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I noticed there wasn't any dedicated MOC thread, so let's hope this kicks one off!
Here are some of my LDD MOCs, a few of which are rendered with the LDDtoPOVray tool and POVray.

First up are a line of simple little guys I like to call "Nagas" for no reason other than I think the name fits



In my mind, the top two are "Stage One" Nagas, whereas the bottom-most render is the most "advanced" form.
They were an experiment in how simple I could make a MOC while still achieving a striking design. I think they succeeded!

Here's one that's become sort of a cult hit on a popular imageboard's Bionicle discussions
Her name is Strong Gertrude. She is strong. Trying to simultaneously convey both femininity and strength is no easy task in CCBS, a system that emphasizes masculinity. 
On the right is her skeletal framework, inspired by a feminine Breez overhaul. Her hands are based loosely on Brain Attack Surge's chest armor with some additions.



Did I mention she has a family? 

She's about to lay some PAIN down on her brothers, Boris and Ivan.

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