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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Submission Topic

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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition:


Entry Submission Topic

Please post all submissions for the Battle for the Gold Mask Competition here. Make sure you've read the official rules and FAQ before entering! If you have any questions, please ask them in the contest discussion topic.


Please enter by posting a link to your entry picture and gallery (if applicable), as well as the entry's name.


If you have new entries to submit, please make a new post instead of editing them into an earlier post. Any entries edited into an earlier post may be overlooked.


this is auno (evil counterpart of onua from an alternate universe) and his minion, slicer




the reason why i am using the CCBS system is because the bionicle 2015 sets use the CCBS system (if you were wanting to know)

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Entry Title: Xares

Entry Link: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Ackar97/MyOwnCreations/22.jpg

Gallery Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/darkuta/sets/72157649529112315/


If you think of a BIONICLE villain, you immediately think of a shadowy being with a dark colour scheme. But why was Light never personified as a villain in BIONICLE? Because of this I thought I'd simply build a villain using the element of Light.

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Malgax the Destroyer  (Also known as 'The Dark Titan')

This is one of the biggest MOCs I have ever made. I spent about a month working on it, and spent some money to get all the parts I needed from Bricklink. I think he comes up to about 2 ft tall. In the spirit of the new Bionicle line, pretty much everything is made of CCBS, with the exception of a few Technic parts and a couple of Bionicle parts. Every part of his body is custom-built, including the hands, feet, limbs, torso and even the head. Sadly a few days ago, he fell from a high place and got smashed to bits, so I had to spend a while fixing him but luckily he's fine now. Phew. If anyone wants any extra photos, just ask. 

Sorry for the bad photos by the way, I had a really hard time trying to get the best possible lighting which took days, and even the final result didn't turn out well. 

I really do doubt I will win, because there are so many amazing entries here. I've never won any contests before, so maybe this will be a first? Maybe? Possibly? I guess to whoever gets 1st place, enjoy your nice gold mask! 


Photos: http://imgur.com/a/UjEZ5

Lighter photos: http://imgur.com/a/rVKIl

Main Photo: http://i.imgur.com/UBDIglo.jpg



Character Description and backstory: 

Thousands of years ago, on the mythical island of Okoto, before the Toa, before the Mask Makers, there were the three titans - The Titans of darkness, light and time. These titans towered above all who lived on the island, keeping the island peaceful, ruling their own regions. One fateful day, Malgax, the Titan of Darkness, wanted more power and murdered the Titan of Time taking his land from him. The Titan of Light fought Malgax, but Malgax created an army of his own, using his Staff of Chaos to corrupt inhabitants of the island, horribly disfiguring them and twisting them to carry out his will. When all seemed lost, the Titan of Light used all his power and sacrificed himself to defeat Malgax, ensuring nobody else would suffer. Both Titans were thought to be destroyed, and over the years the inhabitants of Okoto eventually forgot the past. Little did they all know, Malgax would one day return to wreak havoc to the island once again. A prophecy was discovered. A prophecy that told of six heroes that would one day arrive at Okoto to save it from the oncoming darkness. A prophecy that will soon come to be. 

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Makuta Firex:


Species: a mix of makuta and an unknown rahi.


Location: Metru Nui.


Powers before the transformation:


-Fire manipulation


-Able to communicate telepathically


Powers after the transformation:


-Fire manipulation


-Able to communicate telepathically


-Sends out a shockwave that destroys and kills anything that stands close to him (charged for two years before it is ready for use)


-By touching an enemy he sends in a deadly virus that tortures the victim for weeks, until they die (the antidote is very rare and can only be found in the archives of Onu Metru)


Entry: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129728863@N06/15284945494/in/photostream/


Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129728863@N06/sets/72157649115794700/


After the defeat of Teridax Makuta Firex was supposed to guard the Mangaia. Suddenly he was attacked by a dangerous unknown rahi. They fought, and firex quickly realised that he was losing. He ran away from the fight, but stopped as he was about to fall into the pool of energized protodermis. He turned around, but it was too late, the rahi jumped into him, and together they fell into the pool of energized protodermis. they came up as one individual being, just way stronger. But something was wrong. Firex became insane, and now his goal is to kill every living being he sees... 

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Entry: Rephyk


Entry photo: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/en-1gma/Rephyk/dsc_0687.jpg


Rephyk is a mysterious, unknown being. Not much is known about him; other than his lust for destruction. Rumors state that he and his unknown, Kanohi-wearing species lived on Destral before the Makuta takeover. Rephyk's powers include psychokinesis (which engulfs his target in a silver energy), mental shielding like the Order of Mata Nui members, and blasts of silver energy unleashed from his hands. 


