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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Submission Topic

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Entry #1

  Name: Daemun

  Entry Pic

  Gallery Link

  Bio: She is the leader of a crime syndicate within the Hero Factory Universe, and she was only caught by walking into the Makuhero tower and announcing who she was.

Entry #2

     Name: Relincur

     Entry Pic

     Gallery Link

     Bio:  Relincur is a scougre from the Brotherhood of Makuta, he can wield fire, craves destruction, and loves to toy with the minds of his enemies.  Relincur can speak, emit fire from his hands and mouth, and create an explosion of fire.

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My Brickshelf Gallery check it out!

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Entry #6


Link to Official Entry


Link to Gallery


Name: Balkazir




This curious rock construct is often seen aimlessly wandering Okoto. Although Balkazir is nothing more than a machine, he seems to have been built with the gift of curiosity - he is caught exploring, inspecting, learning, always interested in his surroundings. The Matoran villagers are intrigued by his complicated and mysterious personality, and many wish to attempt communicating with the collosal beast - none such attempt has been made, however, due to his destructive nature.
Unfortunately, Balkazir appears to be evil, unlike his gentle displays of wonder might suggest; he is responsible for the destruction of many villages, and for the deaths of countless villagers. The massive saw at his side tears through even the thickest walls, and no Matoran stands a chance at breaking through his rock armor. Many theorize that Balkazir's sole purpose is to maintain the status of the environment, for he has destroyed all unnatural constructions in his path, and treats nature dearly. It will sadly remain a mystery, unless his creator is one day discovered.
Entry #7
Name: Mayazakt
What is Mayazakt? A few years ago, the curious rock robot Balkazir unearthed an ancient tomb, awakening this creature from its slumber. Whitnesses claim that the fiery beast, now known as Mayazakt, emerged from the dark chamber, stretched like a cat, then proceeded to communicate verbally with Balkazir in an unrecognizable language. It then wandered off into the desert and began to hunt wild Rahi.
Although Mayazakt is fiery in color, it tends to occupy desert areas. It is questionable who or what created it, and what its purpose is, although findings within the tomb hint that it may have been worshiped in some dead civilization. The feline-like monster attacks with deadly swipes, clawing its enemies and leaving a fiery mark - although it does not show any other traits suggesting the Fire element. In fact, it is questionable whether Mayazakt is a machine at all - by all accounts, it appears to be biological! But if that's so, then could there be more? Where are the rest? One can only hope that Mayazact is unique, and that it will stay away from the villages, for when desert game runs scarce, villagers become quite appetizing to the hungry cat.




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Alright, here he is:


Name: Kragdis


Link: http://imgur.com/a/DCnyL


Bio: A member of Takadox's species who got mutated when illegally experimenting with electricity. A huge electric blast that should've levelled a city instead backfired, destroying a nearby Mutagen container and covering Kragdis completely. When he emerged, the machines he was using ended up fused to him, giving him an extra pair of arms, powerful arms, and nearly doubling him in size. He forged his Naginata of Lightning as a conduit to control his otherwise manic powers, and adopted an extra flamboyant color-scheme just to show he wasn't intimidated by all those black-and-red villains out there. Now, he seeks the only thing that can make him even stronger: the Golden Skull Spider Mask, and he'll stop at nothing to retrieve it. Oh, and he should really work on his cliches.


The first pic is the main entry picture, the rest are just more reference views.

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I have come here with my entry, Saviant. 


Entry photo: http://www.brickshel..._3_47_15_am.jpg


Judges, I ask of you one thing: to read the feedback thread. I know you may just overlook this and think "oh, I don't have time", but seriously, please read it. If you really do not have enough time, please read the brief explanation below. It contains every question you may have, it explains his story more in-depth. The link is: http://www.bzpower.c...hread/?p=787746


Gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=550084


Shall we take a look at his story?


