, I see that Colin, whom my brethren chained so long ago, is loose.  He must be stopped.  And I may know how to find him."


     Velika had his own reasons for wanting to help the Matoran.  He had his own plan, and it did not involve the incapacitation of the Toa.  Colin had to be stopped.  If that meant Velika had to reveal who he was prematurely, so be it.


     As for him being placed in the Matoran Universe as an observer, that wasn't exactly true.  He had transferred into Velika's body of his own free will, unknown to the other Great Beings.  However, the Matoran did not need to know that.


     Naturally, the Matoran were shocked.  Velika did not answer their questions, and made them promise not to tell anyone else.  All four Matoran agreed.




     The plan was soon made.  After gathering sufficient Kanoka disk launchers, Cordak Blasters, and other tools, Solek, Hafu, Taipu, Kapura, and Velika were prepared to set out.  Originally, it was going to be just the five of them, but a Ga-Matoran named Macku, an old friend of Hafu, Taipu, and Kapura, had found out what they planned and had insisted on coming.  Solek had at first refused, but Macku's friends had insisted, and finally, Solek relented.


     "We don't tell her about Velika, though," said Solek.  "The fewer people who know that, the better."





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On 9/29/2014, Greg Farshtey said:


"Just wanted to say a quick something --


A lot of you guys are BIONICLE fans, many from way back. It's no secret that you are some of the smartest, most loyal, and most dedicated fans out there. You, and you alone, have carried the torch for the line over the last four years. Hopefully, you will feel rewarded for your efforts by 2015 BIONICLE.


Regardless, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am really proud to be associated with you, and you should be really proud of yourselves"


Ordinarily, I don't do quotes, but this is special.

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Bionicle: The Legacy Hero An attempt to put some magic back into Bionicle.

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Chapter 2: Fall of the Toa Part 2



     Kapura, Macku, Solek, Taipu, Hafu, and Velika set out on Sand Stalkers, powerful beasts of burden native to this planet.  Velika took the lead, of course.  Solek, being the only Matoran with any real elemental powers, took the rear.  He wondered if Velika had any powers.  Then he wondered if Great Beings even had powers.  Since Velika wasn't answering questions, he might never know.


     Evidently, though, Great Beings had some way to stop the Toa.  That much was sure.


     It took a couple of days to reach the black spike mountains to the north.  According to Velika, he was sure the Great Being would be here.  He would not say more than that, and Solek began to grow suspicious that this being was hiding something.  He resolved to keep a close eye on Velika from now on.


     Even Macku was beginning to get suspicious of Velika.  Velika was hiding something, she was sure of it, and she knew how to prove it.


     While the Matoran were camped one night, Macku took several disks and snuck off.  She had to do this.  And if she was wrong... she would apologize.




     Hafu was the first one to notice.  "Where's Macku?"


     Taipu shrugged.  "She was in our cave, last I saw."


     Hafu walked into the cave.  inside, he saw Solek talking to Kapura.  "Have either of you seen Macku?"


     "She just left," said Solek.  "I was about to ask her where she was going, but Kapura distracted me."


     Hafu rushed outside and checked the Sand Stalkers.  All six were still there.  He ran back into the cave.  "Macku's missing!" he said.


     Solek set out with Hafu and Velika in search of the Ga-Matoran.  Kapura and Taipu would stay at the cave in case Macku returned.  Solek brought Velika just to keep an eye on him.


     As the three Matoran set out on their sand Stalkers, Hafu was worried.  What if a predator had seized Macku?  Or maybe she had just gotten lost.  He hoped she was okay.


     Then Velika shouted, "Footprints!"  Solek and Hafu ran up.  Sure enough, there were footprints in the dirt.  Hopeful, the Matoran followed them.  The footprints led into a canyon.  Just as Hafu was realizing that this was an excellent place for an ambush, that's what happened.


