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Delva-Nui: Shadowed

Delva-Nui Shadowed Shadow Future Zakal Pomah Jovikini Vorzahk Kudaiye Pira

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Posted Nov 01 2011 - 09:49 PM

Sybre presents

an epic made completely by him:

Posted Image

Chapters will come daily unless there's a delay.

Here the link to the review topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2029

New Chapter: 8

Chapter 1

500 years after the events in SybreNetX, Delva-Nui's peace was everlasting for those good years. But Delvian carver Zakal (in the picture) was growing restless. He was itching for action. He dreamed of it. He carved action scenes. His temper became shorter with each day, until he finally threw his work across the room and shouted, "THAT'S IT! I'm gonna go murder the chief or something!" Zakal stormed out of his home in search of action. His best friend Pomah stopped him. "Why were you shouting about murdering the chief?" he asked, "He might hear you!" "Well," Zakal said, "I've been hungry for action. It's just too peaceful for anything like that!" "Be patient," Pomah said, "The other day I heard that our local ecologist was attacked by peaceful Rahi he was studying. I'm sure they're going to come for our territory sooner or later!" "Don't be too sure." Jovikini, the scholar, said, "Today I found out Vordaiken went after them." Zakal and Pomah froze with fear upon hearing his name. Vordaiken was a Matoran who thought of murdering the village chief, and DID it! He was chased to an island not too far from Delva-Nui. But an armored titan by the name of Kudaiye had obliterated the island. The material he used turned Vordaiken into a creature slightly taller, stronger, smarter, and more aggressive than a Toa. He returned to Delva-Nui, where he is currently a conqueror claiming lands never too far from villages. "We'd better hope he doesn't think of us next!" Zakal said. "And even worse," Jovikini replied, "Kudaiye is planning a visit to Delva-Nui!" "Oh my GOSH," Pomah said, "We've gotta do something NOW!" "Dude, look at us," Zakal replied, "What are WE capable of?" "Forget that," Jovikini said, "Let's try to stay calm. Let's alert the village chief and hopefully he can notify the others, and eventually the High Council will get into the situation." The High Council was never to be spoken of so freely, such as just the Council. You've gotta put "High" in front of it. The High Council is a group of Delva-Nui's Turaga who gathers to discuss important matters. The members rarely visit their home villages, but always attend official Kolhi games. And they're the ones who pick out the next Toa. The last Delvian Toa team went to find out if Rhaio-Nui truly existed. They haven't been heard from since. The High Council is currently picking out new members. "Let's make haste," Zakal said, " We must alert the village chief, quickly!"

Chapter 2

"Chief Arka! Chief Arka!" Zakal called as he and his friends ran toward the chief. "Is something wrong, Zakal?" Arka asked. "Yes," Jovikini answered, "Kudaiye and Vordaiken are probably going to do something bad to Delva-Nui! Our village defenders are too weak to fend either of them off!" "If Sybre wasn't dead," Pomah said, "We'd probably have a shot." "Okay," Arka replied, "Here's what YOU'RE gonna do: Tell the messengers to tell other villages and the High Council, then go to the nearest village and tell the mapmaker there to give you a map of Delva-Nui so we can find a safe place to evacuate until we can safely get off the island." "But we can't just LEAVE!" Pomah said, "This is our home! What happens if the High Council picks the next Toa team in time?" "We'll try to hide underground," Arka replied, "Now GO!" Zakal and his friends hurried to the messengers' home and told them the news and what to do next. Then they gathered all the weapons from Zakal's home they could carry and headed out of the village. "HEY!" the village defender shouted, "What's the occcasion? Where are you taking all of those weapons?" "We have no time to chat, Stotaf," Zalak answered, "We have to warn the nearest village about an upcoming disaster and Vordaiken isn't too far from the village! Keep your guard up!" "I will! Be careful!" Stotaf called as the trio left. The Matoran safely reached the next village, but was stopped by the village defender by the name of Shastaa. "Hold on, boys," Shastaa said, blocking the entrance to the village with her weapon, "What do you think you're doing with those weapons?" "I think we're trying to defend ourselves from a DISASTER!" Zalak replied, who was starting to become insane from panic, "Is your village's mapmaker in? We have to talk to her! Now!" Shastaa thought for a moment, then nodded her head. "Go ahead. She's in. But don't hurt anyone with those weapons. Okay?" "Yes." Zalak answered, and he and and his friends hurried into the village. Suddenly, a tall figure approached Shastaa. His body was hidden by a cloak, but his piercing, red eyes were clearly visible. His eyes narrowed. "Excuse me," he said, "What is your name?"