Saviant is the result of (2015) Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power landing from it's tedious fall, and cracking. Due to the MOUP containing all elements, and since it was so unstable, it began to leak out raw, golden power. And so, Saviant - a being made up from all elements, with the head of Shadow  - was formed from the raw power. However, it grew a mind of its own before it's frame could be finished, walked off, and was thus rendered incomplete. (Storywise, not in terms of the actual model.)


Weighs 3.8 pounds, and stands at around 3 feet tall.


Left shoulder - Ice - Left forearm - Sonics - Left hand - Psionics - 

Right shoulder - Stone - Right forearm - Plasma - Right hand - Iron - 

Left thigh - Water - Left shin - Magnetism - Left foot - The Green/Jungle -

Right thigh - Earth - Right shin - Gravity - Right foot - Electricity/Lightning

Left torso side - Air - Right torso side - Fire -

Head - Shadow -


I don't want to be judged upon my rank. I don't want to lose or be overlooked because I'm not a premier member, or I just joined, or I don't have a signature. I want to be judged upon my build. I've known about BZP for a long time. I am a true fan, I have a big collection, I have a vast knowledge of the story, and I put as much effort as I could into this. I worked about 20 days straight on this. My determination is strong, or at least I think so. 


And I think that I do have what it takes to win - I'm not just saying that because I want to.


Good camera - check, my sister's $600 Nikon she let me use.

Lots of pieces - collection consists of over 40,000 pieces.

Good MOCing skill - yes, I do have good MOCing skills, or so I have been told.

Knowledge of Bionicle story and sets - check. There is not one Bionicle set you can name that I don't know of.


Honestly? I don't care if I win that golden mask or not. When I first started on this project, which I entitled Project Saviant, I had told myself that I will win. But, while I was working on it, I began to think that who cares if I don't win it? That would mean that some other big fan and amazing MOCist would get that awesome mask. And I would be happy for them. So, that was what really drove me to build this. I was also applauded by my family for my incredible attitude.


I apologize that my hand is in the way of the Ice shoulder, I didn't realize I had my hand there when the picture was taken. An uncovered picture of the Ice shoulder is in the gallery. I also apologize that I didn't provide a solid color background, it was far too big to have one.


I just would like to say thank you to my friends of Instagram for helping/supporting me through this long journey.

Those people would be -

brickyedits, hail_acheron, bionicle_mech, samdoesmocs, ihoffbro, toa_kratz, and bionicleretold

I highly suggest you go follow them! Sorry if this defies the rules of staying on topic, but these people are true friends to me and they helped me through this. I thought I'd mention them in thanks for their support.


Thank you for actually reading this. I wish the best of luck to all the other participants. :]

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Makuta Volkunax

  Last of the Makutas


Entry pic 1: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Darude5/2014-Villain-Contest/imag0017.jpg

Entry pic 2 (if 1 does not work): http://i.imgur.com/0YkgXMe.jpg


Gallery 1: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=550111

Gallery 2 (if 1 does not work): http://imgur.com/0YkgXMe,58IPB8t,SmIfoeq,2MT3zl2,xwgIDWC,CrMFjZg,evxIBgf,l7U2L5r,4fDignr,qyuwmcH,NtcHlfw,eTpTSUc,gF4aDuI,Oc3wXXp#1


He is the last of his branch of Makuta, he was once a scientist who studied all the elements and their combinations to make protodermis. When his clan was wiped out from a failed raid, he vowed to avenge his partners. He attempted to absorb and fuse all the elements with his own shadow but the effect had a negative impact on him. The experiment instead drained him of all elements including his original shadow powers. His body was mangled and misfigured. With the residual protodermis from his previous experiments, he improved and strengthened his own body. 


Weapons: x4 Null Kaiser Blades (Retractable)

Abilities: As the element of Null or Nothingness he can absorb and neutralize most elemental attacks. He can also drain his enemies elemental essence if he come into contact with them. With his massive size he is unbelievably strong but slow. He also has a plethora of other powers that also come with some drawbacks. 