     Projectiles flew at them.  In the darkness, none of the Matoran could see what they were, but Solek was hit with one, and collapsed.  Hafu ran up to him, but another projectile hit him.  Soon, only Velika was standing.  At first, he was puzzled.  Then a voice boomed, "Velika.  I knew it was you."


     "Colin? Is that you?"


     "Of course it is.  Who else did you think it would be?"  The Great Being said.


     "You know, I was bringing those Matoran to stop you," said Velika.  There was something about Colin's voice...


     "I know," said Colin.  "You're great at using Matoran."


     "I have my own plan," said Velika.  "And it doesn't involve you incapacitating the Toa."


     "Oh really?" said Colin.  "And what might that be?"


     Velika was about to answer when it hit him.  "I won't tell you," he said, "because you aren't Colin."


     Solek, Hafu, and Macku rose out of their hiding places among the rocks, their Cordak Blasters trained on Velika.  "Very good," said Macku.  "How did you guess?"


     "You are good at disguising your voice," said Velika, "But it's still too female to be Colin's."  Velika suddenly hurled his carvers, with surprising accuracy, at Hafu and Solek's Cordak Blasters.  Taking advantage of the distraction, Velika vanished.  Hafu and Solek searched for him, but he had simply vanished.  "Well, now how are we going to find the Great Being?" said Solek.


     "We follow him," Macku said.  "He's obviously going to find the Great Being, with or without us."


     "How?" said Hafu.


     "Don't worry," said Macku.  "I hit him with one of the Rorzakh stun staffs.  For a period of time, I will see and hear everything he does.  It's a little disorienting, but--"


     "Wait a second.  Where did you get the stun staff?"


     "There were some staffs in our cache of tools.  I thought you knew they were there."


     "Taipu packed them," said Hafu.  "He has a few that Nuparu gave to him."  Nuparu was a former Onu-Matoran inventor who later became a Toa of Earth.  "I was going to tell you, but I guess I forgot."


     Macku suddenly stiffened.  "He's headed back to our camp," she said.  "We have to stop him!"


     All three Matoran jumped on the Sand Stalkers, who were somehow alive and unharmed, and raced back to the camp.  But they were too late.  Before they could get there, Macku said, "He's talking to Taipu and Kapura... he's convincing them we've been captured... he's leaving the camp!  We have to stop him!"


     "No," said Solek.  "If he finds out we're still after him, he'll find some way to lose us.  Trust me, if we leave him be, he'll lead us straight to the Great Being's lair.  I'm sure of it."


     It was a difficult decision, but Hafu and Macku agreed.  Sure enough, according to Macku, Velika did not lead Taipu and Kapura back to the canyon, but in a different direction.  The Matoran followed.




     "It was a wild attack," said Velika.  "No sooner had we seen what we thought were Macku's footprints then we were attacked from all sides.  I duck under my Sand Stalker.  Next thing I know, Hafu and Solek are missing."


     Kapura glanced at Taipu and whispered, "Coward."  In truth, he couldn't decide whether Velika was a coward, a traitor, or a liar.  He just hoped That Solek and Hafu were still alive.


     As they spoke, they came to a cave, and Velika stiffened.  "He's here.  This is the cave where the Great being is."


     Taipu shook his head.  "No way.  We need to find Hafu and Solek first.  And Macku."


     "Think about it for a moment," said Velika.  "The only beings who would have taken the three of them are Skrall, Bone Hunters, and the Great Being.  Based on the ambush, I doubt it was Skrall or Bone Hunters, unless they were working for the Great Being."


     "You left out one thing," said Taipu.  "Former Dark Hunters."


     "Good point," said Velika.  "But they seem to be focused on our villages to the south.  I doubt any have wandered this far north.  If Hafu and Solek have been taken by the Great Being, they are most likely in there."


     The three Matoran entered the cave.  A few moments later, they were followed by Hafu, Solek, and Macku.


     "Why does everyone keep forgetting me?" said Macku.