Chapter 3

"Shastaa," the village guard replied, "Yours?" The being tried not to laugh. "Whoever takes you to the bad folks' place will tell you!" he said as he raised his arm. The trio suddenly heard a boom noise. "What did that?" Pomah wondered out loud. "Probably some Rahi doing a little rearranging," Zakal suggested, "Come on, let's keep moving." When they reached a small home, they stopped running and looked up at a sign above the door. It read "Mapmaker" written in Matoran. "This is the place," Zakal said as he and his friends started into the home. "Hello?" Zakal called. "Who's there?" a voice asked from another room. "We come in peace," Jovikini answered, "We're here to ask for a map." "Oh," the voice said, "Come in. I made some fresh, new copies." "Great," Zakal said to himself and led the way into the room. "Hello," the owner of the voice said, "I'm Pira, the village's official mapmaker. What is the range of the map you would like?" "The whole island," Jovikini said, putting down his armload of weapons, "And the others surrounding it." "What's the occasion?" Pira asked, "Going on a trip?" "No," Pomah replied, "A disaster is upon us! Kudaiye is planning to destroy the island and Vorzahk has been wandering closer to villages!" Pira gasped. "That's terrible!" she exclaimed, "Did you try to do anything about it?" "Well," Zakal started while examining a map, "We alerted our chief and the messenger,s, and then we came here for a map. We need to decide where to evacuate. But we're probably going to have to let the High Council make the decision." "Can I go with you?" Pira asked, "I know a lot about places that Matoran can't reach and traversed treacherous ground just to get a better view for making my maps." "Sounds useful," Pomah said, "And we could use a couple more maps." Pira loaded her maps, materials, and belongings into a bag while tossing three more to the others for their weapons. "Get another bag for these." Zakal said as he handed her a share of weapons. "Okay," Jovikini said, "The next thing we have to do is go back to the village and tell Chief Arka that we've done our part. Then we'll ask permission to pay a visit to the High Council." The other three nodded and hurried out of the home. A badly beaten Matoran was in their way. "Run," he said, "Vordaiken found us." With his dying breath, he pointed in the direction of an exit. "Go that way." The Matoran then lay dead like a Kavinika. "Let's do it!" Zakal nodded and ran toward the exit. "NOT SO FAST!" Vordaiken yelled, "LET ME DESTROY YOU FIRST!"

Chapter 4

Zakal and his friends nervously turned around. "Throw your projectiles." Zakal whispered. Suddenly, a horde of knives, swords, daggers, and arrows flew toward Vordaiken. He tore the front of his cloak, letting the weapons seep in. The boys only had a sword, a knife, and a dagger left, while Pira only had a bow with 10 arrows safely in the bag of maps. "Heh," Vordaiken laughed, "Menial weapons. They're not even worth shooting out of my sleeve!" Zakal was greatly offended by this. "My carving," Zakal said, "IS THE BEST THERE IS!!!!!" He lept toward the conquerer, and with one slash of his sword, he cut off Vordaiken's hood. Zakal was startled by what he saw. Vordaiken's right side of his face was so banged up, he only had one working eye. Zakal quickly jumped up toward the titan and swiftly kicked his face, knocking him out cold. "Let's go!" the Matoran exclaimed and dashed toward an exit. On their way out, they found Shastaa, laying near the gates. A massive wound was on her stomach, which was her ticket to the sleep that knows no dreams. "Rest in peace, Shastaa." Pira sadly uttered as she picked up the fallen defender's weapon. Her new friends pitched in to build Shastaa a grave. Zakal carved a branch to make a headstone. He carved Shastaa's name on the wood and stuck it into the ground. "Thanks, guys." Pira said. "If her grave is going to remain undisturbed, we have the save the island." Jovikini reminded. They headed back to Zakal's village. Luckily, it still stood without an ounce of damage. "Chief Arka, we're back!" Zakal called. "Great," Arka replied, "I have another assignment for you: the Matoran standing next to me is a vehicle designer called Avon. He is willing to take you to his village. What you'll do is you ride with Avon. Once you reach his village, get a vehicle of your own, then go to the High Council and tell them about the upcoming disaster." "You mean," Pomah said, "It's time to tell them?" "Yes," Arka replied, "You are the only ones capable of getting there at this time. I trust you." "We will never let you down, Chief Arka," Zakal promised, "If we did, throw us to the Rock Lions!" Avon led the way toward his vehicle. It was a two-seater speeder bike, but there was room for the others. Avon offered the second seat to Pira. Zakal rode one the very front, Pomah rode sitting in the cargo hold, and poor Jovikini had to hold onto the back. Zakal shouted his farewells to Stotaf as they sped into the distance. "What do we do before we get the vehicles and leave your village, Avon?" Pira asked. "I'm gonna take a friend. He is a tour guide who knows much about the island. He explored ruins, active volcanoes (and surfed them), and even got to sit with the High Council." Time crawled on, but they soon reached the village.

