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I'm not sure if this topic belongs in G&T, but I see no other place fit for it.


Alright, this game is very simple: make and share witty Bionicle-related jokes and rate the last person to post's joke on a scale of 1-10! Whether you have some funny story jokes, simple puns or something that just seems to simple and short to fit in the comedies forum, this topic is the place to go!



1. All BZP and G&T rules apply here.

2. Keep it witty- puns like "Pohatu rocks" or "Kopaka is cool" are overused and unfunny.

3. Don't criticize other people's jokes if you don't like them- what may seem boring to you could be hilarious to others.

4. Visual puns are allowed. An example would be a picture of Hapori Tohu's head floating over some tofu and captioned "Hapori Tofu" These are permitted, but please try to keep them funny and not spammy if you must post one.

5. Keep it Bionicle related. Sure, jokes about German sausages may be the wurst, but jokes like that belong in Completely Off Topic.

3. Have fun, be funny and enjoy the Bionicle jokes of your fellow users!



~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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