     Hafu shrugged.  The three Matoran entered the cave.  A few moments later, something else followed them.


     Inside the cave, it was dark.  Taipu dug a lightstone out of the Matoran's supplies.  The cave seemed like any other cave so far.  Then they stepped into a large chamber.  In the center was what looked like a large stone throne.  It was empty at the moment.


     "Wow," said Taipu.  Kapura glanced around at the many side tunnels.  Colin could be anywhere.


     "Colin!" Velika shouted.  "Show yourself!"


     "Are you sure that's a good idea?" said Taipu.


     There were suddenly footsteps behind the Matoran.  All three Matoran whirled around, weapons ready, only to lower them in surprise when they saw Macku, Hafu, and Solek.


     "You're back!" said Taipu.


     Solek simply said, "You forgot your carvers," and tossed the two weapons to Velika.  Velika caught them in the air.


     "I thought you were captured by the Great Being," said Taipu.


     "We weren't," said Hafu.  "Velika lied to you."


     Kapura gestured to Taipu to be quiet.  Then he said, "That's great.  What really happened at the ambush, and how did you follow us?" Then he saw the stun staff Macku was still carrying.  "I see.  Wait a minute.  Where did you get the stun staff?"


     "It was in our supplies," said Macku.


     "I didn't bring any," said Kapura.


     "Then who did?" said Hafu.


     Kapura suddenly whirled and fired his Disk Launcher.  The Weakness disk hit a Stone creature, which howled as it crumbled apart.  Kapura turned around again and fired another disk, this time at Solek.  Before he could react, the disk hit him.  Hafu and Macku disappeared, as did the carvers in Velika's hands, and Solek shimmered.  Then, he reappeared as Colin.


     "How did you guess?" said Colin.


     "Easy," said Kapura.  "I knew you would want us not to trust Velika, so that made me suspicious.  But I knew for sure you weren't them when I asked who brought the stun staff.  I heard Taipu tell Hafu he was bringing the staffs.  Since he didn't know, I knew he wasn't Hafu."


     Taipu smiled and added, "Yes, I distinctly remember telling Hafu and Kapura that I was bringing the Vahki staffs.  Hafu would not forget something like that.  But you wouldn't know that.  By the way, since you tried to trick us, I won't tell you to look behind you."


     Colin turned around too late.  A disk of weakness hit him, fired by the real Hafu.  Hafu had expected the Great Being to collapse, or fall to his knees.  Instead, he simply laughed.  "Do you really think those disks will affect me?"  Secretly, though, he was worried.  There were now Matoran on two sides of him, and Solek and Macku had just joined Hafu.


     Taipu suddenly leapt up and hurled a disk over Colin's shoulder.  The disk flew at Hafu.  Macku gasped.  But then Hafu caught the disk just before it could hit him.


     "Good," said Taipu.  "You really are Hafu."  Hafu glanced at the disk.  It was a remove poison disk, meaning it would not have affected Hafu even if it had hit him.


      Colin suddenly gestured forward.  Suddenly, the Cordak Blaster Macku was holding shook free from her grasp, and crawled along the floor to Colin.  Coli picked it up and began firing the weapon at the three Matoran in front of him.  The projectiles flew straight and true, and there was no way the Matoran could dodge... and then the missiles vanished.


      From behind Solek's group came a being that none of the Matoran knew quite how to describe.  He had swords in both hands, horns, and what looked like a tail, with blades on the end.


      "I am the Dark Hunter known as Shadow Stealer," he said.  "I was a hero before the Toa.  If the Toa are immobilized like this, then I must be a hero again."  With those words, he fired bolts of shadow.


     What Shadow Stealer had said was true.  He was a member of the Hand of Artahka, before it was disbanded and, eventually, replaced by the Order of Mata Nui.  He had the power to absorb shadow and turn it into energy, and in this dark cave, he had an almost unlimited supply. 