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Entry Name: Bohrok-Kal Va


Photo: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6190106


Gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=550126




The Bohrok-Kal originally were planned to each have a Bohrok-Kal Va assist them. However, the Bahrag decided not to do that, and this is tho only prototype they have. Now he has become sentient and warns all of the reawakening of the Swarm Queens, not knowing that they have already done so.

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Entry name: Amarii


Amarii was once a noble warrior like the Toa. One day, however, she unfortunately stumbled upon a mysterious mask - the one we only know as the "Mask of Ultimate Power" - and in her excitement about the find tried to take it with her.


The mask, however, corrupted her as she touched it. Her arm crumbled down and her will was broken, her mind now controlled by the mask.


To this day, she's a watchful guardian blocking whoever tries to reach it.


Main picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vorred/15265960483/in/photostream/


Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vorred/sets/72157647157315233/

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Hei Guys!!!!


Here is the link to my Bionicle for the BFTGM.

The Name is: Markodax

Rahi Name: Hustoff

Markodax is a Makuta and the mighty father of Makuta Teridax. My hope is, that the new Toa´s traveled back in time and thats why I have created the father of the first and the  biggest Villian of the hole Bionicle Saga. But know you have read enough , so here is my link:





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Entry title: The Maarak


MOCPages link: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401255


LEGO Gallery link: http://www.us.lego.com/en-us/gallery/b1bb0f23-8d6b-4ba3-b685-2b39f77a99af?index=2&categoryid=64929898-c52f-49d8-b106-c0c36314093c&loadprivate=true&memberid=eec4715b-b000-461b-92c5-b1e9923a8e47


The Maarak was a dangerous, vampiric being that inhabited the dark corners of Metru Nui. When he had the opportunity, he would reach out and snatch Matoran away and take them to his hiding place, where he would use his venomous fangs to drain their life force. His weapons were his sharp claws and his formidable spiny tail, and he was protected by thick armour. The tail ended in a paralysing stinger, which he used to make sure his victims couldn't escape. He fought many battles against the Toa, but always managed to get away, allowing him feed freely once again. His ability to elude the Toa on every occasion made him a very real threat to the Matoran, and stories about him gave many Matoran a fear of the dark, even Onu-Matoran. He hunted with a superb sense of smell, and he could see in the dark, creep silently in the shadows, breathe underwater and withstand extreme heat. After the downfall of Makuta Teridax, he escaped the Matoran universe. He now stalks the world of Spherus Magna, where he hunts for prey from the shadows of this new world.



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Entry 2: "The Pile"

The pile is an amalgamation or parts held together by an rouge AI core. Despite the reasonable explanation, it continues to be elusive, and when it is spotted, a string of disappearances is not far behind. The Toa have defeated this being multiple times, but no matter how far it's parts are scattered, it returns the very next year. Every year, however, it gets smarter.


Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127847902@N04/sets/72157649075709060/


Entry 3: "The Seeker" 

The seeker is a legendary bounty hunter, and has yet to lose a trail. His employer has sent him on the way to an island known as Okoto, searching for a legendary golden mask.


Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127847902@N04/sets/72157649070816867/


(Side note: Entry one has more photos now, and displays the gears on it's legs and arms that really work!)

Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127847902@N04/sets/72157649425048131/

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Entry title: The Knightmare
Link to DeviantArt gallery: http://0m3g45n1p3r4lph4.deviantart.com/gallery/52104230/BFTGM-contest-entry?offset=0


"Legends tell of an entity, said to reside where even the darkest fear to visit, that feeds of the fears and nightmares of all creatures. It supposedly has the ability to summon an enemy's weakness and use that against them, and the more you fear it, the stronger it becomes. It's only fear, and respective weakness, is it's enemies over coming their fears. They say it has recently gotten bored of it's world, and has discovered a way to travel inter-dimensionally. So beware, for sooner or later, you may find yourself facing the wrath of the Knightmare..."


