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The Agori

The Agori

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Posted Oct 02 2014 - 12:07 PM

The Agori
The Agori was led away in chains, pulled by the massive guard in front of him. It was the first time he had seen sunlight in days. But he didn't feel it on his body. He didn't feel the cold metal on his wrists. He didn't even feel the dry air flowing the through the jail which he had been locked away. He didn't feel anything at all.
The Agori thought about his old life, before becoming an outcast. He used to be a part of the Iron Tribe, so long ago yet it only felt like yesterday. He saw himself as one of the best miners of his people, obtaining the best iron to be sent to the other tribes. In his mind, he was a hero to his kin. He believe that even some members of the Fire Tribe had heard and marveled at his importance to his people.
Then the Dreamless Plague came, and destroyed everything he knew.
This plague, this infection, robbed the majority of the Iron Tribes members of their dreams. This resulted in their descent into madness and eventually a brutal death. The Agori realized later on that he was one of the few who was immune to it. It was a curse under the disguise of a blessing.
After the survivors of the plague were rejected by the rest of their society, after the survivors of the plague fled to the cave they temporarily called home and changed the colors of their armor, something began to stir in the Agori. He had come to blame others for his hardships that had fallen on him, and allowed this to start a burning rage inside his heart. A rage that made him hate society, the world itself, and even his fellow tribesmen.
His people, the ones that used to honor him, saw the Agori for what he was becoming, a raging monster, and they shunned him for it. The Agori simply left them to rot in their cave. He would not have him look upon him like a lunatic. He saw himself as better than that.
The Agori then spent the next few centuries doing whatever work he could find. None of it would have been considered worthy of the great miner of the Iron Tribe to do in the past, but a starving belly overcame his pride too often for him to refuse them. Many found out about his origins, and treated him as a second rate citizen. They hit him, threw rocks and trash at him, and called them names that were beneath an animal. 
They treated Bone Hunters and Skrall with more respect than him, and The Agori hated every minute of it. He hated that he had to lived in the desert because people, people exactly like him, refused to help him. They called him a monster for something that wasn't his fault. That thought, that idea, fueled his raging heart. It continued to build as the years, decades, and centuries went on, slowly consuming him as it grew. It seemed like nothing in his life would be right again.
Then he met her.
The Agori didn't plan on meeting her. It just happened one day, like a surprise attack from a Vorox. She came into his life as he was busy with one of his miserable jobs. He didn't remember what it was. But he did remember seeing her at a distance. He remembered that she came to him, asked him his name, and wondered if he wanted something to eat.
After that moment, his life became more tolerable. No, it became worth living again.
As a friendship formed between them, she showed the Agori a new life. She treated him with more than the respect of his former Tribesmen ever did in the mines. She showed him kindness, a virtue that had escaped the Agori for so long that he couldn't remember the meaning of the word. She took him into her home, sheltered him, fed him, and admired him for whom he was.
In a matter of weeks, it felted like she had melted away the centuries of hatred that had been slowly killing who he was inside. He had felt, for the first time after the death of his Tribe, like the Agori he used to be. A honored man worthy of a wonderful woman to be as his side.
She showed him how the world wasn't so cruel as he had thought it to be. She showed him many things on their weeks together. She showed him how beautiful a sky full of stars could truly be. The Agori found it funny that it took someone to see the beauty of it. But the Agori found that he enjoyed watching the sunset with his friend the most. It was so seamless, so natural for the world, the Agori thought of it as a beautiful present, given to the world's society so that they had something to see everyday before the darkness took the world. 
The Agori opened up to her of his past, telling her the complete truth about his life before being an outcast. She listened to every word of it. She didn't care that he was a surviving member of a tribe destroyed by a plague no one understood. She never showed any fear that the Agori would somehow infect her with the disease. She only saw him as her friend, and nothing more.
But the Agori wanted something more, and it was his greatest downfall.
The Agori told her that his feelings for her had grown, that he wanted them to be something more than friends. The Agori believed that they were destined to be together forever, for he had fallen in love with her.
But then she told the Agori that she didn't feel the same way. She only saw a friend in him, and only that. She told him that even though she admired him, she didn't like him as he liked her, and that she couldn't marry him as he was.
All the rage, all the hatred, all the madness that the Agori thought had been lifted from his life came roaring back into his heart, like a blocked river released from a dam. And for a second that felt like a eternity, the love he had for her burned away, destroyed by the darkness inside him.
The Agori didn't remember exactly what happened next. One moment, he was standing in front of the woman he loved, heartbroken and enraged that she had rejected his affections for her. The next, he was outside of her house, her bloody, shredded body in front of him. A blood-soaked knife was in his hands, and blinding rage burning through his body and soul. Though he would never recall what happened, it was clear to the Agori what he had done.
This was why the Agori was being led away in chains to his execution. The others of his loved one's tribe would not banish the Agori, for he had killed one of their own so brutally. They would not give him the chance to do it to another someday. They would not allow him to grieve over killing the one being who truly had cared for him in his miserable existence. They would not let him see another beautiful sunset, so that he could remember what it was like to be by her side. He didn't deserve such a gift anymore.
The Agori only deserved death, a sentence given to him by the society he despised. But the Agori would not fight back, for death was the only true escape from the monster inside him.
Notes for thoses interested.
1. This is a rewriting of the first short story I ever posted on BZP. Unfortunately, the original was lost when BZP was hacked and all the old posts were deleted. I didn't save a copy of my story at the time either. (I still feel bad about that.) Though this version is different from the original, I still think it turned out good. 
2. Like the original, this story is based on a short story that I wrote for school a few years ago. I just turned it into a Bionicle story to post it here.
Comments and criticisms appreciated! 

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