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Bionicle Interviews

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#1 Offline TinkerTech

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Posted Nov 01 2011 - 07:31 PM

BIONICLE Interviews

Another one of my old comedies coming out of the mothballs, again, I plan to continue this once I get through the old chapters. BIONICLE Interview 1: Tahu, Toa of fire! (just tahu. no mata, nuva, or any of that different armor/location stuff. just plain tahu.) Okay, so everyone knows Tahu. He’s been around since 2001, and has destroyed encouraged a lot of bohrok, rahkshi, and various rahi from attacking the villages. Recently, I got to sit down with him and talk with him...without too much structural damage to the building. 1. What’s your favorite color? What else? Red. Bright red. I guess it could be described as Hot-rod red. 2. Is there a particular toa you would like to know a little better? Onua. I’d like to know how he can stand being underground so long. Ugh. Claustrophobic, are you? NO! That is, I just don’t like being in small spaces where just about anything can attack you, and you can’t fight back easily, you know? 3. Uh-huh. Sure. So, What’s your favorite place on the island of Mata Nui? A volcano. Would you expect anything else from a toa of fire? 4. Is there a particular inhabitant (turaga, matoran, or toa) that you don’t get along with very well? You mean other than Kopaka? Hmm. I would probably have to say Turaga Matau. That one kanohi incident... *Shudder* You mean the one where he jumped on you and tried to rip the mask off your face? Yeah, that... wait, how did you know about that?!?! There was a sketch of it in the image of the week at Biosector01. In fact, it’s still in the archives.Oh jeez. I was hoping no one would hear about that... 5. Sorry. anyway, is there a certain elemental attack that you prefer to use? A solid burst of flame from my firesword. Classic, simple, and works every time. 6. Where do you see yourself in five years? Still fighting, what else? Becoming an old, slow, worthless turaga? Um, you may not want to say that... Why not? Well, Turaga Vakama was right behind you... Oops. (fifteen minutes later...) OW. I had no idea a turaga could inflict that much damage. Are you kidding? He nearly pulverized you! You’re lucky Nokama came by in time to stop him. Can we just finish the interview now? 7. Sure. (flips through notes) What is your worst nightmare? Promise you won’t tell anyone? I promise. Well, first I find myself surrounded by bohrok, Rahkshi, and rahi. Even worse, I’m all alone. Then someone with a deep, dark voice laughs, and I find myself falling into an endless dark pit. That doesn’t sound like a worst nightmare. It is when you wake up and find yourself falling off a cliff! Huh? I was watching something, and I fell asleep. I woke up falling off of a cliff. Oh. Yeah. 8. What is your favorite toa to work with? Pohatu. he’s level-headed. Sometimes. And he takes the direct approach to a problem. Saves time rather than coming up with a complicated strategy. 9. on the subject of toa, who do you think would be a great toa? Jaller. Brave, tough, and unwilling to let anything happen to his village. He’s the type of matoran to become a toa, Unlike others I could mention. *Cough*Takua*Cough* 10. One last question before we go; what do you think of the red star?I think that it’s important, and kind of weird. I’ve never heard of red stars. White stars, maybe, but not red ones... OH SNAP. I’m going to by late for work! it’s time to wrap up this interview. thanks for coming by! (rushes off) Nice talking with you! ...Can anyone help me up? This body cast is really stiff...

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Defy Expectations

#2 Offline Hahligirl56

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Posted Nov 09 2011 - 12:58 PM

This was very amusing to read through...even funnier; I can actually picture Tahu and his reactions (and those reacting to him)! I hope you're able to update again soon. :)
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