Chapter 5

"We're here." Avon announced as they near the gate. Of course, they had to go through the village defender, first. "Well," the defender, Shaga, said with a smile, "What's all this, Avon? Testing a passenger vehicle?" "That was last week," Avon replied, "I'm helping the future of our island." "THEN WHY DID YOU LET ME STOP YOU?!" Shaga shouted, "GO!" Avon nodded quickly and passed through the gates, with Jovikini walking behind the speeder bike, as it slowed down. They headed for Avon's home, a quite large shelter. "Not all of it's for me," Jovikini explained, "Two more live with me, but one's out for the week testing a new vehicle. My friend, however, is waiting for us outside." A Matoran standing outside waved to the party. "Ah, you're back, Avon!" The Matoran said in greeting, "Mind introducing me?" After the introductions, they walked inside. "I'd give you a tour," Avon said, "But our island has limited time, so I'll just show you the workshop and garage." First, they headed for the workshop. "I understand you have a lack of weapons," Takarda, Avon's roomate said, "So we're gonna gear you up ourselves." They handed the group these techo-looking weapons. "Takarda will show you to the garage," Avon said, "I gotta go get my vehicle from outside. I'll meet you out there." He turned back. "Take your pick." Takarda said as he opened the door to the garage. Everybody got on to their preferred speeder bikes. "Inside the cargo holds," Takarda explained, "Are backup weapons and a survival kit in the event of a crash. Only use the things from the survival kit is your vehicle breaks down or you crash. There are also walkie talkies if you are somehow separated from the group. Ready?" Everyone nodded and a big door opened. They slowly drove their bikes out of the garage, where Avon was waiting for them. "Let's go." He said, and they started out of the village. They drove for three hours and nothing bad happened. They soon reached a wide hill with gray, stone steps leading up high into the sky. "Well, I guess we'd better start climbing." Zakal suggested and started up the first of many steps. Thirty minutes crawled by, but they reached a huge, roomy gazibo. A big, stone table was in the middle. All of the island's Turaga sat in all the seats, but the blackest seat was empty. The Shadow Turaga was banished from the High Council for encouraging his village to betray Delva-Nui. "Welcome," one of the Turagas said, "Do you have news for us?"