Of course, whether or not this wins, I'm scripting a spot-motion series with it as a major antagonist. Well, here's hoping for the best!

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I would (finally) like to submit the MOC I've spent so much of my precious time perfecting. :P Had lotz of fun building it though!


Name: Azad and Namtar


Main Pic: http://i.imgur.com/B8YGJje.jpg?1


Just Azad: http://i.imgur.com/XCC0ia6.jpg


Azad Without Weapons: http://i.imgur.com/P1Yf0Va.jpg?1


Just Namtar: http://i.imgur.com/l0SXJzV.jpg


Namtar's Wings: http://i.imgur.com/r8Fx2j6.jpg?1


Goals: To find the rarest and most powerful masks and use them to conquer all peoples.


Titles: Azad calls himself "The Great Mask Hunter," while others call him "Azad the Usurper." Namtar is always associated with Azad in folklore and legends, and is known as "Namtar the Destroyer"


Azad's Powers/Tools/Weapons/Mask: The Power of Magnetism, The Power of Psionics, Electro-Blade, The Shield of Masks, The Great Mask of Storms (and the many rare Great Masks he keeps on the Shield of Masks.)


Namtar's Abilities: Plasma Spit, Super Jump, Sonic Slash, the ability to break an opponent's concentration


Status: Traveling the world, hunting rare Masks (duh)


Summary: Azad travels the world searching for rare masks to add to his collection, which he keeps on the Shield of Masks, and rides atop Namtar, a giant mantis-like creature with the power to outrun, out-swim, and out-hunt any creature in existence, commonly referred to by Azad as "The Ultimate Creature." Azad also wields the power of Magnetism, which he channels through his Electro-Blade, has weak Psychic abilities, and wields the Great Mask of Storms, a rare, ill-gotten Mask which gives him the power to control the weather at will. Namtar is extremely fast, can "skit" across vast bodies of water, and can use use his large wings and strong hind-legs to Super Jump, his signature move, allowing him to travel large distances in relatively short amounts of time. This makes him ideal for Azad's "hobby." Namtar is also extremely proficient in combat, having three long and sharp claws on each foot, including his front feet, which he uses more like hands, and having the ability to spit hot plasma from his mouth. He also has a stinger on the back of his abdomen complete with a strong paralyzing poison capable of stunning a Toa cold for twenty-four hours, but he rarely ever uses it, instead preferring to use his immense speed and front claws to shred opponents, or his strong hind-claws, which he can use to grasp and lift even creatures larger than himself.


Backstory Summary: Long ago, on an undisclosed island, Azad and his brother, Murdak, were the guardians of the City of Asdin, a city built almost entirely of solid electrum. Azad, who was known then as Gilzak, wielded the Power of Magnetism, while Murdak wielded the Power of Psionics. Gilzak was responsible for the study of biology, which he intended to use to improve the conditions of the island's inhabitants. Murdak was a mechanic responsible for inventing and developing machines to assist in the inhabitant's daily lives. It was decided by Anzar, the ruler of the City of Asdin, that whichever of the brothers could improve the lives of the inhabitants of the City and the island as a whole more than the other would be given the Treasure of Asdin, The Mask of Storms. Gilzak wanted the mask desperately, but the study of biology proved tedious and it took a while to find something of use through it, whereas the machines Murdak built were easy and simple to construct, yet surprisingly innovative. Murdak constructed advanced machines of unparalleled usefulness, such as massive stone railways that connected portions of the City, large robotic tanks that tilled and harvested fields, and mechanical elevators that lifted anything or anyone to the top of one the many tall electrum towers built throughout the city. In the end, all that Gilzak made were the Zin, a short, yet strong race of reptilian creatures designed to serve the islands inhabitants unquestioningly. Of course, Murdak won the mask, which he took enthusiastically. Gilzak wouldn't stand for it though. He went to Anzar and pleaded to him, saying the Zin could do anything that Murdak's machines could, but Anzar said it wasn't the brothers' abilities he was testing; it was their hearts. Then, in a fit of rage, Gilzak killed Anzar. After he killed him, he was terrified of what his brother would do if ever he found out, so he used his vast knowledge of biology to build a clone of Anzar. The clone, however, was not like the real Anzar; It was just a puppet Gilzak used to control the city, and the first thing he did was order his puppet to take the Mask of Storms from Murdak and give it to him.

