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Comprehensive Bionicle Alternate Model Database

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5 hours ago, Eyru said:

Hi @TommyG — open up the Google doc and go to File > Make a copy. You can make your own copy of the document which you can edit at your leisure.

Then, if you'd like to continue this project, you can put the link to your copy here. Although this does count as topic revival, I'm going to let this thread stay open for now because there's quite a lot of information in here. If people want to continue working on this project, I think it's better to keep all the work in one place instead of starting a new topic.

Good luck!

That does sound simpler than waiting on the OP to get back, so hopefully he won't mind the new development going forward :)

Pre-forums purge sig kept for historical purposes:

Some cool Bionicles are the combiners. Example: Toa Jovan

I've built a Krahka with 5 Toa Metru & Toa Norik, adding parts I needed to Norik. It needs 11 blue pieces (the ones that have +&O ends) but there's only 10 in all the Toa Metru sets. Do I have to attach her launcher to her arm? Please PM me if you can help me.


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