Thank you for reading!  ^_^

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Entry #1: Pourewa




Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128941361@N03/sets/72157649113753439/

Thread: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15994-pourewa-bftgm/


Pourewa used to be a pet Nui-Rama owned by Makuta Chirox and used in experiments. One of these experiments gave it sentience. It also gained an interest in experiments and creations. Pourewa made itself a valuable assistant to Chirox. Some Makuta say Chirox even considered it a friend. One of the first experiments Chirox conducted on Pourewa mutated his lower body and gave it four legs, but also left it vulnerable in the area where its legs and lower body connected. To try and fix this, Chirox repurposed a prototype defense turret from Destral into armored reinforcements for Pourewa’s weak spots. Additionally, the armored reinforcements were weaponized with two sphere lauchers and 16 nozzles (8 on the front and 8 on the back) that could launch Pourewa’s excess bodily energy in the form of bullets. One day, Chirox was summoned to Karda Nui and left Pourewa behind  at his home in Visorak for safety. Pourewa, thinking Chirox was kidnapped, armed itself with Chirox’s warhammer and a Cordak Blaster modified to shoot elemental Shadow energy, and set off to find him. Even after the Battle of Bara Magna, Pourewa endlessly seeks his master and friend and crushes anyone he meets who isn’t Chirox.


Pourewa features articulation in its head, jaw, legs, arms, wings, launchers and even its torso. It has internal gears which allow his launchers to be flipped up and down by flicking a lever, as seen in this video:





Entry #2: Moana-Nui




Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128941361@N03/sets/72157649534101275/

Thread: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15996-moana-nui-bftgm/


Moana-Nui is the fusion of a former Dark Hunter and a variety of aquatic Rahi. Only some Dark Hunters remember who Moana-Nui was before being fused to the aquatic Rahi. Those who know can’t say, for they know what the Shadowed One will do if they speak. The only thing they can say is Moana-Nui sold information on the Dark Hunters, especially the Shadowed One, to the Brotherhood of Makuta. Moana-Nui’s mind and feelings were taken over by those of the Rahi, but one of the Dark Hunter’s feelings remains: hatred. Armed with an axe imbued with elemental Water powers, Moana-Nui despises all living creatures, especially the Shadowed One and will go out of its way to harm anyone, especially Dark Hunters.


Note: edited to fix bad links

Edited by Toa of Gallifrey

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Entry #10


Link to Official Entry


Link to Gallery


Name: Deridix




Deridix is the last surviving member of an evil organization known as the Sed Flet. As a the sole member, he wears frightening armor, a massive round shield, and a deadly flail. The long spikes emerging from his back are a trademark of his species, as are the black fins on his face. The duty of the Sed Flet is to carry out evil operations all throughout the universe; however, as the only remaining member, he is free to wander and commit dark deeds as he pleases.




Entry #11


Link to Official Entry


Link to Gallery


Name: Sangoma




Sangoma is an evil witchdoctor. His odd proportions confuse even the greatest researchers on Okoto. If you approach him from behind, you may think that he is but a harmless, short Turaga...but beware, for he wears the legendary Mask of Vuku, which will cast unbelievable fear in even the strongest of warriors, causing them to kick and scream.


Link to Topic

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Tathos, the Clockwork Dragon! 


Entry Image:




Link: http://imgur.com/vRLrZEd


Extended Gallery:






Tathos took more than twenty hours of work to complete. I did him in segments: Starting with the legs one session, then the arms, then the torso and head, followed by the wings and tail. 

He stands 58 cm high, with a wingspan of 72 cm. 




When the Mask of Ultimate Power flew off Makuta’s face and landed elsewhere on the island of Okoto, it released bursts of energy throughout its flight. These bursts of concentrated elemental energy gave birth to six guardians: The Dragons of Elemental Affinity. Each of them represented one of the six core elements: Fire, water, earth, stone, air, and ice. All of those created by these bursts, however, were corrupted by the innate evil of the mask-and so, their directive was to destroy any who approached the mask or threatened to use it.

These six were named Buerdegon, the Magmatic Dragon, Aqertezal, the Dragon of the Deep, Glacerot, the Frostbite Dragon, Galeratil, the Gale Dragon, Mackinaot, the Dragon of the Peak, and Tathos, the Clockwork Dragon.

Tathos was the most reclusive of the six, his lair being in the underground caverns that he dug himself. He fought the ravenous Splinter Husks that infested the ground of Okoto, and, as his directive called, he seeks Onua, the Master of Earth, as do the other dragons seek the Toa of their respective elements.