            Murdak was reluctant at first, but he trusted the greater wisdom of Anzar and gave the mask to his brother. But the mask wasn't enough for Gilzak. He decided he wanted all masks. It was then that he began on his greatest creation. He took one of the small, mantis-like creatures that were common on the island and spliced it's genes, combining traits from various powerful monsters he had studied, in order to create "The Ultimate Creature." He put a biological "switch" in it's brain, the same "switch" he had put in Anzar's clone and in the Zin, so that it would only listen to him. But by this time, Murdak had discovered the murder of Anzar and Gilzak's schemes, and went to his laboratory with a band of soldiers to confront him. Gilzak was at his workbench when Murdak came down the stairs with his soldiers. Gilzak turned to face him.

            "Well hello there, beloved brother!" he said in an insane voice; by this time Gilzak had become mad with his schemes.

            "Don't make this harder than it needs to be," said Murdak. "By this time, I'd say the term "brother" is in question. Just come with us. You have my word you will not be harmed if you step forward with your hands in front of you."

            "Hah!" Gilzak cackled sarcastically. "You really think those chains can hold me? I could tear out of those in my sleep. Just a small magnetic field powerful enough is all it would take..."

            "I never would've expected you to try... why didn't you just tell me what happened with Anzar? I'm sure we could have worked something out. I would've forgiven you."

            "Hah! HAha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!" Now Gilzak's laughter sounded more maniacal than ever. "Do you honestly expect me to believe that? You are far more naive than I first perceived. You would've had me executed and you KNOW IT!! And of course you could expect me to stay in those bonds if I let you put them on me willingly. But do you expect me to just let you? Hah! Never has any Guardian of Asdin ever been so stupid!" This last remark gave Murdak a look of surprise, like he thought he knew his brother, but suddenly realized he didn't at all.

            "Enough nonsense! Just step forward and end this now! Don't make me use force! Never should a Guardian of Asdin have to turn his power on his own brother."

            "You think you can so easily intimidate ME?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is TRULY amusing! You are powerless against me! ... I suggest you surrender now." Suddenly, Gilzak waved his arm downward, and an iron lever hanging on the wall moved down with it. Murdak started as if he expected a bolt of energy to come flying at him, but was surprised when nothing readily apparent happened.

            "What happened?" said Murdak, still bewildered.

            "Oh... Nothing TOO serious... I just... turned all the Zin in the City over to MY control!"

            "What!? But how?!"

            "Through a basic telepathic link. It's actually quite simple. I developed it by studying YOUR brain. Don't believe me?" Right as he said this, a squad of Zin entered through the stairs and surrounded Murdak and his squad. Murdak at first looked astonished. Then he gathered himself and used his Psychic power to freeze the neurons of the Zin, paralyzing them.

            "Now it's time, brother. No more of this! Just come with me now and you'll be shown mercy!" said Murdak.

            Gilzak just stared at him ruefully. Some time passed as the two brothers just stared into each other's eyes, not saying anything. Then, just as Murdak made to say something, the entire lab began to shake. Gilzak laughed and said, "It is time! Hah! I win! Behold my ULTIMATE CREATION!!" A large, mantis-like creature suddenly burst out of a large tank behind Gilzak. The creature quickly approached Gilzak. Murdak made to pull him out of the creatures wake, but stopped short when the creature crouched with it's head bowed and Gilzak mounted it. "Behold the Ultimate Creature! Behold Namtar!! Now I am UNSTOPPABLE!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!"