     Colin, caught off guard, was momentarily weakened by this attack, but eventually regained his bearings.  He began striking back.  Now it was Shadow Stealer who was weakening.


     "You cannot defeat me alone," said Colin.


     "But I can," said Velika.  "I'm the only one who can stop him, but I can't do it in this body."  He looked at Shadow Stealer.  "Give me yours."


     "Gladly," Shadow Stealer said.  Velika shuddered, and then collapsed.  Shadow Stealer gave a small shiver, and then began attacking Colin again.  This time, though, the attack seemed to be working.  While they fought, Macku attempted to revive Velika's body.  Then the Po-Matoran suddenly awakened.


     "What... where am I? Who am I?"


     "Who are you?" said Hafu.


     "My name is... is...... Velika," the Po-Matoran said.  "What's going on?  Where are we?"


     The Great Being/Shadow Stealer blasted Colin, and the Great Being fell.  Shadow Stealer blasted the 'throne', destroying it.  He turned to the gathered Matoran and said, "That should end the incapacitation of the Toa."  Then he grabbed Velika and flashed out of existence.


     "He's gone," said Hafu.


     He and Taipu examined the rubble of the 'throne'.  They found what they presumed to be the incapacitation device, and its amplifier, both destroyed.  Solek confirmed that Colin was dead.  As they were doing that, Shadow Stealer suddenly returned.


     "My apologies," said Shadow Stealer.  "He retook his old body, before I could stop him.  I thank you though, for leading me to Colin.  To show my thanks, I can take you anywhere.  Name the place."


     Hafu did not have to think very hard.  "Can you take us to a specific person?" 


     "Sometimes, and only if I know what they look like, and they're still alive."


     "Can you take us to Helryx?"


     They all joined hands, and in a flash, they were in a forest.  In front of them was Helryx, Axxon, Brutaka, and Artahka.  There was no sigh of Miserix or Tuyet, and Kapura wondered if they had survived.


     "You're alive!" said Hafu.


     "We thought you were dead," said Kapura.


     "So did we," said Helryx.  "What happened to Colin?"  Hafu realized that the fact that she was okay meant that the incapacitation must be over.


     "It's a long story," said Hafu.  "I think we should go rejoin the rest of the Matoran.  We can tell you on the way."


     Solek could not help enjoying the celebration.  However, he wondered about Velika.  He hoped the Great being could be stopped.  And he hoped Velika could be saved.








     "Wow," said Neuriz.  "What a story!  Is it all true?"


     "Every bit of it," said Solek.


     "What happened to Shadow Stealer?" said Neuriz.


     "I don't know," said Solek.  "No one has seen him since then."  He stood up and started heading away from the Amaja circle.  "Since then, I have begun making Disk Launchers as a sort of... habit.  I want Matoran to be protected, in case something like this happens again."


      "I want to be a hero like you guys," said Neuriz.  "How can I do that?"


      "There are always threats," said Solek.  "Former Dark Hunters, Bone Hunters, and new threats.  That's why we have Toa."  And then he added, "And heroic Matoran."


      Neuriz nodded.  "Can I have one of those Disk Launchers?  I want to practice in case I ever need it."


     "You may," said Solek.  "You just may."


And thus concludes the Fall of the Toa Arc.  Next Time: We get to see Neuriz in action, the story gets better, and a new Toa Team is revealed.



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On 9/29/2014, Greg Farshtey said:


"Just wanted to say a quick something --


A lot of you guys are BIONICLE fans, many from way back. It's no secret that you are some of the smartest, most loyal, and most dedicated fans out there. You, and you alone, have carried the torch for the line over the last four years. Hopefully, you will feel rewarded for your efforts by 2015 BIONICLE.


Regardless, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am really proud to be associated with you, and you should be really proud of yourselves"


Ordinarily, I don't do quotes, but this is special.

Fire Ice Water Stone Earth Air... I mean Jungle.
Bionicle: The Legacy Hero An attempt to put some magic back into Bionicle.

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