Chapter 6

He had sunken, tired eyes, but wore a kind expression which encouraged Zakal and his friends to approach the Turaga. "Yes," Zakal said, "Big news. Vordaiken and Kudaiye are planning to destroy Delva-Nui. What shall we do?" "Hmmm...." the Turaga said thoughtfully, "I think it's time to choose the new members for a Toa team." The others nodded. The Turaga handed the Matoran some gems. "What are they for?" Zakal asked. "If you look on your weapons," the Turaga replied, "You'll find small punctures that the gems fit into. Remember the tradition?" Zakal remembered it well. The tradition encourages weapon makers to carve punctures in their weapons in the event that they are chosen to be Toa. "Go on," the Turaga said, "Put them in." The Matoran did as they were told. Suddenly, with a big flash of light, they were Toa. They looked the same, but taller. Their weapons looked upgraded, too. "Now," the Turaga said, "You know what to do." "Thank you," Zakal said with a nod, "We won't let you down if our lives depended on it!" They started down the stairs. Strangely, they could still fit on the speeder bikes. The Toa agreed to go back to Pira's village to check and see if anything happened to Vordaiken. But when they arrived, they only found Pira's fellow villagers repairing damage that Vordaiken caused. "Excuse me," Pira said to one Matoran trying to repair her stand, "Do you happen to know where Vordaiken went?" "He left," the Matoran replied, "We hid in the wilderness until we saw him leave." Pira thanked the Matoran but also asked her where Vordaiken went. "Down north," she said, "Why?" Zakal ran toward his speeder. He hopped on and drove north. "ZAKAL!" Pomah shouted, "Where are you going?!" His friend didn't respond. He just continued north. As he neared the village gates, he founded Stotaf laying on the ground. "Oof," the defender said, trying to pick himself up from the ground, "Zakal? Is that you?" "Stotaf!" Zakal said as he ran up to the wounded defender and crouched, "What's happened to you?!" Stotaf coughed. "It was Vordaiken. He beat me up until everyone knew what was going on. Then he threw me onto the ground and went into the village to clear out the witnesses. I haven't been able to move since." "Tell me the cheif is safe!" Zakal exclaimed. "He lost the use of one of his eyes. But he came to see if I was okay. He went to another village to get help. But I don't think I can live long enough for him to come back." "Stotaf," Zakal said with tears in his eyes, "Don't go!" Stotaf coughed again. "I'm sorry, Zakal. It's no use." He started to breath slower. Zakal grabbed the defender's hand. "You know, Zakal," Stotaf said, "You were like a brother to me. Always making new weapons for me. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I just can't believe you were chosen to become a Toa while I dedicated myself to defending my village. Here." He handed Zakal his weapon, a masterpiece made by the former Matoran. "Please keep it," Stotaf insisted, "I can't take it with me, you know." Zakal took it in his hand as his tears were ready to drip. "Do your thing, ..... brother." Stotaf said with his dying breath. He then began to take the eternal sleep. Zakal started to cry. At that moment, his friends arrived. "Zakal, what happened?" Jovikini called as he and the others ran toward him. Zakal said nothing. Instead, they saw Stotaf's lifeless corpse. "Is Stotaf okay?!" a voice cried.

Chapter 7

The Toa, except Zakal, turned to see Chief Arka and three medics running toward them. Arka wore an eyepatch over his useless eye. He stopped next to Zakal. "I'm afraid not." Arka answered his own question. "Poor Stotaf," Pomah said, "He failed his duty." Zakal stood up. "But," Pomah said nervously, "He was a great friend!" "Vordaiken," Zakal muttered quietly, "Then Kudaiye. I shall avenge Stotaf and my fellow villagers. I shall become the most powerful Toa in existence. I shall become invincible. I SHALL BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!" Zakal hopped onto his speeder bike once more and drove off. "I'm going with him." Pomah announced and got onto his speeder and drove in the direction Zakal left. Ten minutes later, Zakal could see Vordaiken on the horizen terrorizing a group of hunters. "VORDAIKEN!" Zakal shouted. Vordaiken looked in Zakal's direction. "You again?" Vordaiken said gruffly, "Someone's been drinking their milk!" "Shut up, slimeball," Zakal retorted as he jumped of his speeder, "It ends here!" "I couldn't agree more!" Vordaiken said with an evil grin as he grabbed a hunter and bent his back the wrong way. He screamed in pain before Vordaiken tossed him where he would lay helpless. Pomah suddenly arrived. "Let me help, Zakal," Pomah said, "Stotaf saved my life once!" Zakal nodded as he and Pomah began to attack. "Fools." Vordaiken said as he grabbed the two Toa and tossed them toward their speeders (I apologize for the overuse of ts), blowing them up. Pomah charged toward his surly opponent, only to be pounded aside. He got up and swung his sword at Vordaiken's head, but in a split-second, he grabbed Pomah's sword by the blade and quickly slashed the startled Toa's heartstone. "POMAH!!!" Zakal cried. He quickly stabbed Vordaiken's arm and ran toward his friend. "Pomah, are you okay?" Zakal asked anxiously. "No, Zakal," Pomah replied weakly, "My end is near." "No," Zakal said sadly, "Not you, too!" "Zakal," Pomah said, "I never thought it would end this way! I thought we would never become Toa. I didn't want to become one. It puts our lives at risk." Pomah wheezed. "Finish what you started, Zakal." Pomah said with his dying breath. Zakal's eyes turned blood red. He turned to face Vordaiken, who was holding his wound. "Now," Zakal said angrily, "You will know the HORROOOOOR!!!" With that he charged toward Vordaiken and slashed his arm off. "You fool!" Vordaiken exclaimed as he grabbed the place where his arm once was. Zakal's hand then shot toward Vordaiken's chest and tore out his heartstone. "You don't need that heart!" Zakal spat as he tossed the heart aside. Vordaiken died immediately. Then, Zakal turned to Pomah's dead body. "Pomah," Zakal said, "I'm so sorry. This was all my fault. I just wanted some action. I was a fool." He walked over to the wreckage of the speeder bikes and began to find anything salvagable. The survival packs provided a kit for emitting signals and the still-intact walkie-talkies. "Perfect." Zakal said and got to work. He set up the signal emitter and turned on a walkie-talkie. "Hello? Hello?" Zakal spoke into the walkie-talkie. "Hello? Zakal?" Pira's voice could be heard from the walkie-talkie. "Pira," Zakal replied, "It's me. I'm the only survivor of a battle between two Toa and Vordaiken. Pomah didn't make it." "I can see your signal," Pira said, "I'll make my way over. See you soon."