             "What is this madness!?" said Murdak as he realized his Psychic power had no effect on Namtar.

             "Hah! Remember: I know how that powerful brain of yours works. I'll save you the disappointment: there isn't any way you can stop me!" As he finished speaking, Namtar swung it's arm and flung Murdak against the wall, breaking his concentration. The squad of Zin then unfroze and began to fire their weapons at the soldiers. The soldiers were quickly defeated. "Do you surrender now?" said Gilzak. "Perhaps this will convince you of your defeat...."

             As he spoke, another squad of Zin entered the lab bringing with them several unarmed civilians. They all looked terrified. The Zin pointed their weapons at them. "NO!!" cried Murdak, now beginning to realize his mistake. He stretched his arm out to freeze the Zin, but nothing happened. " ...How?"

             "Well... I guess you din't hear me when I said I know how your brain works. Let me rephrase that: Namtar suppresses your power! Your totally helpless!"

             Murdak soon surrendered and was imprisoned in a living cage, where he was studied by his own brother until his escape five years later. By that time, Gilzak had taken control of the City of Asdin and the whole island using the force of his Zin army, and not to mention Namtar. Now that the island was his, the next stage of his plan could be acted out. He had studied the Great Masks during his earlier years, which is what originally kindled his desire for the Mask of Storms. But the Mask of Storms was a trivial prize to him; he had much higher goals: Legendary Masks such as the Mask of Time and the Mask of Creation were what he really desired. This is why he created Namtar: to assist in traveling the world in search of all rare Masks of Power, and to provide the brute force necessary to gain them. Unfortunately, something occurred that he had not planned. His brother had escaped. If his brother found him, he perceived that Murdak would seek revenge or justice. He knew his brother would feel responsible for the chaos he would cause. His whole plan could be ruined if his brother found him, even with Namtar's power at his command. So, to prevent his brother from finding him, he spliced his own genes and altered his own figure. He was now taller, stronger, more agile, and, to be safe from his brother, he also gave himself the Power of Psionics. Giving himself that power didn't prove too difficult after years of studying his brother. Last of all, he changed his name to Azad. He then left the island in charge of his Zin minions, and began his hunt for the Masks of Power, which he would use in addition to his vast armies and the raw power of Namtar to conquer all peoples. He is said to be roaming the world to this very day, still seeking rare Masks to add to his Shield of Masks. What became of his brother Murdak none can say.

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Other Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15705823679/in/photostream/

Link to Topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15947-shockwave/

Entry Name:The Driller

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704562320/in/photostream/

Pic with Claws attached:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15706088437/

Pic with Claws down:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15706087537/in/photostream/

Pic top view:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15889862421/in/photostream/

Topic Link:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15948-the-driller/

Entry Name:The Drone

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15866042806/in/photostream/

Side View:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15889860651/in/photostream/

Bottom View:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15891201202/in/photostream/

Topic Link:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15949-the-drone/

Entry Name:ICE Rahkshi Speeder

Entry Pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704348388/in/photostream/

Front View:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15891199122/in/photostream/

Entry Name:King of the Isle of Burger

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15706079567/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Serpent King

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15889851881/in/photostream/

Side View:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15705810429/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Skakdi Elder of Fire

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704321268/in/photostream/

Back Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15866009306/in/photostream/

Topic Link:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15952-skakdi-elders/

Entry Name:Skakdi Elder of Water

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15866030936/in/photostream/

Back Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15269572224/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Mutated Swamp Flyer

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15706069997/in/photostream/

Front View:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15891833465/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Makuta Nikan

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15706066467/in/photostream/

Entry Topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15954-makuta-nikan/

Entry Name:Deathhole

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704330528/in/photostream/

Entry Topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15955-deathhole/

Entry Name:Deathhole

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704330528/in/photostream/

Entry Topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15955-deathhole/

Entry Name:Beast of the Volcano

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704534460/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Beast of the Volcano

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15704534460/in/photostream/

Entry Name:Darkness

Entry Pic:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114873918@N08/15889834451/in/photostream/

Entry Topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15956-darkness/

Note: Please do not put theses all in the same judging topic.