Tathos, in particular, was bulky and as resilient as a fortress wall. His hide was nigh on impenetrable, the only true weakness being his own elemental energy, or that of a being of water. He had the ability to see without fault in the dark and, contrary to other creatures with similar abilities, suffered no hindrances when outside in broad daylight. His grip was said to be so strong he could rip giant boulders from mountains, and he dwarfed even the mightiest Toa by almost twenty metres.

As his elemental power was Earth, he could make use of abilities such as digging at rapid speeds, creating an immovable wall with his body, or causing earthquakes by destabilising the gravimetric forces of the planet. His wings were rarely used, hence why they tended to droop, but despite this he could still reach speeds of over two hundred miles per hour, and if his adrenaline kicked in his recorded speed could exceed even three hundred.

Regarding his personality, he was antisocial, preferring quiet and the loneliness of an underground dweller. Despite his bestial appearance, he was completely sentient, and was capable of rudimentary speech (though he and his fellow Guardians preferred to communicate telepathically with each other). He got along most with Buerdegon, as when a magma flow threatened Tathos’ underground tunnels, the Magmatic Dragon ceased the flow and moved the molten rock back from where it came.



I was really looking forward to entering this competition, as the last time Lego ran something like this (the prize being the Platinum Avohkii) I was far too young to enter. Happy I could enter this time round.

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My submission is:
Name: Magnamir (pronounced Mag-nuh-meer)
I decided to go with CCBS hero style building because it fits with recent years, now, this building technique is new to me, 
I got my first CCBS set about a month ago, and that was the two small sets from invasion. but I chose this build style because
it also is more relative to the upcoming Bionicle, since they are of CCBS type builds. So here is what I was shooting for.
I wanted the colors of the original Makuta to play in, since he is who we knew as true evil for so long.
I wanted the flexibility however of Maxilos, now I didn't want to compromise with it being fragile, so here are the things it can do.
Movable shoulder blades (near the spine), Twisting waist, bendable hips, knees, ankles, neck, folding wings, and all other standard points of articulation.
I also limited my building skills by giving myself one more challenge: Building with the smallest CCBS torso available, like that from Rocka Crawler.
As for the weapon, the one in the picture I've posted here is the official one, the one in the first few gallery photos I have since changed.
-It is said, that if one looks into the eyes of the great shadow, there existence will be consumed, they will not be remembered...
The shadow that fell over the land was that of a deception, Magnamir, the carrier of swords. he doesn't lurk in the shadows,
but they find refuge in him, His motives are unknown, he will do anything to find what he is looking for, he is impossible to predict,
he is everywhere you're not, and makes you question every step.
Magnamir gave the possession of shadow to the Makuta, who were not strong enough to contain it on their own, they are his sons...
If you cannot find it in yourself to change directions in the cold of night, then he will find you.-
Tell me what you think.

I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging

I'm digging I'm digging

I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging I'm digging

I'm digging


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The armor clad, fully organic slayer of Toa and Matoran alike. He sees all such creatures as perversions of life that should not be allowed to exist, and is bent on wiping out all of the Great Beings' creations. With his anti-Toa armor, he is able to face them in battle with relative ease.


Here's some more pics of him. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16002-bionicle-nova-orbis-ultio-moc/

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The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25275-the-toa-a-retelling-of-bionicle/

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Entry Name: The Dark Collector


Entry Image: http://imgur.com/HtOAhJr


I actually made this back when Bionicle ended. It was the last MOC I made. Now with Bionicle back and this contest up, I figured why not try and enter.

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Name: Makuta Styrka.


Weapon: Enhanced Rakshi staff (has all of the powers of all the Rakshi staffs)


Story: Styrka was the Makuta of Daxia before Teridax purged all of the Makuta that sided with Mserix. After the order of Mata Nui and Teridax began to kill the rest of the Makuta, Styrka buried himself under one of the southern islands and put himself into stasis until he naturally woke up. When Mata Nui killed Teridax the shockwave that followed woke Styrka and allowed him to escape, plotting on how he could conquer Spherus Magna.

Picture URL: https://www.flckr.com/photos/129620064@N02/1572113448/

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Name: Ivorthrax


My entry is a skull headed armored monster. However, that is not his true form. His true form is under all of that armor and within is the monster's core which unfolds into his true humanoid form. 


Video for the function of my creation.


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name:krakekz the second lord of shadows

gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/111169743008177892813/albums/6087306921389807809?authkey=CID025r9-9-sMg

story: after makuta was killed he had a special protocol if he were to ever die shadow would find parts of some of the finest warriors ever and combine into a new lord of shadows.

will appear in a stopmotion I will probably make  

:infected:  :g:  :r:  :e:  :g:. :a: :infected:

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