Chapter 8 New

As Zakal waited for help to arrive, he got creative and built a makeshift shovel from pieces of his speeder bike. He dug Pomah a grave and used a wrecked slab of metal as a headstone. He carved "Toa Pomah, a dear friend" on the headstone. Once he had buried Pomah, he turned away to find a way to entertain himself. Five minutes later, the team arrived. Avon got off his speeder bike and looked at the two wrecked ones. WIthout saying a word, he got some tools from his cargo hold, walked over to the pair of scrap heaps, got on his knees, and set to work. He used parts from both of the damaged speeder bikes to create a working one. "Great as the last two." Avon said as he stood up and looked at his work of art. "Thanks," Zakal said as he hopped onto his speeder bike, "I think we should visit the High Council again. Without Pomah, we're an incomplete set of tools." He placed his signal emitter into his cargo hold and headed for the High Council's hill. They reached the base and could easily climb up faster. At that pace, they had reached the top in only a third of the time they had gone up as Matoran. But when they reached the top, there were no Turaga seated at the table. Instead, an armored titan sat in one of the chairs. His armor was silver, but was also black and grey. A torn, light grey cape was wrapped around his neck and covered his left arm. His head sprouted long spikes that pointed up, giving it the appearence of a king's crown. His eyes were green and sharp.He stood up. "Ah, greetings," he said with a voice like a snake's, "I am Kudaiye, a visitor of the High Council. What can I do for you?" "Here's a start: tell us what you did to the High Council!" Jovikini shouted. "This," Kudaiye said as he suddenly appeared next to Takarda and grabbed him by the neck. Next, the titan spun around and let go of the startled Toa. He flew out of the gazibo, where he would suffer a grizzly death from a fatal fall. His comrades watched as he fell toward the ground and met an ill fate. His teamates shuddered. "Are you saying you THREW THEM OFF THE HILL?!" Avon said in surprise. "Precisely," Kudaiye said, "You wanna try?" He got ready to charge at Avon, but Zakal stopped him. "Might I suggest a little chat?" Zakal asked. "We'll make it about YOU!" Kudaiye replied as he punched the Toa out of the gazibo. He sailed over the stairs and fell toward the speeder bikes. The loud explosion that followed made Pira faint. Jovikini ran toward Kudaiye and swung his sword. Kudaiye grabbed it and broke it in half. He tossed the pieces out of the gazibo and tried to grab Jovikini. Avon rushed between him and swung his staff at the villain. The end twacked the side of Kudaiye's head. He shouted in pain. Pira suddenly woke up and rushed down the stairs. "Let's wrap this up." Kudaiye said as he raised his hand. The floor and ceiling suddenly started to break. The whole gazibo shattered. It appeared the three beings were in some purple dimension. Then, the titan solidified some air into spear shapes that launched at the Toa, who were slain. The rest of the hill was breaking up, and Pira was running out of time.Chapter 9 coming soon!Coming in Chapter 9: As Kudaiye lets the island shatter, it is up to Pira to do her thing. But Kudaiye is too powerful. But did Zakal actually die?

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