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Want to join a Bionicle RP with seasoned RPers, vast amounts of topics to post in, and a Wikia to make it easy to get involved?
Come on over to Gen1RP.  :smilenuju:


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Your Honor, I Plead the Fifth.


I really need to handle my signature problems better.

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Entry title: Corrupt Rahkshi Warlord





War Stance:



War Cry:



Staff Stance:



Primary Staff Stance:



Scream Close Up:



Arm Reaching With Staff:



Back View:




This was one of Makutas first Rahkshi son, but his corrupt Kraata was to powerful, and could have even endangered Makuta himself! So Makuta was forced to kill it, but did not succeed. Now the Rahkshi is now on the lose somewhere in the Mataoran universe. He now refers to himself as The Rahkshi Warlord. This beast could possibly be the most ferocious Makuta son that ever existed. His power is from the Ice element and is armed with deadly spikes, impenetrable armor, and the most powerful Kraata to ever exist. He has never been seen before by any eye other than Makuta, but needless to say, he still roames the universe, in unknown regions and realms, or possibly alternate universes. Some have a theory that he may now rest in the southern most bedrock of the universe, where the Makuta were crafted from the mystic Anti-Dermis. Never the less, if you see this beast, it will have most likely have seen you first!

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Happy Thanksgiving all! May Mata Nui shine on you today!


My entry for BFTGM is Gigataur, a ferocious minotaur creature that brandishes a hammer, a huge battleaxe, or both.




This build measures about 19" tall when standing straight.  I don't know the exact percentage, but he is definitely more than 75% Technic and the like.  I made him several months ago, I believe, as an opponent for my great green titan I posted the other day.  After I saw the contest, I upgraded him slightly and made some better wapons.


Main picture link: http://i1132.photobucket.com/albums/m576/Seth_Crino/LegoMOCs/Gigataur%20-%20BFTGM%20entry/Gigataur1.jpg


Gallery link: http://s1132.photobucket.com/user/Seth_Crino/library/LegoMOCs/Gigataur%20-%20BFTGM%20entry


If anyone wants more details on any of the build details, I'd be happy to oblige!

Man, this contest has got me so stoked!!


-Darth Vilna, Sith Scourge

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I'm so meta, even this acronym

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Entry name: Kraagesh


Front: http://imgur.com/a/4pZ1F#0


Back: http://imgur.com/a/4pZ1F#1


Face forward: http://imgur.com/a/4pZ1F#2


Description: You can feel his gaze from a distance, like lava eels underneath your armour. It devours you, seeks to turn your blood to ice and your heart to stone. The scope fused to his mask can see weaknesses in the armour of an enemy, giving him a huge advantage in battle. He wanders Spherus Magna alone, Those who seek him will find a new meaning to the term "bleeding edge".

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Name: Toa Viutrian (Though still a toa physically, he lost the name of toa when he began attacking Okoto's Villagers)

Element: Magnetism

Weaponry: Twin Polar Axes

Location: Okoto

Mask: Mask of Magnetism


Without further adu, the image: http://s295.photobucket.com/user/tititosaurus/media/Bionicle%20Contest%20Winter%202014/2014-11-27162440.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0


I will start up a thread about it asap!

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Other great bands:

Iron Maiden    Journey    Mercenary    The Unguided    Trivium

Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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Entry #2: UHURAZ

~ Topic ~ Gallery ~


Uhuraz - armed with brute strength, Shadow elemental abilities, and wicked mind powers - is a dangerous villain indeed! He seeks relentlessly to become the strongest being on Okoto; he's on the hunt for the Mask of Ultimate Power, and won't let anything, or anyone, get in his way. But Uhuraz is also extremely vain... so if you can get him talking about himself, he might become distracted long enough for you to have a chance of escape!

Primary Color: Dark Blue

Element: Shadow
Favorite environment: Dark places, and being on the hunt
Masks: Mask of Shadow, and any he can get his hands on!
Powers: Shadow Control, Mind Assault
Primary weapon: Flail of Darkness
Secondary weapon: Shade Blade
Signature moves: The ol' Smash-n-Grab, Mental "Fire Daggers"
Key traits: Arrogant, ruthless, and greedy

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Entry here!




Sorry about the inconvenient format of the pictures, glitches are a thing. Just give a 13 year old person some sympathy, O my lord and saviour lego (what?).


Description (originally intended for gallery front page) PLEASE READ AS SIGNIFICANT:

Welcome, the deadly Typhon based is off of Typhon the god/monster is here! I when more for the fact that he is based off a god more than a beast. Explaining of Typhon here: http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/typhon-in-greek-mythology.html. Though I don't have 100 snake heads for his head and body I do have some heads as a nod. The legs are actually snake coil things. BTW it's size is purposeful as Typhon was always described as being huge.

Edited by Toa Malachives

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The entry name is Zarark


Gallery link




Not much is known about this mysterious individual except for that fact that he is very very powerful, but as yet it is unknown whether he is the mastermind behind his actions or just the muscle. His powerful legs, jaws and numerous spines a powerful and dangerous adversary dwarfing the toa in size, not to mention his serrated electro tail sword. 

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here is my latest creation: Globatrax, lord of poison

Globatrax was once a jungle protector who went by a different name. But he went mad with greed after he had heard about the mask of time. He began searching for the temple of time with the mask supposedly lay, but fell into a pit of energized antidermis in the ancient ruins and transformed into Globatrax. Globatrax is greedy and selfish. he will do anything it takes to get the mask of time and use the mask to become the lord of time. powers: blasting acid that destroys anything out of his mouth, injecting a mutogenic poison that slowly and painfully mutates the recipient into a mindless monster, poisonous claws that corrode anything they touch.


i give lego full permission to use some or all of my character idea regardless if i win or not



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Ok, here are my first international public MOCs, I hope you like them :)

Entry #1: Raw-Magus

Lore: Deep inside the caves of Quatros, reside an ancient tribe of mystic beings which used to rule the planet. Awakened by Witch Doctor's quaza drain, these ancient beings are surfacing, lead by the ruthless Raw-Magus,
a very powerful battlemage that can foresee the future. He yields the Staff of Redemption, an ancient artefact with unknown powers that will hopefully bring the With Doctor's treachery to an end.

Gallery URL: https://www.flickr.c...57649095604310/


Entry #2: Makuta Spinnex

Lore: Formerly a Toa engineer, he was corrupted by Teridax, with the sole purpose to build him an unstoppable machine army. He scavenges the battlefields, looking for the best parts for his creations. His latest one is also the deadliest,
thus he decided to drive it himself. Using an enormous wheel from a long forgotten war, he built a one-wheel abomination that he rides with pleasure, slicing heads with his swords in his rampaging frenzy.

Gallery URL: https://www.flickr.c...57649090949309/


Good luck to you all! 

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The evil hunter who spreads evil and destruction wherever he goes. Arcnoreeeper once worked for the very secretive order only known as: The Shadow Weavers. He quickly gained power, and honed his skills as an assassin/bounty hunter. He is now on a never-ending quest for the "Spidrastone", which will give whoever possesses the stone ultimate control over the various forces of darkness.Imagine...to control the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was going to seek the stone for The Shadow Weavers, but is seeking it for his own devises. After all who can stop spider on the hunt? 




Main image



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